The Dollars Of Waco

June 19, 2015

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The Dollars Of Waco

As of noon today, 23 of the men indiscriminately taken into custody in the Twin Peaks parking lot of May 17 remain in the McClennan County jail. Presuming that those men are innocent and considering the going rate in false imprisonment lawsuits is about $5,000 per hour of false imprisonment, each of those men can look forward to eventually getting a check from the generous folks of Waco and Texas in the amount of about $4 million. Welcome home!

Innocent bystanders who were falsely imprisoned in Waco should, in general, expect to be compensated  in the amount of  about $2 million each or about $350 million in total. That amount, or something greater, will be realized in a class action lawsuit. Attorneys can expect to claim between one third and one half of that amount – somewhere between $100 million and $175 million, which is at least enough to satisfy a dream team of the smartest and meanest lawyers in all the land.

Depending on the judge, $2 million per victim might be on the low side. It may eventually dawn on whoever is running Waco that people were not simply inconvenienced for part of a summer. Their lives were ruined. For example, one victim complains:

“I’ve added up the entire cost of being inside the Don Carlos restaurant that day watching what unfolded. Keep in mind I wasn’t outside during the shooting and hadn’t done anything but tell the interviewing person I watched the cops shooting like crazy killing people. I’ve already spent $2500 in Bail, $10,000 to get my lawyer started and that’s just started, $350 to have the ankle monitor installed and $250 per month for services. And, I’m unable to work now. I was basically kidnapped by the Waco Police Department for telling the truth about what I witnessed that day. If you ask my personal opinion the Waco Police Department just premeditated murder and jailed all that witnessed to keep them from talking.”

Can’t Wait

So, when the big circus comes to town, it seems likely that some witnesses may be called to testify that the police on scene behaved maliciously and criminally. Forget O.J. Waco is going to be bigger than the Scopes Trial. Can you wait for Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton to be cross examined for days by tag teams of attorneys?

A week ago at a budget meeting, McLennan County Commissioners actually seemed to think that the county was the real victim in all this. Commissioners expect somebody will come rescue them. County Judge Scott Felton had the audacity to describe the police atrocity on May 17 as, “an unfortunate disaster that happened to an innocent community…we don’t harbor events that cause crime…we’re a wholesome community.”

Meanwhile Waco continues to be the police state that can’t get its story straight.

Criminal Biker Gangs

Not content to ruin  the lives of 177  recreational motorcyclist, the Waco police took great pains to ruin the Twin Peaks restaurant. The Twin Peaks, the public was told from day one, was a troublesome biker hangout. Swanton had told reporters that Waco had assembled a platoon outside the restaurant, not because they were there to protect ATF agent provocateurs, but because “We have been made aware in the last few months of rival biker gangs –  rival criminal biker gangs – being here and causing issues.” They turned out to be one of Swanton’s many lies.

The other day Yahoo News obtained police records that showed Waco police were called to the restaurant just eight times between its opening last August and May 17. Officers filed paper on just two of those eight cruiser rides; once for a car break-in and once for a domestic assault.

Meanwhile Waco’s cover story about somehow having (non-ATF) “intelligence” that the Bandidos and Cossacks were about to go to war is also falling apart. Vincent Glenn, the moron who is Waco’s outlaw motorcycle gang expert, filed an affidavit calling for the seizure 17 motorcycles, eight pickup trucks and two Sport Utility Vehicles. His story begins:


“On May 17, 2015 a Confederacy (sic) of Clubs Independents (sic), hereinafter identifed (sic) as Region 1 meeting was scheduled to take place at 1 pm. at the patio of the Twin Peaks restaurant located in the Central Texas Market Place Shopping Center at 4671 Jack Kultgen Expressway, Waco, McLerman County, TX. Afiant has read police reports and law enforcement intelligence reports indicating that violence and tension between the Bandidos Outlaw gang, hereinafter identi?ed (sic) as Bandidos, and the Cossacks Club, hereinafter identi?ed (sic) as Cossacks, and both of their support clubs has been increasing for several months. Police reports and law enforcement intelligence reports indicate that during this time period, the Cossacks began wearing a Bottom rocker, or patch displaying the territory of Texas rather than speci?c (sic) counties or towns. According to law enforcement intelligence reports, permission from the Bandidos is required to display the territory of Texas on the bottom rocker.”

