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July 8, 2015

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More Waco

The Waco story is shattering into a thousand shards like a startled murder of crows. In the last few days:

Scimitars Motorcycle Club member Matt Clendennen withdrew his federal civil right lawsuit against the city of Waco, McLennan County, Texas, arresting officer Manuel Chavez and McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna. Clendennen’s attorney, Clint Broden, explained that there were so many officials he wanted to sue, like Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, that he thought the best thing would probably be to start over with a blank page.

“It certainly has nothing to do with the merits of the lawsuit,” Broden told Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald. “We just need to add defendants, which we will do at a later date.”

Rodriguez Suit

Meanwhile the widow of Jesus Delgado “Mohawk” Rodriguez, a former Marine and Vietnam Vet who was killed as the gun fight commenced shortly after he exited his car, has filed a lawsuit in Dallas County’s 192nd District Court against the Twin Peaks Restaurant. Formally, the defendants are the owners of the former Twin Peaks franchise, the Chalak Mitra Group, LLC; Peaktastic Beverage, LLC; Front Burner Restaurants Group, LLC; and Twin Peaks Restaurant Investment Group. The same defendants are being sued by the neighboring Don Carlos Restaurant

The Rodriguez suit alleges that Rodriguez would still be alive if the Twin Peaks had not held “Bike Nights” and allowed the Confederation of Clubs to meet at the restaurant the day nine men were killed and 18 were wounded in the worst incidence of biker violence in American History. The Waco police have taken pains to portray the Texas Confederation of Clubs as a quasi-criminal group.

Widely quoted biker authority Steve Cook, who was in Waco at the time of the Twin Peaks massacre, told television station KXXV that he had, “seen an influx of gang members that are also a part of motorcycle clubs and club confederations,” whatever that meant. Cook also told the television station, “We do a considerable amount of talking about these confederations and coalitions… and try to make them understand a little bit the motives behind these is other than what they advertise.”

Cook, who recently appeared in a reality style drama called Outlaw Country said biker violence is a growing world problem. “It’s rampant,” Cook claimed. “They’re spreading all across the country, all over the world for that matter…. You’re either going to pay attention to these guys or you’re going to ignore them.”

Two Million Bikers

Finally, today Lana Shadwick of Breitbart Texas reported that John Bostick, a representative for the Facebook page “2 Million Bikers To DC,” has sent “Cease and Desist letters” to Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, Justice of the Peace Walter P. Peterson, and Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton. The point of the letters, other than to use the Waco tragedy to publicize the Facebook page, is not clear. Bostick accuses the three men of assaulting “the reputation of the average motorcycle enthusiast.”

Bostick demands the three men “provide us with prompt written assurance that you will cease and desist from further defamation of Motorcycle Riders’ character and reputation…. In the event you fail to meet this demand, please be advised that Motorcycle Riders in a class action joint effort will pursue all available legal remedies, including monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and attorney’s fees.”

Two Million Bikers To DC is threatening a “Bikers Strike Back” rally in Waco on July 18.


28 Responses to “More Waco”

  1. Chesty Says:

    Oops, sorry. Meant to post that on another thread.

  2. Chesty Says:

    Was Detective James Head the head of this grand jury as well or just the grand jury to indict the general population? Just wondering if this is another of the situations where they tell us that he has no conflict of interest here…

  3. Freeman Says:

    Cook is a moron, and anyone listening to that prick is even more idiotic, if such a thing is possible.

  4. Wolfenlover Says:

    Viking 1%er, RIGHT th’fuck ON! When I was a kid & asked Dad “What’s this?” (The
    seatbelt) he said “Push it behind the seat.” Safety pads were for Football.
    Riding in the back of pickups. Making ramps to jump our bicycles over on GRAVEL
    ROADS.And just about any other “dangerous” thing you can think of, WITHOUT the
    impediment of “safety gear”. Just how did we survive?

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  5. Viking 1%er Says:

    Cook, Swanton, Peterson and the rest of those fucking pukes prove what I been saying privately for years now. The gene pool in this country is so watered down that assholes like these 3 (who couldn’t pass a junior high school test even if they are supplied with the answers beforehand) are beginning to out number what we once considered people of “average” intelligence. I mean think about it they have totally destroyed the natural order with warning labels on this, safety harness, belt, elbow pads, knee pads, air bags the list goes on. I mean shit on a stick if ya need a fucking warning label to tell ya your coffee or food is hot YOU SHOULDN’T LIVE TO REPRODUCE. The mental midgets who would have not made it thru to reproduce due to there own stupidity have now made it to an age where they are and we get the likes of the clowns in power in wacko and THEY ARE REPRODUCING!!!!!!! When I was a kid there were no child safety seats or air bags we stood on the seat if we were dumb enough to and cars then had metal dashboards for fucks sake. I say do away with all warning labels, child safety bullshit etc. stop saving the ignorant from themselves and restore the natural order where the morons will just remove themselves from the gene pool so that even if assholes like the wacko crew get some form of power the general public will be smart enough to see them for what they are and do something about it.

