Delaying Justice In Waco

August 20, 2015

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Delaying Justice In Waco

The weekly newspaper Texas Lawyer reported today that all 177 persons arrested after the Twin Peaks Massacre in Waco, Texas last May 17 are likely to either be indicted or cleared by a grand jury that might not meet for another two months. All of the accused have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

More than a dozen of the accused had hoped to have the blatantly spurious charges against them dismissed and their good names cleared by compelling state authorities to present evidence against them at so-called examining trials. The first of those trials was held Tuesday before a visiting judge named James Morgan. In what turned out to be a bogus proceeding, the judge ruled that there was probable cause to arrest a married couple named William and Morgan English because both wore a small tab on the front of their vests that read “I Support The Fat Mexican.” The phrase is a reference to the Bandidos Motorcycle Club which is the preeminent motorcycle club in Texas.

Examining Trials Cancelled

Other defendants began cancelling their examining trials almost immediately. Examining trials scheduled yesterday for defendants Daniel Pesina of San Antonio and John Robert Wilson of Waco were cancelled yesterday morning.

According to Texas Lawyer correspondent Miriam Rozen. “Two separate grand juries will conduct investigations into the shootings.” One jury will decide the fates of the 177 civilians who were taken into custody after the worst incident of biker violence in American History. The other grand jury, which seems to be already meeting, “will investigate police officer use of deadly force.”

McLennan County District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna discussed his plan to use two grand juries in a letter to Sam Bassett who is the president of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.


Basset wrote Reyna after it was announced that Waco detective James Head had been named foreman of the presently convened grand jury.

“While we express no opinion as to detective James Head’s personal ethics or integrity,” Basset wrote, “we are greatly concerned that this grand jury should under no circumstances be the grand jury that considers indictments in the biker cases, especially since there are reports that he had some involvement in the investigatory process. TCDLA urges you to consider for this case a special grand jury that contains no members of law enforcement who are involved in the biker cases.”

Reyna replied that he had made “no representation either way” about the “composition or timing of grand juries investigating the shootings.” He did say, “Anytime you have a crime scene and there is an officer’s use of deadly force, you have two investigations.”

You can read the complete Texas Lawyer article here.


443 Responses to “Delaying Justice In Waco”

  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    Seems that Lee-O left a sock-puppet here that’s trying to desperately fit in.
    WOO-HOO, “XPLOR” why don’t you go back to f’n desk duty or whatever you were
    doing before coming here you fuckin’ fuck! What you 1st posted is unforgivable
    in my book & you have no way to redeem yourself, PIG! FOESAD then do that again!

  2. JL Says:


    I recently posted a comment above on the 18th and ended my post signing off with “Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads”. The first time I heard that phrase was back in the ’90’s when my actual brother told me about a time he sounded off to a female captain as he saluted on his way past her (he was a grunt/11B). It was a joke from back in the day. I did 11 years in the USMC and never heard the phrase since. Until now..

    I just read the post from a reader who linked the 55 page book from the IOMC. My stomach felt nauseated reading it and as I skimmed through about ready to sign off I caught the part where the author said the IOMC has a saying “FFFH – or Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads”. Fuck. I don’t know anything about the IOMC other than what that person posted is seriously fucked up. For the record, I don’t have anything to do with anyone from that group. And you can bet that phrase just got dropped from my vernacular – permanently.

    Enjoy your day everyone.


  3. Mama G Says:

    Tooj- Thank you very much. I completely agree with you on their being war profiteers for hundreds of years. Government contracts, especially no bid awards, is one of those subjects that brings my soap box out. A few months ago, I remember reading an article regarding No Bid contracts and how between 2009-2011 the amount awarded went from 50 billion to 150 billion. Knowing that money could drastically change the lives of our military present/past for years to come. Those funds should be used to pay our service members the wage the deserve, as well as, completely overhaul the VA into a functioning structure that provides every God damn service, care, support etc owed to the men and women who have sacrificed everything for this country.

