Waco Won’t Play Fair

July 30, 2015

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Waco Won't Play Fair

At the end of June McLennan County, the ethical cesspool that surrounds Waco, hired a good old local boy attorney named David Deaconson to represent Justice of the Peace W.H. “Pete” Peterson.

Peterson is the mooncalf who decided to charge 177, or 182, people he knew nothing about with engaging in organized criminal activity in order “to send a message.” No. No rational person knew what he was talking about. In an interview with the Waco Tribune-Herald, he sort of explained,  “We had nine people killed in our community. These people just came in, and most of them were from out of town. Very few of them were from in town.”

There is no need to speculate why Peterson might need a lawyer. Waco will explain that very soon, right after it releases the video and ballistics evidence and the autopsy reports.


At the time the County hired Deaconson (photo above), he claimed defense lawyers were “harassing” Peterson. He announced he was giving the county a break on price by charging only $250 an hour instead of his usual $280. Deaconson is also the City Attorney for the grim Waco suburb of Lacy Lakeview and an adjunct professor for Baylor University School of Law where he teaches the art of the “mock trial.”

According to the Tribune-Herald, Deaconson is serving as a “liaison” between “biker defense attorneys” and “the courts.” Whatever that turns out to mean, it may come as a surprise to most of the defense attorneys. Apparently, one of his several official roles is to be a sort of general spokesman on the Twin Peaks case. You know, what is true and not. What is good law and what is poppycock. Who is naughty and who is nice. That sort of thing.

Tuesday he told the local paper about a retired judge “from Travis County” who may preside over the “examining trials” of a score of the bikers arrested May 17. One of them is Matt Clendennen, who is also threatening to sue most of official Waco in federal court.

Clendennen and his lawyer, Clint Broden, are forbidden by court order to talk about Clendennen’s case but “Pete” Peterson’s lawyer is not. Tuesday the Tribune reported Deaconson told the judge who will appoint Peterson’s successor “that an out-of-town judge might quell more criticism about what the bikers and their supporters are calling the unfair McLennan County justice system.”

Deaconson said, “If the administrative judge has graciously offered to give us assistance as far as a judge on all of this, I just think if we bring in one who can devote his time, we can get the process on the examining trial side done much more efficiently and there isn’t any concern, be it from the media, or the public or whomever, (sic) that the county is totally trying to scheme against these people.” He also said examining trials are “not needed.”


Broden read Deaconson’s interview in the paper along with everybody else. Yesterday he filed a supplement to his motion to lift his gag order that complained: “Mr. Clendennen and his counsel are subject to the gag order entered by the Judge of the 54th District Court, Matt Johnson, and cannot publicly speak to this matter of grave public concern to our justice system. Nevertheless, the agent for Judge Peterson is permitted to give statements to the press at will.”

“Moreover, Mr. Clendennen strongly disagrees with the public comments by Judge Peterson’s agent that implies that a belief that ‘the county is totally trying to scheme against these people’ is unfounded and that ‘examining trials are not needed unless defendants are in jail and seeking another way out.’ … this is yet another example of why the gag order in this case is unworkable…. Mr. Clendennen is unable to respond to any of these comments. For example, in this instance, Mr. Clendennen is denied free speech rights to address why he is seeking an examining trial despite the fact that he is not ‘in jail and seeking another way out.’”


40 Responses to “Waco Won’t Play Fair”

  1. XKG Says:

    @ Confederate Celt:
    Extraordinary rendition, kidnap, degradation, physical mental and sexual torture of indeterminate length, secret lists, warrantless surveillance are all just a magnificent Christian prelude to public Burning at the Stake?

    The zealots may look like perpetrators but are Sonderkommado who are themselves destined for the flame.

  2. The Confederate Celt Says:

    I will have to say that the “brand” of Christians properly criticized in earlier posts do not represent my beliefs. Charles H. Spurgeon wrote back in the mid 1800’s in his essay “The Inquisition” that ecclesiastical authority and civil authority must not be combined due to the tendency to persecute deviant (ie -different from those in power) beliefs.

    An exploration of “Foxes Book of Martyrs” reveals that the vast majority of Christians martyred throughout the years have been martyred at the hands of Government, not “the mob”.

