What Happened In Waco

June 11, 2015

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What Happened In Waco

What happened in Waco was much more sordid and cynical than the American public has yet been allowed to know and it represents a terrible, possibly fatal, cancer in the body of the American Republic. What happened in Waco will likely seem incredible to the mainstream public. It will seem at least plausible to anyone with knowledge of the motorcycle club world.

What happened in Waco was the tragic culmination of an ongoing, international war against motorcycle clubs that is a logical outgrowth of the Global War on Terror. This secret war is aimed at a fringe counterculture that easily fulfills the role of what totalitarian regimes call an “objective enemy:” which is to say an enemy that is prosecuted mostly for its potential criminality rather than its actual criminality. The war is a manifestation of a sadistic state – a state that can no longer accomplish the basic tasks of government but that projects its power mostly by its unique entitlement to punish its objective enemies and other citizens.

One facet of the war on motorcycle clubs is the exploitation by government officials of what might be called alternative motorcycle clubs. Throughout their area of operation, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club has had repeated conflicts over the last three years with two alternative motorcycle clubs.

Alternative Clubs

One is the Iron Order Motorcycle Club which, with about 4.000 members. is currently the largest motorcycle club in the United States. It is comprised largely of sworn peace officers, prison guards, government contractors, active duty and recently discharged military personnel, rejects from other motorcycle clubs and men who have casually joined the club to fulfill their personal fantasies. The Iron Order recently engaged in a gun fight with Bandidos and members of the Pistoleros Motorcycle Club in Meridian, Mississippi. The Iron Order has also been challenging the Bandidos in El Paso. The Iron Order has successfully branded itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club” and most members of the club can reasonably be labeled “dupes.” The Iron Order aggressively pursues ongoing relationships with local police forces and governments.

The Cossacks Motorcycle Club has also positioned itself as an alternative motorcycle club. It has aggressively confronted Bandidos and has publically portrayed its members as innocent victims of the preeminent club in Texas. Usually, motorcycle clubs are very difficult to join. Alternate motorcycle clubs, including a growing number of sport motorcycle clubs, are comparatively easy to join. Because they are easy to join they are easily infiltrated by undercover police officers and by contract infiltrators who are usually called Confidential Informants or CIs.

The public is usually told that UCs and CIs gather intelligence but their actual function is more sinister. The infiltrators often act as agents provocateurs and actually encourage the commission of crimes including assaults, drug deals and unofficial firearms sales. Some men make careers of being professional CIs. Recent examples include George Rowe and the man now widely known as Charles Falco. CIs are often recklessly criminal. One CI who was born Steve Veltus has been moved numerous times by the Untied States Marshals Service because in his personal life he constantly gets in trouble with local police. Veltus, who was known as Kaos during Operation Black Rain, is currently in the marijuana business in Puyallup, Washington.

Two UCs On Scene

The Cossacks was infiltrated by multiple uncover police officers and confidential informants. The confrontation with the Bandidos at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco was instigated by undercover police officers. Most Cossacks, Scimitars and members of a sport bike club called the Bogatyrs who were at the restaurant had no idea of what was about to happen. At least two undercover police officers and two confidential informants were among the Cossacks at the shootout and the presence of at least the undercover officers was known to uniformed police officers on scene. Immediately after the shooting, the two undercover officers removed their Cossacks insignia and put on police windbreakers and balaclavas. Two confidential informants were quietly let out of their jail cells that night. The Aging Rebel believes that the source for a Washington Post account of the Twin Peaks Massacre was a confidential informant. One Cossack who helped organize the Cossack pack is police officer known in the club as “Big O.”

At least one undercover police officer, who was on the patio of the Twin Peaks, saw other Cossacks chambering automatic handguns before the Bandidos arrived and notified his case officer of the pending confrontation. The case officer misunderstood the gravity of the situation and told the secret agent not to blow his cover over possible “misdemeanor gun charges.”

One of the instigators of the confrontation was a Cossack regional Sergeant at Arms named Charles “Dog” Russell who was killed in the ensuing melee.

Cossacks Attacked

The Bandidos who attended the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting on May 17 did not know that up to 100 Cossacks would be attending the meeting. As opposed to the Washington Post account and other accounts, a pack of a dozen or so Bandidos was attacked by Cossacks as they pulled into the parking lot. Most Bandidos never got off their motorcycles and were still wearing their helmets when the fight started.

