Unarrested Number Four

July 18, 2015

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Unarrested Number Four

Keith Rodgers, a 42-year-old electrician from Houston’s northern suburbs, took a nice, long motorcycle ride on May 17. He rode to a restaurant named the Twin Peaks in Waco.  It was about 170 miles. It took him longer than he had expected to get back home.

“I’m an independent rider,” Rodgers said. “I’ve never been part of a MC or attended a COC meeting. A long time family friend, who is in a mom and pop club in Region 1, invited me to ride with them to the Waco meeting.”

What happened next was the worst incident of biker violence in history. In a confrontation between members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, nine men were killed. Eighteen were hospitalized. Nine more were injured but not taken to a hospital. At least 182 people were arrested. Sometime in the night, five of them were “unarrested.” Rodgers was one of those five. “I was mirandized but never told I was under arrest,” Rodgers said. “I believe I was released because I did not have on colors but I was not told why.”

Like virtually all the witnesses to the violence that day, Rodgers “was taken to the Waco Convention Center with everyone else. I was Mirandized by a state trooper who took my statement. At that time I asked if I was under arrest and was told a decision had not been made who would be arrested. I wrongly assumed after giving our statements we would be released.” All of the statements were recorded.

Asked About Colors

“Eventually I was taken into the room where the cops were processing everyone and it became clear what was going on. There were two plain clothes cops processing me. I kept insisting I had done nothing wrong. Finally one of them asked about my colors. I explained I do not have any colors. I was set in a chair to the side of the table where they were asking the medical questions. I was left there for awhile, being watched. Eventually he returned with a couple other detectives. One of the new guys seemed to be in charge and asked why I was still there if I didn’t have on colors. They all questioned me. The questions included why I was there, how I was affiliated with the club I rode up with and what I saw. I couldn’t tell them anything except the name of the club I rode up with. I had never ridden with them or attended any of their functions as their club is about two hours away from me. I couldn’t snitch on them or cooperate because I don’t know anything except the club name and the territory.”

Although he did not know it at the time, Rodgers had already been arrested. He was arrested because of the way he looked and because the detectives and agents who interrogated him wrongly assumed he was a member of a motorcycle club.

The detectives “walked away for a few minutes then came back and said I was going to be released. They cut the zip ties and told me to put on my shoes and wait in the room. After a few minutes a cop came and got me.  He walked me out the same door I came in and put me in a van with two other guys (who were members of the In Country Vets Motorcycle Club). There were two guys (also members of the In Country Vets MC) in another van behind us. They drove us to a small police station north of Waco where we were allowed to use the phone to call for someone to pick us up.”


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  1. Wolfenlover Says:

    55, REALLY? Took a few MONTHS to figure that out? FOESAD is the ORIGINAL of
    FOAD! Just like everything else, shit gets shortened. Do you know what FUBAR
    is? I bet it hasn’t even come to your attention anywhere has it? Probably
    only a few on here know what that is but it used to be a common saying.
    There ARE a few different words for the letters, but the meaning is the same.
    BUT, FABODS has NO inter-changable words. hehehe

  2. John Deaux Says:

    A big congrats on your promotion Phuquehed, give em hell my friend.

  3. Sieg Says:

    Waco II isn’t the dawn of a new-age of profiling, it’s just another brick in the wall. Pocahontas, Ruby Ridge, Whidbey Island, Waco I, those were all leading up to this, and much worse.

    177 riders sequestered at will be a murky soup of agencies. Consider this:


    213 acres of fenced grounds, 150 secure cells, minimum. But it’s all just training.

    With each kill, the beast is emboldened.

    There is no need for special clothing, or any other identifier. MCs and MROs are easy targets because of their visibility and because of the incessant agitprop used by the pig to defame them.

    ANY other group can be targeted, and it is as simple as slapping e label “street gang” or “domestic terrorists”, or “racist”, whatever, on them. Once you are put beyond the pale, you are fair game.

    We have to fight the pigs agitprop, and we have to fight it together.

    And I’m good with Phuquehed being the Minister of Troll-Baiting


  4. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Congrats Phuquehed!

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Muahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa… (imagine Snidely Whiplash only a fuck of a lot more hairy, wringing his hands with an evil grin and doing that evil laugh).

  6. The Kraut Says:

    @ chromedome…Seconded on Phuquehed attaining the position of Inspector General/Flammenwerfer fur arschlochs/Defender of the faith!

    Truth with the bark on…still truth…still matters!

