Spinning Waco

June 15, 2015

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Spinning Waco

Either the Waco police are lying or the eyewitnesses are. Apparently, a deliberate disinformation campaign began about 45 minutes after the deadly biker massacre in the Twin Peaks restaurant parking lot in Waco on May 17. One must use the word “apparently” because that is how disinformation works.

Three separate narratives describe what happened that day: The official police version which has been most widely parroted by the press; the Cossacks version; and the strikingly consistent version told by everybody else including members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Police Version

The police version has been riddled with inconsistencies and has had the further disadvantage of being mostly told by self righteous and ill informed Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton. The Waco Tribune-Herald  might think Swanton did a hell of a job but nobody else did. According to Swanton everybody who was arrested was a “motorcycle gang member.” They were “not from Waco” and the Waco police there “did not play.” The specifics – the bare facts of the police version – changed constantly and confusingly day by day. Every policeman, every public official, every lawyer, particularly Tribune-Herald editor Steve Boggs, seems to be a gullible police groupie.

It should have been obvious to anyone who has ever covered a biker case that the real story in Waco was the effort going into controlling the narrative. The official narrative of Waco has always been that drug addled, well armed, biker sociopaths came to Waco to rumble in a shopping mall so they could transform Waco from a gentle Mayberry into a Darwinian free market of drugs and sex slaves and Waco fought back. Waco made a stand, damnit. Hooray for Waco!

The official Waco narrative is very appealing to people who know the world mostly from the dancing shadows on a large screen on one of their living room walls. From the beginning there has been a segment of the public that has thought that the nine dead were not enough and that everyone on a Harley who needs a shave should be locked up.

From the beginning, Waco has been about the release of specific information and the concealment of other information by local, state and federal officials. It has been about defining reality and the exemplary moment of that official definition of what people are allowed to think and what questions the press are allowed to ask came when Swanton took CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield to task for citing a “law enforcement source,” that four of the dead had been killed by police “in a hail of bullets.”

Latest Revision

The latest revision to what people are officially allowed to think and report about the Twin Peaks Massacre came last Friday when Swanton’s boss, Chief Brent Stroman, told reporters that there were only 16 police officers on scene who fired a total of 12 rounds from M4 rifles. Police recovered 44 shell casings and 475 weapons including “weighted weapons” and “tomahawks” and police seized 130 motorcycles and 91 cars and trucks . Fifty-two of the motorcycles and 47 other vehicles have been released to their owners. According to Stroman, everybody who was arrested deserved it.

Stroman said, “We did not fire indiscriminately into the crowd. Our officers were restrained.”

The same day, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety – which includes the Texas Rangers and other state police – announced, “no shots were fired by DPS officers.”

Cossacks Version

About the time Swanton disappeared a second version of what happened that day began to make headlines – the Cossacks version. The day after the shootout, a Cossack named Scott “Scoot” Keon spoke to the Palestine, Texas City Council. Keon told the local politicians that his club is law abiding. “On our side, we are not a gang,” he said. “We are an organization that is Texas-wide. None of us are one-percenters.”

He blamed the Bandidos for the massacre. “There are things that they (the Bandidos) are involved in that we have no interest in,” he said. “We are businessmen, family men, and veterans and are in no way affiliated with them. We won’t be pressured into paying them dues, and that’s where their anger is coming from. Just because other clubs have given in, doesn’t mean we are going to.”

During the following week, an unidentified Cossack gave multiple interviews to a freelance writer named Tim Madigan who published what the Cossack told him. The Aging Rebel believes that Cossack was a man who identifies himself on his Facebook page as Cmc Paul. Paul has been very outspoken about the Bandidos. On a discussion site he stated, “We don’t pay anything to the Bandidos and that is why they don’t like us. We refuse to be lumped in with the ‘gangs’ (clubs) and pay to do something that we have the right to do, ride our motorcycles and have our own identity as an MC. There are still a few of us MCs that understand what this life is about and it isn’t crime or causing trouble. It’s truly about the ride and brothers.”

Madigan sold his story to the Washington Post which subsequently reported that Owen “Big O” Reeves, who along with John “Voodoo” Arnold was responsible for the Cossacks presence at the Twin Peaks, had been invited to the restaurant by the Bandidos for a sort of peace powwow. According to the Post, “It was a setup from start to finish.” The Post did not explain how its source managed to avoid arrest.

The Witnesses Version

Within the last week, as more of the accused have been released from jail, a third version of events has begun to emerge. It portrays the Twin Peaks Massacre as a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation gone horribly wrong. Multiple eyewitnesses, speaking on condition of anonymity because they believe what they know places them in danger from the police, portray the Cossacks as an easy club for ATF agents to infiltrate and exploit. “The Cossacks are known to hand out patches to people without prospecting, short prospecting periods, some as little as a week, or proper background investigation to bolster their numbers. That obviously makes them pretty easy to infiltrate,” one source said. “They’re right up there with the Iron Order, and take many pictures similar to the Iron Order style. And like the IO, they seem to have no problem patching in cops and corrections officers.”

