Waco Still Satire Proof

August 22, 2015

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Waco Still Satire Proof

A pack ride and rally that followed a hearse from Arlington, Texas to the McLennan County Courthouse was cut short this morning by Waco police in order to ensure the safety of the protesters. The ride and rally were intended to protest the arrest of 177 motorcycle enthusiasts last May 17 after the Twin Peaks Massacre and “the death of our freedoms.”

The rally by about 75 riders was scheduled to start at 11 a.m. Shortly before eleven, Waco police verified the existence of a suspicious suitcase and a suspicious cooler near the ALICO Building about a block from the protest. Unable to prove beyond any doubt that the cooler and suitcase were not improvised explosive devices without actually looking at them, McClennan County Sheriff’s Captain M.R. “Bubba” Colyer ordered the protesters to leave while a robot was deployed to remove and inspect the suitcase and the cooler.

Waco officials have long argued that bikers and explosives go together like a horse and carriage. Three days after the Massacre last May, Waco officials announced that members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club were “supplying the gang with grenades and C-4 explosives.”

This morning, after approximately 100 minutes. after the protesters were long gone, police determined that the suitcase and cooler did not contain grenades, C-4 or any other explosive substance or device but were merely a suitcase and a cooler. The suitcase and cooler were initially discovered by a Sheriff’s Deputy who was surveilling the protesters.

“It’s always better to be safe than sorry. We just can’t take a chance,” McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara explained to Olivia Messer of the Waco Tribune-Herald.


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  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    you waste of good air! Are you so STUPID you can’t see you are not welcome
    on this site?! Guess so. FUCK YOU IN THE EYE WITH A 10-PENNY NAIL, CUNT!

  2. Lee Says:

    I’ve read about a dozen Bandido accounts of what happened and the Bandido press release from their attorney. It’s all posted on a blog that apparently Rebel doesn’t want the link posted.
    My take on it is it’s all lies implicating Cossacks as who started it. Understandable they would say that though.

  3. Wolfenlover Says:

    You won’t find an R&G PH talking. ONLY the f’n FED transplants in the COCKSUCKS
    AND the NEW fucks that don’t have a clue as to what it means for BROTHERHOOD!
    The douche-bag “sawdust” has brought the “comanchero’s” here & started ONE MAN
    CHAPTERS! Claiming bottom rockers of Louisiana & Texas. FED RATS ALL! “rebels”
    are also FED RATS! I TNO I haven’t known for many years! I got TWO friends I can
    really trust and ONE just left & I’m still here! FTW

  4. old & stoned Says:

    found on a facebook page. interesting still, only speaking witnesses are cossacks, no R&G or any others. his narrative starts at about 12 min into it:


  5. FF Says:


    Do I find it interesting….

    Well lets put it this way…. I never thought something like this would happen in Texas…. Twice…. in the same town.

    As far as Obamugabe is concerned, he is a Chicongo piece of shi. So is his family. All politicians are enemy scum, both communist/demonrats and vichy regime/repugnants.

    If it was up to me 495 would be a berlin wall around washington dc.

  6. Caretaker Says:

    Anyone else find this interesting?


  7. rojas Says:

    A trickle

    Twin Peaks: AG rules release of DA’s texts, names of 62 not charged


  8. david Says:

    On the subject of TX state court jurisdiction over ANY of the “People”,compared to a “citizen”. Words “in law” have very specific meanings, not found in everyday conversation.

    People or Citizen Which One Are You?, at http://www.1215.org/lawnotes/lawnotes/pvc.htm

    A challenge to the “Reyna Court”‘s jurisdiction trumps any and all other matters or issues in the bull-shit court.

  9. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    @Asskiller – I agree with you, but I think we will probably live to see a day when the “incautious commentary” itself forms the basis for a successful entrapment.

    This paradigm is already used for prosecuting “domestic terrorism” cases, and it won’t come as a surprise when it is applied to the MC world.


    Each of these major cases involving MCs seems to take another step toward criminalizing lawful behavior based on beliefs, attitudes, expression, and associations. I would be shocked and stunned if the “incautious commentary” was not stored away as evidence of predisposition to justify moving in that direction.

  10. RLG Says:

    The INTERNET is the new CB radio.

  11. david Says:

    In the slate.com article, a defense attorney said Reyna/Jarrett “railroaded” his client.

  12. Rojas Says:

    “But for the man who undertook the rather difficult job of herding these sheep, there were unanticipated risks of damnation. Maybe not by God, but by a visiting judge.”

