Four Still Held

July 15, 2015

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Four Still Held

Four men remain in custody today in the McLennan County Jail as a result of the Twin Peaks massacre almost two months ago.

The four are Michael E. Chaney, a Cossack from Fort Worth who is being held on $150,000 bail; Joseph Ortiz, a Bandido from San Antonio who is being held on $1 million bail; Daniel Pessina, a member of the Macheteros Motorcycle Club in San Antonio who is being held on a total of $123,000 bail; and Marcus Ryan Pilkington, a Bandido from Mexia, Texas who is being held on $1 million bail for his alleged role at Twin Peaks and $15,500 bail for four other charges in Limestone and Ellis counties, Texas.


Officials have been coy about saying why the two Bandidos are still being held on such high bail.

Ortiz is a former Marine with no criminal history who has lost his job and his home since his arrest. His lawyer, Jay Norton, told the Waco Tribune-Herald last week, “Mr. Ortiz is a perfect example of what is being done incorrectly up there. There was no investigation of Mr. Ortiz. It’s just guilty by association for being a member of an organization that it is not against the law to be a member of. No one has alleged a single overt act that Mr. Ortiz did in furtherance of any alleged conspiracy. He simply took cover in the parking lot.”


Pilkington suffered an unspecified leg injury during the shootout. His lawyer, Adam Reposa, said last week  “It is terrible that this unprecedented expansion of the engaging statute which has caused the wholesale denial of constitutional protections against unlawful prosecutions and incarcerations and we are hoping that the 10th Court will have the courage to call a spade a spade since obviously no one else will, including Baylor law professors, the American Bar Association, ACLU or any of the other so-called watchdog groups who we rely upon to expose wholly illegal and unconstitutional behavior by the government.”

Until his arrest Pilkington, photo above, worked as a mechanic for the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. His annual salary was $12,566. His additional charges include two marijuana possessions, an assault and illegally carrying a weapon

Pilkington’s arrest culminated a long chain of misfortune. He was seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck on July 29, 2013. He was not wearing a helmet. He was unconscious for days, broke his left leg, lost several teeth, underwent multiple surgeries, had his spleen removed and suffered brain damage. His step father died in 2014 and his wife left him and took their three children with her a year ago.


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  1. SW18 Says:

    There’s a plethora of missing and false information, my fathers ex-wife did not take 3 of their kids with her, they only had two together anyways. If there were three that she took, I would’ve been the third one, but here I am correcting your mistakes while I’m 45 miles away from her.

  2. old & stoned Says:

    Justathought – i understand the ‘no contact with Club Members’ went for all bailed out so far.

    that means ‘theoretically’ none of the witnesses or survivors can talk to ANYBODY else that was there,,, except the piggies,, and the Judge,, maybe the discovery channel film crew.

  3. Wolfenlover Says:

    “xplore” FOESAD!! You are a complete MORON & just too stupid to know it. GO THE

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  4. Justathought Says:

    WACO (July 17, 2015) An agreement between a San Antonio defense lawyer and prosecutors could lead to the release on bond of one of the four bikers still in custody after the May 17 shootout at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant.

    Joseph Ortiz, 35, a Bandidos motorcycle gang member, has been in custody since May 17, lost his oilfield job and was evicted from his home.

    Attorney Jay Norton said Ortiz was in the process of posting bond late Friday afternoon.

    The issue was agreed on by prosecutors for the district attorney’s office and Norton and District Judge Ralph Strother ordered Ortiz’s bond reduced from $100,000 to $20,000.

    “His (Ortiz’s) family made an agreement with a (Waco) bondsman and he was bonding out Friday afternoon,” Norton said.

    With Ortiz’s departure from custody, only three of the 177 bikers arrested after the shootout remain in custody.

