Clendennen, Broden Gagged Again

August 14, 2015

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Clendennen, Broden Gagged Again

All you really need to know about the repulsive corruptness of the official investigation into the Twin Peaks Massacre case in Waco is that Scimitars Motorcycle Club patch holder Matt Clendennen will not be able to speak a public word in his own defense for at least another month. Neither will his lawyer Clint Broden. A month will be the soonest either can speak. It is likely to be longer than that

A week ago, an appeals court ordered the judge who gagged Clendennen and Broden, Judge Matt Johnson, to vacate his order by today. McLennan County District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna, who is Johnson’s former law partner and who dreamed up the gag order as a way to intimidate defense attorneys in the case, appealed the ruling this week. Reyna explained that Clendennen has to forfeit his constitutional rights in order to keep them.

The lying son of a bitch wrote:

“In its conditional grant of Clendennen’s Writ of Mandamus, the Tenth Court of Appeals set a deadline of August 14, 2015 for the trial court to vacate its gag order. Given the paramount importance to the trial rights of Mr. Clendennen and those similarly situated, guaranteed by the Fifth and Sixth Amendments and Article 1, section 10 of the Texas Constitution; the trial court’s affirmative constitutional duty to minimize the effects of prejudicial pretrial publicity enunciated in Gannett; and the seeming divergence of opinion between the Tenth and Fourteen Courts of Appeal, this Court should stay the conditional Writ of Mandamus issued by the Tenth Court of Appeals issued in this case on August 7, 2015, or grant such other emergency relief as requested in this petition.”

Judges Say

Yesterday the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals sided with Reyna. In a terse, two page order the learned judges wrote:

“This Court has determined that this case should be filed and set and the parties should brief the following issues:

“Is the Texas Supreme Court’s holding in Davenport v. Garcia, 834 S.W.2d (Tex. 1992), applicable to gag orders in criminal cases?

“Are the findings supporting the gag order in this case sufficiently specific?

“Is Tenth Court of Appeals’ conditional grant of mandamus relief supported by the law and facts of this case?

“Briefs from relator, respondent, and the real party in interest are due in this Court within 30 days of the date of this order. No motions for extension of time to file will be entertained.”


28 Responses to “Clendennen, Broden Gagged Again”

  1. XYZ Says:

    It’s been more than 6 months… and zip!,719-01&coa=coscca


    Date Filed:

    Case Type:
    Original Writ of Mandamus


  2. TeeDee Says:

    The real question is WWSOAD? ;)

  3. martythe3 Says:

    “Hide witch hide!
    The good folks come to burn thee
    Their keen enjoyment hid behind
    A Gothic mask of duty”.

    Paul Kantner 1970

  4. ak rack Says:

    @Jean: Thanks for clarifying my comment! I don’t speak lawyer so good . . .

    But what I’m wondering is since delay in lifting the gag order is so clearly prejudicial to the Waco 177, does anybody know if Reyna has connections to the Court of Criminal Appeals similar to his connection to Judge Johnson? You know, like one or more members of the court that could conceivably have motive to throw or sell Reyna a favor? I can’t help but wonder if the stay on the lifting the gag order is rigged just like the original gag order might have been. This PRW bullshit has my cynicism red-lined . . .

  5. david Says:

    @Jean D
    Thanks for the clarity on the time frame. Agreed, corrupt DA is truly stalling for time. The 30 day brief filling higher court order, then the ruling time involved, equals better odds of guilty to “something” pleas, therefore NO trials.

    The reality of NO “engaging in organized criminal activity” / capitol murder INDICTMENTS, necessary for any prosecution, clearly indicates a bull-shit NON-prosecution by “gang member Reyna”. No indictments, no case.
    No reason for anyone arrested to plead to anything.

  6. RVN69 Says:

    Gotta keep those defendants and their lawyers quite, can’t let the truth interfere with the “authorities” narative.


    Best to the victims of this travesty of justice.

  7. Jean D Says:

    No one is overruling anyone yet. The higher court is calling for briefs and this takes time. Time is on the side of the DA for the moment, since his main goal in this case seems to be to stall until some defendants agree to plead guilty to something. But in reality if the DA has to prove criminal activity, he’s got a tough case to bring to court.

