Zach Tipton GBNF

June 24, 2015

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Zach Tipton GBNF

This Friday will mark a year since Black Pistons Motorcycle Club Member Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton was shot and killed by Iron Order Motorcycle Club prospect Kristopher Stone. It was and remains a bizarre case that still stinks of political corruption and injustice.

Tipton died after he assaulted Stone for insulting him. Insulting members of other motorcycle clubs is the whole point of the Iron Order. The club is very public and its members are very performative. The club, which was started by policemen, insists on wearing an outlaw patch with a state bottom rocker. They also choose to wear black and white and that has always been intended to enrage the American Outlaws Association and the Black Pistons.

Last Saturday, a woman named Susan Cooper Eastman wrote a feature article in Jacksonville’s Folio Weekly magazine in which she explained how very much she didn’t get the dispute between Tipton and Stone. You can read the Folio Weekly article here.

Boy Scout Patch

Eastman wrote:

“I can understand competing criminal enterprises having turf wars over their trade routes or their customer base. I can understand if the Outlaws and the Hells Angels fought over their territories like the Sinaloa and the Juarez cartel in Mexico or the Crips and the Bloods in Los Angeles or the way the Trafficante family offed rivals to take over the criminal underworld in Tampa.

“But the Nippers brawl was over embroidery.

“Pardon me and respect to the dead and all that, but Zachariah Tipton, father-of-three and all-around-joyously boisterous guy, died because of something along the lines of a Boy Scout patch sewn onto a motorcycle jacket? Because of the colors black and silver?”


Yes Susan, some men fight over matters of honor. Some men die for the Red, White and Blue. Some men fight when you grope their wives. Some men fight when you step on their toes and refuse to apologize. Some men fight when you interfere with their right to make a living.

Zach Tipton died because the Jacksonville chapter of the Iron Order went out of its way to insult somebody, knowing that somebody would fight, then used the fight as an opportunity to kill a member of another motorcycle club in order to enhance their territory and reputation. Tipton punched Stone in the nose. The encounter lasted less than ten seconds and Tipton was already backing away from his killer when Stone fired at least four shots, one of which struck Tipton in the head.

Then Iron Order club officers ingratiated themselves to local police, used official, military connections to spirit Stone away and corrupted the official investigation. Then Iron Order members crowed on social media for months that Tipton should have brought more than his “fists to a gunfight.”  Then members of the same motorcycle club hacked this site and shut it down for 19 days in order to silence criticism of them. They got away with that, too. They consider themselves to be above the law. Police consider the Iron Order to be colleagues in the law.

Local authorities did not give a damn about Zach Tipton’s life. They presumed that he was a criminal doing a criminal thing to a brave, young hero and the night Tipton died they concluded that Stone’s murder of Tipton was justifiable homicide.

Controlling The Narrative

After that, official Jacksonville decided to dominate the narrative with silence. State Attorney Angela Corey said nothing for 134 days. A reasonable person might wonder why she said nothing. A cynic might conclude she was trying to manipulate public perception of a murder. Last November 12, Corey finally spoke and declared that Stone would not be charged “with any crime.” She said that Stone acted reasonably, in fear of “great bodily harm.”

Not charging Stone was a legal error committed at Corey’s discretion. The clear case law, from E.A v. Florida states, “Great bodily harm defines itself and means great as distinguished from slight, trivial, minor, or moderate harm, and as such does not include mere bruises as are likely to be inflicted in a simple assault and battery…. Whether the evidence describing such harm or injury is within the meaning of the statute…is generally a question of fact for the jury.”

Corey simply chose not to uphold the law and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

Yes Susan, injustice makes some people fighting mad, too.

The Official Report

Corey and her assistant, Brian Brady, issued a report and an edited videotape that was intended to justify Tipton’s murder. The report also took pains to vilify the Black Pistons.  The report states that Tipton attacked Stone, not because he felt insulted, but because the Black Pistons were “muscle” for the Outlaws and the attack was the fruit of the Iron Order’s refusal to pay a “tax” to the big club. The report is all nonsense like “At approximately 8:08 p.m.” and it is blatant propaganda.

There is no bringing Zach Tipton back but there is no reason to just ignore the lies and innuendos of Corey’s written report on Tipton’s murder either. History has a right to know who the Iron Order were, who Angela Corey was and who Zach Tipton was.

This morning Jonathan J. Luca, a Jacksonville attorney who has counseled both the Black Pistons and the AOA and who is familiar with the facts of the case, spoke to The Aging Rebel about the Tipton whitewash.

