Waco Cell Phone Searches

June 18, 2015

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Waco Cell Phone Searches

The black shroud the Waco Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives threw over the Twin Peaks Massacre 33 days ago leaks a little more light every day.

The most interesting breaking information today comes from Dallas attorney F. Clinton Broden who has filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Scimitar Motorcycle Club member Matthew Clendennen against the City of Waco and McLennan County, Texas. Today Broden released a search warrant and search warrant affidavit for Clendennen’s cell phone. The two documents contain information that directly contradicts statements made by Waco Police last Friday and that indicates the extent to which law enforcement has tried to control the commonly agreed upon narrative of what happened that day.

The documents illustrate not only the Waco police’s complete lack of credibility but the arrogance with which the department has lied. “I was lied to by the Waco police,” Broden complained. The Waco police have been lying to everybody. The Waco police have lied constantly in order to deliberately confuse the public’s understanding of what transpired that day. It might be time to start asking why they’re lying.

Sam Key

Clendennen’s phone was seized by police on May 17. The affidavit, was signed and sworn to by “Detective Sam Key” on June 12, which is 27 days after the phone was seized. Key, photo above, whose Linked in page identifies him as a uniformed Waco police officer states: “Multiple involved persons were observed using cellular telephones and/or other electronic devices immediately prior to, during, and after the altercation. Numerous cellular telephones and/or electronic devices were seized from individuals who were arrested and charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity as well as other cellular telephones and/or electronic devices which were found abandoned at the scene.”

“Involved persons” were not the only people recording the crime scene on their phones. For example, The Aging Rebel has confirmed that a Texas game warden named Matthew S. Kiel video-recorded the crime scene on his cell phone and disseminated that video. When contacted, Kiel declined to discuss his participation in or video recording of the Twin Peaks Massacre but instead stated he could “not comment” on the events of that day. Kiel referred further questions to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in Austin.

The 27 day interregnum between the seizure of the video record and the drafting of a search warrant affidavit also suggests that the video cannot be used as evidence in the case under the well established legal doctrine of “the fruit of the poisoned tree.” The United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled a year ago that police cannot search a cell phone without a search warrant. So it seems reasonable to ask what the local police were doing with a mountain a evidence that was, according to Detective Key,  stored at the “Waco Police Department Property Room located at 721 North Fourth Street in Waco, McLennan County, Texas.” The implication is that, while there, nobody so much as took a peak. The obvious answer as to why police kept this evidence on ice is that they were suppressing evidence that would have proved that many of those who were falsely arrested and imprisoned were in fact innocent of any crime. The less obvious answer is that the ATF and other federal police forces routinely confiscate cell phones and do not use the evidence they contain to prosecute their owners but as a way to gather “gang intelligence.”

Contact Information

In fact the affidavit explains that the police wanted to search Clendennen’s exactly because they were gathering “intelligence.” Key explains that the Waco police, presumably on behalf of the Texas Fusion Center in Austin and the ATF wants to collect: “electronically stored data, meta data, Exchangeable ElectronicImage File Format Data (EIXF), and other digital information, particularly described. as contact information, including names and telephone numbers, text messages, emails , call histories listing both incoming and outgoing calls, digital images including digital photographs and digital videos; recorded and stored in personal computers, tablet computers, and all electronic and digital storage devices capable of receiving or storing electronic data; the hardware necessary to retrieve such data; the manuals, with all software, and written notes, or printed materials describing the operation of said devices, equipment and software; and any and all passwords, cryptographic keys, digital security tokens, integrated circuit cards (Smart cards), radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards found at the location, that may allow access to the electronically stored data, meta data, Exchangeable Image File Format Data (EIXF), and other digital information, contained in any of the aforementioned devices and equipment.”

In parts, Key’s affidavit reads like a RICO indictment. Key offers a version of events that begins with the accusation that “three or more members and associate club members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club (Cossacks) were in the parking lot at Twin Peaks Restaurant located at 4671 S. Jack Kultgen Expressway in Waco, McLennan County, Texas. Three or more members and associate club members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club (Bandidos) arrived in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks Restaurant and engaged in an altercation with the members and associate club members of the Cossacks.” Three “co-conspirators” is the threshold number for bringing federal criminal charges under RICO.