    Rev. Chuck Baldwin and others have been critical for many years of those so-called “Christians” who worship the “State” and those in civil power. In fact, his recent essay “What a Waste” (doubtless available on his WEB site) on the subject is well worth reading.

    Any half hearted effort at reading the New Testament reveals that “The Church” is to be completely separate from the “State”.

    Many years ago in Scotland, the great reformer John Knox had an interview with Queen Mary of Scots. She asked him “Think you, sir, that the subjects may resist their Princes?”, to which he answered “If the Princes, Madam, exceed their bounds and go against that for which they ought to be obeyed, then they may be resisted, even by power (force)”. It sound as if quite a few churchgoers out around Waco would have had John Knox burned at the stake.

    Those in the early church as well as throughout the Reformation usually ended up resisting civil authority, sometimes at the cost of their lives. Unfortunately, when offered the “Ring of Power” of civil authority, too many modern “Christians” choose the path of Saruman rather than that of Gandalf: “I must not touch it, even to do good.”.

  3. david Says:

    Jefferson wrote a “church and state merged gov.” is the worst of all possible forms of gov. The Waco religious bastards have proven it.

    The Waco majority is predominately Christian, white and middle economic class. Spoken and unspoken dress, thought, appearance, language and behavior codes are majority determined, actively imposed and enforced upon the minority in violation of their First Amend. protected unalienable right to freedom FROM any and all religious non- sense.

    The Waco majority think they possess a mandate from God, falsely think they act in the name of God, and ruthlessly dominate all three branches of local and county gov. created by ALL people including, the non-religious. The majority, contrary to what they think, never had a local gov. of, for, and by themselves.Had they read and understood constitutional guarantees, they would have never thought they were in charge of anything in public matters. But they put their ignorant preachers bull-shit word above fundamental, foundational constitutional law.

    The constitutionally guaranteed rule of law binding upon all elected and appointed City and county is : EQUAL PROTECTION OF LAW ; yet the fucking christian majority in and out of office think, act, and feel more equal than anyone and everyone else,
    put their fucking religious agenda ahead of anything and everything else, and use gov. as a means of imposing their PERSONAL code and agenda on everyone else, in a lawless flagrant violation of state and U.S. organic law. Fuck them.

    Beside the fact of murdering, falsely arresting, stealing from, and carelessly wrecking the lives of almost TWO-HUNDRED non-conformists and lying about all of it,
    putting Twin Peaks out of business for allowing non-conformists to exercise their right to assemble and having employees show a little tit, these fake religious A-holes did all of this and more(before and after the fact)as part of their religious “church in state” agenda in gross violation of the protected right to equal protection of law, the separation of church and state gov., and the rule of law.

  4. Docb Says:

    My experience and opinion: The way this whole thing is being run was pretty much business as usual for Texas and Oklahoma when I lived there,but
    the scale of injustice is off the charts in this case.
    Did it occour to anybody that the Bible Belt and the Tornado Belt cover the same geographical area? Coincidence?….. I think not!

  5. david Says:

    The fact the thought controlled Waco people of the fucking baptist persuasion whole-heartedly SUPPORT everything the fascist Waco government says or does, indicts their asses as co-conspirators in the murders, thefts, attempted murders, and every other law violation as well as evidence suppression and the continued unalienable rights violations.

    Fuck the Waco gov. fascists, the christian fascists who support them, and fuck Jesus.

  6. Wolfenlover Says:

    Cynthia Robinson, I feel for you, but, do you think you can get resolve from
    here? Have you posted this on FaceBook or other socialmedia sites, like
    Twitter? Obviously, McLennan Co. Texas is to be avoided at all costs.
    I wish you all the best, but don’t see that you have improved your chances
    for justice by posting your story here, other than to corroborate what
    Rebel has already dug up, that Waco is the center of a vile, evil, slimy
    section of our country.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  7. XKG Says:

    It’s a national health crisis and therefore a mater for the Surgeon General: Idiopathic cognitive deficit with secondary myopia and deafness running pandemic.

    Thank you Rebel and the many here who understand that justice has and always will be elusive but the scope and scale of this transgression should be repugnant and alarming to all Americans. That it appears to be neither to them requires investigation and treatment.

