George “Georgie” Christie III

August 6, 2015

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George "Georgie" Christie III

George “Georgie” Christie III, a former vice-president of the Ventura charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, suddenly and unexpectedly died last night in his sleep.

Christie was the son of former Ventura charter president George Christie and Cheryl Christie. He was much less publically prominent than his father. Along with both his parents and other members and associates of his former club he was indicted on February 26, 2001 for sales of controlled substances and conspiracy. The indictment culminated a three year undercover investigation. Between them, the father, mother and son were charged with 55 counts. He was sentenced to three years probation in April 2002.

George Christie III is also survived by his sister Moriya, his half sister Aubree, his half brother Finn and his fiancé Andrea Baradat.

George Christie III was just 39-years-old. He died dreaming.

Requiscat in Pace


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  1. L4stR1d3 Says:

    The kind of disrespect shown here would cost you a trade..your eye socket with a padlocked hanky. If you ever tried to pawn yourself as a member, you would be in links an surfing the asphault behind an F-250.

  2. Sue Porter Says:

    Fuck him and his rat father!

  3. rollinnorth Says:

    De mortuis nihil nisi bonum.


  4. VTA Says:

    Georgie was a piece of work an now he’s gone we start out innocent and end up they way we do by choice… RIP soon pop will meet up with ya……

  5. Vinny one inchy Says:

    I got a me a micro penis and a supporter shirt.

  6. Cassandra j Says:

    May his memory be eternal. Its cliche to say but I’m sure he’s in a much better place, miles and miles of road ready to be riden upon. His spirit will be forever watching over those he loved

  7. Mail man Says:

    I’m very sorry for loss no word can I gave you

  8. Factor Says:


    I seldom chime in here. I’ve been a reader of Rebel’s blog for the past few years, most often being content to only read his excellently written stories and see what opinions others have on events or news. However 55, your post hit so close to home that I need to put my thoughts into writing on this page. You are frankly, the first person in years who has ever been able to articulate exactly how I’ve felt.

    I lost my two and a half year-old daughter, my only child, to an act of violence several years ago. Since that day I can only describe my life as an existence revolving around killing time, nothing more. I ceased to give a f**k about anything or anyone on that day. For a time, once the initial shock wore off (which in and of itself took almost a year), I turned my rage inward. It doesn’t take much to imagine the results of that. My rage was also directed outward at times, and only God could help the person on the receiving end of that. I now completely avoid being anywhere near a situation where that could occur. I my miss my days riding with my brothers, but for their sake and my own it was even necessary to remove myself from that circle, on good terms. In essence, my life is a mere shell of what it once was, and will never be again.

    I’m not coming here for sympathy from anyone. Believe me, those words are appreciated but most people will never, should never, understand what it is like to lose a child. I am here to say thank you and maybe to offer a bit of advice. Thank you 55, for just helping me to remember that there are others out there. That alone makes a world of difference.

    To anyone with a similar experience, know that although I cannot fathom your own pain I can empathize with you. As negative as it my sound this is a road you’re going to ride, for the most part, alone. There is no map and nobody will be able to give you the exact directions. However, along the way you will definitely meet fellow travelers who are unfortunately riding those same highways. Some will be farther along in the journey and others not. Hold these people close and don’t let them go. They are the ones who will help you to keep moving.

    My sincerest condolences to the family, brothers and friends of George “Geeorgie” Christie III, and to all here who have lost a child or loved one.

  9. Jim666 Says:

    Sincere condolences to the Christie family on their loss .

    Any word on why /what happened Rebel ?

    Dogbreath,Vikingtrotter & Troll 1%er, Condolences on your losses .

    Vince show a little respect this is an obit not a place for you to run your trap and spout lies, take that shit to another thread.
    Better yet just go away.

  10. Freeman Says:

    How can i put this…vince 0 % you dilutted, pilluted piece of shit, suck my dick, your a vile piece of trash that will get his, ya skinny fuck face net abusing prick , pretty much all i gotta say about that, one last thing, you a cop, or wannabe, or ueine order now? Whatever the answer fuck off.

    Rolling North, yeah i lnow.

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    With all its life experiences, you would think it and the buxom old lady would be out chasing bail jumpers.
    I will not feed the troll; I will not feed the troll; I will not feed the troll; I will not feed the troll…

    Respect, to those…

  12. NOS4A2 Says:

    I have recently changed my screen name out of respect for my club so that my personal opinions are not misconstrued to be club opinions.