  8. Irish 1%ER Says:

    Im seriously sad and depressed for the world my children are growing up in and pray their kin will not inherit this shitty police state we call home! It’s time for a revolution, not just a revolution of thought but of righteous action. If our founding fathers were alive today they would be labeled terrorist and probably all be locked up on gang charges. The American dream has been sold out for the American nightmare and I’m afraid most of the country will never wake up! Wake up America it’s time for war! Respects to the real…

  9. ak rack Says:

    Okay, so we know there was a conflict of interest when the gag order got signed in the first place: Reyna and Judge Johnson were law partners and Reyna still contributes to Johnson’s campaigns. But why is the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overruling the Tenth Court of Appeals? Does Reyna have people on the Appeals Court in his pocket?

  10. PJ Says:

    BMW, NOS4A2,

    Other than a few universal, natural laws, the only thing that makes one a ‘criminal’ is the gang in charge gets to decide what is or is not allowed.

  11. NOS4A2 Says:

    I heard the term “Dixie Mafia” yesterday. How befitting.

  12. Outside it all. Says:

    There is nothing new about all this. Its as old as the “human race.” {Lets see who we can FUCK over?} Its every where. CHECK this one out – “Federal Judge of 17 years REPENTS.” To little to late. Some sad shit.

  13. BMW Says:

    The gag orders are being used to allow the corrupt Whaco establishment to control the entire monolog of false and self-serving statements of the lying pig spokes-oinker to remain unopposed by honesty or truth, or even reasonableness. When I reviewed some of the crooked relationships between the law enforcement offenders, I was floored by the incestuous interactions of dishonest businessmen, corrupted city officials, the kangaroo courts and the bribery-prone, double-paid police.

    Prior to the deliberate mass murder of the Branch Davidians by the federales, Whaco had been completely corrupted. Since the locals saw how the federales controlled information to present a false narrative about the massacre, Whaco has become a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah of blatant public and private corruption.

    It has been obvious to any objective observer that the deck has been stacked against the Whaco Hostages. Most of the chicanery has been in plain sight, by local “officials”. There is no active Mob family in Whaco. The public officials and the law enforcement offenders occupy that position in the food chain, leaving little for more traditional criminal conspiracies!

    Year after year, Whaco and Baylor University have been inundated in scandal and public malfeasance. I am sure that the local citizens are completely inured to dishonesty by now.


  14. David Baldwin Says:

    Thank-you Rebel.
    It’s ironic that the charges are criminal conspiracy and capitol murder. As time goes by those charges fit the crime more and more. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for legitimate authority to arrest the conspirators and murderers though.

    As Waco continues to shroud the truth, the criminal conspiracy continues to be documented by the public.

    From the conspirators viewpoint, the gag order is appropriate. It prevents the major players from adding to the charges by gagging the front page liars.

  15. TC Says:

    A bunch of club dude’s Bro’s get murdered by cops and unjustly locked up. Cops are lucky the bikers in those clubs aren’t the kind of men Swanton was telling the media they are (criminals, gangsters, etc) or there would have already been at least some little bit of revenge.

  16. StarvinLarry Says:

    They have not yet figured out how to explain all the rifle shots in guy’s backs from downward angles,and need more time to produce their courtroom film production,and get special experts in to testify that everything in the yet to be written “outlaw biker”compilation of fictional short stories-otherwise known as the indictments happened just like Swanton said it did.
    That’s why they want them to remain unable to speak about the case-it will take a hell of a lot of theatrics and mental gymastics to show that it was anything other than his cops who shot and killed the 9 guys who were shot and killed end up as anything other than it was the cops executed the 9 guys-because that’s how it looks to me.

  17. ak rack Says:

    “Given the paramount importance to the trial rights of Mr. Clendennen and those similarly situated, guaranteed by the Fifth and Sixth Amendments and Article 1, section 10 of the Texas Constitution . . .”

    Since when does Abel Reyna give a rat’s ass about the trial rights or any other kind of rights of Clendennen or any of the others “similarly situated”?