An Opposing View

“The biggest legal issue for me,” Luca said, “is how Angela Corey presented this case to the public – as a ‘notorious biker gang member’ versus a military service member. And that she actually chose not to arrest Stone and appointed herself judge and jury. She doesn’t do that for just anyone.”

Luca finds it unfair that the Outlaws “continue to have the term ‘gang’ pinned on them for nonexistent illegal activities while the Iron Order avoids gang designation by its key membership personnel. In reality, the Iron Order should be the prime definition of a ‘gang’ and charged with RICO and conspiracy.”

Luca is still bothered by “the lack of alcohol or drug testing on the shooter and the absence of first aid offered by the Iron Order members who were standing there. They walked over, looked at the body then walked away.”

Typical of the propagandistic style of the State Attorney’s report is a line which reads, “The video depicts the members of the Black Pistons fleeing the scene after the fight. No member of the Black Pistons can be seen giving aid to Zachariah Tipton.” In the reality which is not edited by prosecutors and policemen to serve their own ambitions, the Black Pistons did render aid. But the edited video does not show it. Which is exactly, precisely, misleadingly, sophistically, what the report states. Seven months after the release of the report, that still bothers Luca, too.

“Contrary to Angela Corey’s assertion, after she conveniently trimmed the video, the Black Pistons did actually render aid.”

The passage in Corey’s report that rankles Luca most reads: “Zachariah Tipton was found with brass knuckles which had fallen out of his pocket, two full clips of hollow point rounds inside his pants pocket, three pocket knives inside various pants pockets, and a nylon gun holster clipped to the inside of his waist band. A gun was not recovered from Zachariah Tipton, however, this is after the member of the Black Pistons came to the body of Zachariah Tipton and walked away with the rolled up vest.”

Luca responds, “The brass knuckles were actually a belt buckle and attached to his belt. There was no fingerprinting of the items allegedly taken from Tipton’s pockets – the magazines and the knives. I am bothered by the accusation that the Black Pistons came wearing teeth guards. The police interviewed very view promotional or organizational riders. It is important to me that the video shows an Iron Order member pick something up from between vehicles and keep it.”

In the official account, Kris Stone was so terrified of Tipton that he wet himself. Luca said, “I don’t see the shooter’s pants being wet immediately. Finally,” the lawyer said, “the vest was not rolled or concealing anything. That’s merely more spin by Angela Corey.”

“For a few short years an influence stirs,” the poet John Masefield wrote about the aftermath of a man’s death. A year later, Zach Tipton’s influence still stirs.

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  1. bassplayinlass Says:

    Such a sad and enraging story. And to add insult to injury that bitch of a prosecutor continues to be corrupt. Can’t somebody contact the ACLU for those families or something? No one should ever be above the law. My own finance was murdered in Philadelphia in 2010. It’s a cold case, never investigated, and never will be, because he, nor his Warlock-connected father, was liked by the cops in Phil/Del Co. That’s a fact I live with. But this case sounds “fixable”. R.I.P. both Zach Tipton and Nas-T. :'(

  2. Shovelhead Says:

    Much bigger and the turn out was great for a cold and wet day. A lot more people selling and they added a car show. Good time!
    A lot of patches there….and everyone got along with no problems. I can see this swap meet getting bigger every year.
    Hope your back is OK, nothing fun about moving.

  3. rollinnorth Says:

    Sunday after Mother’s Day. Getting bigger, better(?) Had to help an old friend move. Hope you had a good ride.


  4. Shovelhead Says:

    Thanks for that info. Interesting and disgusting! One day Corey will get hers!
    Stateline swap meet tomorrow at the fair grounds in Rochester.

  5. rollinnorth Says:

    “Prosecutor finds a new way to avoid accountability
    By Radley Balko May 13 at 9:27 AM

    Recently, we’ve seen an encouraging trend in prosecutor accountability. Where state bar associations, courts and internal policies have failed, voters have stepped up to show wayward prosecutors the door. It first happened in Brooklyn. Then in Mississippi. Then in Chicago and Cleveland. You could make a good argument that also it happened in Caddo Parish, La.

    One of the more infamous prosecutors still in office right now is Angela Corey in Jacksonville, Fla. There seems to be some momentum building to add her to the list. But Corey — or her party or her supporters — has found a creative way to escape the verdict of voters.

    From columnist Ron Littlepage:

    Every voter in the 4th Judicial Circuit should be door-slamming outraged.

