Mad As Hell In Waco

August 5, 2015

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Mad As Hell In Waco

Last night at about 7:15, a 36-year-old man named Scott Duane Fare (above) walked up to some deputies standing in the parking lot of the McLennan County Jail, threatened to kill them and then refused to let himself be arrested.

“He’s been known to act like this before,” McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara told Waco television station KXXV. “It’s kind of a pattern of behavior for him, apparently.”

Eight Bloodhounds

“We got him boxed in and we tried to talk some sense into him and it didn’t work,” the Sheriff told the television station. The police talker was a Sheriff’s Captain named Steve Smith. When Fare drove off he injured Smith’s hand. Six police forces including the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force and a Swat team joined in the pursuit. Spike strips were deployed. After hitting the spikes Fare ran into a ditch and then fled on foot. The search continued with eight bloodhounds and a helicopter.

Fare ran four miles. When he finally made it home, Marshals were waiting for him. He was taken into custody and booked into the McLennan County Jail at two this morning. Fare was charged with seven, mostly redundant counts; like aggravated assault against a peace officer and three counts of assault against a public servant. Today he is being held on $245,000 bail.

“We really don’t know what this guy’s motives are,” McNamara told KXXV. “Why do you go to a county jail? He wasn’t in jail and you go to a county jail and threaten to kill officers that you see happen to be in the parking lot?”

Waco Trib Version

The Waco Tribune-Herald had an interesting take on Fare’s desperate run. According to that paper, Fare claimed he “is part of a group known as Anonymous, which is known for posting confidential information about police officers and hacking into government computers.”

The Tribune-Herald reports Fare walked into the McLennan County Courthouse sometime yesterday with a dog and “demanded that deputies on the first-floor rotunda release video from the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout and that a gag order be removed from the case involving Hewitt biker Matthew Clendennen.”

The Waco newspaper reports that Fare threatened to release personal information about the deputies if the gag order was not lifted and the video was not released.


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  1. Scott Fair Says:

    if you knew the whole story behind the video… the dog she’s talking (Landlord) about was a certified service dog. You cannot descriminate against a service animal. This was my friend’s house I was at. and she was trying to serve a non judge approved eviction that if it was approved would have to be served by a constable not a Riesel police officer.

    Why do you think that Riesel Chief of Police COULDNT do anything? Cause I did no wrong!

    The video of me and the DPS officer while at the jail #sandrabland died at doesnt show how I was minding my own business and he came up to my car and started to fuck with me before I had even EXITED my vehicle. He was already standing at my door, while I was getting my service dogs vest on before exiting.

    the media reports are not accurate at all. My car never touched the ditch. I was never boxed in either. Plus a myriad of other lies.


    The lies that are perpetuated by the police and sold to the media about me are disgusting…

    I will tell you this….more about my story with real evidence will be released soon. The bandwagons are circling

    [email protected]

    Scott Duane Fair


  2. Wolfenlover Says:

    I bet if his “lineage” is checked, he’s related to “da Judge”! Or the Chief, or
    Swineton, or da Clerk of da Court, or da Street Sweeper, or da Janitor, or da
    Mayor, OR his MAMA… who ALL happen to be related!

  3. Thunderbird Says:

    We should all become aware that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine has taken over all functions in the running of our society. We are now slaves to the machine. Never before in the known history of this world has this ever happened. Humans now slaves to machines? How could this have happened? Simple. Technology put us to sleep as we focused our attention on consumerism that made our lives comfortable.

    Now let’s talk about AI, Administrative Law, and WACO.

    AI is not self aware and never can be. AI is a program that responds to administrative law Statutes, rules and regulations. In the case of the criminal justice system it responds to give certain responses to inputs from the those who work in the criminal justice system. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement do not make the decisions; AI does.

    Administrative law statutes are made by congress and legislatures while rules & regulations are made by unelected administrators. All this goes into the AI system.

    Waco law enforcement taps into this system. They use it to their advantage. AI takes the decision making out of the hands of live people. It removes responsibility from the individual and allows law enforcement to run amuck. Picture a jet pilot dropping bombs on a civilian village in Viet Nam to kill a few Viet Kong while killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children. We do this today all over the world in our corporate wars for resources.

    Our government has brought this sick war home to America and our mindless professionals working in the justice system are being used like pawns against our own people. And the sad thing about it is many of these people call themselves Christians. Believe me they are far from it. They are the walking dead and do not know it. Bet many of them think they will be caught up in the rapture. What arrogance!

    The AI system was built on human intelligence; the lower nature of human intelligence which is animal. It serves mindless people. Mindful people will always skirt around it.

    Waco or Wacho; as some people say, is a wakeup call to us all to be on guard. AI will newer replace the mindful human mind. It is a pipe dream of the elite who are in my opinion insane.

