Waco Can’t Hide

September 16, 2015

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Waco Can't Hide

Waco can run but it can’t hide. The whole world is watching.

Today the Dallas Morning News turned its eye on the Twin Peaks Massacre coverup. Newspapers don’t always have to stand tall but from time to time they do have to stand up. The Morning News did what the Founding Fathers guaranteed they would have the freedom to do. A key ingredient in continuing a democracy is you either use it or you lose it.

Last May 17, Waco police and others almost gleefully anticipated a confrontation between members of the Bandidos and Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs. When the anticipated violence broke out the police joined in. The very little evidence that has been released so far suggests that police probably murdered at least six people and wounded as many as 15 more. Waco officials then immediately arrested all the witnesses, ruined most of their lives, seized control of the narrative, imposed North Korean style official silence and have been smirking and chuckling about it for the last four months.

Today the Morning News officially noticed that all of that “looks more than a little out of whack.”

“This story,” the paper editorialized, “started out as, well, wacky; it’s become downright outrageous…. No wonder people are asking questions about what kind of behind-the-scenes cooperation is going on among judges, prosecutors and law enforcement in Central Texas.”

The Dallas paper calls on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to nullify the current gag order in the case arguing: “With so much suspicion permeating this case, the court would be wise to take the side of much-needed transparency.”

“The wheels of justice need some oiling in Waco,” the editorial concludes. “For those who face the possibility of 15 years to life. And for grieving families still trying to figure out what happened to their loved ones.”

You can read the entire editorial here.


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  1. david Says:

    @ cavalry2k14, with respect ,

    Wouldn’t all people benefit more, if instead of po-lice staying more on the sidelines, Congress would pass legislation which eliminates municipal po=lice forces, for the benefit of all people ?

  2. Tooj Says:

    Here’s one of the weirder articles I’ve seen on this:


    Of course, InfoWars always has their theories:


    Stuff gets weirder all the time…I couldn’t believe that these were “out there”.

  3. deke thorton Says:

    Had a few beers and I’m feeling mellow. I just had this thought. If police brutality lawsuits were a motivating factor that steered Detroit, the one-time fifth largest city in the U.S.of A.,into bankruptcy…whats gonna happen to Waco when the shit does hit the fan? Mellow beer thoughts on a late Saturday early Sunday.

    I sincerely hope those fuckers get blasted so hard they have to hire immigrant farm workers to be “public servants”. But hey, that harshes my mello. Still tho. :)

  4. cavalry2k14 Says:

    I really want to see the reports that do come out. From my understanding, the vast majority of bullets were fired by law enforcement at the bikers. Last I looked, spraying AR15 fire is not an acceptable method for breaking up a brawl. Neither is detaining everyone on scene at $1 million bail.

    And in answer to Thunderbird, the justice system is broken and has been broke for years. Police officers are corrupt and badly trained, judges are corrupt and lawyers are out there for win percentages and cash. We need to go back to the days when men handled their problems and the police stayed more on the sidelines.

  5. Thunderbird Says:

    @ popeye… It seems that free speech to speak what is on your mind as well as mindfulness to put attention at what is important at the moment is becoming a rare commodity. If people stop speaking their mind and feelings then we will lose our 1st amendment rights for sure.

    If you have noticed anything it is that the media no longer questions those in authority. We have to question everything. If we don’t then those in authority will abuse our rights.

    Gag orders go against the good of the community to know what is going on. The public has a right to know even if looks bad on those in authority. No man is a perfect being; even those in authority.

    Something smells bad in Waco and we all know it. It seems that the foul smell goes all the way up to the Statehouse. Why are so many in the legal realm of the State not wanting to touch this? It goes against the purpose of the justice system.

    Were all those taken in custody at the Twin Peaks really criminals? Me thinks not. Why are their rights to due process being denied? Those questions have to be asked and answers demanded.