Multiple sources who The Aging Rebel believes to be credible have independently stated that they saw two Cossacks take off their cuts and put on police windbreakers and balaclavas. The Aging Rebel has confirmed that ATF agents were at the Twin Peaks before and after the shooting occurred. And numerous news outlets have reported that multiple eyewitnesses heard two or three pistol shots which were then followed by automatic weapons fire. Other sources have stated that at least two and possibly more confidential informants working under contract for the ATF were arrested and quietly released that night.

The world’s news outlets have largely ignored this clash of narratives. As far as most reporters and editors are concerned, the Waco story is yesterday’s news. It will probably be remembered as a spectacular biker brawl. The news cycle is too rushed to look much deeper than that.

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67 Responses to “Spinning Waco”

  1. old & stoned Says:

    XYZ true dat, i was pleased to see so much bench experience in the mix. Yea,, that waiver was real,, wow. i enjoy your scroll btw.

    So, what was the brass count from the surrounding roofs? Wouldn’t i be foolish to think the snipers first showed up at 2 HD dealer events post-massacre, and not think they had climbed ladders in Waco prior to.
    There’s a ‘fluff’ piece out about the waitresses, 110% santized.

    Rebel, thanks again for keepin on with kickin the rocks over

  2. Meh Says:

    Barbara posted:
    “STOP!! Don’t turn brothers against brothers.”

    Human brotherhood does not extend to rivals though respect may now and then. Competitors are inherently opponents and may become permanent enemies. Enemies are without value as humans though that doesn’t exclude realistic dealmaking.

    Details are purely the adult choice of those involved but there was never an overarching biker brotherhood nor can there be between tribal societies. That’s not a biker defect because it is human nature to compete for power. (Power over what doesn’t matter, only desire to take it.)

    Bikers like to confuse bikerdom with other things of which it is not a part. An inherent part of outlawry (any variety) is isolation, fragmentation and very deliberate (but limited and calculated) disconnection from a society a set of whose mores outlaws reject. That’s neither good nor bad, because virtue and vice are subjective. It’s a matter of individual choice.

    The motorcycle is incidental, a symbolic appliance anyone can buy or copy and which is exclusively produced by and industrially connected to the straight world. It was adopted as a social differentiator when brotherhood was required to keep the fucking things running because they were unreliable low production niche market machinery which broke often and were barely supported by shops and parts makers.

    Modern motorcycles no longer require brotherly support to keep running but the desire for brotherhood survived.

    Brotherhood implies Otherhood and humans are competitive. Close-knit fraternities are SMALL because brotherhood (any kind) doesn’t scale. Scaling dilutes the gene pool and lets in the indifferent and the malicious (infiltrators and opportunists).

    Multiple competing tribalists are inherently poor at political cooperation. They cannot want to be good at it. They can want temporary trucial arrangements against an external threat but that is all. Iraq is an example. Absolutely determined, tough, dedicated tribal groups have been at odds for thousands of years. It’s perfectly sustainable and outlasts conquerors.

    Effective biker political action is not just constrained by tribalism. It’s been deemed necessary to interact with the straight world via non-bikers who want things in return. Motorcyclist rights advocates tend to be fair weather friends and don’t always fight well even for their own expressed interests. Support of bikers by non-bikers is very much “optional” because bikers lack the political power to reward their benefactors.

    That leaves biker struggles in permanent disruption. Only periodic judicial wins buy time. Biker societies can choose to become more insular and not be seduced by non-bikers wanting to (usually unwittingly) dilute them.

    Biker social space (confused with motorcyclist social space) was marketed and made attractive to plebs by the media. That meant instead of being intimidated into minding their own business more people wanted “in” or what they thought was that.

    There is not social room in anti-inclusive social spaces for unsustainable numbers of people. Changing their nature would end those social spaces more surely than Alphabet Agency bullets.

  3. XYZ Says:

    Old & Stoned:

    There is a whole host of interesting information in that hour + long press conference (which was really a three-in-one press conference):

    1) Multiple 1% lawyers (as in the top 1% of criminal defense lawyers in Texas) have banded together.

    2) Two of those lawyers (Susan Criss and Michael Snipes) are former Criminal District Court Judges themselves.

    3) It is reported that the magistrate judge in Waco had ex-parte contacts about bond hearings with the DA’s office in violation of the Rules of Judicial Ethics.

    4) It is reported that not only is there some truth to the “liabilty waiver” story, but that one of the attorney’s clients had been contacted about signing such a waiver – – WITHIN THE JAIL, WHILE IN CUSTODY, and AFTER HE WAS REPRESENTED BY THE ATTORNEY!!!

    There is a ton of good stuff going on in that press conference other than Mr. Clendennen’s statements.

