Being Stephen Stubbs

July 31, 2015

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Being Stephen Stubbs

Las Vegas attorney Stephen P. “Bowtie” Stubbs won one and lost one yesterday. Stubbs has been virtually at war with Nevada police, generally on behalf of various biker causes, for the last four years. Without getting lost in the details:

In January 2012, a lecture Stubbs was giving on Constitutional law to a group of bikers in North Las Vegas was interrupted by police. When Stubbs tried to advise the attendees a cop told him, “there is no right to counsel on the streets of North Las Vegas, only in a court room.”

Stubbs represented the Mongols Motorcycle Club when they held their national run in Boulder City, Nevada in June 2012 and that same month he filed federal civil rights lawsuits on behalf of  members of the Mongols, the Stray Cats Motorcycle Club and the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs. The suits complained that the bikers “were willfully, maliciously, and intentionally prevented from associating and/or assembling without justification or compelling state interest as a result of their status as a motorcycle club or motorcycle club member.”

He accused former Boulder City Police Chief Thomas Finn of attempting to destroy evidence. Finn sued Stubbs for defamation. Stubbs sought and won the dismissal of Finn’s defamation suit under Nevada’s anti-Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, or anti-SLAPP, statute. SLAPPs are lawsuits that are filed by public officials and agencies to intimidate or censor their critics by forcing those critics to defend themselves against the lawsuit until they abandon their criticism. Stubbs won his dismissal and was awarded $15,760. At least partly as a result of his ongoing battle with Stubbs, Finn was fired in April 2013.

Finn Fights Back

Stubbs was arrested and charged with Obstructing a Public Officer in November 2013, after he refused to walk away from a Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Club patch holder who was being detained by police. After the arrest, Stubbs was the subject of an investigation by the Las Vegas Metro Gang Task Force.

Meanwhile, former Chief Finn seems to have become obsessed with Stubbs. He obtained one of Stubbs laptop computers and in November 2014 he sent the computer to an FBI agent along with an allegation that it contained “evidence of tax evasion, tax fraud and money laundering.” Finn also sent the IRS’ Criminal Investigations Unit a document titled “Stephen P. Stubbs/Donald F. Gilbert, Jr. Fraud Timeline” that began: “I believe Las Vegas Attorney Stephen P. Stubbs engaged in a calculated scheme with his client Donald Gilbert, to launder money through Stubbs’ attorney trust account….”

Last November, the Metro Gang Task Force leaked a story to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Stubbs was being investigated for forging a “plea agreement in court without his client’s knowledge.” Last February Stubbs was charged with two felony counts of “offering a false instrument for filing or record “and two gross misdemeanor counts of “unlawful notarization of signature by a notary public.”

Bad Notary

Stubbs seems to have been set up. He had defended a man named James L. Green on charges of drunk driving and Green later “cooperated with police.” Green said a notarized signature on a plea agreement negotiated by Stubbs was not his. Stubbs later admitted that he had notarized Green’s signature even though Green was not present, after Green’s girlfriend delivered the signed plea deal to him.

Yesterday, Stubbs agreed to plead guilty to “unlawful notarization of signature by a notary public.” He is expected to formally enter his plea on August 10. This morning Stubbs said, “the Gang Task Force, which investigates motorcycle clubs, did a six month long investigation with grand jury subpoenas and warrants. The only thing they found was that I wrongfully notarized one document. I’m pleading guilty to one count of wrongly notarizing one document. That was the only legitimate charge against me.”

Also yesterday, a Nevada Judge ordered Finn to pay Stubbs $10,000 in punitive damages plus legal fees.


20 Responses to “Being Stephen Stubbs”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    Shove it up yer ass, sideways, Cooper, you stinking pig.

  2. rollinnorth Says:

    Give respect, get respect. Act like an asshole, get treated like an asshole.

    Respect to those…

  3. William Cooper Says:

    Now Wolfenlover, that’s not a very nice thing to say.

  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    To Mr. “WILLIE” Cooper, FOESAD, OK?!