    Because of a cheap political trick, only Republican voters in Duval, Nassau and Clay counties will have a voice in filling two positions critical to our justice system — state attorney and public defender.

    That cheap trick is someone filing as a write-in candidate.

    Only Republicans had signed up to run for those two offices.

    If that had remained the case, all eligible voters would have been able to vote in those races on Aug. 30 because it would have been equivalent to a general election.

    But then came the write-in candidates, whose names won’t even be on the November ballot.

    Instead they will be represented by blank lines that can be filled in.

    In a wacky ruling last February, the Florida Supreme Court said having those blanks on the November ballot was sufficient to close a primary. . .

    What happened in the race for state attorney was particularly sleazy.

    Alexander Pantinakis, the campaign manager for the incumbent, Angela Corey, clearly had a hand in filing the papers in Tallahassee to add attorney Kenny Leigh as a write-in candidate in the race.

    Corey faces a credible challenge from another Republican. The problem is that keeping non-Republicans from voting in the primary — which, as Littlepage points out, for this race is effectively the real election — results in a huge advantage for Corey. (Are there no Democrats in Jacksonville?)

    There were similar shenanigans in the race for public defender, providing an advantage to incumbent Matt Shirk.

    By the way, Shirk was elected to office in 2008 on an endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police and campaign promises to not oppose funding cuts to his own office and to squeeze indigent defendants for money, even if they’re acquitted. All of which really tells you all you need to know about the wisdom of electing public defenders.”

    Radley Balko blogs about criminal justice, the drug war and civil liberties for The Washington Post. He is the author of the book ‘Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces.'”


  6. Phuquehed Says:

    Okay folks, I finished making Paladin’s teaching aids into a file that *anyone* should be able to download and read. It’s only 9MB in size, so even dial-up users shouldn’t have too much trouble downloading it. It’s a PDF, so most everyone can open and read it without having to download a big program like MS Word or LibreOffice, etc. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Here’s the link. It contains an awful lot of good information to help us keep our asses standing free in case the pigs try to fuck with you.

    Enjoy, and a big Thank You! to Paladin for letting us have this.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    @ratard – You’re a fucking idiot. You really think most of the regulars on here are pigs/feds? You need to remove your tin hat, put the barrel of your pig-issue in your mouth and end your painfully moronic life so that the world is a better place and you stop wasting good air.

    On another note, I’m just less than halfway done getting Paladin’s ‘teaching aids’. Turned out to be a bit harder to do than I thought. OCR stuff just isn’t quite ready for a page with three columns on it instead of using the whole page width for each sentence and paragraph, heh. Doesn’t help when a picture or image of some sort is going through those paragraphs as the OCR doesn’t know what to do with it and turns the whole thing into this:

    d9090d 90OIUhopi8f34io-0pds9ujjpe9r70jors0sd09fs8975567w43hpo(*^*(&^H[[0IY(6Y8UIH*()9086Y

    and worse, so I have to either paste the image of the actual page or try to sort through it and straighten things out by hand, which means typing, and being the two-finger typer I am that makes it kinda slow, muahaha! Gimme another couple of days, then proof-read it once, and I should be done.

    As it is, just less than half donw, it’s using 12MB of space as an .odt file. If I change it to a .pdf, it’s gonna bloat up like a fish in hot sun. So, I’ll keep it in .odt *AND* in some kind of MS type thing so that most everyone should be able to just open it without any problems.

    If you want to read it as an .odt file, you’ll need to download and install either Apache Open Office ( ) –OR– LibreOffice ( ) DO NOT DOWNLOAD EITHER OF THOSE FROM ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THOSE OFFICIASL SITES! If you do, you’re more than likely to get banner ads and other such crap added by someone else that are *NOT* there from the official sites.

    And if neither of those kinds of files works, then I’ll make a .pdf file too, just let me know.

  8. RADAR Says:

    Exactly what I thought
    Fed spammers
    These sites and social media are filled with you pigs
    The good ol days are def gone
    fuckin keyboard cowboys

  9. rollinnorth Says:

    The just-us system.

    “Lawyers, activists call chief judge’s protest ban on Jacksonville courthouse unconstitutional

    By Andrew Pantazi Mon, Jul 6, 2015 @ 8:08 pm | updated Tue, Jul 7, 2015 @ 4:36 pm

    A new ban against some protests outside the Duval County courthouse has attracted some national attention and criticism.