The fight began as a shoving match between a Cossack and a high ranking Bandido and quickly became something much worse. The gunplay began with two distinct shots. There are credible accounts that a Cossack shot a Bandido in the shoulder at point blank range. Most Bandidos at the meeting were not carrying firearms. After the first two shots multiple members of both clubs produced handguns and began firing wildly. The Aging Rebel believes that some Bandidos were wounded in that initial exchange. Usually, handguns are effective at conversational distances but notoriously inaccurate at longer ranges, particularly when the shooter is comparatively untrained and shooting under stress.

There were at least 22 uniformed police officers and ten, marked, police Sport Utility Vehicles on scene. Shortly after the gunfire began, police entered the fray. Multiple Texas Department of Public Safety members lay down suppressing fire using FN 90 machine guns. Other officers shouldered M-16s and waded into the fray calling to each other as they wounded or killed the combatants. “One down! Another down!”

The investigating federal agency on scene was shocked by the severity of the violence and immediately began tampering with the crime scene.

Virtually everyone there was carrying some sort of weapon. Weapons were thrown into piles instead of bagged. Weapons with blood on them were thrown on top of weapons that had been pulled from pockets or saddlebags. No one’s hands were bagged and checked for gunshot residue.

The press showed up within minutes and the cover up began.


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  1. Sieg Says:

    DtM, maybe Rebel ISN’T picking sides, maybe, as usual, he knows more than he tells, and protects his sources.

    That said, it doesn’t take much digging to find references to the Cossacks accepting pigs n hacks into their thing. And it doesn’t take any digging at all to find witness statements that at least two riders shucked Cossack cuts and put on pig-breakers and balaclavas.

    And it doesn’t seem much of a step from there to seeing something else in your statement about the Cossacks “not submitting to the bandidos”. (sic) Also doesn’t take much of a reader to note you capitalize Cossacks, but not Bandidos. If course, no bias on your part, right? And ya know, that whole “submit” thing, that’s got a real uo kinda whang to it.


  2. Dan the Man Says:

    OK Rebel, I’m normally a big fan, but I can’t find anything about the Cossacks or any of their friends either accepting cops, or being an “Alternative MC”, or doing anything other than not submitting to the bandidos and willing to fight over it.(you said yourself thats how bikers should be right?).

    These Cossacks where infiltrated, I mean that never happens to %1 groups right? Isn’t that what happened to the mongols. I read Doc Cavos’s book, and letting random yahoos into the Mongols is exactly what got them all fucked up by LEO. I don’t see any evidence the Cossacks are like Iron Order, or any Cossacks getting special privledge by LEO.

    Now, I could be wrong, I don’t know either crew from a hole in the wall, and I’ll be damn honest, whatever turf wars between the bandidos and cossacks and their friends and allies is between them. But not for nothing, as an outsider I don’t understand why you feel the need to pick sides. You usually don’t.

    >Too bad all these large motorcycle organizations ( including clubs) don’t get together and pool some of the vast resources I imagine they have (not just cash but contacts, etc.)into hiring top lawyers, investigators and filing suits & other legal avenues to force justice in this case.

    yeah, its not like they were attenting a meeting for such an organization when the shooting happened or something.

  3. Spectator Says:

    Teddy, isn’t there a bootlicking forum that you can use to giggle with your pig pals? The only thing ‘hilarious’ around here is how ignorant the kool-aid has made you.

  4. Sieg Says:

    I do believe that one can find that weapon listed in open-source documents detailing weaponry issued to various Texas pig-farms.


  5. FF Says:


  6. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear Ted,

    This officer photographed at the scene is carrying an FN P90, correct?

  7. FF Says:

    30 days later and still not one perso has been charged with shooting and or killing anyone.

    9 dead but no charges.

    Gosh all gitout, I’m beginning to think the poLICE officers are trying to cover something up. Some dastardly Bozo no no.

    Thoughts, Dark corner?

  8. Ted Unlis Says:

    Rebel, the delusional claim that “Multiple Texas Department of Public Safety members lay down suppressing fire using FN 90 machine guns.” is so ridiculous that it is hilarious. No DPS Officer at Twin Peaks that day was in possession of a “FN 90 machine gun”. Too funny!

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ted Unlis,

    Oh. They were merely posing with their machine guns? The combat vets who heard automatic weapons fire were deluded? Then why all the secrecy and lies?

    You must be from Waco. You must not know about me.

    Maybe you think nine police murders is hilarious. I do not.


