Vago Seeks Protection From Nut Cop

September 3, 2008

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Richard White, a member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club from Corinne, Utah has asked a Utah Judge to issue a stalking injunction against the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Department. White’s request asks the judge to enjoin the local Sheriffs to stay away from his home business, White’s Wheel Works, and all motorcycles and other vehicles owned by White and all other members of the Vagos.

White was alarmed by threatening and vulgar comments made in a chat room KSL TV web site. KSL is the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City. The thread of the chat room discussion was the annual conference of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club In Moab. About 400 Bandidos attended the conference which ended August 25.

The online discussion evolved into a debate about motorcycle clubs in general and the Vagos in particular. White joined the discussion after his business was mentioned by name.

Window Into Cop’s Soul

A participant in the discussion, who identified himself as “caughtyalookin,” expressed his feelings about motorcycle club members as follows:

“There should be a consistant (sic) and sustained NOTICE conveyed to these Thugs, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME. They facilitate everything from narcotics distribution to weapons violations. All of you Failures in life wannabe tough guys including Hells Angels, Banditos (sic), Sun downers (sic), Vagos or what ever else you crud call your selves (sic) need to understand that WE the citizens of Utah will not stand idle while you establish foothold in our State. We don’t buy that you are just a bike club no matter how many “rides” for charity you organize to put a smiley face on what you do behind the scenes. This biker gang trend has been steadily growing in this State and Law Enforcement needs to aggressively pursue legal avenues to make these people feel NOT WELCOME.

“read these blogs carefully and realize that the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs have a surrepticious (sic) agenda to not only foothold but establish their own criminal way of life.”

In reference to the Vagos “caughtyalookin” wrote, “Your little two patch wannabe club is attempting to get started in Utah. Understand that you will have to battle for that ground and me or a guy like me with my little MP 5 (cute) will be there to address you with the appropriate level of force. P.S. Your (sic) a punk.”

MP 5

An MP 5 is a 9mm machine gun favored by police.

White replied to “caughtyalookin” in the chat, “If I do break the law….Come get me and I’ll pay the consequences for my crime like a man! VFFV” VFFV abbreviates “Vagos Forever Forever Vagos.”

“Caughtyalookin” then wrote, “Hey Vago(spit)….(sic) Hold that thought….(sic) I’ll be right there.”

White interpreted the context of these articles to mean that he was being threatened by s local sheriff. “At first he was just someone who disliked bikers,” White explained in court documents. “Then it became obvious he was an officer familiar with Box Elder County. He was very condescending, but then became more direct and started talking about turf and running people out of Utah.”

“Caughtyalookin” then tried to get White to state his name. “If you are so proud of your club and the image it projects then what is the name (of White’s company). Let me guess its that little one in co***ne. Punk.”

Lawyer Says No Case

A Salt Lake City attorney name Jeff Hunt said the request for an injunction was unlikely to be granted. Hunt specializes in freedom of speech and other media issues. He is legal counsel for the Utah Society of Professional Journalists.

“It just seems wildly speculative to enjoin a whole class of law enforcement officers based on an anonymous statement made in a chat room,” Hunt said. “Generally speaking, to get an injunction of that sort you have to show some imminent threat to your safety. I don’t know how you could meet that standard without even knowing the identity of that person.”

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19 Responses to “Vago Seeks Protection From Nut Cop”

  1. Leonard Goveia Says:

    Another tuff guy,behind gifs keyboard…problem as I see it, these LEO are shooting unarmed folks constantly with many shot in the back and most seem to get away with it,murder is what it is..Reality is these punk ass cops are almost never held accountable…I just don’t see the utah justice as any different than all the rest…..pathetic,but true..

  2. Aging Rebel Brand condoms Says:

    Hopefully the attorney for Richard will be smart enough to subpoena the website records of the chatroom and get the ip address of caughtyalookin so the real posters name ( and address !!) can be revealed.
    While it seems like cops deal with obtaining evidence all day long they are not to smart when it comes to hiding their own track through the filth…

  3. The Kraut Says:

    Phuquehed…Any books the laffing douche has require crayons to enjoy.

    Respects, Kraut

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, hahaha douche…where are *your* books, you cunt?

  5. Dasein Says:

    HAHAHA so eloquently dribbless: “This caughtyalookin fella”, then denigrates another “semi-illiterate moron.” Life’s like that.

  6. HAHAHA! Says:

    This caughtyalookin fella is a mouthy punk, alright. No doubt he’s an over-exuberant rookie who is just quaking with testosterone and secure in his righteous cause. But his poor education is embarrassing for the police agency that hired such a semi-literate moron. It’s almost as bad as reading a book written by Donald C. Davis. Each fills his writings with grammatical errors, fractured syntax and malapropisms. Both sides would benefit from a refresher course in the Queen’s English. As for the Vagos seeking an injunction based on the impotent implied threats excreted by the excited little deputy, it’s not very likely. Save it for a real situation, which, unfortunately, is probably going to occur.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    “I told him unlike the Bandidos I hadn’t met any cop deserving any support.”

    Damn good answer!!

  8. Snow Says:

    Reminds me of a time earlier this year when I was pulled over at 3am in the car for a burnt tail light, we, the ol lady and I, were detained for over an hour. I was run thru for license and insurance along with the DWI song and dance, fortunately I hadn’t had anything to drink that night.
    They attempted to ask me questions and wanted to search the car, I of course refused to answer questions or consent to any searches.
    When all this bullshit finally came to an end one of the cops, there were 3, mentioned something about the Support you local Bandidos sticker on the back glass, said something along the line that I should be supporting the local law enforcement, things might go easier for me in the future. I told him unlike the Bandidos I hadn’t met any cop deserving any support.
    Fuck em all. Snow

  9. IRONHEAD Says:

    Caughtyalookin is most likely a guy that is still pissed because he got cut from the football team years ago. Now he has a badge, a gun, and the goverment on his side… Scary

  10. Bill Says:

    I love your blog

  11. Chevydude Says:

    Vagos arent a criminal bike gang! They are just guys that like hanging out and riding bikes! So get your facts straight!!!! VAGOS SUPPORTER!!!

  12. R Crisp Says:

    The post by caughtyalookin is obviously by a rookie. He grossly underestimates motorcycle clubs and needs to go to m/c and gang schools to further educate himself. He has been raised in a naive enviroment and needs to educate himself on events outside his little utopia.(Utah)

    There are stronger forces out there he needs to be aware of. No matter how much military or Law Enforcement training he has had, he is way behind the 8 ball based on his posting. The fact the D.A. and judges turn a blind eye to civil rights will bite them in the butt. Be careful.

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