  5. Justathought Says:

    @william cooper says ” The justice system eventually catches up with dishonesty and arrogance.”…,Actually, the justice systems eventually targets and sets up anyone who consistently lays open for all to see the errant way our Gov’t, and law enforcement, from the street to the courthouses, have followed for decades now. And have made it a systematic approach to try those who they believe should be muzzled, simply because they speak out against the status quo with in our legal systems and gov’t at larger. These “men” seek to by pass any protections citizens have, that the courts or law enforcement disagree with.

    Oh, and by the way…Mr. Stubbs already “outed” himself.

  6. William Cooper Says:

    Stephen Stubbs always alerts the media for any little thing. I wonder why he didn’t put it out there that a District Court Judge found that Stubbs committed fraud upon the court? In Finn v. Stubbs et al, the attorney fee judgment he so enjoys bragging about, the entire judgment is being vacated and the court found:

    08/18/2015 10:00 AM

    The Court FINDS clear and convincing evidence that there was constitutional fraud upon this Court which warrants the setting aside of the Default in Defendant’s favor. Mr. Flanagan to prepare the Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law regarding allegations of fraud upon the Court. Mr. Flanagan to run by counsel before submitting the Order to the Court. Court noted the fees and sanctions have previously been briefed by counsel and the Court will consider them.

    I hope the bar sees this.

  7. William Cooper Says:

    Ask Stubbs how he made out in court today against Chief Finn in front of Judge Jesse Walsh. Today is the first of what could be many unpleasant days ahead for Stubbs. The justice system eventually catches up with dishonesty and arrogance.

  8. Ol'Goat Says:

    Never had much respect for “officers of the court” (which ATTORNeys are), but Mr. Stubbs gives a glimmer of hope, but my glimmer just diminished as i realized he is probably one in a million.

  9. Latin Lord 13 Says:

    Hang in there Mr.Stubbs You are fighting the system , and a punk lieing turn coat you tried to help.

    (respect to those who have earned it)

  10. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Hang tough Mr. Stubbs. Our country needs men like you.

  11. Shyster Says:


    Remember that the client can be the enemy too. Take care man. I’m in Vegas in 2 days staying downtown. Let me buy you dinner Wed night. You have my number.


  12. Uesque Says:

    So it looks like he’s still $5,760 ahead.

  13. popeye Says:

    The secret to success – Find something you love doing and do it well. Mr Stubbs strikes me as someone who truly loves his job and loves a good fight. He’s what the ACLU was supposed to be but got lost long ago.

  14. Road Whore Says:

    Hit ’em hard, Bowtie, and keep hitting ’em!

    Ride Free

  15. old & stoned Says:

    in Bowtie’s arrest video, and in a couple personal interactions, a dead giveaway they are ‘off script’ and struggling and failing to intellectually control the situation is the line “We’ve asked you NICELY, Sir,,” in increasing firmness and intensity.

    i can see a courtroom scene play out like Lenny Bruce’s ‘blah blah blah’, replaced with “but they asked you nicely,,”

    piss in their face Bowtie!

  16. Bone Head Says:

    Mr. Stubbs seems to be quite a capable attorney. The powers-that-be better not bend over in front of him…unless; of course, they enjoy long, slow, hard fuckings.

  17. Tarasaramozart Says:

    Over here, City officials and their cronies falsely accused a friend of getting a gun during a City Council meeting. It appears that no matter what the level of government, or how small the town (450 pop), government is run by criminals and their cronies nowadays.

    Thankfully the court gave fair judgment to Mr. Stubbs, and punished Mr. Finn accordingly.

    Just an FYI.

  18. old & stoned Says:

    this is why all the other attorneys in wacko are keeping a lo profile. You dont have to get SLAPP’d to get punished

  19. Wolfenlover Says:

    Sure wish the sheople would wake up & get tired of all these Alpha-Soup
    Agency’s wasting their tax dollars!
    Keep at em’ BOWTIE! “Fuck em’ in the eye!”

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