  10. Ted Unlis Says:

    “Multiple Texas Department of Public Safety members lay down suppressing fire using FN 90 machine guns.”

    Absolutely hilarious, delusional, but hilarious.

  11. popeye Says:

    You have a advantage that most of us don’t. You live in waco and can vote out the idiots who have both given your town a bad name and destroyed the lives of innocents. I urge you to band together with other like thinkers and take back your town. The impending lawsuits from this will impact your towns finances for a many years in the future. You will see city services being cut and taxes being spent for this foolishness.

  12. Barbara Says:

    The police dept should have handled this a whole lot different then how they did it. This police work was a disaster that caused 9 people killed and 18 wounded, it was a total disaster and totally irresponsible. The decision makers who caused this should be fired, they made it impossible for the innocent law makers to get out of this without all of them looking bad. Now everyone is trying to fix the mess that person made. In fact the one who made the call to handle it this way should be charged for the death and injuries to the ones who were there. And they should be charged for the amount of money they have cost the city of Waco. Who ever decided to round up everyone of the witness and hold them under a million dollars should be charge as well for destroying their lives, their name and reputation. They lost their jobs, their income, traumatized them all that will have long term effects on them as well as their families for a very long time if not forever. Its embarrassing, to know our law protectors are under such unprofessional behavior, and they have placed a big black mark on our town here in Waco. It is NOT appreciated one bit. Give us people who are professionals, and get rid of the ones who shoot first and ask questions later

  13. CH Says:

    GOOD! They need around 170 + of these suits.

    OK…guess I’m not done ranting yet today………..

    Too bad all these large motorcycle organizations ( including clubs) don’t get together and pool some of the vast resources I imagine they have (not just cash but contacts, etc.)into hiring top lawyers, investigators and filing suits & other legal avenues to force justice in this case.

    I mean really………. a large response showing solidarity by all to bring about justice now… will go a long, long way in the future to prevent this type of behavior and action by government entities.

    And to all “innocent, law abiding, bikers”….ya wanna play biker…well put your time & money where your mouth is. We have all seen now just how easy it is for mom & pop and others to get arrested and abused by the “authorities”.

    It’s either stand up and push back hard or don’t cry when it gets worse and the norm. Don’t blame anyone but your own inaction when your turn comes.

    Cause believe me – IT WILL!

    And besides, this ain’t just about being a biker…….it’s about being an American and being treated like we actually have the freedoms we were taught we had and so many of us have fought and died for!

    Generations of Americans did not fight and die so their ancestors could become weak minded, spineless sheep blindly following whoever the current shepherd in charge is.

    That is UN-AMERICAN!

    Uncle Sammy needs to WORK FOR US…not against us and preying on us at will!



  14. XYZ Says:

    Arrested biker responds to Waco PD and the Twin Peaks Shootout
    Link To Press Conference Video


  15. Meh Says:

    CH posted:
    “This playing biker shite is trouble and Wacko is just one good example of it.
    Sorry mom & pop and the other posers…….it’s how I’ve felt on the subject for 30+ years.”

    Strongly agree. I never dress like what I ain’t. As Frank Zappa said, you are what you is.

    I don’t cosplay and deliberately avoid the appearance of doing so. IMO if you aren’t in a club you have no reason to ride with a vest which is a useless garment of near zero protective value, let alone a vest that looks like a swap meet patch table vomited all over it. (Modern vented armored jackets manage protection/heat/airflow far better.) I don’t wear any patches on riding gear, ever. All they mean if you aren’t in a club is “silly old Boomer cosplaying” so piss on that. (REAL current or former racers wearing their actual sponsor patches etc of course excepted.)

    A man knows what he is and doesn’t need to be a gay billboard. Club members are not “billboards” because a cut serves the functions of a military uniform.

    RCs can be legitimate fraternal orgs, but there is no functional reason for pathetically copying real outlaws. It’s fake, stupid and should be laughed at just like someone wearing full military uniform who never served.

    Wannabees anywhere are pollution because they want the benefits without the commitment or sacrifice. When they group and try to mingle with serious humans that opens the door for other intrusion.

    When serious humans start liking the attention of wannabees that can be fraught with peril. That is an obvious avenue for exploitation because someone with no principals is easy to manipulate. Security requires compartmentalization and sometimes isolation.