  4. James crawford Says:

    It astonishes me that the police have taken a month to claim that only three officers fired only 14 rounds. They should have been able to make this determination within the first hour after the shooting simply by checking each officer to determine how many magazines or partial magazines had been expended.

    My guess is that the three officers and 14 rounds is tailored to conform to ballistics tests that have definitively connected specific projectiles recovered from individuals to particular police weapons.

    Keep in mind the the 5.56 mm round is renown for breaking up simply from impacting human flesh.

    The possibility that some Waco officers might have been armed with FN 5.7 mm pistols or 5.7 mm, P-90 or PS-90 further complicates ballistics because the projectiles are extremely fragile and can be confused with 5.56 mm.

  5. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Phuquehed
    “Fuck the cocksacks and the urine odor! Rats one and all.”


  6. CH Says:

    I’m thinking some pig freaked & got trigger happy. This set off a barrage of pig fire. And as rebel said…Cossacks had others surrounded so took the brunt of the fire.

    That’s what happens when you hire Barney Fife or Billy-Bob Lard Ass, militarize him, make him believe he is above the law and put him in a situation he should not be in or is trained for in the first place. ( of course ATF is supposedly trained…and they been screwing the pooch for years.)
    I’m thinking they did not plan to kill a bunch of bikers…I’m thinking they attempted a set up and things went south and now they are trying to cover their asses with doublespeak and destruction of evidence.

    Question is…WILL THEY PULL IT OFF? What happens will tell how bad shit has really become.

    But HEY…… Jeb & Trump as candidates for president…..Obama as president… a congress full of sissies, liars, thieves and child molesters…..stranger than fiction……more screwed up than Jenner’s sex change.

    Your average American who can barely read or write and is hypnotized by a frigging TV screen, that has no real morals or sense of individual being. Just wandering around thinking what they are told to think, wanting what they are told they need…….

    Now I ain’t religious ….. but ya gotta wonder…Maybe it is the end of the world………or MAYBE it needs to be!

    SHEEEEEEZZZZZZZ!!!! WTF!!!! on that cheery note I’m going to crank up “For What It’s Worth” on the MP3 player and go on a beer run while I ponder the sheer idiocy of it all!


  7. Limbo Says:

    To Meh:
    The cops only fired fourteen rounds, so the bullet holes and brass should be easy to account for./sarc

    Cell phones were immediately confiscated because of the individual’s habit of unlawfully recording police criminality. I suspect there are cell phone recordings of the incident, unknown to LE, awaiting dislosure at an appropiate time.

    You ask,“Where are all the big time Republican Presidential candidates on this?”

    Politicians deal in clumps of people: Blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc. There is no political clump of people called mototcyclists.

    Motorcyclists are individuals.

    When you strip the party clothes from our “representatives” they are the same. What We the People achieved by the elections of 2010, 2012 and 2014 was the status quo.

    What concerns me is the absence of those who regularly invoke the Constitution, such as it has become. When the friend of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the White House, ignores the Constitution, other little despots say, me too.

    It may be of interest to investigate Fusion Centers. This is a blending of federal, state, county and city law enforcement. This guarantees the inclusion of the feds. You will be surprised at the number of fusion centers and, of course, he, who funds the operation, Pulls the puppet strings.

    Check the DHS potential terrorist list. Patriots are front and center on the list. Being a veteran is a double whammy. Why do I mention this. Because an event September 11, 2013, branded the motorcyclist as a patriot.

    “Million Muslim March” vanishes in a sea of bikers

    I have seen estimates of participation of 75,000 to 1,200,000 motorcyclists. No matter. This was a proud moment for the motorcyclist.

    This probably did not go un-noticed by the politicians. A large number of patriotic, highly mobile, individual motorcyclists is immpressive.

    Remember Pastor Martin Niemoller’s poem, First They Came For… and Alinsky’s Rule 12: Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Duster Dan,

    I believe more Cossacks were killed because they had the Bandits surrounded.


  9. Duster Dan Says:

    Why did the Cops kill mostly Cossacks , If the Cossacks are not the real targets,The real target Which are the 1%’s , This make me wonder if there is a a fourth version of this event …Just a Guy who sees it 4 what it is…. DD

  10. Filia Vocis Says:

    Several local LE-related individuals showed up at Twin Peaks while the scene was active and shot video on their cell phones. Their cell data needs to be subpoenaed. Start with the Game Warden. He emailed the evidence on his phone to relatives across Texas.

  11. John Deaux Says:

    F F
    Your on a roll my friend, truth is stranger than fiction.
    Much Respect

  12. old & stoned Says:

    interesting tidbit in the lawyers press conf video about restaurant patrons, obviously unaffiliated with the whole CoC thing. keys, phone, purse, wallet. It took an attorney just to get wallet & keys back. Have they found a ‘mail-order’ JoP to sign the ‘Rape & Pillage Warrant’ for their madness? every possible video recording device, or place to secret one. hmmm.

    curious was listening to a PH describe his Patch icon, stumbling over himself. I’ve heard hangarounds describe patch iconography better. faint smell of urine when certain catch phrases are uttered.

