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September 2, 2015

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Tomorrow's Mainstream Sensationalism Today

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information (OSII), Field Intelligence Support Branch, has prepared,” yet another, “intelligence-based report on outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs).”

It was published July 6. It was written by “Intelligence Operations Specialist (IOS) Jeremy Scheetz.”  Expect it to be “leaked” and “exclusively reported” by a thousand or so ezines and television stations whenever the Twin Peaks Massacre Trials get underway. Here are some excerpts.

“Working with law enforcement (LE) counterparts across the globe, ATF has discovered that a large number of OMGs and their support clubs have migrated to Central and South America – and that Mexican and South American drug cartels are working hand-in-hand with numerous OMGs throughout Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Canada. Even though there are approximately 200 OMGs in the United States, this report primarily focuses on the dominant OMGs that have migrated to Central and South America.”

Who says the Global War on Terror hasn’t metamorphosized into the Global War on Motorcycle Clubs?

Illegal Underworlds

“Once the Bandidos was fully established in Central America, it opened support clubs in Brazil and Ecuador. Even though the HAMC is fully entrenched in South America, the Bandidos, Mongols and Vagos are vying for the vast number of illegal underworlds. On May 29, 2014, the Vagos Tijuana, Mexico, chapter sponsored and opened a chapter in Brazil. The Brazilian members received their patches from the international president of the Vagos, Pastor ‘Tata’ Palafox, and other high-ranking United States members. In early 2014, the Mongols also opened its first chapter in Brazil. It is unknown who sponsored the chapter.”

“The Bandidos MC has an ‘understanding’ with the HAMC, Vagos and Mongols. Due to the fact the Bandidos is the dominant OMG in many of their respective States, it is highly unlikely that the four OMGs would fight one another. Nevada, Washington and Colorado are the only three States that have both the HAMC and Bandidos MC. During the Annual Sturgis Bike Rally, both OMGs conducted numerous ‘stare downs’ and acts of pontification, but nothing transpired. The Bandidos and Mongols have a working relationship. In Nevada, Washington and Colorado, law enforcement has observed both OMGs at one another’s functions.”

“Per the Texas DPS, the Malechores is the first Mexican OMG to open a chapter in Texas, near Houston in mid-2012. It is suspected that the Malechores received permission from the Bandidos hierarchy in the United States to operate across the border. Even though it has not been documented, it is widely believed that the Malechores has close connections with several Mexican DTOs (Drug Trafficking Organizations) operating on both sides of the border. Its colors are identical to those of the Bandidos.”

“Even though the Bandidos MC does not have a chapter in Mexico, it has rapidly expanded into Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Costa Rica Bandidos chapter was created by John Lamons, who moved there from Texas.”

Inflating Insatiable Greed

“To inflate their insatiable greed for money and power, the Mongols, Vagos, HAMC and Bandidos expanded their empires into Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Within the past 10 years, all four aforementioned OMGs have established multiple charters/chapters throughout these continents, as well as in Canada. Even though the HAMC and Bandidos MC are the dominant OMGs in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, the Mongols and Vagos are steadily increasing their numbers.”

“By January 1, 2015, approximately 283 of the 450 (Hells Angels) worldwide charters are in Europe. According to the European Police Office (Europol) and several OMG country experts, the HAMC is deeply involved with hundreds of crime syndicates that import their narcotics from Afghanistan, Southeast Asia and Central and South America. Throughout its expansion, the HAMC has opened four charters in Turkey, which allows the OMG to operate multiple drug and firearms trafficking routes throughout southeast Europe into Ukraine. On October 3, 2008, the HAMC opened its first charter in Turkey. Per Europol reporting, the Luxembourg HAMC—comprised of German HAMC affiliates with Turkish heritage – was ‘the driving force for Turkish expansion’ It is suspected that many of these new members patched over from the Bandidos MC in Berlin, Germany. By establishing a foothold in Turkey, it became more accessible for the HAMC to traffic heroin from Afghanistan to the criminal markets in Europe, to include the Balkans, and throughout Russia.”

“By establishing a charter in Curacao, the HAMC had a direct link to powder cocaine. The narcotics were either shipped by vessel to the vast amount of ports in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Scandinavia, all of which had HAMC charters, or they were transported via luggage through commercial airliners. To date, there are direct flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Willemstad, Curacao. Approximately 3 years later, the Canadian HAMC set up the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, charter on March 1, 2009. Similar to the Dutch HAMC, the Canadians developed a direct link to transport powder cocaine into the ports of Montreal and Toronto. Instead of relying on the Mexican DTOs to ship their product, they dealt directly with their members on the island.”

