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July 16, 2015

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Horror Of The Day

When Robert C. Bucy, a member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club from Midlothian, a small town southwest of Dallas, left for a Coalition of Clubs and Independents meeting in Waco on May 17, his five-year-old foster daughter Alyssa said, “Bye, Daddy! Bye, Daddy! I love you!” Bucy hasn’t seen the little girl since.

Bucy was arrested following a fight there between Cossacks and members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and charged with “engaging in organized criminal activity.” The legislated offense is aimed at people who break the law as a member of a “criminal street gang.” There was no probable cause to believe Bucy was a criminal or a criminal street gang member. He was wearing a Cossacks cut and that was close enough for Waco – where the Bill of Rights is considered to be a kind of ivory tower ideal. Under Texas law, a “criminal street gang” is any organization the police accuse of being a gang and Bucy could be held culpable for the murders of the nine men who died in that parking lot if a policeman, in this case it was a policeman named Manuel Chavez, said he was. At the time Chavez probably couldn’t have picked Bucy out of a photo lineup.

Bucy, who says he played no part in the fight that day, was held on $1 million bail. He was slandered as a “violent gang member and a particularly unflattering photo of him wearing an orange jump suit was plastered on pages and screens from Waco to Vladivostok.

Adoption Proceedongs

Rob Bucy and his wife Marilyn had begun adoption proceedings for Alyssa. She had been born to relatives of the couple in California. A year and a half ago, when her birth family could no longer take care of the little girl, the Bucy’s took her in.

Rob Bucy eventually had his bail reduced to $75,000 and returned home. By then, child welfare officials in California had seen his photograph and heard the news that he was a violent thug. While Rob was locked up, Marilyn Bucy was served with a “notice of emergency removal.” The notice identified Rob Bucy as “a threat.” Marilyn Bucy packed the girl’s belongings and took her to an airport. Then Alyssa disappeared into the sky. A social worker in Texas has told the Bucys that Alyssa is now living with a foster family in California. They don’t know where and they are not allowed to contact the girl

Rob Bucy told Brett Shipp of television station WFAA, “It really breaks my heart. She’s Daddy’s girl.”


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  1. ariane Says:

    I want my baby back.

  2. ariane Says:

    Whos to take the blame? Not Alyssa. How do we fix it for Alyssa? How do we make it right?

  3. John Deaux Says:

    Jane Q
    The term gang is most times used by politically motivated to vilify a club or group that they choose to repress. Making villains of club members, associate them with criminals in the public’s mind making it easier to control the opinions and there by get convictions.

  4. Jim666 Says:

    A damn shame this little girl has to pay a huge price just so the feds and cops can get more tax dollars to fight a nonexistent “enemy”
    also the two that were to adopt her are paying a heavy price too.
    The military law in this country has no boundaries to what they will do in order to rake in more tax dollars.
    Hopefully this little girl “Alyssa” will grow up to one day make them all pay.


  5. Jane Q Public Says:

    Thanks for the clarifications and I apologize about the gang thing. I didn’t know.
    I just figured since DFCS was involved, because of the little girl they were adopting, they would have been involved with the other 2 as well. I’m a type A meticulous anal retentive PITA that overanalyze when things just don’t mesh well, so this story, like the shootings themselves, is just bugging the hell out of me.

  6. old & stoned Says:

    Jane #1 i’d guess since her mom and stepdad are ‘club’ esentially, then ‘call the cops’ is last thing you’re thinking. #2- i imagine he’s after full legal & physical custody. Kid WAS w/mom, so assume dad’s paying child support, now, he wants to flip the script and have Strangers foot the bill. i’ve never heard of a Family service agency doing anymore than court orders for custody, you gotta get ‘title’ to your kids thru the courts.

  7. John Deaux Says:

    Jane Q
    Short answer is no women do not patch into true outlaw clubs.
    The word gang is never used when referring to real motorcycle clubs.
    I have no answers to the other questions you’ve asked.