    I must admit. This Mini One Inchy Vinnie Sansevere the troll mildly amuses me. Claims to be a cop? Claims to be a rock star? Claims to be a war hero? Claims to be a 1%er? Thinks he’s a bad ass and thinks he’s somebody but really is nobody. This is one of those little pricks that isn’t a Hangaround or quite an Associate but vaguely knows somebody. The little retarded groupie always at a Patch Holder’s elbow and within earshot. Ready to run for the next round, or a pack of smokes. Laughs at the jokes just a little too loud. Especially the ones about him. The little man who buys support shirts and wears them until they are thread bear and faded. Desperately trying to impress but alas, goes unnoticed. The midget who drops names and tells stories to his citizen friends and family about the time he was there when such and such happened and so and so said blah, blah, blah. Pretending, wishing and hoping and dreaming of the day he will be a big bad patch holder. All the time knowing in the back of his mind no way, no how it will ever happen. Guys like this get used up because they’re stupid. They are useful to an extent and then they fade away with their over exaggerated stories of “back in the day”. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of them come and go over the past 35 years.

    Now, go get me a beer and find me a smoke Vinchy. And by the way, I am the real deal. A real 1%ER.

  13. Vince1%ER Says:

    @NOS4A2 :
    Yeah Ok…….and you’re NO scary 1929 v EITHER .

  14. Vince1%ER Says:

    @ Freeman :

    Dude YOU ARE THE ONE with MENTAL ISSUES, Delusional jump on the bandwagon internet kneepad wearing believers – servants – and have issues and needing to put down the crack pipe and partying with TINA
    @ rollinnorth ; KEEP riding/driving/walking NORTH going until you sink into the PACIFIC or Atlantic depending upon your location as of departure .

  15. dogbreath Says:

    @Troll 1% and Viking Trotter, thank you and back to you as well.

    @55 – Thank you for that. Beautiful words and good advice, I’m going to keep that close, it will need re-reading I am sure. Condolences on your loss.

    This thread has taken a nasty and unnecessary turn. The troll that instigated it has been invited to dance, and we can all hope that he will oblige, but that shit doesn’t belong on here.

    Back on topic, and once again:
    I extend my heartfelt condolences to those who loved and were loved by George “Georgie” Christie III, requiescat in pace.

  16. Vince1%ER Says:

    @ Dr. Sardonicus ( GREAT NAME ) THAT YOU took from the album and song by the Band : *SPIRIT* .
    I Dont and Wont reveal who My Friends,Associates are and what Charters they represent to satisfy, fuel the fire here AND FILL YOUR WHIMSICAL basket of Rhetoric for further comment.
    The so-called romanticism and allure of such friendships and many years of aquaintances and Comraderie & FRIENDSHIP are beyond the scope of this topic and MY OPINIONS OF & TO THOSE WHO DISAGREE AND- Talk shit to ME ,talk bullshit innuendo and just wanna get into a pissing up a rope contest with me and whatever i POST.

  17. FF Says:

    @rollin north

    I apologize but I have had it with his disrespect and lying.

    I recall a thread here where 81 called out a cop for a boxing match.

    I’D love to something like that with vinnie.

    If anyone has a gym or a dojo where wecould do that I will participate. How about, vInce?

  18. FF Says:

    “I dont take threats or false bravado lightly” -binky


    Bitch, if somebody was on here talking shit about me and told me where they could meet me, and it was reasonable, I would show up.

    I told you I work in the west village 9 to 5 every day, you are a hop skip and a jump away in faierfield county CT, take aride down 95, west side highway PLENTY OF MOTORCYCLE PARKING on Christopher st…. you wont get a ticket.

    I will walk from my office and meet you on the pier in river side park. Just me and you in a public place, the fight wont last a minute. If you kick my ass, I promise you money for gas and the toll and you got a nice ride to NYC beatiful scenery and you get to come here and post how you beat me up.

    If I win, you are going swimming. So dont wear anything that gets heavy when wet.

    Fair enough?

    Because straight up you dont want me coming up there because I will ambushyou.

    Thats it , flim flam man. Show up and defend your mothers honor (she should rip her uterus out for bringing you into this world) or keep jibber jabbering yournonsense until…..

