Discovering Waco

July 20, 2015

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Discovering Waco

Last Friday, 62 days after the worst incidence of biker violence in history, McLennan County District Judge Ralph Strother gave prosecutors another 30 days to disclose their evidence in the case to defense attorneys. A week before, Strother had named a Waco police detective involved in the investigation foreman of the grand jury that will determine whether the accused should be indicted with a crime or not.

One hundred seventy-seven people have been accused of engaging in organized criminal activity. If indicted and convicted they all face a minimum of 15 years in prison. All of the accused were originally detained on $1 million bail. All but three have since made bail.

Pole Cameras

Strother agreed to release video shot by the Twin Peaks restaurant to San Antonio attorney Jay Norton. Norton is not subject to a gag order. Strother has also ordered the release of video from pole cameras installed at the Twin Peaks restaurant by the Texas Department of Public Safety sometime before the gunfight on May 17. Strother also agreed to allow defense attorneys to see video shot at the scene by body cameras worn by police who were there.

It is unclear whether defense attorneys will have access to information about any confidential informants who might have participated in the melee; other evidence that would help explain the surveillance of the Twin Peaks; the exact “warnings” given the Twin Peaks management about the dangerous nature of the gathering that day; or an explanation for the presence of a score of police officers and an armored vehicle at the restaurant.

Waco flies off in many directions. The official secrecy that has surrounded the Twin Peaks massacre for more than two months has given rise to widely spread, inane gossip and speculation.

Every disclosure seems to invite another mouthful of bizarre questions. For example, what did the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission know and when did it know it?

Drinking Problems

Police agencies involved in the prelude and aftermath of the Twin Peaks are known to include the Waco Police Department and McLennan County Sheriff’s Office; the state Texas Department of Public Safety, TABC and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

The morning after the Twin Peaks violence, the TABC released a statement that announced that the Commission “at the request of the Waco Police Department, has issued a seven-day summary suspension for the TABC license of Twin Peaks Restaurant, 4671 South Jack Kultgen Expressway in Waco. The suspension comes after a suspected motorcycle gang shooting that left nine dead and at least 18 people wounded Sunday, May 17.”

“During the suspension, TABC will work with the Waco Police Department to investigate whether the restaurant’s operational or management policies contributed to an atmosphere which allowed the shooting to take place. Any wrongdoing uncovered during the investigation could result in further action against the restaurant, including monetary fines, further suspension, or cancellation of its TABC license to sell alcohol.”

A List

The TABC was already studying the drinking habits of Texas motorcycle enthusiasts. For example, The Aging Rebel has legally obtained a TABC document that begins, “Beth sent me a list of known Bandidos members.” Beth Gray is a TABC officer in Denton, Texas. There are ten names on the list with birth dates and driver’s license numbers.

When contacted about that list today Chris Porter, the TABC press officer, acknowledged seeing the list of names but declined to comment on it because he could not verify its “authenticity.” He added that the TABC is a “law enforcement agency” that “has access to information collected by other” local, state and federal law enforcement agencies that is then disseminated through the “Texas Fusion Center in Austin.” The Austin Fusion Center is one of the places where everything gets fuzzy.

Fusion Center are the visible infrastructure of the federalization of all American policing since September 11, 2001. They are where all domestic intelligence, from U.S. Marshalls’ drone flight photos collected over Texas, to cell phone data collected in Massachusetts, to data collected by license plate readers in Montana goes to hide in a cloud of secrecy and confusion. The Austin Fusion Center even has two names. It is at once A “Primary Fusion center” called the Texas Joint Crime Information Center and a “Recognized Fusion Center” called the Austin Regional Intelligence Center.

According to the boiler plate on its web site, the Texas Fusion Center “is a 24/7 unit that works with federal, state, regional, and local law enforcement and serves as the state repository for homeland security information and incident reporting. It provides real-time intelligence support to law enforcement and public safety authorities, and consolidates information and data on suspicious activities and threats from all jurisdictions and disciplines as well as the public.”