  8. Jane Q Public Says:

    Ok I am new here, and as previously stated, I don’t ride. I’m not in the life at all, so please pardon any dumbass questions on my part. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, there’s more than a few things that just keep bugging me about this whole scenario.
    #1 If a teenage girl overheard this supposed conversation (and just when did she, anyway) why not go to the authorities rather than a parent that is obviously not equipped to care for the children. If her fear was criminal activity, that would make more sense.
    #2 if it was an emergency removal, wouldn’t DFCS foot the bill on that one? I guess I don’t understand his plea for assistance on legal fees. Again, in that situation, go to the proper authorities and let them handle it.
    #3 maybe this is going to sound really ignorant, but generally speaking, are women patch holders in an outlaw club? I thought they were more like a support network or something. (I warned you I don’t know about this stuff, just willing to learn) if not, then how was the mother a member of this “gang”?
    #4in the event that the child is telling the truth, she was still in no immediate danger, as this shooting didn’t happen in her home, she was not present at the meeting, and neither was her mother.
    I’m not saying anyone is lying, I’m just thinking that what has been put up there for public consumption doesn’t add up as neatly as it should, since it involves the well being of 3 minor children. Sorry for the long post. Just hoping for a little insight, I suppose. If wearing a patch and being a part of an organisation is illegal, they better hurry on over to where I live and start arresting mechanics, retail workers, high school athletes, police, fire, and EMS workers, and that’s just the tip of the patch wearing belonging to an organization iceberg.

  9. Wolfenlover Says:

    I remember years ago about a 16 yr old girl saying”If you don’t give me what I
    want, I’ll report you to SRS!” My friends said”Go ahead! See how you like
    sleeping in a foster dorm!” Kid checked it out & guess who was on the straight
    and narrow real soon! They think they “know it”. BULL SHIT! My step-kids never tried ANY kind of BS on me. I let them know FACTS!
    I hope Alyssa,(MY Grand-daughters name) gets to go back home!!! FTF FTS &
    BIG TIME FUCK CHILD SERVICES! They are a bunch of bastards getting money for
    undeserving relatives to house kids!!!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  10. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Oldshove
    Very true. One hopes the brother at your side has the mud to run the gauntlet with you when that day comes. I have been blessed with having the BEST be there with me.


  11. VAGO 1%er Says:

    This heartbreaking tragic. This poor kid will never be the same at the hands of our government. I truly hope she is returned home where she belongs very soon.

  12. John Deaux Says:

    I feel for all caught up in this fiasco caled Waco, people by the hundreds having their lives turned topsy turvy in this scam of American just us.
    Obviously security was lax in the Cossacks, some wrong people were patched in. It’s not just happening with them, any club could be next.
    Treat this as a wake up call, look around, watch your associates closely, are there things that don’t seem right, stories that don’t add up.
    Also remember you don’t have to be in a club to be set up.

  13. BMW Says:

    Unfortunately, this tragedy seems to be par for the course at the evil and corrupt injustice industry in Whaco, Texas. Blatant and thoughtless evil is all that can be expected. My heart goes out to the family of the little girl who was torn from the security of her family because of the heartless pursuit of aggression, kidnapping, and murders committed by the Whaco injustice industry.

    I call it as I see it: Whaco is subject to the whims and capricious behaviour of a racketeering conspiracy of ATF, FBI, state and local police, corrupt judges, and prosecutors who have subverted justice and tried to conceal their conspiracy from the public. The injustice industry of Whaco is racketeering at its highest form — and the sort of behaviour that the RICO statute was INTENDED to prevent.


  14. FF Says:

    CH, stories like that and what our system did to Kalief Browder just fill me with a rage and no where to go with it. We live in East Germany, now. If we are not being murdered by Mexican or Muslim invaders, we are being murdered by pigs who sanctioned the muslims and mexicans.

    At this point all we can do is form our own tribes and fight a Boer war. The State knows this and that is why they are so pathologically determ7ned to infiltrate and destroy us.

  15. oldshove Says:

    I have no sympathy for the cocksack It was a meeting of the COC&I . They where not members of that group .Why did they show up in such force.
    But all I did was hide why the fuck where you even there.
    Every one wants to be a 1% till its time to be a 1% jmac

  16. XYZ Says:

    Largest State Criminal Defense Lawyers Assoc: Waco PD Detective Should not Decide Biker Cases


  17. John Deaux Says:

    Man, I clicked that link you provided, man that shit makes my blood boil.
    Justice went to just us really quick.