  16. XYZ Says:


    Biker Arrested at Twin Peaks: “I Was Nothing More Than a Witness”


  17. Spectator Says:

    Well, if Mounting in a Cruiser is an IO member then I was correct on both assumptions. He’s a cop who slaps his pole to pics of guys in real cuts. Also, a clever username for a pig. I have his real name that he posted a while ago when he was being billy bad ass and telling some 1%er to basically “come get some.” He quickly deleted that info but I got it.

  18. bcnasty Says:

    @mountaincruiser, Some bad biker not wave to you on your Vstar and your pee pee get hurt ?

    Tom, you sir are living proof that if a full condom is thrown on a warm sidewalk a semi human can be formed.

  19. FF Says:

    Mounted Cruiser, is that your mugshot?


  20. CH Says:

    @ Spectator………

    it would appear from checking out HD forums and from what I’m seeing “Mountin’ & Cruisin'” posting here, leads me to believe that he is most likely a IO member.

    I reckon hiding in his mom’s basement from all those after his ass, gives a person mucho free time to get on forums and spew garbage.

    Lots of different flavors of rubs/yups/goofs……and I’m personally not fond of any of em from day one when I saw the first HOG patch on a set of shiny new leathers. Look where it’s all led…all the way to SOA and …………..

    This playing biker shite is trouble and Wacko is just one good example of it.
    Sorry mom & pop and the other posers…….it’s how I’ve felt on the subject for 30+ years.
    Time for many to fly that AMA patch and stop pretending to be a Jax in his shiny white Nikes. Weekend motorcycle enthusiasts are not the same as those who’s “life is bikes” and it’s “long established culture”.

    Do not mean to offend anyone but truth is truth and it’s always in a persons best interest to face truth and deal with reality.

    Hopefully this is not “The Twilight of the Outlaw”…….but damn if it ain’t looking that way. I’m getting pretty sick of everything getting diluted down and turned plastic.

    Well……..there’s my rant for the week. Reckon I’m getting to be one of them old guys who misses the old days. :)


  21. Pastorius Says:

    Spectator says: —Also, did you see the picture of a cop bagging all the water bottles on the patio? I’m guessing anyone on the patio who left prints on their beverage is in deep shit. After all, according to police logic, every single person on the patio was a bad guy.—

    Wait, the cops bagged the water bottles, but they didn’t bag the weapons separately? They didn’t bag the hands of people who fired weapons, but they bagged water bottles?

    For God’s sake.

  22. Jane Says:

    XYZ, I had the same thoughts. if LE had a pretty good idea of what was coming, they had a duty to expressly warn the franchise owner & others who would likely be effected – not just a vague, wishy-washy general warning that sounded more like a manipulative scare tactic & would likely be ignored. They had a duty to make reasonable efforts to prevent & protect & failure to do so sounds like grounds for derogation of duty/reckless indifference.

    Sent a few emails to TX AG reminding him that many of the bikers/victims are vets and that vets have wide public support and can easily influence an election, and stressed the importance of an indep investigation. My words probably fell on deaf ears but I detect the public opinion tides beginning to turn ever so slightly. Glad aclu issued a statement, diluted as it was. Interesting that aclu issued a statement before other groups, groups that should be more naturally aligned & who claim to support/protect bikers rights.

  23. Mama G Says:

    @Old & Stoned-Thank you. The whole situation and the publics response sickens me. I hope that Waco is buried in successful law suits and all the families involved get the justice they are due.

    So many lives destroyed by corrupt LE. I can’t even begin to imagine being in attendance and experience what those who were there went through. It is mind blowing. This could very easily happen at any COC meeting anywhere. I have never observed anything but peace and respect at COC meetings.

  24. Triumph Rider Says:

    I am one of the dumbest people that I know. So, I have to ask this question. Where is the contraband? If this was a meeting of “Bad Guys”, wouldn’t we have heard about weed, scripts, meth? It looks like more criminals would have been rounded up if Johnny Law had cast his net over any other parking lot in the county. Is it too much to expect a single LEO to uphold his oath and come clean? Some lies are just too BIG to believe and this whole narrative that we have been spoon fed is full BULLSHIT.