    30 days in, Hostages still held

    9 Ghosts will take a VHS or BetaMax, DVD or BluRay copy to Go, Please.

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear Brad Milch,

    Thank you for your kind words. I do not foresee any awards. I foresee making next month’s rent.

    I’m going to stay on the story as long as there is news to report. Then I’ll do the book.


  14. The other Tom Says:

    Echo what Sieg said above. We are down the rabbit hole and across the rubicon now. Know that by commenting here as we are we are all being lased for future reference. I never should have made it past 18 so I’m breathing gravy daily. That said, I have resigned myself to fighting for my children’s futures and acknowledging that may mean i’m a marked and dead man walking. I tell you this, the lives of everyone killed at Waco matter. RIP and to the families you ate in my prayers! If there is anything tangible we can do please tell us.

    To those of you who would ask free men to bend knee toward Mordor and sanction this foul murder I say go fuck yourself in the eye with a rusty railroad spike.

    To those from both worlds I say 3% and 1% seem pretty close to me.

    The other Tom

  15. ABikerWithAnOpinion Says:

    Road Whore said….

    “Perception problem, which will now be greatly enhanced by the Waco lie:

    An acquaintance of mine with whom I was corresponding admitted to me that her only reference point for bikers was Sons of Anarchy, and that she was shocked to find out that there are bikers who are not like the Sons club members.

    A Facebook friend, guy I knew from childhood and went to school with, while discussing the Waco incident with me stated that surely everyone there got what they deserved, since they were all criminals…right?”

    You bring up a good point. To the average person, we’re all the same biker trash. For those of us who ride and especially wear a three piece patch, they look at us all with equal amounts of scorn, fear, and anger. The reason for this is the story they’ve been fed by cops from the Federal level down to the local level and the media has taken everything they say about us and spoon fed it to the American people. And above all other threats, this is the biggest threat to the MC way of life. If the public sees us as a threat to peace in the streets, then the Feds have the ammo they need to come down on us all with both feet.

    So what’s the answer to this threat? Simply put, we’ve got to change the public’s perception about us ourselves and understands we’ll have to do with while facing a hostile government and media. Now that the question of what to do is answered, that leads to the next question…. How do we do it?

    The answer there is we have to demonstrate with our deeds, actions, and words that we are not some criminal mob out to rape and pillage every town we come across. We have to show that while we do live a lifestyle different than the average Joe, we’re still good neighbors with families, jobs, and homes like everyone else. We do this by coming together in peace, setting aside the rivalries, and instead of fighting among ourselves, uniting in purpose to defend our way of life. If we can do that, show the public that yes we’re different from them but we are not what the government & media wants them to think we are, then we’ve got a fighting chance at fending off the assault on our way of life from our real enemy. I’ve quoted it on her before and I’ll quote it again here…

    “Either we all hang together or we’ll all hang separately”

    Peace & Respect to all who ride!

  16. martythe3 Says:

    I educate as much as I can… but what I do first is ask what they know about Wako.
    I give them some background with the Mongols case for their patch and the one where a dumbass cop nailed the other before they got in the house. Then I tell them about the Outlaws in Georgia case where they were imprisoned for shutting down a charter because a cop was in it.
    Then I let them know that COC meetings are a place for peace — not war.
    Forget teaching them about “alternative” clubs.
    The cops can no longer wait for shit to happen because…. it won’t.
    They can’t stand that clubs can settle differences on their own without including civilians — “someone has to pay”.
    They want drama, on their terms. They want to engineer “biker wars”. Shoot a few here and there to get that respect from their co pigs. It’s so sick how they played Waco.
    Perhaps someone with a large property can start hosting COC’s in Texass.
    Post their own snipers.
    Post a lawyer at the gate. Post 50 cams of the road – streaming to the web.

    About getting clubs together for political action: they were — the cops fucked that up.
    There are a lot of folks who love to ride.
    There are a lot that romance the lifestyle.
    Then there is the dichotomy of a cop mc. A flying cow.
    The alternatives meet out their justice from the cop point of view — start shit when you can. They don’t avoid shit — they create it, and then cry to daddy when they have to play by street rules. They have no fucking idea that real MC’s really could care less about civilians and their pussified world.
    My hope is to see the cops and feds fry…it’s becoming a thing lately.

  17. FF Says:




  18. FF Says:


    I agree with everything you said, -BUT-

    I’m wary of other groups because I don’t know the due dilligence they took to screen their membership. How many are UC’s? CI’s?

    Hell, I’ve heard that some Klan groups are almost exclusively FBI members.

    I’m also cynical about other groups agendas. Are they just using me/us as a means to an ends? And once they get what they want, will they dump me/us, betray me? Sell me out? Throw me under the bus.

    There is just too much room for double dealing, and that’s the problem. Too many citizens saying one thing but cutting deals with the feds at the same time.