According to the public documents, Key submitted his affidavit to Judge Matt Johnson at 11:06 a.m.. last Friday. In his sworn statement he said, “During the course of the altercations, members and associate club members of the Cossacks and Bandidos brandished and used firearms, knives or other unknown edged weapons, batons, clubs, brass knuckles, and other weapons. The weapons were used to threaten and/or assault the opposing factions. Cossacks and Bandidos discharged firearms at one another. Members of the Waco Police Department attempted to stop the altercation and were fired upon by Bandidos and/or Cossacks. Waco Police Officers returned fire, striking multiple gang members. During the exchange of gunfire, multiple persons were shot.”

Key’s statement is in at least general agreement with the statements of numerous survivors who have stated both publically and privately that multiple victims were shot by police.

Stroman Lies

Two hours later, stone-faced Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman fed reporters the sort of mendacious cop speak that has led to Waco’s credibility problem. A written release issued at the time of Stroman’s presser stated, “there are a total of 44 shell casings recovered from the Twin Peaks scene. This number does not include the revolver rounds fired by non-law enforcement shooters. Those casings are still being counted. 12 of those casings were from the rifles of 3 Waco Officers who discharged their weapons in defense of their selves (sic) or a third party. The Waco SWAT Officers’ weapons are .223 caliber rifles that are capable of full-auto fire; Officers only fired in semi-auto mode during the incident. There was no full-auto gunfire from any of the Officers at the scene. As is normal practice, rifles carried by the Waco SWAT Officers were deployed with sound suppressors. No other Officers fired rounds from any other weapon during the incident. The Officers involved in the shooting have been assigned administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation.”

The Waco police’s press release, issued as Stroman was filling the sails of the good ship Waco Tribune-Herald with hot air, states, “The involved firearms have been transferred to the ATF for analysis. Videos of the incident have been transferred to FBI Investigators for analysis. Full autopsy and ballistics analysis is being conducted by outside labs and the completed and final results have not been returned to us as of this release.”

That paragraph epitomizes the kind of carefully worded propaganda the Waco police have managed when they try real hard to be cagey.

What Reporters Do

No one asked the most obvious questions: What does “involved firearms” mean? Police firearms? Firearms found in locked cars? What videos of the incident? The smart phone videos? Without a search warrant? Kiel’s video? Why is the ballistic evidence taking so long? Is it because the bullets were unusually frangible? How long does an autopsy report take? Why were the cellphones seized? Were they seized to destroy evidence that contradicted the police narrative? What do you think the public reaction might have been if first thing, the McKinney, Texas police department had seized all the cell phone videos of one of their cops running amok at a teenager’s pool party?

In a thinly veiled shot at The Aging Rebel in today’s Tribune-Herald, opinionator Bill Whitaker calls “incendiary…claims” made by this page and to Whittaker personally “that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was somehow behind the ‘massacre’ of bikers at Twin Peaks. Whatever the veracity there,” the Tribune-Herald sagely advises, “letting such charges go unanswered and then fester for days or weeks only allows them to gain credence with more and more people. And the city of Waco — no stranger to the stigma that develops from such affairs – doesn’t need this sort of perception to take root if it’s not true. In some situations,” Whitaker warns his local police, “stubborn silence by one side can convey the perception it has something to hide.”

The Waco police have been hiding mountains of evidence since May 17. For the last month the Tribune-Herald, has acted like it is afraid to do its damn job. At least Clint Broden isn’t afraid to do his.


40 Responses to “Waco Cell Phone Searches”

  1. xplor Says:

    cellular telephones : One police officer noted Multiple involved persons were observed using cellular telephones and/or other electronic devices immediately prior to, during, and after the altercation.. Why was that ? The federal agencies have access to the Spitfire program that lets them transcribe all phone calls to text so they can search the content of the calls. How far in advance were they monitoring the cell phones of
    these folks. By seizing the phones on arrest they can introduce the phone history in court and not show how they knew what was going down at Twin Peaks.

