Groff Charged In Focht’s Death

July 22, 2015

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Groff Charged In Focht's Death

Three people have been charged with misdemeanors in the aftermath of the death of Tonya M. Focht on June 19 in Lower Heidelberg Township, Pennsylvania.

Wayne “Mo” Ritchie, Sergeant at Arms for the Reading, Pennsylvania chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club is charged with disorderly conduct as is IOMC Reading chapter member Timothy “Munch” Martin. Focht’s fiancé, Mark Groff, is charged with disorderly conduct and possession of brass knuckles.

Focht, a student at Alvernia University in Reading was punched in the face and run over by a car as the three men fought in the parking lot of a restaurant named the Bar-B-Q Pit on Penn Avenue in Lower Heidelberg Township. She was pronounced dead at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center. She left behind two children

The Berks County District Attorney’s Office and the Lower Heidelberg Police Department jointly issued a 900 word statement on their investigation into Focht’s death. That statement read in part:


“Mark Groff and Tonya Focht were the initial aggressors in a conflict that began in the patio area of the BBQ Pit. They did this without provocation and after requests from staff to go away. After Mark Groff and Tonya Focht began to physically assault people, the facts show that Timothy Martin and Wayne Ritchie went into the parking lot of the BBQ Pit where they and Mark Groff were mutually engaging in some kind of scuffle that ended up with the three of them in a pile-up between 2 parked cars.

“We learned from the facts that Mark Groff was wearing gloves with hardened knuckles while this occurred and that he had brass knuckles and a bull whip in his possession. The facts revealed that Timothy Martin and Wayne Ritchie decided to deal with Mark Groff’s aggressiveness by themselves rather than deferring to BBQ Pit staff or contacting the police.

“The facts also showed that Tonya Focht tried to assault a woman who was inside the BBQ Pit, but was prevented from doing so by BBQ Pit staff. Tonya Focht then attempted to aggressively join the three person pile up occurring between the two parked cars. She was moved away multiple times but continued to try to join the fight.

She Fell

“The final time she fell back into the path of travel of a vehicle attempting to leave the BBQ Pit. Non-involved eyewitnesses all indicated that there was no way for the person that moved Tonya Focht to have intended to push her into the exiting vehicle or to have even realized the vehicle was there. The driver of that vehicle stopped and cooperated with investigators. The investigation determined that there was no way the driver could have seen or prevented Tonya Focht from hitting his exiting vehicle.

“The investigation also determined that there was no legal basis to file homicide charges. Homicide charges in a case such as this could only be based on someone showing criminal recklessness. Criminal recklessness is high standard involving more than a determination of who is at fault. It means someone choosing to engage in conduct where they knew or should have known that someone could die. While it appears that Tonya Focht’s death can be traced to the decision of her and Mark Groff to instigate this barroom brawl, we cannot find that Mark Groff knew or should have known that his poor decisions would result in Tonya Focht’s death. We also cannot find any criminal recklessness on the part of the person that rebuffed Tonya Focht away during an assault initiated by her and Mark Groff.

“We are also aware of the high degree of gossip and commentary about this case on social media. There is one rumor that we need to address: There were no off duty or on duty law enforcement personnel involved or present at the BBQ Pit during the events on June 19. This fact was acknowledged by Mark Groff when he participated in a video recorded statement with investigators.”


34 Responses to “Groff Charged In Focht’s Death”

  1. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Out West I had never seen a single one of these IO fools in public and to me they were just something I read about here on Rebel’s site doing cowardly, horrible shit like this in some far away place and getting away with it time and time again.

    Now I have returned to Ozarkia for the balance of my years I’ve passed by them on multiple occasions and was amazed they were wearing their costumes out in public as they would never have “flown” publicly on any corridors I traveled.

    I’ve left the MC world but I have enough respect for tradition along with such a disdain of those who abuse power under color of law that I find these shit-stains offensive on so many levels.

    To re-read Tonya’s story again now that it bubbled back up and be reminded she left two young ones behind who are also victims of IO and LE raises the BP quite a bit. Prayers that somehow justice is truly served for all who deserve it from this and other crimes of the IO.

  2. Fingal Says:

    The Iron Order is a cop club. But, of a special kind. They’re corrupt cops; not just stupid and incompetent or even “bad,” as in excessive force and racist. On their jobs these homosexuals tax drug dealers, crack whores, corner grocery stores, and thieves who they catch stealing from unlocked cars in the dead of night. Off duty, they hide behind their badges and beat down and murder outnumbered and outgunned bikers who they know are the real men they will never be.

