Sonny Barger Responds

September 5, 2015

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Sonny Barger Responds

“Pride and memory were having an argument,” the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once quipped. “Memory said ‘It was like this’ and Pride said, ‘Oh no! It couldn’t have been!’”

For the last three weeks on the History Channel, former Hells Angel George Christie has lectured a weekly cable audience of between one and two million viewers about his own unchallenged version of what it was and is like to be a member of his old club. Christie was an Angel from 1976 until he was expelled with the status of “Out Bad, No Contact” in 2011. That was shortly before he was arrested by and apparently debriefed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Since about 1980, Christie has exploited his status as the longtime president of the club’s Ventura charter to enhance his own celebrity. There is a strong consensus among current Hells Angels that he was never as important as he wanted people to think he was.

After doing seven months in federal prison in 2013-14 Christie began to exploit his former membership by promising to tell club secrets. Christie offered to give a million Walter Mittys the vicarious experience of being Hells Angels. He wasn’t the first snitch to tell tales. But Christie has followed his new Hells Angels related career more loudly than, say, Tony Tait ever did. Tait just wanted to make some money. Christie wants to rewrite history. He wants to convince the world that his account of the way things were is the defining history of his former club. This week he wrote somewhat reverentially about himself: “An outlaw, notorious biker and infamous motorcycle club leader, George Christie’s lifestyle and experiences along with his gift for storytelling, leadership and human connection make him uniquely suited to help others and develop (the) historical record.” He doesn’t mention that he has some axes to grind.

Christie is free to say almost anything he wants to say with impunity because outlaw motorcycle clubs are secretive organizations that don’t generally engage in public debates about who said and did what to whom when and where. Most clubs have and enforce a do not talk to reporters rule. The flaw in that is that he who talks is he who gets heard. Christie understands both hillbilly omerta and public relations.

Half The Story

Some part of Christie’s current good reputation is based on good things that were said in his defense on this page and by the British documentarian Nick Mead during his last federal case in 2011-13. Mead for example coined the term “The Last American Outlaw” and spent two years and a couple hundred thousand of his own dollars on a film in Christie’s defense before deciding that the former Ventura patch holder was “a liar, a thief and a snitch.” Now the History Channel has no reservations about describing Christie as a man “some have called the last American outlaw.”

The Aging Rebel made the mistake of taking Christie at his word. So years later Christie and his defenders have quoted the lies Christie told this page and cited this page’s general credibility as proof that Christie must have been telling the truth.

For the record, like Mead, The Aging Rebel has concluded that Christie is a liar, a thief, a snitch and a con man. This page believes Christie traded other people’s freedom for his own and that he is now willing to say anything he can sell. None of that is easy or pleasant to say and this page wouldn’t have to say it if George would just shut up and stop selling lies. But he won’t. He has a miniseries to publicize and history to rewrite and money to make.

History So Far

Halfway through, Christie’s miniseries has featured episodes titled:

“The Angels Code,” in which “Former Hells Angels President George Christie, the man some call the last American outlaw, reveals the secret set of rules that govern admission and conduct in the Hells Angels.”

“The Wild Life,” in which “Former Angels president George Christie reveals for the first time the debauchery, delights and dangers that go into the club’s revelries. These are no-holds-barred accounts of outlaw fun at its most extreme, as Hells Angels reach for a thrill that can come only with women, alcohol, drugs and violence.”

And, “Making Money” in which “For the first time, a real insider (former Hells Angels President George Christie) reveals the means by which members lined their pockets. This episode starts in the psychedelic haze of the ’60s….” Which was actually, about a decade before Christie joined the club.

This week, in an episode titled “At War,” the History Channel promises to tell the real story of the long unpleasantness between the Angels and the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The week after that George will tell the world the means Angels use to get away with “Breaking the Law.” The episode the week after that is titled “Sonny Versus George.”