The Center also “supports law enforcement and criminal justice communities by providing analytical case development, as well as strategic and tactical case support to officers regarding criminal organizations, including transnational gangs, drug trafficking organizations, and emerging threats.”

How all the jigsaw puzzle fit together may become more obvious in another 30 days. Or maybe not.

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34 Responses to “Discovering Waco”

  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    “XPLOR” Go the fuck someplace else to post your bull-shit! YOU have tried to
    intimate that the BANDIDOS (you fucking MORON) were responsible for all of this.
    You are either STUPID or a COSS-SUCK cheerleader! FOESAD PUNK! I’ve had it with
    your fuckin’ ignorance! Don’t heed my word, I’ll get somebody to find out WHO
    you are, douche! We ALL know vincy’s location.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  2. Tarasaramozart Says:

    Old and Stoned and Spectator, that was my ‘favorite’ part, too. I think that either at the time Waco-Twin Peaks occurred or at the one month anniversary, the Atlantic ran their first Waco-TP article; what is good about this one is that instead of repetition of other articles, they have original material.

    David, Sgt Barnum is clown but not a clown in Barnum and Bailey, but more like a Clown in a Stephen King fiction.

    Rebel brought up Fusion Centers. We have a fusion center going in these blogs.

    My understanding of fusion centers is the pooling of information from all levels of government (local, state, federal). The data is from different databases, datasets, sources, and formats and methods of data mining. Then the data is synthesized and used to define networks, diagrams, reports and such to be used for intelligence, and predictions.

    There is quite a pool of information sharing, research, analysis, reseArch, experience narratives, etc. being done in these blogs. Like RRwerker sharing that jail trustees were told two weeks before the event to expect an influx of prisoners. That bit of information, plus the collecting of cellphones, cameras, cctv videos, Sgt Swantons anti-biker propaganda, the information blockage indicate long term planning for what is essentially a chop to the knees of motorcycle clubs and data mining (contacts, texting, voice mails, calls, sequence of calls, websites, emails, purchases,etc.) . There is a lot of intelligence to be gleaned.

    Likewise RWerker trustee info plus the very low-level presence of federal agencies especially verifies that this was coldly planned far ahead of time by agencies with more powerful talent than the Waco PD can provide, and that the authorities were ‘policy shopping’ with Waco PD a willing participant. According to Wiki (fusion center) the levels of federal, state, and local agencies select the law at the level that best suits their needs, and the state version of RICO appears to be it here.

    Commentators here and elsewhere have theorized that this incident is related to Jade Helm, a test case of violations of the constitutional rights of a vilified category of citizens (bikers, tea part, conservatives, pro-life, Christian,etc.) and public response, the US version of the Australian anti-MC crusade. They are probably all correct and more.

    Rebel has a way of capturing ones interest and imagination.

  3. Gandolf Says:

    TRUST THE JURY NOT YOUR LAWYER. Fight everything! The DA’s got everyone worried about Juries… DON’T! It might be the only time during your case where you finally get to use simple Logic and present your case to “live people”. The deals get best just 10min before court anyway. The DA is almost always fronting a weak case. I was taught that if a CI is involved it’s your duty to fight to the end and expose him. GO TO JURY DUTY AN ACQUIT people if its a victimless Crime. Watch for Police BS if its a serious crime. Peace and Keep the Faith. Juries are actually not “dead people”…. your Lawyer on the other hand….could be. LOL

  4. david Says:

    Thanks much Tarasaramozart for the Atlantic article.

    And the out-of-control Waco pig dept. is at it again, they can’t seem to stop. Articles’ author refers to a recent Waco/Trib. article on a pig named Barnum who was recently accused of assaulting a local resident.

    The shit is AGAIN flowing from Swinetons’ mouth (he can’t stop him-self),saying only,the assaulted resident declined to file charges against Barnum. Am sure the pigs made him “an offer he couldn’t refuse” to get him to not file. Apparently in Waco, pigs have a monopoly on filing criminal charges. What shit-mouth Swineton failed to say, is the resident will be filing a civil suit against Waco.

