This Morning In Waco

August 7, 2015

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This Morning In Waco

Waco might not get away with it.

So far it has been impossible to know exactly what all it is that Waco has spent the last 83 days hiding because that’s the nature of official secrecy in an institutionally corrupt Dogpatch run by Jack S. Phogbound.

For the last 83 days Waco has been hiding something, maybe many things, about the Twin Peaks Massacre last May 17. For the last 83 days the case has been a black barrel full of question marks.

Right out of the gate, it certainly seems obvious as sunrise that the Waco Police, the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department knew what might happen in advance and either encouraged or failed to prevent an apparent ambush of a dozen or so Bandidos by some unknown number of Cossacks. Or vice versa. It is obvious that the cops knew in advance because they erected pole cameras around the crime scene before the crimes happened. And then after the crimes happened they kept the video evidence secret. And that has led to speculation that has been at best informed and at worst half baked.

Something Happened

One recurring version of what happened, popularized by the Washington Post and the Houston Chronicle, is that the Bandidos came in hot while the Cossacks greeted them as Samoset and Squanto greeted the Pilgrims. Then there was some shooting by somebody and nine men were killed and at least 18 were wounded. All of this bloodshed was recorded by dozens of dash cams, security cams, body cams and cell phone cams as well as the pole cams and most of that footage remains officially secret.

The Post/Chronicle version is that the Bandidos lit the Cossacks up. According to the Post/Chronicle, Cossacks named “Richie” “then Diesel, then Dog” died. An alternative version argues that between seven and a dozen Bandidos were “surrounded and attacked before they could get off their bikes or turn off their ignitions” A Bandido named Manny “Candyman” Rodriguez was “shot first as punches were thrown beside him.” In that version someone “reached over the shoulder of a Cossack” and shot Rodriguez “in the head at point blank range.” In that alternative version, unpublished by the Post or Chronicle, Rodriguez was the first man to die.

Virtually none of the forensic evidence has yet been released. So, it is impossible to know if Rodriguez, or Cossacks Richard Matthew “Richie” Jordan II, Danny “Diesel” Boyett or Charles Wayne “Dog” Russell died the way they have been reported to have died. Or if, say, the police killed them.

Covering Up

Immediately after the bloodbath, officials from all seven of the police forces listed above rounded up all the witnesses, seized their vehicles and their cellphones and sealed the crime scene and the area around the crime scene for days. Then the witnesses were intimidated with million dollar bonds and further punished. According to the Post/Chronicle account, Jordan’s stepfather, a Cossack officer named Owen “Big O” Reeves was invited by a Bandido to bring many hungry Cossacks to the Twin Peaks that Sunday for a peace powwow and brunch. The same account portrays Reeves as an instigator of the fight between members of the two clubs. A single source told The Aging Rebel in May that Reeves, “when in jail, attempted to say he was undercover.” There have been impossible to refute accounts that undercover lawmen and contract employees were there and in biker costume when the bloodshed started.

Of course everyone’s good name, including Reeves, could be cleared if only Waco, state and federal officials weren’t so actively engaged in suppressing and potentially destroying evidence and spinning the story to their own advantage. Nobody in Waco seems to give a damn about justice.

Suppressed Evidence

Defense attorneys have tried a couple of strategies to get a look at the actual evidence in the case – the many videos, the autopsies and the forensic evidence. Dallas attorney Clint Broden, for example, subpoenaed video from both the Twin Peaks restaurant and the Don Carlos restaurant on the other side of the parking lot. A Waco judge named Matt Johnson couldn’t find a reason to quash the subpoenas but he did slap Broden and his client, a Scimitar Motorcycle Club member named Matthew Clendennen, with a gag order on June 30.

The McLennan County District Attorney, Abelino “Abel” Reyna had been threatening for weeks to gag defense attorneys who made too much noise. Some lawyers became quiet as little mice but not all. When Broden refused to sit down and shut up Reyna asked his former law partner, Judge Johnson, to silence him. Since this was Waco, Johnson did. Johnson didn’t do it to ensure fair trials for the 177 defendants in the case. He did it as part of a concerted effort to continue to hide whatever it is that everybody in Waco has been hiding for almost three months. Ask Richard Nixon how that worked out for him.

Broden and the attorneys for 16 additional defendants requested what Texas calls “examining trials” for their clients. Examining trials are strategically important for defenders in Texas because they allow attorneys an early look at aome of the evidence. Prosecutors must either “discover” evidence to the accused or let him go. A judge or magistrate decides how much evidence is enough but when the examining trials start there is an excellent chance that at least some of Waco’s secrets will be revealed.

