Christie Show Ratings

August 20, 2015

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Christie Show Ratings

Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels, George Christie’s cute tell all, attracted 1.384 million viewers Tuesday night according to the global information and measurement company Nielsen Holdings N.V.

That is significantly less than established, competing cable shows in the same time slot like American Dad on Adult Swim which had about 2.049 million viewers and House Hunters Off the Grid on HGTV which had 1.772 million viewers. Christie’s show lagged only slightly behind Storage Wars on A&E which scored 1,594 million viewers and Ink Master on Spike which had an audience of 1.481 million. Outlaw Chronicles trounced Chopped on the Food Network which attracted 1.274 million and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rerun on the National Action Network which could only attract 999,000.

Tuesday’s episode also featured outlaw biker authorities Jay Dobyns and Julian Sher and largely concerned Christie’s “solemn oath” to his club.

The History Channel which is cablecasting the show, promoted the premiere episode as: “Former Hells Angels’ President George Christie, the man some call ‘the last American outlaw,’ reveals the secret set of rules that govern admission and conduct in the Hells Angels. From the tests and humiliations a potential member must go through, to the strategies for avoiding the law, to the punishments meted out to anyone who betrays his brothers, Christie unwraps the untold saga of the most notorious American legends.”

Inside Scoop

A disclaimer at the beginning of the episode read: “This program recalls past events and behaviors as recalled by George Christie and other featured individuals. The content of this program reflects only the views and experiences of those individuals as they relate to the people and events described, and not the views of the network or producers. No one has broken the club’s code of silence until now. This is George Christie, the man some have called The Last American Outlaw.”

The Last American Outlaw was the title of a documentary film by the British film maker Nick Mead. Mead canned the film after working on it for more than two years when he began to doubt Christie’s credibility. Christie threatened to sue Mead but hasn’t so far. Mead said recently that he is still considering a lawsuit against Christie for fraud.

Christie was expelled from the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in 2011 and faced racketeering charges that same year that could have put him in prison for the rest of his life. He agreed to a still sealed plea deal January 2013 and wasn’t sentenced until about six months later. He eventually served seven months in a federal prison and three months in a halfway house in Los Angeles.

Character Assassination

In an interview last week with the Ventura County Star Christie told reporter Wendy Leung that he “is now a victim of character assassination.”

Yesterday Ralph “Sonny” Barger, who is widely regarded as the founder and driving force behind the Hells Angels, wrote on his Facebook page: “To All My Supporters who watched Outlaw Chronicles last night, I hope you realize that the person who the TV show features…is NO LONGER in our Club. He has been OUT BAD for years. No active member in our Club WOULD EVER do a show like that.”


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  1. Tim Ferguson Says:

    Everyone dumps on George for tell all but surprise Sonny did it first. See no. Hear no . Tell no. Don’t mean shit anymore. Why then when Sonny broke the rule nobody complained . He’s an 81 just like he rest but the rules don’t apply to him. In that case to hell with rules. George led by example Sonny leads by legend . If all won’t follow the rules what’s the point of having rules. All 81s should write a book and go on tv and tell all so much for secrets. The police and feds will take names and lock everyone up. Yeah let’s just do their jobs for them. Everyone just shut the fuck up from the top down.

  2. Rockatansky Says:

    “Mom”, thanks for your opinion.

    Made it through another episode. Same old stories, for the most part. Laughed at the Angels trying to blow up Mick Jagger’s yacht. Otherwise, yep, Angels sold LSD and meth in California, some are involved with tattoo shops, some were involved with the concert business, what shocking revelations. Neat idea about the Australian club members shipping meth precursor to the US (fact or fiction it would make a good movie.) But who would buy that motorcycles are the “perfect vehicle” with which to distribute drugs?

    Not much to this show.

  3. vc Says:

    Blink,blink, avert your eyes. Blink,blink, avert your eyes. Thats a hell of a “tell””. Good thing he wasn’t trying to be a pro poker player

  4. vc Says:

    How in gods name did George ever ride a motorcycle without getting his red cape caught up in the chain?

  5. rollinnorth Says:

    Blame it on the full moon.


  6. Tooj Says:

    Yeah, and spreading to every article like herpes.

  7. FF Says:

    Yeah, budweiser is back.

  8. Mom Says:

    @ Rockatansky:

    How did you come up with there was ever a power struggle? From this site? There was never ever a power struggle the club isnt set up that way. Maybe in Christies vivid imagination Regardless, everyone who is in is equal. anyone who knows Ralph will tell ya hes never been concerned about anyone filling his boots.

  9. Rockatansky Says:

    I watched the second episode, and I have to say, this show is stretching the actual content out pretty thinly. Maybe four or five short stories from Christie, accompanied by slow motion reenactments. The stories themselves are either fairly tame, or they just raise and leave a bunch of unanswered questions.

    So, I hadn’t heard of Christie beyond coverage of him on this site. I guess he is out in bad standings with his (former) club, but was for a while a widely respected member. Is part of the backstory here a power struggle between Christie and the individual widely regarded as the leader of the club? Or is this all about Christie’s legal problems?

