Anti-Ethanol Petition

July 22, 2015

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Anti-Ethanol Petition

As of this morning, 25,151 people have signed the American Motorcyclist Association’s online petition protesting the Environmental Protection Agencies proposal to increase the percentage of gasoline sold in America that is 85 percent gasoline and 15 percent ethyl alcohol.

Ethanol is not healthy for V-Twin motorcycle engines and other mechanically simple things. Alcohol has less energy than gasoline so engines that run on gasoline-ethanol blends run leaner than they would on gasoline alone. Ethanol also corrodes vital engine parts and absorbs water from the atmosphere. It is not legal to use gasoline blends that contain 15 percent ethanol in any motorcycle in the United States. Harley cautions riders about using gasoline blends that contain 10 percent ethanol.

The AMA is worried about the “inadvertent misfueling” of motorcycles with the new ethanol blends. The group had originally hoped to get 10,000 signatures on its online petition.

The EPA’s comment period on its proposal ends Saturday. The Agency will make a final decision about how much ethanol American motorist should consume by November 30.

You can sign the AMA petition here.


9 Responses to “Anti-Ethanol Petition”

  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    “xplor” FOESAD! YOU HEAR/READ?! You are a fuckin’ waste of skin. GO THE FUCK
    ELSEWHERE!! You are a ZIT! STFU you douche-bag! I will find you if you don’t.
    I do know people. You are an annoyance. Before you get swatted, go elsewhere.

  2. Numberz Says:

    L-Frame S&W nailed it, also the production of Ethanol is more harmful for the environment than using regular gasoline.

    Do not use food for fuel

  3. L-Frame S&W Says:

    Ethanol is a net negative energy product, it takes more energy to make it than it produces. If the subsidies went away, so would ethanol.

    L-Frame S&W

  4. Ol'Goat Says:

    Fuck Ethanol

  5. xplor Says:

    This will raise the price of corn tortillas again.

  6. John Deaux Says:

    Gasoline goes into the tank, alcohol gets you tanked.
    Big difference

  7. Thunderbird Says:

    An exception is made for marine engines. Anyone living on the coastline can stop at a marina and purchase gasoline without ethanol.

  8. BadMonk Says:

    Appreciate the heads up on the petition.

  9. Tarasaramozart Says:

    Ethanol is a well-known anti-environmental substance whose usage in gasoline does the following
    1. Damages engines
    2. Enriches the back pockets of congressional leaders who have made investments in the ethanol industry.
    3. Enriches the constituents who have invested in the ethanol industry who in turn enrich their political buddies

    Being on Island where all commodities is barged or ferried, an islander decided to buy 500 gallons of ethanol laden gas (used for automobiles) to store when gas was cheap. Three months later he tapped into it and found it so gummy and sticky it was unusable.

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