  18. old & stoned Says:

    55 – it ‘allegedly’ starts with the teenager overhearing something BEFORE 5-17, allegedly.

  19. 55 Says:

    So the little girl was yanked out of the house of her relatives (and soon to be parents) because the dad had been convicted of…oh, wait, he wasn’t convicted of anything…Guilty until proven innocent much? Isn’t this why we have rights? (er, had.) To protect people from abuse and harm at the hands of others? And yet here we have ‘the system’ doing the harming…and they’ve dropped her off in some strange home…talk about punching a[nother] hole in a small child’s heart…this one is on the police officer who wrongly did the fill-in-the-blank arrest warrants, the injustice of the peace who allowed it, the city/county and state officials who have let it stand. Stop messing with children, cowards!

  20. Thunderbird Says:

    It seems that many people do not know the meaning of words; especially those used by the justice system.Many still maintain the opinion that the justice system should respect those that are innocent when indeed the justice system does not achnowledge the word in it’s vocabulary. You are either guilty or not guilty of breaking a law, rule, regulation, order, mandate, or any other arbitrary pronouncement one of their agents proclaim or claim. Once a claim is put on you and you accept it by saying guilty or not guilty then you have made a contract with the state. There is no justice in the justice system. It is a system of contracts and the administrative courts serve as the arbitrator of contracts. If somehow justice is served in these contract courts then it is only by accident. In the courts a claim is made and the bill has to be paid. If you are somehow cleared not guilty by a jury trial then the bill cannot be collected.

    The justice system is neither good or bad. It is run by agents and if the agents are God fearing men than good can come out of the system. Are the agents running the system in Waco God fearing men? It appears they are not. My opinion of this is based on the Proverbs of Solomon.

    What needs to be understood is that the laws we live by in secular society under secular governments is manmade and inferior. The laws become corrupted and misused when corrupt men come into power. So how do people deal with this. The Bundy Ranch comes to mind but this incident is an exception. What really has to happen is people need to look within themselves and ask: What is my aim in life? Is it to live in a better world? If so then do your part to make the world better by treating others as you would expect to be treated. When more people do this then government and law enforcement would be cut back. More good and upright people would come to the places of power.

    What happened in Waco is a wakeup call to all of us. The agents of justice there hold all the cards. They are supported by other agents of justice in higher levels of government. Administrative law is not a law of the people. It is law that manages people. It has no soul. It has no feelings. It is punitive. Because it appears that non God fearing men are the agents of this law in Waco, then much suffering of the people cought up in this Twin Peaks event will go on and it may be years before the truth comes out.

    Much negativity in the comments is a waster of energy. Much of this wasted energy can be put to use by exploring ways to put pressure on these agents of justice in Waco like Rebel is doing with these articles. Talking to friends and neighbors about what happened in Waco. Spreading the word. These simple things may not seem like much but there is power in words; as the media knows.

    Men who knowingly lie and corrupt others will lose their souls.

  21. CH Says:

    Different place and time but relevant to “HOW THEY DO IT”.

    Very illuminating and informative indeed. AND SO PATHETICALLY SAD!


    Take a few and read the entire article. Look at the pigs faces ( real intelligent looking examples of human beings, right?). Look into the dead girls eyes.

    Take in the entire manner the system and it’s players interact.

    I’m guessing this is the same old shit going on with Wacko.

    EXCEPT these ass wipes are even more bold and cocky about doing it.

    This shit really needs to end. The police, courts, government all need taken down a few pegs. ESPECIALLY THE POLICE!

    The populace needs to wake up and re-educate it’s public servants on who they are suppose to serve.

    Right now, the Police and our government are THE TRUE TERRORISTS!
    Likely the only REAL TERRORISTS.
    And for sure the only terrorists that threaten me or you and that we need to fear on a daily basis.

    This ain’t the america I was taught we had.
    This is not the america I want to have!


