A Voice In Waco

September 21, 2015

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A Voice In Waco

A member of the Desgraciados Motorcycle Club named George Bergman appeared at an examining trial last Friday in Waco. Bergman had just arrived at the Twin Peaks restaurant last May 17 and was walking to the Don Carlos restaurant on the other side of the parking lot to use the bathroom there when he heard a gun shot.

He was detained, found to be in possession of two, small, legal knives incarcerated for hours and finally arrested. He spent 20 days in jail before being released on $80,000 bail. He lost his job and continues to suffer from injuries suffered during his incarceration. Last Friday he asked that the charges against him be dismissed because there was no probable cause to believe that he was guilty of participating in organized criminal activity.

A judge named James E. Morgan refused to dismiss the charges so Bergman’s nightmare will continue. But before he left the court he read the following statement into the record.

Bergman’s Statement

My name is George Bergman and I want to introduce myself to the Court and to the District Attorney’s Office and tell you who I am.

I am 48 years old. I am a long haul truck driver. I have been married to my wife, Judy, for the past 24 years and I am still on good terms with my ex-wife, Kimberly, who I was married to for two years when I was younger. I am the proud father of five children (Ashley, Stephen, Joshua Jonathon, and Jayanna), one of whom is a highway patrolman, and I am also the proud grandfather of six grandchildren. I work hard for my family and have been law abiding my entire life. I also want to tell the Court and the District Attorney’s Office who I am NOT. I am NOT a gang member and I am NOT a criminal. My life is my family and one of the few outside interests I have is motorcycles. I am a member of the Desgraciados Motorcycle Club that has about ten or eleven members. To my knowledge this Club has never been involved in any type of violence whatsoever. The funny thing is that I was not even planning to go to the Confederation of Clubs meeting at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015. Nevertheless, my wife had to go out of town and it was a beautiful day so, at the last minute, I decided to ride my motorcycle down to the COC meeting without about four other club members. What is also funny is that I thought the meeting was at the Texas Roadhouse and did not realize it was not until we passed it by.

When I arrived at Twin Peaks, I parked my bike and when I saw how crowded Twin Peaks was I decided to use the restroom at the Don Carlos restaurant. Just as I started toward Don Carlos I heard shooting and ducked behind some cars. I then saw one police officer in front of me just shooting wildly toward the crowd at Twin Peaks with a rifle and then one officer ran past me and told me to stay on the ground. I want it to be clear that I did NOT take place in any violence that day. I had been to several other COC meetings and there was never any violence at the meetings. I left my gun in my Motorcycle because I never dreamed I would need it when going to a COC meeting. There are things from that day I will never get out of my mind:

•    The police shooting into a crowd of motorcyclists.
•    Me calling my wife at 12:27 and telling her,  ‘Baby I love you and I may never see you or talk to you again. I am in
the middle of a police shootout “
•    Having the police dump a body of one of the bikers in front of me and me having to try to plug the hole where he was shot to help stop him from bleeding out and dying.

Although I was originally told I was being taken to the Convention Center to be questioned, I was later arrested and my bond was set at $1,000,000. Thanks to my attorney at the time, Brittany Lannen, my bond was finally lowered to $80,000 and thanks to be ex-wife who posted my bond I was released after spending 20 days in jail. As a result of being in jail I lost my job. I now also suffer from shoulder problems because of the length of time I was kept zipped cuffed. I am also being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have been getting work here and there to support my family but it has been tough.

In summing up, I know a lot of people are looking at this situation and judging it with the luxury of perfect hindsight, however, as I said, I had been to several other COC meetings and I had no reason to expect any violence on May 17th. I try not to judge others but I feel betrayed by a system in which I could be an innocent bystander, get arrested, be told I have to post a $1,000,000 bond and then have to sit in jail 20 days and lose my job and my ability to provide for my family.

I was not part of a conspiracy to commit murder. The only conspiracy I was part of was a conspiracy to drink beers and eat hamburgers with my friends.


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  1. Tooj Says:

    “The only conspiracy I was part of was a conspiracy to drink beers and eat hamburgers with my friends.”

    And that is how it usually happens…

  2. dogbreath Says:

    no actual deer were hurt in the accident, and may not have been present at the scene.

    Cop 1 – “Oh Dear, I believe I may have sideswiped that nice man on his motorcycle with my police cruiser”
    Cop 2 – “A deer sideswiped a motorcyclist? We must stop and render deathsistance, can’t let the poor fella suffer”

    Nothing elaborate required, just the right words.

  3. popeye Says:

    There are easier ways to kill someone and with a lot less bucks.HAHA Sometimes shit just happens

  4. Justathought Says:

    the more I think about it…how hard would it be for the alphabet agency to use a helicopter…or even a group of trained trackers, to gather a herd and then, using a simple containment fence, release,the deer and drive them right out around that corner when they heard the bikes, or the guy watching radio’d and told them to ” Release the herd, the bikes are on the way”….

    Anybody? Am I certifiably late night radio coo-coo? I am not a man who is given easily to conspiracy theories…but, damn! Hmmmph…makes me go “HMMMMph”…

  5. Justathought Says:

    Here’s what I want someone to think through.Someone who can think along the lines of how this could happen , or, could be MADE to happen?! A Member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club had a member known as “Spaz”, that was recently killed. I know it was on the way to one of that clubs national runs. I guess it was labor day weekend. Anyway, on the way to that run, supposedly “Spaz” was killed when he hit not one, but a Herd of deer in the road, on just the wrong corner. Immediately Texas law enforcement went about getting a supena to get his body, and search for and confiscate if found, a bullet in his arm. The story I heard was they wanted it to a) prove that someone OTHER than law enforcement had shot a weapon and/or been wounded by SOMETHING that didn’t come out of a cops weapon. Now I’m hearing that even that round is most likely a cop bullet! The question: could someone have stage the “death by deer herd”, so as to have access to that round? I know, I know, it sounds crazy…but, the hatered from cops to 1%ER’s, the sense of fair play that law enforcement shows towards MC’s proves there is nothing more righteous for an unrighteous cop to do then bring down a guy wearing a cut…and if possible, everyone wearing a cut…

    So Rebel? some of the other astute folk here? Could it have been made to happen…There is nothing wrong with think its a conspiracy if it really IS a conspiracy.

  6. Parsifal Says:

    Truther Says: I like to suck White Balls. And that’s the Truth!

  7. Truther Says:

    Im glad to see Texas white supremacist law system bite white peopl3 in the balls.

  8. Smoke Says:

    Rebel, thanks for keeping it real and on target with the truth. Abuse of power, innocent lives lost, violation of civil rights and the life long aftermath that those wrongly accused and attacked have to deal with now. All over exaggerated preceptions by a bunch of trigger happy idiots hiding behind the government tag. Thoughts and Prayers to all those bikers, bothers and their families that have to deal with the collateral damage of stupid stereotypes, ignorant actions and the situations they create. MLH&R…

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