The Kiel Video

June 16, 2015

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The Kiel Video

Waco police continue to lie about what happened before during and after the Twin Peaks Massacre on May 17.

In a written statement issued last Friday, June 12, police announced: “There were 16 uniformed Waco Police Department Officers to include 5 Supervisors (3 Sergeants, 1 Commander and an Assistant Chief). Included in that number was a Tactical Element (SWAT Officers) assigned and present. None of the Officers were assigned in a sniper capacity and all Officers were in their vehicles at the time the suspects began the shooting. Those Officers were stationed in the parking lots adjacent to the Twin Peaks and were visible to patrons entering the Twin Peaks parking lot. There were 6 marked Waco Police units and 4 unmarked Waco Police vehicles. This does not include DPS vehicles. There were also Texas Department of Public Safety Officers assigned to the event as well.”

The press release is disingenuous and forces the public to calculate the Waco Department’s lies of omission. The  carefully worded statement refers to Texas Department of Public Safety officers but declines to specify how many of them were there or why. Although there were agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on scene, the official statement ignores them. It also declines to count undercover police officers on scene. In an earlier statement, spokesman W. Patrick Swanton flatly stated that there were “no undercover” police on scene.

Game Wardens

Last Friday’s statement also declines to specify who showed up after the shooting started, whether those reinforcements were staged and where, and how long it took them to arrive.

Among the participants or reinforcements at the Massacre were sworn peace officers from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. There are three game wardens assigned to the Waco office at 1601 E Crest Drive which is about four miles from the Twin Peaks restaurant. Those men are Michael P. Serbanic, Roger O. Nichols and Matthew S. Kiel. The Aging Rebel believes that at least one of those wardens, 36-year-old Matt Kiel, was in the Twin Peaks parking lot.

The statement issued last Friday states, “Videos of the incident have been transferred to FBI Investigators for analysis.” The statement does not explain how many videos are being analyzed, where they came from or whether videos have been withheld from analysis in order to maintain secrecy about the Massacre. For example, the statement does not say whether smartphone video and still photos taken by Kiel have been turned over to the FBI, destroyed or locked away in an underground bunker in Area 51.

When reached by phone on Tuesday afternoon and asked about his part in the Twin Peaks Massacre, Kiel referred all questions to the headquarters of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in Austin.


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  1. AWMC Duck Says:

    ABikerWithAnOpinion You have it partly right. Out rights are endowed by the creator and affirmed by the Constitution.

  2. softbutchharley Says:

    No patch holder her….just a 40 year independent rider non affiliated…. And I walk my talk…and I joined the COC&I weeks after the Waco debacle to SUPPORT riders rights. I have been to COC&I meetings since…to SUPPORT riders rights and to get info from those that were there and the lawyers representing…. And I have a right ot speak my mind and have,,,and I believe this crap was another police f up – another authotitarian cover up … and another instance of WHY scooter enthusiasts NEED to stick together and unite under a single umbrella for our own protection of our rights as citizens and scooter enthusists. I can’t do much to help but offer my time…my $$ and my support for thoise screwed over in Waco — which I do. ONE…………..

  3. Mama G Says:

    “All surveillance video has been classified and is currently being edited by law enforcement professionals to make sure no officers are charged with murder. This was clearly a premeditated, Federal assault designed to kill first, and arrest the survivors.”

    Just thought I would share this article I found.
    Some of you may have already read it.

    Still holding out hope the murderous life destroying bastards and all those involved in the covering up/destroying of evidence won’t be able to bury the truth.

  4. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    Got it, and thank you very much.
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  5. David Baldwin Says:

    Let’s assume, just for argument, some of the police reports are true. Three officers fired 12 rounds. Those officers had rifles and weren’t under fire, (steady sites). Let’s also assume, just for argument, they fired with purpose to stop a gunfight. That’s theory. The fact is seven Cossacks died of head shots. Why did the police only fire on Cossacks, when the Bandidos were on the bikes between the cops and the Cossacks. Damn fine shooting, 12 shots, seven kills.
    Where does this argument lead us?
    The police witnessed the Cossack attack on the Bandidos and stopped it. Is it beyond belief the Cossacks acted stupidly? Or that the many police plants in the Cossacks instigated this stupidity? One thing IS clear regardless of these arguments, the Cossacks broke the neutrality of the COCI.

