Diggin’ Up Bones

August 19, 2015

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Diggin' Up Bones

On May 18, the day after the Twin Peaks Massacre and the big Bill of Rights bonfire in Waco, the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas ran a brief on its website that told all righteous cops in Texas what they really wanted to know. “No officers were hit in the battle that left 18 wounded.”

“CLEAT lawyers and staffers were on the scene shortly after reports of the shooting surfaced,” the web story explained.  “Organizer Tracy Chance was allowed access to officers at fixed positions to make sure they had access to water and sports drinks to keep them hydrated. Tracy was able to get the photos posted here.”

One of Chance’s photographs was captioned, “Crews prepare to transport the wounded.”

Different In Waco

These bare bones hint at the complexity and nonchalant cynicism of the Waco coverup. To outsiders it seems that most of the Waco establishment has been lying about the Massacre since sometime before the Massacre actually occurred and those outsiders are appalled. But Waco has gone through this sort of thing before and the local Waconians merely smirk.

This morning, in one of its regularly scheduled blasts of hot air, the Waco Tribune-Herald editorialized: “It might be your right to wear whatever biker colors you desire wherever and whenever you choose.” But, “from a strictly pragmatic and societal perspective, it’s quite likely you’ll be viewed with great suspicion by the police.” And, the police union, the local district attorney and all the local officers of all the courts. So much for Sammartano v. First Judicial District Court, in and for the County of Carson City – whatever that was.

Waco has its own legal standard of criminal procedure. In Waco the threshold for arrest is not probable cause or even reasonable suspicion but political whimsy. And the Tribune-Herald has no argument with that.

Exhumin’ Things

One bone points to CLEAT, which has “more than 19,500 members across the state” and “is the largest police officers’ union in Texas, the largest legal services provider in Texas specializing in representing law enforcement officers, and the largest alliance of local police officers’ associations in Texas.” CLEAT supported McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna in the last election, as did the private company that runs the county jail.

“Organizer Tracy Chance,” who was there to keep the machine gunners and lawyers and CLEAT staffers hydrated is a retired El Segundo and Inglewood, California police officer who is now double dipping in Texas. He previously worked for the Texas Municipal Police Association and his office is in Austin which is about 102 miles and an hour and 37 minutes south of Waco. It might have taken him as long as two hours to get to Waco, depending on how long it took him to pull on his boots. An outsider might wonder why crews were still preparing “to transport the wounded” two hours after the Massacre. Alternately, it might be interesting to find out if Chance started his ride north before the Massacre had even begun. And what parts of the crime scene he invaded? And whether he picked up any souvenirs? And what happened to all his photos?

And, why did the police on scene need lawyers? And who were those lawyers? And what is the nexus in Waco between CLEAT, the various police departments represented at the Twin Peaks that day, Abel Reyna, and the various judges who have participated in the prosecution of people who looked suspicious to the local police? How many of these lawyers who advised the police on scene at the Twin Peaks later represented defendants in the case?


There is nothing as simple as a list of lawyers retained by CLEAT. CLEAT does have “a legal staff of 20 including 16 lawyers, 10 field service representatives, and two full-time registered lobbyists.” Were they all at the Twin Peaks? Did they get a memo on Friday reminding them to be on call on Sunday? Did CLEAT depend on local lawyers to advise the machine gunners? Did any of those local lawyers later represent defendants in the case?

The one familiar name connected to CLEAT that appears in public records is that of criminal defender Rob Swanton. Swanton, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton, is representing defendant Nate Christian Farish. On May 22, Swanton reportedly said “I don’t know how you can possibly represent more than one person without a potential conflict of interest.”

However, the June 2013 edition of the Texas Police Star describes Swanton as a “CLEAT Attorney.” And Swanton did represent former Waco FBI agent Lovett Leslie Ledger in a high profile case after Ledger lit up a three-pound Chihuahua in February 2008. “I’ve never heard a noise like that from an animal,” a witness said. She described the noise as a “screaming sound.”

Swanton explained “Mr. Ledger certainly feels very badly for what happened. But even with that being said, there are other factors that are important in assessing what happened, and I anticipate those will come out at the appropriate time.”

The next year Ledger pled no contest to felony animal cruelty  and was sentenced by Judge Matt Johnson to “two years deferred ajudication probation.”

Johnson is District Attorney Reyna’s former law partner. More recently Judge Johnson issued a gag order on out of town defense attorney Clint Broden that remains in effect.

Rob Swanton was unavailable for a phone interview during the preparation of this story.


27 Responses to “Diggin’ Up Bones”

  1. XYZ Says:


    Abbott said he was honored to have CLEAT’s support.