A buffoonish justice of the peace named Walter H. “Pete” Peterson illegally signed the original arrest warrants for the witnesses who were jailed after the Twin Peaks Massacre. Peterson’s conduct was so blatantly illegal that Waco hired him a lawyer But Peterson still planned to preside over all the examining trials – except Clendennen’s because Broden successfully sued to stop that.

This Morning’s News

This morning the official censorship in Waco began to falter. First an appeals court told Judge Johnson to lift the gag order on Broden and Clendennen. The higher court told Johnson he could stall for another week but then Broden and Clendennen must be allowed to talk about the case. Almost simultaneously Peterson announced that he had “changed his mind” and would no longer preside over any of the examining trials. A retired judge named James E. Morgan will decide what evidence the defense attorneys can see.

Nothing really changed today. Broden still can’t speak and 177 people have still been extrajudicially punished for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What happened today was a reaffirmation that all of the United States of America, even Texas, even Waco is a part of a nation governed by law, not by corrupt nepotism. Implicit in the ongoing official coverup is the undeniable notion that Waco has had something to hide. As the examining trials unfold America might begin to glimpse what that is. Clint Broden can finally begin to tell the country what he thinks Waco has been hiding sometime next week.

Eventually the secrets that have been hidden and the lies that have been told might be exposed.


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  1. XYZ Says:

    Interesting comments on Waco Tribune site about how the delaying tactics are further damaging the children of the deceased bikers.

    “While they are covering their butts families are being denied completed death certificates so therefore can’t recieve payments from life Insurance & kids can’t get what they need and deserve to recieve from SS. These families need that money. In our case 2 of the children start college in just a few days.”

  2. Liberty Says:

    Visiting judge sets examining trials in biker cases

    “After three months of complaints, accusations, recusals and resets, a visiting judge on Tuesday approved a revised examining trial schedule for 17 bikers arrested in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout.”

    “Broden withdrew his request for an examining trial on Clendennen’s behalf earlier this week, Peterson said.”

    Not sure what that is about but Broden seems to know what he is doing. First ones on August 17… 3 months after Twin Peaks.

  3. Mama G Says:

    Brad Mich I want to make it very clear in no way am I comparing Waco to Ferguson. The circumstances of each situation are not comparable in any way shape or form. What I am saying is that a piss ant little journalists gets arrested at McDonalds and its news but Waco isn’t? Furthermore, it is MY opinion, which could be wrong, that there is more than enough details to report some heavy hitting truth telling actual gdamn news without the need to talk to the victims of Waco or any of the clubs. All of which we are all very aware of so there is no need to list them. If Rebel can spend the last few months working his ass off to bring us the truth and keep the story in the light to the best of his ability then one of these other so called journalists should grow some balls and help carry the load.

    It is entirely possible you were not referring to me personally but I felt the need to make that point known. I am, like the rest of you, angry and disgusted by what has/is gone/going on in Waco and I want the bastards who caused all of this to be given a number and passed around like fresh meat in prison for months/years to come.

  4. XYZ Says:

    Thanks Liberty.

  5. Liberty Says:


    Well… Reyna has filed for a stay on removal of Gag order this Friday, Aug 14. An Appeal for Appeals Court to reconsider their decision.

    They just keep digging deeper… but hoping for a fast response from Broden and decision.

  6. david Says:

    The large picture is the important one. The motivation and purpose BEHIND the ambush needs to be questioned.

    The May 17th. massacre planned and executed by un-elected DPS Director McCraw is the larger Waco picture, as opposed to the smaller activities of the “McLennan County Gang” of “criminal” justice clowns, after the fact.

    Steve McCraws’ MOTIVES for conducting the criminal ambush assault should warrant investigation by interested parties. The corrupt “Waco Gang” obviously had/have the money motivation, yet, what was/is DPS role in the murders, AND did McCraw actually retire from his FBI Supervisory Special Agent position before being appointed DPS Director, or is he STILL a Federal Agent while in a state public office?

    If McCraw did not retire, then Texas, as a state, actually no longer exists.

  7. rojas Says:

    In theory, in compliance with the Michael Morton Act, pretrial discovery in Texas should be the most comprehensive and robust in the nation. In Waco, where rape is inevitable and abuse of discretion is the rule, the DA’s office and those he affectionately calls “Our Gang” continue to play hide the ball.

    In the Morton, case the Rick Perry’s golden boy, ex DA John Bradley became radioactive. Only time will tell if the same fate is in store for “Our Gang”.