The Waco police have repeatedly given the impression that these “intelligence reports” originated with the Texas Department of Public Safety. In fact, Texas DPS isn’t particularly worried about bikers. Texas law enforcement officials are most concerned with “Tango Blast and Tango cliques, Texas Syndicate, Texas Mexican Mafia, and Barrio Azteca.”

In a 43-page annual report, titled Texas Gang Threat Assessment and issued just a month before the Twin Peaks Massacre, the DPS mentions the Bandidos Motorcycle Club seven times. Six of those mentions simply list the Bandidos as one of many “gangs” in a list. The Bandidos are mentioned only once at length, in a shallow paragraph that reads in its entirety:

“Formed in the 1960s, the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (Bandidos OMG) conducts its illegal activities as covertly as possible and avoids high-profile activities such as drive-by shootings that many street gangs tend to commit. However, members are not covert about making their presence known by wearing the gang colors, insignia, and riding in large groups. They seek to turn public sentiment in their favor by organizing frequent charity runs. Bandidos are likely to focus on recruiting new members with no criminal history.”

The report does not mention the Cossacks once. Not once.


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  1. Cynthia Robinson Says:

    Myy 19 year old son, Joshua, was murdered in McLennan County (McGregor), on February 16, 2006.
    Because of what was hidden from me, I spent 5 years, investigating myself, which was 3 years over the Statute of Limitations, to file a lawsuit! Having said that, I also have not recd Due Process, in the form of a Coroners Inquest, per Texas Code of Criminal Procedures, Art. 49.04~Deaths Requiring an Inquest.
    I can’t afford an attorney, so I fight alone.
    Thus, Waco,receiving its due, pleases me to no end.
    If anyone has any advice/suggestions, please contact me.

  2. CH Says:

    @ Pine……
    Must be some evil shite yer toking down on….or did I just hit a raw nerve with the plastic leather thing?????….LMAO

    @ Phuquehed………..
    YEP….kinda obvious huh. :)

  3. The Kraut Says:

    For being a rent-a-badge(pi), you seem to know little of the world scooter people live and die in.

    I for one care little to none how the general public perceives me and those like me…thekeepingupwiththejones-moneyworshipping-goodytwoshoes sheeple are the main reason I chose this life….normal is boring and dishonest as well as unfulfilling.

    Bad cops…bad bikers…bad people…bad leaders…society is pretty well fucked and no 4 year temporary occupant of 1600 PA ave. will fix it and grant prosperity to you and yours…you keep believing you and yours are good and I’ll stick with my side…the side I fit in with.

    Not all bike folk are honor and truth bound…mostly fucking RUBs and the pukes who do not understand the warrior and clan ties that never dissolve.

    Go fuck your mother you citizen window licker…no donut for you!

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    @Pine – You fucktard, maybe you better go back and actually read what CH wrote. He was *agreeing* with old skewl.

    Next time, get the brain running before putting mouth in gear.

  5. Glenn Says:

    First off, this incident will go down in history along with the attack on the Branch Davidian compound, and the assault on Ruby Ridge. A massive display of police state brutality that sets a new benchmark of tyranny. Having said that, I have to admit that law enforcement certainly chose their target wisely this time around. Over the years, perhaps decades, biker gangs have exhibited absolute belligerence towards average people, and in turn have become widely despised. The cries of foul play by bikers is falling on deaf ears, if for no other reason than the people see bikers as worthless assholes that terrorize and agitate to a larger degree than the police do.

    What is worse, from what limited research I have conducted locally as a private investigator, it appears that bikers are willing and active police informants. Deeper investigation by the late Gary Webb and others supports the assertion that gangs are little more than fully owned subsidiaries of the CIA, DEA, FBI, etc. I doubt anyone would argue that law enforcement was able to infiltrate a number of snitches prior to Waco shootout. So lie down with dogs, get up with fleas seems to be the order of the day.

    In the end, anyone that thinks this will all be sorted out in the courts may come away disappointing. Texas is not known for having a fair and equitable judicial system. There also appears to be a lack of media coverage on this incident as well. Most of all, since bikers have insisted on treating everyone around them like shit, the people of Texas might be happy to see even more dead bikers. So the bikers have, through their own arrogance and ignorance, allowed themselves to be manipulated and used as a wedge against the liberties of all Americans, just like the KKK and Black Panthers before them. I won’t go as far as to say you bikers deserve it, but you definitely helped move the ball down the field, and now we all get to suffer because of your stupidity. Good job. Fucking Scumbags.

  6. Pine Says:

    CH Says:
    June 23, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    @- oldskewl ………..