  2. xYz Says:



    Check out this CATO Institute podcast featuring the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Derek Cohen opining on “The Power of Police Unions.” Police unions push for “creating privileged class” when it comes to misconduct and lawbreaking, suggested TPPF’s deputy director. Speaking of myriad union-inspired protections afforded to officers during misconduct investigations, Cohen observed, “They don’t want to be treated as a suspect, even if the activity is a crime.”

    The podcast also featured a rare public mention of the police-union playbook written by Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) mugwump Ron DeLord and several associates, “Police Union Power, Politics and Confrontation in the 21st Century,” which is essentially a book-length homage to Saul Alinsky draped in the rhetoric of law enforcement. (Title of Chapter 3: “Saul Alinsky: Still the Man with the Plan.”) I’ve always wondered how Alinskyite unionists could remain so tight with the likes of Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, and Dan Patrick, and clearly TPPF’s Cohen wonders the same thing.

  3. xYZ Says:


    CLEAT reveals itself:

    “Here is the bottom line: every police chief,sheriff, city manager, council member and county commissioner should be on notice that if you mess with one of us, you get us all. And the consequence is that when you mess with
    any of us, your professional life will become an ongoing nightmare.”


  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    Everybody just remember how good CGI is!!! Any film that is released as
    evidence is probably going to be CGI!!! Shit is scary & far too realistic
    to just be taken at a glance! FUCK WACO & their INBRED bastards in power!
    BTB, FUCK that CH douche-bag who thought he was somebody! Calling regulars
    that had been here for several years COPS & FEDS. You were suspect when you
    claimed you wanted to hide your age to score MILFS! Stupid fuck! PIG!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  5. Ted Unlis Says:

    Wow! Interesting. Amazing how the paranoia and conspiracy theories have evolved and morphed since the defendants and their attorneys have had to come to grips with the reality that sooner or later explicit video depicting the mass shooting and murders in progress will come out at trial removing any doubt whatsoever about who actually perpetrated this horrific crime. I suppose if all else fails the defense counsel can always fall back on “Who u gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” as a defense strategy.

  6. Tomo Says:

    The Guardian ran a story yesterday about a funeral in Rome:


    When it started talking about corruption amongst the official powers-that-be, I thought “that sounds similar to Waco, albeit the officials haven’t been arrested yet.”

    As an aside, I also thought the over-exuberant and in-your-face funeral in that article was similar to the one they gave Pomona Swat officer Shaun Diamond after he got shot by his own (isn’t that something the mafia is known for too? so many parallels here).

  7. XYZ Says:


    You are on fire.

    Your material is reaching all sorts of folks.


  8. CH Says:

    @ nos4a2..


    They are all… Booger eating – BIBLE HUMPING – barnyard animal sucking – kissing cousin – sister fucking – banjo pickin’- fucktards!

    Sad thing is—you just can not fix STUPID! Gene pool needs a cleansing….ESPECIALLY in shitholes like Wacko Tex-ass.


  9. Centurion Says:

    when cops show up in full SWAT gear, they are there to KILL YOU. You don’t have to be a criminal, guilty of any crime, or even involved in anything whatsoever. IT is their intent to SHOOT. You don’t have to be armed, case in point, Mongol David Martinez. The man is charged with shooting/killing a cop, who was shot in the BACK of the head, and Martinez was unarmed and in front of the breaching team. See how that works. You will be arrested, and spend your life in prison, or you will be killed. There is no middle ground as they make things up as they go along. Well, as long as you are about to die, shoot back. Don’t die alone.

    In Waco, they came to kill David Koresh. Religious crackpot or not, he knew they came to kill him. So he defended himself.

  10. Brad Milch Says:

    I forgot to mention: follow the pussy. Women are almost always involved in the downfall of corrupt men. Sometimes the snitches are the very women closest to the dog that falls.

    An example of this happened in the case of Bonnie & Clyde. In addition to having 2 active Texas posses hunting the pair down for the express purpose of killing them, J. Edgar Hoover’s Bureau Of Information (father of the FBI)was tracking the duo for interstate transportation of stolen cars. Not the bans they robbed (not a federal crime at the time). It was the stolen cars.

    Hoover was able to effectively track & pinpoint the duo’s locations by ‘Bonnie sightings’ intel. Clyde had a habit of sending Bonnie into stores to buy their food & clothing. Bonnie was an extremely attractive 23 year old with huge ta-ta’s. She was a head turner. Turned heads would talk & that talk made it’s way to local cops & Hoover in Washington.

