Sonny Barger Has Notes

September 8, 2015

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Sonny Barger Has Notes

One of the million or so people who have been watching George Christie’s reality series on the History Channel, about what it is really like to be a Hells Angel is very well known Hells Angel Ralph “Sonny” Barger. Barger has been taking notes while he watched and he has offered to share them here.

You can decide for yourself how much Barger is holding in and what else he might have said.

1.    “Some call him ‘The Last American Outlaw.” That phrase was coined by Nick Mead as he filmed a movie about him. Since finding out the truth about him, Mead has refused to show the movie. That cost Mead about $200,000.”

2.    “George Christie says he worked for the Department of Defense. I can’t say for sure, but I only know of him working for the telephone company”

3.    “Most powerful member of HA!? In his own mind!”

4.    “He was in confinement awaiting trial for about one year. Also he did seven months on a case where he was facing two mandatory 20-year sentences and two life sentences.”

5.    “He quit because he decided to quit to make changes in his life?! He quit because someone from another charter told him if he did not quit they were going to fight! After he quit and all the evidence showed up, his status was changed to out bad. He, himself, put over 30 members out bad as informants without any paperwork.”

6.    “He talks about the club in 1968 – 70. He wasn’t even in the club until December 1976.”

7.    “He said one club rule is to ‘Stand With Your Brothers.’ Is that what he’s doing here?”

8.    “He talks about a tattoo with a dotted line that says ‘cut here.’ I’ve been around. I’ve only seen a tattoo like that once and it was not on a member.”

9.    “He says after the war ended in 1945, pilots became members of the Pissed Off Bastards Of Bloomington. In 1945, Otto Friedli (who founded that club) would have been about 14-years-old. He might have been a little older than that. Otto became president of the Berdoo charter after Bobby Zimmerman was killed in a motorcycle accident on the way home from Bass Lake in 1961, HE (George Christie) says American fighter pilots called themselves the hells angels and that’s where the name of the club came from. NO fighter pilots called themselves that in World War Two. One of American General Claire Lee Chennault’s squadrons was called Hells Angels. They were mercenaries. They were American pilots who resigned their commissions and got $500 for every Jap plane they shot down. At any rate, when the United States entered World War II they got back their commissions and reentered the Army Air Corps.”

10.    “The ex-member says he was out of the Marine Corps and working for the Department of Defense in 1966. If that was true he would not have passed a background check to become a hang around.”

11.    “He says we have to have an American bike. That’s NOT True. Some charters have that rule but not the club. In the fifties and the sixties a lot of people rode BSAs and Triumphs. There were no foreign (Japanese) bikes then. I, myself, grew up in World War Two. I buy American. I ride a Victory made in America. I drive a Chevy truck and I ride American Quarter Horses. That’s because I’m American. People ask me why I don’t ride a Harley-Davidson and I say the only reason you do is because I did in 1950.”

12.    “He says how hard it is to join the club. But I say it’s harder to get kicked out. Possibly because your brothers always want to believe and trust you even though you put out over 30 people without paperwork. Your 35-year membership proves that.”

13.    “The story about you pulling Tall Paul back into the lane sounds just like when some of us were travelling across the country. I fell asleep and Deakon (Oakland charter member Edward James “Deakon” Proudfoot) reached out and shook my shoulder. That was before this ex-member was even in the club.”

14.    “He says we have contempt for the law! We believe in law and order more than most Americans. What we do not believe in is when police act under their own authority rather than the courts. When they do that they are vigilantes. We do not have to stand for that.”

15.    “Prospect sending hamburger from Frisco? On that I will just say he is telling less than the truth.”

16.    “A prospect cutting off his own finger? I guess he saw my movie, Dead In Five Heartbeats. That was a true event involving Cisco (longtime Hells Angel Elliott S. “Cisco” Valderrama) and four fingers.”

17.    “Boots and patches. There was never a rule that members had to do what they told prospects to do. I would never ask a prospect to do something I would not. The fact he says he would not do it would have got his face beat or expelled from the club. Howe ver, boots and patches were only done at Bass Lake. We stopped going to Bass Lake ten years before he entered the club.”

