Death By Cop

July 25, 2015

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Death By Cop

The British daily newspaper The Guardian began a project called “The Counted” on June 1 to document every American killed by police this year, “monitor their demographics and to tell the stories of how they died.”

The Washington Post has also begun a similar, unnamed project. In a June 30 story, the Post reported that dozens of people “died while fleeing from police, the Post analysis shows, including a significant proportion – 20 percent – of those who were unarmed. Running is such a provocative act that police experts say there is a name for the injury officers inflict on suspects afterward: A ‘foot tax.’” The Post also reports that “less than one percent” of police officers who shoot and kill are charged with a crime.

As of this morning, July 25, 651 people had been killed by American police in 2015. The count does not include men killed by police in the Twin Peaks Massacre in Waco on May 17. According to the Guardian, “In mass shootout incidents, like the one in Waco, Texas, where police have failed to identify those who were killed by law enforcement and those killed by civilian gunfire, the Guardian has been unable to log individuals in the database. We will make every effort to include this information when more details are provided.”

Uncounted Before

The Guardian is taking pains to place the numbers it is gathering in a global context. For example, in the last 24 years there have been 55 fatal police shootings in England and Wales. There were 59 fatal police shootings in the United States in the first 24 days of this year. Iceland has had one fatal police shooting in the last 71 years. Stockton, California, which has a population smaller than Iceland’s had three fatal police shootings in the first five months of this year. Australia had 94 fatal police shootings from 1992 through 2011. The United States had 97 fatal police shootings in March. So far this year in California, police have fatally shot 106 people. Police in Texas have shot and killed 67.

The Guardian’s is the first serious effort to count the number of people gunned down by police each year in the United States. The federal government logs no comprehensive record of people killed by police. The Guardian thinks such an “accounting is a prerequisite for an informed public discussion about the use of force by police.”

The only official statistics on the number of fatal police shootings in the United States are gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau “runs a voluntary program through which law enforcement agencies may or may not choose to submit their annual count of ‘justifiable homicides.’” The FBI defines a justifiable homicide as “the killing of a felon in the line of duty.”

Between 2005 and 2012 only 1,100 of about 18,000 American police departments reported a justifiable homicide to the Bureau.

You can find the Guardian’s “The Counted” project here. 

You can read the Washington Post’s June 30 story here. 


67 Responses to “Death By Cop”

  1. Mad Dog Says:

    When did “protect and serve” turn into “harass, arrest, and kill?”

  2. The Kraut Says:

    Here is the latest badge committed execution…unarmed 19yo cannabis smoker…

  3. The Kraut Says:

    The fucking badge in the video is doing whatever he can to escalate the situation…fucking provoking people to do what little it takes to cross their line, so they then can exercise their “authority”…cunts!

    The day will come when they ALL (the fucking badges) get the comeuppance they so richly deserve…no second chance…bacon rope dance

    Sympathy (for badges)is in the dictionary between shit and syphilis…right where it belongs.

    ….Phuquehed, 2nd that!

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    That’sd one pig that needs to be found making a stop late at night and some nigger crackhead off his useless ass. I’d just as soon have the nigger on the streets as that corrupt fucking pig.

  5. CH Says:

    @ rollinnorth……..

    interesting read….Interesting view on the police problem.

    I thought I’d post a readers response that was made to it I really thought applied……….

    quote —> “the police have evolved into some sort of minor nobility, set above the average citizen but below the very rich and politically connected.”

    YEP! – that coupled with the fact that 99% if not all PIGS are evil, cowardly, little punks to begin with.

    Way past time to not only do the TRUE AMERICAN THING of question authority. But then to take over authority of the “PUBLIC SERVANTS” we tax payers hire to “SERVE US”! And INSIST they do in fact serve us.

  6. Tooj Says:

    Why do they call it that? Why do folk say “Suicide by cop”?

    Because it is a reality.

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    “In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.
    By Alex Horton

    I got home from the bar and fell into bed soon after Saturday night bled into Sunday morning. I didn’t wake up until three police officers barged into my apartment, barking their presence at my door. They sped down the hallway to my bedroom, their service pistols drawn and leveled at me.

    It was just past 9 a.m., and I was still under the covers. The only visible target was my head.

    In the shouting and commotion, I felt an instant familiarity. I’d been here before. This was a raid.

    I had done this a few dozen times myself, 6,000 miles away from my Alexandria, Va., apartment. As an Army infantryman in Iraq, I’d always been on the trigger side of the weapon. Now that I was on the barrel side, I recalled basic training’s most important firearm rule: Aim only at something you intend to kill.

    I had conducted the same kind of raid on suspected bombmakers and high-value insurgents. But the Fairfax County officers in my apartment were aiming their weapons at a target whose rap sheet consisted only of parking tickets and an overdue library book.

    My situation was terrifying. Lying facedown in bed, I knew that any move I made could be viewed as a threat. Instinct told me to get up and protect myself. Training told me that if I did, these officers would shoot me dead.”


  8. Jane Q Public Says:

    @Dino…well who knew lol! I guess it may be like other racial slurs…acceptable amongst themselves but never by an outside race. I stand corrected, though. But little piggy, that doesn’t apply to you or excuse you in any way.

  9. Dino Says:

    @ Jane
    Right on, almost. A big LEMC are named the Wild Pigs, so the negative moniker apparently doesn’t phase them.

  10. Jane Q Public Says:

    Little Piggy,
    As I was married to a LEO for 15 years, I can attest to the fact that cops do indeed see some serious shit. So did I, at the other end of the public safety spectrum, working fire/ems. The problem is that cops use this time and time again to justify some of the most abhorrent, reprehensible behavior I have ever seen. Because of this I would feel much safer standing stark naked in the middle of all these guys on here than fully clothed on a traffic stop with 95% of the police out there these days. 85% of your job is all about the mentality of your approach with the remaining 15% reserved in the event a situation must end in violence. Sadly I believe those numbers are now reversed, with 85% violence and the remaining 15% used to justify it. The police no longer protect and serve, they rule by fear and intimidation. I know a lot of cops. I even like some of them. But most of them need to be in a padded room and they sure as hell don’t need to be armed.
    Lastly, dear little piggy, if you wanted to actually be believable, you would have used a different name, because no officer would refer to him/herself as a pig. Ever. That is something they universally find to be highly offensive. Hence the use of it as a derogatory name here. So, little piggy, while I won’t encourage you to kill yourself or die, because I have spent most of my adult life in the lifesaving business, I will encourage you to put down the cheeto’s , change into some clean clothes, get out of your mom’s basement and go outside. There’s a whole big world out there and I encourage you to see what it’s like. Because its nothing like the games you’ve wasted your life playing.
    *Disclaimer…I don’t ride, mainstream kinda girl here. But I respect the people on here because they’ve given me no reason not to.

  11. Paladin Says:


    The funny thing about PC is that it’s not always “protective”. Former Muskegon County Airport Police officer, Theodore Dyer was sentenced to life in prison for the raping of a 9 year old little girl. Less than a year later, He was killed by Steven Sandison; his cellmate. If they got to Dyer, they’ll be sure to get to this guy.

    Long May you ride,


  12. Austin Says:

    @CH – Not once, not twice – but THREE times?! and you know this douchebag has got a few other little old ladies on his route during that timeframe who did not have families with resources for cameras and all.

    Setting a wolf to watch the sheep? Sick Bastard. He’ll get protective custody since everyone recognizes him – too bad – the general population could dish out some justice…


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