“As of January 1, 2015, the HAMC has established charters in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. It also has prospect charters in Uruguay, Ecuador and Peru. Utilizing support clubs, the HAMC has increased its strength in numbers by patching over affiliates of local motorcycle clubs who are familiar with the criminal underworld. For example, in 2013, the Radikal Bikers in Venezuela became an official hang-around charter. In December 2014, the Vikingos MC in Paraguay became an official HAMC hang-around charter. The HAMC now has a presence in 9 of the 13 countries in South America.”

Meanwhile In Phuket

“While the HAMC focused on eastern Europe, Russia, South America and the Caribbean, the Bandidos MC was swiftly expanding in Asia. With the guidance of the European and United States HAMC, it opened several charters in Thailand and one in Japan. At the same time, the Bandidos opened 11 new and probationary chapters in Thailand. It is also operating in Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. Interestingly enough, the Bandidos opened its first hang-around chapter in Shanghai, China, in mid-2014.”

“Similar to the United States, the Vagos MC in Mexico has numerous support clubs to further protect its illegal activities. The Dorados, Angeles Libres and Hell Shadows club members all wear a Vagos support patch on their colors. Even though the Dorados is friendly with the Vagos, HAMC and Mongols, its members continue to wear the Vagos support tab. The Vagos MC has chapters in Tijuana, Ensenada and southern California. Throughout the year, United States Vagos members routinely travel to Mexico to party with their respective brothers and support clubs. During several ATF Vagos undercover investigations, it was learned that chapter members routinely crossed the Southern United States border. Although never confirmed, it was suspected that narcotics was the main topic of discussion.”

Many Parties

“Similar to the Vagos in the United States, the Mexican Vagos has had many parties, toy runs and charitable events to enhance its reputation. It has donated wheelchairs to accident victims and toys to needy children. However, inside its clubhouses, colors or indicia of adversarial OMGs are on display. These are usually taken during a confrontation, either by assault, knife or gunpoint. Placing the colors on a clubhouse wall upside down is a sign of disrespect, but warrants praise for defending the club.”

“Several United States and British Columbia HAMC affiliates have traveled to Mexico to party with the Cara De Guerra and Los Rucos Motorcycle Clubs. Both are bona fide support clubs and have attended HAMC events in the United States. Although not observed by LE, Los Rucos MC affiliates were believed to have attended the 2006 HAMC World Run in Cody, Wyoming. Per the San Diego Sheriff’s Office, they have also been observed at HAMC parties in Tucson and Yuma, Arizona.”

“The membership of the Cara De Guerra is unknown to United States LE. However, per Internet analysis, several members work in motorcycle shops, shipping businesses or have odd jobs. Even though it has not been confirmed, ‘Alberto LNU’ received a pilot’s license in March 1987. Due to not knowing his true identity, other than being a member of the Cara De Guerra, ATF and its LE partners are unable to validate if his license is active.”

“The Australian-based Rebels OMG has opened a chapter in Costa Rica. At the beginning of 2010, the Rebels began to migrate into Arizona. After gaining a foothold in the United States, it rapidly spread its tentacles across the United States and Canada, opening chapters. Many of its members are comprised of former members of the HAMC, Mongols, Pagans and Outlaws. According to Australian LE authorities, the Rebels is the largest and most violent OMG in Australia. Over the past 5 years, it has become the fastest growing OMG throughout the world. Similar to other OMGs, the Rebels MC utilizes violence to further its illicit drug trade.”


“Since 2006, the Outlaws and HAMC have expanded into Japan. On the island of Okinawa, the Outlaws MC is comprised of former United States marines and/or Government contractors, which was recently reported in several ATF OMGs and the Military reports. It is unknown how strong the club’s connection is to organized crime; however, many OMG experts believe it would need permission from the Yakuza, members of Japanese organized crime (OC) groups, before opening a chapter on the island. Due to strict Government restrictions, methamphetamine production in Japan has been outsourced. Per DEA reporting: According to Japanese law enforcement, while the Japanese OC groups, such as the Yakuza families, control the bulk of drug trafficking, Mexican DTOs have quickly become the principal supplier of methamphetamines to the country in partnership with the Yakuza. In January 2014, 172 kilograms of methamphetamines were seized at the Yokohama and Hakata Seaports. In March, 30 kilograms of methamphetamines were seized at the Narita Airport. Both seizures were tied to the Sinaloa Cartel.”