    Instead that funding is lining the pockets of greedy power hungry corporate
    f%cks and politicians who have to put all those vehicles and weapons, and military training specialist companies services, to use somewhere to justify the contracts. Somewhere being cities and towns all over this country under the guise of “protecting” citizens against potential terrorism. Terrorism my aching ass. Do we have concerns of something being carried out on U.S. soil? Absolutely. Have they caught/stopped a few acts from going down with all the military everything they have at their fingertips? Yep. However, the majority of all that fancy technology, equipment, weapons and training is to be used against the people. Excuse me. Sheople. The very sheople who have either no knowledge of, or are not smart enough be aware of the true impact of, the criminal acts committed against the people in Waco on May 17th. TP, as most of us know, is just the tip of the iceberg.

    My blood boils and it sickens me to think about the amount of people in this country who blindly believe/defend/support the propaganda being shoved down our throats, are too selfish to get out of their ‘it won’t happen to me’ bubbles, are part of the elite society or those that don’t care enough to educate themselves on the constant chipping away of our freedoms. The elite few who are sitting at the table making the decisions regarding all of the above are the same who are involved in orchestrating the line that has been drawn between us and them.

    Anyone who thinks Waco is merely about a bunch of bikers fighting amongst themselves is foolish and, to me, a dangerous part of society due to their lack of awareness and failure to recognize the reality we now live in and how it WILL one day affect them. Waco was an experiment and it wont be the last. I keep thinking, like we all do, someone somewhere with massive federal power needs to investigate, destroy and criminally charge every single person, in the legal community involved in what took place on, and leading up to, May 17th. Then I ask myself, just who would that be? I mean really who would that be? The corruption goes all the way to the top so does that mean those crooked murderous f%cks will likely get away with completely destroying the lives of nearly 200 people. Well, maybe Rick Perry or the Texas AG can get involved and get to the bottom of the Waco disaster. Oh that’s right, they are being charged with corruption!!!


    Sheesh……wasn’t expecting to get all fired up again. I was planning on a short and sweet “Thank you, Tooj!”

    Much Respect…….

  4. Tooj Says:

    Mama G, well said. I would only add that there have been persons making insane profit from war for HUNDREDS of years. Nearly every war was started over economy, not ideology.

  5. Mama G Says:


    Your post was spot on. As I am not as well versed as you on the subject, I can only give my simplistic thoughts on militarization of our police and unacceptable prison population which I think are directly tied to the war machine. Political relationships with an elite group of people who I like to refer to as the puppet masters. Military contractors who thrive on government contracts for a myriad of different products and services, privatized prisons, and again, politics and GREED!! In all honesty I am actually very opinionated, and disgusted, about the billions of dollars of tax payer money being awarded as government contracts that is at the heart of the changes this country faces. Projects and systems created for war being used against the American people. Why is that? So they don’t go to waste? Not using all that technology and equipment in war so they use it against the people. The constant awarding of government (some NO BID) contracts has proven to be dangerous. I believe political relationships with these contractors is the driving factor in the U.S. being in a never ending war(s), police departments outfitted with military vehicles and weapons, officers from every agency who are trained by some other government contractors to act like soldiers at war against our own citizens, prison for profit and a legal system that is structured to feed the machine. Again, can’t let all the training and equipment go to waste now can we? After all, tax payers paid for it. The people need protecting from the “bad guy” right?!

    In addition to the whole roid rage, inflated ego, I got all this super cool training I’m dying to use, shoot to kill police forces and prison for profit, against the people aspect, there is the heavily controlled MSM that feeds the propaganda machine to a brainwash a nation of foolish sheople. Inciting fear and paranoia. The level of manipulation of the general public is as astonishing as it is sickening.