  6. David Baldwin Says:

    I’ve come to the understanding the police video will never be released. I’m betting it clearly shows the identities of undercover cops, so by law it can’t be released for the safety of those officers. Prosecutor statements make it clear it shows the identity of one paid informant, that doesn’t prevent it’s release. It’s up to us to keep picking at what is released to put the picture together.

  7. Mama G Says:

    It seems, for some, radio silence would be the better option.

  8. Wolfenlover Says:

    I could be wrong(it’s happened before! lol) and maybe this Opinionatedasshole
    isn’t the same guy, BUT, I seem to recall from 1 of his 1st posts that he WASN’T
    a PH & not in a Club. Wish I knew how to look up certain posters posts without
    having to go thru every article. And now the claim is he is the oldest one here?! With statements such as have been posted?!
    Hey, Opinionatedasshole, “And just how stupid should I think YOU are?!”

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  9. puterindabasketchief Says:

    10 G:

    God bless the Fryed Brothers, but give Him hell Tommy.

    As always, much respect to you.

  10. puterindabasketchief Says:


    You missed another dire threat and one you’re no doubt aware of as a 20-year clubber. It’s the SOA, me-first, start-up-rather-than-earn-it generation. And I’m talking about a mind-set, not age.

    The clowns that spout “we respect traditions and protocols,” but choose not to follow them. The ones who think clubs that have existed for 40-50-60 years have no right to be offended, and feel disrespected by patch-of-the-month, mail-order jerk offs who throw on a rocker, even though the members of those clubs have lost Brothers over the right to do so.

    You want all bikers to unite against the common foe. I agree. I’m all for it. Just don’t ask me to sit at the table next to someone who spits in my soup.

    Thank you for your service. I would imagine you, as a veteran, would understand better than anyone what it means to earn your stripes.

  11. Jim666 Says:

    Wow !

  12. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    ABiker, I have been reading the childish bullshit going back and forth between you and some of the regular posters. I normally would just mind my own the exception is this one. My OPINION is a 20 year 3 piece patch holder would never spout off or behave the way you have chosen to or be a braggart about his status or longevity in a Club.

    Rules we live by we never stick our nose in another Clubs business. Right? Nor do we ever compromise our core beliefs regarding our protocols or culture.

    My take away from reading your posts is that if your actually a Club Brother your P should center punch your ass for your disrespectful shit stiring crap. In addition I challenge you to share this loud opinion in church. I’m also sure that your own team would give you a tune up that you would never forget, simply because it’s not in line with the 1%er values.

    There are things a patchholder doesn’t do like talk shit online because one never knows who he’s actually talking to & it has huge conciquences and repercussions in the real world. Everyone can be found through the footprints we leave and there are plenty of people here that can capture those prints, not excluding our host that kindly allows us to post our position on important topics refarding the MC community.

    No disrespect intended but what do ya say,maybe tone it down a notch?

    Viva Los Vagos


  13. bcnasty Says:

    The real cause that led to the murder of 9, injury of 18 & 170+ lives tossed into the blender has more to do with agent prevaricator’s & Fed & State overreach, personal agenda and or just plain assholepolotics.

    Boy is that the truth !

    @ abilerwithanopinion,
    Another truth is if any of these clubs was black patch the news would be all over the stink . Call me what ever any feels to but the news media has portrayed us all with a picture that is spoon fed to the media by the pigs. Our rites no longer exist if you believe by saying they do you are foolish at best. Since 9-11 and the ensueing Patriot act bullshit, numerous agencies have evolved all in need of funding. These agencies will pass any law, restrict any liberty and trample any freedoms they deem fit to gain funding for their agency. If you need funding for a problem and there is no problem you create one. There is no way to change that. Our actions did not get this public protrayal. It was generated.
    respects to the real

  14. 10Gauge Says:


    You are being disingenuous. Pretending like you are an authority on this issue because you harbor these feelings while being a twenty year member of an outlaw club. There is no way you was a scooter tramp in the 1990s…no fuckin way… I call bullshit. ANYBODY that has been around understands who is who, what is what, and why. Whether you agree or not. You knew the rules and agreed to the terms when you prospected. Your sponsor should have schooled you on all matters of politics.You’re right I am not going to argue your point here BECAUSE REAL PATCH HOLDERS DONT DISCUSS CLUB BUSINESS IN PUBLIC. You see, I have been around the block awhile myself. How do your people feel about you speaking for your club here? Like the majority of the big mouths here you are either fake or belong to a bullshit start up. Just so you understand…I know you think you are schooling motherfuckers, but in truth to the REAL you are just showing your ass. Try showing some class.