    Nine bikers died and 20 others were wounded in the gunfire.–Release-Likely-For-One-Of-4-Bikers-Still-Jailed-316316831.html

    word on the street is he is out, but is not allowed to associate with “any motorcycle club members or other criminals”…pretty presumptive of MC members…

  5. Jim666 Says:

    “xplor Says:
    July 18, 2015 at 8:24 am
    Isn’t this about Interstate 35 ? For years the Banditos have controlled the logistics on the main drug route into the country. Recently the Coosacks have been stopping Banditos along Interstate 35. This upsets the banditos and they felt the need to show their colors. What role did the McLennan County Organized Crime Unit play ? Are they looking for Sicarios ?”

    dude you cant even spell the name right and you think anyone is going to believe this bullshit ?
    You have to be a cop or a cop wannabe, there’s no way in hell anyone is going to take your b/s seriously.
    For one even the U.S. govt. says the drugs coming into the U.S. per mexico is controlled by the mexican cartels, so where are you getting your misspelled info from ?
    What a fuckin joke,
    Now go away !

  6. Spectator Says:

    @xplor, who are these “Banditos” you speak of?
    Get the fuck outta here you fucking idiot.

  7. xplor Says:

    Isn’t this about Interstate 35 ? For years the Banditos have controlled the logistics on the main drug route into the country. Recently the Coosacks have been stopping Banditos along Interstate 35. This upsets the banditos and they felt the need to show their colors. What role did the McLennan County Organized Crime Unit play ? Are they looking for Sicarios ?

  8. old & stoned Says:

    the sheer number of headshots combined with the lack of collateral strongly infers assasination. the one poster’s comment about cop’s accuracy is BS, unless they’re Mat Basterdson (intentional) or a trained sharpshooter.

    now the 2 shots of guys in biker garb talking to the cops after has me scratchin’ my head. fat guy with a knife & Bandit shirt, and the cnn still of the black ‘cut’ or possibly t-shirt. the posture in relation to the cop is ??

    and then there’s the P from north texas ‘in hiding’ that ‘got a call’ from red & gold talking all nicey-nicey sayin’ c’mon down! ,,, ok, prove it.

    this seems to be the key or a ‘cover’ for the key that put the Cossacks at TP. there was no legitimate reason for showing up en mass unless someone had a plan.

    i’m still thinking waco got this stuck up their ass, not Austin. the messier it got, the more swanton lost his cool, ran his mouth. even punishing TP using corporate and the ABC. i’m thinking the hastily done sloppy sweep arrests and the ‘engaging in organized crime’ aimed at the CoC was an on-site call to attempt to bury this with Hoffa.


    truly, much Respect for Rebel, and posters,,
    lookin’ like we’re all we got.

  9. FF Says:

    @Old and Stoned


    Fed Bacon had their plan for an ambush, just needed a more ideal location. Couldnt get it, but went ahead any way.


  10. Tarasaramozart Says:

    Sorry, Rojas, missed your earlier post of the Waco Herald Tribune article on Mr. Ortiz and posed same.

    It sounds as though the City of Waco may be getting nervous, as they darn well should.

  11. old & stoned Says:

    it’s eating at me,, wacko pd tried for months, harassing TP, even to the extent they contacted the franchisor to apply pressure on TP, to MOVE to party, except for the last 3 meetings i found on the CoC calendar, the ‘venue of choice’ seems to repeatedly have been ‘the Mist’ in Austin.

    i’m no paramilitary strategist, but if i were planning to force a dogfight i had to ‘contain & control’,

    i’d choose Austin,, no shopping, no families, no witnesses.

    one article says Satterwhite & another at wacko were stabbed in Austin.

    Phuqehed – i miss the flag, but ‘fuck yea!’ on the helmet!!

  12. david Says:

    @ wilson

    Really smooth comments,yet real dis-info bullshit.

    1) To refer to a MC pig infiltration of an easy-to-join Club as a “cop/Cossack alliance”, reeks of standard pig-speak used on alleged suspects in in-terror-gation rooms and the public at large. When a photo exists of a Milwaukee OL president with THREE covered-faced pigs in the club house. Only four people in the photo,mind you. You can falsely call the infiltrated Cossack MC as a”cop/MC alliance” yet, what planet do you live on?

    2) Your pig-speak “idea” that a “couple dozen officers”,(read:pigs),”STANDING in….safe positions almost all managed to hit ‘friendlies’ is a lot to swallow.”
    Before you swallow, chew on this. By not even considering roof-top stationed military-sniper pigs, as there were above TWO funerals of the murdered, you write like a dis-info pig. In low sniper position, not standing. A large mis-direction from the pre-planned military AMBUSH which occurred May 17.