“More importantly, ‘the Mexican traffickers are lining their pockets with a profit of anywhere between 2 to 10 times what they would earn in the United States by providing wholesale methamphetamines to the Yakuza, which then distributes at the retail level.’ (8) ATF suspects that the HAMC and Outlaws are purchasing their product from the Yakuza, then selling to their vast array of criminal networks. As in the rest of the world, the two OMGs are staunch adversaries; however, as long as they can control the street-level drug trade, they will tolerate one another.”

God Bless The ATF

“ATF’s primary mission to restrict the illegal acquisition and trafficking of firearms to Mexico and Central America is fueled by strategic intelligence planning that leads to a superior quality of investigation, intelligence-driven enforcement actions and prevention activities. The focus centers on the transnational criminal organizations (TCOs), gangs and associated criminal actors through the collection of their illegal firearms data, internationally and domestically, and the information pertaining to the recoveries. Intelligence pertaining to the methodology of their ammunition and armament procurement, transportation routes, the identity of the end users and their criminal affiliations is gleaned through analysis of the data.”

“In order to maintain organizational security and survival, each organization maintains levels of firearms acquisition practices based on the size and capabilities of their ‘criminal’ operation. There are three major factors that dictate each organization’s basic demand for weaponry: the leadership’s decision on the number of personnel to be given weaponry; the amount, type and access of weaponry to be provided to each individual; and the self-defense, territorial control, and territorial expansion needs.”

“The transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) still equip themselves with side arms (pistols) as backup weapons. However, over the past few years their demand for side arms has given way to acquiring assault rifles and assault pistols. The majority of the assault pistols are 7.62 mm followed by .223 caliber and some 5.7 mm. The recovery of 5.7 mm pistols are now minimal, a further indication that the 5.7 mm weapons have lost their notoriety within the TCOs. These assault pistols, along with assault rifles, are being recovered from the scenes of TCO confrontations with the military, shootouts with rivals and stash houses. In order to avoid detection, the TCOs are turning to the secondary sales market (gun shows, Internet, personnel sales, etc.) and away from the first retail sales. Additionally, non-commercially manufactured firearms, void of serialization or markings, are becoming more commonplace.”

“Over the years, Mexican criminal organizations have embraced the concept of illegally acquiring AR and AK assault-style rifles and pistols assembled with non-commercially manufactured (homemade) lower receivers. The non-commercially constructed firearms are assault-style rifles and pistols in 7.62 mm, 5.56 mm and .223 calibers. Originally, the AR-type firearms were stamped with counterfeit markings in order to enable the sale to the TCOs. As the reliability of these firearms became evident, the counterfeit markings are no longer applied. The milling of the lower receivers for these firearms has been conducted in the United States and Mexico. However, the upper receivers and other unregulated parts are purchased in the United States.”


56 Responses to “Tomorrow’s Mainstream Sensationalism Today”

  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    Paladin, go for SATURN! It has outlying rings for territory! If ya gonna do
    sumpthin… hehehehe

  2. popeye Says:

    Yes it was!

  3. Jim666 Says:

    It was a good choice for a song though

    Goddamn the pusher man

  4. Tooj Says:

    Started way back with “Reefer Madness”. Thank god they finally made that into a musical.

  5. popeye Says:

    The wording on this reminds me of another great government lie ,” Drug Pusher” . This term was created to instill fear in americans that their innocent children were having drugs forced upon them and were helpless to say no thru “Peer Pressure “. Meanwhile in reality nothing was further from the truth. I’m still looking for that “pusher “guy and his free drugs to get me hooked.

  6. Jim666 Says:

    Jupiter, huh ?
    Now you know the feds would classify any club wearing a “Jupiter ” rocker the biggest club since its the biggest planet,

  7. xyz Says:

    NOS4A2 wrote: “killed another one!”

    Wow. Another criminal OLEG (Outlaw Law Enforcement Gang) got busted.