  10. Wolfenlover Says:

    Actually,I think “xplor” might just be a fuckin’ PIG! You, “xplor”, pick a funky
    fuckin’ name, that is a name like IZOD, the start of the fuckin’ Urine Odor,
    then you come here talking/typing shit about the R&G starting the massacre!
    YOU are a suspect POS in my book! Your name is a fuckin’ TRAVEL COMPANY! WTF?!
    You have played enough BS here in my opinion. FOESAD! I honestly think “xplor”
    is a fuckin’ plant! Maybe I’m nuts, but then again”MAYBE I’M NOT!”
    Guess you should look at “xplor”‘s earliest posts.
    Instinct’s aren’t usually wrong!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    WMB, BTW, no PH is going to ask a prospect anything impossible to make happen.
    NOT unless he wants the prospect GONE! “xplor” isn’t your best bet for info
    on ANYTHING.

  12. Wolfenlover Says:

    WMB, watched a VNV PH ask for an ice-cream cone,VANILLA, be brought from 60
    miles away! Prospect brought that cone, with NO fuckin’ drips! If you’re
    “deserved”, you’ll make it happen! I’ve been asked, at least 3 times, before I
    got too crippled to ride. Used Groucho Marx’s saying”I wouldn’t join a club
    that would have me for a member.”

  13. rollinnorth Says:

    “…you’ll love the natural look it gives your hair.”


  14. Rockatansky Says:

    So I watched the first episode. It’s about what I expected, I might keep watching. The only thing that surprised me was Christie said that in the 1970s the President of his chapter in Los Angeles was an older man in his sixties, I think the name he gave might have been Old John or something similar. I was under the impression that “back in the day” it was unusual to see older bikers in outlaw clubs, that that is a more recent thing. Some people have said it was rare in the 1960s to even see a guy over 30 involved with the scene. Well, shows what I know, I guess.

  15. Va.Bob Says:

    On a straight desert road, the dumbfuck is known to ride a large-displacement bike about 50 mph.Kinda goes with his curlers -in -the -beard shit.

  16. NOS4A2 Says:

    “curlers in your hair, shame on you!”

  17. Jim666 Says:

    Dippity doo the female version of brill creme,

    “A little dab`ll do ya”

  18. sherides Says:


    Thanks for the laugh and trip down memory lane with the Dippity Do.

  19. Tooj Says:

    Fellows, I have time to consider this. I have not watched the television abortion, but I did watch the Dobbie video that is linked.

    Now when I was a kid, my Grandmother would wear all these plastic little curlers in her hair at night and sometimes throughout the entire day. They were little pink things for tight curls and other colors for larger ones. She’d put a shot of “Dippity-Do” on them to really set in the curl.

    I am of the belief that Dobbie wears little pink plastic curlers in his beard every night. Saves on the prep time getting ready for a few minutes on the tube. The picture itself of Jay wearing beard curlers all night long fits.

    Jay “Dippity-Do” Dobbyns is a poser. A poser that wears grandma curlers in his beard.

  20. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Thanks much for the info, and what you describe paints a picture of the America I used to know, when Coors was the most exotic beverage east of the Mississippi. Not sure about the sliders, but I’d take some airlift Skyline chili dogs any day.
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  21. xplor Says:

    You used to be able to put it in a box and mark it comat (Company material ) and a ramp rat would pick it up and deliver. White Castle hamburgers and Coors beer were popular.

  22. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Have to go out on a limb here:
    No clue whatsoever what goes on with prospects, except maybe tending bar and watching bikes – beyond that, no idea. None.
    But let’s say you do have to get a cheeseburger from a long way away. So you call another prospect in that city to air-deliver the burger. How much does that cost? Who do you talk to at your local airport? Is there a sign somewhere? “CHEESEBURGER AND OTHER PROSPECT ASSISTANCE AREA HERE”. Well, maybe there is – I’ll pay more attention.
    “Ah, when’s the next flight to LA? Need to get a cheeseburger on there. Yes, it’s an emergency, thank you.”
    Well, it’s damned exciting stuff, and I’m sure the local yakuza will appreciate the self-hacked pinky story. Wait…hacking off a pinky? That sounds familiar…from DEAD IN 5 HEARTBEATS. That version was much better though.
    I’m off to Mickey D’s for a burger now. I’d have somebody deliver it but I’d rather ride.
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  23. Mr Nobody Says:

    Its the typical low budget history channel cheapie docu. Narration interspersed with talking heads commentary, all the while cutting back to the same stock footage of a group of motorcycles riding down the same stretch of road. There is a lot less effort in this one compared to the one in January/February which they did more like a traditional narrative TV show. This one won’t do as well.

  24. Johnny D Says:

    More poisoning the jury pool. LE propaganda.

  25. Wolfenlover Says:

    DAMN! Not sure if it’s my POS puter, OR are the “bastards” trying to fuck with
    your site again, Rebel?! I had your site freeze, then shut down before I
    could post, SUPPOSEDLY! However my 1st post shows up without hitting submit!
    Here’s hoping you got all the bells & whistles turned on & the fucks can’t
    shut you down. Seems that typing is really slow!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  26. Wolfenlover Says:

    History Chan. is gonna do this like they did the other POS that didn’t get the
    ratings. I admit I watched 5mins. of the last 15 mins of this BS while surfing
    for something worthwhile to watch. Just plain sad is all I can say. The term
    “BOOB TUBE” is just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago when it was coined!
    Here’s hoping GC gets as little sleep from his “sell-out” as I do from my pain
    & script drugs! FTW!!!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  27. Wolfenlover Says:

    Gotta admit I DID watch about 5 mins. of it. History Chan. is gonna keep
    playing it round th’ clock just to see if they can’t get viewers. Ain’t
    gonna work with me, tho. I saw 5 mins. of the last 15 mins of this BS, &
    found something else to do. The old phrase “BOOB TUBE” still stands.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

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