    Unfortunately these relationships are far reaching. They have a huge negative impact our military men and women causing them suffer greatly. Americans who choose to serve their country with pride and honor only to be thought of, used as, a cost of doing business. Human lives being used as pawns in this game of profit based war machine. A war machine that is being used against American citizens. These companies and politicians thinking nothing of literally sacrificing American sons and daughters for greed and power.

    In a system where a majority of, if not all, services necessary for the military were done proudly and honorably by OUR military members, for generations, are now being done by, yep, military contractors. From security, construction, transport right on down to food service. Contract employees are paid HANDSOMELY while the men and women who ACTUALLY SACRIFICE EVERYTHING on the front lines, seeing and experiencing things no human ever should are routinely getting f%cked hard by our corporate tit sucking government. Pathetic, insulting wages, for some, poverty wages is their payment for literally putting their lives on the line. Away from their families making the ultimate sacrifice service members have the added worry of their families financial stability. All while a contract truck driver makes 150k a year. It doesn’t stop there. Our service members come home deserving and in need of the benefits, care and services that they were promised to when they signed up that just isn’t there. These men and women come home only to suffer an unacceptable battle at the hands of the VA in all of its glory. Active or non, our military members, again, literally being sacrificed for profit and power.

    Carefully planned and orchestrated, by a handful of elite puppet masters, over the past few decades, who have set the government up to fail miserably and turn against the people. An elite group who control everything, as well as, have a strong desire for a controllable society. Covering every facet of society from military to civilians.

    Like I said, I am not as well versed but I believe it is all a massive circle jerk. If we were able to pull back the curtain, if you will, we would see that the societal changes and continuing loss of freedom boils down to maintaining and increasing the power and profits of keep it off shore, tax dodging, lobbyists/special interest paying, society manipulating elite group greedy corrupt f%cks who control almost everything now. All of which is easy to get by the self absorbed propaganda believing cant think for themselves sheople who think a yellow ribbon and a dollar store American flag is supporting our troops. The same people who do not understand the gravity of what took place at Twin Peaks and what it truly means to this country.

    Our military members, past and present, like civilians all over this country are being, have been, manipulated, controlled and sacrificed as pawns in a game that’s all about the power and money. It is all about a handful of people having control and making billions while creating a society of sheople who fail to recognize the dangers surrounding us.

    The people in this country need to wake up. It is already getting to late. Our freedoms are being eroded and too few are paying attention.

    Like I said, I am not as well versed so I hope that the above came out making sense. Hopefully, I have successfully explained my thoughts on the relationship between the greedy war machine and the societal changes eroding our freedoms. Sometimes typing in the tiny box on my phone makes long soap box posts a wee bit challenging.

    Much respect…..

  6. Tooj Says:

    Dear Rebel, I surmised that once the dummy began taking potshots at another blog article he was writing his ticket.

    On another note, my local KCMO news station ran a story on Waco. They mentioned “police firing into the Twin Peaks restaurant” in the relatively short story. First I’ve seen on the subject on my local news.

    Seems the pace is picking up.

  7. Dazed Says:

    Thanks Rebel for swatting that fly..

  8. Tiger Says:

    Thank you Rebel. He has no concept what pertains to having a conversation means being open minded, admitting when wrong and being able to see you are on the wrong site. Won’t miss him. Thanks again and so glad you are back on site.

    Respects for the regulars . Respects for those that are living the life.

    Biggest Respect For Rebel. Thanks for keeping it coming so the light shines on the dark sneeky shit that those in power try to hide.



  9. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @ Rebel: Kudos.

    Lee reminded me of when you try and remember your password online with the credit card companies and you’re locked out after 3 or 4 wrong entries.

    It was just one argument too many, methinks.

  10. FNU LNU Says:


    Succinct and well said.

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    Base, think that might not be “preachin’ to the choir” ? lol
    Seriously, cops have opened themselves up as fair-game recently! Til they do
    more training & quit giving sissies a f’n gun & badge, it’s gonna continue.
    Mofo’s can’t shoot well enough to NOT kill instead of wound, well, guess it’s
    ON.Even citizens are getting tired of this brutality shit.