    “Logic would dictate that there very well could be other incidents,” he said, “and it would be negligent on behalf of the county to not do a full, comprehensive investigation of our entire jail system.”

    Which suggests this OLEG might have support clubs. Maybe they are associated with the infamous “Popo Side Of The Road Finger Bang” OLEG:

    “How much training does it take not to beat someone to death whether he was being given medication or not?”

    Answer: None – If you don’t hire psychopaths in the first place.

  8. Paladin Says:


    Our Clan doesn’t fly a territorial rocker, but according to Mr. Sheetz there hasn’t been such a race for real estate since the Oklahoma land rush of 1889.

    To avoid being trampled in the reported rush for territory, I may move that our Clan claim a planet instead. Jupiter has a nice sound to it and would look badass on a bottom rocker. What say you?

    Long May You Ride,


  9. cookie Says:

    Throughout its expansion, the HAMC has opened four charters in Turkey, which allows the OMG to operate multiple drug and firearms trafficking routes throughout southeast Europe into Ukraine.

    Um, no. Don’t know how old their info is but, more guns are coming out of the Ukraine by the crate. Mostly from America.

    Just say’n

  10. Simple Man Says:

    Jeremy you’re clueless. Because some member of an association smoked a joint in 1967 doesn’t mean today the same association is entirely involved in the drug trade, or even knows anybody who uses drugs. Your retarded theory is like saying every one that claims they’re a Rebel means they’re a racist. So, try and keep your smile when your lips are quivering while you’re lying through your teeth. Your assessment is fabricated sensationalized over-exaggerated bullshit. Some of you guys here are bringing back some funny memories. I was out riding with a buddy of mine back when just riding a Harley got you fucked with by some redneck dipship cop, we get pulled over, dipship comes up, he’s five foot nothing, starts with a spew of I didn’t have turn signals on my chopper post 1972, I told him if I’m sitting on my bike it’s got legal turn signals. He wrote me up. Then, turns to my buddy and starts in on his back tire being too low on tread, buddy says, well if it wasn’t for assholes like you pulling us over every week I’d be able to afford a new back tire. That fucking cop turned bright red and reached for his gun I jumped in front of my buddy, and started talking this cop down. My buddy got a ticket for unsafe equipment, and we got the fuck out of there. Had a CO shoot himself in the thigh fucking around one night, some funny, but not so funny shit to watch him hopping around. Of course we covered for him.

  11. Gar Says:

    Jeremy Scheetz must be Kurt Sutter’s nom de plume.

  12. Wolfenlover Says:

    And PIGS are surprised they are being shot at recently! That’s what happens
    when you give an individual with an I.Q. of 70/75 a gun&badge. DUH! “You start
    killing US, we gonna start killing you back!”

  13. Paladin Says:

    When Obama talks about gun control, and the need to keep guns out of the wrong hands, he’s obviously talking about the hands of government employees.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  14. Jim666 Says:

    @ Paladin its a race to see who has a “MARS” rocker 1st,or maybe “MARS NOMADS”
    These fucks are completely clueless
    I might know 3 real P/H 1% bikers that are pretty well off and they got that way from working honest jobs.And they are not what one might call “rich”
    Just like VAGO 1%er said were all struggling to pay rent keep our rides running yet were covered up w/ drug and firearm money

    I bet these fed agents have bigger bank accounts that 90% of outlaw bikers
    Wonder where there money comes from ?


  15. WheresMyBoots Says:

    The former undercover agent in the second video appeared on national tv and apparently sued his former employers for some other agent leaking the video of him shooting himself in the foot. It got thrown out because ‘he couldn’t identify the other agent’. He apparently didn’t do any better in appeals.
    Well for God’s sake DON’T PLAY WITH GUNS.
    And when a guy shoots himself in the foot: DON’T GIVE HIM ‘THE OTHER GUN’!

  16. Chuck Says:

    Rebel, you tread on dangerous ground, you go down into the pit to pluck Leviathan’s lyre, with no political cover. The beast only looks clumsy and lethargic, make no mistake it’s power is felt around the world, when enraged it has scorched enemy and the innocent alike. Even the man himself, Thomas Hobbes would tremble in fear at the sight of how massive and dangerous his beast has grown…

  17. VAGO 1%er Says:

    It would have been really helpful if they would have posted all of the Starbucks locations on the nifty map as well.

