Anti-Ethanol Petition

July 22, 2015

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Anti-Ethanol Petition

As of this morning, 25,151 people have signed the American Motorcyclist Association’s online petition protesting the Environmental Protection Agencies proposal to increase the percentage of gasoline sold in America that is 85 percent gasoline and 15 percent ethyl alcohol.

Ethanol is not healthy for V-Twin motorcycle engines and other mechanically simple things. Alcohol has less energy than gasoline so engines that run on gasoline-ethanol blends run leaner than they would on gasoline alone. Ethanol also corrodes vital engine parts and absorbs water from the atmosphere. It is not legal to use gasoline blends that contain 15 percent ethanol in any motorcycle in the United States. Harley cautions riders about using gasoline blends that contain 10 percent ethanol.

The AMA is worried about the “inadvertent misfueling” of motorcycles with the new ethanol blends. The group had originally hoped to get 10,000 signatures on its online petition.

The EPA’s comment period on its proposal ends Saturday. The Agency will make a final decision about how much ethanol American motorist should consume by November 30.

You can sign the AMA petition here.


12 Responses to “Anti-Ethanol Petition”

  1. david Says:

    The ruling, ultra-rich elite who OWN the government, decided to pull the puppet-strings connected to the whore members of congress to get those whores, to pass the 15 billion gallon rule, to reduce world food production.

    The purpose was/is to STARVE people into submission, or death to help cull the world’s population because the elite determined:

    1) They own the world due to their idea of wealth means power/ownership via
    extensive landholdings.
    2) They feel the world’s population is too large.
    3) They publicly stated, in many languages, their plan to achieve a 500 million
    world population, and had it chiseled in stone on the Georgia Guidestones.
    4) The ruling elite think anyone but they themselves are useless eaters
    UNLESS someone is their personal slave.
    5) Their egos are bigger than their balls.

  2. Richard Otto Says:

    12 Sept 2019

    Pres. Trump–––

    I voted for you, and like your policies but this ethanol nonsense must end! This is federal government shameful meddling.

    originally 28 Dec. 2010:
    I want to buy pure gasoline (no ethanol added) for the following reasons: to avoid the several negative effects of the Federally-mandated program ie. higher food prices, unfair subsidizing of farmers, increased air pollution, motor vehicle fuel system damage, and fuel mileage loss!

    The website below has a list of ethanol-free gasoline stations, but to be certain, one might have to use a test kit.

    Please copy and re-post this posting so that more persons can see it. Thank-you, Richard S. Otto

  3. Richard Otto Says:

    Ethanol is an alcohol that is derived from corn and federal laws require that 15 billion gallons of ethanol be added to gasoline every year. The main problem with this is that we are using our valuable arable land to grow corn for our cars, driving up the price of corn. When corn prices rise, it affects everything that is produced by corn, including feed for cattle and chickens. This creates a ripple effect and increases the cost, and then the price, of meat and all the dairy products associated with it like milk, cheese, etc. Instead of taking the land and growing food for people who actually need it, we are filling up our cars with ethanol.

    In addition, the transportation of ethanol requires trucks to run the fuel around the country, as ethanol cannot be piped through conventional fuel lines. This means we are wasting even more oil and polluting the atmosphere even more just to transport the fuel we will burn later.

    Besides for the economic and environmental reasons listed above, ethanol destroys older engines in cars and requires special technology built into new cars that is expensive. The automobile has been perfected for over 120 years to run on gasoline, that means the gas tank, the fuel injections system, the engine, etc has evolved to run on gasoline. Ethanol is an alcohol that has chemical properties that destroy components in a car that gasoline does not. Finally, mixing ethanol with gasoline actually lowers the BTU’s (British Thermal Units) in a given amount of volume, translating into lower fuel economy and worse emissions. It takes more ethanol-gas mixture to travel the same distance using pure gasoline.

    Please stop the government from forcing us to put corn in our cars! The government should not mandate a 10% requirement for all gasoline and it definitely should not move to increase that to 15%. In addition, the government should stop giving taxpayers money to corn farms to produce this ethanol. It is not helping the general public, it is only helping the corn growers. Put the food to a better use!

  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    “xplor” FOESAD! YOU HEAR/READ?! You are a fuckin’ waste of skin. GO THE FUCK
    ELSEWHERE!! You are a ZIT! STFU you douche-bag! I will find you if you don’t.
    I do know people. You are an annoyance. Before you get swatted, go elsewhere.

  5. Numberz Says:

    L-Frame S&W nailed it, also the production of Ethanol is more harmful for the environment than using regular gasoline.

    Do not use food for fuel

  6. L-Frame S&W Says:

    Ethanol is a net negative energy product, it takes more energy to make it than it produces. If the subsidies went away, so would ethanol.

    L-Frame S&W

  7. Ol'Goat Says:

    Fuck Ethanol

  8. xplor Says:

    This will raise the price of corn tortillas again.

  9. John Deaux Says:

    Gasoline goes into the tank, alcohol gets you tanked.
    Big difference

  10. Thunderbird Says:

    An exception is made for marine engines. Anyone living on the coastline can stop at a marina and purchase gasoline without ethanol.

  11. BadMonk Says:

    Appreciate the heads up on the petition.

  12. Tarasaramozart Says:

    Ethanol is a well-known anti-environmental substance whose usage in gasoline does the following
    1. Damages engines
    2. Enriches the back pockets of congressional leaders who have made investments in the ethanol industry.
    3. Enriches the constituents who have invested in the ethanol industry who in turn enrich their political buddies

    Being on Island where all commodities is barged or ferried, an islander decided to buy 500 gallons of ethanol laden gas (used for automobiles) to store when gas was cheap. Three months later he tapped into it and found it so gummy and sticky it was unusable.

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