    Also apparent is the fact the Waco City Manager, who can fire the po-lice chief for any reason, has a “rogue criminal pig-dept.” on his already bloody hands and he’s not doing jack-shit about it. Appears FBI-trained “SWAT Swineton” and the chief-pig have more control in Waco than the City Manager who can fire both their lying asses.

    If the people of Waco ever get their heads out of their cell-phones,play-stations, or asses, they could petition for “City Charter Revocation” based on the multiple violations of their certain unalienable rights which bullshit corporate Waco was chartered to protect.

    Maybe Sgt. Jason Barnum is somehow related to P.T. Barnum of circus fame.

  5. old & stoned Says:

    Spectator – yea, caught my eye too, the writer must have seen previous fed ‘entanglements’

    oh, i forgot to mention, each fatality, if they cannot prove was wielding a gun, makes them ‘unarmed’.

  6. Spectator Says:

    Tarasaramozart, I read that earlier. This was my favorite bit…

    “But if indictments can be filed before evidence inconvenient to Waco authorities is publicly revealed, the leverage changes. A biker might be indicted for conspiracy to murder, then offered a plea deal to accept a much lesser charge, like disturbing the peace, with the understanding that time served would take care of the sentence. That would be a tempting deal to take. And pleading guilty to disturbing the peace would preclude a lawsuit for being arrested without probable cause while saving police and prosecutors from looking like they harassed innocents.”

  7. old & stoned Says:

    Tarasaramozart – Thanks, about time mainsream media took an honest look at what’s going on. i said it way back, waco pd is trying to hide from murder charges. they opened fire without warning. i beleive they ‘announced’ themselves with 5.7’s, no opportunity for participants to ‘cease & desist’ or ‘drop your weapons’ accompanied by warning shots. or is that SOP in waco,,

    all the intrigue aside, this is what’s to hide. think what John Q would think if a video comes out showing the bandits getting swarmed, a shot or 2 being fired, and then a hail of police fire ‘out of nowhere’, a waco buffalo hunt,, would be interesting

  8. Thunderbird Says:

    @ David with due respect.

    You are right… the courts are not for the people, they are commercial courts that practice contract law. The courts were changed to Aministrative Courts in the early 70s when the State Legislatures of all the States passed the Administrative Preceedures Act creating State Statutes that are the same for all States. These Administrative Proceedures were created by the US Congress so they are Federal in nature. The proceedings of these Administrative Courts operate under the Uniform Commercial Code, UCC so they recognize and operate under contract law.

    When one walks into one of these courts they have to be very careful not to make a contract with the judge. One also has to know who the judge is talking to. The judge is always talking to the strawman: your name in all capital letters. You will also be asked if you understand (standunder) the charge or Bill. Your plea of guilty or not guilty creates the contract and now a judge or jury decides the payment or non-payment. This is my take on it from all of my studies and my experience.

    Juries are uninformed on all this so they are used as pawns by the agents of the justice system. It is a sad thing to see what is going on.

    The courts are not a show for the population; but rather, a different system that replaced the previous system that used the “plea of innocent” where the accuser had to prove the charge.

    The Administrative Courts are a poor method of carrying out criminal justice and in addition seems to be in a “conflict of interest” regarding the “for profit prisons” and that is the reason for my opting out of jury duty when called in to serve. The UCC has an option to opt out and it always works.

    Yes juries do not have the option to nullify the law, but they have the option to call the law into question in regard to the charge. This is what people who serve jury duty do not know. In the old system under the constitution the person accused of breaking the law and the law itself was called into question. To my knowledge this has not changed. It seems to me that many proscecuters take the path of least resistance by quoting or referring to past judgements in previous cases to support the charge. This is not pursuing justice. A law cannot reflect a correct course for every infraction of said law. This is what a jury trial of your peers is all about; to determine if an injustice was done; not to just determine if someone broke the law to do injustice.

