What The Video Doesn’t Show

July 14, 2015

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What The Video Doesn't Show

The video leaked last week, shot from under the front porch of the Don Carlos restaurant on the opposite side of a parking lot from the Twin Peaks, is as notable for what it does not show as for what it does. It doesn’t show the first five men to die. They all died to the left of camera’s field of view. The Don Carlos camera is angled to the right.

The patio area of the Twin Peaks can be described as L-shaped. The front patio and main entrance to the Twin Peaks approximately faced Interstate 35. The side patio approximately faced the Don Carlos. The registration desk for the Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting was at the corner where the exterior walls of the patio formed a right angle.

Five men, who have been widely reported to have been the first five to die, all fell out of the field of vision of the video camera. Photographs taken with long lenses shortly after the massacre in the parking lot, tend to make the Don Carlos and Twin Peaks restaurants seem closer together than they actually are. The distance between the Don Carlos camera and the Twin Peaks patio is at least 40 yards.

First Two To Die

According to multiple published accounts, the first two men to die were Cossacks named Richard Matthew “Richie” Jordan II and Danny “Diesel” Boyett. Both men died five feet outside the patio where a line of Cossacks motorcycles was parked and they are difficult to spot in published photographs taken of the crime scene.

Jordan of Pasadena, Texas was the stepson of an influential Cossack named Owen Reeves. Several accounts say Reeves may have instigated the confrontation after a Bandido ran over a Cossack prospect’s foot. Published accounts say that a member of a Bandidos support club shot Jordan in the chest. Published preliminary autopsy results claim Jordan died of a gunshot wound to the head. Jordan fell back onto the sidewalk outside the patio, A photograph of Jordan taken less than an hour after his death reveals no head wound.

Boyett lived in Waco and aspired to become a motorcycle outlaw. After his death, his brother said he had learned to ride a motorcycle only a year and a half before. A lurid account in the Houston Chronicle reported that Boyett was shot twice in the back of the head after he dove for the ground and tried to crawl to safety between two motorcycles. He died within feet of Jordan. Officials in Waco have made references to “Bandidos executing Cossacks” and Boyett may be the Cossack they are talking about.

Russell, Rodriguez And Campbell

The third man to die was Cossack Charles Wayne “Dog” Russell, a club regional sergeant at arms from Winona, Texas. Russell was known to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives. About two weeks before the Twin Peaks Massacre the ATF raided a location with, according to a source, “50 agents.” Among the items seized in the raid was a photograph of Russell. Russell died about 20 feet from the Twin Peaks patio next to a blue, overturned touring bike. The bike was pointed toward the Don Carlos entrance when it fell. The autopsy results released by Waco officials state that he died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

About the same time Russell was shot, Manual Issac “Candyman” Rodriguez was shot almost within view of Don Carlos camera number 2. Russell and Rodriguez died about 20 feet apart. Rodriguez worked for Harley Davidson of Dallas in Allen, Texas and he died of unspecified wounds after apparently dismounting from his motorcycle.

The fifth man to die seems to have been a Cossack named Wayne Lee “Side Track” Campbell from Arlington, Texas. Campbell died near the registration desk and multiple reports have indicated that he was the Cossack firing a gun from the patio. The announced autopsy results state that he died of gunshot wounds to the head and trunk.


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  1. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Sidetrack was between Diesel and Chain. He is seen in the video stepping off the sidewalk then came crashing down into the curb. So of his shot there was snipers on the roof of Don Carlos or he was dending over when the .223 bullet traveled through his chin into his body.
    The picture at the top is of Jesus Delgado Rodriguez he was on the corner by the tent.