  3. Mark Groff Says:

    Thanks Johnny

  4. Johnny Rotten Says:

    @Mark Groff

    Rebel is as right an tight as any real individual youd ever encounter,
    should the fortune come your way


  5. Mark Groff Says:

    Redneck not Rebel.

  6. Mark Groff Says:

    And as for Rebel?

    He or she, depending on what law enforcement agency they represent, who makes statements without the balls to put your name to it, is what Tonya and my family have endured since these shitbags came into existence.

    All we wanted to be was left alone by a cop/rat club and this is exactly how they operate.

  7. Mark Groff Says:

    I would be happy to tell Tonya and my side of the story.
    Thank all of you for the wisdom in your positive comments. Real people helped me keep my cool during the Civil Trial.
    It was 6 armed men against her and I. They were juiced in with the state police, local police and the District Attorneys office.
    And for the record. I was the only one charged with a misdemeanor.
    The Club were given summary offense citations that they immediately plead guilty to and paid fine to.
    This now invoked the double jeopardy rule.
    The planned this, they covered it up and have plenty of friends in Law Enforcement to help them.
    Wake up!

    I want to thank all of you for the positive comments from people who know better than to believe the hype.

    Mark Groff

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Redneck,

    Were you there?


  9. Redneck Says:

    She started it and couldn’t finish it and got what she deserved for being a loud-mouth bitch

  10. SoCal Says:

    So again Urine order, and btw whoever coined this, good job. So we see you shrink to cowardice as part of your objective. If your law abiding like you say you are then why are your fktards getting into altercations. Come out the closet and be named for what you are. Fck Iron order, cowards!

  11. Sydney Says:

    Okay, I just wanted to make sure that I understand what exactly happened here…Mark & Tonya had some sort of altercation/disagreement/argument with several members of IO inside of a restaurant. Instead of staying at the establishment they both decided to leave (presumably to get away from the people they had the altercation with) and they were followed outside and a fight started. Tonya ended up involved in the fight just like I would be if they were attacking my man and she somehow ended up pushed into oncoming traffic and tragically killed. Now they’re charging Mark in her death as well? I’m sorry but that really doesn’t make any sense to me at all.


  12. Wolfenlover Says:

    T O S I A R
    It’s fucking coming, and you know it! Just like Texas just on a bigger scale!

  13. Ross Says:

    disorderly conduct is a summary offense not a misdemeanor.a simple ticket like drunk in public. slap on the wrist.

  14. Meh Says:

    If they are conveniently convicted of misdemeanors does that preclude a murder conviction for the same acts due to double jeopardy or can those convictions be vacated or otherwise removed?

  15. Tiger Says:

    RIP Tonya. Mark stay strong, they’ re day will come. FTIO. Respects to the regulars And Rebel keep up the great work.

  16. Wolfenlover Says:

    RVN69, there’s that f’n “BLUE LINE” involved. Cops who turn on cops get dusted,
    by the 99.9% who are GANG members. They’ve allowed all the pansies,sissies, and
    bullied kids in the country to become fuckin’ PIGS. THEY in turn are “getting
    back” at the rest of us, irregardless of being the ones that picked on them.
    PLUS they are the largest bunch of dullards on the planet. NO PIG has more
    than a 75 IQ. Where I grew up, that’s real close to “special Ed” designation!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  17. RVN69 Says:

    How many more murders and attempted murders are these cocksucking Urine Odor going to get away with before someone somewhere drops one of them. You would think that sooner or later the cops who are not members would decide that they were not going to flush their own pension to cover up for these worthless fucks.


  18. Jim666 Says:

    From past references of the uo, it seems to me that if Mark Groff were a patched member of a real motorcycle club these two uo punks would have not left their seats unless of course one had a badge or gun to pull from past encounters if neither of these possibilities were an option they “uo” would have just called the cops.
    It still seems to me it these two bitch boys had not have went into the parking lot Mrs. Focht would still be alive and well .
    I see a probable cause in this, I know if this were to have happened in my state these punks “if not members of this queer cop club” would be sitting behind bars w/ no bond.

    FUCK THE iron order & everyone associated with them!

  19. CELT Says:

    More injustice. FTIO FTP

  20. The Punishers keeper Says:


  21. popeye Says:

    A wrongful death civil suit seems the only way to deal with these shit stains since they will never convict their own.

  22. panamaa Says:

    Unfucking believable…. Rusty, you’re right as rain my friend….