18.    “I guess the one truthful thing he said was that he ‘was not a good leader.’”

19.    “Humpers fight? Says John fought a guy. So what?”

20.    “Says when a guy doesn’t make it we take his vest and bike. He may have and others may have but as a club we do not.”

21.    “He says when he got voted in, in December 1976 Betty from Berdoo made all the club patches. That’s not true. Betty made patches for Berdoo and whomever. Betty didn’t make any of the patches for Northern California or the rest of the country.”

22.    “The narration talks about the North Carolina Fiddler’s Convention in April 1976. He wasn’t a member. He didn’t become a member until that December.”

23.    “He says the clubhouse is home. The Ventura clubhouse was in his name. He took out an inflated loan on it and never made a payment. There was more money owned on that clubhouse than it was worth so the Ventura charter lost its clubhouse. Nice way to take care of your home.”

24.    “He said the Hells Angels is not a criminal organization. I guess so far he’s told the truth there.”

25.    “He says we live by a code of silence. I wonder what he lives by now. Even though we’ve had informants we still love and trust each other. Which is why he lasted 35 years.”

26.    “He says in the late 70s a member along with a woman police officer did a lot of telling. He says the man who was made a good deal to tell. Is that the reason they stopped your trial, sealed the record and gave you seven months instead of two mandatory life sentences and two 20-year mandatory sentences. Did you too got a good deal?

27.    “Everyone asks me, what do I think of the show. All of the above is a brief outline of my thoughts on episode number one and I will take a polygraph to my answers if he will take one to his statements. I hope you don’t ask me about number two.”

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94 Responses to “Sonny Barger Has Notes”

  1. TC Says:

    You probably already covered it Rebel but out of morbid curiosity, is there paper that GC is a rat? Did he do his time in PC?

  2. John Smith Says:

    Sonny’s full of shit and knows it. The cat’s out of the bag. Speak on it Christie, you earned the right.

  3. One Eye Says:

    I believe the last article I read (this is going off my memory so take that for what it’s worth) about Barger’s Victory was that he needed something done in a specific time frame which could not be met. Consequently he was given a new Indian to use and has been riding one ever since.

  4. Hans Says:

    I watched for 10 minutes last night, then decided to go for a ride. Bambi was standing in the middle of the GD road, trying to scare the bejesus outta me, but my loud pipes ended the staring contest. I also almost ran over some vile little hairy creature that looked like it had splatted under someone else’s tires earlier in the evening. It very much resembled the facepussy creature from the Dobbie video. Tonight I’ll ride out to see if it lasted the night. . .

  5. Mike 184 Says:

    @Grumbler – Did the same shit on a ’99 night train. S&S backing plate screw came loose and trashed the front head, and the piston came out in 3 pieces. Put in new pistons, worked heads and woods cam – badass evo! Oh XXX Carb made it killer.

    Oh, yeah, I watches 5 minutes of this shit show a week or two ago…. Nope, no more for me. Waste of my f’ing time.

  6. lurker Says:

    I don’t normally post but am a big fan of rebel and read this site all the time.

    This post compelled me to say something.

    Sonny seems like a super chill dude, if anyone has any doubts about HA not being a criminal enterprise this should prove them wrong.

    If they were really out there killing all these people Jay fuck face Dobbins and George Christie wouldn’t be alive telling and lying so much.

    I’m sure Sonny left some things out or whatever but I honestly believe they really do value trust/love/brotherhood.

    which probably makes all this that much harder on them, someone they loved and cared about stabbing them in the back.

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, take your licks like a man or stay on the porch George.

  7. RVN69 Says:

    OK, last night I took one for the team. I toked up some good weed and turned on the History Channel, what a waste of an hour of my life. How the fuck does GC think he can convince of facts he wasn’t there to see. I know that history is passed down from generation to generation, M/C’s are no different, but his version of history smells strongly of Bullshit made up to convice to History Channel (Fiction Channel?) to pay him for the same crap that the producer of the former movie project had decided was all lies. The list of questions Mr Barger has asked and been ignored by by GC are all the proof I need.