“Sonny” is an interesting man and an actual historical figure named Ralph “Sonny” Barger. He was not the first Hells Angel but it is reasonable to say that he invented the club and he is George Christie’s great white whale. Christie has hung out with Mickey Rourke, Larry Fortensky and Tommy Allsup. Barger has been sought out and fussed over by Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, Baba Ram Dass, Hunter Thompson, Tom Wolfe, Jay Dobyns, Kurt Sutter and Allen Ginsberg, who in 1965, a dozen years before Christie joined Barger’s club, wrote a poem titled “First Party At Ken Kesey’s With Hell’s Angels.”

If only Barger could be diminished, the world might see what Christie sees when he looks in the mirror.

Saturday morning Sonny Barger said, “I’ve seen this bullshit George said in the first three episodes. I can hardly imagine what he is going to say about me when it gets to the last episode…. Every time somebody calls George a liar on his Facebook page, somebody else quotes from those good articles you wrote on him. The club isn’t pleased.”

“Friday, my libel lawyer in Tucson sent the production company a letter. Do you want to see it?”

The letter from an attorney named Alfred S. Donau III is addressed to Shaw Media in Toronto, A & E / History Channel in New York and Shaw Communication Inc. in Calgary.


About the Christie television series, the letter states:

“The docudrama purports to present as facts certain circumstances that occurred in the state of Arizona, giving rise to criminal prosecution of Sonny Barger.”

“It is believed that one of the upcoming episodes will present an alleged 911 call in redacted form, initiated by Mr. Barger in an effort to get his then wife medical assistance. It is believed that the full content and circumstances of the 911 call will not be made known to the viewing audience and will in fact inaccurately portray the call in an effort to falsely imply that Mr. Barger was reporting to police in an attempt to prosecute criminal charges against his former wife. If this is the depiction, it would be false and defamatory. Mr. Barger never pursued charges against his former wife nor did he ever state that he would. The true and accurate version of events is that Mr. Barger simply called for medical assistance due to injuries sustained by his ex-wife.

“In fact, the only criminal charges pursued as a result of the 911 call arose when Mr. Barger’s then wife insisted in prosecuting Mr. Barger for aggravated assault.

“The aggravated assault was reduced to a misdemeanor assault. You are on notice that any representation to the contrary would be false.

“Finally, Mr. Barger wishes to reiterate that which you already know, that his name and likeness are federally and internationally protected pursuant to trademark and copy right laws. We demand that any depiction that can reasonably be inferred to be Sonny Barger be accurate, truthful and presented in such a manner that will not tarnish or diminish Mr. Barger’s reputation or ability to make a living.”


There have, in fact, been hard feelings between Barger and Christie for years. Christie has blamed that animosity, rather than his own conduct, for his expulsion from the club. And, for years Christie has been searching for a means to smear Barger, ruin his reputation and rewrite history. The recording of Barger’s 911 call has been circulated publically and privately as proof that Barger, as Christie once put it, “needed the police to protect him from his wife. That’s not right.” Christie is about to spring that lie on the world at large now.

The history of the Angels according to George is one in which Christie is quite a bit larger, honorable and more important than most Hells Angels remember him to have been and Sonny Barger is very much smaller, weaker and less important than most of America remembers. The Outlaw Chronicles, for whatever it betrays about its narrator’s character, is almost entirely a story told by George Christie’s pride.

“Pride goeth before destruction,” the Book of Proverbs warns, “and an haughty spirit before a fall.” You can almost see George Christie falling now. People who have liked Christie, or cared about him, or believed in him, or who still believe in him might want to look away now.

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115 Responses to “Sonny Barger Responds”

  1. Flanative Says:

    Timmy,Timmy,Timmy. You disrespect that witch claim.

  2. Lone Rider Says:

    @ tammy ferguson. woman! STFU! don’t need no little girl a running her trap in here.

  3. Shovelhead Says:

    Hey Fergy, why don’t you find a 81 member and tell him to his face? Why come here with your insults?
    You one of those online pussy’s that only say shit behind closed doors?
    By the way, they are not your Brothers asshole. Anyone in the life knows you don’t refer to anyone as a Brother except your own Club.

