Where Waco Is Headed

June 25, 2015

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Where Waco Is Headed

F. Clinton Broden, the Dallas lawyer who is representing Scimitars Motorcycle Club member Matthew Clendennen in a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Waco and McLennan County, served a subpoena today for the video taken by the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015. Broden wants the video by nine o’clock tomorrow morning. He is probably not going to get it.

The City of Waco almost immediately filed a motion to quash the subpoena. In legalese the motion reads:

“Now comes the City of Waco, Texas, non-party to the above cause, and files this Motion to Quash the subpoena duces tecum served on Patrick Keating, attorney for Chalak Waco TP, LLC, the franchise license holder for the Waco Twin Peaks. Waco makes this Motion to Quash on the basis that: (1) Defendant is attempting to circumvent the criminal discovery rules by seeking records in a criminal case from a non-party; and (2) the records sought under the subpoena duces tecum relate to an open criminal investigation…. Defendant’s subpoena is contrary to rules of discovery governing criminal matters pursuant to Article 39.14 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. A criminal defendant’s right to pre-trial discovery is limited by Article 39.14 which requires Defendants to obtain documents that constitute or contain evidence from the State. Police reports and other materials in possession
of a police department are not discoverable from non-parties….

Press Release

In a press release issued this afternoon, Broden wrote:

“It is troubling that the City of Waco would go to such lengths to suppress this video. The Waco Police have repeatedly given the public contradictory information about the events at Twin Peaks and have said that the video will support its current version of the facts, yet they have now taken this extraordinary measure to interfere with the subpoena process.”

Broden continued, “Waco has not only sought to suppress the video but the Waco Police also seized the cell phones of many non-bikers who were present at or around Twin Peaks on that day. Think of the many police incidents in the last six months and imagine if the police had been able just to seize the citizen cell phone videos in those cases.”

Broden said he had been contacted by Melissa Karin (who is represented by Waco attorney Hamilton Lindley) who had her cell phone and purse seized by police on May 17 and then had to crawl through the window of her house upon returning home because her purse contained her house keys.

“The video will show what the video shows, so why can’t the public see it,” Broden asked. “In the United States we encourage transparency over secrecy and the public has a right to decide for themselves whether the police engaged in wholesale constitutional violation on May 17.”

What Evidence

The video Broden subpoenaed is probably the only one anybody will ever see. The Waco police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other police forces meticulously seized every possible video source. The video evidence that most directly contradicted the official police narrative was probably transferred to ATF custody the first week and sent someplace where it could be easily misplaced. The remaining, less dangerous videos were transferred to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. An informed source told The Aging Rebel it would be very unusual for the FBI to collect video evidence from the Twin Peaks crime scene “for processing” unless “they have assets on the case.” Even if the FBI is being honest about their part, if any, in the Twin Peaks Massacre, “due to the backlog at the FBI lab, it would likely be 6 months” before any of the video in FBI custody would be released to anybody.

The Waco police have announced that the ATF has all the ballistics evidence collected at the scene over a period of three days. Officially, that evidence amounts to about three score cartridges. If there were “hundreds” of shots fired, as many eyewitnesses have alleged, there will be no hard evidence that those shots were actually fired.

There is also the matter of the nine missing autopsies. Do you know where they are? Nobody else does either. Which laboratories have them? Why are they incomplete? If they stay missing, or if they eventually reappear and say that all the dead men died of the flu, are the dead men’s families really going to have their loved ones exhumed?

Information War

What happened in the Twin Peaks parking lot on May 17 was probably an ATF operation gone very wrong. The Aging Rebel has communicated with an informed observer in Texas who suspects it might have been an FBI operation and the ATF “came along” to take the heat in case something went wrong – which it clearly did.

So far the Waco police and the department’s puppet masters have successfully silenced for weeks everyone who was there that day. During the first two weeks after the Massacre numerous news accounts appeared that characterized the incident as an ambush of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club by members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Sometime after public interest in the case began to wane and now, all of the hard evidence appears to have melted into air, into thin air.

And now, all the defendants seem to have lawyered up and their lawyers have told them to shut up. The defendants, most of whom are completely innocent, simply want this nightmare to end. It is telling that so far only Clendennen has filed a federal suit for false arrest. Most of the defenders seem reluctant to rock the boat. There will inevitably be plea deals that will include “statements of fact” that will be used to reinforce the official narrative – whatever the official narrative eventually turns out to be.