    I want my hour back!!!!!!!!!


  8. Grumbler Says:

    IIRC, Sonny sold his Victory Vision with over 93K trouble free miles on the clock last year and currently rides a black Victory Cross Country:×412.jpg

    Speaking of late model Harley’s, the nylock on support bolt that tied the air cleaner aftermarket backing plate from R&R to the Z bracket mounted to the head of a buddy’s Road Glide Special came loose and that bolt got sucked into the throttle body which fucked up the front head, jug, rod and crank. Loctite is your friend.

  9. Tooj Says:


    Fellow knows little of American made bikes or he’d know Victory engines are assembled in his home state.

  10. HoldThePhone Says:


    “But Hell’s Angels started riding Harley-Davidsons mostly because, unlike today, they didn’t have much choice. In 1957, it was either ride a Harley or settle for a Triumph or BSA. They’d already stopped building Indians. It’s always been important for Hell’s Angels to ride American-made machines. In terms of pure workmanship, personally I don’t like Harleys. I ride them because I’m in the club, and that’s the image, but if I could I would seriously consider a Honda ST1100 or a BMW. We really missed the boat not switching over to the Japanese models when they began building bigger bikes. I’ll usually say, “#$%* Harley Davidson. You can buy an ST1100 and the mother#$%*er will do 110 miles per hour right from the factory all day long.” The newest “rice rockets” can carry 140 horsepower to the rear wheel, and can easily do 180 miles per hour right out of the box. While it’s probably too late to switch over now, it would have been a nice move, because Japanese bikes today are so much cheaper and better built. However, Japanese motorcycles don’t have as much personality.”

    -Sonny Barger in his book “Hell’s Angel”, pp 52-53

    Also, Victory bikes are built in Spirit Lake Iowa, not Mexico. Same with the new Indians Polaris are making.

    here’s a link with an article from a few years ago.

  11. Cap'n Bill Says:

    I’ve been watching online. I’m sure others have noticed that gc switches frequently from past to present tense in reference to several different subjects. Also, while looking at his facial expressions, he seems to be a bit nervous, apparently holding his jaw unnaturally stiff and his gaze drifting away from the camera for some reason.
    AND…naming names, even if they’re dead, is just bad juju…

    Thanks, Rebel


  12. Pissed Off Bastard Says:

    @Irish 1%er

    Not surprised to hear that this sell out deletes anything other than hero worship
    on his facebook

    When you turn on the light in the kitchen at night a cockroach will scurry along
    the floorboard and it will dash into the first hole it can find.

    laugh now cry later

  13. The Confederate Celt Says:

    It’s amazing how “bull feathers” comes to be accepted as fact by some people. Both Victory and Indian are built in the USA. Yes, they do have some foreign parts in them; thank our government’s trade, regulatory, and tax policies for that.

  14. Flake Brady Says:

    I find this all very interesting and sometimes questionable. No surprise there. I lived in Dago in the 70’s watching the Mongol war unfold there. I have one question there: what about the undercover feds that were at the bar when Fat Ray was killed? How does that happen? And to George Christie: weren’t you a Member of the Question Marks Motorcycle Club during the early 70’s(the time period in question by Sonny?) Just saying there are those who remember the “facts” differently. P.S. Much Love & Respect going out to Sonny & Z. FLAKE