    Respects to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  7. chromedome Says:

    one of my favorite parts of the day is reading the arsenal of quick witted wise cracks brother phuquehed has for the trolls and urine oder supporters alike…..i spit taters over the spoon line meant for cj and tom……lool…..
    i hereby nominate phuquehed for INSPECTOR GENERAL of all threads, reviews, and scooter related news where posers and iron-on order cheerleaders are present.
    #yeswecan #wearechange


  8. Mama G Says:

    O & S- Thankfully Double D has been a huge help here with the profiling. Unfortunately, those in the Boy Scouts, Purple Hat etc will a) likely never be affected and B) don’t realize (or care to understand) that what is happening in Waco could happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. Hopefully with us all doing our part to keep the spotlight on Waco someone will pay attention soon. I have spent hours reaching out to media outlets in hopes of grabbing someone’s attention. Sharing every one of Rebels’ articles accompanied with a plea of looking into the SILENCE surrounding the TRUE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. I just get hoping, like who also have been committed to spreading the word, someone with an audience will pick up the story to their the listening audience. God damn this whole thing still has me so angry and heartbroken!!

  9. old & stoned Says:

    troopers were using the ‘3 of a kind’ rule for harassment traffic stops a few years ago, but that ended with a few profiling lawsuits. from my recollection everyone from Boy Scouts to ‘the Purple Hat Society’ could become legitimate legal targets.

    the fatalities in Waco are essentially giving them ‘license to kill’.

  10. Mama G Says:

    Thank you Caretaker.
    Throughout this whole ordeal, I just keep hearing Pastor Jims words on a loop. Everything he explained that day is exactly what is happening in Waco.

  11. Caretaker Says:

    Englishyank-MRO is short for Motorcycle Rights Organization


  12. Englishyank Says:

    Excuse my ignorance but what is an MRO?

  13. FF Says:

    340 miles round trip. LOL

    Damn my brains are shot

  14. Mama G Says:

    I posted this thought on another thread a couple weeks ago but with the “arrest/holding” of people due to their wearing of support identifiers it takes me back to the dawn of the Patriot Act. We had one of our local COC members, who is very well versed on the PA, come and speak on the details of what the feds were including in the PA. He spoke in great detail about people associating while wearing clothing representing a “group” with the intent being LEs ability to detain/hold/arrest individuals (group of 3 or more) for simply being together in a “group” while wearing clothing that represents association with a specific group. He was very clear about what the true targets would be with the passing of the PA. MCs and even MROs. Someone above used the Cowboys as an example, he used the Boy Scouts. In the simplest of terms, if an individual, or individuals, were the “target of an investigation or suspected of” criminal activity all those dressed in like clothing, innocent or not, could be detained and/or arrested for the crime of someone just because they were associating and representing with clothing. The speaker was adamant about this happening to MC and MROs , stating it would only be a matter of time before they go after the motorcycling community. This whole situation is exactly what he said would happen.

    It took over a decade but here we are……it happened.

  15. Tiger Says:

    Yes that is true stoned. The Phariseesand Romans were the rulers. I.E. Our government and the pigs. Talking in the ears of the weak. But that is the Bible 2000 years ago. Today we have snitches saying they were saved so they sold out they’re brothers. That is crap. They were weak and selfish without any loyalty to those they say they love. Fuck’em . It is sad how things have become.

  16. Thunderbird Says:

    Meh says: “Letting them go could also be a way to sow random suspicion.”
    This was a tactic of POW camps against those who were popular because they were respected by their fellow inmates for various reasons.

    Tarasaramozart says: “What is ominous is the silence from the media, learders, and civil rights groups.”

    This sheds light on what these groups are really about today. All our institutions have become politically corrupt. The media serves as the propaganda arm of the government. Our political leaders are cowards, and the civil rights groups have become controlled opposition.

    rojas says: ” I saw that push for a third court. I fully expect the funding for the third abortion to come from the State and Federal governments.

    To get funding grant papers would have to be filled out, submitted and approved. This could take a long time.

    It appears it is going to be a long drawn out process for all these court trials to take place.

    It also appears that the judicial infrastructure cannot handle events like this. A real flaw in the system. My sympathy goes to these bikers who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Time to wake up to our reality. Our systems have become mechanical; unconscious. The agents in control of these systems have become mechanical slaves to these systems. They are also unconscious of the suffering they are causing people. They are dead inside. This is universal accross the country.

    What happens to mechanical systems is they eventually break down. This is what we are seeing in Waco. The Rebel is recording this breakdown for the public to see. It is not a pretty sight.