    [ it’s a test case to see if mass arrests and photocopy warrants are going to fly in America…to see if the pp will react ] Asshole

    [ What’s eating at a lot of folks at this point is their feeling of helplessness ] Brad, that’s how rule by fear works

    [ The “law” has become nothing but an excuse to bully people and grind them down… punitive bullshit designed to the smallest pleasures out of a man’s life ] Odd how the privileged remain under the radar while getting ever fatter huh Road Whore?

    May 17 and its aftermath is rhabdomyolysis requiring mass vaccination. For you laymen that’s sudden and rapid disintegration of muscle with the remnant debris poisoning the body and leading to death.

    The infected must be treated compassionately. As in the handling of rabid dogs neither fact nor reason will do. If the malignancy which has been festering for decades is now rapidly and aggressively metastasizing to the point that it is posing a severe threat to national security and our way of life then adopting an innovative approach is required.

    A rabid dog which is shot is no longer of use in pulling a sled. The cause of idiopathic cognitive deficit remains a mystery. What we have observed so far is that fear seems to motivate them. Fear is the weapon of choice for the malignancy. The clever approach then is to adapt this within the boundaries of lawful action.

    Respect Your Local Rubbie as you log his tricked out hog in your notebook conspicuously titled “Federal Marshall’s Auction”.Snap a few shots and be sure to ask about accessories and cost.
    “Nothing personal bro, but picking up hogs for pennies on the dollar is how I make my living” “Whaaa?” “RICO ACT man! Hottest new investment going… confiscated motorcycle commodities and derivatives market (show pics of the Waco flatbed ). “Insider connections tell me this area is next, but here, take my card. I’ll keep a lookout for your machine and when it on the block it’s yours again for for a few bucks over bid”

    FEAR -its all they are programmed to understand.

  8. Tommy Says:

    Sorry to hear that Ms. Robinson. It seems all kinds of things are appearing which show Waco PD is as corrupt as it gets.

    Condolences to you and your family

  9. Cynthia Robinson Says:

    McGregor, Texas is 14 miles west of Waco and enveloped in McLennan County.
    My 19 y/o son, Joshua, was found dead in Amsler Park, McGregor, on Feb 16, 2006. McGregor police, without investigating, decided Josh’s death was a Suicide. [Former Interim Chief, Molina, told me that ‘we don’t begin an investigation until something suspicious is found.]
    Yes, there was an autopsy, but the final ruling is the ruling of the Justice-of-the-Peace, who signs the document. JO Culpepper (Ret), put the time of death as 2:15AM. [What does he know that I don’t?]
    According to the M.E., he told me he had initially ruled Undetermined, until receiving a report from then Det Kory Martin, causing him to change the rulinf to Suicide.
    Martin’s Report:
    “Joshua and mother fought the previous night.”
    “Reportedly, Joshua was a drug user.” (Reportedly, from whom? No drugs/alcohol in system.)
    “App suicide by chain vs neck.”

    Soon, I found out that the last person to see Joshua alive, was a McGregor officer, who saw him in Amsler Park at 1AM. The park had a 10PM curfew. Was Joshua asked to vacate the park? If so, why would he be found dead 41/2 hours later in that park? What transpired at 1AM, when the still unknown officer saw Josh? I have a document, stating ‘Joshua was seen at 1AM, not yet hanging in the swing.’
    Now, the new chief and former Texas Ranger, Steve Foster, is saying that the sighting of Joshua in Amsler Park, is a lie. Why would he say that? I have a written document (2006) that JP Culpepoer also states he was seen.
    Per the circumstances of Joshua’s death, I should have had an Inquest a long time ago. [See: Texas Code of Criminal Procedures, Art. 49.01-49.04]
    However, my requests over a span of 9 years and 3 Justices-of-the-Peace are denied.
    I have requested the assistance of DA Abel Reyna and staff. Those who should know the law, also denied me.
    Sgt. Steve Mosley/Waco PD, formerly with Temple PD, told me that Joshua’s death is NOT a Suicide and to contact the FBI, which I did.
    Agent Dale Truhitt, Ret, told me, through Sen John Whitmire (Judicial Comm/Houston) that ‘Joshua wasn’t important enough to open a case on.’
    I don’t have the financial means to hire an big-time, aggressive attorney, such as F Clinton Broden, but why should I have to if Texas Law is followed?
    How does this relate to the current story, of the Constitutional Rights stripped from a group of motorcycle enthusiasts? It does, because Joshua wasn’t a conformist.
    Where’s the outrage for Joshua Robinson?