    A responsible media should be reporting, analyzing and disseminating information through this prism. Is “Our Gang” in Waco compliant with MMA and are they seeking justice? I think it’s clear they fail this test.

    Scott Henson has been a tireless advocate for reform of the justice system in Texas. He interviews Amanda Marzullo, Policy Director for the Texas Defender Service, about emerging issues with the MMA. A transcript is on his site.

    Pertinent to “Our Gang”

    SH: All right. So, your report examined emerging issues with the implementation of the Act. So let’s talk about a few of them. One section is on law enforcement practices. Tell us about your findings there.

    MM: I guess, in a nutshell, the big issue is that a lot of counties hadn’t really worked out procedures for law enforcement to coordinate with the prosecution. Now, the Morton Act applies not only to information that the prosecutor possesses, but also to information that’s held by the state and that includes law enforcement agencies. So, there needs to be an emphasis on law enforcement to be recording and preserving information as it’s collected and insuring that they turn over a comprehensive set of materials to the prosecutor and some counties actually did this quite well. There are counties that had Power Point presentations that they used for trainings with local police officers [which say that] they would require at the time that cases are submitted for prosecution that the law enforcement officer sign an affidavit or a form saying that they understand their requirements and that their disclosure to the prosecutor is complete. And then in Travis County they had this itemized list that was actually quite impressive that really identified all the different types of materials that could warrant disclosure under the Morton Act and, you know, reminding law enforcement officers that they need to be on the lookout for all of these materials and gathering them.

    SH: You know, just as an example, I remember back in the Tulia Cases, it turned out when they went and found the personnel files at agencies where Tom Coleman had worked previously before he had been on the Drug Task Force in Tulia, they found that he had been in trouble for stealing from local vendors at one place. And there were all of these red flags that you might have known [about] if you somehow had access to all that and in that case it wasn’t because they were closed records, it was just that no one had looked. But in any event, so what are other emerging issues? We are just looking here through the report; timing of discovery was your next section. Tell us about the issues there. It’s basically how early do you get it. Do you get it before or after indictment? Is that right?

    MM: That’s the big issue. I mean there are other delays that some district attorney’s offices write into their policies, but the big one or what most jurisdictions would say is that it would be after an indictment or the filing of a complaint if we are looking at misdemeanor charges. And that’s just not consistent with the statute. The statute says that it needs to be turned over as soon as practicable after a request. And that’s the only requirement, but in terms of its effect on the defense, it could [create] a lot of prejudice that the time period between arrest and indictment varies greatly between the type of case and the jurisdiction, the resources available to the prosecutor. And during that time, let’s say, you know, in some cases it’s several months, witnesses’ memories fade and it does severely affect the defense’s ability to investigate and preserve evidence for trial or for use at any point in the proceedings.

    SH: So, I guess right now when someone is arrested, and we sort of went through a little of this when we were discussing the Grand Jury issues not long ago, you have a right, if they do not take your case to the Grand Jury, you can ask for an examining trial now. And before the Michael Morton Act, that would have been where you might first get access to the evidence. What you are saying is now even without that, you can ask for it at any point in time and simply requesting it triggers all these obligations, regardless of where you are in the pretrial process.

    MM: Exactly.

    SH: Except some prosecutors aren’t abiding by that?

    MM: Yes, and I mean, there is a divergence of practice. There are some jurisdictions; I believe Tarrant County is one of them, that turn over information to the defense almost as soon as they are able to obtain it, regardless of what happens in the case. And then there are other counties that really hold off on this.

  8. Brad Milch Says:

    Some people are comparing Ferguson to Waco & suggesting Swanton, his boss, Reyna & Peterson be detailed to that area to fix things in a jiffy. We already know how they operate. Kick CNN & Fox out of the area & fill the morgue with dead protestors shot in the head & upper chest, fill the county jails with whoever was present at the protests where gunfire erupted,confiscate their cell phones & vehicles, hold a press conference & blame it all on the protesters. Then piss on the press when asking for transparency data.

    Yep, them Texas boys know how to deal with people bunching up in public places.

    Some folks are ‘just sayin’….