    There is a difference between knowledge and understanding. Just because someone has knowledge it doesn’t mean that they understand what they know. This is where the Courts and proscecuters have unfair advantage over the jury. Juries really need to learn about what the court system is all about. People also need to know who they really are. When that happens then we will see justice served.

    “Prosecutors no longer HAVE TO PROVE anyone actually committed a crime – they just have to be remorely connected to someone.” Whoes fault is that? It is our fault for not taking the time to inform ourselves of our rights, what is going on, and how the Justice System works.

    The Administrative Courts are courts of the dead; it is soulless. This is because everyone is referred to as a strawman; not the real entity. It is an old religion brought out from antiqity. A person is a personality created by culture and education. It is a shell over our essence that came here as spirit, and entered our body. Our personality is our transmitting utility in this world and it is given a name at birth. This name is what the courts refer to in capital letters. The UCC1 Statement recognizes this when you file one with the State claiming first aleinable rights to this person.

    Hope this makes sense to you.

  9. Brad Milch Says:


    Good one!

    George Carlin once commented that the last time he saw his Dick was when Nixon was on TV.


  10. david Says:

    @ Thunderbird: with respect,

    There is NO “justice system”. Everything done by the courts is a SHOW for the non-accused population, mere window-dressing APPEARANCE of law, “trials” included, because the “juries” are not instructed they have the power to nullify ANY bull-shit law.

    Persecutors no longer HAVE TO PROVE anyone actually committed a crime — they just have to be remotely connected to someone.

  11. Simple Man Says:

    The first week of October 2001 my dad calls, and I’m not talking about my father. It’ s Saturday morning my wife and I just had a very romantic morning, even took a shower together. Beautiful day. I just finished dressing, the wife is in the kitchen, we’re planning a great day together out riding. Phone rings, I yell, I’ll get it. I remember it like it was yesterday. Without him telling me who it is, he didn’t have to. He says, we need you to come back to work. I said, what’s up? We need you to go to Afganistan. I instantantly told him chuckling, I’m retired. He says, it pays $500,000, and I can double that in a year. I told him again sorry, but I’m out and staying that way. I’m facing away from the bedroom door looking toward my dresser and catch a glimpse of my wife out of the corner of my eye, I looked at her and saw the sparkle leave her eyes, I just hung up the phone and knew my day now was going to be fucked. She asked, who that was and I told her. She went shopping, and I went out to the garage and went riding by myself for the day. I didn’t get married until I was almost 40, because I was bouncing all over hells creation. But, three more phone calls, with a full blown argument over going into Iraq, before the mission was complete in Afganistan. And, I knew the Republican Guard was going to chew us up in the streets. My wife finally relaxed and doesn’t worry. I learned a long time ago, nobody really wins in war. You just keep your shit clean and hope the man next to you is better than you are. But now, my wife has to worry about her and I every time we go out riding because some cop wants to profile me. This is the same stuff that was going on back some years ago, when they were profiling young black kids because they were whereing hoodies. And, if I read correctly not all who were killed in Waco were white bikers whereing patches. And for the record, I don’t consider a motorcycle club, a gang. Nor, does The Supreme Court. Now, if a bunch of over testosterone dumbfucks wants to get together and have a pissing contest, I’ve ridden through Southwest Texas. There’s plenty of open desert out there where nobody is around, especially innocent women and children, where they can meet and work out they’re differences. And, if their Ol’ Ladies want to come along and watch or participate, then hey maybe they’ll come home with a better looking one after it’s all over. And, back in the day if you wanted to step out side, you Alway’s called it, “No guns, No knives, No Weapons”, that way everybody knew where you stood on what was going to take place. Of course, there were times when somebody wanted to cheat and the rules had to change, but never on my part. And, when you leave The Service, especially with high security clearance, you sign off, “That you will not reveal to the public any classified information up to 60 years, or any sensitive classified information for the rest of your natural born life, with the possible penalty and conviction of treason, punishable upto and including execution”. Or, that’s the way it used to be. Now, we have people writing books and making movies still on Active Duty Status. So, maybe things have changed. “Hands up don’t shoot”.