  12. Mama G Says:

    Tooj….. I should have added “tongue in cheek.” Lol!! Watching you all toy with him makes my day. Now you will have to Wai for the next name (and email) he uses to try and come back or the next idiot to come along. My gawd he reminded me of the old projectors when the film was over but the reel kept spinning annoyingly…..SHUT IT OFF ALREADY!!

    THANK YOU REBEL!! So glad you are back and feeling better. I am also so grateful I found this community of GREAT PEOPLE!!
    Much love and respect to those who are worthy!!

  13. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    I appreciate the adjusting of your band width. I hope your recovery is progressing well. And as always, long may you ride.


  14. Base Says:

    A citizen or tourist of the USA is more likely to be assaulted by police than criminal’s. And defiantly more likely to be a victim of police brutality than at the hands of a 1%. Hell, most people never see a 1% unless on some TV show, or Government funded documentary! But just step out your door and it isn’t uncommon to see several cops a day!

    At the state and local level every American faces brutal, armed psychopaths known as the police. The “law and order” conservatives and the “compassionate” liberals stand silent while police psychopaths brutalize children and grandmothers, murder double amputees in wheel chairs, break into the wrong homes, murder the family dogs, and terrify the occupants, pointing their automatic assault weapons in the faces of small children.

    Some real fucking hero’s!

    The police have been militarized and largely federalized by the Pentagon and Homeland Security. The role of the federal government in equipping state and local police with military weapons, including tanks, and training in their use has essentially removed the police from state and local control.

    No matter how brutal any police officer, it is rare that any suffer more than a few months suspension, usually with full pay, while a report is concocted that clears them of any wrong doing. The American police are a brutal criminal gang free of civilian control.

    People who say the solution is better police training are unaware of how the police are trained. Police are trained to perceive the public as the enemy and to use maximum force.

    Not uncommon for multiple officers to simultaneously empty their high-capacity magazines at the same target, a minimum of 16 & up too 300 bullets fired at one target. The purpose is to completely destroy whatever is on the receiving end of police fire.

    US prosecutors seem to be the equal to police in terms of the psychopaths in their ranks. The United States, “the light unto the world,” not only has the highest percentage of its population in prison of every other country in the world, but also has the largest absolute number of people in prison. The US prison population is much larger in absolute numbers that the prison populations of China and India, countries with four times the US population.

    Just try to find a prosecutor who gives two shit’s about the innocence or guilt of the accused who is in their clutches. All the prosecutor cares about is conviction rate.

    The higher the conviction rate (even if every person convicted is innocent), the more likely a successful run for public office. When they target well known people (say a well known MC)they gain name recognition via the names of their victims.

    The American justice (sic) system serves the political ambitions of prosecutors and the murderous lusts of police psychopaths. It serves the profit motives of the privatized prisons who need high occupancy rates for their balance sheets.

    Understand the so called American justice (sic) system does not serve justice.

    Think not? Google “police brutality,” you’ll receive upwards of 4,100,000 results. If a person goggles “police brutality videos,” he will discover that there are more videos than could be watched in a lifetime. And these are only those acts of police brutality that are witnessed and caught on camera.

    This is some paranoid delusion, these are hard facts that are out there. Now I was going to post some links but figured since some who have commented on this and other threads are so great at reading blogs, Facebook post that this would be an easy “research” (sic) task for them.

    Anyone who thinks the Waco murders where the fault of the bikers is a shallow thinker at the least and completely clueless of what has happened & is happening in this country at the worst.

    Be vigilant, have a plan, keep your powder dry and your edge sharp.

    With regard & respect,

  15. T Hell Says:

    Any one want to wager that Lee is a proud urine order member?

    Thanks Rebel I was afraid I might OD on aspirin from that fuckin headache.