  15. Tiny Says:

    I’ve noticed stories that were right out of George Whetherns Book, Stories about bombs that made no sense, The bomb he supposedly retrieved was a pipe bomb that failed to detonate a bomb that size would not take a building out, Would most likely be easy enough to defuse with a snip of a wire and why bother to go retrieve it anyway? It failed to blow its not like the Mongols are gonna call 911 for a pipe bomb of that type..And talking about any of those bombs where some one was killed is a bad ideal because those investigations would still be open cold cases and with the new terrorism laws blowing shit up makes you a terrorist…Shooting up a room and cutting the sheet rock out to burn it? Sheet Rock don’t burn all you really need to do is fish the bullets out of the holes skim coat the holes and paint no bodies no way to check the trajectory to find the bullet holes or bullets and no bullets means no ballistics, the firing pins in the spent brass could still be matched up when in doubt melt the gun in question down with a cutting torch..”Mud Checking” How many times can you fit that term in a episode? WTF ever happened to OMERTA ! Shit like this is why I have a Loan Wolf perspective to many guys get busted and talk or seem to have the ideal that writing a book is gonna be their version of the 1%er 401k retirement plan…To me Sonny Barger will always be number 1 !

  16. Greg Says:

    Sony paid enuff dont need a punks drama sony everyone real loves u keep being u 81red white forever

  17. ,tGL Says:

    All of ventura knows who you are and what you have done to so many of our friends and family , your lies are catching up to you GC ,, you have ruined so many good men and their families ,,, we all know who you really are and we are all grateful to mr barger bringing the truth to the table and calling you out !

  18. JMacK Says:


    Better check a few of your facts.
    Sonny was never a huge fan of HD.
    And Polaris machines and Victory machines are not assembled in the same plant.

    Deepest Respects to Mr. Barger

  19. boozer Says:

    Maybe Mr. Barger rides a Victory because they are great bikes. I own both a Victory and a Harley Davidson. I’ve ridden my Victory from Florida to California and back. Great bike. Anyway, Victory’s are not assembled in Mexico. They are assembled in Spirit Lake Iowa. Both the Victory’s and now Indians are assembled in the same plant.

  20. Storyteller Says:

    Different patch,same pride. Much respect to the ultimate Angel.Keep the lying bastard straight.

  21. Tooj Says:


    You been to the “Mexico plant”? When you want to spout off some shit, make sure you know what you’re talking about. When it comes to Victory or Indian Motorcycles, you don’t know your asshole from a hole in the ground.

    Not to mention you happen to know exactly why Sonny Barger rides what he does. He’s been clear in several sources to include his books. Guess you’re saying that Sonny Barger is fulla shit, are you? Some fucking respect you’re showing. But, it’s like most folks that say, “Not to disrespect you, but you’re shit.” Two faced P.O.S.

    The engine plant is in Osceola. Guess you don’t get out of whatever one horse town you live in. Assembly of Victory AND Indian Motorcycles happens in Spirit Lake, Iowa. You won’t meet harder working Americans.

    When you get done with the Kool-Aid, take a break and look around. Of course, you’re gonna have to “hear the pop” first; that would be the sound of you pulling your head outta your ass.

    Just as an aside, Victory makes their money from selling motorcycles, not t-shirts.

  22. BillyG Says:

    Just want to ask the the mole himself or any of his so called supporters (Which are on a serious decline)one instance where the mole educated a bar patron as he describes on his debriefing chronicles joke of show? If I am wrong please educate me please because because I can honestly say that not once in my entire life all spent in ventura county do I recall this piece of shit educating not one single person period! He is & was and always will be a Fucken blow hard! Do us all a favor & fire 2 warning shots into the back of
    Your own head mole

  23. Irish 1%ER Says:

    I asked him a question on his Facebook page, instead of replying like a man or just ignoring me, my comments were deleted with in seconds and I was blocked from his page! Haha, oh well.. sad to see a man sell his soul for thirty pieces of silver! Imagine it’s a lonely life at ” the top” that he has created.. Never forget GC cowards die a thousand deaths! Respects to the real

  24. FF Says:

    You know, I cant pa ly emporer’s new clothes with this shit or ANY SHIT.

    lets cut the crap, people!

    Christie was a godamn rock star in here 2 years ago. What are we, a bunch of Jacobins? Even Robespierre got the guilitine in the ehd.

    Sonny Barger did some time in the slammer, the last thing he needs at this point in his life is a man who wants to suck his dick.

    Sonny, I will tell you straight from jump street.

    Dont shoot me, I’m only the piano player. I wont blow smoke up your ass or anyone elses.