That’s how justice works. That’s what “justice” means.

Swanton’s Pultizer

Just last week, police propagandist W. Patrick Swanton wrote on the department’s Facebook page, “I have begun to realize there is a group of individuals who regardless of what we say will have a tainted picture of what actually happened at Twin Peaks”

“Some think we can release everything at this point but that is simply not the truth. This is real life and not a made for TV movie.”

“In the early hours of the incident we put out as much as possible in a very fluid situation to inform our public. We immediately corrected any information if need be as we learned more during the investigation. That is not any indication we misled anyone.”

Any minute now, Waco is going to get a big old federal grant and Swanton is going to get nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. That’s where Waco is headed.


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  1. PJ Says:

    Ol’ Goat,

    When I was in NC, a cop I knew told me to be wary of anyone (including lawyers, judges, cops…) that consider themselves ‘problem-solvers’. Said something to effect ‘do you really think they want crime to stop’? He also told me how when he kept making suggestions about what could be done in his area to really solve some problems he was told to shut the fuck up and stay in his lane. Based on this, I would suspect a majority of LEO will not be interested in really solving crime (if they want to keep their jobs) but just do as told.

    Related, while in DC I talked with a cop that told me many on his force are doing the bare minimum because they don’t like how they’re treated (pay, affirmative action, etc…). I found this interesting because it essentially meant (to me) they don’t plan on sticking their neck out for the job.

    I’ve mentioned this before, because it seems like good info for people to have. Knowing what cops think, and what they are (and are not) willing to do in the course of their job. On one hand, we have some who are frustrated because they are not heard and they understand its a rigged game; on the other we have ones that are so disgruntled they are doing the bare minimum in their job, with the common denominator that they are basically there to not think, just do as told.

    Having spent my twilight years working in DC,I realized the only purpose of govt is to perpetuate itself, and it will do whatever is necessary to justify its existence. If LEO is a microcosm of big govt, I would guess it will get worse before finally devouring itself (more bullshit laws, more crackdown, etc…), and the LEO who question the wisdom of it will be shut down, shut out, or worse.

    As an example of bs, there is this big push by local LEO up in my neck of the woods for starting up some kind of new drug program. When I listened to it on the news, all I could think was, ’12 step rooms are free, and they’re hiring and training folks to essentially be sponsors. Must need to justify a budget’.

  2. XYZ Says:


    I was not aware of that.
    Thank you.

  3. Ol' Goat Says:

    All current LEO’s reading this weigh in here if you would be so kind:

    Where do you draw the line? Is there anything that a legislature would pass that you would not enforce?

  4. FF Says:


    Pinochet. Yep.

    I cant believe this is happening AND NOBODY SEES IT.

    Soon I will be off the grid so when I go, dont worry or ask what happened to me, thats where I went. No more tv, computer, internet. Shits about to get real. To all: if you personally didnt vet the motherfucker, you DONT KNOW the motherfucker.

    Coduct yourself as if EVERYONE is an ATF CI or UC if you personally dont know them ie grew up with them went to school with them know there parents BECAUSE THEY ARE.

    Just shut it down.

    Frequent Flyer

  5. old & stoned Says:

    Road Whore: yup, they trample it and use whatever sneaky legal bypass. don’t be surprised to see them chipping away at this, like they’re chipping away at gun ownership ‘rights’. more executive orders,,,

    Tech yes i misspoke, technically legal, but still prosecutable.

    Waco should prove one thing: Gov’t runs the narrative, makes the rules, reinterprets how they may or may not apply said rules. playing within the known rules in no way protect you from reinterpretation, and subsequent persecution under said rules. Rebel nailed it with the Chile remark. only thing missing was the black bags as they filed into the buses.

    i cannot fathom how some of those ‘mom & pops’ are coping with the worst motorcycle fiasco ever.

    props btw to all the ol regulars, appreciate the intelligent banter.

  6. david Says:

    Thanks Rojas for the info. on Judge Smith. After blaming the victims for what FBI agents did at Waco I, if Clendennen’s suit goes to a jury, what are the odds of a repeat?

  7. XYZ Says:


    Anyone interested in Texas criminal justice should be a regular reader here:


  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear XYZ,

    Yeah a bill sponsored by the cop lobby. At least it wasn’t sponsored by the corrections lobby. I thought elected representatives were supposed to be the citizen’s lobby?