  16. Wolfenlover Says:

    What NCRider said! Here’s hoping he took his sock-puppets with him.
    Continued Good Thoughts for well healing of yer peepers, Rebel.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  17. rollinnorth Says:

    Thanks, Rebel. Hope your recovery is going well.


  18. NCRider Says:

    Thank you, Rebel.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tooj,

    Lee? He gone.


  20. Tooj Says:

    Geezus jumpin Christ on a bike, Lee. Chatboards? Facebook? THIS is what you consider to be factual? You base your bullshit on what? I take NOTHING online as the gospel. Go impress someone on BikerOrNot, you belong there.

    I’ve been a software engineer for decades and have seen all the changes regarding “truth” based upon technology. I’m ashamed of my peers. You are basing your statements on this sort of shit? No small wonder, since I figure you’ve never had a face to face conversation with anyone even remotely resembling a male. Get out of your mother’s basement. As I’ve said, butt hurt is no way to go through life son.

    There is NOTHING redeeming about Facebook. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Go share some grumpy cat videos with someone. Somehow you think that you just conveyed that your sources of information are legit? You are more stupid than I was actually giving you credit for. I’m thinking you’re more of a rep for the general pubic. Answer my questions, and then we’re having a dialogue. You can’t, as there is nothing on Facebook or Forums to allow you to do so. Think freely if you can.

    Funny, when I mention how f’ed up your stance is on topics you simply move on to another piece of diatribe. Typical shallow under powered thinking; come to the right side of the IQ curve if you can.

    Mama G: I can do this shit ALL day long without my blood pressure spiking one little bit. I love dumb asses as they’re easy. I keep on challenging and he keeps on diverting. As a result, he makes it clear that he really doesn’t know WTF he is talking about. It’s merely a matter of letting him wax poetic about all the things he thinks he knows. (And now I’ve given up my secret.)

  21. xplor Says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied : We need to work on what is delaying Justice In Waco. I am sure most of us could not afford what happened in Waco to happen to us.

  22. Paladin Says:


    In this world, which you obviously no nothing about, people with self respect and respect for others don’t say things (verbally or in print) that they wouldn’t say to another’s face. You’ve made a lot of accusations on the topic of Twin Peaks. Are you willing to make these accusations in person, or only willing to make them from the perceived autonomy of a keyboard? If you’re unwilling to face those you accuse, you have no integrity and your comments and accusations are really nothing more than static on a band width.

    I, like most (including you), weren’t at twin Peaks when this tragedy unfolded, but I can comfortably come to the conclusion (based on my training and experience) and the behavior of Waco’s law enforcement and judiciary that all is not right on their part. So, let’s not be so quick to lay the entire blame of this tragedy at the feet of the MCs you continually disparage in your comments.

    As previously mentioned in my prior post, your comments are better suited on a blog, whose host continually drinks another’s bath water. I won’t mention her by name, because I believe her name is a trigger for “comment moderation” on Rebel’s forum.

    It might also be less embarrassing for you, if you were to refrain from commenting until all the facts have been disclosed on this tragedy. I realize this could take some time, but you shouldn’t worry about being missed. I don’t think anyone will asking: “Gee, what ever happened to Lee?”


  23. rollinnorth Says:

    Speaking of organizations labeled as a “criminal gang” by the government:

    Insane Clown Posse Win Appeal in FBI Gang Lawsuit
    “We’re thankful that the Juggalo family will finally get their day in court,” duo say in statement after appeals court overturns dismissal

    Read more:


  24. Mama G Says:

    Tooj I can feel your frustration all the way up here. Lee just doesn’t, and will never, get it. No concept of the hard work and dedication in our community to stand and work together. Hard work that has been going on for many many years. A PH DOES NOT A CRIMINAL MAKE!!!

    Boy would I love to see Lee attempt to sit down with someone like Gimmie Jimmie and share his infinite wisdom in person. I can even find the words to describe fools like him other than……

    ……A bad penny always comes back.