  19. rollinnorth Says:

    Don’t feed the troll. Clearly, it craves attention. Let it starve.


  20. NOS4A2 Says:

    You ain’t no 1%er.

  21. Tom R Says:

    Caretaker you going to “correct” all the new comments about your buddy Vince?

  22. Freeman Says:

    Oh jesus-christ lets put this to rest already the guy is a fuckin punk, i can assure he as no fuckin thighs to 81, been busted in 08 for impersonating being a cop, owning illegal arms and being a felon, type is fucking name in google he scammed musicians selling shit that was never delivered (plenty of musicians forum post on the subject) try to make himself pass as Dave Mustaine of megadeth, the list goes on and on and on, if you think being a felon and owning guns makes you a 1% you watch too much tv kid.

    Dave 0% you got some serious mental issues that need to be addressed son, put down the crack pipe and seek help, trying to pass yourself as a cop AND a 1% AND a famous musician, no i don’t believe any club would endorse that, not even a hog chapter, go home and seek help son you really need it.

    BTW took me about 15 min to find this out Vince Sansevere

  23. Vince1%ER Says:

    @ Dr. Sardonicus ( GREAT NAME ) THAT YOU took from the album and song by the Band : *SPIRIT* .
    I Dont and Wont reveal who My Friends,Associates are and what Charters they represent to satisfy, fuel the fire here AND FILL YOUR WHIMSICAL basket of Rhetoric for further comment.
    The so-called romanticism and allure of such friendships and many years of aquaintances and Comraderie & FRIENDSHIP are beyond the scope of this topic and MY OPINIONS OF & TO THOSE WHO DISAGREE AND- Talk shit to ME ,talk bullshit innuendo and just wanna get into aq pissing up a rope contest with me and whatever i POST.

  24. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Vince 1%er:

    I’m not being sarcastic or coy when I suggest you go ahead and tell us who your HAMC associates and friends are by name and chapter. Chances are pretty good that will silence a vast majority of your detractors and critics. Not all of them, but many. Every patched 1%er knows that supporters can at times be overly-enthusiastic in their zeal to show their support. Many guys I know find themselves settling differences among supporters and putting out fires started by their supporters. They wish you wouldn’t stir shit up, they will probably scold you for it, they will be annoyed by it, but they know it goes with the territory. They are modern day outlaws and there is a romanticism attached – the notoriety and the inherent cause celebre can be an asset and/or it can be a liability. But they are not strangers to it all. My point is, if they’re your friends, they’ll understand why you dropped their names and charters. Seriously, if they didn’t want to be recognized as being affiliated with their club they wouldn’t wear it on their vests. There are no deep secrets here – tell us their names and as you say, your adversaries “won’t talk shit” and that’ll be the end of it. You may even get the final word in.

  25. NOS4A2 Says:

    I’m curious why Vinnie is never in a “member” shirt? Only “supporter” shirts?

  26. Mad Dog Says:

    With apologies to the regulars, and at the likely cost of extending the unfortunate turn this thread has taken, I feel compelled to chime in and say the noisy correspondent whom I won’t name continues to demonstrate to all but himself that he’s clearly gone off the rails–if he was ever on them in the first place.

    I thought Tooj’s August 11 note was right on the money, and if there was any hope of salvaging something dignified out of all this, the matter would’ve ended right there. But people like our unnamed correspondent insist on making every situation about themselves. I’ve run into this type of thing as a forum moderator (non-MC-related) many times in the past.

    Short of a ban by Rebel, the only thing that will keep Mr. Lookatme off of this thread will be resisting the urge to respond to him–just treat his rants as the inconsequential collection of random insults and tiresome bleating that they are–and enjoy all the other diversions available to us instead.