    Obviously the above is my attempt at humor (or is it??) but it does hold some truth.

    Respect to those who earned it

  6. Meh Says:

    Once absurd mass indictments are avoided pork can then target the few they think they can nail or at least persecute for a few years.

    Even if there are no convictions the damage gets done and bacon escapes punishment for shooting Americans.

  7. Meh Says:

    “A two million biker rally in Waco will definitely turn the tide.”

    Er, a “rather large” rally might but there aren’t two million “bikers” in the US which not incidentally is why they are a popular police target. There are many more “motorcyclists” but let’s not get an inflated idea of how Waco is seen outside the biker subculture.

    Much love for Rebel but the cop story “shattering” (it’s already blatant BS but that’s not the point) is not really evidenced in this particular Rebel article.

    One lawsuit withdrawn temporarily for wise tactical reasons and one silly one aimed at Twin Peaks which will be destroyed in court are good news but not earthshaking.

    What are the Texas rules (and real-world practice) regarding disqualification of grand jury members?

    Texas justice depends on Texans, it’s a hardcore Red State, and conservatives don’t care about any rights other than the Second Amendment. Texans elected the Texan officials who appointed the Texan police. Judicial lynching isn’t a new idea.

    Foreman skews jury, jury wants to go home, indictment doesn’t happen. Expect besides the obvious that other grand jury members were appointed with backing up the foreman in mind. He might even be disqualification bait so others will be ignored.

  8. Mike Smith Says:

    At the beginning of the coverage there were several screen captures from videos showing the vehicles that were shot up. There was also a famous CNN video that showed three “Bikers” walking along and talking to the other cops and one had a big ole pistol in his back pocket. Two hundred minus 197 equals 3. Swanton first said 200 then all the dead, wounded and arrested added up to 197.

    I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I like this new short story out on, that tells how this massacre came to be. It isn’t great literature and it is captioned as a work of fiction. But it sure reads like the author knew what happened. You can read it for free if you have Prime.
    The paperback is here.

  9. david Says:

    Thanks WJL ,for posting the Waco Trib. propaganda article on the paid Waco cop-gang member Head being installed as the grand jury foreman who “WILL”, not “may” or “could” as the pro-gov. article states, hear evidence in the Twin Peaks cases and “WILL” also review pig actions.

    Not only are grand juries required to BE impartial, they are obligated to maintain the APPEARANCE of impartiality, something pig-gang member Head’s installation as FOREMAN self-evidently, and absolutely, destroys.

    The attorney-judge who selected Head to be the grand jury foreman, Ralph Strother, is apparently real good friends with the Waco City attorneys who are attempting to TRY to maintain damage control for the many future lawsuits their beloved fucking corporation and employer “City of Waco” will be named as a defendant in.

    Notice, the City of Waco MANAGER who actually operates the corporation known as Waco and hires and can fire the po-lice chief, is completely SILENT, when he is actually responsible for the actions of ALL city employees. He and his attorney-gang, tell all pig-lackeys when to jump and how high.

    The attorney-gang is having their fellow gang member Strother jump to their tune, or he gets removed from the bench. The pig-gang, RELYING on the attorney-gang to support defend and cover their criminal acts, deserve to have their co-conspirators exposed as the architects of twisting fucking everything around and backwards from reality. To “attorn” in Latin means:to twist or turn.

    If attorney Broden does not challenge the pro-pig completely partial fake grand jury with Head as the fake foreman, in Clendennen’s criminal case,…….and the people of Waco refuse to throw out the criminal-gang of tyrants and attorneys abusing them daily, the indictments are forthcoming.

  10. oregonloner Says:

    Shouldnt the fact that a guy like steve cook is making fuckin reality tv have some affect on his “so called” expertise, ugh. Thanks for keeping up with it rebel. And I hope every person there sues everything they fuckin can bankrupt that place and its authoritys

  11. Tech Says:

    That NPR story isn’t too bad, actually. Love this quotation:

    “This is Texas,” Walt says. “This is a good Republican red state. They don’t violate people’s rights here. Take that to Chicago, New York, not here.”

    Welcome to reality, Walt.

  12. Asskiller Says:

    @Liberty – stinks.