  9. Richard Weathers Says:

    Ok. I so appreciate the aging rebel for his commitment to the truth and for not being afraid to stand alone against the mainstream media.
    The fact is that the mainstream media outlets are not reporting because the bikers are not talking. Many media outlets have reached out to red and gold but they are refusing to speak to them and here is why.
    1. Anybody who has ever spoken to media knows that they can and will take anything you say and put there own spin on it or use it out of context.
    2. The conditions of there bail keep them from speaking to one another so they don’t know if what they say could have any discrepancy from someone else’s story. Any detail could be made into something huge.
    3. It is also known and understood that if the media were to publish anything in favor of any club member, would almost certainly cause that media outlet to retract previous statements. NOBODY LIKES ADMITTING THEY WERE WRONG.
    Just thought I would share that.
    The media campaign that the Waco PD launched immediately following the events on May 17th, Was a textbook lesson in how to win in the court of public opinion. It was executed almost flawlessly. The number weapons recovered at the scene was ever changing and yet the number of legally carried firearms or firearms that were recovered from vehicles will never be released. They shed light in the number of knives recovered but never mentioned the fact that its not illegal to carry a knife or that most men carry a knife of some sort in Texas. I am in awe that they eve tried to start new terminology with the term “assault style knife”. LOL that is just funny.
    My big question still remains here. The Bandidos are the second largest club in the U.S. and the biggest in Texas….. If they were expecting trouble and were expecting to the Cossacks to be there… Does it eve make sense to show up in a group of only six or seven? I mean you would definitely think that a club, in there home state, and there mother chapter that close by, would show up with a lot more member for at least a “show of force”.
    This whole thing is a joke and the Justice system in Waco will pay dearly when it’s all over. They are going to be the reason for the City going bankrupt. If I was the president at Baylor, I might start looking for some real estate in another city because it is going to be very expensive to remain where they are.

  10. Mama G Says:

    I got it:

    just imagine what happens when no one is looking….” Maybe you can explain why 177 Biker were arrested for being WITNESSES in Waco Texas on May 17th and to this day Waco PD, McClellan County refuse to release evidence.
    The media was quick to spew the propaganda churned out by WACO PD that day but while American citizens were having their civil rights violated, held on “Send a message” million dollar bails not one media outlet cared enough about these people to TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THAT DAY!! I urge you to do some true journalistic research and tell the truth about the lives destroyed and the massive corrupt cover up that continues to this day. There are many people who believe because no one of color was a victim of rampant corruption that day the media does not care to tell the truth. What do you think? Are Americans whose lives have been destroyed by a corrupt group of law enforcement not worth your time?

  11. Mama G Says:

    So I am scrolling my news feed and i come across this Huffington Post story

    Statement On Charges Against HuffPost Reporter Ryan Reilly From Arrest In Ferguson
     3 minutes ago

    And being the curious person I am, I read the story. As I am reading it, this line about “what happens when no one is looking….” jumps out at me and the next thing ya’ know I am pissed. Really!!??? What happens when no one is looking?? Well 177 AMERICANS WERE KIDNAPPED, 9 WERE MURDERED AND 18 WERE WOUNDED AND PEOPLE WERE LOOKING!!! At least for the first 15 seconds of bullshit spewed by the Swine. So…..i commented. I asked why they couldn’t be bothered to care about what took place in Waco and suggested maybe they do some journalistic research and look into telling the story of continuing corruption, refusal to release evidence, “send a message” million dolls bails, etc. I have been trying to copy and paste my comment but either my phone is possessed (she is sometimes) or Huffington Post site won’t cooperate so here is a link to the place I put my comment.

    The article is about two journalists in Ferguson sitting at a McDonald’s. Not sure that my comment will spark any interest, I can only hope. I have lost count how many media outlets, journalists etc I have reached out to but I keep trying. Reb kicks ass but good God man someone else step up to the fucking plate and tell the world what the hell is going on in Waco. Corrupt sons of bitches need to burn in hell for what they have done!! Those bastards could never suffer enough in my book. Hell, I even tried to get the Wilamette Week to look into it. They are always good for some truth telling in this neck of the woods.

    Much respect to those who deserve it. And, forgive my unlady like tongue. I try never to swear when posting, which is funny because I am not that way when I talk.

  12. old & stoned Says:

    @ rescheduling- just fucking wow. they are scurryin’ like lil blind mice.

    keep at ’em boys!

  13. Liberty Says:

    If I post link it goes into moderation? So copied and pasted here instead. Very Interesting! Re-scheduled for next Monday.

    “Dallas – The attorney for Matthew Clendennen, a Twin Peaks defendant who was scheduled for an examining trail today, Monday, August 10, agreed to waive his client’s right to the pre-trial procedure in exchange for sweeping changes to his conditions of bond.

    F. Clinton Broden filed an agreement in 54th Criminal District Court that would call for:

    1) Any curfew restriction on Mr. Clendennen be removed in its entirety.

    2) Any travel restriction on Mr. Clendennen be limited to travel outside the State of Texas.

    3) The condition placed on Mr. Clendennen to “[t]otally avoid the consumption of any alcoholic beverages” be removed in its entirety.