    It seems that there are no men left with courage in the justice system. What is really going on that the justice system no longer works in the way it was intended? This is a question many want an answer to. Legalities are a dance around the issue. What people want to know is what really happened at the Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015.

    Evidently the powers that be in Waco can’t handle that.

  6. Mad Dog Says:

    Aaargh! I mean, I didn’t read your whole comment accurately.

  7. Mad Dog Says:

    Oops, sorry, Rojas. your comment wasn’t visible when i wrote mine.

  8. Mad Dog Says:

    I don’t know why, but Witherspoon, allegedly a reporter, probably mis-heard “did not leak” and wrote it as “did not link.”

  9. Rojas Says:

    I think he probably said “leak”
    Tommy Witherspoon ‏@TSpoonFeed 21m21 minutes ago
    “Clint Broden is reading a statement into the record at the Bergman examining trial saying he did not “link (sp?)” Twin Peaks materials to the AP.”

  10. Rojas Says:

    Tommy Witherspoon ‏@TSpoonFeed 9 minutes ago
    “Bergman’s attorney, Clint Broden, is seeking copies of the DPS gang investigation data base, drawing objections from the state.”

    Go Clint

  11. Rojas Says:

    Live tweets of examining trial from Tommy Witherspoon


    “He said he went to Don Carlos to use the bathroom before the shooting started. He said he saw a police officer shooting “wildly” into crowd.”

  12. Zorro Says:

    Everything is big in Texas…especially the rug that LEO sweeps everything under when they (LEO) are guilty of breaking the law themselves. Rebel, thanks to you and others for exposing, and continuing to focus attention on the real criminals in Waco.

  13. TC Says:

    As the Texas Attorney General, and Governor, are fully aware of what happened in Waco, and have taken no steps whatsoever to stop the destruction of evidence, or even launch an investigation into Waco’s obviously corrupt criminal injustice system, a little way late media coverage doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. It’s not just Waco, it’s the state of Texas. It’s different there. God help you if you end up in one of their small town kangaroo courts and don’t have money for a big city lawyer.

  14. YooperOutWest Says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention something in my previous post. I read the briefs filed by the attorney representing Mr. Clenndennon and by DA Reyna regarding the murky gag order issued in this case. I saw in the defense lawyers argument several references to previous cases where prosecutors were admonished by the judge for referring to motorcycle clubs as ‘gangs’, since that term could prejudice jurors against a MC member just for being in a club. Yet DA Reyna’s brief in defense of the gag order which was filed just this week says those arrested were ‘members of criminal street gangs.’ Since a citizen like myself has free access to those documents, how can references like that by the DA not be deemed prejudicial against the defendants? What if someone lived in the area where jurors will be picked from, then read that stuff and believed it and wound up on the jury? To me, it looks like the prosecution gets carte Blanche to stack the deck before anyone even goes to trial.

  15. YooperOutWest Says:

    First time posting here, but I’ve been keeping my trap shut and reading, reading, and reading some more since the Waco slaughter took place. I’m not a biker, although I did a lot of riding back in the day. Still have my scoot endorsement on my DL, just in case. Just wanted to express my respects and thanks to the posters here and to Rebel for hosting this site. What happened in Waco and its aftermath sickens me. To persecute over 170 people over the actions of a handful is bad enough. To ruin their lives by locking them up under outrageous million dollar bonds smacks of Nazi Germany tactics. I was elated when I saw the post from Rebel yesterday that the Dallas Morning News finally chimed in on the incestuous relationships in the so called ‘justice system’ in Waco. In all my years of riding as a young man, on a customized 1975 Z1 Kawi, I never had a negative encounter with other bikers. Only with douches in cars. I will continue to inform all my friends, which I’ve been doing, about this travesty of justice in Waco. I’ll go back to lurking and reading now. Again, my heartfelt thanks and respects to the regulars here. And of course to Rebel. Thank you for educating this citizen.