    Remember, these Feds are salaried professionals, this is what they do for a living. When the smoke clears, it doesn’t matter how many bodies litter the ground, they walk away as right as rain. And they tell all their CI’s and stooges they can get that deal too, if they just cooperate and do “exactly as I say”.

    What pisses me off no end is this Cocksack MFer couldn’t wait to tell the world how the cops told him that Red and Gold wanted to meet them for a truce or some such bullshit— WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING BEFORE THIS WENT DOWN?


  19. Barbara Says:

    STOP!! Don’t turn brothers against brothers. That is what the police wants. No finger pointing, all the clubs are making an effort to come together as one, because all of the clubs were effected and hurt by this. The Bandido and Cossacks were set up by the cops, if your wanting to lay blame lay it at the cops feet, not the Bikers. The Bikers are not at fault in this, they are all victims. And they are trying to come together as one through this, so stop trying to keep them apart and angry with one another. That has no effect but bad ones, and it sure as hell does not help any of them in this situation. If anything you should be doing what everyone else is doing, pull together. There will come a time when we will have to concentrate on fighting ISIS, and other enemies who are out to destroy all of us, the bikers and military are the only ones who will be fighting the war. The government will run for their shelters. United we are strong, fighting one another instead of where its really needed, only makes everyone weak. So stay strong for all the Bikers, they are needed as one.

  20. FF Says:

    “alternative MC’s”

    That’s like saying Zinc Zerconia is an “alternative diamond”.



    “the truth will come out in the end”

    It will, but it won’t matter. The police narrative has already saturated the brains of the masses. They are too lazy to do any follow-up and they are too pre-occupied with online porn and the latest on bruce jenner.


  21. popeye Says:

    Its hard to believe that the bandidos , a “gang” that the feds consider criminal masterminds would chose to handle this in a restaurant full of witnesses and cameras surrounded by cops. The truth will come out in the end. The cops biggest problem is they didnt murder ALL the witnesses.

  22. Road Whore Says:

    @ Nihilist:

    I understand your reasoning and your argument…I think what those people are trying to do is to contradict the LE propaganda and the public’s perception that every biker is a criminal.

    Respect, and Ride Free

  23. Nihilist Says:

    Ever notice how the first thing you hear from the fakers is “we are businessmen, we are family men, we are carpenters (or whatever). If your own initial presentment of yourself is not as a club member, why are you wearing that cut? Why go so far to embrace and project your version of an image you bastardized from the worst possible sources, then at every turn regress to something else? Oh yeah, because you’re a lying pretentious piece of shit.
    And good job withe Plato reference, Rebel.

  24. Brad Milch Says:

    According to Waco’s Swanton’s initial TV press conferences, Texas State agents/operatives as well as the Feds (BATF) also were present & participated in the slaughter of 9 American citizens at Waco’s Twin Peaks. The silence from the Texas Attorney General, Texas Governor & US Justice Department is deafening. Presumably, all are hiding under the same rock or dry humping each other’s leg (or both).

    The roaches that scurry for cover when a kitchen light is turned on in the middle of the night give the house occupants a false impression of the level of infestation; it takes professional exterminators to locate & remove the really big bastards the owner never sees when the kitchen lights are flicked on.

    Frustrating for citizens is the helpless feeling they experience when their leaders fail to lead & respond to American tragedies where American lives are lost. Americans are limited in their response to Waco massacre II. The wrong response might land them in cemeteries next to Lee Harvey Oswald or Timothy McVeigh; persons said to have responded to personal grievances in the worst possible manner in a country guided by laws & courts.

    I intend to stick with Rebel until this entire Waco II episode is resolved by Texas state & Federal courts, remedy is awarded to those wronged & those guilty of murder, slander, deceit, theft & other assorted crimes associated in the Twin peaks gunfire are brought to justice by the legal system. As screwed up as it often is, it’s all we’ve got that differs us from savages that cut people’s heads off & slit their throats when those unfortunate people are victimized by their country’s ‘law enforcers’.

    Great reporting, Rebel. I foresee a Pulitzer or Nobel prize for you somewhere down the line for educating your global audience & using your skills to bring justice to the living & deceased victims of Waco II, plus much needed guidance for us all affected by the tragedy.

  25. Road Whore Says:

    Perception problem, which will now be greatly enhanced by the Waco lie:

    An acquaintance of mine with whom I was corresponding admitted to me that her only reference point for bikers was Sons of Anarchy, and that she was shocked to find out that there are bikers who are not like the Sons club members.

    A Facebook friend, guy I knew from childhood and went to school with, while discussing the Waco incident with me stated that surely everyone there got what they deserved, since they were all criminals…right?

    Waco is going to add napalm to the fire and make image control more important than ever before.

    Ride Free

  26. Road Whore Says:

    Rebel, thank you, and please keep digging into this travesty of justice that is Waco.

    I’m telling you folks: it’s the first shot across the bow all the way from Australia!