  10. Brad Milch Says:

    There was a time in my life (when I was younger) that I firmly believed that the greatest invention ever was the wheel. That belief changed in the 1970’s when a portable gadget called the ‘pocket pussy’ hit the markets. At the time I thought a fella was completely armed with what he needed in life to survive.

    For those that plan on living in the USA any length of time that aren’t a part of LEO & it’s big brother (the Judicial System), Waco massacre II signals to me that a person needs a ‘pocket lawyer’. That’s for the fortunate ones not murdered for traffic infractions & dining out at restaurants with friends, that is.

    If I could live my life over again, I would have started saving for an attorney to help me once the law targeted me long before I ever sunk a small fortune into cars & faithless females; both of which left me helpless on the side of the road time after time (sigh).

  11. Tommy Says:

    Frank Hall – LEO isnt making the decisions in Waco, There is someone telling them what to do, They are just pawns

  12. frank hall Says:

    I have been amazed at the LEO ability to control the narrative and the mainstream medias complete lack of interest in what should be a monster story it’s like the questions are so serious no one wants to ask them. They seem to be playing a delaying game and this thing is so multi leveled who knows how high it goes. I”m sure most of the evidence has been in and they are still coming up with an official story and deciding who the fall guy is going to be

  13. Thunderbird Says:

    The cops did not win; they lost. The ones’ that were there were front line witnesses to murder instigated by a mechanical system using them for pawns of destruction that they have to live with and not talk about. Their souls have been ruined.

    Waco now has a dark spot on it that won’t go away. The institutions Waco so proudly cherish now also have a blemish on them. Secrecy won’t make the blemish go away.

    Reminds me of a movie starring Clint Eastwood called “High Plains Drifter.” What happened there may well happen to Waco. Destiny has strange ways of manifesting. No one is innocent.

  14. GunMonkey Says:

    WOW, Some body kick this pencil into my head,,,I have end this pain.
    Way to go Waco and other Texas LEO for making us look like,,,well we are all from Waco.

  15. US Defenders Paul Says:

    Rebel, you heard they also banned pre-marital sex at Baylor? It leads to dancing.
    Thanks for all you do, as a survivor of the fuckin’ massacre keep up the spreading the word.


  16. TXBiker Says:

    First let me be clear on this….I AM NOT FROM WACO! But I will try to answer a few of the question…Yes it’s probably something in the water, No we are not able to stop them from inbreeding or voting or using oxygen.

  17. Zorro Says:

    Well goooolly! Schazam! Best call up uncle Clive and his kin and see if dey want’s to be jurors. Mind them dat dey ows me for letting Billy Bob off on that arson problem at the church.

    Did they film “Deliverance” in Waco? The little Banjo picking boy in the movie bears a strong resemblance to Swanton. Fork the pork.

  18. Brad Milch Says:

    In spite of all the games being played by Texas LEO & judicial system operatives, the basic question has still not been answered: who shot who? We know who died from it & who was injured & survived. Who was the shooter(s) for each group (fatalities & survivors)?

    For those older folks that have lived through & studied the assassinations of Kennedy brothers John & Robert & Martin Luther King, it’s basically the same deal. In those murders, for John Kennedy, it’s either Lee Oswald did it solo, Lee Oswald did it with some help or somebody other than Lee Oswald did it & those in power set him up as the patsy to take the blame.

    With Robert Kennedy, it was either Sirhan did it solo, Sirhan did it with some help, or someone other than Sirhan did it & Sirhan took the blame for it.

    With Martin Luther King, it was James Earl Ray did it or someone else did it & James Earl Ray took the blame.

    It’s appearing more & more evident to the global public that at Twin peaks, the cops did it. All The shooting. All the deaths. All the wounded was the work of the cops. The games their judicial system bed buddies are playing sure seem to indicate that’s the deal.

    At this point, the cops obviously won. They eliminated a few bikers & managed to close the restaurant that accepted them is patrons. Their bacon spokesman has blamed everything on the bikers that died & those who survived & were immediately arrested. Cops had halos on, he said. They just happened to be in an aggressor stance at Twin peaks with a shitload of higher up the LEO food chain cops & their armored vehicle because they had munchies for chalupas & fajitas at the same time a lot of bikers were assembled at a neighboring big ta-ta’s restaurant. He’s now wanting to spread his version of law & order throughout the county of McLennan.