  4. Tim Ferguson Says:

    Hey I know why don’t they just change the name to HELLS RATS, Seems fitting given the fact that a former president of the club for 30 plus years goes on television and does a tell all. And Barger with his publicity , wow you guys are publicity hounds. Go ahead and live in the spotlight my brothers and I will watch and laugh. And quietly ride off with a smile on our faces.


  5. Tim Ferguson Says:

    Hey I know why don’t they just change the name to HELLS RATS, Seems fitting given the fact that a former president of the club for 30 plus years goes on television and does a tell all. And Barger with his publicity , wow you guys are publicity hounds. Go ahead and live in the spotlight my brothers and I will watch and laugh. And quietly ride off with a smile on our faces.


  6. Jeff puritz Says:

    how can Christie be an expert on things that happened when he wasn’t even a member?

  7. Tom Growapair Says:

    TOM KERRINGTON you ball sucking spineless cock sucker, Don’t come on here telling ANYONE what to do,fucking boot licker.

  8. Wolfenlover Says:

    Well, Cpl. I believe you are still in need to get the donuts, boy. I think you
    think you are playing a good game, but to disparage 1 MC from your first post,
    ONLY appearing after the Wacko Massacre… I haven’t lost anything, BOY, except
    time pointing you out. Won’t do that longer as it seems everybody else has
    already wised up to you by not responding to your drizzle of shit.
    Sorry for wasting the time pointing out the obvious ya’ll.

  9. xplor Says:

    Wolfenlover mindfulness is something you have lost. It used to be when life is giving you shit you could throw your leg over the seat and blow off the stink. Ride until you feel the here and now. When you got back your world was back in place.

    “When did you last see a bridge with a troll under it? There were hundreds of ‘em when I was a lad. Now there’s more trolls in the cities than there are in the mountains. Fat as butter, most of ’em.” 

  10. stroker Says:

    TO: lalala, Finnegan, jill, bighunter, tomru, ferguson, steveR and others of like ilk:

    I don’t normally comment on trollspeak, but that is exactly who and what you all come off as. I’ve been around a long time, and non of you know anything about what you speak. As Rebel said, you’re just wrong.
    They’re not both career criminals, except in your mind, and in the minds of the LEOs who want to use them to make their own news.
    Sonny a fske? (oh, you mean fake)….not hardly, not ever.
    Finnegan, check your timeline on dobbins vs Sonny in AZ.
    Sonny paranoid? Never seen that in him, and I know him. Met him. Partied with him. Have you?
    Barger had permission to use pieces of his club’s lifestyle, he never gave up the store.
    I’m not one to use descriptive slander to correct ya’ll, but you are of a type:
    Ignorant of the truth, obnoxious in your noise, and sadly, apparently unwilling to do any research, rather you just want to bash.
    Well, this is my form of pushback… simply correct you.

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    Hey Cpl. XPLOR, the boys you suck off also want their donuts! FOESAD PIG!

  12. rollinnorth Says:

    The ignorance of all these GC fan trolls borders on bizarre. I expect most of them will move on now that the final episode has aired.

    Respect, to those…

  13. Steve R. Says:

    How much business did any of them take care of during the sixties on the San Quentin, Soledad or Tracy yards? Oh, that’s right. None.

  14. xplor Says:

    Stay tuned up next is George Wegers. Being an informant must pay pretty well.

  15. Tim Ferguson Says:

    You are just as guilty as George . See no. Here no. Tell no. I guess the rules don’t apply to you . Law enforcement just loves this , yeah let’s all do their jobs for them. Bring more notoriety to 81 just what they need. The Mongols are just laughing their asses off. So just keep it up we all need a good laugh.

    Put a lid on it. There’s no damage control here !

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bighunter,

    You are just wrong. I really do not want or intend to meddle in any club’s internal business. I don’t believe the Hells Angels MC has given Sonny Barger a pass on anything and I believe that Barger has been generous with his club brothers. Very many grown men love Sonny Barger. George Christie not so much.


  17. kevin Says:

    Watched the entire outlaw chronicles… loved it… with the way Christie speaks and the proof laid out..hard not to take him at his word.I for one am glad he came out and gave some insight on his time in the group.