  2. John Deaux Says:

    old & stoned
    Thanks for the input, I presently have an HTC android that I have password ” protected ” and have set it so all downloads, phone numbers, pictures and pictures go to the memory card. I figure if SHTF I’ll pull the card and ditch the phone. Didn’t know if I was missing anything.
    Much respect.

  3. old & stoned Says:

    truth is, nothing is safe.. china is even successfully hacking the us gov. no password / firewall system is bulletproof, so, you fire first. destroy the phone, as completely as possible. yes, data can be mined from some damaged hardware, but it is extremely expensive & tedious. a laboratory process. they would have to seriously want to find something in particular to justify the expense.

    re: EIXF data; unless specifically disabled, your ‘smart phone’ will automatically encode the LOCATION of the photos you take. this data stays embeded in the image file thru email, etc. unless intentionally stripped by an editing program. why is this important? this data can place You, and whatever ‘family’ in the photo, “somewhere at sometime’ and establish pattern of movement. this data has been used in the behind the scenes part of Feral prosecutions.

    why do their surveillance for them,,

    beware the lil’ snitch in yer pocket,,,

  4. John Deaux Says:

    I felt pretty secure with the BlackBerry but age finally killed it and I had to make a change To the techy guys out there, any ideas on how to set up a strong password on I Phones and Androids ?

  5. BMW Says:

    Am I the only reader reminded of the police warning to those attending Bear Chapin’s funeral that “the OTHER guys may attack the funeral”. This caused many to attend the funeral carrying weapons for self protection. In the end, this strategy allowed the ATF to get the headlines it desired, about “hundreds of armed bikers “, when they did a mass arrest of EVERYONE attending Bear’s funeral.


  6. PanHDrdr Says:

    Do I smell another Dave Burgess fiasco in the making?

  7. David Baldwin Says:

    Land of the Free, home of the Brave no longer applies. This is a land of fear, home of cowards.
    The News isn’t trusted anymore, and the Police are afraid to release any information that might incriminate them. They’ve ‘lawyered up.’
    The picture is slowly revealing itself, despite the media misinformation and the police boot dragging. In one picture after the shooting, five bikers standing together wearing police jackets and holding MP4s tells us there were five undercover mingling before the meeting.
    In the recently released civil forfeiture papers is a Cossack, filmed participating in the fight, talking with the police after the fight, with no arrest. Sounds like a paid informant or even provocateur.
    Is it true the Cossacks had a bike night at Waco Twin Peeks April 16th? Did the Cossacks ‘claim’ Twin Peeks as theirs turf?
    Is it true the COCI meeting is usually held in Austin? Is this the first time it was held at Twin Peeks Waco?
    In other words, was this meeting actually a Bandido challenge to the Cossacks? Did the Bandidos mistakenly think they were safe in their challenge since COCI meetings are supposed to be neutral territory?
    It seems clear the Cossacks crossed the line this time, violating neutrality. But, are they solely to blame? With their lax membership requirements it is clear there were five undercover cops in the ranks and at least one provocateur.
    After four weeks of hunting and sniffing, I finally have an explanation why eight Cossacks died. I couldn’t figure it out before. The poorly disciplined Cossacks attacked the Bandidos and the police shot them to stop the attack. They succeeded. That was the first five minutes. I don’t have any reasonable explanation for the rest the police are doing.

  8. david Says:


    RICO is NOT the only way, “these ‘agencies’ have to make ‘any of this’ stick”.
    You’ve conveniently forgot, or distracted from, the “Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity” Texas statute currently being used to unlawfully hold, and in fact, unlawfully ARREST, innocent civilians attending a POLITICAL event, identical to the “special laws” which allowed the arrest and prosecution of “suspected” civilians during CIA/Military “Operation Phoenix” in Vietnam.

    Also, the “one good egg” it took “to get it all rolling”, was paid UNDERCOVER pigs and PAID informants firing the first shots so the militarized pigs could lie about having to defend themselves. The kill and wounded count of 28 to 0 alone, evidences excessive militarized pig firepower against civilians, as per “Operation Phoenix”.
    You’ve conveniently distracted from this important fact, as well.

