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September 2, 2015

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Tomorrow's Mainstream Sensationalism Today

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information (OSII), Field Intelligence Support Branch, has prepared,” yet another, “intelligence-based report on outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs).”

It was published July 6. It was written by “Intelligence Operations Specialist (IOS) Jeremy Scheetz.”  Expect it to be “leaked” and “exclusively reported” by a thousand or so ezines and television stations whenever the Twin Peaks Massacre Trials get underway. Here are some excerpts.

“Working with law enforcement (LE) counterparts across the globe, ATF has discovered that a large number of OMGs and their support clubs have migrated to Central and South America – and that Mexican and South American drug cartels are working hand-in-hand with numerous OMGs throughout Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Canada. Even though there are approximately 200 OMGs in the United States, this report primarily focuses on the dominant OMGs that have migrated to Central and South America.”

Who says the Global War on Terror hasn’t metamorphosized into the Global War on Motorcycle Clubs?

Illegal Underworlds

“Once the Bandidos was fully established in Central America, it opened support clubs in Brazil and Ecuador. Even though the HAMC is fully entrenched in South America, the Bandidos, Mongols and Vagos are vying for the vast number of illegal underworlds. On May 29, 2014, the Vagos Tijuana, Mexico, chapter sponsored and opened a chapter in Brazil. The Brazilian members received their patches from the international president of the Vagos, Pastor ‘Tata’ Palafox, and other high-ranking United States members. In early 2014, the Mongols also opened its first chapter in Brazil. It is unknown who sponsored the chapter.”

“The Bandidos MC has an ‘understanding’ with the HAMC, Vagos and Mongols. Due to the fact the Bandidos is the dominant OMG in many of their respective States, it is highly unlikely that the four OMGs would fight one another. Nevada, Washington and Colorado are the only three States that have both the HAMC and Bandidos MC. During the Annual Sturgis Bike Rally, both OMGs conducted numerous ‘stare downs’ and acts of pontification, but nothing transpired. The Bandidos and Mongols have a working relationship. In Nevada, Washington and Colorado, law enforcement has observed both OMGs at one another’s functions.”

“Per the Texas DPS, the Malechores is the first Mexican OMG to open a chapter in Texas, near Houston in mid-2012. It is suspected that the Malechores received permission from the Bandidos hierarchy in the United States to operate across the border. Even though it has not been documented, it is widely believed that the Malechores has close connections with several Mexican DTOs (Drug Trafficking Organizations) operating on both sides of the border. Its colors are identical to those of the Bandidos.”

“Even though the Bandidos MC does not have a chapter in Mexico, it has rapidly expanded into Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Costa Rica Bandidos chapter was created by John Lamons, who moved there from Texas.”

Inflating Insatiable Greed

“To inflate their insatiable greed for money and power, the Mongols, Vagos, HAMC and Bandidos expanded their empires into Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Within the past 10 years, all four aforementioned OMGs have established multiple charters/chapters throughout these continents, as well as in Canada. Even though the HAMC and Bandidos MC are the dominant OMGs in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, the Mongols and Vagos are steadily increasing their numbers.”

“By January 1, 2015, approximately 283 of the 450 (Hells Angels) worldwide charters are in Europe. According to the European Police Office (Europol) and several OMG country experts, the HAMC is deeply involved with hundreds of crime syndicates that import their narcotics from Afghanistan, Southeast Asia and Central and South America. Throughout its expansion, the HAMC has opened four charters in Turkey, which allows the OMG to operate multiple drug and firearms trafficking routes throughout southeast Europe into Ukraine. On October 3, 2008, the HAMC opened its first charter in Turkey. Per Europol reporting, the Luxembourg HAMC—comprised of German HAMC affiliates with Turkish heritage – was ‘the driving force for Turkish expansion’ It is suspected that many of these new members patched over from the Bandidos MC in Berlin, Germany. By establishing a foothold in Turkey, it became more accessible for the HAMC to traffic heroin from Afghanistan to the criminal markets in Europe, to include the Balkans, and throughout Russia.”

“By establishing a charter in Curacao, the HAMC had a direct link to powder cocaine. The narcotics were either shipped by vessel to the vast amount of ports in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Scandinavia, all of which had HAMC charters, or they were transported via luggage through commercial airliners. To date, there are direct flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Willemstad, Curacao. Approximately 3 years later, the Canadian HAMC set up the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, charter on March 1, 2009. Similar to the Dutch HAMC, the Canadians developed a direct link to transport powder cocaine into the ports of Montreal and Toronto. Instead of relying on the Mexican DTOs to ship their product, they dealt directly with their members on the island.”