    Summing Up:
    “And Lawrence Yager will now face trial, having prevailed at the “examining trial” on the facts, but having lost when Judge James Morgan decided that this retired minister wasn’t worth the effort of having the guts or brains to admit there wasn’t any proof that he had committed a crime.”


  13. cwb_j0ker Says:

    is Waco listed as top raking places in the united states for government murder of citizens

    if not, they should be.

    this is getting more twisted and morbid as time goes on.
    media cares nothing of these people suffering in Texas by the hands of local,state,federal corruption.

  14. xyz Says:


    It’s great that Henson is taking an interest.

    “how is it that a Texas judge can declare police don’t need a reason to arrest legal Christian gun owners?”

  15. rojas Says:

    Scott Henson, recently named to head the Innocence Project of Texas (IPOT)shares a few thoughts on the recent examining trials.

    Summing up “Regardless, the law doesn’t seem to matter in Waco anymore. These are kangaroo courts and a flat-out embarrassment to the state.”


    Also mentioned in a recent Texas Monthly interview with Scott.


  16. xyz Says:

    “Jarrett began as a prospect”


  17. rojas Says:

    You’re welcome David.
    I’d also point out that another notorious gang member, we’re going to extend the term of our hand picked Grand Jury, Judge Matt Johnson presided over this travesty.

    Rebel has a post showing Reyna’s historical fight agaist allowing old convictions to be vetted by DNA testing, but what about young Jarrett?Seems Jarrett began as a prospect in the notorious Dallas County DA’s office. Craig Watkins was elected DA in a 2006 Democrat sweep of the county. Watkins brought a new philosophy to Dallas county.
    “The message was sent loud and clear, the old way of doing things was evil,” says Eric Mountin, who resigned in September as a superchief after spending 15 years in the DA’s office.

    Also in January, says Mountin, prosecutors found mounted on the walls of their workrooms a large, black-framed blowup of Article 2.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, with only one sentence highlighted: “It shall be the duty of all prosecuting attorneys, including any special prosecutors, not to convict but to see that justice is done.”


    Jarrett was soon out and under the tutelage of Williamson County DA John Bradley. They say everything is big in Texas and there was no bigger ass at that time than the loud and proud John Bradley. A notorious opponent of vetting old cases with new or scientific evidence, he once proposed that all evidence be destroyed pursuant to a plea bargain. Fate caught up with Bradley in the Michiel Morton case.

    With the Williamson county DAs office discredited Jarrett made his way to six shooter junction to join up with Reyna’s gang.

  18. david Says:

    Thanks rojas for the very informative article evidencing Reynas’ criminal-gang organization in McLennan Co. Well written.

    Reyna presented the arson case in “direct contradiction to scientific evidence”.
    Renynas’ 177 prosecutions will most likely shred scientific evidence.

    McLennan Co. has “an ugly history of using jailhouse snitches to get convictions which were later overturned when the snitches recanted AND said they were bribed”.

    “The best science is still no match for a judicial system bent on delivering convictions at almost ANY cost”. — from the article

    Reyna and Jarrett are out of control persecutors.

  19. old & stoned Says:

    trolls are just a new take on old infiltration technique. distract the enemy by emotionally engaging them. trick for the troll is to hit an emotional ‘hot’ button, personal insults work too. Once you react with emotion, they win. they just derailed, or at least impeded YOUR agenda and have your reigns as long as engaged.

    how many times have these forums lost topic altogether after one of these shits pops off? i prefer to scroll on past ’em rather than stop to pet the retard. a waste of good hate, better served personally.

  20. Asskiller Says:

    @UnaffiliatedObserver – “Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve concluded that the purpose is to incite angry responses that tend to support the narrative that this culture is aggressive, violent, and a danger to society.”

    Think of it as a numbers game.

    If you walk the streets of a major city, you will see enormous numbers of truly lovely women with splendid long legs and cascading waterfalls of perfect hair, framing angelic pout-lipped faces that you just KNOW would look darling as they gasped tight-eyed into your shoulder. And if you spend a week there, starting every day at 7am in the coffee shops and boulevards of the city and not finishing until roughly late afternoon, asking each and every one of them with a reasonable degree of graceful phrasing to fuck you like a wild animal that night – you will get slapped a lot. You will be insulted, perhaps thrown out of many fine establishments, you will have drinks thrown on you (be especially careful in the coffee shops in the morning when it’s freshly brewed and hot) and you will be called all manner of unmentionable names.