  22. John Deaux Says:

    old & stoned
    Go fund me seems to be the place to go when you want people to give you money, some legit I suppose but who really knows.
    I had a teenage step daughter many years ago that was a royal PIA, it would take pages to get into all that nonsense and fortunately it’s well behind me, so I take all that with a grain of salt. It is convenient how it’s all played out though.
    Hicks definitely has his hand out, maybe he thinks if he could convince the powers that be to put them in witness
    protection all his obligations would be taken care of. Truthfully I have no idea what’s going on with him just thought the counter story was interesting.

  23. RRwerker Says:

    When ya act like an asshole and you go around a bunch of dicks…well….
    Dicks fuck assholes ….(if ya didn’t know).
    Too bad the child has those parents (assholes)

  24. Anonymouse Says:

    The only bureaucrat more corrupt and disgusting than one in the Texas legal system is a California DCFS social worker . Google cash for kids and L.A. DCFS. I spit on these assholes who ruin children’s’ lives, rip them away from loving families, force them into horrific situations, and then pat themselves on the back. Fucking animals need to be locked up forever… or at least as long as they hold their hostages in the houses of horror known as group homes.

  25. old & stoned Says:

    What’s a curious side note, Dylann Roof’s sister did the same thing, and her ‘hubby’ has a curious interesting military career, very close to PsyOps home.

    Is ‘fund me’ now one of the smokescreens in DHS’s bag of dirty tricks?

  26. Jane Q Public Says:

    My very first thought was “ummm what the hell?” Followed quickly by the thought that THIS may be the “other agency” referenced in the radio traffic. This is one hell of a way to get your kids and get out of child support.

  27. John Deaux Says:

    It’s a strange story for sure, I had to read it twice to get all of it. Like Jane Q , Base and probably most others who read that piece I was left with a WTF ? Having grabbed the wrong clothes, no personnel items. The unemployed father with a fund me account. It seems like a piece to hack Bucy’s reputation using his wife’s ex and his step daughter, convictions are easier that way.

  28. old & stoned Says:

    bcnsty – too good for him – i think each arrestee should be allowed to peel some skin off the little shit, and their families can salt up that pork.

  29. bcnasty Says:

    The stories of peoples lives in upheaval from the cluster fuck of pig shit astounds me. As for the step daughters crap. Good friend lost his military career because the x talked the then 15 year old daughter into saying he molested her. He was found innocent in court when the daughter finally admitted it never happened and mom had told her to say that so she could live with mom. Even after being found not guilty his career ended and he still remains on the child molestera list as fucked up as that is. I will never be satisfied with any results other than that pos Swanton swollowing a .45

  30. Base Says:

    No, innocent until proven guilty is a far gone concept in this country. Unless you are part of the rich & famous or the just-us-system.

    The poor? Are considered guilty and have to prove your innocence and are cannon fodder for the industrial prison complex. “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

    Being this incident received very little headlines nation wide it would not be a far stretch of the imagination that the California child welfare office more than likely received a tip from some anonymous source about Bucy’s illegal detainment. Sure, the story of some sharp eyed social worker who spotted his picture, or caught the news coverage of the shooting makes good print. It puts a star by “insert name here”. But asking me to believe it? I am just not that naive or gullible.

    The 16 year old step daughter claims of overhearing a plot to shoot:

    It could be true, although, experience brings in suspicions. Could it be the 16 year old is using the backdrop of this situation as retaliation on the step father & her mother? A divorce & remarriage of either parent is often enough to cause issues among family’s. Just as something so slight as step daughter wanted to go to a party with friends and the step father said no? He stopped her from dating a certain young man? Didn’t buy her a certain kind of car? Wouldn’t let her dress a certain way? You know a parent trying to be a parent! There are a multitude of scenarios one could string together that would make a 16 year old lash out at a step parent let alone a birth parent.

    Hell if I had a buck from all the bad divorces witnessed and the crazy that it does to people and what happens I would be a very rich man indeed! Divorce attorneys make a good living off of peoples suffering & delusions.

    The cops:

    They are desperate. They screwed the pooch big time on this one and they know it. So any angle they can work they will. And no doubt they are working this young women and more than like leading and adding to her story for their own means. As for her & her family they could care less, they will play her like a fiddle then drop her off at the nearest corner.