  9. Rojas Says:

    XYZ wrote

    Clendennen v. City of Waco, et al
    Assigned to: Judge Walter S. Smith
    Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act

    Some may remember Walter S. Smith. He rubber stamped the demise of the Branch Davidians.

    When the smoke cleared he presided over the Criminal Trial of the few survivors. He set aside the jury verdict of not guilty for conspiracy to murder federal agents. He found, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the jury got it wrong.

    A view from a Texas Rancher


  10. Road Whore Says:

    @ old & stoned:

    Check this out from Texas…


    The Supreme Court ruled that citizens have the right to video police in public places, but states and cops have gotten around that with references to the eavesdropping laws (you can video but you can’t record sound), just how close constitutes interfering with police business, etc.

    And then of course the jackasses like that turd cop that smashed the lady’s cell phone while she was filming their roust of the Mongols.

    It amazes me that our rights are constantly denied and eroded, and that the powers that be don’t step in and do something about it.

    Follow the money, and it will lead to the power.

    Ride Free

  11. old & stoned Says:

    Tech, anyone interested,, best info i’ve read, page 6 is a must read to be ready for your personal Waco moment.


  12. old & stoned Says:

    Tech, anyone interested,, best info i’ve read, page 6 is a must read to be ready for your personal Waco moment.

  13. popeye Says:

    At one time sprint phones stored a copy of all the pictures you took. You could log onto your sprint account on your computer and view them. I’m not sure if it still works that way or if videos are also stored but if its still the same cops wont be able to delete all the evidence. Does it still work like that? Only way I know this is my ex-wifes boyfriend was sending dick pics to other women and she caught him by logging onto his sprint account.

  14. Tech Says:

    old & stoned,

    It’s legal in all states to film the police. It gets a little tricky with video because of weird interpretations of wiretapping laws and two-party vs one-party consent in some states.

    Here’s a good breakdown:

  15. Brad Milch Says:

    This is one celebrity I hope lends his talents to help raise funds for the Twin Peaks victims & families struggling to deal with the ordeal dumped on them in Waco last month:


    Okies are goodhearted people. If Merle gets involved I’m sure Willie will too. Both have been abused by the legal system. Others might pitch in too. LEO probably weren’t anticipating outside help for the Twin Peaks patrons.

    Swanton may have set a record for lying to the most people on earth at one time. Future killers can learn much from how the living Waco Twin Peaks aggressors covered their tracks & got away with mass murder in broad daylight on the Sabbath.

  16. old & stoned Says:

    Wow cool, last post just disappeared, no ‘moderated’ msg,,,

    Check your local laws before recording anything, local laws vary, and it IS ILLEGAL in some states to video police actions, and has been successfully persecuted.

  17. BMW Says:

    It is a real shame that there are no investigative reporters working for the Big Media these days. Even Geraldo, who was once a tenacious investigator, is now just a puppet playing Geraldo, spewing whatever crazy maniac idea is on todays list over at Fox.

    Geraldo, like so many investigators before him, decided that it was more profitable to stop investigating. It is a shame. So now we have “reporters” who read press releases and call it news. Convenient, at a time when so many LEO are committing so many crimes… that never get included in the news…

    It has been a year since the LEO-orchestrated cover-up of the murder of Zach Tipton. It has been about a year since the LEO shooting of Officer Diamond. It has been almost three years since the LEO-orchestrated murder of the three Warlocks in Florida.

    Other than The Rebel, who is really investigating these deaths? FINALLY, the ACLU is interested in THE RECENT
    Whacko cover-up. We need to put pressure on our COCs to take a stand on this. After all, the massacre was at a COC meeting, wasn’t it?

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  18. david Says:

    Rebel, the FBI led the attack on the residence (Waco I)after the 51 day siege, and in 2002 announced a new list of priorities one being,”support state,county and MUNICIPAL (City of Waco) ‘partners'”. Yeah, FBI agents and informants were in Waco on May 17,2015, and engineering earlier.

    The “I will tell you” bullshit propaganda artist/actor Swineton now spouts there is a group of “individuals” who “regardless of what WE say will have a tainted picture of what actually happened..”. If there was an Oscar for best propaganda bullshit by a liar in uniform, and best “tainted picture”, he and WacoPD would win all honors.