    “Someday there will be a time machine that will take me to the time
    when a thousand filthy bikers road that Hwy 49.
    Well you could smell those manuals burnin and you could here those bearings whine as a thousand filthy bikers road that Hwy 49.
    There was no Evos ridin in this Devils pack,
    Just knuckles,pans, and shovelheads and flatheads in the back.
    Some of them earned there red wings on the table by the bar,
    While others snorted chicken speed from the hood of the turnouts car.
    Well you could smell those manuals burnin and you could here those bearings whine as a thousand filthy bikers road that Hwy 49.
    Some came for the liquor, some came for the Reds, some came for the turnout,
    some came to bust some heads (everybody else came to hear Tommy)
    No vendors selling t- shirts, no carts that sold hot dogs
    There was only filthy bikers on their filthy Harley Hogs
    There was lots of special patches there,they all had their bags of tricks,
    but I can’t forget the way those hippies danced to the crack of the Angel whips
    Their boots were dull and glossy with chrome buckles on the side
    And their patches gleamed like old oil slicks and their faces looked like hide
    Well just as near as I can figure it’s as good as it’s ever been
    That a thousand filthy bikers will have rode that road again
    That is a bunch of filthy bikers no finer can be found
    At the Calaveras Frog Jump just a little south east…
    A little south east of town”

  15. Viking 1%er Says:

    20 year 3 piece patch holder??? Aaaannnnnnddd you speak the truth and stand up for the truth like a REAL Biker right??? Well if there is one fucking shred of truth in your comment that contained this TRUELY funny shit coming from you, then come away from your keyboard climb the stairs out of mommy and daddy’s basement and find your nearsest 1%er and speak your truth and by alllllllll means stand up for your truth PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! And if I may ask one favor???? Ask said 1%er to let us know how things turned out because I don’t think you will be doing much typing after your attempt at being a REAL Biker roflmao that statement was REALLY comical I laugher for twenty minutes before I could type this.

    Respect to those who earned it

  16. PJ Says:

    Others have said what I was thinking, but I would like to add this:
    Bikers are readily identifiable (when in ‘uniform’).

    Police are readily identifiable (when in ‘uniform’).

    If you are arguing that we have freedom to wear whatever, then you would agree I should be able to dress as a biker or police officer, despite not having gone through any kind of vetting for either group. I suspect though you would say, ‘dressing up like a cop is different’, and that makes as much sense as a man says he’s a woman and its okay, but not okay to be white and state your black.

    Either we agree that we can be whatever we ‘think’ we are, or we agree that some things just don’t work that way (or have to be earned).

    As a fellow vet, I’m surprised you’d argue that we have freedom to adopt what we have not earned.

  17. Philo Says:

    All I see in that pic are a bunch of fat cops standing there with assault rifles, staring at dead bikers. That says everything I need to know in and of itself.


  18. DesertH-D Says:

    Hey “opinion” dude: You REALLY believe rights COME FROM the Constitution?? Can’t wait for Scolari to get a hold of that, but in the meantime, let me tell ya: RIGHTS COME FROM GOD. And if you don’t believe in God, then they come from the simple fact that one was born.

    The Constitution, wonderful document that it is, never claimed to be the PRODUCER of rights, it simply sought to ensure the PRESERVATION of rights against those that would deny said rights in a despotic manner. Ever hear of “…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”? Well, that ain’t from the Constitution, but the sentiment pervaded those of the time.

    And if you have been a 3-piece PH for 20 years, you should know this situation in Waco don’t have jack shit to do with Constitutional rights.