    We better get together, organize fast and hard, and strike back in large numbers now before it’s too late…it’s time to develop some political clout.

    Ride Free

  27. Straight Shooter Says:

    “”people who know the world mostly from the dancing shadows on a large screen on one of their living room walls.” This quote of Reb’s sums up HOW to influence an entire nation w/propaganda. Watch for key phrases & sound bites. The way words are said. Catch phrases. And that Cossack deal looks more and more like a ‘G’ MC. Gub’mint.

  28. Deadeye Says:

    Props to Rebel for using a “Plato’s Cave” reference in this article. Which in all honesty is an allegory that every reader of this blog should read. Great when thinking about the mindset of America’s sheeple class and the way in which they digest government and corporate propaganda.

  29. Duck Says:

    Just my $.36 (2, adjusted for inflation), But I’m with Sieg on this one. I also don’t wear a patch, in fact I don’t even really use the word “biker” when talking about myself so much as “rabid libertarian who just happens to obsess over bikes and respect”. With that in mind though, from the grey-area side of things it’s obvious A lot of ideals seem to overlap between targeted groups all around, and with the right push folks get interested. This weekend both a local Legion rider, and later that day a trucker/3%-type from the south visiting my job both took a keen interest in the Waco story (I was wearing a related fundraiser shirt) and stayed surprisingly attentive while I scrolled through a few articles and gave them a pretty good read on what’s up. The reactions, at least to me, would suggest that A. these guys in particular were pretty fired up- enough to likely look deeper, and maybe discuss with their friends and B. In general, the right people will take notice if we all take a few minutes to fill them in, even if they’ve got no direct connection- just a shared cause on a broader scale. Maybe that’s an idealistic look at it, but I figure it beats the alternative.

  30. Mama G Says:

    Old & Stoned I think you are right. More bugs than we will ever know.

  31. Sieg Says:

    I believe there were only 3 or 4 Whaco pd members who fired, and I believe it was only 12 rounds. That was undoubtedly suppressing fire, aimed high, and with the intent to just get everyone moving and/or down on the ground.

    THEN the atf gun-thugs on the rooftops could pick their targets out of the crowd, probably had them lased and ID’ed before the suppressing fire started.

    Still think the targets were pre-determined and deliberately targeted.

    I’ve suggested in the past that riders in general and the Clubs in particular make common-cause with the militias and III% groups around the country. They have been targeted in the past, and if this was a test-run for future assaults, which I firmly believe it was, they will be targeted again.

    Don’t let anyone fool you with Demican/Republicrat ideological babble, that’s all just smokescreen. Left/Right is also a false dichotomy…right now, it’s us vs. them, and they’re scoring pretty heavy.

    Face it, there will be no true, unaltered video released, no “neutral” independent reports, the only news that will be released will be simly agit-prop designed to demonize riders and glorify the “hero” gun-thugs who kill them.

    This is already working. In most articles, you read people who should know better scrambling to distance themselves from “those 1%’ers”. “We’re not like those guys, we’re not even 1%’ers”. When riders are parroting that crap, making the term 1%’er out to mean “criminal”, then they are pretty much betraying ALL OF US!

    I haven’t worn a Patch in decades, so I have no claim to being a 1%’er, but I’d trust my kids with one-from ANY Patch, and I can’t think of a higher recommendation than that.

    Nationwide truce.
    Nationwide protests.
    Nationwide resistance.

    The various vacuous idiots in the “media” are emoting about “ray-ciss bikers” heading to various towns to do battle with the New Black Panther Party, and The Nation of Islam. Shit. LEADERS of all the Clubs should be meeting with LEADERS of any org that is being shat upon by the Oligarchs, and trying to find a common ground to fight on.

    Those of you who have been there will recognize the saying; “it’s political”. IT works in there, it can work out here. All we have to save is our lives.


  32. Dude Says:

    Hold up…..I thought the Cossacks were mad about the stabbing of one of their members by the Banditos? Didn’t that happen like a year or two ago?

  33. old & stoned Says:

    ah, yes,,, Texas,, steeped in a history of vigilant law enforcement.


    the dispatch transcripts keep leading me to believe there was an armed presence yet unaccounted for, misidentified by Wacko PD as combatants, maybe ‘cuz they was dressed as combatants, and pulled triggers. so many bugs in the soup it ain’t soup no more.

    Shut up Liars and show the world the Video.

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck the cocksacks and the urine odor! Rats one and all.

  35. XYZ Says:


    I forgot about that quote from the Don Carlos lawsuit petition:

    “As a result, patrons of Plaintiff’s place of business were trapped inside the establishment as thousands of bullet rounds were fired by law enforcement officials and gang members. Law enforcement agents used Plaintiff’s porch and surrounding walls to protect themselves from incoming fire. At least four cars in the parking lot of Plaintiff’s place of business now have multiple bullet holes in them.”