    My advice at this point is just ignore this fool, GC. You have nothing to gain and he has everything to gain every time you respond.

    Fuck him and the million of fat old hens who channel surfed to that shit show.

    I’m gonna shut up now.

  25. RLG Says:

    A gem:

    People ask me why I don’t ride a Harley-Davidson and I say the only reason you do is because I did in 1950.

  26. Meh Says:

    Some “Hell’s Angels” bomber (not fighter, and considering bomber losses flying fighters was much less risky) history:

  27. Kidjduas Says:

    I respect Sonny but let’s face it the only reason he’s riding a Victory is because his buddy Arlen “sold” him one for $1. Living in Wisconsin I’ve met a lot of Americans that work in the Milwaukee plant. Polaris is assembled in Mexico.

  28. LEE HAMCO Says:

    Thank you, Sonny It’s been hard holding back this this POS is a punk and coward. He had a good reputation with people that didn’t know him, but most members knew what he was really about, himself. Lee Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Oakland, 43 year member

  29. Luggs Says:

    As always Sonny, it’s great hearing your truth. I, like you been around way to long to believe this bulls hit he’s handing out.
    Respect & loyalty my friend


  30. Lama Says:

    Mr. Barger
    Thanks for putting the truth out their.
    L&R From
    Niagara ON,

  31. Mary Says:

    Thank You Mr. Barger for being True & Believing in Yourself!
    In my books that makes you a Honest Man!
    Not sure if I know anyone that doesn’t Love a Honest Man!
    Peace & Love be with you Always!

  32. Jim666 Says:

    @ POB

  33. Lissa Says:

    Mr. Barger,
    I have been trying to find a way to message you. My name is Lissa, I recently discovered that my dad was Michael O’Day from Fresno CA. I was told he was friends with the club. I have tried to find another friend of his Alvin Ray, not successful yet.One picture I have is with a group of men one is Armond Bletcher they tell me. Would love to talk to you and see if you knew my dad. He was killed in 1971 in Fresno in his roadster on the 99. This feels kind of weird to put out there like this but I am searching for my life story. My Email [email protected]. Thanks in advance
    PS Only watched the show to see if I could find you. I don’t believe shit he says. Rat

  34. Steve Maton Says:

    I know the truth behind some stories. Yet even then that’s between me and my shadow. And you cant tell on yourself…….

  35. Pissed Off Bastard Says:


    That’s correct on Nick Mead. It’s known as “integrity.” Look it up in the dicktionary, dickweed.

  36. MN LONER Says:

    Thanks sonny,rebel keep up the good work.

  37. Phuquehed Says:

    Sonny is taking notes and writing each thing that that Christie fuck is lying about. Sonny made it fucking easy for that asshole to rebutt, yet the lying, rat fuck Christie didn’t address a single one. Goes to show Chritie is good for nothing but wasting air, lying, and ratting. He’s also pussed out by whining that there’s too many messages on his facebook to answer…I’m guessing the fuck just got tired of being called a rat and telling each one who said it “Nuh-uh!”.

    Fuck you Christie. Go test the warning label on a plastic bag and quit trying to destroy that which you never deserved.

  38. Wanda Beck Says:

    Odd I Remember of Story of Cisco,,But about ,I don’t , Its been awhile ,I Think He pulled a Fast one ,probly is , Working for them as Protection ,Sonny Barger ,that’s about all I can Say ,.Thanks for sharing that story , Much Respect Always.

  39. big darryl marcum Says:

    sonny got almost 60 years in one of the most respected men in the country you can take what he says to the bank

  40. NCRider Says:

    Thank you Mr. Barger for speaking out and telling the truth. George Christie must think “us citizens” are all idiots. After the first 15 minutes of the first show, I decided he is a con artist with an agenda. Obviously, you have much more integrity and respect than him.

  41. Road Whore Says:

    Thank you Rebel, and thank you Mr. Barger. (And if Mr. Barger’s reading…hell yes, we’d love to hear you sound off on all of the shows!)