  18. Bighunter Says:

    Why does his article talk about Christie taking advantage of the press to make a buck? Is that not what barger did? How many movies has he been in using the hells angels name again? How many of you members have seen a penny from that? They are both equally rats in their own respect.

  19. jill Says:

    Now that the episode Sonny Barger vs George Christie has aired, it is proven that Sonny is a paranoid and nervous about the truth. The fact that this article came out before the episode, I was hesitant to hear anything from Christie. I wasn’t a fan. But in all honesty, Christie speaks of Barger in the highest regard. In the beginning, he looked up to him. Aspired to be like him. With time, his rule turned to dictatorship, leaving the Brothers in fear to speak their mind regarding the Club. They came to Christie, Christie spoke up, Barger raged, the brothers stepped back and Christie became a lone rider. I say this with all respect, but I believe Barger’s long-time use of Meth killed all common sense, leaving him to reign in paranoia and fear. As with Hitler, Germany crumbled. Are the Hell’s Angels still on the radar?

  20. Tom Finnegan Says:

    And who’s chapter did Jay Dobkins belong to. ARIZONA ! Not Ventura. Chalk another one up for Barger. Barger broke the rules and Christie paid the check.Barger is turning into another Taco Bowman ( like we need 2 ) The 911 call is out there rule broke,selling out the patch for movies, rule broke. Barger pisses on Christie for selling out but Barger has been doing it at least since 1969. So why doesn’t Barger approach The History Channel and set the record straight.

  21. Lakat1969 Says:

    I liked the Chronicles don’t understand the animosity between brothers. My life everyday is bs 2 bartending the boys don’t want me 4 more than a weekend so I don’t work no more and its a good day. Have a good day first time responding

  22. la la la Says:

    They’re both career criminals whom should be locked up. They’re both “rats” whom talk to the press and law enforcement. Anyone whom believes anything either one of them says is an idiot. The world would be a better place without both of them.

    I don’t understand why anyone cares about these overgrown delinquents or would want to impress them. I guess their followers are just scared; life’s too short to be scared. Grow a pair.

  23. Tom Kerrigan Says:

    I have seen the show 2 episodes was was informed to not patronize the show. also to tell others it is not at all representing anything but negativity for the interests of HAMC. That is word it may be on but it is one sided and my duty as a HAMC Supporter is to spread that word. I grew up in San francisco / Oakland and New York an have gone to school, parties ,and events with many members of HAMC Had the pleasure of meeting Mr Sonny Barger at a book signing event Sept 2010 at New Roc Harley. He was very friendly as he signed my book and left me his info when visiting Arizona or to correspond in general. My point is this everyone around the world knows Mr Ralph Sonny Barger. I waited 3 hours in 90 degree weather to buy a book from Sonny. I never did anything like that before no patience He is a true leader , legend and mastermind of organizing a world wide association. Most people never heard of George Christie , he never mentioned any club work around the Globe only Ventura. Sonny Barger is the LAST WORD in my book and I do not see anyone paying to see George Christie. My 2 cents this show has one positive thing It makes me ready to go to Cave Creek around Christmas and New Years to spend some quality time with Sonny and other members

  24. Handle Bars Says:

    The orphans? How big a threat could they have been.

  25. jim Says:

    Thanks sonny for telling us the truth. Thus guy seems like a dick. All stories. Youre the only true HA.

  26. Milp rider Says:

    When the Devils ride coming back on air? Those mother Fuckers are the real deal!

  27. dj Says:

    sonny barger didnt start the hells angels

  28. "Sharky" Says:

    He is a 77 year old man who used drugs killed innocent people including young children is that sort a person a Man ? I think not

  29. cwb_j0ker Says:


    I havnt seen so much horse shit shown on tv since the devils fag ride show.

    Gonna be great day when this snitch btch randomly runs off the road or hes on where did they go episode.

    your making mockery of peoples live. Riders lives. fucking pieces of shit junp first chance to get some spot light.