  19. XYZ Says:

    the “video in question belongs exclusively to the Twin Peaks franchisee and that the city of Waco has no ownership interest in the video whatsoever.”

    And so wouldn’t the same would be true for every other non-LEO video, including from individual’s cell phones, and from Don Carlos?

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Brad Milch,

    The evidence is gone. Police are very aware of citizens with smart phone video cameras. The police spent three days santizing the crime scene.

    I know that Lisa Ling of CNN is, or was, working on a documentary about Waco. I believe the thrust of that project was more toward human interest than uncovering a massive, official coverup. I don’t know of anybody else who is working on a film.

    For all practical purposes, Waco, Texas is Augusto Pinochet’s Chile in 1975. I think that is extraordinary. Nobody else does.

    I am staying on it.


  21. Tech Says:

    Looks like the ACLU is starting to dig into the Waco incident, and is requesting records and video footage be released. I didn’t see this until today, although the request was submitted June 11th.


  22. Tech Says:

    Has somebody set up a defense fund for these guys yet? This shit is going to be expensive to fight.

  23. Brad Milch Says:

    If history continues to repeat itself in Waco II, old timers like me that have lived through many political assassinations, social crimes & mysterious celebrity deaths might predict with some accuracy what’s coming down the turnpike for us all. There are many similarities between Waco II & other controversial historical crimes. As the famous NY Yankees catcher Yogi Berra used to say, “It ain’t over ’till it’s over”.

    I’m expecting the narrative to get hijacked by a documentary film crew such as the production that covered the West Memphis Three trials that HBO aired & led to the release of the WM3 (once celebs like Johnny Depp, Eddie Vetter & Dixie Chick Natalie Maines lent their services to the WM3 cause). I suspect film crews are following Swanton & released on bond arrestees around like shadows. The question of the agenda & the financial backers undoubtedly will be discussed following final subject matter broadcast.

    At the moment, not knowing what ‘evidence’ the Waco PD & higher authority has on any of the Twin Peaks arrestees that justified Swanton to boast & claim ‘these people did not come to Waco to eat barbeque’ & that all arrested were engaged in organized criminal activity may be causing some celebs & attorneys to hold back on lending a helping hand, raising public awareness & legal expense fund drives.

    51 years ago, Abraham Zapruder’s infamous home movie of the murder of President Kennedy also disappeared from public scrutiny until the mid 1970’s when Geraldo Rivera made a name for himself by airing a bootleg copy of it on his late night TV show, Goodnight America. Today, a controversy rages over if the film was monkeyed with by Government operatives of not. That fate may also be in store of the Twin peaks videos. I’ve read analysis online that calls into question the authenticity of the 9-11 attack videos, the Ben Ladin propaganda videos, SandyHook & a host of others traumatic events videos; I expect no less scrutiny & doubts for the Waco PD dashcam, Twin peaks & Don Carlos security videos & any other videos & audio to surface from other sources once released.

    Some may find the silence from those higher up the law enforcement food chain than Waco PD to speak volumes about who orchestrated the mass murders at Twin peaks or turned their backs on it for reasons known only to them.

    Stay on ’em, Rebel. A concerned public won’t forget this event & will always seek out the truth. It may take them awhile to find you on Google, but once they read your excellent journalism about Waco II from the get go, I have no doubt many will become rebel loyalists.

  24. XYZ Says:


    I don’t know where Broden is going with this. I have no inside scoop. I am not a lawyer. I am not a 1%er. I am simply thinking out loud.

    I stumbled into the Aging Rebel chat room quite innocently. Performing searches on the terms “Waco” and “Set up” the day after the Massacre led me here. The reason why I searched those terms is it seemed obvious to me from the get-go it was a set up. There are 50 different ways a responsible agency could have, no – – should have – – handled this to avoid the outcome. Someone wanted a show. They got their show alright, but it got out of hand. But it was foreseeable it might get out of hand.

    There may be, and, in fact, there must be a perfectly good reason why Broden had the subpoena issued from within the State criminal case and not the Federal civil case. But again, I am not a lawyer. Perhaps it was bait to get Waco to file the motion to quash – to show their hand, and tomorrow he trumps them. Hell, maybe he already has the video. I see in his Response to the Motion to Quash he says,

    “Mr. Clendennen’s counsel, F. Clinton Broden, had previously discussed the contents of the video with the attorney representing the Waco Twin Peaks franchisee, Patrick Keating, and was told that the video is consistent with Mr. Clendennen’s defense that he did not participate in nor encourage any violence on May 17, 2015 at Twin Peaks.”.