  16. Outrider Says:

    Just stopping by to say thanks for staying on this. Although I’m an out rider my respect. I’ve did my time with a win an expect the same here!, hang strong in Texas we all ride together

  17. BMW Says:

    At least one of the corrupt Whaco LEO conspirators learned his cover-up lessons as a federale trying to conceal evidence of the LAST Whaco massacre of innocents. The incestuous relationships between Whaco judges, LEO, federales, local press, local criminals and the crooks at the nearby Baylor athletic program are too numerous to count!

    Whaco Texas just may be the most corrupt town in the United States! There is the possibility of a Pulitzer Prize for the investigative journalist who can put together all the stories of murder, theft, conspiracy and cover-ups in a readable digest. The Atlantic and Rolling Stone magazine come to mind as the sort of publishers who would be interested in such a story.


  18. popeye Says:

    Welcome back Rebel! Its good to see youre back doin what you do best. From now on remember if you keep that shit up you’ll go blind.

  19. Thunderbird Says:

    One more thing. The Administrative Courts do not recognize the constitution of the United States. How many wrong addresses have been crashed into by SWAT teams and law enforcement because the Judge failed to follow up and check out the accuracy of the probable cause and the location described by an informant. The judge has no respect for your 4th amendment rights. He also has no respect for your 1st amendment rights. He doesn.t have to because he deals with Administrative Law; not Constitutional Law. Gag orders are a violation of your and my 1st amendment rights. When walking into one of these courts you can forget about your constitutional rights because you have none in that court. Better know Administrative Law.

  20. Thunderbird Says:

    We seem to be on a downward slope to slavery by the very people we hired to protect us. Laws are made to be broken and that is why the “for profit prisons” are thriving. It takes people with no conscience to set up people for the kill and then hide the evidence with gag orders so the public does not see their tactics. Waco is not the only place it is happening. The wolves have been raiding the hen house and since they have no conscience they don’t see the criminality of their actions. If people want justice they have to speak out. No one is safe anymore. The people at Twin Peaks found that out. We are all bait in this racket called the justice system.

  21. Thunderbird Says:

    Organized crime is doing well in Waco. Seems they have taken over the justice system. Who else but criminals deny due process and justice? Think about it. First amendment rights being denied by a gag order? Enforced by threat of violence? People are afraid to talk because the gag order will be enforced by violence. Everything about our justice system has become upside down. We seem to be on adownward W

  22. Mad Dog Says:

    Rojas, I always appreciate your consistently pertinent and interesting links.

  23. Rojas Says:

    “No one in government – not state officials, not federal officials – no one is asking obvious questions about transparency, criminal procedure, due process or civil liberties”


  24. ak rack Says:

    Wolfenlover +1; thank you Rebel!

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Slingshot,

    You know I just had two retinal surgeries right? I spoil you guys. It’s on the front page.


  26. panamaa Says:

    Good piece Rebel… The entire editorial is a good read also….

    Respects to the regulars…

  27. Asskiller Says:

    @RLG – “If I recall, it took the families of the Ruby Ridge massacre over 15 years to get justice against the federal agents who gunned down an unarmed woman.”

    Horiuchi is still breathing and free. I disagree that anything like justice has taken place.

  28. Moses Says:

    I stumbled upon your site while trying to figure out the Waco murders, and get more truth here than anywhere else. Respect and thanks up front for that.
    I am not now, nor have I ever been a patch holder, though I’ve been riding 2 wheeled something or others since I was a kid. After a 21 year career in the Air Force and 10 years working for an LEO (I’m a civilian employed at a county jail), I’ve come to realize a few things. Some, but not all, of the people I’ve worked with respect and understand the U.S. Constitution. They are the ones who honor and respect the rights of others. The ones that don’t are scary. They are school yard bullies on a power trip, who think having rank or a badge will always make them right. They are the ones who will shoot their neighbors or herd them into a camp when the orders come down. While I have great respect for some LEOs, the organizations that lead them are out of control. When they step on their dicks, as they did in Waco, they need to be held accountable. The continuing federalization/militarization of local law will lead to the eventual implementation of martial law, and we know who they’re coming for first. Whoever scares them the most, bikers, patriots, gun owners, those that believe in freedom and those whose pegs that don’t fit nicely in their government hole. And the big mouths and smart asses like me.
    Thanks Rebel, for printing the real story. And thanks to the real Americans who still chase the dream. I myself am retiring to a little farm in a little town in ‘Bama that you probably never heard of. Hopefully, neither have the feds.
    “Any landing you walk away from is a good landing”