    4) Any restrictions limiting Mr. Clendennen’s right to (be) associated with other “Members or Associates of any motorcycle clubs” be amended to allow him to meet with and converse with John Wilson or employees of Legend Cycles of Waco, Texas for the purpose of selling his motorcycle.

    When time for the examining trial came at 2 p.m. today, Monday, August 10, it was learned that Judge James Morgan had reset all examining trials in the Twin Peaks biker shooting melee of May 17. A clerk in the Justice Court of Judge Pete Peterson said Judge Morgan is “unavailable this week.” There is no information when the examining trials will be set. More details as they become available.

    Reached for comment, First Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarret said, “As far as we’re concerned, that gag order is still in effect.” Judge Matt Johnson has seven days in which to vacate the order. “I can’t get into specifics.” An attorney defending an identical case said it is rumored the Clendennen examining trial will be re-set for a week from today, Monday, August 17. “No one really knows which judge will hear the cases,” he said.”

  14. Liberty Says:

    old & stoned…

    Each and every biker agreed upon release that they would not talk to the media, other bikers or publicly about what happened… under threat of re-arrest. No one wants to go back to jail. They are basically limited by location and a curfew, plus no alcohol! Combined with the ankle monitor. Horrible conditions!

    The Gag order was on Clendennen and all attorneys in his case only. That gag order has been struck down by the appeals court and the judge who placed it must remove it by this Friday or the Appeals Court with take action. Broden is going after the judge on not making the Twin Peaks video public, that was a separate agreement.

    Broden is leading the way and once he clears the traffic ahead, many can fall in behind, unless they are determined to have started something at Twin Peaks, had illegal weapons or drugs, even in their car or previous arrests. Also anything on their phone. Total injustice.

  15. Steel Says:

    Let’s hope that Broden gets the metadata from the security cameras, assuming they are digital which more are today there is metadata, and that will help make sure that the imagery hasn’t been tampered with. Given the way this thing has gone, not farfetched to think that the authorities are busily editing video taken from the scene. Still hoping that real justice will prevail. Thanks for the reports Rebel. Quality work.

    Respects to the deserving


  16. Base Says:

    Considering the arrest & detainment was completely illegal. It would be real hard to think or believe anything coming from Waco would even be considered fare & or legal.

    Or warrant a citizen to follow any gag order made by that group of people.

    I as many have stated hear would find it hard to sit on my hands why my world around me burned at the hands criminals.

    At the least maybe more 2nd,3rd hand knowledge.

    Are there that many drones in Waco?

  17. CH Says:

    Tell ya what — I wouldn’t shut up & there would be nothing short of death to make me shut up.

    I for the life of me just can not understand why way, way more “twin peaks VICTIMS OF THE POLICE” are not speaking out.

    Too frightened???? REALLY??? geeeeeeeez…… if that’s the case, must be a far larger shortage of bollocks in this country than I ever imagined.

    FPAJOTP (Punk ass justice of the peace)

  18. old & stoned Says:

    Liberty – i was under the impression a universal “shut up” was part of bonding out. I could be wrong,, often am.

  19. Liberty Says:

    Good explanation of “Examining Trial”

    All postponed until week… again.

  20. Liberty Says:

    Examining Trials for this week postponed to next week according to Waco Tribune reporter Tommy Witherspoon from twitter reply on

    “The ones set for this week have been postponed until next week.
    8:07 AM – 10 Aug 2015”

    old & stoned… I believe gag order was only on the Clendennen case plus any bikers who were arrested speaking directly to press but other biker attorneys can express what they were told by their clients.

  21. old & stoned Says:

    i find it somewhat interesting that in the latest Wacko-Trib article, another narrative saying who shot who, pointing at R&G. apparently the ‘gag’ order either has minute cracks in that allow one to say “they did it”, but nothing else,, or they’re still trying to manipulate and redirect the narrative.

    anyone filed complaints about their ‘scrubbed’ phones yet,,? “mebbe if we scrub all the phones,, give ’em back cleaned, since they’re not evidence anymore,, then we didn’t tamper with said ‘evidence’. too bad about your contacts list and family fotos,,”

  22. Brad Milch Says:

    Again @Meh:

    More food for thought: nothing brings in big Federal dollars into a town or city better than a disaster. Usually the area’s Mayor & those in leadership positions on up the food chain (Governors, Senators, Congressmen)plus charity relief organizations are quite prompt in begging the Feds for assistance funds.

    Waco’s area has had two disasters in the last few years: the fertilizer plant explosion & the biker massacre.

