Dance Of The Motions And Judges

June 15, 2015

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Dance Of The Motions And Judges

The Mongols Nation case, which may be the government’s last, best chance to seize the Mongols Motorcycle Club’s patch, may be drawing to a conclusion. The case is currently assigned to District Court Judge John A. Kronstadt – who seems not to be thrilled with the assignment. Judge Otis D. Wright had presided over the case for almost two years before he quit in shame on May 26.

At a hearing on June 4, prosecutor Christopher Brunwin and Mongols’ attorneys Joe Yanny and Elliot H. Min told Kronstadt they would need about nine weeks to try the case. Mongols Nation has always been a do-over of a racketeering case called United States versus Cavazos et al. That case never went to trial. The government tried to seize the Mongols patch in Cavazos and two judges told them they could not do that.

Baseless Case

Last week Yanny and Min filed a motion that brought Cavazos and another case titled Ramon Rivera v. Ronnie A. Carter, et al. to Kronstadt’s attention. Rivera is pertinent because two judges ruled that the government could not take the patch from a Mongol in San Diego who had broken no laws and who had done nothing wrong. As Min explains it, “the Government has already attempted to strip innocent third parties, persons who never had their day in court, of their right to wear the Mongols patch, and were not only denied but sanctioned by Judge David O. Carter to the tune of a quarter million dollars for making an innocent citizen bring a baseless lawsuit.”

Both Cavazos and Rivera were originally assigned to the late Honorable Florence Marie Cooper. When Judge Cooper died in December 2009 her case load in Cavazos was split between Wright and Carter. Carter was assigned to preside over Rivera and he ruled the government could not seize the Mongols patch.

Judge Shopping

The motion filed last week accuses Brunwin of “judge shopping” when the case was assigned to Wright and asks Judge Kronstadt to turn the Mongols Nation case over to Carter. “Judge Carter has extensive experience and is extremely familiar with the
facts, defendants, witnesses, and even the parties in this designated complex case dating back as far as January 2010. Assigning the instant case to Judge Carter would be in the best interest of the accused, the parties, and judicial economy.”

It seems likely that Kronstadt would be delighted to pass the case to Carter. And, it seems unlikely that Carter would reverse himself if he does get the case.

The Mongols, in other words, may be just a motion or two and a judge away from winning.


12 Responses to “Dance Of The Motions And Judges”

  1. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Best of luck to the Mongol Nation!

    Viva Los Vagos

  2. FF Says:

    No I would not give you false hope
    On this strange and mournful day
    But the mother and child reunion
    Is only a motion away

    Oh, little darling of mine
    I just can’t believe it’s so
    And though it seems strange to say
    I never been laid so low
    In such a mysterious way
    And the course of a lifetime runs
    Over and over again

  3. Nihilist Says:

    “The Mongols, in other words, may be just a motion or two and a judge away from winning.”

    Hell yeah!

  4. Shyster Says:

    I hear there is some recent good news that transpired today. Fill us in Rebel when you can.



  5. Meh Says:

    One wonders what goes through the mind of a judge when idiots waste their time, repeatedly.

    The Feds can afford to piss off anyone but the judiciary.

    Thank the Founders for separation of powers.

  6. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    “The Mongols, in other words, may be just a motion or two and a judge away from winning.”

    This right here is the most imperative part of the whole situation and will hopefully set the case-law standard that will prohibit future attempts by assholes like Brunwin and the midget to steal the rights of the honorable. We all must remember this is everyone’s fight not just the Black & Whites we’re all stake holders in their cause. It just turned out by draw that they carry the burden of the this fight. Save The Patch.

    My very best to the Mongols MC in their upcoming challange to remain free people.

    Viva Los Vagos


  7. scratchpad Says:

    Hose-A 1%er said “I love my country but hate the government”. That’s Right!

    Save The Patch

    Respects to the Mongol Nation.

  8. Road Whore Says:

    Good luck to the Mongon Nation! I hope this turns into a huge win for them! And by extension, for us all.

    Fight the power ain’t just a slogan. Fuck all of these nanny-state assholes!

    Ride Free

  9. Sieg Says:

    Think you mixed-up the syntax Rebel. Shouldn’t that have been “Dance of the Moron Judges”?


  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking signs all over the clinic where I have to see my doc every three months that read ‘Doctor shopping is illegal’ and goes on to tell you just how bad it is and how much trouble and what kind you’ll be in for it.

    So it’s again that our fucked up government gets to pick and choose, over and over, in an attempts to ‘win’, yet if we were to do it, some fucktard government buttplug cleaner would step in and tell us enough is enough – no more.

    When do We the Peons get to say ‘No More!’ to the shit-stains running our fucked up government?

    Fuck you up the ass with a chollo cactus, Brunwin!

  11. CH Says:

    @ Hose-A 1%er…….
    “I love my country but hate the government.”

    Well said!


  12. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    I guess they’ll keep shopping until they get what they want.How many bites at the apple do they get.Fucking scum bags.F.T.F. The whole system revolves around what they decide how bad they want to violate your rights and what ever way they chose to interpret the laws as they go.I love my country but hate the government.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C retired.

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