    The biological father:

    Does he truly want his kids back? Or, is he still out to destroy his ex? Again experience makes me suspicious. As mentioned by Jane Q Public the pleas for food , clothing & cash leaves a bad taste. When people rush to sticking their hands out instead of standing on their own 2 feet and pulling the ends together on their own.

    Understand, I do not lack compassion and I defiantly know what it is to fall on hard times, have had plenty of that. But when you get knocked down you get back up and do what you have to do to bring the ends back together. Way to many people want the easy way, like standing in a puddle of their own piss & scream “Have mercy on me” Woe is me” There are entire groups of people who make a living out of “Woes is me” because “Woe is me is less labor intensive than actual work or getting out there and finding your own way.

    As W C Fields said:There is a sucker borne every minute!

    And lets face it, not many people believe in “fare”. Joint custody if there are no issues of or unhealthy situations on the kids is fare in a divorce. But often is the case where one parent wants it all. One parent who wants to stand on the corpse of the other and do a victory dance!

    No, this thing in Waco has far reaching tentacles and ramifications. And it has destroyed and is destroying many innocent lives. It is very clear that this was an operation put into play by some not so very nice people. Some real scum bags drawing a check on our tax dollars.

    Now more than ever. y’all keep your head on a swivel & your powder dry.

  31. XYZ Says:

    In the supplement, Broden is asking the Texas Attorney General’s Office to undertake an investigation “to determine whether Judge Peterson engaged in multiple violation of the Texas Penal Code, specifically **official oppression**, the supplement says.



    He’s the second top official to leave the sheriff’s office in the past nine months.In October 2014, Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon resigned abruptly, saying he and McNamara “had come to an impasse on our basic philosophical differences in police management.”


  32. Jane Q Public Says:

    @John The pleas for food, clothing, and cash leave a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe it’s just me, but it just doesn’t sound right.

  33. John Deaux Says:

    Jane Q.
    Yeah due to rumors of what his daughter overheard .
    The story seems to have a twist and turn or two.

  34. Jane Q Public Says:

    Ummm. That is definitely an unusual story. He filed these emergency restraining orders and custody changes on May 11 in relation to an incident that didn’t even occur until the 17th? Am I reading that correctly?

  35. John Deaux Says:

    There’s a other story about her ex and 2 children they had together that lived in the house with Rob and Marilyn Bucy. A 16 y/o daughter and 10 y/o son who are now with their father a fellow named Graham Hicks. It’s a strange story of overhead plans to kill or possibly die in relation to the conflicts between the clubs.
    Google Graham Hicks or Marilyn Bucy.

  36. Jane Q Public Says:

    Innocent until proven guilty just doesn’t exist anymore. With this farce of legality running rampant in Texas, I fear for anyone in that state at this point. The damage done to this child is criminal in and of itself. I can only hope that the family has the means and support needed to fight this, along with these ridiculous criminal charges. I am grateful I can sleep at night, because I don’t know how these people can. If destroying a family didn’t keep me up nights, I don’t know what would.

  37. old & stoned Says:

    these stories are as real a tragedy as the deaths. i hope this man IS exonerated for no other reason than to fry the City of wacko and extract pounds of skin and flesh from mr swanton.

    Would NOT be a far stretch to imagine the adoltion center got a call fron ‘an officer from another agency’ like waco dispatch did.

    God Bless that little girl, and the other families trying to survive texas ‘justice’

  38. Englishyank Says:

    All corruption no compassion. This situation is beyond fucked up.

  39. Austin Says:

    Hey Ciccone- you miserable F*. Is this in your “How I helped Americas Families” scrapbook?

  40. Mama G Says:

    Heartbreaking!!! This poor little girls life will never be the same thanks to thugs who wear a badge.
    My heart continues to aches for all those affected by the events of May 17. The suffering inflicted on the victims is immeasurable. The longer this continues the more one wonders if the real criminals will ever be punished.

    My thoughts continue to be with all of those affected. May you all find peace and the justice you so deserve soon.

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