    3) Your pig-speak on something which “has to be addressed”, the target hitting ability of pigs, is more dis-info. Bystanders not hit by po-lice fire in Chicago distracts from the shots which don’t hit targets or bystanders. Pigs are “typically pretty good shots”? Proven regularly? Have heard of pigs shooting each other in cross-fires.

    4) Appears you’re a paid special-ops dis-info agent paid to distract and false-lead the reading public. FBI….BATF….how about “addressing” that real possibility?

  13. Tarasaramozart Says:

    The Marine Ortiz.
    His attorney also received videos that he can share with the other attorneys, but not w. John or Jane Q. Public. :-)

  14. Jane Q Public Says:

    You can submit requests to each agency involved. The last time I submitted one, I had to pay $12 for the costs of copying and mailing. I can find you the exact info if you want. I am sure Rebel knows more about it than I do, though.

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    Is asking for one of those FOIA things free? If it is, I’ll do it and fuck them if they don’t like it. I just need someone to point my ignorant ass in the right direction to get it started and at the right people…the Waco fucktard gang known as the pigs.

  16. RRwerker Says:

    The guys will get home soon enough.All the foot dragging on the evidence clearly indicates the police wrongdoing. The obvious collusion between the judges and police clearly shows their agenda.
    Honestly I believe the police where told the Cossacks may try something that day…but they didn’t believe they would be stupid enough to ignore the heavy police deterrent that was present.
    Yet they where
    The Cossacks did what they did stupidly and it cost them many lives.
    Now their actions are ruining it for everyone.
    Their quest for respect has completely failed.

  17. Sieg Says:

    IF a club had been infiltrated by some agency.
    If that agency was coopted by another agency.
    IF the whole operation started to go south.
    IF there were members of the club that could point the finger back at an agency, or an asset of an agency.

    Then I could see some very neat headshots to clean things up.


  18. Meh Says:

    wilson posted:
    “The hurdle in trying to consider this a cop/Cossack alliance in which the cops did most of the shooting/killing is that overwhelmingly, whoever did the shooting shot Cossacks.”

    Not a high hurdle if those liquidated were targets or not anyone infiltrators preferred to preserve.

    What more appealing way to look innocent than be near casualties in an operation intended to look like a firefight? Infiltration target group would likely circle their wagons around the provocateurs thus enhancing their effectiveness.

    All that’s needed to get away with murder is plausible deniability. It may be as simple as a free fire zone where more of one group than the other got zapped in the allotted time window.

  19. Tommy Says:

    Its only a matter of time before the video gets leaked. I cant wait to see it.

  20. Jane Q Public Says:

    @Spectator anyone can request, but they have the right to refuse if it is part of an ongoing investigation I believe. But don’t quote me on that. I could be wrong.

  21. Meh Says:

    If a non-party FOIA request is denied it would at least reveal the strategy for that denial.

  22. old & stoned Says:

    leak it! leak it! leak it!

    “after the parties agreed to comply with ETHICAL CANONS regarding information released to the media.”

    like the ‘ethical canons’ guiding Swanton’s slanderous rants,,,?

  23. Spectator Says:

    So the courts don’t want the attorney to subpoena forensic evidence or multiple other involved parties so they agree to finally let his client taste freedom. Can a non-party citizen request these autopsy findings via FOIA?

  24. Rojas Says:

    Soon to be three, perhaps.

    “Joseph Ortiz, 35, a former Marine, should be free by Saturday after an agreement with prosecutors and 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother to reduce his bond from $100,000 to $20,000, according to Ortiz’s lawyer Jay Norton.”

    “Norton had subpoenaed a number of people, documents, records and videos that were to have been the subject of a hearing Friday morning. However, after the parties met with Strother behind closed doors, they reached a number of agreements that cut the hearing short.

    Twin Peaks officials agreed to release videos from the day of the shooting to Norton, who, in turn, agreed not to release it to the media. He can release it to his fellow attorneys who represent other jailed bikers.

    Strother did not issue a gag order in the case — requested by First Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett — after the parties agreed to comply with ethical canons regarding information released to the media.

    Norton agreed to withdraw his subpoenas for other evidence in the case after Jarrett pledged the state would provide him all the discovery information it has within the next 30 days.

    Norton also withdrew his subpoenas for medical examiners from the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas and their records, photographs and reports. Final autopsy reports on the nine killed are pending.”