  25. Shovelhead Says:

    You stupid piece of shit. You don’t know what you’re talking about. For one thing. Toys for Tots is about charity and helping out those in need. You think Bikers don’t have a heart or Kids? We’re not trying to impress anyone, we actually care, you dumb motherfucker.
    Yes all motorcycle Clubs are law abiding no matter what you think!

    The Catholic Church is also in the news about Pedophiles and how they protected them. The church as a whole isn’t bad, just some individuals IN the Church.
    Why don’t you go find some Bandidos and get to know them, then judge instead of going by Cop lies and misleading headlines. Too afraid?? Yeah, thought so.

    All I can figure is you’re just a little Coward who gets no respect in real life so you come here spewing bullshit on subjects you really know nothing about trying to act like you know things no one else was smart enough to think about.

  26. Lee Says:

    “All motorcycle clubs are law abiding. Some people in Clubs get into trouble now and then, that’s it. ”

    No, they are not. The Bandidos are in the news all the time here commiting some kind of crime.

    “I personally have never met a 1%er who was concerned with impressing the General Public”

    Never been on a toys for tots run? Bandidos do it here all the time for good publicity.

    Tooj, the gag order is a myth, it’only on Clennedan and his attorney Clint Broden. Everyone else is free to talk, hence the witness statements already made and some of the 177 on videos and speaking on chat boards/facebook. Most of them have been advised not talk by their attorneys, especially the ones accused of more serious crimes.
    I’ve been reading what they say and it’s unanimous from both sides that the bikers started fighting then shooting first. No witness has come forward saying the fuzz started shooting first. That’s where I get my information from, not from the fuzz narative.

  27. Base Says:

    Actually every state has helmet laws with the exception of Illinois & Iowa both of these states are 100% helmet free.


    On June 19, 2009, Governor Rick Perry signed into law Senate Bill 1967 of the 81st Regular Legislative Session.

    This law went into effect September 1, 2009 and repeals the helmet exemption sticker program.

    Current law requires a person be covered with a minimum of $10,000 in health insurance for injuries incurred in a motorcycle accident to be eligible for an exception for the offense of operating or riding a motorcycle without a helmet. The bill removes that minimum amount. The bill requires the Texas Department of Insurance to prescribe a standard proof of health insurance for issuance to persons who are at least 21 years of age and covered by an applicable health insurance plan.

    The bill prohibits police from stopping or detaining a person who is the operator of or a passenger on a motorcycle for the sole purpose of determining whether the person has successfully completed a motorcycle operator training and safety course or is covered by a motorcycle health insurance plan and repeals provisions relating to a DPS-issued sticker required to be displayed on a motorcycle by a motorcycle owner

  28. Tooj Says:

    I’m talking about FVMSS 218. This is Federal Law regarding helmet manufacture, not state. My point is that it makes things convenient for a revenue generating department such as police and is not “for the people” and that is what is going on in Waco; convenience for department(s) until they can complete their defense and cover their asses.

    In short, the game is rigged but groups like the COC are fighting the game. It’s WHY you can choose to not wear a helmet, dummy. You ever directly vote for that privilege?

    And the Bandidos are active in that fight. That could be problematic for cops, no? What do we know from the past about how cops address the things they deem problematic? Oops, I’ve gone full circle back to Fed Law like FVMSS 218 and Waco…

    The prosecution has the evidence and have issued gag orders to attorneys and the accused. Nine were killed, 177 taken into custody. These are facts. (As in the things that have actually happened.)

    You can’t PROVE your theories any more than anyone else here right now, and there’s the density behind your posts; you speak as authority based upon what you’re reading on forums. (“Breaking news from a Twin Peaks waitress; ‘Gina wants some attention.”)

    It was interesting that you read what I wrote and then make an ad hominem attack that I “condone” actions that are unproven. And you presume to speak for the general public as well. The sort of peculiarities cops use in their speech.