  2. Rage Says:

    The fact is that in this day and time we ie. The 1%ers of the world need to ban together middle finger to the sky be the outlaws we are and say FTP they are the true enemies of society take a look around and wake up. I’m so sick of wanna be bikers and social media claiming they know what’s up the truth is we are born who we are and live by are rules thats the whole reason we are who we are. Fuck finger pointing among brothers and help educate your brother’s no matter what club your in. The police and society already have there opinions of us from the beginning of time were not fucked up they are! Stand strong and united my brother’s theres nobody and I meant nobody that can take away what we have its world domination if we band together and fight this shit. The outlaws always and forever will win. For those of you that know me you know im the real deal! Those of you that do not maybe one day we will have the pleasure of meeting. I mean nothing but respect for all of u brothers and for us the outlaws lets take whats ares and stand by are brothers and help them and we all win! Fuck The Police. Rage 1%er

  3. old & stoned Says:

    thanks Justathought – the 3rd link is bugging me too.

    who really fucking knows how many rodents had infested this picnic?

  4. Justathought Says:

    @ Old and Stoned If referance to the picture you posted:


    “Red Boots” in this picture = cossack “Red”…there are pictures out there on the net showing him, the same guy with the same beard etc.., wearing his cossack vest, and named as “Cocksack Red”. Word in the hood is he came out one door wearing his cossacks stuff, threw it in a cop car/vehicle, and grabbed and threw on some body armor from the same police unit, and that he is indeed an undercover cop, that had joined up in the cossacks drive to bring anybody who could breath into their “club”.

    The guy with the “Support Shirt” with his back to the camera wearing the knife is either 1) an informant or 2) uncover. I have heard both from reliable people.

    Oh, another thing I know…
    The Blue 2015 Road Glide did not belong to Martinez, but did belong to a Bandido who was arrested that day…

  5. old & stoned Says:

    yea, i’m tweakin’,, indica will do that,, more breadcrumbs:

    about 1:15 into video is an aerial shot for the bikes, best view of evidence cones in parking lot – http://www.wfaa.com/story/news/crime/2015/05/18/bulletin-tensions-bandidos-cossacks-rival-biker-gangs-texas/27531291/

    ok, i posted a link earlier to this pic – http://mediaassets.knoxnews.com/photo/2015/05/18/waco_08_1431960395815_18414755_ver1.0_640_480.jpg
    being curious why this guy’s sporting a KNIFE,, now ‘whatshername’ is calling redboots in that pic a rat.

    and it seems to be him facing the camera in the still shot they used in this video – http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/17/us/texas-shooting/index.html
    what is NOT blatantly obvious is the posture of bandana boy and officer opie. they are too close together,, THINK! – with WHOM, and regarding what, would you have a conversation with, literally 1 foot away,, Opie is too ‘at ease’. looks odd,, but what about this abortion doesn’t.

  6. old & stoned Says:

    Spectator – in the dispatch tape there’s a description ‘crawling on the ground by the ‘c’ side, heading towards the ‘d’ side’. the covered body is in one or 2 long shots also but not too obvious. i’m fairly sure this is him. there was an interview where a woman describes 4 on the ground she assumed to be bleeding out, w/ cops & m16’s trained on them. If i remember corectly behind one of the restaurants, not certain.

    happy friday, y’all

  7. Spectator Says:

    I know I already posted this but I have to say it again. This Cossack was killed in the back lot behind Don Carlos, nowhere close to the area where the shit hit the fan. You gotta wonder what happened back there and it’s a safe assumption it was a cop who pulled the trigger.

  8. old & stoned Says:

    popeye – no shit, i totally blew him off before. yea. more big stinky

  9. old & stoned Says:

    The last good cop i heard of went by the name Chris Dorner. told the truth with his heart and his life.

  10. Wolfenlover Says:

    Hell, I think that movie was RED HEAT, anyway the point is, we need to be able
    to do away with LAWYERS.They are mostly as bad as pigs are. And pretty much
    all judges, with few exceptions, are fuckin’ previous lawyers. $$$$$$

    And @ mack520 about “good”cops catching the bad cops, besides 99.5% being the BAD variety, there is the “BLUE LINE”. The .5% are deathly afraid, with good reason,of the 99.5%. A pig that turns in a bad pig doesn’t last long.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    This shit reminds me of a movie scene from “REDS” with Swartzeneger & Belushi
    Swartz says “Kill all drug dealers.” Belushi says “LAWYERS wouldn’t allow that.”
    Swartzi says “KILL THEM FIRST.” There you have the solution to America’s
    total collapse! FUCKIN’ LAWYERS!!! Guess ya gotta start with the head of the
    SNAKE, tho, huh?