  30. merv Says:

    Say Sonny Barger any were in the world and somebody ealse will say Hells Angel . Say that other man name and someone ealse will say ( who )

  31. sharpclaws Says:

    Big time respect for Sonny and the HA as a whole. I’m surprised Christie has not had an accident by now….

  32. bcnasty Says:

    There are as someone said way too many 65 to 70 year old 45 year active patches that are still around to do the ” Last American Outlaw ” That being said I reserve any other comments as I have very limited factual ( face to face ) experience with either party. May the chips fall to the side of truth.

  33. Jackyboy Says:

    Christie is dead you stupid ass people … I’ve seen…drank…raced these people in Colorado
    Who the fuck cares what a dead man talks about ….seriously if this was real you really think
    He would of done that your stupid … If you watch the show instead of talking shit about something
    You don’t even watch real winners there …it’s all about the money

  34. 55 Says:

    Wolfenlover says, …”And not the good kind’a whore either!”

    Spit my coffee out on that one. Priceless.

  35. Baby girl Says:

    Its a fuck up way to fuck your brothers and sisters that stood by you for years …a fucken rat that’s how he will be remember… Much respect and love to a great man who took a group of guys and gave them a home for ever….I love you sonny for teaching me respect and love for my inner circle and the meaning of staying true to myself and my world… love honor respect always baby girl…

  36. BigAng Diamondback Says:

    Ps- rebel. Thank you. Articles have been badass lately
    And of course respects to sonny. Huge respects
    Big ang diamondback

  37. BigAng Diamondback Says:

    @dave and @vtanativ
    Christie talked about murders committed, named the members involved, explained how they covered it up and how he drove the guy away and they got away with it. Even if LE and the feds know about this shit. Thats what people mean by business. Thats just shit you dont do on national tv.

    Big ang diamondback

  38. X Ray Says:

    Is the JT George Christie talks about putting a gun the table and demanding a debt, the same JT that was murdered in Ventura in ’78?

  39. Wolfman Says:

    I have never been a Hells Angel but have the upmost respect for them and Sonny Barger the man who was their long time international president now in todays world with cable TV and all the biker bullshit shows on discovery and history channels their is big money being made but Sonny Barger still did it his way with Dead in 5 Heartbeats.

  40. Chuck Says:

    I’m no outlaw not even close but even I know this show isn’t worth my time.

  41. FF Says:

    Oh wait, mickey roarke was mentioned.

  42. Wolfenlover Says:

    NO WAY am I going to watch this shit. “Last American Outlaw” MY ASS! I know too
    many 1%’s left alive for that statement to be made. And these men are from the
    70’s (and a couple from the 60’s) If christie was a true Outlaw, he sure
    WOULDN’T be on fuckin’ TV selling his ass! Fuckin’ WHORE in my book. And not
    the good kind’a whore either! christie is a skank.

  43. J M Says:

    That’s right BillyG

  44. Mr. Peabody Says:

    Outlaw” George Christie was spotted at a Deputy Sheriff’s house as a guest
    at a cocktail party and dinnerfor law enforcement and their friends Saturday ngiht in Ojai California a Ventura suburb. Bad newz travels fast LEt him deny it.

  45. Phuquehed Says:

    I remember the article Rebel wrote about Christie before. Even then, I’m pretty sure I was still pretty skeptical about that rat fuck Christie and said so in a comment. This new article just confirms it is all. Just another rat fuck with no honor playing to fucktards like those who join the Urine Odor for $25 and pussies who come on here just to troll.

    Fuck you Christie, you dishonorable, lying shit-stain, sellout, rat fuck.

  46. BillyG Says:

    @PTANATIVE if you were born & raised in ventura you would have never disrespected Sonny with your cash in remark punk! And if I’m wrong get at at me punk! Born and raised in Ventura

  47. Patchouli Says:

    The first 5 minutes and I screamed bullshit and turned it off. No one! No one, with any smarts would go on tv and talk about private club things. No past or present club members would even THINK about doing that. That alone proved to me that he was a douche bag without a brain in HIS head. What a dumbass.

  48. Pan Head Says:

    So who will be the guy to straighten Christie ass? So that “we never see him again”?


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