  12. RRwerker Says:

    I wish me tentacle was bigger
    Honestly I haven’t been able to look directly at my tenticle for years now.

  13. Road Whore Says:

    @ Phuquehed: Thanks!

    @ VAGO 1%er: ROFL…good one!

    Ride Free

  14. Tech Says:

    Thought I’d leave this here, just in case it might help someone. Seems relevant.

  15. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Phuquehed
    “Through our extensive analysis, it has been revealed that a large number of support
    clubs are utilizing active-duty military personnel and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and employees to spread their tentacles across the United States.”

    “Tentacles”. OOOH, I just got the shivers, LMFAO.

  16. Thunderbird Says:

    What is the aim of anyone who wants a career as a member of a swat team? The simple answer seems to be to “Kill people.”

    Simple Man makes a good point. Unfortunately the mission of the police has changed from “enforcing the peace” to “law enforcement”. This draws a different type of person. In the Justice system this also draws a different type of person.

    Albert Pike once said, “the dead rule the world.” My initial thought on this statement was that it was the ideas of long ago people in the past that influenced the behavior of the people in the present leadership and so it was past ideas that ruled the world.

    Not so. Experience has informed me that the true meaning of this statement is that “it is the people who are dead inside that rule the world; people who have no soul.”

    These are the people in Washington D.C., our State capitals, and many in our present day Justice system, law enforcement, and at the top of our government agencies. While the people have been asleep in regard to politics; pursuing our dreams in a once free country, the dead have taken control and designed a system of tyranny to put us under. The present prison system, administrative law system, and criminal justice system is a prime example of this. And this systems attract people who are dead inside to bully the common people and herd us under their created arbitrary laws. My dad used to say,”laws were made to be broken” and our overflowing for profit prisons seem to prove his point.

    People really need to wake up from our sleep and clean these dead people out of our institutions. We need people of WISDOM to lead up. It doesn’t necessarily take violence to do this but it does take courage and guts. There is power in numbers. Our present leaders are cowards that protect themselves by people who like to kill and bully people. We are an armed people. If we the people stand up in numbers and demand our unalienable rights we can get them back.

    Administrative Law has become a sham. Not because it is bad law but because dead soulless people are using this law to their own advantage. They are using it to build their own kingdoms.

    Simple Man’s point is that this whole situation at Twin Peaks could have been defused if the Waco Police Chief was a good man and done his job to “Keep the Peace.” Instead it appears he choose to instigate the situation and people ended up dead. What is wrong with this picture?

    As Albert Pike said, “The Dead Rule the World.”

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    @Road Whore – I tried to let everyone know about this file a few months ago, IIRR, but I may not have said what it was about as well as you just did. This file is a report from the ATF about OMG’s (of course what *THEY* call ‘OMG’s’), their relationship with the military, but it also contains a lot more info about ‘association’ laws they are wanting made and some that are already on the books, etc. The ATF has already got the Australia shit going on here, it just isn’t as widespread yet or accepted as they (the ATF) wish it would be.

    Here’s the link to the file:

  18. Road Whore Says:

    I remarked earlier regarding the fiasco that is Whacko that it looked to me to be a shot across our bow from Australia; I rescind that observation now. The shot did not cross our bow: it was a direct hit.

    The other things that all American citizens need to be concerned about to the point of becoming horrified are these things such as fusion centers, the monstrous NSA data collection center in Utah, routine drone flights spying on all American citizens, etc.

    And if you think that the NSA really did quit its Internet, cell phone, landline phone, etc., spying just because they said they did, I own some prime real estate in the center of Manhattan that I’ll sell you really cheap. Really.