    CH you are a top of the range moron, a king of stupid.

    The Waco police (ATF) have a well documented history of murdering innocent men, women and children. Burning them alive. Of course the vast, vast majority of those imprisoned bikers are innocent.

    Waco Biker Club Lawyer Tells All About Illegal Police Shooting

  7. Shovelhead Says:

    Good idea, I’ll do the same.

  8. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    In regards to Cocksucker Cook and the relationship between Bass Pro Shops and the midwestomgia?

    I will be contacting the corporate HQ for BPS and let them know that I nor my family will be spending our money there any longer if they are going to allow midwestomgia or any law enforcement agency to hold conferences on BPS property. We will instead make purchases at West Marine,Dicks and Turners this includes the purchase of firearms and hunting gear.

    May not be much but I refuse to spend my money at places that support those that trample the rights and freedoms of Americans that choose not to moo like a mindless bovine.

    Fuck you Cook! The only thing your a expert at is clowning those that think you actually might know something, you weasley ass turd.

    Viva Los Vagos


  9. Wolfenlover Says:

    Spectator, did you notice where it’s being held? Fuckin’ BASS PRO SHOP! If these
    dildos don’t get the irony of location & fishing…
    Bet the poster “DUD” can’t wait to throw $350 at slimy cocksucker Cook!
    Him & fuckwad TOM will probably carpool.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  10. Caretaker Says:

    I’m starting to like Ron Paul after this.


  11. EclecticAK Says:

    That nose….. looks like he trimmed his beard *and* got his nose broken after the mugshot…..

  12. Spectator Says:

    Steve Cook cashing in.

  13. old & stoned Says:

    Ok, not obvious enuff. At 43 seconds into the video, there is cell phone video of what appears to to be the late stages of the incident edited in.

    Point being: at least one video got out of the parking lot. Sadly, this may be all we see for a loooong time

    192 total arrests? On the outskirts of town Sunday nite? Wtf?

  14. old & stoned Says:

    at 43 seconds:

    looks like the video of sawnton talking about prior incidents “404”

    the last paragraph, as all, straight up propaganda.

    sic ’em stubbs

  15. Base Says:

    Was looking around on You Tube found this on Bow Tie’s channel. I did not know if anyone had posted it yet.

    Stay frosty

  16. Spectator Says:

    @FF – what in THE fuck dude? You are spot on. I watched the video throughout and that there is indeed a totally different nose. Good eye. I hate to put on a tin foil hat but I’m making one as we speak.

  17. Meh Says:

    The Alphabet Agency empires would be reinforced by violent groups so why would they not want to take advantage of an opportunity to sow conflict among groups somewhat inclined towards unconventional dispute resolution?

    Manipulating a few gullible, disposable humans may have looked like a wise plan. There considerable documented historic precedent:

    “In November 1968, the FBI took initial steps in its program to disrupt the Black Panther Party in San Diego, California by aggravating the existing hostility between the Panthers and US. A memorandum from FBI Director Hoover to 14 field offices noted a state of “gang warfare” existed, with “attendant threats of murder and reprisals.” between the BPP and US in southern California and added:

    In order to fully capitalize upon BPP and US differences as well as to exploit all avenues of creating further dissention in the ranks of the BPP, recipient offices are instructed to submit imaginative and hard-hitting counterintelligence measures aimed at crippling the BPP. 13″

  18. CH Says:

    @- oldskewl ………..

    “The video of that Rub with his Baylor University polo shirt is a shining example of a weekend warrior that has no fucking clue what he is doing.
    Crying like a little bitch spouting off about his landscaping business and that he “is a family man”.
    Fucking guy probably jacks off to sons of anarchy episodes.. All these numbsacks need their asses kicked.”


    Like the diff between a vinyl (Pleather)and a genuine leather jacket.

    I’m so sick of PLASTIC!


  19. Base Says:

    Apologies, for my miss-spelling & or improper grammar

    “Even the beast “hates” a rat & snitches!”

    “I believe you are because, you came on this site where many legit MC members read. “You spouted” off “OMG” “an” acronym coined by some governmental ass wipe with an agenda & looking to “grab” some coin back in the late 70’s to mid 80’s.”

    Just goes to show, one can fuck up and still get a point across. Providing the person whom they comment too is not a troll-istic, egotistical, self absorb SOA know it all wannabe.

  20. Base Says:

    Oh Dude, try not to be so sensitive, your estrogen shows when you are. Also, you should not worry about what I may or may not say to another person. That has nothing to do with you.

