Kingsmen Murder Trial Underway

August 4, 2015

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Kingsmen Murder Trial Underway

Jury selection began today in the murder trial of Andre L. “Li’l Bear” Jenkins of Deland, Florida. Jenkins is a former member of the Daytona Beach chapter of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club

Prosecutors say Jenkins shot and killed Kingsmen Paul Maue and former Kingsmen Daniel “DJ” Szymanski in the early morning hours of September 6, 2014 outside the Kingsmen’s North Tonawanda, New York chapter clubhouse. Both men were shot in the head as they sat in a car. According to police, Jenkins then “fled with another Kingsman who is believed to be a New York state resident.”

Szymanski and Maue were shot after attending a party at the clubhouse. According to a witness, the shooting followed “extremely loud arguing” and “a bunch of people” fled the scene. Maue was a former president of the Buffalo chapter of the Kingsmen and a member of the Nomads Motorcycle Club.

The Fog Of Prosecution

State prosecutor Doreen Hoffmann has been cute about the evidence against Jenkins. According to multiple published accounts three, unidentified witnesses have placed Jenkins at the party but the actual evidence that Jenkins murdered anybody seems to rely on the testimony of a jailhouse informant and what Hoffmann has characterized as a “controlled phone call” in which another unidentified witness tried to get Jenkins to implicate himself.

Jenkins defense attorney, Dominic Saraceno, has said prosecutors “have been secretive with the evidence but the more the evidence comes out, the more apparent it is they arrested the wrong person.”


Police seem to have had an informant or informants who led them to arrest Jenkins. For example, police found the murder weapon in a field near Route 219 south of Buffalo by a state trooper using a metal detector but police have never said why they looked in that field. Police found a glove at the same location but they were unable to find Jenkins DNA on either the the murder weapon or the glove. Evidence found inside the car in which Maue and Szymanski died was also tested for Jenkins’ DNA and came up negative.

Prosecutors have not yet stated a motive for the murders. There has been wide spread, national speculation that they “may be linked to ongoing disputes within the biker community. Those disputes include efforts by other biker clubs to recruit members to leave the Kingsmen and join other biker clubs.”

Jenkins was arrested near Atlanta in November.


17 Responses to “Kingsmen Murder Trial Underway”

  1. Amy Says:

    May they rest at peace&their families come to closure,God bless
    Sincerely, the Late Sh0Vel’s Family

  2. Sadie Says:

    Wolfvenlover first never did I mean towards rebel it’s towards people who don’t know the victims an like to make jokes sorry 2 men murdered is not funny

  3. chromedome Says:

    shit man the back door is alot closer thanthe bathroom door the fucked up thing is i went next door on the street view and looks like my neighbor was in his yard watching me…..crazy thing is either i was too hung over or too drunk to notice the guy watchin me cause i dont even remember the shit ever happnin’ hahaha….
    anyone know how often they update the google street view? the next time to checked it out it was different but hell that was weeks later.


  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    L.K.D.k & Sadie, WHO the fuck are ya’ll babbling at? One’s “ex” & the other
    can’t spell. If ya’ll bitchin’ at Rebel, ya best think again. He just writes
    as he see’s it. If you know better, write him & fill him in. Don’t come & talk
    SHIT about his reporting. Are you smart enough to go to the very TOP of the page
    & see CONTACT? Well, do it!

  5. Sadie Says:

    LKDK I agree completely it’s funny how if u fallow ed the news u might learn something the majority of kingsmen are good guys an the two who were murdered has friends an family’s an knew the great men they were. So before u speak know the facts an have curiosity for the two men that I pray are riding high in heaven an watching the justice to be served for this man to take their life

  6. L.K.D.k Says:

    I find it amusing that folks talk and have no clue as to what they are talking about…I am a ex Kingsmen and I tell ya what…people need to stop speculating and listen…real simple…I am tired of asshole making a circus outta my friends deaths

  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    lol, you & vincy are bed-mates, aren’t ya?! Ya both got “cat-scratches” on yer
    backs, right?!You think you are smart & he pretends he’s somebody, knowing
    neither is right, right?! You faggots…

  8. .lol Says:

    The good thing is it is easy to identify most of the idiots on this site. The tin foil hats are a clear g

  9. Meh Says:

    Yet another case of prosecution holding back disclosure of evidence as if delaying the truth somehow facilitates justice.

  10. Sadie Says:

    May justice be served … don’t speak unless u know all facts. May they both rest in peace

  11. Austin Says:

    @Vago 1%er – I piss in the backyard and it has nothing to do with plumbing LOL. besides – some of us are in a drought.
    There is some seriously crazy shit on there.

  12. Jj Says:

    No doubt soon, Chromedome. Not quite there yet as demonstrated by LE’s bumbling efforts to track the upstate NY prison escapees whereabouts. LE no doubt would have used satellite to track the guys if the tech was available. In the meantime, assume traffic cams & cell tower pings can track, especially if you live in an urban/suburban area. And of course there are those pesky drones… I know in NYC, LE can track a fruit fly from one end of Manhattan to the other because many thousands of realtime private & public surveillance cams go into a central video feed that can be searched in seconds using any criteria – male with bright red hair & red t-shirt. Govt managed to brainwash the public it was necessary to deter “terrorism.” Sure, right.

  13. VAGO 1%er Says:

    What, no indoor plumbing? LOL

  14. chromedome Says:

    kinda off subject but not really, but i wonder how long before they start using google earth to solve crimes. i had a buddy that was a realtor and he told me they use real time satellite feeds to monitor properties. dont know if its true and i aint goin all conspiracy and shit but it seems completely plausible that LE would atleast look at or have access to somekind of eye in the sky. i mean i google earthed my house and they got a pic of me takin a piss in the backyard for fucks sake


  15. Road Whore Says:

    There used to be a presumption of innocence…now there is an automatic presumption of guilt toward the most harmless citizen, and a rabid willingness by law enforcement to falsely accuse and accept anything as “evidence” that furthers their agenda.

    There have always been corrupt cops and leaders, but amongst the thorns there would be the occasional flower, a man with compassion and appropriate leniency. For, “A smart man knows the rules; a wise man knows the exceptions.”

    Ride Free

  16. Tooj Says:

    The second video is notable. New charge, my heinie, it means they don’t have a case.

  17. CN Says:

    Fill in the blank:

    Aging _____s
    _____s Flag removed from SC State House
    _____s _____s, you’ve torn your dress
    _____s flag removed from Dukes of Hazard Gen. Lee car
    Actually, the prior post about the IO and the _____s have a lot in common.

    Show me your NEW friends and I’ll show you your NEW future.

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