Biker Authority Arrested

August 1, 2015

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Biker Authority Arrested

Widely quoted “outlaw biker authority” James F. Quinn has been charged with nine felony counts of possession of child pornography.

Quinn is a former professor of criminology at the University of North Texas in Denton and the author of numerous works about bikers including: “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs: Aspects of the One-Percenter Culture for Emergency Department Personnel to Consider;” “The Tools, Tactics, and Mentality of Outlaw Biker Wars;” “Leathers and Rolexes: The Symbolism and Values of the Motorcycle Club;” “The Nature of Criminality Within One-Percent Motorcycle Clubs; “Angels, Bandidos, Outlaws, and Pagans: The Evolution of Organized Crime Among the Big Four 1% Motorcycle Clubs;” “Sex and Hedonism Amongst One-Percenter Bikers;” “The Organization of 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs;” “One Percenter Women: An Evolving Typology;” and “Motorcycle Gangs.”

Quinn was frequently and widely quoted in regional and national publications including The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal in the days following the Twin Peaks Massacre in Waco on May 17. Quinn gave interviews and his opinions were quoted from May 18 until May 24 when he contributed to a story in USA Today. He gave an extended interview to Texas Public Radio on May 20. Bill Whitaker, the opinion editor for the Waco Tribune-Herald, quoted Quinn on May 31 in an editorial titled “Complicated biker culture blurs lines on good guys, bad guys, outlaws and wannabes.”

During all of this period of his recent celebrity, Quinn knew he had been caught red-handed with child pornography. Two pedophilic videos and seven pedophilic photographs were discovered on one of Quinn’s computers on May 13. He was arrested and booked into the Denton County jail on May 29. He resigned his tenured position at North Texas on June 4.

He was indicted by a grand jury on July 24. He is currently free on $10,000 bail. He faces two to ten years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine if he is convicted. He is scheduled to be arraigned August 20.


86 Responses to “Biker Authority Arrested”

  1. FF Says:


    Binky had plastic surgery on his face.

    I’m gonna do some work on his face, too.

    When I get through with that frizzle haired bitch he’s gonna wish a cow had kicked him in the marbles instead.

  2. FF Says:


    I doubt he ever even enlisted.

    I’m gonna kick the living shit out of him when I find him.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Amazing if that is vinnie boy, how he hasn’t got one picture up showing us his medals he was so adament about and shit. And, if that’s our widdle vinnie, he sure as shit ain’t no VietNam vet! He looks to be in his 50’s maybe, I’m 53 and probably look older than him!

  4. FF Says:


    Well that explains alot. She must be the broad with the grande mamanos in the swimming pool on Binky’s photobucket page.

  5. Tommy Says:

    His wife’s name is Donna Sansevere and from what I gather real quick she is a school teacher, Imagine that! She does quite well making 100,000 a year from what I gather….

  6. FF Says:


    I wish I could say I feel bad for the son, but 9 out of 10 times the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

    I’m curious to find out about Jesse’s mother.

  7. Tommy Says:

    His son is the owner of I heart booty (aka good love LLC)

  8. Tommy Says:

    Here is his photobucket:

    Bike in his front yard on google maps looks like the one posted on his photobucket

  9. FF Says:

    That must be Binky’s assembly line chopper in the driveway. LMFAO

  10. FF Says:

    Jesse V. Sansevere was born on 6 July 1992, and on 13 May 2010 he registered to vote. He is (or was) living at 2 Biltmore Road, Shelton, Connecticut, U.S.A. 06484-5908. He is (or was) registered as an Unaffiliated voter. His telephone number is (or was) 1-203-925-8667. His voter ID number is 004083695.

  11. FF Says:


    Binky posted his email address when he was lying about having a bike shop. I cut and pasted it in fakebook search, he had a profile vince taylor with a picture that matches all the other pictures found all over the internet.

    Either this is all a hoax or this is one stupid fuck.

    Respects, Frequent Flyer

  12. FF Says:


    There are 7 registered sex offenders in a two mile radius o 2 Biltmore road:

    Jonathan Wright
    Baki Lapaj
    Richard Rodriguez
    Matthew Bevans
    Keith Smith
    David Gonzalez
    Michael Decamp

    I also checked for criminal records on Binky, and got zero hits for Vince Sansevere. No DUI in CT.

    I’ll dig up more tommorow. Try to find property tax records and who paid them.

    I dont think Binky has ever held a job.