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  12. Spectator Says:

    Interesting theory @Liberty. Waco PD sure wants to crucify twin Peaks which brings me to a rumor I haven’t heard about for a while… Has anyone looked further into the possibility of Big-O being UC or CI?

  13. Liberty Says:

    An Intervenor in a lawsuit is a 3rd party that joins someone’s else existing lawsuit with or without their permission.

    Rodriguez was killed between the TP and DC parking lots and Jordan was killed in the middle of the fighting, shooting, massacre. That makes a completely different case as far as involvement and cause of death. The Rodriguez family can petition the court to have them barred from joining their lawsuit. They have different attorneys and I will be surprised if they allow them to join in their lawsuit.

    Why wouldn’t Jordan’s mom file a separate lawsuit? Broden stated his reasons that bikers should not sue together or as a class action for many valid reasons.

    All these lawsuits against a business who was willing to host events, do not bode well for bikers wanting to hang out. Just a mess and maybe part of the plan all along.

  14. Spectator Says:

    @XYZ , Yvonne (Spike PO) is Owen (Big O) Reeves’ wife, and mother of Richard (Chain) Jordan who was killed. She was pretty vocal on Facebook early on and I’ve got some interesting screen grabs as well as a video of her talking to press as she arrived at Twin Peaks. Her profile has been changed with various aliases over time and is now locked up tight. It’s interesting that lawsuits are focusing on TP when there’s plenty of other directions to point fingers.

  15. photon Says:

    So, if the guy in the DC parking lot was laying completely motionless for 10 minutes, and 2 pigs jumped over him, and 4 pigs were behind the white car with ar’s, why was he not cuffed immediately if he was alive and deemed a threat? Someone said the cars in the DC lot were allowed to leave but the pigs were being fired at. The salmon shirt pig puts something on the ground at the left rear tire of the white car 30 minutes after the guy laying prone was rolled over. I don’t know who is who but AR reports in this article that it was Candyman laying next to the white car.
    As soon as this guy was rolled over and out of the camera view, I see a shot being fired into the ground where he was laying. The pigs don’t react, as one would think they are trained to react, unless they knew it was coming.
    IMO, he was rolled over and a gun placed in his hand and the pig fired the shot which would leave powder burns on this guys hand and thus validate the story that the pigs were being fired at. It will be interesting to see if powder burns are part of the pig evidence. And, what was put on the ground and marked as evidence? Was it the gun that was shot into the ground? This is only my opinion based on what I’ve seen and read here.

    Respects to Rebel and all who deserve it.

  16. XYZ Says:

    It seems another deceased biker’s family has joined in the Rodriguez lawsuit:



  17. old & stoned Says:

    “uhh,, per another agency’s officer,,,”. The only instances of that phrase are in reference to a “2nd wave. Every other reference to an agency is specific,, and the ‘umm’ right before that phrase, coming from a pd dispacher indicates to me she is being coached on what to say.

    and i’m certain 2 dozen plus bikers toting long guns would have been great PR, but apparently these boys vaporized before being arrested.

    Either these Cossacks and their shotguns & assault rifles were taken by aliens en route, or this ‘officer from another agency’ answers to Salmon shirt, and they ‘played’ waco pd.

  18. old & stoned Says:

    Sherides – it’s too late for a ‘call for change’, now it’s all about trying to survive the juggernaut of ‘just us’. starting with Clinton admin,, the powers that Be have decided that the Bill of Rights, Constitution, Habeus Corpus, all obsolete.

    Spectator – great find! here’s some transcriptions for the crowd;

    1:45 – cop – ‘do NOT go to TP’

    2:03 – cop – “tell ’em they have guns! they’re firing from the ground! i need to get outta there, get everybody out of there!”

