George “Georgie” Christie III

August 6, 2015

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George "Georgie" Christie III

George “Georgie” Christie III, a former vice-president of the Ventura charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, suddenly and unexpectedly died last night in his sleep.

Christie was the son of former Ventura charter president George Christie and Cheryl Christie. He was much less publically prominent than his father. Along with both his parents and other members and associates of his former club he was indicted on February 26, 2001 for sales of controlled substances and conspiracy. The indictment culminated a three year undercover investigation. Between them, the father, mother and son were charged with 55 counts. He was sentenced to three years probation in April 2002.

George Christie III is also survived by his sister Moriya, his half sister Aubree, his half brother Finn and his fiancé Andrea Baradat.

George Christie III was just 39-years-old. He died dreaming.

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  1. gregor Says:

    Sad. Sorry forvyour loss., ,George.

  2. peneumbra Says:

    I always enjoyed spending time with Georgie… truly a nice person, as is the rest of your family.

    I hope you have a productive and peaceful 2017.

  3. dogbreath Says:

    Thank you to all who mentioned me and mine in the comments here. It is late in coming, but your kind thoughts were all appreciated although I was unable to respond properly at the time. Especially 55 and Factor, your words helped me more than I would have believed in the months that followed your heartfelt replies.

    Was there ever published a cause of death for Georgie? My son had a Deep Vein Thrombosis, which broke loose to become a Pulmonary Embolism, and it took him in minutes – siezure, semi-recovery and death. 5 minutes, start to finish and an hour of them trying to get him kickstarted again.

    Had a nagging pain in his leg, but not too bad, thought he could tough his way through it. It is much more common than you might imagine, and well worth noting the signs and symptoms.

  4. jack 1/2 Says:

    one day all will bereunighted sorry for your loss .

  5. thom.g. Says:

    tg says December 10 2016 one day all will be united.god bless.

  6. S.kelley Says:

    Rest in peace bro condolences to family always

  7. S.kelley Says:

    Rest in peace brother condolences to ur family always

  8. steve enos Says:


  9. O'B Says:

    God Bless 1% All The Way.

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