  27. chromedome Says:

    if you google vince sansevere you will find out what this guy is all about…..ripping people off selling fake guitars being arrested for impersonating a police officer you know the usual bullshitter type shit…..hahahahahaha……definitly NOT a member of ANY club but buyys the hell out of support gear hahahaha……hey vinnie that hard tail aint to bad lookin but your mom or ol lady or whoever is sittin on it need to staple them titties to her shoulders them sum biches are so flappy she could shine her shoes witt em hahahahaha


  28. Vince1%ER Says:

    @ :
    TOOJ, SHERIDES, FF AND WOLFEN ANAL LICKER/LOVER ,Irish and all you others who wanna spew forth innuendo, rumor, commentary,STIR THE POT OF YOUR INTERNET LIVES to stimulate yourselves , AND CARDBOARD TOUGH GUY/GAL BULLSHIT AND THEN condemn ME for my Replies :
    FUCK OFF and Come and visit me.
    I Dont take Threats or False Bravado lightly……. *IF* You Knew Me or who I AM and What My Life is about AND THOSE I’M CLOSELY FRIENDS & ASSOCIATED WITH …’d not talk SHIT ` which is all Your’e all about ~ talking SHIT on a Computer .
    Sturgis was fun and I’m glad I kept Up on the topics here…..
    Bring It….VISIT ME…….look Up my ISP and lets see what All of you SPINELESS COCKSUCKERS have to say to me face to face. I Welcome ANY & All of you to come see me and talk / CONFRONT to ME FACE TO FACE
    Vince 1%ER


  29. Tooj Says:

    Hey Vince? Since you are speaking of being respectful and all? Would it hurt so much to close your keyboard pie hole and NOT respond to every little thing, which by doing so shows the same amount of disrespect you are going off about?

    Give it a break on this thread. You can go toss trash on all the other ones if you would like to have a keyboard pissing match. Rebel seems to be in a gracious enough mood to allow you to do so, so try a little self restraint on this thread.

    My condolences to all who have lost loved ones recently. It is never an easy thing, but it is a fact of living. Hang in there.

  30. sherides Says:

    Condolences to those who have shared their recent losses. My thoughts are with you.

    To the 1″ wonder, your recent posts and especially the ones on this thread speak volumes as to your true character. Don’t be looking for anyone here to ever show you any respect. You’re not worthy.

  31. FF Says:

    There are 14 bones in a human face. I find that fascinating, dont you vince?

  32. FF Says:


    I’ve seen yourdisrespectful spew on this thread but have not responded to it up until now because you have ignoredme on other more appropriate threads.

    Im in NYC you are in Ne Haven

    Name a time and a place NOW YOU PUNK.

  33. Vince1%ER Says:

    @ Chromedome & Wolfenlover : BOTH LIMP PENIS SUCKERS~
    neither of YOU COWARDS Would Dare Step Up To ME Or Confront ME. in ANY Venue State or Scenario .
    Bring It On & FUCK YOU BOTH You COWARDS.

  34. Oscar Says:

    May the perpetual light shine upon George Christie III May the understanding of Christ lay upon the families’ hearts.


  35. Asskiller Says:

    My sincere and sorrowful condolences to his family. Thirty-nine years old is way too young of an age to lose a loved one.

    Much respect.

  36. Wolfenlover Says:

    HEY vincy 1 inchy, did you really cry when you got photo’d? Sure looked like
    there was a “special sparkle” in your eyes in that shoot! Shoulda brought
    KLEENIX blubber-boy!
    You little cock-sucker, cuz you can’t be in a real mans’s world, without sucking
    dick, since you are only 5foot2inches tall, I suggest you get BLISTEX to keep
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    Course you wouldn’t know anything about that, being a professed faggot who
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    Did you come out of the closet recently?! You sure have tried to get a lot
    of guys to let you suck their dick! Whats wrong with you? Are you just a waste
    of skin, air OR BOTH?! Maybe a doctor can help you, specifically a euthanasia
    specialist! Rest In Peace you little tick-turd.

  37. chromedome Says:

    penny vinny the 100% bullshittER……whatever club wolfen supports is not your concern. you get clowned on because you are a clown. now go ahead and start capslockin till your fingers hurt with all kind of fuck yous and punk bitch this and that. keep buyin all the support gear you can because it all goes to a good cause no matter what club it may be.


  38. Vince1%ER Says:

    @ Chromedome : It figures a NON Entity -/ PUNK BIGMOUTH Like YOU would agree with & chime in with the wolf lover on a topic that YOU have NO KNOWLEDGE Of.
    Wolfen is a red & gold /Bandido BITCH Supporter& Doesn’t even RIDE or Have a Motorcycle.
    Big Mouth Computer Punks.