    Last Wednesday, Chief Judge Mark Mahon issued an order that in part banned demonstrations or dissemination of materials on the courthouse grounds that ‘degrade or call into question the integrity of the court or any of its judges.’ Protests about other topics weren’t addressed in the order, other than banning disruptive protests.”

  10. FF Says:


    Let me break it down for you, jackass. You come on here, spewing verbal ejaculations “Bird FF what town YOU in homminy grits BLAH blah blah” and I told you.

    You fishing for peoples home addresses? LMAO Yeah ok, officer. So you can assualt somebody’s wife or children?


  11. RADAR Says:

    Why dont you and the rest of the snitches and Feds that spam this site get over the fact that clearly tou couldnt even make the cut with a fuxkin cop clib like the urine order lwt alone a real 3 piece club.

  12. RADAR Says:

    thats it lmao
    I am just supposed to ride up and ask for the couch rider FF lol?
    At least give me a fucking bar date time fuck even a specific path deep in the wild Jersey country side
    ….and the only way you are getting to even see my slip Fuck is when I am standing over your busted up mouth smiling showing you that unlike you I actually RIDE

  13. FF Says:


    Only thing I can figure is REDARD drank a 6 pack, got drunk and thrown out of the only 4th of July BBQ he was invited too (a mercy fuck), puked up potato salad all over the rug and then decided to exact revenge on the world anonymously via the internet.

    In other, typical urine odor bullshit.

    The fact that he hasn’t posted anything since then there is a very real possibility he shadow boxed his imaginary nemesis Bird while jerking off in the shower and slipped and cracked his skull on the sink.

    We can only hope.

  14. FF Says:

    Oh yeah, WTF is a ‘hommie’? LMFAO

  15. FF Says:


    You can find me on Hoboken Avenue in Jersey City any time you want. Let me know if that works for you, or we can meet pretty much any where in Hudson County or Newark NJ. Bring the title of your bike and pack a lunch.

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    Oh, and I’m working on the ‘teaching aids’ Paladin uses that he was talking about in this thread. It’s gonna take me a few days *at least*, as things need to be scanned, then run through an OCR program, then many things ‘fixed’ so that pictures and two or three columns are made to fit into one (and often need to be almost re-written manually), then finally set up in a format that will use up the least file space (meaning 10MB uses less space on the hard drive than 50MB) and that *everyone* can open without having to have any special software or that can be opened with a minimum of ease by downloading and installing a simple (and preferably ‘free’) program.

    Anyway, gimme some time and I’ll get it done and let you guys know when it’s ready.

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    Who the fuck is “BIRD”?

    Who the fuck keeps leaving the gate open so that the fucking morons like ‘radar’ wander out to shit where they eat?

  18. Wolfenlover Says:

    “radar”, SURE, you’re not Urine Odor! You just post shit JUST LIKE THEM.
    What’s your hometown “homo-y”?
    Guess you missed your nap didn’t ya? Go away BOY, ya bug me.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  19. RADAR Says:

    Hey BIRD yeah tou fuckin BIRD cocksucker FF
    what town u in hommie?

  20. RADAR Says:

    If you read my post BIRD I got zero respect for any of the IO or any other fucking jack off who thinks they can step up and fuck with me or my brothers without suffering the consequences.
    Be happy to meet with you or anybody else who’d like to meet for a cup of coffee and enlighten me on their point of view of couch riding politics.
    Say the word hommie
    Fuck you all are invited
    any and all IO you you fuckin bird wolfenlover and how bout you Charles????

  21. Sanchez, 1%ER, MFFM Says:

    The OL, and Mongols are tight. Black Pistons MC is black n white like their sponsor, the OL.
    Our support club, the Raiders MC, are also blk and white.
    Massa and Qball…I suggest that you and your suck buddies in the io find somewhere else to play. Children are not allowed in this bar.
    Thanks Rebel for the forum.

  22. panamaa Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least his name does not appear on the roster…

  23. panamaa Says:


    Thanks for the info…

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    @Shovelhead – Right the fuck on man!!

  25. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Tommy
    “Some of these IO idiots decided to show to a local event here in socal for a smaller non 1% club and all they got was disrespect. Id love to see them show to a larger event for one of the big clubs….It will never happen though…..”

    Damn, I missed that.


  26. Shovelhead Says:

    All Pigs are no good. Every scum sucking one of them. Takes a certain kind of asshole that would even want to make a career out of being a Rat.
    If cops did their job, fine. But they don’t. Even if they did their job, they still can’t be trusted! From the Feds to local cops.
    They step all over the Constitution and abuse American citizens everyday in this Country. Most of the time they get away with it.

