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July 22, 2015

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George Christie TV

George Christie got his television show.

According to Christie’s website, “The History Channel is airing a six-part series that spans 30 years of George’s life as a leading voice in the notorious outlaw motorcycle club, the Hells Angels. The Outlaw Chronicles is a captivating series that shares George’s insights to this unique world and introduces viewers to stories that have never been shared in public. The Outlaw Chronicles is scheduled to premiere on the History Channel August 18, 2015.”

According to the History Channel: “Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels takes a deep look into the untold stories of the infamous biker gang through the words of George Christie. For over 35 years, Christie led the Ventura Hells Angels chapter and is ready to share untold experiences. Combining stylized interviews with Christie, along with archival footage and recreations, each episode of the six-part series tells a different tale that Christie has never before made public.”

The series is produced by Shaw Media, a Canadian company that is a subsidiary of a Canadian telecommunications conglomerate called Shaw Communications Inc. The conglomerate is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.


Christie was expelled from the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in 2011 with the status of “Out Bad, No Contact.” Christie owned a tattoo parlor in Ventura called The Ink House and in December 2011 he was indicted for conspiring to extort competing tattoo shops and firebombing two of them. Christie faced life imprisonment and went to trial in January 2013. Five days into the trial he agreed to a plea and sentencing agreement that delayed his sentencing and eventually resulted in a one year sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution, La Tuna. He completed his sentence about a year ago. His plea deal remains sealed.

Earlier this year, The Aging Rebel legally obtained multiple, taped conversations between Christie and law enforcement officials and other Hells Angels that suggested that Christie had been expelled from the Hells Angels because he had cooperated with police.

George Sez

On his website, Christie explains, “In 2011, he resigned his presidency of the Ventura charter and left the club. George was quickly excommunicated by his former brothers. The feds wasted no time and within weeks came with an indictment for a 2006 conspiracy to firebomb two Ventura tattoo shops. As George faced a mandatory life sentence if found guilty, the government offered a plea deal, but he would have to accept responsibility for the arson.  In a surprise move just before sentenced was rendered, Mr Christie asked to address the court. He explained to Judge Wu that he had not directed anyone to burnout the two shops but would accept responsibility for poor leadership. The court accepted his explanation, and after two years on house arrest recovering from double hip replacements, George left for a Texas Federal prison where he would spend the next year. In August of 2014 he was released from custody.”

His site also says: “The demand continues for George’s voice and stories, and he has many exciting projects in the works. New projects will be unveiled here as they are ready for public release. George is always ready to share his stories and his view on life and he has never met an audience that he didn’t like.”

At least at last the whole world will know where all the bodies are buried.

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74 Responses to “George Christie TV”

  1. Bob but Not a Guy Says:

    I watched The Outlaw Chronicles and one thing that I noticed about George Christie was that no matter whether he was speaking of another club member or another biker from a different Club he spoke these men with respect. Whether he carried the same respect in speaking with these men when these events happened or other situations none of us know save the people who interacted with him in those situations. Personally after giving 35 years of his life as a chapter president I would think that he has some amount of respect even though he’s been excommunicated from the club. The reason I would think this is he’s been excommunicated he’s now aired potential dirty laundry on National Television as well as his website and he’s still alive. One thing that has never been under question from people who have been involved with these clubs or people who have known people who have been involved in these clubs is that there’s no lack of ability to erase mistakes. If the clubs were concerned with him and what he was saying I firmly believe they would make sure he wasn’t capable of saying anything. So did George I wish a happy life and to the men in the Hells Angels I wish you a safe ride and to the women who love them you’ve chosen a rough life but you’ve chosen that openly and willingly and for you I wish you nothing but a long and happy life. As for the rest of us the reason we watch the shows and the reason that we is because this is something taboo this is something that normal people don’t do this is a lifestyle that is only Built For The Brave and the strong. The average person can’t ride a bike and they sure as hell couldn’t survive that life. I don’t see their Club is just a Brotherhood but it’s a family. They don’t just take care of the men if something happens and somebody gets busted they take care of the family they take care of the moms they take care of the kids they close ranks and make sure that those people are protected. I’m not saying that everybody in the world should become a biker I’m just saying that everybody so quick to point out the bad things and the drawbacks but what are those bad things and drawbacks? Maybe as a society we could learn things that would make us grow from these groups. I’m sure they’ll be several people who think I’m ridiculous or smoking crack lol but the truth of the matter is is that I’ve seen the Hells Angels in my community lift people who are less fortunate up I’ve seen them help build houses for Habitat for Humanity I’ve seen them bring supplies and toys and clothes on their bikes to a women’s shelter that was burnt down buy an abusive husband because his wife was there. I saw them promise that those women and children would be safe and that they would have a place to stay and they wouldn’t have to worry and that’s the way it’s remained. I’ve seen them raise money for Special Olympics I’ve seen them do charity rides for local food banks. I’ve seen them support their community and Society in ways that everyday people with everyday jobs and supposedly the perfect life never be able to do. So you know what as far as I’m concerned some of the best men very well may be these “gentleman”. #supportyourlocalmotorcycleclub

  2. anniehugo Says:

    Funny how they expect loyalty from a guy they kicked out. You’re a delusional bunch aren’t ya? And how do You know he was a Rat? Pretty harsh accusations against a guy who was a member for 35 years….He brought the only respectability your criminal club ever had. And if he was a Rat…Give specifics…who went away because he ratted? You kicked him out…I’d say he owes you SHIT. I hope George is doing great!