“As of January 1, 2015, the HAMC has established charters in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. It also has prospect charters in Uruguay, Ecuador and Peru. Utilizing support clubs, the HAMC has increased its strength in numbers by patching over affiliates of local motorcycle clubs who are familiar with the criminal underworld. For example, in 2013, the Radikal Bikers in Venezuela became an official hang-around charter. In December 2014, the Vikingos MC in Paraguay became an official HAMC hang-around charter. The HAMC now has a presence in 9 of the 13 countries in South America.”

Meanwhile In Phuket

“While the HAMC focused on eastern Europe, Russia, South America and the Caribbean, the Bandidos MC was swiftly expanding in Asia. With the guidance of the European and United States HAMC, it opened several charters in Thailand and one in Japan. At the same time, the Bandidos opened 11 new and probationary chapters in Thailand. It is also operating in Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. Interestingly enough, the Bandidos opened its first hang-around chapter in Shanghai, China, in mid-2014.”

“Similar to the United States, the Vagos MC in Mexico has numerous support clubs to further protect its illegal activities. The Dorados, Angeles Libres and Hell Shadows club members all wear a Vagos support patch on their colors. Even though the Dorados is friendly with the Vagos, HAMC and Mongols, its members continue to wear the Vagos support tab. The Vagos MC has chapters in Tijuana, Ensenada and southern California. Throughout the year, United States Vagos members routinely travel to Mexico to party with their respective brothers and support clubs. During several ATF Vagos undercover investigations, it was learned that chapter members routinely crossed the Southern United States border. Although never confirmed, it was suspected that narcotics was the main topic of discussion.”

Many Parties

“Similar to the Vagos in the United States, the Mexican Vagos has had many parties, toy runs and charitable events to enhance its reputation. It has donated wheelchairs to accident victims and toys to needy children. However, inside its clubhouses, colors or indicia of adversarial OMGs are on display. These are usually taken during a confrontation, either by assault, knife or gunpoint. Placing the colors on a clubhouse wall upside down is a sign of disrespect, but warrants praise for defending the club.”

“Several United States and British Columbia HAMC affiliates have traveled to Mexico to party with the Cara De Guerra and Los Rucos Motorcycle Clubs. Both are bona fide support clubs and have attended HAMC events in the United States. Although not observed by LE, Los Rucos MC affiliates were believed to have attended the 2006 HAMC World Run in Cody, Wyoming. Per the San Diego Sheriff’s Office, they have also been observed at HAMC parties in Tucson and Yuma, Arizona.”

“The membership of the Cara De Guerra is unknown to United States LE. However, per Internet analysis, several members work in motorcycle shops, shipping businesses or have odd jobs. Even though it has not been confirmed, ‘Alberto LNU’ received a pilot’s license in March 1987. Due to not knowing his true identity, other than being a member of the Cara De Guerra, ATF and its LE partners are unable to validate if his license is active.”

“The Australian-based Rebels OMG has opened a chapter in Costa Rica. At the beginning of 2010, the Rebels began to migrate into Arizona. After gaining a foothold in the United States, it rapidly spread its tentacles across the United States and Canada, opening chapters. Many of its members are comprised of former members of the HAMC, Mongols, Pagans and Outlaws. According to Australian LE authorities, the Rebels is the largest and most violent OMG in Australia. Over the past 5 years, it has become the fastest growing OMG throughout the world. Similar to other OMGs, the Rebels MC utilizes violence to further its illicit drug trade.”


“Since 2006, the Outlaws and HAMC have expanded into Japan. On the island of Okinawa, the Outlaws MC is comprised of former United States marines and/or Government contractors, which was recently reported in several ATF OMGs and the Military reports. It is unknown how strong the club’s connection is to organized crime; however, many OMG experts believe it would need permission from the Yakuza, members of Japanese organized crime (OC) groups, before opening a chapter on the island. Due to strict Government restrictions, methamphetamine production in Japan has been outsourced. Per DEA reporting: According to Japanese law enforcement, while the Japanese OC groups, such as the Yakuza families, control the bulk of drug trafficking, Mexican DTOs have quickly become the principal supplier of methamphetamines to the country in partnership with the Yakuza. In January 2014, 172 kilograms of methamphetamines were seized at the Yokohama and Hakata Seaports. In March, 30 kilograms of methamphetamines were seized at the Narita Airport. Both seizures were tied to the Sinaloa Cartel.”