    No, Club members and others did NOT know “what was coming”, only the pigs knew, because they engineered and carried out the pre-planned ambush themselves, may have taken out one of their own, and did NOT have pig cameras operating to record them murdering civilians.

  9. JL Says:

    Gents & Ladies,

    First, Rebel I have enjoyed Aging Rebel and the added commentary by all the site’s viewers. It is refreshing to see an alternative perspective being applied to issues having the potential to affect every American. Additionally, I admire you allowing individuals to post comments and opinions regardless of viewpoints.

    In regards to cellular telephones I’d offer the only sure method of ridding yourself of unwanted data is to burn or melt the phone altogether. Destruction of electronic devices by water, crushing, smashing, does not ensure complete elimination of all data. I personally would not utilize any hardware device that has not been under my absolute custody. Used smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc., may have been wiped clean with a factory reset but, that doesn’t mean prior data couldn’t be retrieved from the hard drive in the proper setting. Finally, a last thought lies with cloud technology. Just because you may have destroyed an electronic device you no longer want or need one must also consider what data is attached to you via cloud storage. If you’ve used a Wi-Fi network then any data you’ve sent or accessed is stored out “there” somewhere. Destroying an actual cellular telephone or other data delivery/storage device doesn’t eliminate your digital footpath altogether. I am not an expert in digital technologies nor do I profess to be. These are my personal views concerning data security and I’m certainly open to opinions or corrections if needed. And unfortunately I feel compelled to state that due to the inevitable scrutiny of the Internet audience none of what I’ve written here is my advice or recommendation regarding destruction of evidence. Any person who utilizes a shredder every month to get rid of their hard copy personal information is wise. I make the same argument here for a person that properly destroys an old electronic device when it’s no longer needed.

    On a separate issue, in the Plaintiff’s Notice of Seizure and Intended Forfeiture regarding the asset seizure of Mr. David Martinez’s Harley Davidson motorcycle I would like to offer a few thoughts as well. First, I feel given the overall violence surrounding the events at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, TX makes the responsible parties release of Mr. Martinez’s address to the public an act of poor judgment at minimum or outright negligence at worst. Here’s why: Mr. Martinez should be able to expect his personally identifiable information to be reasonably protected through redaction of court documents being made public given the high profile nature of the incident. The Waco Police Department has been very clear regarding their expectation of continued violence between the motorcycle clubs involved. Given law enforcement’s stated view of the likely potential for continued violence, it is my opinion all governmental bodies should work to ensure the integrity of everyone’s information be safe-guarded and all be cognizant of how information being released to the public could expose involved parties to any unnecessary risk. I realize everything I just said might be a bridge too far given all that has occurred to date. Lastly, when reading the Seizure/Forfeiture document it is interesting to note the evidence submitted for judicial review was based off of police review of surveillance videos and police reports. In short, the document does not base police actions that day upon things police had observed real-time, but instead were based upon review of video and official documents. The arguments made in the Plaintiff’s Forfeiture request are very detailed. That must be some group of surveillance videos to have arrived at all of those specific conclusions!

    Transparency is a good thing. I believe people can handle the truth whatever it may be. I believe our elected and subsequent appointed officials owe constituents transparency in their tasks and honesty in their endeavors.

    Please excuse the length of my post. I look forward to the continued discussion. Respect to all.


  10. shoes Says:

    Rebel, shit, I forgot about that. Bleek days ahead.

  11. BMW Says:

    A strong argument for both security locks AND encryption on ALL cell phones!!! Police should not have any right to search a cell phone, but it is up to the users to protect their own privacy in today’s crazy situations.


  12. Moonzoo Says:

    You cannot establish probable cause by saying people were using cell phones in the area, so let us search every cell phone we’ve got.

    You have to give specific facts establishing that a particular cell phone was being used during the relevant time period. And you have to specify what evidence you expect to find on that phone.

    With the leftists trying to force a race war down our throats, and law enforcement using the Constitution for toilet paper, it looks like America is gone, and its every man for himself, unless you want to be a chump.