    The families of the victims claim their dead. They can sue in civil courts. So can the survivors (wounded or not).

    What’s eating at a lot of folks at this point is the helpless feeling they get as this drama unfolds & the responsible shooters are not held accountable for their actions at Twin Peaks & the misery they caused.

    As Bob Dylan so eloquently put it in one of his songs, ‘too much of nothing’ messes people’s minds up & they respond in all sorts of strange ways while depressed or pissed off.

    Thank God Rebel’s been able to keep us informed & somewhat sedated (without going off himself) (LOL).

  19. GAR SMC Says:

    The bullshit in Waco runs like a river.
    Thanks Rebel.

  20. popeye Says:

    Peterson should have consulted with a lawyer before he decided to play judge and jury back in May. He would have been advised to not sign a blanket warrant and this could have been avoided. Reminds me of the mafia testifying before the senate subcommittee with a lawyer whispering in his ear = “On the advice of my attorney I respectfully refuse to answer “

  21. Freeman Says:

    I got a question, since when is the Mexican justice system prevailing in Waco, Texas? And are the judges awaiting a thicker envelope?

  22. Road Whore Says:

    The “law” is nothing but an excuse to bully people and grind them down.

    As a condition of your probation or parole, you cannot:

    associate with other outlaws. What if my father is still in a club? Now I can’t see my own father?

    Drink alcohol. So if I go to Olive Garden for dinner I can’t have a glass of wine?

    And on, and on.

    Point being that none of this has to do with how righteous or unrighteous a man is; it is purely bullying punitive bullshit designed to take the smallest pleasures out of a man’s already difficult life.


    Ride Free

  23. CH Says:

    MAYBE….just MAYBE… these wanks will speak in tongues… dance with rattlesnakes next sunday & get bitten and FUCKING DIE!


    PRAISE BE! (again!)

  24. Asskiller Says:

    This just gets more and more ridiculous each day.

    A judge en mass violates the rights of eightscore citizens (those who were not shot to death by lethal State force) and, upon recusal, has an attorney hired to act as “go between”? What the fuck is going on down there?

    I’ve heard dozens of explanations from all types but ultimately, it comes down to plain simple tyrant brutality. In my opinion, it’s also a test case to see if mass arrests and photocopy warrants are going to fly in America.

    They’ll do this again. Rebel’s commented that there is likely Federal involvement. I would question, as one moves up the heirarchy of the Leviathan, what the motivation is.

    Cops on the ground? Playing at SWAT pretending to be serious operators and, in the process, getting to gun down people from presighted positions without return fire. There will be more.

    Local and State officials? Career advancement, which we’re seeing already with Swanton. There will be more.

    Federal executives? I would suggest, based on what human nature I’ve come to understand and also based on how history shows the march of despotism, that the “goal” of the events of this past May are simply… to see how people react.

    I suspect the country is reacting precisely how they expected at the news of dead and violated citizens, as “a message” sent by transient makeshift judges: with disinterest.

    Except for one thing. I believe, based again on my experience of human nature, that there are very interested people of whom the Leviathan is not fully aware. Who sit in the guts and fibers and underneath the talons of the beast, waiting for the order to metastize.

    Just my $.02. After all, the Bundy Ranch didn’t end up like Waco. It also didn’t end up like the British retreat from Lexington and Concord, which may well be something that some nameless collectivist bureaucrat somewhere on the Potomac may be wise to appreciate his luck for.

    – Asskiller

  25. BMW Says:

    Maybe, just maybe, the injustice industry of Whaco needs someone to introduce the conspirators to the Constitution of the United States of America… It does not sound like it is the Baylor adjunct faculty member!

  26. RVN69 Says:

    Look at the title of the video at the end of Rebels article and you will see the reason there will be no fair trial in Waco, “Waco, the buckle of the Bible Belt”. Unless your a bible thumpin Baptist good ole boy, then you are a “communist hippie drug dealing biker thug.” A change of venue is definitely in order.

    One more question, where are all the other attorney’s for the other accused? Or is Brodan the only one who is doing any of the heavy lifting?

    This entire case defines absurdity.


  27. Thunderbird Says:

    It is becoming obvious that in Waco they make their own law. We now live in a country were the biggest dog gets the biggest bone. Isn’t it obvious by now that the Justice System is a sham?