    Usually you will spend each night pounding the living bejeezus out of a writhing, spasming hellcat with slender ankles and huge grateful eyes.

    Trolling for informants is also a numbers game.

    If you spend your working day on an internet forum frequented by your target subculture, populated by longstanding archetypal representatives of that culture, and engage in sophomoric and self aggrandizing insults designed to elicit rage, frustration and incautious commentary – you will be called out as a poser, you will be flamed endlessly, you will be ridiculed – and once in a while you will manage to provoke a post that in the opinion of a Federal attorney is grounds for a charge of inciting or sedition or making a threat or otherwise being worthy of devoting resources to prosecution on.

    Which, of course, is held in abeyance as long as the target cooperates in future operationsl activities of your design.

    But we all know this.

    The seductive is the dangerous. Not all honey traps are sexual… the bee is drawn to fight, just as he is drawn to eat.

    Just my $.02.

  21. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    The trolling comes and goes, and it seems to center around topics that are of greater importance to law enforcement.

    Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve concluded that the purpose is to incite angry responses that tend to support the narrative that this culture is aggressive, violent, and a danger to society.

    I think that narrative is largely misguided, so I just try not to feed it.

    A similar game plays out in the real world when a CI needs a new target to get clear of some charge he (or she) just picked up.

    Demonstrable predisposition is a critical element of entrapment.

    And the beat goes on.

  22. NOS4A2 Says:

    Fuck me its gotten difficult for us to stay on topic lately. So many distractions by people with nothing to offer but name calling and subterfuge. Makes those that do have something intelligent to say look like the oddballs. Jeesh!

  23. oldskewl Says:

    CH Says: “I only read & never posted anything for a while because I KNEW there is always some loud, rude, jerk off (usually a pathetic sad old guy, mad at the world cause his cock no longer gets hard) that will attack you for no apparent reason. YOU KNOW..the classic boring internet badass who deems himself as better & smarter and wants to control others etc, etc, etc”

    Yea, we know the type. Later loser.


  24. Drifter Says:

    CH said; “Yer butt buddy PeeHead and you are the types that always ruin what could be an interesting and informative part of the internet. Every forum, blog and comment section online has yer type. GET A REAL LIFE! If you actually know how, which I sincerely doubt.”

    @CH: Give it a rest. Why are you going off on me? Did I mention you or direct anything at you, NO.

    My type uh, I hardly post enough for you to get any type of idea who I am, I have posted plenty of useful info here over the years.

    I have talked to Panhead a few times over the years on this site. Many of us have short gabs over the years. There is a tad bit of camaraderie as much as can happen on the net, I guess you don’t see that?

    The post I made had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you. Talk about other cultures is not uncommon here, the proverb I posted came to mind.

    Don’t fuck with me, I have never disrespected you and I don’t think any regular here, EVER.

    I have other shit to be concerned about, other than some cat nutting up on a website that I have been visiting regularly for several years, posting, and contributing too when I can.

  25. RLG Says:

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  26. Paladin Says:

    T Hell,

    Yeah, I figure “short arms” is about due for his self imposed encore.

    Long May You Ride,


  27. FF Says:

    @T Hell

    Me and my fellow dosers callex them microdots. Now that I think bout it, they did look like buttons.

    We’d all pop one and drink beer and listen toblue Oyster Cult and ELP. sometimes we would get illyand put on K-Tel records and last out the deraco family and billy dont be a hero. We would laugh so hard we had tears in our eyes.

    All my friends from that night are dead, or in marlboro. My brother says it wasthe curse of the rabbit cage. This one guy we used to hang out in his backyard and get fucked up he had rabbit cages and we would piss on the rabbits. My brother says me and him are next.

    During bobby goldsboro watching scotty grow I pised my pants laughing. One time the cops showed up, told us to turn themusic down, DONT MKE US OME BACK HERE AGAIN.

    We blasted tony orlando and dawn as they drove awy.

  28. T Hell Says:

    @ Paladin are you saying we’ll be hearing from T Rex any minute now? I’m confused, maybe FF needs to share the buttons.

  29. Paladin Says:

    What I’m witnessing must be some sort of tag team event. Vince is out, now CH is in. I congratulate Rebel on the importance of his blog. Why else would there be a never ending stream of people posting on this site, disparaging a lifestyle, and telling those that live it that they’re wrong about this or that, that they’re nothing more than Internet tough guys, without motorcycles, etc., etc. and have no right to their opinions?