  18. Mike 184 Says:

    There is little focus – if any – on alcohol, tobacco, firearms or explosives in this whole unintelligible, unfounded, fabricated rant.

  19. Mike 184 Says:

    @ VAGO 1%er – No shit right…. well looks like bare cabinets and an empty fridge for 2 weeks, I need tires.

    And where the hell do all these asshats get this about all these guns? Even if you look at one of their press conferences you see common stuff on their tables. Pop’s old rifle, maybe an AR, a couple common pistols. Hell, any one walmart in NC looks more like a big time gun runner than anything I have seen them come up with. What a complete waste of tax money….

  20. Whitepride Says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s a fucking joke but I want to cry knowing our tax dollars are paying for this bullshit! I see a bunch of jackasses making up stories to justify their jobs. If they disbanded the ATF I am willing to bet there would be absolutely no increase in crime in this country

  21. Centurion Says:

    meanwhile, Bloods n Crips will sell about $250,000 in crack on the streets of L.A. today. Today, just today. Tomorrow is another day, another $250Thou. Now, thats just Los Angeles. Should we factor in, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, Detroit, NYC (not including the Burroughs), Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Spokane, Seattle, Miami, Orlando. West Palm Beach, Lake Worth. I will stop at this point. Not enough room to list all the cities.
    So, this goes on, unchecked. Why, oh yea, Bloods N Crips don’t ride motorcycles, which means, they are not the bad guys according to the INTELLIGENCE REPORT.

  22. TXBiker Says:

    Our heart patch used to say worldwide, now it says United states. I am guessing that is an inconvenient fact for the powers that be…on the bright side since this change occurred in 2011, there July report is only 5 years obsolete….

  23. Rojas Says:

    If these guys are this damn good we need to stop harassing/shooting them and establish a cabinet level department under their direction.

    I suppose we now have and indication of why red and gold are such popular colors in Asia.
    Bigger than Elvis in Japan and Colonel Sanders in China….

  24. Asskiller Says:

    Keep something in mind…

    Federal bureaucracies are funded by Congress. Your Congressman sitting in the hearing room listening to a BATFE agent talking about the threat represented by motorcycle clubs is even further removed from the reality of what he’s paying for. People are impressed with formal language. It conveys a sense of professional acumen and expertise and also intimidates the listener into compliance and prevents questioning.

    “It is critical to overlay deep market evaluations of participant experience upon the vertical channel analysis derived from our best in class synergies in order to tick and tie our service imperatives through these efficiency achievement needle-movers back to delivery challenges.”

    What they actually said is “We talked to a couple customers. They complain we’re dicking around too much back in the shop.”

    You don’t fund the latter. Your typical Congressman is an idiot… do the math.

  25. Docb Says:

    dear Stroker
    “It is suspected that” “Even though it has not been documented” but “it is widely believed””Although never confirmed” and “not observed by LE” that
    ‘affiliates were believed to have” “Even though it has not been confirmed”
    “Due to not knowing his true identity” and “is unknown how” “many OMG experts”

    It would take to infiltrate Mars to thwart the onslaught of OMG’s

    Most of the above respectfully pasted from your post!

  26. old & stoned Says:

    i love the 2nd video,,

    “I’m the only one in this room, Professional enough, that I know of to carry this Glock .40,, BANG!” “hey Brian, bring that other gun up here,,,”

    too funny

  27. VAGO 1%er Says:

    …………..and if this is the case why are we all such broke dicks struggling to make rent, feed our families and repair our bikes.

  28. HoldThePhone Says:


    Close…but take it one step further. They aren’t just justifying their budgets, they are trying to inflate them. The bigger and badder the the bigger sum of tax payer $ they ask for. It’s quite litterally all about the $$$$.

    They said they don’t go after MS-13 because they can’t get in to MS-13…that’s because every once in a while congress (or the county council depending on what level of law enforcement we’re talking about) wants to see SOMETHING for all the $ they spend.

    Bust a few guys, write a report about how much bigger the problem “really is”, ask for more $ to fight that problem, rinse, repeat. This is government budgeting 101.

    Speaking of…wouldn’t it be convienent to have a “club” of your own to really help you “fight the menace” or help show “what a big problem MCs really are” to help you inflate your budget. Anyone smell a urine like oder?

  29. Tooj Says:

    “…which allows the OMG to operate multiple drug and firearms trafficking routes throughout southeast Europe into Ukraine.”