    “this is about covering up 9 MURDERS in cold blood” It is more than that. Waco made a bold statement that it doesn’t want bikers coming into their town. And the judge made a statement (if you are not murdered) the bail is one million. And if you make bail then it is $275 a month to wear their electronic ball & chain indefinitely. Seems like everyone there speaks the same voice. And the next level is silent or non-responsive.

    Folks it can’t be more clear than that. Due process has not happened. Not even a little bit.

    With the justice system unraveling all over the country it seems if one wants justice don’t count on the existing system.

  28. The Punishers keeper Says:


  29. R&R Says:

    Everyone acknowledges the good ole boy network in wacko. But the good ole boys are only puppets. The real string pullers are Baylor Baptist University and by extension the Southern Baptist Convention. No one is elected or appointed to office without their blessing. This was true when I lived there ’70 – ’72 and appears true to this day.

    I was in the army so I looked like a regular citizen and got over just fine. Because with them it’s all about how things appear. Having a military appearance (no facial hair and short haircut) even though I rode a street bike, never had a problem with the yokels.

    By appointing a Baylor Baptist adjunct professor to help navigate appearances the circle is being completed. Deaconson is there to manage appearances. Count on it. These assholes are circling the wagons.

    While the locals thought my friends and I to be fine upstanding young men, we were consuming voluminous amounts of dope and impregnating their daughters. But it didn’t look that way.

  30. Paladin Says:

    The fact that Peterson hired or was advised to hire an attorney speaks volumes.

    Vago 1%er,

    There is a very good reason as to why the National Dueling Banjo Contest is held in Waco every year. In order to qualify for the competition, an entrant must prove his or her DNA is an identical match to that of all the other competitors.

    Long May You Ride,


  31. FF Says:

    Rebel, it goes without saying this aint a laughing matter but I’m LMFAO at your sarcasm trying to write about this theatre of the absurd but when i got to the Deaconson quotes I’m like, transmogrified star trek beamed to Peking circa 1981 for the Gang of Four trial.

    Holy fuck that dude is insane.

  32. old & stoned Says:

    interesting, but not surprising. Rebel, the title to the video says it all,, The Buckle of the Bible Belt. i fully expect them to pull every dirty trick, violate, bend, or rewrite any / all judicial and prosecutorial ethics as long as they can. do not be surprised when higher courts vacate the coming lawsuits

    never forget, for THEM,,
    this about covering up 9 MURDERS in cold blood

    the undercover activity prior, creating the ‘fricton’, would make it ‘1st Degree’ with liability running up the chain of command up to, and including Swanton. by his own pubic admission, he ‘KNEW there would be violence”. but they ‘sat in their patrol cars’ instead, so DPS could have unobstructed fire.

    i expect no Justice, by i pray nonetheless.

  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tram,

    Thank you.


  34. BadMonk Says:

    There seems to be no end to the utter nonsense that Waco officials dream up. The courts need a “liaison” between them and the biker defense attorneys?? I feel like I’m living in a third world country when I read about the continual violations of basic Constitutional rights. They all need to be locked up for a very very long time.

  35. Wolfenlover Says:

    VAGO 1%er, more of the second part, I’m thinking.

  36. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Jumpin fuckin Jesus. My head just exploded. Is there something in the water down there that makes these fucking people so stupid or is it the in-breeding?

  37. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Brilliant Coverage Rebel. It’s odd angles like this that don’t get reported the right way, by the gov. media, that let the FACTS get distorted. Your next $81 dollars is on it’s way. Respects T.T.

  38. Wolfenlover Says:

    This is like reading the fuckin’ Sunday comics or watching Saturday cartoons!
    Damn Rebel. You must go through at least a bottle of aspirin a day having to
    write about this shit! WOW

    MUCH RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  39. T Hell Says:

    It makes perfect sense that Waco hire an attorney who from Baylor University School of Law where he teaches the art of the mock trial after all Waco used “mock” arrest warrants based on “mock” affidavits after a “mock” mass shooting.

    GUESS WHAT WACO THESE ARE NOT JUST MOCK LIVES YOU ARE DESTROYING In this action there can be no more CYA its time to move forward, drop all charges, retire the senile (no)justice of the peace Petersen and hope your insurance agent sold you the right policy.

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