“More importantly, ‘the Mexican traffickers are lining their pockets with a profit of anywhere between 2 to 10 times what they would earn in the United States by providing wholesale methamphetamines to the Yakuza, which then distributes at the retail level.’ (8) ATF suspects that the HAMC and Outlaws are purchasing their product from the Yakuza, then selling to their vast array of criminal networks. As in the rest of the world, the two OMGs are staunch adversaries; however, as long as they can control the street-level drug trade, they will tolerate one another.”

God Bless The ATF

“ATF’s primary mission to restrict the illegal acquisition and trafficking of firearms to Mexico and Central America is fueled by strategic intelligence planning that leads to a superior quality of investigation, intelligence-driven enforcement actions and prevention activities. The focus centers on the transnational criminal organizations (TCOs), gangs and associated criminal actors through the collection of their illegal firearms data, internationally and domestically, and the information pertaining to the recoveries. Intelligence pertaining to the methodology of their ammunition and armament procurement, transportation routes, the identity of the end users and their criminal affiliations is gleaned through analysis of the data.”

“In order to maintain organizational security and survival, each organization maintains levels of firearms acquisition practices based on the size and capabilities of their ‘criminal’ operation. There are three major factors that dictate each organization’s basic demand for weaponry: the leadership’s decision on the number of personnel to be given weaponry; the amount, type and access of weaponry to be provided to each individual; and the self-defense, territorial control, and territorial expansion needs.”

“The transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) still equip themselves with side arms (pistols) as backup weapons. However, over the past few years their demand for side arms has given way to acquiring assault rifles and assault pistols. The majority of the assault pistols are 7.62 mm followed by .223 caliber and some 5.7 mm. The recovery of 5.7 mm pistols are now minimal, a further indication that the 5.7 mm weapons have lost their notoriety within the TCOs. These assault pistols, along with assault rifles, are being recovered from the scenes of TCO confrontations with the military, shootouts with rivals and stash houses. In order to avoid detection, the TCOs are turning to the secondary sales market (gun shows, Internet, personnel sales, etc.) and away from the first retail sales. Additionally, non-commercially manufactured firearms, void of serialization or markings, are becoming more commonplace.”

“Over the years, Mexican criminal organizations have embraced the concept of illegally acquiring AR and AK assault-style rifles and pistols assembled with non-commercially manufactured (homemade) lower receivers. The non-commercially constructed firearms are assault-style rifles and pistols in 7.62 mm, 5.56 mm and .223 calibers. Originally, the AR-type firearms were stamped with counterfeit markings in order to enable the sale to the TCOs. As the reliability of these firearms became evident, the counterfeit markings are no longer applied. The milling of the lower receivers for these firearms has been conducted in the United States and Mexico. However, the upper receivers and other unregulated parts are purchased in the United States.”


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  1. Retread Says:

    The reason the ATF doesn’t seen any 5.7mm firearms or ammo is simple, it the same reason they don’t see any 6.5 Creedmore, 6.8SPC or .458 SOCOM. It costs too much to buy the weapons (Only one 5.7mm manufacturer of weapons) and the ammo.

    That is like the State Highway Patrol saying we don’t see many Bugatti Veyron’s used by drug smugglers… They cost $1.5m each.

    Your BATFE hard at work, folks.

  2. ak rack Says:

    Maybe ATF is getting it’s intelligence from a new Kurt Sutter script?

  3. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Oh I feel soooooo fucking warm and fuzzy, self rightous assholes.

    Fuck the atf.

    Viva Los Vagos


  4. Shyster Says:

    Stupid fucken pigs. Nothing could be farther from the truth but for WTC Building 7 imploding due to “shrapnel” hits.


  5. anonymouse Says:

    Just make sure the Urine Odor doesn’t claim Uranus.

  6. d.neumann Says:

    Forty years ago ATF had 4,000 employees and a budget of $75 million. In forty years they’ve only added a thousand employees, but the budget has gone up by 1,500%! Obviously most of the new staff are seriously well-paid OMG analysts like Jeremy Sheetz.

    Drug addiction and drug trafficking will only be resolved by making addiction a medical issue instead of a criminal justice issue, but that would destroy dozens of government alphabet agencies and the prison-industrial complex, so expect to see lots more idiotic bullshit like this report in the years ahead. The war on drugs butters a lot of bread.

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