  23. The Confederate Celt Says:

    Watch out, Rebel; they might charge you next!

  24. ChongRRMC Says:

    There is one rumor that we need to address: There were no off duty or on duty law enforcement personnel involved or present at the BBQ Pit during the events on June 19.

    So how many were Undercover Officers ?

  25. fuckjeffgoldblum Says:

    Kinda figured it would play out like this.
    Someday IO….someday….

  26. old & stoned Says:

    if they followed to ‘deal with it themselves’, that’s an admission to ‘re-engagement’. i know i’d be facing manslaughter at a minimum.

    that ‘group’ is a festering venereal disease.

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck the The Berks County District Attorney’s Office and the Lower Heidelberg Police Department. Cowards, corrupt cunts, and air-wasting fucktards.

    Same goes for the Urine(iron) Odor(order) faggots. Bunch of fucking cowards and worms.

  28. Rusty Says:

    I know for fact if I follow someone into the parking lot and punches are
    thrown, and the cops arrive, mine is the ass going to jail.

  29. BadMonk Says:

    So the two IO fucks go after Mark Groff and Tonya Focht to “to deal with Mark Groff’s aggressiveness by themselves rather than deferring to BBQ Pit staff or contacting the police.” So the two fucks become aggressors. Criminal recklessness is engaging “in conduct where they knew or should have known that someone could die” Two IO fucks against one … notwithstanding the size of the individuals, their physical or mental capacity and whatever else … sounds farily fucking reckless to pursue a guy and his girl into a parking lot after the couple already split the scene.

  30. VAGO 1%er Says:


  31. FF Says:

    Welp, that settles it then, Wally. If the Berks County DA says this, then gosh all gitout this must be the truth!

  32. BMW Says:

    Condolences to Mark Groff and the family and friends of Tonya Focht. It is reprehensible that the VICTIMS of the Urine Odor are dragged through the mud and a surviving victim is charged with a crime for defending the two VICTIMS from the assault and battery perpetrated by members of the Urine Odor!

    Of course the Urine Odor wanted a fight, and odds of two men against one certainly sounds like past Urine Odor ambushes. The Urine Odor is on a nationwide campaign of terrorism and intimidation, beating and murdering men and women alike, in a large-scale conspiracy to promote their illicit enterprise; the Urine Odor.

    It is no surprise, unfortunately, that the local persecutors don’t “find evidence” of a crime whenever Urine Odor terrorists attack real motorcyclists, since so many persecutors currently claim memberships in the Urine Odor.

    All the unfounded and dishonest allegations made against real motorcycle clubs seem to be true when it comes to the Urine Odor.

    First, the Urine Odor seems like an organized effort by law enforcement officials to get together in a group and break the same laws LEO are paid to enforce.

    Second, it seems like the paid hacks of the “injustice industry” really ENJOY getting together in defy the laws, and the Urine Odor regularly conspires to protect its members from prosecution for breaking the law.

    Third, it seems like all other LEO are intimidated into not prosecuting LEO (LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFENDERS) that belong to the pyramid scheme business we call the Urine Odor.

    Fourth, it seems that the conspiracy has been active for almost five years.

    Fifth, it seems that the me
    members of the Urine Odor have no legitimate reason for assembling, except for the purposes of violating the law.


  33. ipsick Says:

    “The facts revealed that Timothy Martin and Wayne Ritchie decided to deal with Mark Groff’s aggressiveness by themselves rather than deferring to BBQ Pit staff or contacting the police.”

    So they are saying that if these two IO guys did not leave the restaurant, nothing would have happened. I believe that here in California, that would be a big red flag thrown against the two IO members. To quote my lawyer, “words can not start a fight and leaving the area to follow the person who spoke those words can land you in jail if an altercation ensues”.

  34. Spectator Says:

    “She was moved away multiple times but continued to try to join the fight.”
    How very polite and cordial of them to kindly “move” her out of the altercation and into the path of a vehicle. And this woman who is not able to tell her side of the story is labeled a vicious attacker who just loved to join in “scuffles” … OR…… Maybe she was attempting to stop two urine order punks from tag teaming her fiancé?? After all, this wasn’t the first time the couple had been jumped by these UO cunts.
    I’ve seen plenty of OL’s step in but never seen one get much more than pulled away and restrained. Manslaughter or Murder 2 would be the proper charge here. My guess is that if it were a real club responsible, a proper charge would have been given. Just more iron order Boy Scouts licking the justice poles.

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