    Most people will blame the Feds for the evil perpetrated against them in America because of its past history of deceit & deception without looking closer to the ground around them.

    In other words, if a town’s hotels, motels, museums, zoos, whorehouses, drug trade & street whores aren’t bringing in the desired income a disaster sure will. I’m sure Waco has plenty in power positions itching to trade their Kia’s in for a BMW.

    Just sayin’

  23. Brad Milch Says:

    @ Meh:

    I was thinking the same thing. To keep a total lid on the massacre would seem to mandate eliminating all the shooters before they start talking to their honeys or jumping at big money interviews, book deals, etc. Men are notorious for running their mouths (bragging) & women are too. Keeping a secret among 2 or more persons is one of the most difficult challenges people face globally. The mob historically has eliminated their multiple shooters quickly after the crime. Solo shooters were often kept a bit longer.

    If any of the shooters were military they could easily be kept quiet by receiving the military’s own version of a gag order & threatened with a court martial. Such orders usually last until the serviceman or woman departs the service. Then they can talk (if not killed upon separation). Such a military gag order was given to the naval autopsy staff following JFK’s autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital following his ambush & murder in Dallas way back in 1963. The order wasn’t lifted until the HSCA investigation in 1978.

    All of the non-military cops present at Twin Peaks worked for some level of Texas state or the Federal governments. We all live under Uncle Sam’s shadow. The Federal government is important to Waco as evidenced by that city’s budget planners already announcing their intention to beg for Federal funds to cover the costs of mass arresting & prosecuting some or all of them.

    Big heads will roll if any of the shooters talk. Big heads can’t afford that happening to them. It will not surprise me that if & when LEO Twin Peaks massacre participants start turning up missing or dead the bikers again will be blamed for it.

  24. Meh Says:

    “Ask Richard Nixon how that worked out for him.”

    He was pardoned then retired in wealth and comfort to write books. The G.I.s who died, wounded, or made POW on his (extended by war to win the election) watch did less well.

    Blowback from Waco may happen but expect the system to protect most of its own, even if just to shut them up.

  25. TXBiker Says:

    @TC All of Texas is not like Waco, I have been here nearly 10 years and a patch holder for 7 years. I have never been hassled much here. I do agree that Justice does not exist in Waco and that city should be avoided like the plague….

  26. TC Says:

    With no one being held accountable for the murder/slaughter of over 75 men, women, children, infants, and the destruction of mounds of evidence and video in the first Waco massacre it’s doubtful anyone will be held accountable for Waco 2 and what I believe will be yet another mass destruction of evidence. Texas is OBVIOUSLY a Constitution Free Zone. Personally, I’d suggest avoiding the area like the plauge.

  27. T Hell Says:

    Even with Swineton and ilk trying ever so desperately to plug every hole in this dam with every digit they have the truth will eventually trickle thru, one thing that does not get mentioned is that since the onset of this farce every law school and every legal think tank in the U.S. has discussed this case and have been in mutual agreement that this has been a civil rights clusterfuck from the get go, yet not one of them has had the integrity to come forward and stand up for the true victims of the Waco massacre what that says is that they are continuing to churn out lawyers, leaders, and politicians that are taught that the most important rule is not justice but just us. If this continues it will one day end badly for those on the wrong side, I know to which side I belong.

  28. Wolfenlover Says:

    WOW, I’m surprised “xplor” ain’t here blaming the RED&GOLD! vincy 1-inchy seemed
    to back you up before, so are ya’ll “butt-buddies”?! You, “xplor”(like IZOD, a
    fuckin’ SHIRT Co., take your name from a TRAVEL Co.) have NO imagination?! I
    feel you must be a Urine Odor “Suck Buddie”!!! What, can’t afford the $200.00?
    Hey, ya fuck! You started laying blame on friends of mine, when this started,
    & you still post NEWSPAPER SHIT! FUCK YOU, YOU POS! You haven’t a CLUE as to the
    REALITY of REALITY! Go back to sucking “vincy’s little 1” dick, & stay off a
    real biker site.

  29. Johnny D Says:

    83 days of lies, distortions, cover-ups, and attempts to silence witnesses. Since the inception of the Patriot Act, our nation has become subject to rule by the faceless security state. The label of hero has been tossed around freely to include anyone in public service. Now the general public believes any press release generated by official sources. Any media questioning LEAs is cut off from the press releases. They continue to refer to “motorcycle gangs” even while starting to report the truth. Why is it a prerequisite to reporting to parrot the official line. The video shows that even while telling the victim’s stories they repeat the gang violence claims of the police. The AG of Texas is under indictment. The judges in the county are in collusion. The wheels of justice will turn slowly in Texas. Rebel and other bloggers are the only hope of keeping this travesty in the public eye.