  19. John Deaux Says:

    Tell you what, put on a military uniform with combat ribbons, Seal Team Trident or a Purple Heart and go hang out with the real thing. Spout off the bullshit your posting here about your freedom to wear whatever the hell you want to them and see how that works for you.
    20 year 3 piece patch holder my ass, you’re nothing but a fucking tick on a mangy dog’s ass, go suck somewhere else, dumbass.

  20. Base Says:


    Dam it FF & Viking 1%er, now that was funny.




    I am refuting you comments but am going to only address one at this time, mainly because I do not believe you to be a troll but an actual person with an opinion. I am OK with that, although you may have gathered other’s commenting here have a different opinion of what actually happened in Waco.

    And yes, some come at you raw and even with some colorful names or descriptive comments. Such is the way of scooter folk!

    You have on more than one occasion stated here & other threads that it is about the bottom rocker, subsequently being the catalyst that caused the murder of 9 people, injuries to 18 and the 170 + lives tossed into the blender and then someone hit puree!

    Ride that opinion, spur it and pull it’s hair, call it the truth, your bitch, your mama. No matter what you call it, you have missed the mark. And you say you have worn a 3 piece patch for 20 years? I find that interesting. I mean when you combined that with your opinion.

    The real cause that led to the murder of 9, injury of 18 & 170+ lives tossed into the blender has more to do with agent prevaricator’s & Fed & State overreach, personal agenda and or just plain assholepolotics.

    Hell, Ray Charles could see that! He may have even called Stevie Wonder and said,

    “Yo, Stevie! You see that shit in Waco?”

    Providing he was still alive.

    Stay frosty & don’t be so gullible.

  21. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ geoffb5
    And at the bottom of the picture is two dead men laying in pools of blood on the ground. And in the center of the picture is a bunch of bored stoopid looking do nothing fat overfed cops standing around…..doing nothing. Tragic fucking tragic.

    @ ABikerWithAnOpinion
    Fucking people like you come on here and say something stupid get your ass handed to you and cry because someone calls you out about it. STFU with your fucking insecure whining already. This ain’t about you, you dumb bastard. Are you sure you aren’t Amy?

    @FF, @Phuquehed, @Viking 1%er RIGHT FUCKING ON!

  22. ABikerWithAnOpinion Says:

    @ Happy

    The thing about fighting for our rights is this. We’ve got to wake up and realize who the real enemy of our rights are, who the real threat to our way of life is. The real threat is not some other club who wants to have their home state on a bottom rocker, it’s not a group of guys who want to start their own club in their area. Hell, the real threat is not even the urine disorder.

    There are two real threat to the MC world. The first threat is a public brainwashed into thinking anyone with a leather vest and patches on a Harley is some sort of marauding murder, hell bent on burning down their hometowns and raping their women. The second real threat is government from the local up to the federal level that wants to do away with all MC’s. Those are the REAL threats to our way of life.

    And it’s past time we all wake up, stop fighting among ourselves, unite together in purpose, and face the real threats coming at us all or before you know it, our way of life will be history.

  23. VAGO 1%er Says:

    President Obama Expresses ‘Deep Sorrow’ Over Charleston Church Shooting.
    Hillary Clinton: U.S. must face ‘hard truths’ after South Carolina shooting.
    Attorney General Loretta Lynch: “Acts like this one have no place in our country and no place in a civilized society,” “The individual who committed these acts will be found and will face justice.”

    But hey, you can slaughter all the bikers you want because we dont give a shit!

  24. Happy Says:

    Thank you for your service. One who has had to earn their rights, and especially ones who have had to re-earn their rights would disagree with you.

    Many of those who disagree with you no longer expect their rights to be respected or protected by others. I wouldn’t value what I won’t fight for.

    Have a good day.

  25. Sieg Says:

    PH, boy is at least 70-80 years old-told me he’s been “in this life since before you a wet spot in your mommas panties”. Well, you know how old I am! But yeah, pretty much the uo hymn-book.


  26. ABikerWithAnOpinion Says:


    1. As a citizen of the United States of America, and a veteran, my rights come from the Constitution of this great republic. Period.

    2. Anyone who on one hand professes to love freedom and expect their rights to be respected by others, including the government, cannot, without being a hypocrite, in turn seek to deny those same rights to others.

  27. FF Says:

    The guy’s an idiot. LOL

    First of all, if you have to say you are, you aint. That’s number 1. Now GTFO

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