    Why, this (if real) would be direct competition for several federal agencies. I understand why they would be alarmed.

    “To inflate their insatiable greed for money and power…”

    William F Buckley said it best, “One must bear in mind that the expansion of federal activity is a form of eating for politicians.”

  30. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Gosh, its good to be loved.

  31. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    I agree with Paladin. Judging from this report there is clearly only one course of action. More funding for the ATF (and DEA) of course.

  32. Mike 184 Says:

    That was the most make believe backwards pile of shit I have ever read. What the hell is that guy talking about/ Good to see that the government is taking on special needs folks. It was like an add for ADD medication. Let me speculate here, and now over here and then with these guys – “squirrel!!!!!”

    And @ rookery yep.

  33. rookery Says:

    Anything that arrives from Europol should be handled with fire Tongs. Reading through a recent OMG assesment by them of my own club I was startled to find a report of a ‘incident’ between us and another club with whom we have a somewhat frosty relationship. This incident was then mentioned in a goverment report in regard to further legislation against so called OMG. Thinking I might have missed something I then rang the Nat sgt arms of the other club to ask ‘what the fuck?’ only to discover that the whole piece was a complete fabrication by Local leo and europol. No one questions this shit and fuckwit politicians quote from these reports when drafting legislation.

    Point 2.Long standing rule. NO member of HAMC will have knowledge of Opiates. Penalty kicked out the club, LEO have known it for decades………

  34. Sandmann Says:


    I am strongly involved with a German website that collects and distributes biker/mc-related news. As this article also addresses the (alleged) state of affairs in Europe in general and Germany in particular, I’d appreciate if you gave me the permission to translate/cite it on our page.


    Please let me know whether that’s okay for you – if you require any financial compensation I’d of course be ready to make another donation.

    Respect to the deserving,

  35. T Hell Says:

    Bikers have become the new terrorist targets simply because terrorists are hard to find bikers much less so, if they want to find an Angel or a Bandit ATF or the Feebies need only drive around until they find one with their club name clearly emblazoned on their backs, perhaps the Muslim in chief could convince his brethren to wear Isis or Al-Queda across their backs to make it easier for them.

  36. T Hell Says:

    “Over the years, Mexican criminal organizations have embraced the concept of illegally acquiring AR and AK assault-style rifles and pistols assembled with non-commercially manufactured (homemade) lower receivers”

    That was true until Fast and Furious came about and they got their weapons straight from Obama, oops did they forget to mention this fact….

  37. Kenny1%er Says:

    They need to justify there budget..and there jobs. The citizen thinks it true. But real club guys know what time it is. Drugs are a gateway for feds to ride in and inprison our members. Sad but true

  38. Brad Milch Says:

    These gobbly-gook OMG assessments & reports may impress some people, but not me. I’m a simple type, ask simple questions & look for simple answers. I’ll cut a bass open & look in its stomach to see what it was eating before it struck my lure before I’d ask another fisherman.

    These bad guy biker reports Rebel’s been reporting on all fail me, just as TV & print news coverage of Virginia TV journalist Alison Parker & her cameraman Adam Ward failed me; I don’t get the answers I’m looking for: how many times were each victim shot? Where did the bullets strike each victim? Where was Alison’s body located? Where is the blood? (the shooter shot around 15 rounds on his personal cellphone video). What damage did missed shots cause? Who can be heard running on the wooden planks in the TV broadcast video, Alison, the interviewee or the shooter? When is the burial? Where? Open casket? I’ve been searching the web for a week and still haven’t gotten an answer to any of those questions.

    None of these OMG reports tells be exactly what the English couple did at Twin peaks that constituted ‘organized criminal activity’ & justified their arrest & pending grand jury decision on standing trail or not. The reports don’t tell my what each of the 9 Twin Peaks victims specifically did that not only was provable ‘organized criminal activity’ but caused their murders. The reports don’t name who & what snitches, BS artists & undercover cops are providing the intel.

    Bob Dylan would call it “too much of nothing”. ‘Gobbly-gook’ meaningless crap that law enforcement justifies slaughtering people. Maybe it helps them sleep better at night. It’s good Rebel educates us. I’d avoid that crap like the plague if I wasn’t interested in the Waco Twin Peaks massacre. I suppose it’s good news to some that the bacon gets its nighty-nights in a timely, peaceful manner after murdering helpless people.