    Ride Free

  19. RRwerker Says:

    There are a lot of indicators that the Waco LEO community knew long before hand that there was going to be a “something” at the scheduled COC
    The trustees in the jail where put on the tasks of cleaning out mclennon county jail And the Jack Harwell detention center TWO WEEKS prior to May 17 2015
    To get ready for two large groups that would have to be separated…
    The truth about Waco is they could have controlled the situation.
    I don’t think they really believed that the Cossacks MC members would be stupid enough to ignore the heavy police presence and Commence a armed Attack on the arriving Bandidos.
    But they Did.
    It is hard to not speculate what did those men think what was going to thappen to them.
    Was the fix in? Where they expecting the police to just stand their while they committed public murder?
    The Two. Choices. Are they where told the fix was in and they where betrayed by their benefactors the Waco Police department.
    When they proceeded to start shooting Bandidos, the police shot everyone.

  20. old & stoned Says:

    Simple Man – unfortunately you simple but authentic logic fails. had this been ‘just bikers’ this would have NEVER happened. one group showed up with specific intentions on a violent confrontation. some law ‘enforcement’ stooges killed 9 people, injured twice that, and callously continues to destroy the lives of several thousand other people.

    there was no ‘stopping this’, it was designed to happen AT the bandits thru the CoC. if not Twin Peaks, would have been the Mist, or another large event.

    the violence at TP is but a symptom – there is a cancer infecting our nations gov’t that has eaten away the basic liberties our founders fought and died to bequeath us all. it’s in the form of cops, courts, fed agencies, secret trials, sanctioned murders, propaganda campaigns, false flag ops, etc, etc,, read some of the psy-ops stuff the tinfoil hats are digging up. so scary most folks HAVE to think it’s made up,, but it’s not.

    since swanton couldn’t move the op to a better venue, he was told to sit down and shut up. he started 2 months prior to the event, and interestingly enough, 1 1/2 months BEFORE the cossacks are listed ‘gang’ by DPS. he KNEW there would be violence, and was TOLD to let it happen.

    i will be utterly amazed *if* any REAL justice or accountability comes outta this.

  21. chris Says:

    I don’t think the ACLU will get in on this because the stereotype of bikers are Dirty old white bikers. I may not be old but after I finish the trip I am one I will definitely be dirty and white.

    Ride hard ride long so the fast lane does not rust!

  22. Simple Man Says:

    The afore knowledge that the police chief of the Waco police dept. knew this “possible” incident could or was going to occur, then allows himself to be convinced that he and others should setup in preditory ambush positions to kill “Fellow Americans” in his town, is beyond the absurd. Not just setup waiting, but hoping they would be able to kill someone is absolutely insane. And not only did they kill people, but they killed “Innocent People”, in front of other innocent people, including children. When this could have all been prevented! Now, playing the Judge’s Advocate here, and being a real American badass with the scar’s, resume, and reputation to prove it, if I would have been that police chief and someone came into my office or called me and told me some heavy stuff might be going down anywhere in My city and what day and time, I don’t care who it was or what authority they think they have in My town (State, Federal, or otherwise) I would have personally went down there by myself, maybe with one more proven badass (Not Chickenshit Bully) to cover my six. I would have pulled right up front, requested to speak to the representatives of all who could be involved, and I would have laid down the fucking law. “Shit is not happening in my town or my hell’s fury will literally rain down”. (“One Riot, One Ranger”). Instead, now we have Iraq in Waco, Tx., and a bunch of dirty beaurocratic wrangling going on to cover up police negligence and outright murder of innocent Americans by law enforcement. When it could have all been defused within 10 to 20 minutes of professional conversation and diplomacy. If you have the desire of the thrill, to kill another human being, you should stay out of law enforcement, that is Not what law enforcement is for. I’m reasonably sure the U.S. Marines are still looking for a few good men. But, even they don’t want socio-psychopath’s. “Creeping death is slow, alway’s make sure you’re kill’s are clean. If not, you’ll only curse yourself”. That quote came from my Christian Special Operation’s Instructor many-many years ago. Any good attorney and advocate group, like the ACLU is going to have a field day with this. Maybe, all the way to the Supreme Court.