  13. Wolfenlover Says:

    FF, he sure is a good BS’er ain’t he?! Fucker has been run off of every website
    he ever was on because he shoveled it too deep. People finally caught on to him.
    Too bad it was later than sooner. Here this LITTLE fucker is(5’2″) & still gets
    away with talking the shit IT does. I think it was popeye who stated that he
    sure got off easy after being busted with all the shit charges against him.
    Maybe that’s why the little fucker is still breathing? Got cops on speed-dial?
    Especially after researching all of the places he/IT has been banned from.
    All I know, is this LITTLE douchenozzel will never show up at my house because
    of “FEAR & SENCE”! LMAO Some fucks are just real lucky.
    YUP, he’s “forever” known as “vincy 1 inchy” to me, the 5’2″ keyboard 81
    expert! I’m surprised he got away with claiming he was 81 as long as he/IT
    did/has.I know for a fact the other MC’s I’ve associated with don’t tolerate
    somebody proclaiming membership without actuality of membership. Mater of
    fact, he/IT still claims 81 as his/IT’S group. WOW. Who’d uh thunk he/IT
    could do this for so long?! Fuck, Shelton, Cn ain’t that big of a place. If
    somebody was trashing my Rep/Name for their own benefit, I’d have a talk with
    em! His/IT’s address is on Google! Fuck, there’s TWO fuckin’ PAGES of info
    about this waste of skin! If I happened to be R&W, I’d make sure this little
    fuck never mentioned my FAMILY, again!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  14. old & stoned Says:

    It would be bad enough to be a real cop, but an imitation one? send that mule to the glue factory

  15. Kenny Says:

    Ya know karma is a bitch. No matter what he can say about us 1%ers. We dont go for that shit. I hope when he arrives in the joint he finds out about true bikers. Then he can write a book about being the bitch of the cellblock.lmao…

  16. Philo Says:

    @FF – Good lookin out.


  17. FF Says:

    This is when Vince “Binky the clown” Sansevere first reared his tapeworm head out of the asshole of his mother:

  18. Bone Head Says:

    Vinnie 1# does serve a purpose after a fashion. He shows Rebel believes in the Freedom of the Press. We here know that; by allowing Vinnie 1# to post he proves it to those wandering through for the first time.

    But Vinnie, you still suck.

  19. usedtobe Says:

    Sidewalk Commandos gotta be heard, they insist. Then they just melt away.

  20. Nos4a2 Says:

    Damn Vinnie!

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    He (vinnie the wienie) is also one of those shit-stains who adorns his chest with medals he never won from or while in the military and makes up medals to try and make himself look even more of a BMOC fucktard.

    I even half-ass defended the sumbitch, saying maybe he was just mistaking the medal(s) he was talking about, until those who *KNOW* absolutely better showed me proof and even more peopole did research and found more proof Vinnie was a lying fuck.

    Now, here he is again, I guess he thinks everyone has forgotten what a scumbag we found him out to be and is expecting everyone to just act like he never tried to be a fuckup of the worst kind (after short eyed motherfuckers).

  22. Philo Says:

    I gotcha. Interwebz tends to grow these people’s peckers by a foot..


  23. Wolfenlover Says:

    @ Philo, ya had to be here.It was a couple of years ago that he really showed his “true colors”, BS. A member, who happened to be pretty “techy” found
    out who he was through searches. Just Google the name. It’s him/it.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  24. Philo Says:

    Former police Lt.
    “Affiliated” with the 81
    Former guitar tech for Megadeath

    This “Vincent Sansevere”? Please tell me we know for certain this is the same, “Vinny1%”? I gotta talk to this guy. I gotta ask him – why? What was the point? LOL


  25. Philo Says:

    I’m sorry – I feel I’ve missed something. Who is this “Vinny” character, and how do we know it’s a “Vincent Sansevere”? Just curious…I love watching interweave pissing matches.


  26. FF Says:

    Sansavere, can I come ring your moms doorbell too? I just want to make sure we are clear on the invitation.

  27. Nos4a2 Says:

    Was this when dear Vinnie was posing as a cop or a 1%er? LMFAO!

  28. swampy Says:

    I don’t think Winnie’s lawsuit against the House of Blues got too far either.

  29. NOS4A2 Says:

    thank you for that info.

    Really Mr. Vincent Sansevere? Posing as a cop and/or 1%er? Wow dude. You got some serious issues.

  30. Freeman Says:

    Oh shit the 0% troll is back at it, son what the fuck is your major malfunction? Either A you think everyone here is stupid and forgot the god damn moron you are or B you think everyone is stupid but you so desperately need the attention.

    I wont have the pretension to speak on anyone’s behalf on this page, but im pretty damn sure no one here falls for your stupid douchebag shit, i know i never did,go try and impersonate something else somewhere else punk.

  31. Paladin Says:


    What is the irresistible reason (other than stirring shit) that drives you to repeatedly embarrass yourself by posting on Rebel’s blog? Like all counterfeit goods, you continually try to pass as genuine, but your past, which is a train wreck of rip offs, impersonations, scams, and lies speaks volumes about who you really are.

    I can’t imagine any legit MC (1%er or otherwise) wanting or tolerating you as a supporter. I won’t speak for any other club, but if someone chooses to wear our Clan’s support gear, they had better act like us, or they’ll answer to us. I can’t imagine any club condoning your behavior while wearing their support gear. MCs in general take plenty of heat as is, they don’t need you pouring gas on that fire.


  32. Caretaker Says:

    vince wannabe-

    Wolvenlover has more respect here than you do,irregardless if he rides or not.
    Now go away.

    Caretaker 1%er

  33. Austin Says:

    bigdave – don’t be insulting the vaginas like that!

    virulent vermin
    violently vicious
    V-8 Moment

  34. swampy Says:

    Read this link and what he claimed to the cops.

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