Prosecuting Ozzie And Harriet

August 18, 2015


Prosecuting Ozzie And Harriet

Yesterday in Waco, a judge named James Morgan, ruled that there was probable cause to arrest William and Morgan English, a nice, young couple from Brenham, Texas, for engaging in organized criminal activity. The charge carries a penalty of five to 99 years in prison.

The Englishes had attended a brunch sponsored by the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents on May 17 at the Twin Peaks restaurant. Multiple, informed sources said Judge Morgan did not appear to be drunk.

Morgan based his ruling on the testimony of a Texas Department of Public Safety Lieutenant named Steven Schwartz who indentified a riding group called “Distorted” as a “support club” for the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Schwartz called  the Bandidos a “criminal street gang.” William “Piddle” English belongs to Distorted which has five other members. Morgan English was wearing a vest that described her as a Distorted Old Lady who was “Property of Piddle.”

Forbidden Flair

As is the custom in much of Texas among motorcycle riders, members of Distorted and women associated with members wear a small tab on the front of their club vests that reads, “I Support The Fat Mexican.” The felonious phrase is a reference to the Bandidos logo: A cartoon of a man with a big belly who is wearing a serape and a very heroic sombrero with a revolver in his right hand and a machete in his left.

Shwartz testified both that he had never heard of the Distorted before that day and that he knew that the Distorted was there that day in a “show of support” for the Bandidos. He also testified that of the seven members of the Distorted only William English, who was convicted of driving while intoxicated, has a criminal past. He also testified that the support tab the club members wear proves the Distorted is “somewhat involved in criminal activity.”

Shwartz also testified that the Confederation of Clubs and Independents is front for the Bandidos and that the Bandidos is a “security threat group.”

“Bandidos historically use support groups to do their dirty work so that the Bandidos don’t look bad,” Schwartz testified under oath.

Back In June

Morgan English testified that she drove a car to the restaurant that day, that there was a gun in the car and that she did, in fact, support the Bandidos. She said she left the gun locked in the car after she parked. Under Texas law, it is legal to have a gun in your car when travelling. Her husband testified that he knew there were “some issues” between the Bandidos and members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

William and Morgan English were briefly famous at the beginning of June after their attorney, Paul Looney, negotiated a bond reduction and the couple was released.

They made us all feel like animals, like they herded us,” Morgan English complained at the time.

Her husband said “This whole thing is a sham.  I’m kind of upset that we had to pay to get out of jail when we did nothing wrong.”


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  1. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Natch jim….
    They gone anyways.

    Respects to rebel and the real


  2. Jim666 Says:

    I wouldn’t wast my time 10G,
    They aint worth it.

  3. 10Gauge Says:

    sweep kick Vince and IOMC TREX

    I DO NOT HIDE. I have mentioned many times that I am from No. Cal. You will have no problems finding me. As my friend GOON and I have said for many years to fake and real tough guys alike. We take ALL comers. Bring yo A game. I PLAY FOR KEEPS. Dig?


  4. PJ Says:

    Is there not a single case of:
    – A lawyer with the balls to confront the system;
    – A straight, not affiliated with the Bandidos, Cossacks, or any of their support clubs?

    I mean, they arrested 182 people at the scene. Is there not a single member of a motorcycle ministry, or Combat Veterans Club, or American Legion, or HOG, who can get an examining trial and get at least one charge thrown out?

    One win could open the door –

  5. Mad Dog Says:

    For what it’s worth, which may not be much, I wrote to the Houston Chronicle reporter, thanking him for his coverage and asking why the national media haven’t picked up on this story yet. His reply:

    “Thanks very much for the note. I will do more. Eventually, the national media will pay attention. The national media leap frogs from topic to topic. We’ll get the attention back, I suspect.”

  6. deranged [email protected]$# Says:

    Nos4a2= good stereo type. Funny.. Laughing my ass off at work.

  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    MUCHO GRASSYASS, Rebel! ;) “he’s gone, he’s gone…”

    Can this kind of BS really continue?! The damn sheople are going to wake up
    just a bunch too late! Look at what has already happened by electing a
    MUDSLIME nigger as president?!

  8. david Says:

    The reality of the “judicial dog and pony show” presided over by no-justice Morgan is, the public gets a show, Morgan stays on good terms with the state mob he’s a member of, and the falsely arrested and held get fucked.

  9. the original just me Says:

    Thank you very much for eliminating the distractions. As entertaining as it was, we need to stay focused on the real problem.

    Respects to Rebel and the regulars.

  10. Mad Dog Says:


    Thanks for the link, by the way.

  11. Jim666 Says:

    @ Mad Dog that’s the way I read it also.

  12. Pocket rocket Says:

    Now is the time to get back to the problem that’s going on in Waco if all of the BS keeps going on this problem is going to bite all bikers and MC in the ass let Rebel keep us informed

  13. Mad Dog Says:

    Rojas, thanks for making that important distinction about state of mind. Are you an attorney?

    Also, reading between the lines, I thought Schiller was actually skeptical of the prosecution’s case. He contrasts facts about the defendants that would seem to indicate innocence with the prosecution’s allegations of their involvement in an intentional, coordinated, violence-prone confrontation.

    The last line of the article seems to recognize the judge’s predisposition for the prosecution and that the defendants are facing a stacked deck: “More such hearings are scheduled in coming days, but Monday’s ruling indicates that the judge is giving the nod to prosecutors.”

  14. Hans Says:


    Thanks for pointing that out. It’s quite obvious I read it too quickly and missed the quote and context. That’s what I get for reading Rebels site while on the job, alt-tabbing between it and work! I stand corrected.


  15. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Texas Department of Public Safety Lieutenant named Steven Schwartz testified that the support tab the club members wear proves the Distorted is “somewhat involved in criminal activity.”

    Tell me Stevie:

    Exactly how does a support tab “prove” criminal involvement?

    The only thing proven thus far is your stupidity you low-intelligence dumb fuck.

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