    Ride Free

  42. Slowhand Says:

    Said it before. Mead is the guy to watch. Would rather lose his money than put his name to a lie? And Sonny, what the Hells he got to lie about?

  43. Freddy Popp Says:

    “JUS SAYIN”…RESPECTFULLY… TRU SEASONED MEMBERS..know that LESS SAID IS BEST SAID… IN HOUSE IS KEPT IN HOUSE.. TRU SEASONED 81 SUPPORTS.. RESPECT THAT and Follow the SAME.. the reason Sonny Barger.. is defending 81 (He is the only one that should and can).. NUFF SAID……..


  44. FF Says:

    “He, himself, put over 30 members out bad as informants without any paperwork.”

    “Says when a guy doesn’t make it we take his vest and bike. He may have and others may have but as a club we do not.”

    30 guys, 30 bikes. Average price of each bike $10,000. That’s $300,000 dollars right there. Then you add up all the bikes he stole from “guys who didn’t make it”.

    It’s good to be King.

  45. popeye Says:

    Only saw that “cut here” tattoo once on a carny back in the sixties. Most will take this show for what it is , a load of shit. Problem is feds will be taking this as sworn testimony and showing this to grand juries to prove the criminal enterprise accusations.

  46. Paladin Says:

    As I’ve previously stated on another thread, “Because truth has substance, it’s not unreasonable to view the truth as the most buoyant of substances known to man. No matter the effort expended, attempting to sink it, the truth will always surface.”

    Long May You Ride )to those that deserve to),


  47. Slide Says:

    I’m not a member and I get that too BillyG. History is written by the winners, not the banished loosers who can not accept their fate.
    “He who fights with monsters (government) might take care lest he thereby become a monster. (A rat) And if you gaze for long into an abyss,(prison) the abyss gazes also into you.(afraid) F.N. Quotations mine,

    If only the walls could talk! They may! Take the challenge G.C. Feel what others are feeling having to set the record straight, in a way of life you always abused at othere expense, like now. Do what’s right for once in your present life. Look in the mirror and see who is looking back at you…yes; it’s the monster you have become.

    Oh yeah, nice backyard picture of the dojo poles outside…behind your house.

  48. John Deaux Says:

    Straight from the man himself, there should be no more question about this whole subject.
    Utmost respect and best wishes sent to Mr. Ralph Sonny Barger.

  49. BigAng Diamondback Says:

    Once again… Thank you Sonny and Rebel. Man i love sonnys response!
    For anyone interested, This is taken off of christies facebook page today. It looks like he is personally trying to push buttons now.

    -George Christies words:”I was not kicked out of club. I quit and two weeks later everyone turned on me.”

    -And on the topic of sonny and the truth christie said: “Watch the last episode and you will get some very interesting facts”

    -Then a Facebook user asked George to prove his worth and story by proving he’s not a rat and backing it up with paperwork..
    GC response:
    “I am no longer a member it’s not my job to edit pics for the club (name removed). The government sealed the records I believe in 2011 after Aging Rebel started identifying the informants by name on his blog. I received much grief from the U.S. Attorneys office and accusations I was sharing info with Rebel. The U.S. Attorney asked for my whole file to be sealed.”

    -Then one guy can congratulates him and wonders when his best-selling book deal will come. George replies with “book deal coming next year”

    Not only is he a scumbag rat, but he will sell his soul for money, and it sounds like he has a personal vendetta against a true american icon. (Not to keep kissing sonnys ass but i have a lot of respect for the man) it honestly looks like george is trying to push Sonny aside, discredit sonnys life , and become the new Mr. 81, kings crown and all.

    Fellow readers, I know I’m a new poster to aging rebel but I’ve been reading this site for years. Thought I would start chiming in the last two weeks since this Christie story came out. Respect to all the hardcore readers, and of course Sonny and Rebel.

    -Big Ang

  50. BillyG Says:

    I have goose bumps like when you see one of your brothers you haven’t seen in years! Thank you for setting the record straight Chief! Love you Brother

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