  30. Austin Says:

    @troyez Love it ” Even Stevie Wonder could see how unfair this looks,” said the prominent criminal defense lawyer.”

  31. david Says:

    The most probable top-pig who engineered the assault, Texas Dept. of “Public Safety”, DPS Director Steve McCraw, for the following substantive reasons:

    1) Steve McCraw returned to the DPS after a 21 year “career” as a FBI Special Agent, a Supervisory(read:top) Special Agent “ORGANIZED CRIME” Unit Chief. No one fucking higher, or more in charge, than Steve “Top Pig” McCraw in the “Organized Crime” Unit.

    2) McCraw ALSO held the position of FBI Assistant Director of its’ “Office of Intelligence” in Wash.,District of Crime.

    3) McCraw ALSO held the position of the FBI’s “Inspection Division” where he OVERSAW (read:controlled) evaluation of FBI operations, “strategic PLANNING” and “execution”.

    4) Gov. Perry “appointed”, no election, McCraw the state’s homeland security DIRECTOR in 2004.

    5) Appointed DPS Director in 2009 after said 21 yr. “career” as an FBI pig-agent.

    Being well versed, and well taught in strategic operational planning, Top Boar McCraw is MORE than likely the engineer of all events before, during and after May 17th., including but not limited to, the pre-plan, the “execution” of said plan, the entire cover-up, destruction of evidence, the PAYMENTS to Under-Covers and Confidential Informants, and last but not least, FBI money channeled to PROSECUTE everyone.

    The D.C. FBI criminals have paid for state prosecutions in the past, and think they are doing the prosecution funding now.

  32. Mama G Says:

    Hopefully the civil rights attorney that Brodens firm has teamed up with will destroy every single criminal badge wearing and elected official involved in the murder, attempted murder and kidnapping that took place May 17th.

    My heart still aches for all of those who had their lives destroyed by all parties involved in the tragedy at Twin Peaks.

    PS….no way I believe ANY of the evidence that will eventually be presented to the defense attorneys will be true, honest, factual evidence. I firmly believe it will be false and that all video will be severely altered.

    Respect to all who deserve it and a huge thank you to Rebel for your continued commitment to the truth, as well as, all of those of you who regularly post intelligent articulate comments. I appreciate you all very much.

  33. troyez Says:

    As an addendum to your story here’s an article I just found.
    You’ve undoubtedly already seen it but for anyone else out there, look at the bottom of the article if you want to see the actual court paperwork granting the lifting of the gag order (Pet Writ Mandamus!).

  34. old & stoned Says:

    this shit is incredible. one excuse proffered by DA is troopers momma died. wait a second, bitch,, people had loved ones buried while you held them hostage for millions of dollars,,, not to mention illegally,, “made arrangements thru his court staff”,, sneaky slimey cunt.

    Yea, how ’bout the already evident evidence tampering,,

    i’m waiting for swanton to crack like dorner did.

  35. Jim666 Says:

    Gotta go w/ Sieg on this Im sure a lot will be omitted from the films and stricken from and reports before it is “if it is ” released.



  36. rojas Says:

    Anther day, another abuse of discretion.

    “He said some of those arrested have been given their cellphones back and they all were returned “scrubbed like factory resets,” or with data wiped out.”

  37. Tomo Says:

    Every time I’ve read about the defence lawyers and their clients in Waco,TX,a variation on the same thought pops into my head:
    “I wonder if the defence lawyer and/or their client has bodyguards to keep them safe from the law enforcement in that town?”

  38. Brad Milch Says:

    The Waco judicial & law enforcement system spat out a lot of venom in the past two months that has so far allowed them to hide information from the press & public mandated by Texas law to be disclosed (such as full autopsy reports). This was done by whining to Texas State Attorney Ken Paxton & tossing the ball over to him for Opinions. The press & the public still waiting for Paxton’s response has had to live with Reyna & cronies piss all over their clothes.

    Meanwhile, Paxton has his head in a guillotine. If convicted of any of the 3 felony charges pending against him, his days as a lawyer & working for the Texas government are over. He won’t be able to own a firearm either.

    In the meantime, it is possible to work with the 1 released Don Carlos surveillance restaurant video & the Don Carlos patron’s cellphone video to get a good working hypothesis of how the attack went down…. The 1st couple of Waco PD responders visible in the video do not indicate they are under fire. Hand signals they give to someone left of camera seem to indicate that the ambush came from the area of the very front of the Don Carlos or Twin Peaks side parking lots(directly across from the Twin Peaks registration tent) and/or the grassy area alongside the service road where bullet casings were photographed.