  4. Clinton Says:

    What in the corn need fucking fuck?! I have been working like crazy and had no time to ride or read or anything. I got a day off and am catching up on the news. This is utterly disturbing, the whole Waco incident. I gave years of my life to defend this great nation. And now that I’m out, the very constitution that I swore to uphold and defend is doing nothing but shitting on the normal working man, and blatantly saying fuck you to the very human rights that it was designed and written to protect. It’s a scary time in America fellas. Dark days. And I believe it will get worse before it gets better. Rebel, I just discovered your website, and it’s phenomenal man! Keep up the good work!
    -A concerned citizen-

  5. XYZ Says:

    More Texas shenanigans. Williamson County is one county south of McLennan.

    Judge finds DA Jana Duty in contempt of court–appear–court-monday/29446843/

  6. Brad Milch Says:

    Rebel, I’ve noticed this story broke at the same time Ken Paxton, Texas’s 1st arrested Attorney General (alleged securities fraud) surrendered to authorities at the Colin County Jail. Neither CNN nor Fox has reported a word about it in 3 days. While CBS & PBS did, CNN & Fox have been stuck in pushing 2016 Presidential race candidates. This suggests to me some serious money is being moved around to keep Texas & Paxton out of the news on CNN & Fox.

    Paxton is the official that is being asked to back up Waco & McLennan County LEO & Judicial requests to continue to deprive the media of disclosures mandated by Texas law. He can remain in office while he fights the several felony charges (combined potentially = 109 years in Federal prison). Some might suspect Paxton’s been ‘frozen in place’; regardless, it doesn’t take much imagination to predict what his feelings are about full disclosures & transparency in the Waco biker massacre & mass arrests matter.

    Supposedly, Paxton was under investigation by DPS while serving in the Texas State Senate. He was sworn in as Texas Attorney General on Jan 1, 2015 at an annual salary of $150,000.

    This is a story worth monitoring. It would not surprise me that whoever ‘fills in’ for Mr. Paxton as he gets his defense stuff together for his trial by jury (his request) will be someone associated with Waco or McLennan County. Might be the fella that feeds Swanton’s goats or polishes someone’s newly acquired forfeited Harley. It wouldn’t surprise me. The McLennan County snake has long arms.

  7. Centurion Says:

    if the had owned a motorcycle, he would have been shot. his bond would be 1 MILLION DOLLARS, and he would be additionally charged with criminal conspiracy, human trafficking, drug trafficking, car trafficking, dog trafficking, cat trafficking, mouse trafficking, and whatever else they could make up

  8. Outside it all. Says:

    @ BMW – The Sanctification of the world? …. “How can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all? Firesign Theater 1969. Wacko really isn’t “anywhere.” {Maybe a Texas form of HELL?} LOCAO – That’s “Laugh Our Collective Asses Off!… Fuggin Wacko Swine.

  9. Jim Fry Says:

    There is some form of stagecraft going on here and even though it is not from a formal media source, it still is deceptive propaganda, which always has an agenda.

    The LEO site:

    States: “The YouTube account that posted this video claimed that deputies (State Troopers) at one point even gave this man and his dog water, and shared with him the video evidence that proves no one, other than Sandra Bland, could have caused her death.”

    At the Youtube post, the poster states:

    “The sheriffs deputies in Hempstead brought him and his dog water, and even gave him unreleased video of Sandra Bland”

    Remind me, the last time LEOs provided civilians with “unreleased video” of anything. So we have a LEO site posting excerpts (cherry picked – gave them water) from the Youtube post. OK! Meanwhile, there is very little data found out there on this Scott Duane Fare, Scott Fare or Duane Fare.

  10. Road Whore Says:

    Many decades ago I learned to not trust the police version of anything (or any “official” explanation profered by any “official” agency).

    Ride Free

  11. Freeman Says:

    If the wacked police dept didn’t have so much heat on them, you would be hearing of a death for resisting arrest.

  12. Gordy Says:

    I want to know what happened to the dog.
    The more I learn about people, the more I like dogs.

  13. BMW Says:

    There is so much continuing corruption in the entire injustice industry in Whaco! One minor-league corrupt practice of the Whaco PD is to pull extra shifts as “security” for various businesses and semi-private organizations in the area. This practice is a very common method for businesses to pay off police. By putting the crooked cops on the payroll as security the organizations can deduct the pay-offs as a regular business expense.

    However, sometimes a policeman must appear in court on the scheduled days off. Now he is scheduled to be in two places at the same time. In some areas, this could pose a problem.

    For Whaco cops, however, who have used their incredible psychic powers so effectively that one cop observed and remembered the actions of each and every one of almost TWO HUNDRED bikers arrested at Twin Peaks (according to his sworn affidavits), this presented no problem at all. The four saints were able to achieve the rarely documented. usually miraculous, effect of bilocation.