  3. anniehugo Says:

    Well seeing as how his “brothers” kicked him out, I’d say he owes them squat. You expect loyalty after giving him the boot? That’s downright hilarious. Leave the guy alone with your so called loyalty and brotherhood crap.He did a good job while president. THE END

  4. onefeatheraa Says:

    It all comes down to you either expect the life style of the man you are with or you find someone who is not in a club, don’t go with a club member thinking you can change their life.

  5. Jimmy Says:

    George Christie you are a rat

  6. Heather Says:

    I am curious as to why after 35 years he turned his back on the HA’s after being so dedicated to the club for so long? And why is that plea bargain deal sealed??? I am ignorant to this stuff but isn’t betraying your club like this a bit dangerous??

  7. cutter Says:

    yep I agree,, holly is full of crap! nothing she wrote rings true with me either and I’m a 3rd generation outlaw.

  8. cutter Says:

    big ang,
    frankly , you making comments about club biz is a bit strange ! women are not allowed! or privy to info ! so basically,, anything you can say about this is chick gossip! which is even more damaging to a club !
    u should know better if you have the knowledge you profess to have!

  9. Big D Says:

    He has my respect.

  10. roy Says:

    you are a BITCH

  11. Shovelhead Says:

    I’ve never heard any 1%er say they’re just innocent gentlemen, or even act that way. You don’t like the lifestyle, that’s your problem. Sounds to me like your old man is now a lucky dude!
    You’re making this shit up though, because I don’t know one brother who passes his hot looking woman around. Besides, there are rules about that and if you were really in the life, you would know that!!
    When I was a kid in the 60’s, my Uncle was a full PH in a big 1%er club. My Aunt bitched to my Mom all the time about Uncle John not being around, being drunk or high all the time. But she chose that life with him, good or bad, they stuck together until he died years later of brain cancer. Know what? After several years, she hooked up with another 1%er. Guess the life of an old lady wasn’t all that bad.

  12. Rosemary Woodland Says:

    George Christie fought Special Olympics (and Eunice Shriver, President Kennedy’s sister and the then director of Special Olympics)in court to ensure the money from his 1984 Olympic Torch run went to our tiny Special Olympics group in Pottstown, PA. I warned him he was “messing with powerful people”. We never got the money so George took up a collection and bought our team the jackets we would have bought with that money. I asked him if he had a mentally challenged child and he said he did not. He said he’d seen a documentary about Special Olympics and the participants were running a race. One fell, and the child in the lead turned around and picked up that kid. He said, “That’s brotherhood.”
    I know nothing about his present “situation”, but in our minds he was, and will remain a hero. If your “brother” falls, emulate Special Olympics. Turn around and pick him up.

  13. holly Says:

    Aint this a bunch of crap. These outlaw bikers act like they are all such nice innocent gentlemen. I been down that road. I know exactly what these criminals do. Plus they ride in packs cause they cant handle it by themselves.

    As far as a relationship, the bros and the scooter comes before the woman who takes care of you. You’ll be sitting at home while he’s out doing his thing. If you you say one word about it, too bad. He’s gonna be “himself” and that means without you. Unless you’re absolutely gorgeous. If that’s so, you’re “eye candy” and he shows you around and maybe even passes you around. When he gets busted and doing time, who does he expect to come visit him and wait for him? You wont see many of his bros that’s for sure, they don’t like reminders of their own prison time.

    nope. got tired of living alone. So when he said: “My way or the highway”, I took the FREE WAY.

  14. Paladin Says:

    The question is: After folding as a piece of paper, who’s pocket are you in?


  15. Tooj Says:

    As was shared on FB, Sonny Barger said all that needed saying. Out bad and no member of his club would do something like this.

    But of course, sometimes it takes a long time for the real stripes to show up.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear just wondering,

    George Christie was the president of the Ventura charter for something like 35 years, yes.


  17. Just wondering Says:

    I just watched his first 2 shows, but was just wondering if he is everything everyone says, was he really president for 35 years?

  18. BigAng Diamondback Says:

    Rebel did nothing wrong. To the asshole that threatened him. I have been a long time reader , my first reply. Rebel has a trusted background in the community and I respect him as well as many others.

    My opinion on GC if anyone gives a fuck. No self respecting member of any club would go on national tv and do a series like this. I know for a fact there are certain things this man released on pre interviews and maybe even national tv that were solid hidden club info before he opened up his mouth. He is out bad from the club. Active members know never to do anytging like this. Out bad members know to not even show face around our community. Moral of the story. Club business is for the club.

    Big Ang diamond

  19. Nanci Loveless Burns Says:


  20. laura edwardson Says:

    Im trying to just contaxt people who might have known my father . He died when i was 2 all i know of him was that he was a Hells Angel he was from oakland his name was Robert ” Bob ” Edwardson. I kno i will not be told certain things i know for a fact he was in the club i just want maybe stories or information of what kind of person he was. My email is [email protected]

  21. L.V. Sage Says:

    Nickieboy-I agree. Bob Roberts was a class act!

  22. Flashback Says:

    Way too many fucking reality shows on the tube!!! Go ride your scooter and clear your head!


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