  13. Brad Milch Says:

    As Rebel has previously reported, grabbing the narrative is essential when lying to the public following a traumatic event. Those who have studied the ambushes & deaths of President Kennedy & Bonnie & Clyde will notice similarities when the law does the story telling vs. what witness, forensic, media & visual evidence depict what happened. Had the Waco PD spokesman had an ounce of integrity he would had one or more of the big boobed Twin Peaks waitresses that covered every square inch of that restaurant in the course of their jobs before, during & after the gun assault in front of the TV cameras. The patronage of bikers allegedly engaged in criminal activity at the restaurant could have been quickly dispelled by the waitresses being asked a few questions: did you see bags of dope in the restaurant? Sex slaves eating burgers & sipping tea or beer at the tables? A cache of underground weapons being transported or sold? Illegal aliens being transported on bikes, cars & pickups, piles of criminal activity cash piled up on tables & packed into duffel bags & briefcases?; all of that imagery planted in a global public’s mind by the Waco PD TV spokesman. That imagery is the umbrella that shields why the Waco PD & others ‘helping out’ were present in force & what they collectively did when the shooting began & after it ended.

    Video that detracts from that phony narrative cannot be put out for public scrutiny. I suspect the public’s first look at it will appear when the videos start appearing in court cases.

    It’s apparent to a lot of people that somebody in authority was after someone at Twin Peaks, perhaps the C of C as a whole organization; perhaps just the Bandidos. The silence from the top of Texas authority (Attorney General & Governor) indicates to some that the top condones what transpired at Waco II, ordered it, or participated in something that originated at the Federal level. What vehicles & property gets sized for forfeiture & their owners may give glimpses of who was targeted by someone in authority with a hard on for them.

    Those that followed the Casey Anthony trial might remember prison videos of Anthony’s jail visitors airing on TV’s ‘Nancy Grace Show’ the night or day following the visits as per Florida’s ‘Sunshine law’.

    The message being sent out globally from Texas authorities & MSM is some of those in power do not want those not in power to see the sunshine. They fear their power is at risk of being taken away. Thus, no videos.

    This situation reminds me a British detective that initiated a private agenda of busting famous British rock stars in the late ’60’s-’70’s for drug possession. Among his victims were a couple of Beatles & Rolling Stones. The wealthier & more famous the rockers got, the less sleep the detective got. To him, it was personal.

    At this point in time, the message of Waco II is analyzed by many globally that to someone in authority in Texas, bikers enjoying their freedoms & pursuit of happiness in the Lone Star State is losing some serious sleep each day they are not in prison or dead.

  14. ChiCityRocco Says:

    I am not a 1%er but I am a motorcycle enthusiast who doesn’t pretend to be a hard ass and if you ride the road in Chicago you inevitably run into the dominant 1% club in Illinois. You’d have to be a fool not to observe a few things about the way this club carries itself and also how careful they are not to do anything that would draw “heat” of any kind to their brothers ! Anyone who thinks that a 1% club like the Bandidos is going to open fire on ANY OTHER CLUB when there are “civilians” around who may be hit OR could be witness to same has no concept of how these clubs operate. They take great pains to settle their grievances in private ! It seems to me that what happened in Waco, TX is because of a “movie lore” type of opinion of what these clubs are like and that someone or a group panicked and are now trying to cover up their cowardice with untruths that are so unbelievable that it is only a matter of time before they crack….with no regard whatsoever for the damage they’ve done to a lot of families ! Remember the line ” when policemen break the law, there isn’t any law” ! Who knows what kind of private day of reckoning the police might run into when they need some assistance on a lonely dark road when they’re alone and the only help available is guys who live by the biker code ! Once again, it doesn’t seem like bikers started this innane conflict, we’ll see how it ends !

  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shoes,

    Even if you smash your phone, your SIM card will probably still work.


  16. Road Whore Says:

    Rebel, god bless you! Stay on this! We need the light to shine.