    It’s been my experience that those that truly can, just do. They have no need to talk about it. Super bikers beat their chests mightily. The hollow sound one hears is the emptiness within. As Art Linkletter said, “Kids say the darndest things.”

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  30. Wolfenlover Says:

    Bet the “child” fuckin’ comes back. Seen “I’m outta here” more than once. I hope
    I’m wrong this time. I was tired of the waste of bandwidth for some time now,
    with somebody I was suspicious about. Glad I’m not the only one! Good call
    Panhead! THANKS!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  31. rollinnorth Says:

    Children should be seen and not heard.


  32. CH Says:

    GEE DRIFTER……. ain’t it funny how stupid fucks never take the advice they spew out??? And it’s especially amusing how the really stupid fucks are always the first to jump into a circle jerk and attach their mouth to the original stupid fucks ass.

    GIT IT?

    Yer butt buddy PeeHead and you are the types that always ruin what could be an interesting and informative part of the internet. Every forum, blog and comment section online has yer type. GET A REAL LIFE! If you actually know how, which I sincerely doubt.

    I’m also amused at how the pretenders always bring up ancient imaginary military service in order to make themselves seem more than they actually are.
    Fact is…all the folks I’ve ever known who were actually in the bush…never bragged it up or even brought it up.
    The queers in the rear with the gear (and vinnie’s) always do though.
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm……… git that one too?

    And cops seem to play that game a lot and their snitches too! Undercover loves to play mister bad..brag about service…talk about all the drugs and scams they did (that they didn’t do.)

    Interesting ain’t it?

    I’m also seeing that there are more cops/feds posting here than folks may realize. Of course logic would dictate that would be the case.

    Not being a city slicker I’ve learned…if yer hunting & find out what an animal eats and what attracts it…then it’s just the easy matter of placing the right bait in the right place in order to draw the critter in.

    And baby I been smelling bacon around the bait pretty strongly.

    OINK OINK PORKY…..And people beware cause that bro might not be that bro you hoped they were.

    On that note—— I’m gone from here. Been fun but done is done.

    Back to reading & ignoring the comment section. Getting accepted into a circle jerks and swapping insults with cops & losers just really ain’t my bag, baby. Sorry to leave the rest to suffer all the girlieman whining that goes on after this last post here.

    TOO BAD…seems to be a several intelligent real folks here. But a few rotten apples always spoil that whole barrel.

    FTW BABY–NO FEAR!..LIVE IT! Respects to those that do & FUCK THE REST!


  33. Panhead Says:

    CH………….. I rest my case. I tagged you correctly.

  34. david Says:

    Waco city and County pig depts. gag the public, while the “legal” depts. gag defense attorneys and defendants, in the Fascist Zone.

  35. Drifter Says:

    Panhead said, “[I have always been convinced that quiet talk by quiet, trained and serious men solve problems better than the loud motherfucker at the bar exhorting others to get out there and “take care of it.”]”

    I remember reading a proverb a few decades ago that was credited to the Apache, translated from Eastern Apache, Western Apache, Mescalero Apache, and the other versions I have no idea and can’t find the exact dialect.

    Nonetheless, the words were solidified for me.

    “It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand”

    Rubber Side Down…

  36. Khaki Says:

    Wow, shut down an entire protest ride and all it cost the LEOs was a suitcase and cooler. Wait a minute, they got to keep the suitcase and cooler (probably back in some cop’s garage by now). Great day for tyranny.

  37. NOS4A2 Says:

    I was not in attendance so I deserve nothing but, was low attendance due to apathy or people just afraid of being gunned down by the cops?

  38. CH Says:

    @ Panhead……..

    This is my long and last comment toward you or this
    subject…….ENJOY! :)

    1st—–> I came up in the Great Lakes region…….we are known for being BLUNT, kinda loud and TO THE POINT folks……so grow some thicker skin and stop crying like a girl.
    Cause I cya..but don’t wanna be ya….

    Ya know…… I starting reading this blog after the BP member in FLA was murdered by the pigs & the IO. That’s what made me find this blog. Looking to see if there were REAL FOLKS still out there disturbed like me & what they thought and were gonna do about it and shit like it.

    I only read & never posted anything for a while because I KNEW there is always some loud, rude, jerk off (usually a pathetic sad old guy, mad at the world cause his cock no longer gets hard) that will attack you for no apparent reason. YOU KNOW..the classic boring internet badass who deems himself as better & smarter and wants to control others etc, etc, etc.