  23. Mercyful Fate Says:

    So the pole cameras where installed sometime before May 17th? I’m assuming these are the stationary kind with a fixed viewpoint. Any correlation between when the COC meeting date was decided and the camera installation?

    I’m intrigued as to what angles/viewpoints those cameras were focused on/at and what positions in the surrounding area that may have conveniently been excluded.

    This whole thing is playing out like one bad movie and stinks to the high heavens.

  24. xplor Says:

    What’s the big deal about arresting 177 FOLKS for violating the Waco dress code ?

  25. Thunderbird Says:

    The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper. Federally sponsored fusion centers tied in with local law enforcement agencies and State Agencies of all types. Interference that can tie up due process indefinately.

    It is appearing more evident that the details of the Waco Biker Shooting that happened at the Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 has been passed on to a Fedearal Fusion Center for evaluation. Once evidence is passed on to higher jurisdiction then; meaning Federal jurisdiction, local jurisdictions lose control. Probably the main reason for gag orders and silence.

    It is even beginning to make sense why the RICO charges were filed on the entire crowd; even without probable cause. This gives these Fusion centers something to do to justify their existance. All those minds working together in the atmosphere of vertual reality can easily cobble together a vertual story based on trends of human behavior that doesn’t fit the State view of order. Then the story can be presented to the grand jury via the leader of the Grand Jury, who is an expert on criminal human behavior for the purpose of getting an enditement.

    The sad part of this is the defendants will never get to see their accuser or accusers; as the accusers are now fictions that have the ability to generate ficticious charges based on information stored in digital computer records. This appears to be the new trend of the justice system. This is worse than George Orwell’s 1984. Everything we do is recorded in digital records. Everyone is a potential criminal or can be percieved by our record of doings to be a threat to the State.

    One asks why hasn’t the evidence been made public after all this time? It is because the State now works in secret. Times have changed my friends. The ying and the yang is real phenominum. Dark times are here.

    My education of how the justice system is working and devolving has been greatly increased by following this story. Too bad the majority of Americans don’t yet see this.

  26. Brad Milch Says:

    The more & sooner additional video (or audio) is released, the sooner the public will study it. The more eyes focused on the visual & audio evidence, the easier it is to arrive at an analysis that is globally accepted. This is fair: it helps both the prosecutors & the defenses. The evidence is going to be scrutinized during & after the trial(s)anyway. The FBI is not shy in asking the public for assistance; Waco legal system operatives seeking truth shouldn’t shy away from outside help from the public either. It would help take away the stigma that a lot of citizens are being railroaded by the justice system.

    Book authors, TV show & movie writers & producers & their creative productions should follow the trials. I’d be encouraging Rebel, Amy Irene White & others in their journalistic peer group to start pitching Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone & the History Channel soon. This story is not going away any time soon.

  27. The Punishers keeper Says:

    WOW ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  28. old & stoned Says:

    Rebel – thanks for the ‘good’ news. pole cameras,, EVERY pole camera?!

    wait,, good news would be swanton, reyna and johnston being found eviscerated by a hoarde of ‘jade helm – Walmart closed!’ paranoid waco-ites.

    Props to the People
    piss on you trolls

  29. Rebel Says:

    Dear XYZ,

    At a glance it looks authentic. I haven’t looked up the names. Yeah. Pole cameras installed beforehand. That’s the real news in the story. Shhh.


  30. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you, Strother and fuck you Reyna, you corrupt pieces of shit!

  31. XYZ Says:


    Outstanding! Pole cameras! Installed beforehand!

    Speaking of Waco PD and TABC – do you know if this document is legit?

  32. Johnny D Says:

    So what about the right to a speedy trial? How long do ballistic tests and autopsies actually take? The appointment of a Waco detective to lead the grand jury will ensure 177 indictments before the disclosure. I believe that when the discovery is completer there will be a document dump and the defense attorneys will not be granted the same time extension to review the thousands of pages of evidence before trial in order to facilitate convictions. Someone needs to throw a monkey wrench into that machine. Sad news but important, thanks Rebel.

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