    Several Christian saints are credited with miraculous bilocation, which is the ability of a saint, through the saint’s close association with G*D, to be in two places at once!!! Bilocation is considered to be a miracle achieved only by the truly holy, truly sanctified, truly spiritual and is considered a sign of Divine favor. Since the Middle Ages, even few saints display the sanctity necessary for bilocation.

    However, unknown to most Americans, the Whaco PD (in 2009) had FOUR secret modern day saints who have achieved miraculous bilocation –at least according to the timecards provided to business and the PD. Now, I am not aware of any other miracles performed by these hidden current saints, although I would NOT be surprised to learn that the saintly cops are also busy healing the poor, sick people who live in Whaco.

    Needless to say, some of the more faithless and suspicious members of the Whaco Injustice Industry (most probably Non-Christians or even Muslims) refused to accept the miracles performed by the hidden Whaco saints on the Whaco PD.

    The four saintly policemen where persecuted by the devilish slaves of Satan who collectively continue to constitute the Injustice Industry of Whaco, Texas. The four saintly policemen, were forced off the Whaco PD: Detective Calvin McLean, Officer Christopher Jones, Detective Doyle Anz and Officer Alan Thompson were forced to work elsewhere


  14. Thunderbird Says:

    If the court of Appears for the Tenth District of Texas does not rule to lift the gag order then we know that something more sinister is cooking.

    Maybe the government is paranoid? While we are basking in the luxury of our world position of top dog our leaders are wrecking violence on the rest of the world.

    The Cossackes. are they not of Ukrainian origin? Do you not know how the Cossacts helped protect Crimea from invasion from the illegal government in Ukraine?

    Is it not suspicious that due process of law is not being followed in Waco? Is it not suspicious that the Attorney generals office in Texas is not following up on this bladant disrespect of the law; nor the US justice Department has done nothing?

    It is obvious that the people have no more say in government. The machine is in control. We the people answer to machines. We all know this when we call in to the various corporate entities that provide our service; television, internet, electric, sewer, water, and on & on. We are slaves to the machine. That means we are less than the machine, we are slaves to the machine.

    My prediction is the 10th district court will rule in favor of the gag order.

  15. Tarasaramozart Says:


    Too bad it is not Anonymous or on Wkileaks.

    Fun and intriguing.

  16. Jj Says:

    Sure, an anon would identify himself & make his intentions know in person. While accompanied by his dog no less. Hah.

    The other version isn’t plausible either. After threatening the cops, the cops first try to “talk some sense” into the guy, a known nut, & it’s only when they can’t that they try to arrest him? For what? Refusing to be sensible? And, although they have him boxed in, the guy somehow manages to avoid arrest and get back in his car & drive off?!

    The guy was probably free to leave but hurled out a few ego-bruising insults as he was driving off, which triggered the massive manhunt.

  17. RLG Says:

    Don’t fuck with Anonymous…

  18. Brad Milch Says:

    What surprises me in this story is that the sheriff actually took time away from his online prostitute, johns & pimp sting operation to mess with Mr. Fare. Business must be slow this week for the sheriff.

  19. Base Says:

    Parinoia runs deep in Waco.

  20. FF Says:

    Ya know, Andy and Barney knew how to deal with Otis the drunk and Ernest T. They didnt need bloodhounds or US Marshalls.

    these Wacko pigs are a bunch of pikers.

  21. Paladin Says:

    If it took this many ‘professionals” to run a man to ground who is basically a couple of eggs short of a carton, just think….

    It is useful to remember a couple of facts: 1) a bee or two will not be of much concern. 2) it only takes a few bees to stampede a herd.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  22. old & stoned Says:

    they recently found a brain eating virus in tap water in Louisianna,, i’m thinking Texas ought to test theirs,, or is it too late,,

  23. NCRider Says:

    Six police forces including Task Force and a Swat team, 8 bloodhounds and a helicopter and he was in a 4 mile radius but they caught him when he went home??? I agree, too many pigs in Wacky Waco.

  24. Brad Milch Says:

    ‘Too much of nothing can turn a man into a liar.
    It can cause some men to sleep on nails
    and other men to eat fire…’

    -Bob Dylan (Too Much Of Nothing)

  25. John Deaux Says:

    Wacko must be in some warped zone, like the Bermuda Triangle or area 51, for such a little shit hole town there’s no shortage of weird shit happening regularly.
    Definitely NOT a place to stop for gas, food or a piss….

  26. TXBiker Says:

    Just another sunbaked day in Waco Tx. Nothing to see here….please move along…..
    Everything swept under the rug, the only information is misinformation. They remind me of the governor in the the movie “Best little whorehouse in Texas” but the are more akin to the whores…..

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    It’d be nice if Anonymous did get their claws into the shit-stain corrupt fucks of the Whacko justice system…including all those pigs that just had to get into the ‘chase’ of this guy (how fucking ridiculous that 6 separate police forces got into the chase. Seems to me Whacko has got an enormous overabundance of pigs of every known ilk for some reason).

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