  17. old & stoned Says:

    about all thes Judas references,, he did not become a ‘member’ with ill intent. He was played by ‘agent provocateurs’ on a known weakness, and he hung himself,

    more snitches should read the bible.

  18. old & stoned Says:

    i read these trolls scroll and can’t help but flash in the end of Jay & Silent Bob strike back.

    these clowns don’t realize that patchselling kid was tracked to his mom’s house in Aust.

  19. Tiger Says:

    CJ Christ was falsely charged by the leaders and sold out by someone he trusted with his life. He never gave up his brothers. You Judas following, Bible thumping weirdos need to read something and understand it before you preach it.

  20. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, CJ, looky, you now can team up with another fucktard, Tom, and *you two* can spoon and play with each others’ dicks. Tom tells inane little sayings, and you’re just inane. Hell, your neighborhood can see you glowing at the thought already.

    Tom and CJ – urine odor gang pets trained to suck any uo members’ dicks.

  21. 55 Says:

    Took a few months but just figured out what FOESAD means.

  22. CJ Says:

    Well if that is correct, she won’t be banging you.

  23. FF Says:


    Yep, Cocksacks layed down with pigs.

  24. CH Says:

    CJ = PIG
    And likely one who’s wife ran off to bang a biker cause she wanted way more than a pump & squirt and honey let’s spoon.
    POOR LIL PIGGIE……… oink oink.


  25. FF Says:

    Keith, I know that you must be reading this.

    When did you get your bike back?

    Who picked you up and drove you home? 170 miles? 240 miles round trip?

    Damn my wife would have been pissed. Did your friends in the police department reimburse you the gas money?

  26. Tom Says:

    When one lays down with dogs, they often wake up with fleas. Cause and effect.

  27. CJ Says:

    I think you guys found JFKs shooter…

  28. Wolfenlover Says:

    “Roundabout” ARE you a fuckin’ FED or just a MORON?! Both are synonymous.
    It’s fuckin’ IN COUNTRY VETS you douche-bag! FOESAD, then go away!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  29. old & stoned Says:

    “May have injected himself into the law enforcement investigation”

    Judge Roy Bean comes to mind.

    oh yea, more fuckin’ wow.

  30. old & stoned Says:

    just wow.
    the evidence cones on the knoll if they are brass, seem to be in pairs, and closest deceased was head / torso. sniper yes, isis no, alphabet yes, and prepositioned, or moved into position when ‘blue shirt’ does the 3 knock nogen.

  31. anonymouse Says:

    No offense taken, David. Clearly you speak the truth.

    I’m just amazed at the admission. It’s like they don’t know they’re as fucked up as they are. The clerk will probably get thrown under the bus for telling the truth. I hope so; maybe that will piss her off enough to start talking.

  32. Brad Milch Says:


    I agree. US has a long history of Feds provoking incidents that justify war.

    Someone fired those shells left in the grassy area facing the entrance to TP. I strongly suspect the Bandidos were trailed on the Interstate & the stalker pulled off the road and blasted them while they were at their most defenseless (parking their bikes). Chicken shits drove off. LEO finished off the rest.

    Media is walking on thin ice this weekend delicately trying not to call the latest drive by shooting in Tenn. a ISIS terror attack. That might screw up Obama’s Iran deal. I see a similar motive for blaming the bikers for their own deaths.

    ISIS, Gulf Of Tonkin incident, pentagon Papers, Lee Harvey Oswald, Viet Nam war…it’s all the same US Department of Evil crap. Drive by attacks are really easy to pull off anywhere in the USA. Just about anyone can be blamed for it except the actual sponsors & perpetrators (US Intel). Citizens can’t do anything about it; David Koresh & the Davidians is a good example of what happens to those that fight back.

    Reagan was wrong, the evil empire was not the Soviets.

  33. BBTC Says:

    Phuquehead, isn’t that the same flag which caused all the trouble in S.C. recently ?

  34. david Says:

    Anonymouse: with respect,

    It’s a FAKE court, with a FAKE “Justice of the Peace” collecting a REAL DPS PENSION, run by a FAKE “District Attorney” in violation of TX and U.S. Organic constitutional law(separation of powers), persecuting REAL PEOPLE via up-coming FAKE grand jury “indictments” from a “Pig Head” foreman, in Amerika.

  35. ABikerWithAnOpinion Says:

    What about their bikes? Did they get them back?

  36. Anonymouse Says:

    “, she told me that the judge had spoken to the District Attorney’s Office and that is when they told him to set it.”

    I’m speechless. I have no words… I just… What kind of kangaroo court is this?

    They admit to ex parte communication and doing what they’re told by the prosecutor?

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