    Anyway, before the first motorcycle pulled into the parking lot that day something was already rotten. Everyone knows it. And the callous, carefree and condescending way the WACO PD has kept on keeping on disturbs the hell out of me. Actually, it scares the shit out of me.

    Thank you for providing a place for these discussions.

  25. old & stoned Says:

    we’ll never see it, the alphabet soup scoured the scene before releasing it. willing to bet only club members’ cars and those with bullet holes were impounded, and body panels being quietly replaced without help of auto ins company.

    beyond the ‘assets’ on scene, and whatever nefarious taxpayer funded mischief they were up to,, fact remains that if they did not announce themselves, and entered ‘open fire’, every badge there is culpable for a murder charge. every badge. how long did it take for them to say they took fire then returned?

    there are so many different fuckups they can never let any of it see daylight. it’s obvious the sheeple don’t really give a rat’s ass about folks they don’t know, while agent provocateers toast marshmallows on souls of decent citizens

    whole thing still blows my mind

  26. SK Says:

    Thanks for keeping the information coming on this story Rebel. It’s amazing how the other sources of media jump all over other stories that meet their criteria for newsworthy items but when it’s about bikers they back off and seem to want to forget about it. That especially seems the case when a story challenges stereotypes that they have conceived for a particular group of people like bikers in this case.

  27. Drew Says:

    This program is call KingFisher,and it’s some scary shirt as well!


  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear XYZ,

    Yeah? So? The Civil Rights Suit is in District Court which takes precedence. And Broden is not declaring that this is for the criminal case. He served a guy in Dallas to get video from a restaurant in Waco that effectively belongs to the guy in Dallas.

    Gee! Do you think there is a coverup going on here?


  29. Drew Says:

    My personal opinion as to who the most dangerous/influential people are federally comes from knowing several friends PLUS Myself.
    I’m speaking of the Federal branch of government,but I find inboard to imagine that city and county are much different,the biggest difference being budget and scope of authority.
    The people/organization that scares the shit out of me are Federal Prosecutors,bar none!!!
    And who’s the king shit of this fine group of malcontents, the U.S. Attorney! It’s a top down mindset that would chill most people to the bone if they knew what these people get off on. I happen to have a friend who knows one of these persons very well. What does this US Attorney do? He has a pair of binoculars on his desk that he uses to watch/ogle the young ladies as they enter/exit a popular luncheon spot. He also gets so stinking drunk at a local watering hole that he can hardly stand up,and I’m talking several times a month. He spent one weekend on a 5150 hold for a breakdown. Real class act!
    This attorney used to be a prosecutor,but now does defense. He said the U.S. Attorney would decide student loans unpaid were political currency,SO what do you think FBI and others concentrated on,in addition to the other investigative arms. THEN,it was felons in possession of firearms and ammo,THEN child porn. No rhyme nor reason.
    I know some of their lemming under studies because they have prosecuted me and my friends. You can’t believe ANYTHING THEY SAY,
    While being transported to federal court,my fellow car poolers were 2 U.S. Secret Service and an ATF agent. They were asking me how bummed out I was because I had had an FFL for 15 years and now it was going bye bye. The atf guy told me, “when you get out,just tell your old lady to say it is her gun f your residence s searched and you will be ok!! Yeah,ok,I’ll do that….Not!

  30. XYZ Says:

    What’s to stop Broden from filing a Rule 202 suit outside of the Waco/McLennan area to seek Depositions Before Suit Or To Investigate Claims against the Twin Peaks entities, and obtain the video that way?


    Aren’t both of the Twin Peaks entities located in Dallas County? Hasn’t the Franchisor already filed suit against the Franchisee in Dallas County alleging the Franchisee failed to protect customers and created a dangerous environment (among other things). If so, maybe Clendennen has suffered injuries as a result, and Dallas County is the correct venue? The video would be relevant to a lawsuit like that would it not?

  31. XYZ Says:

    Doesn’t Broden represent Clendennen in both the State criminal case and the Federal civil case? And so the subpoena was issued in the State criminal case, and not the Federal civil rights case?