    The Feds have started a war on Motorcycle Clubs which the Local Pigs blindly follow. I mean, what the fuck…3000 Motorcycle Clubs are listed as OMG’s?? That’s just plain bullshit. Fed Pigs have done this to make it easier to trample on our rights. Read this taken from a story on the Waco Massacre.

    Outlaw motorcycle gangs, or OMGs, as the Department of Justice calls them, are extremely structured crime organizations, and they’re not all that uncommon.

    The FBI estimates that 44,000 Americans belong to these groups, according to its 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment. These members make up approximately 3,000 gangs. There are about 500 large motorcycle gangs and 2,500 smaller, more disorganized gangs in the United States, according to CNN.

    Come on…Extremely structured crime organizations?? Most of the time I can’t even remember to take out the trash! All the 1%ers I know just want to ride, raise hell, fuck and ride some more. That’s it. No hidden agenda, no extremely structured crime organization, nothing. We challenge authority, are non-conformists, anti establishment type of people. That’s what the Pigs hate, we have the balls to be real Men and not do everything we’re told to do. The Pigs want to control us but can’t, so they’ll make up bullshit like calling us Gangs so they can bust us on trumped up charges.
    Is every Cop in Waco dishonest? I would have to say yes. Not one of them has come out to say what really happened, not one will speak out about the horrible massacre of 9 Americans and the round up of over a 170 innocents.
    Not one cop has the balls to defend his or her fellow Americans against this injustice.
    Cops have made Americans the enemy, not the other way around. We’re just trying to defend ourselves from them and live in Peace.

  27. escapeandevade Says:

    why does it have to be all or nothing? there are bad cops, and there are cops who take child rapists off the street just like there are criminals in some MC’s and there are members who keep charities alive that would otherwise fail.

    there are cops who are criminals in uniform and there are club members who use their cut to carry out their crimes. These are truths we all know.

    To hate all MC’s and hate all cops for the actions of some doesn’t make any sense to me. Sorry, I just wanted to offer that in the hopes things can get better.

  28. Caveman Says:

    Qball is a big pussy. Still waiting for him to show up and kick my ass. It’s only been 11 years now. Hey officer ball, still running your mouth and don’t have the balls to back it up? You should really kill yourself because you truly are a pathetic excuse for a man. Do you need my address again, noballs? Or are you just going to hide behind your computer and be a little bitch? My guess is, your going to continue to be a little bitch.

  29. Tommy Says:

    Awesome post Base and right on point. Much respect

  30. Lunchbox Says:

    Massa is a tough guy behind a keyboard

    RIP Zach

  31. Wolfenlover Says:

    RIP GBNF Black Piston Nas-T/Zach Tipton. Truly hope his family,friends &
    Brothers are healing.

    And to these two assholes RADAR & Q-Ball, FOESAD!You both embody the lack of
    decency, honor & integrity that is the Urine Odor poseur group. I would have
    called ya’ll douche-bags, but THEY at least have a purpose.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  32. popeye Says:

    Well said . Every time I read these trolls posts I say to myself “Thats the difference between them and us , We would never got to a cop site to be disrespectful to a fallen brother.
    The only problem I see with your post is the people who need to read it won’t get it.

  33. Base Says:

    Temptation is a desire to engage or urge that is more often than not in short-term mostly for enjoyment, but it could also be to lash out at someone or something considered undesirable, either way it can & will threaten long-term goals.

    These people, trolls if you will that come in here mouthing off and attempting to either boost their own pathetic ego’s by disrespecting an article about a murdered man and in fact the memory of him knowing full well his family friends & brethren read here truly are loathsome.

    I know it, all who read & comment here know it, even the trolls & iron order members know it.

    That is one of the reasons they are so hostile & petty & are more he said she said and quick to point to another and say.

    “Well, what about so & so, they did such & such”

    And of course lets not leave out the attacks on character. All because they themselves took the short cut and the watered down version, none of them are able to look in the mirror and say

    “I am a honorable man with solid character & integrity.”

    A honorable person with solid character would not disrespect others the way these low lives do. Fact!

    From the onset the iron order was set up mainly by one particular individual or driving force who for all intentional purpose has the innate ability to manipulate those around him to actually believe they are on a honorable journey. He learned this skill set while in the corporate world and used it to his full advantage. As with many with in that world they boast & smile bragging about their accomplishments. The reality if you dig deeper and see past the fluff you come to find they simply road to their positions on the shoulders or backs of other’s hard work. And are lacking in honor, integrity and actual solid foundation. Smoke & mirrors is the norm for this sort.