    Ride Free

  17. Asiashooter Says:

    RICO is the only way, these agencies have to make any of this stick. It appears to me that all those involved, police, Bandidos, Cossacks and support clubs, knew trouble was coming and prepared for it. All it took was “one good egg” as an old Vietnam war photographer buddy of mine used to say, to get it all rolling. One of the major questions concerning the cellphone seizures is did they seize all the cellphones of all those arrested. This is important because I
    doubt seriously any of the Cossacks or Bandidos involved in the shooting were doing cellphone video at the time of the shooting, however others not involved might have been during and after the event. A Freedom of Information Act request should be made for any of that video and any police video shot that day. I find it hard to believe, that the Waco police, knowing what they knew was coming did not have someone on scene shooting police video. Even if nothing had happened, they would’ve wanted that intelligence and record for future reference.

  18. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Caretaker. Good link. LMAO.
    J.J. certainly puts things in perspective.

    Respects to you Rebel.
    Can’t wait for the book on this Waco Travesty.

  19. old & stoned Says:

    i wouldn’t doubt the church shooter was another ‘handled’ False Flag, triggered to smoke up waco with a large scale ‘hate crime’.

    David tagged it. Face it kids, the party is over. the War is on. The only thing being a US Citizen means is we’re more likely to be illegally prosecuted and imprisoned by the recipient of our tax dollars. John Q Public don’t give a rat’s ass about Vets guns being grabbed, bikers going to jail, or anything much beyond how green and diverse and all that ‘feel good’ crap their internet IV feeds them. banks are being fortified, and minimal currency kept on hand. Another depression is coming, and the ‘other feds’ are practicing large scale crowd control. jj Solari’s rant on cops was on time. it’s us vs. them in their minds, and in their policies.

    The simple fact an active Judge read that affidavit, with illegal intent and breadth specified, and issued a warrant tells me they are going to do as they please, knowing there will be no ‘federal judicial oversight’. they know, as is evidenced by the bail situation, and pretty much every biker prosecution that we’ll run outta money before they run outta wrong doings. They make us play their judicial game with hands, mouth & eyes bound while they operate by Rule of Whim. If they snare you, you’re proper fucked. More and more people are buying into the ‘constitution is obsolete or out of date’ without having any idea they’re selling their souls.

    just who are these ‘protect at any cost’ assets they’re so concerned about,,

  20. Straight Shooter Says:

    I feeling the military )International) were the shooter’s of LE. The COSSACKS are Russian in origin. Bandidos are US Marine. This J.H. sweep/war games this summer is far to real to left out of the picture. The SC deal is to inflame the race war/gun grab, as well as a hit on a political using a MK’d patsy. THe gian for the TX is for the moral of white to further drop, like the of poster mentioning ‘Nam. Its here now. Watch these things to happen w/alarming frequency. Esp the race deal. Comments here prove there is so much division among the civilians that a take down (never in the ’50’s) today is f a r easier. Time to prepare, go down swinging.

  21. 55 Says:

    Scrap Dog’s link to the Forfeiture Notice filed in court with the accompanying Affidavit is finally the type of thing I have been waiting to see. It describes the case as seen from law enforcement perspective in details, not just summary statements, mis-statements or generalizations. It is the language of things they will attempt to prove in court.

    And if video show that someone fired at police officers, as the report claims the video shows, it’s game over for many of those incarcerated. If the video shows police were fired upon first, the police are going to be legally vindicated for their weapon usage.

    This does not justify the wrongful arrest / illegal incarceration of those not involved, however. The ‘stubborn silence’ needs to end now.

    Keep your foot on their necks, Rebel.

  22. shoes Says:

    First thing you do, smash your phone.

  23. caretaker Says:

    out of place,i know. But thank you jj


    you have had my respects for a long time


  24. Meh Says:

    oregonloner posted:
    “Coming soon. all white people in baptist churches will be arrested and charged with rackteering, the fucked up part is thats not out of the scope of reality anymore.”

    In an SC church which allowed concealed carry things turned out differently a while back:


  25. oregonloner Says:

    Coming soon. all white people in baptist churches will be arrested and charged with rackteering, the fucked up part is thats not out of the scope of reality anymore.