  36. Tarasaramozart Says:

    The Waco Police Captain stated that 62 were released either at Twin Peaks or at the Center without being charged. Has anyone identified or interviewed them? They must be eye witneses.

  37. R&R Says:

    …Tribune-Herald editor Steve Boggs, seems to be a gullible police groupie.

    Spot on but got to give credit to Bill Whitaker, Opinion Editor at the Trib for raising the possibility that we are not being given the whole story.

    He’s the ONLY media person in Wacko who suggests that the official line may not be accurate. Timidly so, but shit that’s a start.

  38. Meh Says:

    “Don Carlos claims it was thousands of rounds damaging their building and customers cars.”

    Where are the projectiles? Policing up your brass (pun intended) is easy but digging bullets out of vehicles and scenery less so. Any punctured vehicles would be hard to hide and very hard to discreetly repair before returning them if impounded. Any replacement body parts are distinctive if you know what you had before something changed. Am I the only one wondering where the bullets landed?

    “Where are all the big time Republican Presidential candidates on this? Why isn’t Sarah Palin going all Reverend Al on this?

    Ron Paul has a short and rambling video on it but Rand Paul is MIA.”

    Who here doesn’t know the GOP is fundamentally (outliers don’t matter) anti-biker though they are not necessarily anti-motorcyclist? Hoping for help from the squarest of squares (who are not dumb enough to miss that bikers return their contempt and cannot be useful political allies) is a bit much. The GOP is all about Big Business and Bible Thumpers. What doe it have to gain from helping bikers? Notafuckinghthing in the cold calculus of vote getting.

    Career politicians ain’t going under the bus for negative return so don’t expect a kamikaze charge. Do expect nit picking and electioneering depending on what some particular pols seek to gain, but because bikers aren’t politically active most pols don’t give a shit.

    Unless Waco can be solidly connected to the Feds it won’t be like Ruby Ridge because bikers aren’t rebels against the government in a political way. They have no unifying political ideology, no message except clannish self-interest (which is absolutely their RIGHT but it gets noticed) and are a lot more interested in fighting each other than fighting for the freedom of others in the political arena. Bikers DO fight for the freedom of others when they win court cases against corrupt LEO, but that’s indirect and not like the ACLU who have that as a core mission.

    LEO didn’t pick bikers as a target by accident. Bikers are a convenient scapegoat by nature incapable of large collective organization, more fond of internal competition than external unity, and whose mediagenic aspects make them ideal for careerist trophy hunting. Note none of these attributes are crimes!

    LEO tend to be White so they can’t infiltrate other-race groups because they’d stick out like a rotting cock at short arm inspection.

  39. ak rack Says:

    Well, you gotta give JOP Peterson this, Waco has managed to send a message. The message is that Waco LE is at least arrogant, belligerent, evasive, callous, ignorant of the Constitution and contemptuous of outsiders (especially those that ride motorcycles). And maybe criminal, we’ll see. Something to think about next time you’re tooling down I-35 on your way from Fort Worth to Austin looking for a place to pull off the road for gas and a meal.

  40. CH Says:

    First off—- REBEL, THANK YOU for having the brains and balls to post the truths you post!

    Couple of points-

    1st- The best thing about our government is the fact they seem to almost never do anything right. If they did it would be far worse than it is now.

    2ndly—I knew these Cossacks were just another version of the Iron Order, Rebels, Etc, Etc..(“alternative MC’s” as Rebel calls them, LMAO)…It was pretty obviously just looking at em and checking out a few of their facebook pages and such. And this kinda shit is exactly why certain ways of doing things came about in MC culture in the first place.

    3rd— SAD just how plastic fantastic this world has become. Pathetic just how easy folks you never thought would sell out have sold out.A crying shame most do not know what the word HONOR actually means. Rubs on bikes in flip flops and shorts all over the highways….soccer moms with jesus tattoos on their ass, ya can’t even have a fair fist fight with some deserving ass wipe cause he’ll call the pigs and sue you cause you punched him the nose for being a jerk. I can go on and on……….

    When they outlaw beer, pussy & fishing I’m gonna get really disillusioned & upset!

    SCREW social conditioning, political correctness, bigots, liars, thieves, sheep, women who want to be men, men who may as well be women and the other assorted weak, pathetic imbeciles that screw up planet earth.

    And my utmost respect for all those that ARE STILL REAL!



  41. Limbo Says:

    The article, Justice Denied in Waco, identifies the FN P-90 as one of the firearms used by law enforcement at the Twin Peaks incident. The accompanying picture purports to support this as fact. Is there another source that establishes this as fact? The large volume of gunfire, described by veterans as automatic weapons gunfire, could easily be provided by four FN P-90’s on full auto.

    “The event was surrounded by at least 22 police. At least four of them came armed with FN P90 submachine guns (see photo above. The picture is unclear, but the gun pictured is not an M-4 or M-16) and some number of police officers on scene appear to have been armed with a kind of gee whiz handgun called the FN Five-Seven (Major Hassan had two at Ft. Hood with 20 round magazines) which also fires very light (27 grains to 40 grains), (sometimes) plastic core, 5.7×28mm rounds.”