    2:25 – cop – “everybody on the inside come outside with your hands up”

    2:30 – cop – “crawling toward to ‘C’ side. he has a gun. he’s on the ground, but he has a gun.”

    3:00 – cop – “more bikes”

    3:12 – cop – “stage em at OD or BB,, DO NOT have them come to DC! it’s still hot! there’s still guns in the crowd”

    the last 2 minutes start “we have reliable information,,” to “a citizen called” ‘Co-ssacks’ to this:

    18:21 – Waco Disp – “Attention all units out on this – uhh,, per another agency’s officer,, that the subjects at the Flying J have shotguns and assault rifles on their backs and they’re sayin’ they’re ready to go,,”

    18:45 – waco disp – “officer from another agency advises that there’s about 15,, 30 to 50 motorcycles coming in from (garbled) 77,,”

    this certainly is a texas sized clusterfuck.

    i looked for another pic of the salmon shirt also,, but alas, he’s a pro at hide-n-seek. but it jogged my memory. salmon / peach shirts have been used in the past as an identifier for who ‘god’ on scene is. everyone answers to him, follows his directions, and has no need to know who or what agency he’s from.

  19. sherides Says:


    What happened with that family is seriously fucked up. Its just wrong on so many levels. An innocent child caught up in the destruction of lives that these govt agencies seem hell bent to achieve. I hope that eventually she is reunited with what is probably the most loving environment she has known.

    I hope whoever decided it was a good idea to instigate this slaughter has their life as they know it destroyed.

    I think we are reaching a time in our Country’s history where We the People, are going to demand changes. And not quietly. The other day I was wondering if a govt that so publicly criticizes other nations for killing protestors would justify doing the same to its citizens.
    Then it dawns on me, the govt already does that and gets away with it.

    Whoever said the wheels of justice turn slowly wasn’t kidding. Almost 2 months have gone by and still no clear picture of what happened that day. As others have said, that in and of itself is very telling.

    Rant over.


  20. BMW Says:

    Darn autocorrect placed Mongols into the above. It should read “many “! We all know that the Mongols were not involved! REBEL, IF YOU COULD CORRECT THIS I WOULD APPRECIATE IT!

  21. BMW Says:

    If I understand the situation correctly, more than a dozen business security cameras were active, focused on different areas. Of course, a business would focus on the areas relevant to the business, much more so than the parking lot. Where are the other views? Have the LEO Seized the other camera recordings? Are they still holding them back? Are there any cell phone videos, other than those seized by LEO? The seizures of all the cameras or phones is one of the factors allowing the LEO to control the flow of information to help hide the guilty LEO parties.


  22. Spectator Says:

    And here is a little more I have dug up. This image is of a slain Cossack who is located WAY on the other side of Don Carlos. He’s about as far away from the action as you can get. I pieced the pics together for reference points. You can bet the police took this guy out.


    Sorry for the multiple posts Rebel. I am having a bit of insomnia and just happen to keep coming across more and more stuff tonight.

  23. Spectator Says:

    And here is a little more I have dug up. This image is of a slain Cossack who is located WAY on the other side of Don Carlos. He’s about as far away from the action as you can get. I pieced the pics together for reference points. You can bet the police took this guy out.


    Sorry for the multiple posts Rebel. I am having a bit of insomnia and just happen to keep coming across more and more stuff tonight.

  24. Dan Says:

    Spectator, Where did that scanner traffic tape come from? Odd that in the first three minutes of the shootout that no shots can be heard over the mikes of the officers on scene. Nor yelling, screaming and crying in the background when the cop is clearing the Twin Peaks restaurant. I think your tape is a phony.

  25. Spectator Says:

    Do we know where Jesus “Jesse” Delgado Rodriguez (Mohawk) was killed? (The Marine Purple Heart Vet) I would assume that he would be riding near the rear of the Bandidos since he was not a PH. It just so happens that there appears to be a covered up body near the rear of incoming line of Bandido bikes. It’s not the best picture but I figured I would post it to see what you all thought and get your input on what I believe could be a body covered by a yellow blanket/tarp.