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Wilson,

    Someone very bright and meticulous has suggested to me that “the guy sitting next to Don Carlos with a covered body in front of him” is Timothy Shane Satterwhite and the body under the cover is that of Richard Vincent “Bear” Kirshner Jr.


  26. CH Says:

    “And a bitch needs to realize she is not a biker, she is not a biker bitch otherwise she would know to Shut The Fuck Up! Amy!”


    ZERO RESPECT for any dope that lets a cunt lead him around…



  27. wilson Says:

    The hurdle in trying to consider this a cop/Cossack alliance in which the cops did most of the shooting/killing is that overwhelmingly, whoever did the shooting shot Cossacks. It seems like too much to blame that much on incompetent shooting. As is proven regularly in major metropolitan areas, police are typically pretty good shots. Even in challenging, fast-breaking situations, they regularly hit their marks. Rarely do I hear in Chicago of a bystander hit by police fire. The one case I can think of is a pretty major scandal, but it’s a situation where the officer admits he fired over his shoulder somewhat at random.

    So the idea that a couple dozen officers, all primed for what was going to happen, standing in more or less safe positions, almost all managed to hit ‘friendlies’ is a lot to swallow.

    I’m not saying it couldn’t happen. But it at least has to be addressed. There is the Treehouse argument that triangulated fire from the police was responsible for many of the deaths. And others have argued that the presence of so many Cossacks led to their being the primary victims just out of odds. But it remains difficult for me to believe that the police shot that poorly.

    On a different tack, I think it would help to understand what happened
    if someone pulled together a map of the fallen. In a previous piece, AR, I think you talked about 4 bodies visible between Don Carlos and Twin Peaks. I feel like I count 5 there. 2 out in the lot, 2 together closer to the building sort of midway from left to right, and the 1 at the left corner of the building, near what would have been the registration tent – I think this is the guy you believe was the Cossack shooting from the patio.

    And there is the photo of the guy sitting next to Don Carlos with a covered body in front of him – posted by one of your commenters, along with another of what seems to be a covered body on the back side of TP, though that is blurry and some might argue it’s not a body. That leaves 2 others more or less unaccounted for, if my count up to here is accurate, which is a big if.

    Some think an 8th is the person or body in the Don Carlos security video, though I’m skeptical of that because I don’t think it’s reflected in the cell phone vid.

  28. old & stoned Says:

    Jim666 – True.

  29. old & stoned Says:

    Caretaker – i posted a link to the pic in that article of hers a few days ago, with the comment about what’s WRONG with this pic is so OBVIOUS.

    a Bandido support shirt and still sporting a knife. WRONG.

    i posted a transcription of the dispatch tape with an interesting ending also,,

    that morning started the troll-orgy, i’m thinkin’ to loose the posts deep in the scroll

    good to see you back.

  30. Jim666 Says:


  31. popeye Says:

    Jane Q public- Thank God for people like you who question things that dont seem right and have the courage to act. Until the problem of police murdering innocents is viewed as a mainstream problem no one is safe. Imagine where the civil rights movement of the 60’s would have ended up if it was viewed as a black problem and white America didnt get involved and stand together. ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

  32. Caretaker Says:

    I can’t stand her ranting,look at me style “reporting” (and I use that term loosely) but…

    If she’s right,then this explains a lot. However,I do have to wonder where she gets her info. Now if you’ll excuse me,I need to find some Tylenol after reading the above link.


  33. Tiger Says:

    My apologies to the regulars for my rant. It seems the only news source trying to stay honest and unbiased is AR: it is disturbing to see what has become of our Bill of Rights these days. Our lives like pawns on a chessboard to the rich and politically motivated. PC is BS. May the memory of 5-17-15 stay fresh in our hearts. Wolves in sheepskins are everywhere. Too many are itching to be snitching. Be safe….. Hit the donate for rebel if you can… Or click some ads . Tiger

  34. John Deaux Says:

    Jane Q
    Good to have you join us, sometimes it seems the rest of America has gone insane with fluff.
    Please pass the word to any who’ll stand still long enough to hear ya, otherwise it’ll disappear.