  29. largeAndy Says:

    Good job on this one Rebel, there is little doubt in my mind that the police, DA and Judge cover up of this massive abuse of power stinks like a pile of shit. If readers of this blog site will continue to write to the Editor of a large newspaper like the Dallas newspaper, it will help. Power of the press is going to be the only thing that brings this matter to light by bringing pressure to lift the criminal gag order, demanding release of police cam videos and ballistics tests. Confiscated private citizen cell phone videos by the police is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the Gestapo.

  30. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    Congratulations, Rebel.

    Well done.

  31. RLG Says:

    If I recall, it took the families of the Ruby Ridge massacre over 15 years to get justice against the federal agents who gunned down an unarmed woman.

  32. Diablosblvd Says:

    Thanks Rebel!

  33. tiopirata Says:

    It seems that the awakening is happening
    The red line beyond which even these cretinous felons cannot pass grows closer to them, perhaps to encircle them.
    One wonders that, when the truth is completely revealed and inescapable as I believe will be so, what cognitive dissonance will drown it out. It is already apparent to any who look.
    Respect to you for your efforts Rebel

  34. Wolfenlover Says:

    You Da Man, Rebel! Wasn’t for you, this would have gotten “swept”. And every-
    body here knows it. Least I do!
    Hope your eyes are healing fine & PLEASE wear them sunglasses when yer in the

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  35. slingshot Says:

    Rebel where is the story the Mongols Motorcycle club just won there case on the patch

  36. Hans Says:

    The “You can read the entire editorial here.” takes you to the “whole world is watching” music video on YouTube.

  37. nowhereman Says:

    I know it’s unrelated but the bnw won the case today or it was dismissed. I’m sure you’re righting your article right now Reb.

  38. Johnny D Says:

    If there was one shell casing from a biker’s gun, one victim with gunpowder residue on the hands, it would have been blasted to the media. There is only the evidence they have, It makes them look bad. They will try to hide it forever. Their only hope is to prosecute all 177 into accepting plea bargains that admit some degree of guilt.

  39. Roadside Says:

    Bravo. I was really starting to wonder if true investigative journalism was bought, suppressed and murdered by the corporations. However it will take a combination of more papers, journalists, and broadcasters to lean on the court, law enforcement agencies before we will get to get anywhere near the truth. As well as a plethora of lawsuits for release of what is supposed to be public information. The trouble is my gut tells me the cops, court, lawyers, and judges involved know how fucked and wrong the whole deal is and are trying to bury and suppress as much as they can for as long as they can as they are terrified of not only the lawsuits (which will total and payout millions to the victims here), but the legal consequences for the govt players involved for a wide and diverse range of civil and constitutional rights trampled and ignored.

  40. popeye Says:

    The sad part is someone could have won a pulitzer prize by cracking this case open but instead main stream media never even showed up and instead let the cops write their story for them. There was a time not long ago journalists worked hard to get the truth. Ask woodword and bernstein how its done.

  41. TML Says:

    Heck yeah.

    Take another gander at that link to the editorial, Rebel.

  42. FNU LNU Says:

    Thank you for all that you do, Rebel.

  43. Phuquehed Says:

    Nice catch, Rebel. It’s about time the fucking MSM did what you say – stand the fuck up and do what they’re *supposed* to do or lose the ability to do it at all.

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