  26. Dan Says:

    It’s what the Don Carlos video does show that makes me suspicious. It shows potential bullet hole evidence driving off when the Don Carlos customers are allowed to leave in their vehicles after the smoke cleared. If the bikers shot at the police who were coming from the direction of Don Carlos parking lot, where did the bullets go? They couldn’t have disappeared into thin air. I can only conclude that the Waco police did not come under fire otherwise those cars would have been seized and thoroughly searched for incriminating bullet holes.

  27. Spectator Says:

    Slightly off topic… Here a link to the police scanner traffic during the ordeal.

    Towards the end of the video they say they have “reliable” info from an outside agency that 30-50 Cossacks are staging with shotguns and assault rifles strapped to their backs claiming they are ready for another “go around.” I wonder how much of that is BS and was likely what they used as the excuse to shut the whole area down for fear of further attacks.

  28. mack520 Says:

    I know nothing about this but I always wondered why the good cops couldn’t catch the bad cops. Sir- I know nothing about this and I can’t make flash work. I see the cop acquire his target and as far as I can see he either empties his gun or maybe not?

  29. old & stoned Says:

    ok, consider the guy on the closest corner to those evidence cones took a head / torso combo,, my, i love coincidences.

  30. old & stoned Says:

    this article piqued my interest so i went pokin’ round. this shot always caught my attention. i’m curious about those evidence cones one the rise between the frontage road and the deepest parking south of TP. it looks to be 4 – 6 evidence cones, in what i take as a sweep pattern. more markers behind the bikes directly opposite the entrance.
    there is one shot of DPS walking up by the pole looking at grass, and one with trooper standing guard behind sign, facing shooting scene.

    and how is this for “in plain sight”? saw this pic dozens of times and kept missing what is most obvious in that pic

    he was polite enough to lift his t-shirt for better view.

  31. mack520 Says:

    I don’t mean to rant but that woman needs protection from not by law enforcement.

  32. SATX Rider Says:

    This whole damn thing has me depressed. I’m frustrated that the gen pop has a gnat’s attention span. Please off that the ‘media’ is not looking for real answers. Disappointed that no politicians have championed the cause…

    I’m starting to feel like there’s only one bad way to make an impact. But that would just play into their hands.

    It’s enough to make a man keep drinking’.

    TOSIAR. I think you’re on to something Seig.

  33. mack520 Says:

    I am old and drunk. Who is the lady in Don Carlos who comments first ” Oh, Someone just got shot” right after the camera pans away from Mr. Rodreguiz and Officer??? in the cell phone video. Did she just disappear? Can’t be found?Damn.

  34. Spectator Says:

    The sheer fact that the guy’s bike is dumped on the ground leads a reasonable person to believe that he wasn’t expecting shit to hit the fan. He also had a larger caliber firearm in the saddlebag which would not have been stowed away if he thought it was going to get messy. Nobody brings a .32 peashooter to a planned firefight. Not to mention the fact that there could have been hundreds of Bandits there if requested. I truly believe these Bandits were planning on an easy Sunday meeting. Swineton’s cry of a planned brawl is worth shit, just like his pile of other disinformation statements. If the video does indeed show him shooting, I imagine it will also show him dropping the bike and fleeing a hail of bullets before taking cover. Sounds like the actions of a man ambushed and defending himself.

    On a side note, did anyone see where they are denying video footage with one reason being that they have received credible threats from big bad bikers, and releasing any info would put police lives at risk? Seriously?? The only real threat is from mainstream news outlets getting their hands on video of corrupt cops doing corrupt things. In due time boys. I take pleasure in knowing that you’re losing more sleep than the pile of Americans you illegally and unconstitutionally arrested. It’s only just begun…more popcorn please.

  35. Brad Milch Says:

    Where are Swanton’s pre-positioned ambulances/EMS personnel if Johnny Law was expecting trouble in the form of a mass fight?