  26. Sieg Says:

    That warrant is pretty much word-for-word what atf uses on ALL their raids. And oddly enough, the Whaco pigs never mention any of the other weapons that were deployed that day. Nothing about the atf, the dps, the park rangers, none of them.

    44 shell casings, exactly. Pretty good clean-up there.


  27. NCRider Says:

    Brad Milch: Well said. I have thought several times today while hearing the news about the horrible Charleston shootings that the Waco victims did not receive any respect or sympathy from the news media, Texas, or the President. I cannot stop thinking about the injustice that has been done and is being overlooked. Maybe more and more people will read the truth Rebel is telling.

  28. Meh Says:

    BTW I would never use a “returned” phone for communication again because it could easily have been sideloaded with monitoring software. If an electronic device leaves your custody assume tampering.

  29. Meh Says:

    “If poor states like South & North Carolina can handle a horrific tragedy professionally, why can’t Texas?”

    Carolina governments only recently chose to care enough about African-Americans to act professionally in their behalf. Change happened because voters demanded it.

    A considerable number of Texans don’t consider dead bikers “tragic”. Waco may help change that IF the evidence is outed in a timely manner. If it is slow-leaked the impact may be diffused and lessened.

    Parallel construction makes sense because all those phones offer plenty of data.

  30. FF Says:

    Looks like the BOAR WAR has begun.

  31. david Says:

    In Vietnam, the CIA together with army special forces conducted “Operation Phoenix”, a program to identify and “neutralize” the civilian population via infiltration, capture, terrorism, torture, and assassination. A “heavy-handed” operation which included large-scale and lengthy detentions of innocent civilians AND, excessive use of firepower. Compare these facts to all Waco II events.

    Further, “neutralization” took place under “special laws” which allowed the arrest and prosecution of suspected civilians. Due process was TOTALLY non-existent. Kidnapping and “extra-judicial” detention, interrogation, police MILITARIZATION, murder and the use of informants also. Sound familiar?

  32. Scubba Says:

    Excellent article as always. Of course they are mining for information. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn in the future that Waco was a result of this very kind of illegal mining… Your right about the “fruit of the poisoned tree”. They won’t use this info to convict the owner of the phone but use this info on future convictions that the lawyers and judges won’t know anything about. It’s called Parallel construction. You can look it up on Wikipedia.

  33. old & stoned Says:

    Mendacity! I love it. So the first mention i’ve heard of “wacko PD attempting to Stop the altercation is a bogus search warrant affidavid. Just how, precisely, did wacko PD do this? DoubleTap?

    It’s the ultimate fishing expedition, just like illegal searches of persons/vehicles,, not for Court admissability,, to spy. He basically listed any/all data on the device. Proctological Surveilance.

  34. Brad Milch Says:

    It’s been less than 24 hours since the despicable murders of 9 church worshippers, their Pastor & State Senator in S.C. but the contrast between authority figures there & Waco are startling. In less than 24 hours, MSM has featured news conferences from South Carolina’s Chief of police, it’s mayor, the Governor, FBI Director & President Obama. The Justice Department announced a hate crime investigation. The South Carolina state Attorney General has issued a statement.
    Fox News sent Geraldo Rivera to Charleston to report from the murder scene.
    None of that happened in the slaughter of 9 Texans at Twin peaks in Waco a month ago. The global public has yet to hear from the Texas Governor, State Attorney General and Waco’s Mayor. Geraldo never packed a suitcase for Waco.
    North Carolina law enforcement not only located the alleged sole gunman in the S.C. church massacre, but were able to apprehend him without firing thousands of rounds & killing innocent bystanders, arresting them all, confiscating their vehicles & personal property & releasing their mug shots to MSM & social media (adding insult to injury, more salt to the wounds).
    If poor states like South & North Carolina can handle a horrific tragedy professionally, why can’t Texas?

  35. Rojas Says:

    Three or more is also the threshold for Texas engaging in organized criminal activity law.


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    […] June 12 was sent to the FBI for analysis, though there may well be recordings on some of the many confiscated cell phones the government wants to search) about how the dead were killed and the wounded were wounded. Chief Stroman says that federal ATF […]

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