    Hoover fed the location info to the very posse (led by Frank Hamer) that executed them on a desolate stretch of road in Northwest Louisiana in early 1934. Bonnie’s good looks is what got Bonnie & Clyde murdered in a police ambush whose brutality & overkill resembles that of Waco’s Twin Peaks biker attack.

    Again, finding the bones is the hard part. Bones got nothing to do but remain hidden until they are found & analyzed. Bones is what brought down the Presidency of Richard Nixon; journalists Bernstein & Woodard were the two investigative journalists that found & exposed the Nixon bones (Watergate burglary).

    So far, the most obvious benefiters of the Waco biker ambush appears to be Waco’s PD. The restaurant that allowed biker nights is shut down. The money may be hiding in the lawsuits that establishment faces now & in the future. Can’t help but wonder how many undercover cops or informants will be going for a piece of the pie via lawsuits, can you?

    It’s a safe bet Rebel never sleeps searching for the bones buried in and around Waco’s Twin Peaks. The great investigative journalists are like that. It’s what they do.

  11. nos4a2 Says:

    And what is the nexus in Waco between CLEAT, the various police departments represented at the Twin Peaks that day, Abel Reyna, and the various judges who have participated in the prosecution of people who looked suspicious to the local police?

    They are all kissing cousin sister fucking banjo pickin’ fucktards!

  12. nos4a2 Says:

    You may wear whatever jack booted armed SWAT goon costume you want. But, from a strictly pragmatic and societal perspective, it’s quite likely you’ll be viewed with great suspicion and fear by the general public you are sworn to protect and serve.

  13. Brad Milch Says:

    The stories the bones tell will do it every time. Finding them is the hard part. Many will say follow the money & LEO lawyers. They’ll lead to the bones.

    Others will say is wait for political opponents to snitch them out (they always do). Hillary’s server is an example of this; someone told someone opposed to Mrs. ‘cigar fuck’ Bill Clinton that was leaked to the press. We all know about it now.

    All the key players on the cops & judicial side of this saga have opponents that hate their guts & want their jobs. They all have to constantly watch their backs as others watch the cars & homes they buy & furnish, where they eat, what they buy at Target and what damage their own staff, friends & family snitches may bring them. Dog eat dog.

    It ain’t easy being a snake these days.

  14. Docb Says:

    I’ll bet 60 Minutes could chew on this rug for more than 60 minutes. It’s the same “good old boy” law enforcement that took place in the rest of the bible belt when I lived there. It’s business an usual for them in that part of the country. The shame is they have been geting away with it for years

  15. Jim Heaphy Says:

    I like Chihuahuas and most other dogs in general and my own Boston Terrier in particular. A lot. But I hope we all care even more so about nine human lives lost and the associated human carnage among the wounded, the families and the falsely arrested. Thank you, Rebel, for keeping up with your diligent reporting. I check in every day and am grateful for your work.

  16. CH Says:

    key quote———-> “How many of these lawyers who advised the police on scene at the Twin Peaks later represented defendants in the case?”

    Hence part of the silence. IMHO

    FUCK THE PIGS (back to the 60’s/70’s again)


    Cause the fascist forces are depending on the citizens to roll over and get buns up!

    The forefathers of this republic stood up and fought………….
    they lead by example!

    Or be a slave & don’t cry about it!
    so – tar/feather and run the wacko types out of town on a rail………NATIONWIDE!

  17. Paladin Says:


    It’s what you can’t see, that will not only get in your way, but will cause you everlasting sorrow.


  18. TC Says:

    Good ole boyz don’t care about no darn Constitution. It just gets in the way of Texas style police work!

  19. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Hey Sieg.
    I Remember.
    MC5 Right?

  20. Tricky Tramp Says:

    HAW.HAW. Keep on keeping on.
    Get them motherfuckers.

  21. Sieg Says:

    Getting on time to kick-out the jams, motherfucker.


  22. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    Were it not for you, no one, anywhere would know as much about this mess. Maybe the audience right here is ‘limited’ maybe not, but people are listening, and they will be listening. A lot of the damage will never be undone, but some, if not all responsible will wind up answering for Waco in the end. Thank you.
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck the waco corrupt, cowardly pigs and all their CLEAT dick suckers.

  24. Wolfenlover Says:

    Evidently Texas SHOULD succeed! That’s a place I don’t wanna take shots to go to! Fuckin’ another bunch of INBRED bastards, just like where I live!
    They got special HOMES for them here! Let them run Government THERE!
    T O S I A R!

  25. david Says:

    Because lawyers ARE “officers of the court”, it follows they become corrupt officers of the corrupt court, unless the criminal gang in state offices disbar them. One large criminal MOB.

  26. Mad Dog Says:

    Wow, what a steaming pile of incest and conflict of interest.


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