    “James Head, a 34-year police veteran who has spent 26 years with Waco PD, was among the first 14 on the panel qualified to serve on the grand jury and, beyond that, 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother selected Head to serve as the foreman. When asked if he had any involvement in the massive Twin Peaks investigation, Head said, “Not really.” He would not elaborate on that answer and deferred additional questions about the Twin Peaks incident to the Waco City Attorney’s Office.”

    Breathtaking appearance of conflict of interest here, sufficient on its own for his disqualification. Fox, henhouse, blood and feathers.

  13. Dasein Says:

    The hapless recipients of The Cease and Desist letters, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, Justice of the Peace Walter P. Peterson, and Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton, are clearly beyond their depth in this entire matter. They brought their big mouths to what has become a battle of brains. They’re so completely screwed now it’s only a matter of how many others they will drag down with them trying to stay afloat. Either these Three Stooges “brain”stormed this entire affair on their own, with the foresight of hogs in a feedlot, or they were pushed into it by higherups with a promise of making everything work out. However, I doubt the ATF (for instance) had any idea what an imbecile the JOP would turn out to be, and what an enormous issue the 177 incarcerated without any sort of due process, and essentially trillion dollar bails, would sooner or later become. There are at least two major screwups here: one, the who-knows-how-many bikers that were killed by police, and how, and with what kind of premeditation, etc. The OTHER issue, which isn’t as easy to sweep under the rug as a mere nine bodies in Wackfuk Texas, is the small matter of nearly 200 people wrongly arrested, defamed, and very seriously financially harmed. It’s arrogance and stupidity on a scale seldom seen in the world, ever, to think this can be gotten away with. George Custer comes to mind here, and probably too the Captain of The Titanic. Those guys just weren’t bright enough for the real world, and it cost them plenty. It’s going to play out the same for the Waco Three, and probably quite a few more.

  14. Brad Milch Says:

    Americans are noted for dealing with screwed up issues with a little brevity. Humor in the face of extreme evil is what made millionaires out of folks like Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor & Chris Rock (among others).

    Here’s a bit of brevity about Waco II I’ve been picking up on & collecting. The questions are multiple choice in SAT style:

    Q: You are a Waco cop having your free donuts & coffee & a beautiful, multi-colored butterfly flies into the donut shop & lands by your donut pile. You should:

    A: Shoo the butterfly away in the hopes it will fly back outdoors.
    B: Attempt to snap a photo of the beautiful creature with your body cam
    C: Empty your service revolver into the butterfly for invading your territory

    Correct answer: C

    Q: You are a Waco cop that has been ordered to report to Twin Peaks to observe bikers gathering for a scheduled meeting. Alongside you pull up DPS & AETF&E agents & a SWAT vehicle & team. You should:
    A: Do nothing until you hear from your Waco police superior
    B: Immediately try to impress higher authority with your shooting skills
    C: Assume the traditional Muslim prayer position (head to the ground, ass up in the air)
    D: Inquire who is the ranking official & immediately swallow cock

    Correct answer: C & D

    Q: You are watching some suspicious bikers at Twin Peaks in Waco & God suddenly appears in the seat next to you in your patrol car. You should:

    A: Thank God for taking the time to visit you while you are working
    B: Shoot God in the head at least twice, take his cellphone & plant a couple of bogus weapons of his corpse
    C: Ignore God & remain focused on the biker meeting

    Correct answer: B

    Q: You have just answered a disturbance call near Waco & have discovered a McLennan County D.A. & Judge in the sack going at it. How can you determine if the aggressor faked an orgasm?

    A. Ask them
    B. Ask their neighbors
    C. Run DNA test for spit on one’s back.

    Correct Answer: C

  15. Slim FMC Says:

    What a coincidence that Steve dick sucking Cook was in town. If he’s the best that law enforcement has to draw from for supposed OMG advice, then nobody has a thing to worry about. He couldn’t tell the difference from his asshole. He should because his heads up it enough. I’ve heard some of the most ignorant shit spew from his pie hole that I about chocked on my beer. He’s a so called detective in Kansas. Who’s footing the bill for this fucktard to travel all over. How about the duty he owes the people of Kansas. Is he ever there? I seen him pulling people over in another state for doing nothing wrong, but then taking their pictures. Innocent people? He would have been digging that camera out of his fucking ass. If I’m not mistaken, but if I’ve done nothing wrong, some out of their jurisdiction pig cannot make me let him photograph me. Fuck that no nothing, nobody, tax payer money sucking faggot. It wouldn’t be half bad if he at least had some knowledge besides the bullshit he reads and watches on TV. I hope that fucker dies while giving one of his seminars. Never trust the pigs to tell the truth, especially when their covering up another one of their wacko slaughters. Innocent women and children could satisfy their blood lust for only so long. Its easy to kill innocent bikers and make the sheep believe they were hardcore killers. We know who the killers are. FTP. FTF. FLE.