    Lying son of a bitch indeed.

  18. Thunderbird Says:

    It is obvious that Waco is lawless. There is no legitimate justice system in Waco. The sooner we realize this the sooner we get justice for what happened there. No amount of bitches is going to change things.

    People shot in the back? Common sense reveals the facts.

    we are dealing with trained killers… murderers. Rabid minds!

  19. Brad Milch Says:

    Reyna is stalling for time. Just as one of the released biker arrestees recently said, ‘the D.A. (Reyna) doesn’t have a case.

    I’ve never read of ANY prosecutor concerned with a fair trial for any accused. Usually they want to bury someone under the jail in whatever manner it takes to put an accused there.

    I have a suspicion Reyna is enjoying pissing off a lot of people globally each day he manages to drag the ordeal out & middle fingering the ignorant gringos that allowed him to slither into the D.A.’s office in McLennan County. It may be the only thing Reyna will ever claim as an accomplishment whenever his BS games stop & Texas courts begins their own games at trial(s).

    A gusano (worm) cannot display a hand it doesn’t have.

  20. RLG Says:

    Damm yer eyes Anel Reyna!

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Corrupt asshole McLennan County District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna. Apparently it’s ‘okay’ for the pigs to say all they want about what they think happened and label everyone as from a ‘gang’ and all as ‘bad people’ and to pollute the minds of the sheeple, but heaven forbid the gander gets to do the same thing.

    Fuck you Waco justice pieces of shit, every corrupt one of you!

  22. Spectator Says:

    Prejudicial Pretrial Publicity? You mean stuff like good ol’ Swanton spewed on national TV for days? I’ll say it for the 10th time, I’m overcome with joy knowing that these twats are losing more sleep than the bikers. Keep trembling Abel. Your reign is coming to a close. And after payday, one of these bikers will be bidding on your foreclosure.

  23. NOS4A2 Says:

    Its all smoke and mirrors to hide and haggle.
    Gee what do we do now Pete?
    I dunno Reyna!
    Fuck it. Lets feed ’em Swanton.

  24. popeye Says:

    Draw strength from the fact that this case will be twice as painful for the prosecution as it has been for the defendants. There is just too much evidence to cover up completely and in the long run Renya will need to pay the piper. Its all fun and games until the prosecution becomes the defendant and their civil servant jobs are gone.

  25. david Says:

    Most importantly, the people, all members of the public, have a Ninth Amendment PROTECTED Right to know the truth so THEY can decide for THEMSELVES whether bastards like Reyna, Johnson, and Swineton deserve to be removed from office and prosecuted for their crimes, pre-trial, during trial, post trial, or whether there is going to BE a trial or NOT.

    Unrealized by many, in and out of public office, the PEOPLE are the Fourth Branch of government, these so-called “officials” are merely office-holders who can be thrown out of “office”, and the PEOPLE are the real government here.

    The people’s “Right To Know” is paramount, the determining factor whether liars remain in “office”,and the very Right these bastards have absolutely no respect for, as well as NO RESPECT FOR THE PUBLIC they falsely claim to “serve”.

    “When the public’s right to know is threatened, and the rights of free speech are at risk, ALL of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered”, — Chris Dodd

    Every fucking court ruling (OPINION), is just that, an OPINION, not God written in stone truth. These appellate court “black-robe cult” judges are mere men, not God, and the public can over-rule them.

    Piece of shit Reyna, to drag ANY decision out as long as the cover-up liar can, without ANY indictment and THEREFORE no fucking case against Clendennen which Matt has to EVEN PLEAD TO, is putting on a bull-shit show of words of having an interest in avoiding”prejudicial pretrial publicity” when the liar cannot even prosecute ANY alleged felony without a proper indictment! A total asshole to even speak of defendant trial rights when he does not even have a defendant.

  26. CH Says:

    Now Now Tommy…….
    you know your government is your friend and only wants to make your life better and protect you.
    Without your government you would be easy prey for all the boogie men out there!
    Your government knows best!

  27. Tommy Says:

    Corrupt bastards should be hung…..


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