    The only other directional hand gestures seen in the 1st Don Carlos video is cops pointing to the mall parking lot area (where the majority of the ‘bikers’ in the video ran). We can’t see if any round-ups are occurring or not, nor can we tell how many ‘bikers’ that ran towards the mall were apprehended or left the scene.

    Several minutes passed before Swat, DPS & BATFE personnel start appearing. If they were present during the shooting they sure as hell didn’t respond in a timely manner (maybe they were busy humping each other’s legs).

    At this point, I believe the Bandidos were followed off the Interstate & attacked from the access road first, which followed by someone in or around the vehicles at the access road side of TP & DC. Vehicle damage can be seen in some online photos at that position.

    Whatever Mr. Broden & the other attorneys involved in this matter can get released to the public will only aid in establishing the truth of what happened. The public will study the materials & comment on them.

    Waco officials began pissing on the public & the press from the 1st TV press conference. It’s obvious to a multitude of people that jury contamination & fair trials are NOT their intentions. Their intentions are to cover-up what THEY did as they hide behind the innocent patsies THEY created.

    Like the rest of us, Mr. Broden got his clothes soiled by Waco legal system piss & I have no doubts it offends him as much as it does the rest of us concerned with the police action taken against innocent civilians dining at a public restaurant a little over 2 months ago.

    As a highly skilled Court officer, it probably offends Mr. Broden even more than the rest of us.

  39. Sieg Says:

    Good stuff, Rebel, keep pushing these scumbags.

    Still not convinced that when the “evidence” is released, it will be the actual film of what happened, and not a Bollywood-movie version of what the pigs want the public to see.

    And still, almost two hundred people with their lives destroyed, nine dead, and not a single pig of ANY rank, has been brought to justice.

    Get the rope.


  40. BadMonk Says:

    While it’s a travesty of justice that an appellate court needed to be involved (at an early stage in the proceedings), at least they appellate justices got it right. It’s good to read that more defense attorneys are also in the mix. The more the merrier, right? Still…it blows my mind every time I read what’s going on in Waco, like it’s a third world country instead of the U S. Broden and the rest need to keep on pushing on the official bastards until they find their lying asses in jail for a long time.

  41. ak rack Says:

    Really fine reporting man. Thanks!

  42. XYZ Says:

    This is a turning point. A big embarrassment, IMHO.

    Reyna’s father’s former appellate court is telling Reyna, Jr. and Reyna Jr.’s former law partner/current District Court Judge the gig is up.

    There is activity on the civil side in Dallas as well, including an interesting subpoena and motion to quash. Answer are due soon in another. Dallas is not Waco.

    You can blow out a candle
    But you can’t blow out a fire
    Once the flames begin to catch
    The wind will blow it higher

    Peter Gabriel

  43. TC Says:

    Sad when those sworn before God and Country to protect our Constitution against domestic enemies turn out to be THE biggest domestic enemies. I wonder if as so many citizens do, they consider themselves the TRAITORS that they are?

  44. old & stoned Says:

    good news, but i’m sure they’ll try to pull another rabbit outta their asses, like, maybe the examining trials deemed ‘secret’ to rewrap it with fresh ‘chickenshit’

    Go! Broden! git dem sumbitches.

  45. Brad Milch Says:

    Of all the words I have read to describe Waco’s LEO & judicial system key personnel, two stand out the most accurate.

    One is ‘arrogant’. Waco’s spokesmen on TV & in the press have consistently displayed an attitude that has been ‘in your face’ & ‘got a problem with that?’ beginning with Swanton’s 1st news conference in which he slandered all Twin Peaks patrons present during the ambush as ‘ruthless criminals’ that had supposedly come to Waco from other Texas cities & towns to harm the town with violence. The tone was clear; if not from Waco, one was a stranger. Unwanted stranger. No Texas pride in Wacoville. Not only is Waco its own state, it’s a nation unto its self. I’m expecting to learn any day that the entire section of Earth & water has succeeded from the USA. Maybe they have plans to box it up & have UPS ship the city to the moon? Who knows.

    The second word that describes Waco best (in my opinion) is a toss up between fascist or Nazi.

    History has taught us that Nazis & fascists never seem to go away; no matter how many Eisenhaurers, Bradleys & Pattons a nation sends in to destroy the evil systems, the mind cancer always returns.

    So does Karma. What does around comes around. Always.

    As always, spectacular online investigative journalism on your part, Rebel.

  46. VikingTrotter Says:

    such bullshit


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