    A word of caution to those analyzing the 1st released surveillance video: persons moving around in ‘biker apparel’ does not indicate authenticity. The ‘unarrested’ is proof alone not everyone at TP & vicinity was the real deal. Some of those that initially took off & ran to the right & out of camera view could have been shooters. I don’t see where there was time to beat anyone with chains & clubs in video #1. Maybe that reported stuff is captured in unreleased video?

    Seems to me like a very simple assault & kill plan: nail bikers attempting to park & haul ass towards the mall parking lot behind TP, get in parked vehicles & drive off. For some, double back around to the Swat armored vehicle & change clothes, pick up M-16 & join in the ‘police response’. It’s ok to keep your red cowboy boots on.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been past Twin Peaks. As I remember, it was visible from the freeway & freeway access roads. Quite easy to park momentarily, fire from a vehicle’s window & drive off. With silenced weapons & the noise of the incoming bikes there was a good possibility of not being heard.

    Not all that difficult an operation to pull off in broad daylight on a lazy Sunday noontime restaurant crowd enjoying burgers & pumped up ta-ta’s.

    Keep on keeping on, Rebel. You’re doing a hell of a job. I don’t consider my day complete until I’ve read your latest post.

  36. xplor Says:

    The forfeiture petitions  reported by Tommy Witherspoon:
    Waco police dash cam video shows Martinez shooting a handgun while standing behind a brown SUV, according to court documents. Officers found a .32-caliber pistol in the hatchback area of the vehicle. During the video, Martinez is seen shooting and the hatchback glass is shot out. Martinez is then seen on video placing an object inside the vehicle, records state.

  37. FF Says:

    @Frank Hall

    Im trying real hard not to acomment on any of this for that reason. FWIW I feel from reading your posts that you are a good man. My comments I guess have been mostly in response to trolls I get suckered by their bs. Ive been drinking mself into blackouts lateely.

    I got some water 7n my eyes thinking about when I was in Allen Texas beautiful suburb of Dallas, I think it is Cowboys training facility inspiration behind the movie north dallas 40.

    Rebel, any information on any of these victims having any gunshot resid6e on there hands?

  38. Spectator Says:

    If it’s relevant at all, the blue Road Glide is most likely Martinez’ bike, the Bandido President who was released on $1M bail. Running the VIN on the seizure papers reveals it was a 2015 RG they stole from him. The only other 2014+ RG (New fairing style) is the burnt orange one beside it. It appears these two bikes had already swooped around and were in the process of backing into their parking spot. I wonder who decided to show up early and take all the front row spots and have a prospect deny parking in the area? Looks like a lot of yellow stickers on them helmets hanging on the handlebars…

  39. popeye Says:

    The cops released this first so I’m guessing this video is the least damning to them. That said , I cant wait to see the rest ,this one did not make the cops look like they were protecting and serving

  40. old & stoned Says:

    man, those last 3 sound like clean-up work from snipers.

    the proliferation of head shots amazes me for a ‘gunfight’ with chains and clubs. these would have to be some cool cucumbers to even attempt. other than the extremities, the head is the worst target for a brawl / handgun fight, yet so many of them.

    and NO collateral. well,, maybe 7 or 8,,,

    simply amazing.

  41. mack520 Says:

    Funny they don’t mention the location or type of injuries to Mr. Rodriguez. Sure seems odd, given what appear to be the circumstances. I wonder if he was killed by those chains they had??

  42. frank hall Says:

    Speaking of what the video doesn’t show the only regret I have is I should of kept my mouth shut about who I thought our dead biker by the white car was he had a colorful cut and while most autopsies were clear head, head and chest, etc the dead Bandito was murky in its wording leading me to guess a full clip or two from close range left him too messed up to determine what exactly killed him.So it seems to fit the circumstances but I should of kept my mouth shut and I apologize to His friends and family I never meant any disrespect or to cause any more pain then you are dealing with ,I’m sorry about my carelessness only trying to help from what I see he was a great guy and I’m sorry for your loss

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