    Stand another straw man up that you can easily knock down in order to try to appear informed and wise.

  29. chromedome Says:

    great response


  30. Shovelhead Says:

    Just curious. What exactly do you really know about the 1%er culture that wasn’t read on the internet or watched on TV?
    Have you ever ridden with a Club? Been a Club member? Know anyone in a Club??
    Or is all your info that sparks these opinions from the internet only?

    Your comment about being sympathetic to law abiding Clubs tells me everything I need to know about you.

    For your information…all motorcycle clubs are law abiding. Some people in Clubs get into trouble now and then, that’s it. You really should check out the IO, you would be perfect for that sissy RC.

    I personally have never met a 1%er who was concerned with impressing the General Public. And I certainly don’t give a fuck whether little wannabe punks like you respect me!!
    life for Bikers is not over, we’ll endure. Sooner or later assholes like you will find something else to Bitch about and won’t even care about 1%ers. While you move on to something else like maybe…oh I don’t know…save the Dingo or something. I’ll still be riding!

  31. xplor Says:

    Where were you when the idea of brain buckets first came up and why was it necessary?

  32. JL Says:

    It’s possible that the clubs’ actions at Twin Peaks in Waco, TX on May 17 could very well serve as the catalyst for returning to Americans the civil liberties that have been systematically taken and reduced over the past few decades. Most here would probably agree that transparency of justice has been a joke. Mainstream media sources are now also beginning to speculate and lament the flow of information from authorities to the public. In a free and open society, and a society that prides itself on being led by a government of the people and by the people, what is the big secret? More and more are starting to ask the question, “What’s that stink over there?”

    IMHO it’s beyond time to end the discussion with obvious paid trolls. The simpleton will ramble on a bit more, but I feel most who read through the comments on this thread are able to conclude who has merit and who has a subversive agenda.

    Like most readers here I’m interested in the events at Waco last May. The issues at play affect us all. Thanks to all here who actively work to press forward positive discourse. While I may not agree with all I am happy to see people work to see justice served. It should go without saying I’m always saddened by the fact that there are also other Americans (even Texans) who delight in sowing dissent and work to stymie progress. Throughout history such people tend to be forgotten.

    Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads!

    Enjoy your day all.

    JL Out.

  33. Lee Says:

    It’s almost like looking into the future, rounding them all up:

    Your welcome
    Have another dream to share yet?

  34. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @ Lee:

    I appreciate you not ad libbing and sticking to the script calling the pigs “the fuzz.”

    Even though I just called them “the pigs” in this post. Anyway, that’s a wrap.

  35. Lee Says:

    Texas doesn’t have a helmet law, i don’t wear one, so you wasted your time arguing a moot point.
    But to your broader point of clubs working together for a cause is all good but what does it matter if a helmet is 1 inch thick or not when the government starts going door to door rounding up undesirable bikers and putting them in jail?
    For all the baby steps these clubs keep making trying to progress forward, the Bandidos and Cossacks pounded you back to the stone age. That’s the point.
    You can condone their actions all you want but I’m sure as hell not going to and neither is the general public.

  36. Tooj Says:

    Saving your pennies for that iron-on iron order patch set, Lee? They wouldn’t let you in until you earned your internet stripes here? I only hear one club spout off about “law abiding clubs” and only one. What the hell do YOU do to ensure the future of motorcycling? Go with the flow? Search internet forums?

    Clubs have been actively joining together and lobbying (and winning; particularly in Texas) when it comes to laws affecting the general motorcycle rider. It’s called the COC&I and NCOM. They fight things such as a mandatory helmet measurement law that states all helmets must be at least 1 inch thick.

    Know why the law is wanted? Is it for the safety of the motorcycle rider? Is it to reduce fatalities? Is it to help out the manufacturers of helmets to innovate and find better and lighter materials in helmets? Is it going to educate careless cell-phone toting cagers?