  39. chromedome Says:

    so many good brothers and friends and family that are missed the “vinny 1 inchy” line was a good break. i laughed my ass off as the tears were drippin…..
    condolences to the famlies mentioned and people involved..
    GBNF largetime, squeeky, big pete, bubba, arab, 2 guns, cj, perv, the bwc 5 and everyone else that “died dreaming”….i love and miss you all we will hit the highway one day again…….


  40. 55 Says:

    Dogbreath and George Christie (the dad), I am truly sorry for your unspeakable loss. I have no words because there are no words. The road ahead is winding, it has steep declines, in-climate weather and you will often ride alone. It is unfathomably sad. The horrible monster of grief will come in uncontrollable waves. Flood? no. Tsunami times a billion, yes. You will think it has passed but then it will reappear with more terrible power than before and will not just humble you, it will crush you again and again and again. The reason it does this is because you love your son. And in another week you will love your son. And in another month you will love him and in another year you will love him and you will still be unable to reach him. You will cry on the road, you will cry at work, you will cry in the grocery store, you will cry every place you ever went with your son. Your world as you knew it will erode under your feet and the things of this world which charmed you will fade completely. You will come to know that you died with your son. My brothers I am a few miles ahead of you on this terrible road. I am so sorry you have joined me, it is the universe’s worst road. On my Day 1 I stood staring at the night sky, looking God square in the eyes for a very, very long time. There was no blinking. It was silent. It was as grave as things get. Eventually a voice, I believe not of my own origin, said in my head, “I too have lost a son. I know how you are feeling.” At that moment I understood I had an Advocate. Allow me, please, to make several suggestions from a fellow traveler…1. Do not do anything rash. You will now be fearless (the planet contains zero more fearless or dangerous men than a father who has lost a child. I don’t give a #### and I don’t take a ####; if it goes down and you kill me, guess what, I win) but don’t be careless – your family cannot bear additional loss. Please re-read that. 2. Don’t make any large-scale decisions. Your ability to make sound decisions is gone. Put things on ice until later. 3. Ask for comfort and you will receive comfort. I have done this thousands and thousands of times. Forget your pride. You are less than a speck. Ask the Advocate for comfort and strength. Even if it is for strength to take the next breath. You will receive it. Herein is your ONLY hope. It is the ONLY card you have to play. And 4. Let the Advocate lead. We are not in control. Any thoughts we had otherwise were illusions. Slide back into the passenger’s seat for awhile and watch the scenery drone by, you aren’t good for anything else anyway. Let the Advocate drive – He knows the road. And you may learn that He has your name tattooed on his arm.

    There’s more. It is the only road you will be on the rest of your life. If at any time you want to email me I give Rebel permission to share my email address with you. I don’t have the answers but I do know what hazards lie between you and me.

    Deepest heartfelt and tear-filled sympathies, my brothers.

  41. roachclip Says:

    Troll 1%
    Viking Trotter

    Somehow I missed y’alls post, so I would like to take time now to pass along my sincere condolences on your losses also. Live life to its fullest, none of us will live forever.

    Respects, roach.

  42. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Troll 1%er sincere condolences to you and yours. Respects, and Ride Free.

    VikingTrotter sincere condolences to you and yours. Respects, and Ride Free.


  43. Devils Diciple 1%er Says:

    Descanse En Paz George. It’s been a while but, I know you’re in a far better place….. Godspeed! Respects to the Christie Family.

  44. Caretaker Says:

    Troll1%er-my apologies,seems I missed your post. My condolences to you and your family.


  45. Paladin Says:

    Troll 1%,

    I know I’m late, but I too send you send my respects and condolences for your loss.

    Long May You Ride,


  46. Wolfenlover Says:

    Apology for not adding you, Troll1%er to the CONDOLENCES. Heartfelt.

  47. Phuquehed Says:

    I meant to say saying my condolences *late*.

  48. Phuquehed Says:

    I’m sorry for saying my condolences to VikingTrotter and Dogbreath and Troll 1%er also. Usually I can only handle saying it once to someone as I know it seems like empty words from someone you don’t know, and I can empathize immensely. My respects to you all and hope that the pain goes away soon and can be replaced by just the happy memories.

  49. Wolfenlover Says:

    And to Viking Trotter & Dogbreath, my CONDOLENCES also. Lost both of my parents, WAY too young, to cancer. Rest assured they are all in a much better

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