  39. rollinnorth Says:

    Ya think “Intelligence Operations Specialist (IOS) Jeremy Scheetz” had a consultation with Julian Sher?


  40. rollinnorth Says:

    Gee whiz, golly, gee, I guess they haven’t heard:
    “A recent study that was conducted by the University of Chicago’s Crime Lab has learned that Chicago criminals do not acquire their guns from gun shops, gun shows or the internet.

    The study examined and interviewed inmates in Chicago’s Cook County Jail who are either facing current gun charges, or have a background consisting of firearms related convictions.

    The study learned that virtually zero criminals have ever used the internet or gun shows, because that method is easily traceable. It’s much safer for a criminal to acquire firearms on the streets where they’re harder to keep track of, and that’s most criminals method of choice.”

    Of course that still leaves “personnel sales, etc.”

    Stupid studies, stupid reports, FTW.


  41. Outside it all. Says:

    That would be Most LE types.

  42. Outside it all. Says:

    OMG! OMG! ?????…. Oh my God! Oh my God!….. {The sky is falling?}…. {Lower life forms can be amusing at times, I would just about bet most of these fuckers finger painted their bedroom walls with their own SHIT when they were toddlers. That’s stretching their intelligence and imagination to the max though.}

  43. stroker Says:

    “It is suspected that the Malechores received permission from…..”
    “Even though it has not been documented, it is widely believed …..”
    ” It is suspected that many of these new members patched over from ….”
    “Although never confirmed, it was suspected that narcotics was….”
    “Although not observed by LE,…..”
    “MC affiliates were believed to have attended the 2006 HAMC World Run….”
    “Even though it has not been confirmed…….”
    “Due to not knowing his true identity…..”
    “It is unknown how strong the club’s connection is to organized crime….”
    “many OMG experts believe …..”
    “ATF suspects that the HAMC and Outlaws are purchasing their product …..”

    Oh yeah……
    good solid foundation for a report! “Believes…suspected…unknown…never confirmed….”

    Our government agencies at their best. Manufacturing credibility as needed.


  44. david Says:

    Shit Specialist Jeremy Schiitz………….reports

  45. RVN69 Says:

    Conjecture, supposition, and pure fabrication posing as an official report. An old friend used to refer to this kind of shit as Argle-Bargle, talk that didn’t mean anything. I used to call it SWAG a scientific wild ass guess. Sad part is people are going to believe that shit.



  46. popeye Says:

    I remember my 6th grade teacher, Mrs Hapgood gave me an F on my term paper for not listing any sources so facts could be checked. Ms Hapgood would not be pleased with this reporting. I’ll submit a 2nd report. Perhaps MC’s are opening new chapters around the globe because there all a lot of people who would like to be around others who love to ride motorcycles.

  47. Phuquehed Says:

    Now they’re enemies, now they’re not. All these “OMG’s” battling it out and killing people, dogs, cats, ostriches, and striped-ass baboons right and left and doing nothing but causing mayhem and taking over everything. Why, it seems that the ATF is made up of nothing but heroes fighting a losing battle if one is to listen to them!

    What I really wish from them and the other fucktarded alphabet soup asshat faggots is for one of them to actually get two brain cells to rub against each other and have some kind of actual thought process that doesn’t have them trying to scare the women and kids and puppies with lies and stupidity. I wish just one of the asshats would make up my mind about which it is about “OMG’s”…either they’re against each other and a threat to each other and everyone around them, or they’re not, but you fucktards of the ATF can’t have both, you lame-assed bunch of imbecile shit-stain fedtards!

  48. Rojas Says:

    So I was at this hotel in Shenzhen a few years back. For about three solid hours I observed a steady stream of two wheelers riding up to the hotel and dropping off a Love Song Girl or two. I thoroughly amused with the spectacle of these pussy peddlers. The shear number was something to behold. About 25% of the bikes were motorized.
    It never occurred to me that I had witnessed the infancy of the Outlaw Biker Gang movement in the Chinese mainland.

  49. Paladin Says:

    If we are to believe the report written by “Intelligence Operations Specialist (IOS) Jeremy Scheetz”, then it follows that since Mars is the least hostile of the neighboring planets, it’s only a matter of time before organized crime establishes a foothold on the red planet, well in advance of NASA.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


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