    More of that estrogen raising it’s ugly head!

    The thing is, everything in your particular comment I referenced has been answered over & over. You must not read here much.

    JMack did refute some of your comment, so apologize! What? Not into humble pie? More on that in a moment.

    If you believe because of this one incident in Waco any legit MC hasn’t been watched by Fed & State boot jacks or as you put it “move an ass hair” you do live in a bubble. Possibly lack of experience!

    “All these pop up Motor Cycle Groups come lately we don’t bow to no one and are law abiding, cop calling nancy boys” will find in short order that the Fed & State beast has little qualms about eating it’s own. And even the beast hats a rat & snitches. So not only will they get a “taste of the rainbow” but they’ll get tarred & feathered and placed in prison with many of the same people they rat & snitched on.

    One more thing Dude slander or defamation is only possible if a false statement was made. Me calling you a boot licker was not false. I believe you are because, you came on this site where many legit MC members read and spout off “OMG” and acronym coined by some governmental ass wipe with an agenda & looking to crab some coin back in the late 70’s to mid 80’s.

    For me, that is something a inexperienced RUB & or a boot licker does in an attempt to either look cool or insult. In a manner, spouting off where no one has a clue of who or what your about.

    Something the “Sons Of Anarchy dream chasers” crowd does often.

    Not so? Then prove me wrong! Understand unlike you, having to take a bite of humble pie does not bother me. I will always give props where they are due or warranted. Just as when I smell BS or believe someone is a boot licker I will call it.

  21. oldskewl Says:

    The video of that Rub with his Baylor University polo shirt is a shining example of a weekend warrior that has no fucking clue what he is doing.
    Crying like a little bitch spouting off about his landscaping business and that he “is a family man”.
    Fucking guy probably jacks off to sons of anarchy episodes.. All these numbsacks need their asses kicked.


  22. FF Says:

    Is it just me or does everybody think Clendenon’s nose is two sizes different in the video and the mug shot.

  23. Dude Says:


    Quit sounding like a Gay Rights band leader screaming about respect. Fuck off.


    Do you say the same thing to Rebel, when he uses the acronym? Thank you to both you and JMack for not disputing any thoughts I posted, just slanderous personal attacks. It shows your intelligence.

  24. Base Says:


    Commenter Dude gave up his boot licking identity when he used the acronym OMG. He draws his vast knowledge from gang land & SOA, just like a good little drone should.


  25. david Says:

    The Houston Chronicle propaganda press fairytale article is completely over the top bullshit. The “liars and whores” of the government owned press support and encourage the terrorist criminal pigs every and any way they can. Propaganda press use of the “gang” word to describe civilians,when government agents are are the actual criminal gang members,is one example.

    The fact of the kill and wounding count, 28 to 0, strongly evidences the terroristic TARGETING of civilians attending an anti-government POLITICAL event. Agents of the “government gang” like TOM, continually point fingers at every one else to hide their involvement in the largest “gang” murderously, openly operating.

  26. Tiger Says:

    Why is it I keep seeing an explanation by a member saying his stand up brother got into a fistfight, started it, then did the cowardly move of pull a gun and shoot. If you are going to get an asskicking because you stated something then be a man. Too much BS to believe this was not a LE set up.

  27. JMacK Says:


    I’m in Canada, so I’m loathe to say too much on what other clubs may or may not do. A “copout”?
    Fuck you.
    That line says it all. Its about respect. If the clubs in question want to come to an agreement about their rocker situation, that’s up to them. However this goes way deeper than a rocker. Read every article and every news story regarding the Waco situation. If you haven’t figured it out at that point or at least have more comments than “why can’t we get along”, go back to your sheltered little life. 9 guys aren’t dead because of a rocker.

    I can almost guarantee you that if le wasn’t involved, there would be much less violence and more clubs would get along better.


  28. Road Whore Says:

    @ Paladin: I too used to work many years ago helping to train area guard dogs and personal protection dogs.

    I agree 100% with what you’ve said. If I had a trained–or just mean, bad-ass, aggressive personality–dog, such as a large Pit, etc., I’d name him/her Ralph, or Petunia. Seriously.

    And as you know not all large breed dogs have aggressive personalities; many prove unsuitable for protection/guard work.

    Ride Free

  29. David Baldwin Says:

    99% can’t hit what they shoot at. Hence the M-16, 3 rounds when you pull the trigger. Makes it hard for my son and me, that expect one shot one kill.

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