    No. 2015-1955-2

    So what’s to stop Broden from subpoenaing the video in the civil case?


    Clendennen v. City of Waco, et al
    Assigned to: Judge Walter S. Smith
    Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act

    The video is relevant to both matters is it not?

  32. Spectator Says:

    I heard early on that every customer’s phone was seized. Honestly, how can they justify seizing all evidence from anyone in the area? Although, that seems tame considering they arrested so many for being present as well. Will this be standard procedure in any police brutality in incident now? What better way to CYA! On top of that we have pussy ass, dress up wannabe’s who are scared to tell the truth because they are eager to avoid pen time by any means necessary.

    I’m starting to think that whatever video is not destroyed will show very little of what happened. It’s a sad state when the public doesn’t give a shit about such a blatant coverup. Be prepared for more of this to come because it looks like they’re going to get away with it. In the future I foresee peaceful protesters on Anystreet USA, throw in a provacatur to stir the pot and watch the whole lot get rounded up for the actions of what will likely be an agent. Hell, scour nearby parking lots and seize all of their cars too. After a few of these incidents the public will be fearful of expressing or partaking in such events. I suspect blacks will be their next target. If they can succeed in that arena as well, we’re all fucked. Because unlike the Waco victims, the general population and media gives a small shit more about the BlackLivesMatter tag.

  33. Bone Head Says:

    My respect to those that died at Twin Peaks that day and their grieving families. Also to those left to suffer a gross miscarriage of their rights.
    @ Meh…if the monkeys didn’t scan the area for fired rounds, sooner or later someone might. It would be interesting indeed.

    Meanwhile, I hope survivors get greedy asshole attorneys with an ax to grind with government agencies. Give them their lives back? Probably not. Wind up dragging the whole mess through court after court, winning enough to make up for it all? Let’s pray hell’s coming for the monkeys. Soon.

  34. Kidjudas Says:


    Gotta get this app- doesn’t matter if the cops get your phone, the video will have uploaded and will be seen.

  35. Meh Says:

    BTW I figured no one would hunt projectiles and sadly it appears I was correct.

    “If there were “hundreds” of shots fired, as many eyewitnesses have alleged, there will be no hard evidence that those shots were actually fired.”

    Anyone run a metal detector over potential impact areas after looking for holes? Are impounded vehicles viewable by defense counsel or not? Projectiles are not only hard evidence, they are trajectory evidence when their path of travel is reflected by their path into an object retaining them.

  36. Sieg Says:

    Right now, the atf is the most powerful arm of the government.

    Forget the Executive Branch, forget the Legislative Branch, forget the Judiciary. The atf gun-thugs have a lock on it all. THEY decide who the “bad guys” are, then THEY decide what the “Law” says about them, then THEY decide what the punishment will be, for whatever “illegal activity” THEY decide the “bad guys” are “guilty” of.

    And more often than not, the penalty is death.

    When the death-sentence isn’t imposed, then the sentence is the rest of your life in penury, with no chance of ever recovering.

    Roughly a hundred-large to GET STARTED defending against a fed “charge”, and that number will go up most rickey-tick.

    The price if you lose? Well, it’s about enough to make you wish you had gotten the death-penalty right off the bat. Watch a basketball game, look at the score at the end, then think of those numbers with the word MONTHS, if not years, attached to them, and you’ll get an idea of the kind of time you will end-up doing.

    There is no remedy in “Law”. Those days are gone. Unless something far more radical than a run to Washington, or wherever, happens, the America we grew-up in, fought for, lived for, is done.

    Oh, there may, eventually, come some fuss over Waco II, but really, how much was there over Waco I? Yeah.


  37. oregonloner Says:

    Mainstream media wont even mention this story anymore. Thanks for staying on it Rebel. Fuck waco and cant wait for swanton to get a reality tv deal you know that shit will happen

  38. Photoman Says:

    How do you spell coverup?

  39. Calvin, John Says:



  40. Meh Says:

    Of course if the evidence “can’t be released” and the “investigation” is deliberately stalled to play for time that delays any trials even further which means the people de facto imprisoned by excessive bail will be financially wiped out and never get back the months and perhaps years they will have lost to incarceration.

    Even if the charges are later dropped that does nothing for those unjustly arrested.

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