    Fuck no, it’s so the cops have a quick way to determine if they can issue a ticket or not. The cops claim that “novelty helmets” are a big problem because they have no way to prove it. (The big problem is collecting revenue from the motorcycle rider.) Yes, let’s put the blame squarely where it belongs.

    And when it comes to law abiding, I’ll abide by laws that are representative of the group I’m in and will continue to fight those that aren’t. It’s EXACTLY what I meant when I said you don’t get the patch holder. You’re just another sheep riding his scooter on the backs of those who work(ed) for it. I don’t believe for one second that you give two shits about any of this beyond it being a logic exercise for you.

    You state I’ll have to “Deal with it, live with it”. You can rest assured I’m not that passive nor do I believe that all laws are representative of the greater good. It’s my prerogative, jerk. I’ll lecture your ass if I feel like it, child. What are you going to do about it? Call a cop?

  37. Lee Says:

    Let’s take Toojs statement here: “You also showed your absolute ignorance when it comes to what patch holders are about.”

    Try explaining it to the general public after they will eventually see a video of bikers fighting, shooting and killing each other in a public place putting citizens at risk over a bottom rocker and turf.
    What’s their reaction going to be?
    Are they going to think these are freedom loving, honorable men deserving respect?
    No, they are going to think they are overgrown children, criminals and should be in jail. All the good things they may have done in the past such as charity and toys for tots runs are out the window.
    So, don’t lecture me about giving them respect, they deserve none, they fucked up big time. They are the ones making other non criminal clubs look bad. They are to blame if the goverment makes new laws against their ‘activities’ due to public outrage of what happened at twin peaks. This stunt gives ammunition to the government.
    You think things are bad now, wait until the videos are released and make headline news and if they are as bad as the fuzz says, expect public support to bring these clubs down.
    These clubs should have met in the middle of a corn field and beat and killed each other there, the public probably wouldn’t have given two shits.

    I’m sympathetic to the law abiding clubs that may have to endure more scrutiny and harrasment due to the actions of the Cossacks and Bandidos and their support clubs.
    I’m not sympathetic to the Waco PD for their handling of the whole situation. I hope those 150 or so attorneys make that city pay through their teeth with lawsuits which leads to the break up of their good ole boy network.

    So, let’s put the blame where it belongs, squarely on the Bandidos and Cossacks for starting a big fucking mess in the biker world. You want the public to give you respect and think of you as honarable, charity giving, righteous men? Good luck with that, not going to happen anytime soon. Deal with it, live with it.

  38. John Deaux Says:

    Great news
    As we get older our old friends are literally old friends and unless they live close bye just don’t get to see much anymore.
    Much respect.

  39. xplor Says:

    “When I was in High School, one of the first honors I got was to be a member of the Arista, which is a group of kids who got good grades. Everybody wanted to be a member of the Arista. I discovered that what they did in their meetings was to sitround to discuss who else was worthy to join this wonderful group that we are”. 
    Richard Feynman

  40. Tiger Says:

    Oops. It was supposed to ” the rest of the rat patrol”

  41. Tiger Says:

    It is easy to judge and condemn someone who is not around to defend himself. May they all Rest In Peace. I knew none so I can not slam any. Yet I know firsthand how LEO’s will lie in court and let an innocent man get punished for false charges. I feel it is a very low intellect that makes false statements without the facts or firsthand knowledge of situations.
    It is hard to be placed morally below a pedaphile yet there are the few, the dumbfounded, the no self pride individuals that achieve that status.
    Karma is a bitch and she will land heavily on the slimmy shoulders of those few.

    Fuck you Steve Cook, knobbins, fall low, and the of the rat patrol.
    Lee you have attained your shithead status, throw your SOA cut on and hop on your Schwinn and roll down your road to the circle k and be an ass.
    You lack any means to have a conversation. Fuck Off.

    Respect for those that earned it.
    Respect those that were lost.
    Respect for Rebel. Glad you are back.

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