    YEP….. internet warriors are really childish and boring shit.

    And it really takes a brave old fart to get all snotty and insulting while hiding online too……

    & it’s also really helping the discussion concerning storm trooper wanna-be pigs & the sheep being quiet and allowing THE PIGS to do anything they wish because these SHEEP ARE AFRAID OF GETTING “INVESTIGATED” or some such shit….


    The other point I’m gonna attempt to illuminate you on is that I just really do not give a fuck what you think about my beliefs on how I feel about this government and it’s “GANG”.

    I also do not give a shit if you like my style of expressing
    myself. Yep..blunt & too the point. YOU’LL HAVE THAT!

    The threat of me “maybe getting investigated” for expressing my displeasure with the current government makes you sound an awful lot like some pig or government minion.

    Regardless, it will be me drawing attention…NOT YOU – So mind yer own fucking business. You hide if you wish. You just fall into line and follow them orders boy! Be a good boy and be quiet, pray to jesus & fly that flag and keep telling yerself how free you are.

    I’m also thinking that you do not go around insulting others in the real world and if you do, I imagine you have no teeth and a pretty smashed nose.

    OK..vince..UH..I mean Panhead …
    GET IT???
    Is the light bulb gonna light up?

    And ya know what…none of yer business who I may or may not be associated with. That’s also a question ONLY A PIG would ask.

    And just cause you ride a bike or wear a rag don’t make you a brother or even anyone I’d like or trust at all………so AGAIN…go fuck yerself.

    Look at all the patch wearing “bro’s” out there that snitched and otherwise sold out. YEP..I’m very choosy on whom I trust or associate with. Ya gotta earn my brotherhood.

    I also was not aware you had to be in some circle jerk type clique and have your permission or group permission to post here? If that is so…..well then I guess I misread this blogs intention and most of it’s participants.

    I thought this was a blog centered around REAL BIKE PEOPLE…. 1%er /outlaw ,rebel etc…… Been my experience that real rebels don’t need or want others peer pressure…they are REBELS…and respect each other for that. OTHERWISE – you are just joining another group and being a clone and CONFORMING and what’s outlaw about that?

    NO THANKS..I been passing on that conformity shit all my life.That is sheep shit.

    If I misread what this blog was about or misread what most of the folks here are about………..well then I must be in the wrong place and I’ll remove myself from it.

    I can always read Rebels news without bothering to read or submit opinions into the comment section. And I surely got way better things to do than argue with stupid ill mannered fucks who imagine themselves all knowing.

    LASTLY—-> One thing I really hate is when a guy gets older…starts getting all salty and rude and hateful and acts like a jerk.


    So why not get yer old ass outside P-Head & blow the stink off…..look around…have some fun…refuse to ACT OLD and get a friggin grip.

    Maybe you might interact on a real level & even expand your mind a bit.

    That’s what I do and it makes my life a pretty satisfying one.

    Well…….except for all these sheep…pretend bikers, plastic fucks, corrupt public servants and THE PIGS!

    And I deal with that by JUST SAYING NO!

    Cause I really do practice the NO FEAR lifestyle. I live it, not just talk about it.

    THEY CAN KILL ME…who cares……

    Better to die on ones feet than live on your knees.
    HENCE——-> FTW

    There is my sermon for the day……..

  39. FF Says:

    I’m done talking trying to make sense of any of this shit. I’m gonna tune out and listen to the Dead. Anybody got any mescaline?

    Please don’t dominate the rap, jack, if you’ve got nothing new to say.
    If you please, don’t back up the track this train’s got to run today.
    I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill
    I heard someone say “Better run away”, others say “better stand still”.

    Now I don’t know, but I been told it’s hard to run with the weight of gold,
    Other hand I have heard it said, it’s just as hard with the weight of lead.

    Who can deny, who can deny, it’s not just a change in style?
    One step down and another begun and I wonder how many miles.
    I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill
    Things went down we don’t understand, but I think in time we will.
    Now, I don’t know but I was told in the heat of the sun a man died of cold.
    Keep on coming or stand and wait, with the sun so dark and the hour so late.
    You can’t overlook the lack, jack, of any other highway to ride.
    It’s got no signs or dividing lines and very few rule to guide.

    I saw things getting out of hand, I guess they always will.
    Now I don’t know but I been told
    If the horse don’t pull you got to carry the load.
    I don’t know whose back’s that strong, maybe find out before too long.

    One way or another, one way or another,
    One way or another, this darkness got to give

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