  35. Jane Q Public Says:

    I don’t ride. I know a few guys that do but I am just about as mainstream America as it gets. I just wanted y’all to know some of us find this just as disturbing as you do. Just in the first few minutes of the Don Carlos video I was appalled at what I was seeing. As a former wife if a former LEO I can honestly say that looked like a royal goatf*ck. This should be scaring the bejesus out of everyone, not just MC’s. Because next week it could be one of us. I have recently become an avid reader of this blog and have just really started digging into this. I hope all of you searching keep up the good work!

  36. Asskiller Says:

    “Officials have been coy” is a damning description. Nice work Rebel.

  37. Dino Says:

    Searching for other sources (no offense) I came across, of all things, a National Public Radio (NPR) piece that was decent. Are there any hopes that this story is gaining traction nationally? I haven’t seen much.

  38. FF Says:

    I apologize for previous comment; inapropriate on so many levels. No excuses.

  39. Brad Milch Says:

    Rebel, this is a continuation of my earlier comments. Part 2, so to speak.

    Back in my Nam days I remember a platoon leader telling those among us bitching about a certain mission & op order we felt would get us all killed not to worry about it. Why? Because if we got killed, we didn’t have to do the soldier bit anymore. Besides, a person can only get killed once. Since we are all destined to die anyway, why waste time worrying about it?

    How is any of this helping those 4 incarcerated people in the area of Texas President Kennedy called ‘nut country’ on the day he was ambushed & murdered? I’m not sure. Eventually those 4 will be released & can look at these comments & maybe realize that those affected by Waco II are just as screwed outside prison walls as those are inside them.

    The trick is to not let it all drive each of us crazy. In a police state & country we all need lawyer insurance, don’t we? The piggies can only kill us once. Then we’re no longer targets.

  40. Brad Milch Says:

    Obviously, these 4 unfortunate men received the ‘message’ the Waco judicial clique sent them. Those of us without a spectacular ‘pot to piss in’ are trying to help by studying the case & suggesting ideas & solutions to Rebel based on facts we know in the case in the hopes skilled attorneys can remedy these incarcerated men’s predicament. Rebel’s doing all he can to raise awareness that these individuals are hurting big time. We don’t know if the MC clubs are passing the hat amongst members to get these fellows out of the slammer on bail or not.

    Someone I know commented to me recently that they couldn’t understand why the 2 inmates broke out of the upstate NY prison recently. After all, they both could cook in their rooms, didn’t have to sweat rent & utilities, weren’t bogged down in debt from mortgages, car payments. On top of that, one of them was getting laid behind bars regularly. What more could a guy ask for?

    I don’t know the answer. My school & religious educators used to tell me that ‘you’ll find out when you’re dead’ when I asked them questions. Maybe one of Rebel’s readers has it. It’s a cruel reminder that life is all about money. Those that don’t have it get screwed (or ignored) by those that do. Perhaps biker clubs should start having their own legal expense fundraisers or require their members to carry lawyer insurance?

  41. tiger Says:

    WTF? Bill o’suckin on Rupert Murdoch’s cock riely is quite the judgement making asshole. If the fucker would report the truth instead of opinions it might help. There is no reason for these guys to still be locked up. May the judgement laid upon the perpetrators of this travesty be harsh. The jp needs to have his balls ripped from his sack and shoved up his ass for a starter. Where have our rights gone? That question says it all. The right and the left dividing up our lives as if we are here to serve and pay them. FTP. FTF. Fuck’em all.

    Keep up the good fight for the truth Rebel.
    And a bitch needs to realize she is not a biker, she is not a biker bitch otherwise she would know to Shut The Fuck Up! Amy!

  42. FF Says:

    Mechanic? 12k a year?

    Damn pigs, this guy doesnt have enough problems?

  43. Wolfenlover Says:

    This is just a total BS Gov play that the bastards in Waco are responsible for!
    Culpable motherfuckers in charge! I ask ALL who read here to send Emails to
    Judicial Watch!!! [email protected] should make it simplified!
    If I had the power & belief, I’d make fire & brimstone fall on the houses of
    the bastards who have perpetrated this bull shit! BUT, as it stands, I kinda
    need some help. Use that Email & contact your Reps!!!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  44. Mr Nobody Says:

    Just an fyi. The damage to lives continues. This couple lost custody of a daughter they were in the process of adopting.

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