    “The FN P90- submachine gun fires about 900 rounds per minute or 15 rounds per second (and has a 50 round magazine). A persistent rumor states that “hundreds of rounds” were fired.”

    The autopsies have been completed, those killed have been buried, why haven’t the autopsies been released?
    Are they being edited?

  42. JohnnyD Says:

    They change their stories faster than their underwear. First it was four officers fired, then fourteen and those were on admin. leave. Now it is three officers fired twelve shots. Don Carlos claims it was thousands of rounds damaging their building and customers cars. In the first days following the massacre Twin Peaks employees were on social media complaining they couldn’t get their cars or phones back. Why did they need to seize the phones of the employees and customers? The pace of information flowing out is glacial. Texas will soon be having a gold rush for lawyers. It would be a good time for law firms to get licensed to practice in Texas and open up shop.

  43. ak rack Says:

    I watched a video of Stroman’s entire Friday press briefing. He left some wiggle room on the statement about only 12 shots being fired by Waco PD. That seems to be based solely on the number of police shell casings they’ve found. Paraphrasing, he said that only 12 shell casings were found that came from police guns, so that as far they knew at this time, Waco PD only fired 12 times. No words about officer or witness statements corroborating how many times they fired.

    Any chance they might have cleaned up a little before they started counting? Or maybe it was 12 (whoops) magazines? Any chance those “off duty” officers we heard about early on entered the fray with revolvers? Hey it’s Waco, who knows?

  44. FF Says:

    To the families, brothers and other loved ones of Manny Rodriguez and Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, I just want to let you know that although I didnt know them, their deaths have had an effect on me as if I did. Im sure im not the only one. I dont know if that helps you in your pain and grief but I love you and I want you to know there are so many people out here who are so sick and tired of the lies, the persecution, and the sadism of the police, the media and the government.


  45. WheresMyBoots Says:

    In 1929 seven men were machine-gunned in a garage and people still discuss and ruminate about ‘The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’. Seven. Five were alleged members of a bootlegging group, one was an alleged fan, and one was a mechanic. There are still tours to the spot.
    Everybody here knows the numbers in Waco, and everybody here knows most of America forgot all about it. You mention ‘bikers’ and especially ‘biker shootout’ and everybody gets a full video in their heads of what happened anyway. Well, they saw it on a tv show once, so they know.
    More guys will join ‘law abiding’, ‘cooperates with law enforcement’ clubs and get all puffed up and run around mimicking what they think is ‘walking the walk’. They saw it on tv too. They also say they have the right to wear whatever they want.
    People will buy Harley Davidson’s faded denim cut with a ‘Harley’ top rocker, ‘Davidson’ bottom rocker, ‘MC’ cube and the skull in the middle and… (see above).
    A band wears a cut they made up and when asked about it in interviews the leader of the band starts giving the history of 81.
    I don’t get any of that – at all – but what I really don’t get is the escalation of this effort to eradicate 1%ers from the face of the Earth by any means.
    Yeah, I’m familiar with all the horror stories you’ll tell me (Scher, Lavigne, et al), but I also know plenty of horror stories involving other groups, stories just as bad, and covered up in the cloak of ‘justice’. Remember ‘Goodfellas’? When Hill enters the bar and introduces all the guys, one of them, a fat guy with a mustache, was an actual mob hitter. He was also a detective in the NYPD mafia task force. He and his partner were arrested years later in Vegas for multiple hits and are doing life. We could go on all day with these. How about pro sports? Rapes, murders – you name it. And so on. Many buy their way out of it.
    None of this makes any sense, especially when seeing the photos of those guys laying on the ground in Waco bleeding out. No sense at all. None.
    That porch everybody wants up on seems real high up there to me – real high – then stepping off into the yard? It’s gonna get real slippery out there I’d bet.
    Well, managed to shut up for all of 24 hours. Back to just being able to ride well enough…
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  46. Mike Smith Says:

    Where are all the big time Republican Presidential candidates on this? Why isn’t Sarah Paling going all Reverend Al on this?

    Ron Paul has a short and rambling video on it but Rand Paul is MIA.

    I have written everyone that I can think of and no one wants to respond.

    Remember that when one politician after another tells you that they want to protect you.

    Just release the video and let the chips fall where they may.

  47. Paladin Says:

    If all the King’s horses and all the king’s men (U.S. marshals, ATF, FBI, etc.) couldn’t keep the lie that was Ruby Ridge afloat, there’s no way that the lie that is Waco 2015 is going to make it past the breakwater, without sinking like the overloaded sack of shit that it is.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  48. Shyster Says:

    And someday very soon Swanton will be subpoenaed to testify as to the blatant lies he made. The lawyers will fuck him over nicely. May the truth be brought to light and those unlawfully incarcerated set free.




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