  16. Thunderbird Says:

    A two million biker rally in Waco will definitely turn the tide. Also there is safety in numbers. With a crowd like this expressing their WILL on the apparent corrupt justice system operating in Waco, the media and public will no doubt wake up and look at this vast display of support of fellow bikers who have been denied due process of law.

    Americans have to wake up and realize that the justice system; not only in Waco, but in many parts of the country, is corrupted and peopled by heartless individuals who use the system for their advantage and power over others.

    For profit prisons? How does that serve the so called correctional system? Names are a joke. These prisons exploit people for profit then throw the damaged goods out on the street after their terms of incarceration is over; with little hope of restoring their standing in the community, because the system continues to blacklist them.

    Anyone who understands our common law constitution and the Bill of Rights realizes that our administrative courts no longer recognize our common law constitutional rights; and in Waco, due process of law. It doesn’t take a lawyer to see this. People that are basically good inside can see this. The Waco PD evidently does not see that people can see their wonton denial of transparency in the service of due process; to their fellow Americans. The public wants to know what happened.

    Something smells terrible in Waco. There is the stench of decay of character in the people suppressing the facts in this tragic story. For the sake of justice, it is my hope that all the details of this story come out, so closure and restoration of people’s names who are innocent in this travesty of justice, can be fulfilled.

    Corruption is rampant in all levels of government in our country. And unless people wake up from their hypnotism in Plato’s modern Cave, where television, Hollywood entertainment, and consumerism take their total attention, then corruption and fraud backed by coercion with force will only increase and many innocent people will be eaten by the mechanical system of arbitrary rules & regulations we call administrative law.

    A two million motorcycle ride into Waco calling for due process of law would definitely have an impact on the sleeping people. There is real power in numbers. Thanks rebel for your part in this.

  17. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Steve Cook is nothing but a braying jackass

  18. Paladin Says:

    “Cook, who recently appeared in a reality style drama called Outlaw Country said biker violence is a growing world problem. “It’s rampant,” Cook claimed. “They’re spreading all across the country, all over the world for that matter…. You’re either going to pay attention to these guys or you’re going to ignore them.”

    Well…it doesn’t get any more definitive than that. However, I think I’ll pay attention to “these guys” and ignore you.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  19. CH Says:

    Spelling correction please — That’s “THANKS AGAIN REBEL” …not “that’s again”…

  20. CH Says:

    So Steve “Fag-Dwarf” Cook “just happened” to be in Wacko during the police massacre.
    And he had a previous commitment date of selling his “course” to WACKO pigs after the massacre.
    Very interesting to say the least.
    The pieces are all starting to fall into place and form a clear picture of the reality of this entire police clusterfuck.
    Can we perhaps hope that Miss Stevie will take a long hard fall with his fucktarded Wacko police accomplices?

    That’s again Rebel. Hang onto this like the pitbull you surely must be. And SHAKE!

    Jail the Wacko Mayor, D.A, billy bob justice of the peace and all thier friggin corrupt, inbred relatives.
    And lastly………..
    Send Stevie “FAG DWARF” Cook back under the dank rock he crawled out from under!

  21. xplor Says:

    James Head, a 34-year police veteran who has spent 26 years with Waco PD was selected to serve as the foreman of the grand jury.

  22. old & stoned Says:

    yea, lapd. so po’d i forgot to credit. i can not find one single picture of a bullet hole, or vehicle / building facade close to the scene. closest pics are from what i assume was the keil video, of waco PD advancing. but there’s bodies on the ground,, bloodstains being scrubbed,, oh yea,, like the news.

  23. cookie Says:

    I’ve seen that picture before. It’s not from Waco. It’s from when the cops shot up a truck looking for Christopher Dorner.

    Respect to all

  24. old & stoned Says:

    Rebel, thanks again for all you’re doing here.

    if this doesn’t stink of last season’s fish,, Swanton claims, and PD’s feud with Twin Peaks supposedly centers around warnings “months in advance” according to Swanton, expecting a violent altercation. this Twin Peaks never had a call for service on bike nights. doubt any CoC meeting ever had a call for service due to a violent altercation. yet he insisted there would be trouble. but,, the north texas cossack says he wasn’t invited until “a week before”,, that whole story reeks so many ways. hmmm,, maybe Swanton knew, but didn’t want the atf blowing up his backyard.

    and oh, about that bullet count,, seems every shot fired that day wound up hitting the back of this one truck from the same trajectory. curious.

    scroll down page to the pic:
    appears to be facing the restaurant


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