    In the simplistic of explanation’s it is a fact that he himself knew full well his agenda was to get under the skin of another particular organization he was rejected from. Right izod?

    He had viewed the landscape and saw a empty hook of disenfranchised people mostly week end warriors ready willing an able to join the joiners and do his bidding under the false banner of brother hood. So he baited that hook and so many lined up and bit.

    Where traditional 3 piece patched MC’s have long standing traditions of vetting and individual to ensure a fit for them with in their ranks. The iron order kicked open the doors and said

    “If your willing to pay, then come play”

    Pay they did, and they came in droves. Why bother with trials & tribulation’s with no guaranteed acceptance. When right in front of them there is a organization willing to accept them with a couple conversations & a check.

    Open bag, add ingredients shake & bake at 350 for 45 minutes & vvv-wowla insta bad ass. And just like that they are now viewed by the populace as a member of an elite group of people or a desired position emblazoned on their backs for all the world to see and admire. Because for many with in the swollen ranks of the IO that is truly what it is about. That 3 piece patch. Every thing else comes after that. So mostly show with little go.

    Those few truly honorable individuals who join the ranks of IO mostly because they buy into the hype and are lacking in experience confusing the term Outlaw to mean criminal from being spoon fed by the fed and the term Law-abiding to mean they follow the laws & do not deviate. They find in short order that is not the case. And if they are a reasonable & rational person the make a exit most hastily. And seek out an organization that offers what they seek.

    On the flip side many with in traditional 3 Piece MC’s the tribal mindset or true Brotherhood is the main driving factor to endure then be accepted into those organization’s.

    There is more to my post but I am out of time. Obligation calls and I must fulfill.

    Y’all stay frosty, keep it rubber side down
    Justice for ZT, condolences to his family & friends.
    Many have not forgotten.
    Humbly with regard & respect

  34. The Confederate Celt Says:

    Mr Q Ball,

    I will assume you asked your question out of ignorance and in good faith, rather than trying to stir up troll crap.
    I am not a club member. The following information is readily available in the public domain.
    The Black Pistons have been around since 2002 as the Official Support Club to the AOA:

    The AOA is Black and White and has been around for ~80 years,

    If you do a good faith bit of research, you’ll find the AOA’s and Mongols’ regions of operation have little or no overlap. Books written by Mongols (past or present) indicate that the Mongols and the AOA have reasonably cordial relations.
    Club business is club business and I know nothing of it. As somebody else suggested, if your not satisfied with readily available information in the public domain, you need to track down a Mongol and ask him. If you can’t find a Mongol, it is likely that a member of the AOA or Black Pistons would be delighted to help you out.

  35. swampy Says:

    “Massa’ come tippin’ thru da’ wOOds.” Is that how you came about, boy?

    Sincerest condolences to the Tipton Family, Zach’s Brothers and friends.
    Justice for Zach Tipton. Fuck the urine odor.

  36. Rebel Says:

    Dear panamaa,

    Kris Stone’s name does not appear on the current roster of the IOMC. Tim White is road captain of the Jacksonville chapter.


  37. panamaa Says:

    My guess is that he is or was in the Navarre Beach, Fl area… That whole area is full of those assholes. It’s also very close to a lot of military bases… Just a guess though……

  38. Anonymouse Says:

    This whole story makes me incredibly sad. I understand the anger from the real men here, but it just makes me feel like weeping. For Zach and his family, obviously, but for this country and its “justice” system. For people who incite a fight and can’t man up and back up their shit. “Men” who pull out guns, commit murders, and get away with it. And then brag about it. It just makes me sick.

    As a P.S., at least I got a chuckle out of the idiot who wrote “your dumb” and then called others stupid.

  39. John Deaux Says:

    To those that matter you are not forgotten,
    RIP Zach Tipton. GBNF

  40. Tommy Says:

    Some of these IO idiots decided to show to a local event here in socal for a smaller non 1% club and all they got was disrespect. Id love to see them show to a larger event for one of the big clubs….It will never happen though…..

  41. FF Says:


    Q Ball iomc is on biker or not he looks like a real dipshit, too.

  42. Rebel Says:

    Dear Q Ball,

    Why don’t you put on your Iron Order cut, go find a Mongol and ask him. Let me know what you find out.


  43. Englishyank Says:

    RIP Zach Tipton

  44. FF Says:


    Moms calling, your hot pockets are ready.

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