  25. FXRNIT Says:

    Hey Tom,( or is it Barney)?
    #1- The people with the true grasp & use of respect, ARE
    #2- Quit jumping up & down on Bikers in order to get your
    Balls to finally drop.!! That’s an act of futility..
    #3- Quit trying to prove you’re not the PUSSY
    Your daddy always said you were. (See #2 “act of futility).
    Damn!!! I’m almost embarrassed for you. ( not really).
    #4-That “whine” you’re hearing isn’t from bikers, it’s
    coming from your Ol lady pulling that train of bikers
    while you’re on shift.
    #5- The only thing Bikers “Fuck up” when they roll into
    Town is you’re Ol ladies hair. ( See #4).
    #6- Quit pointing @ your ass. Mountain Cruiser is putting
    your shit on the street. ( He’s the one who said you made
    A good point)!! So don’t blame me. I’m trying to do my civic
    Duty and help a couple out.!!
    #7- Tell your partner he typed his name incorrectly..
    I’d be willing to bet you a dollar to a doughnut
    ( like the ones you eat all the time) that his REAL
    Name is “Mounting on a Cruiser”.C’mon man, tell
    us all the truth for once.
    #8- Quit that mounting on a cruiser shit, down at the park on
    Your break from fucking with bikers.
    #9–You said cops clean up the mess. Wrong again boy blunder!!
    Cops COVER UP their OWN mess. And man o man,
    You dough eating bastards have one HELLUVA mess
    To cover up now.
    #10 ( and most important)– take some of your overtime money
    ( that you earn from takin breaks at the park switchbangin
    “Mounting on a Cruiser”, and buy your Ol lady a douche.
    She’s getting a lil ripe.
    I’ll stop now, since I know you and you’re kind
    Cannot count past Ten.
    To everyone else….. I bid you farewell.!!

  26. Paladin Says:

    If the regulars here feel like taking a break from troll bashing, I posted a couple of links to the latest cutting edge techniques in ISIS hunting, over in the saloon.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  27. usedtobe Says:

    Root cause?
    LE types looking for any reason and probably instigating trouble between people who would otherwise be getting along with or at least tolerating each other. Kind of a “Hey, lets you and him fight”. They’ve been doing it for years and will keep it up as long as it works.

  28. Spectator Says:

    Root cause? Ok… The Feds.

  29. Tinroofer Says:

    I’ve been following here for the best info. Appreciate all your info and comments. My ole man, an independent, went to Waco to see his brother last Saturday. He was harrassed. Trying to eat. Gas up. By cops. By civilians. Squids. Everywhere. He had to pull over a few times and sit due to ping. Even sitting on the side of the road, people name called and threw trash. He has no colors, no official affiliations. Just likes to ride. It’s so damn sad that this is bringing out the worst in everyone.

  30. Mountain Cruiser Says:

    Usually in a trajedy like this there is enough blame to go around for all parties involved. However, look for the root cause of the incident and there you will find the greatest amount of blame.

  31. old & stoned Says:

    @Mama G- early reports were they took restaurant employees phones, 3 weeks in a press conference subtly mentions ‘obtaining a search warrant to examine cell phones’. the only legal probable cause should be a reasonable suspicion the owner was a willing participant ..before / in / after the event. but that wont stop them. patchover? faint rumor that’s why such a deep fatal infection of ‘them’, fear of the boogey man comin’ to town.

    they’ll get some retiring Judge to rubber stamp ‘approve’ the claim for probable cause under the exigent circumstances. go ahead,, appeal,,,

    the only exculpatory evidence we might see would only benefit them. ongoing secret investigation, you know,,

    push for the truth – 9 Ghosts, Lived right or wrong, deserve it.

    2 petitions going, ACLU, educate news editors

  32. Spectator Says:

    If you’re looking for some true comedy, dig through Mountain Cruiser’s HdForums threads. The guy is a tool.


  33. Spectator Says:

    @MountainCruiser is a fucking troll and famous for his douchebaggery on HdForums. We can’t figure out if he is a cop or jacks off to MC pics but I’m guessing both. Fuck you Cruiser. You don’t belong here.

  34. John Deaux Says:

    Mountain Cruiser
    Tom is a bottom feeding bitch and so are you. Get your head outta your ass and open your eyes to what’s going on around you.

  35. Mountain Cruiser Says:

    Tom makes a good point.

  36. .lol Says:

    Wow, just wow, thank the good Lord that there are roughly only 50 or so “regulars” that post on this site. That gives me faith that Americans for the most part aren’t dumb as Shit. This site has been around for quite awhile. Only 50 or So that post frequently with their tin hats on? 300,000,000 potential posters and there are like I said roughly 50 regulars. Thank you God cause if there was even 1/1000th of 1% that believed this crap I would know this great nation was soon coming to an end!! Now you may post the insults. Trust me coming from you tards it is a compliment to know I have ZERO in common belief wise with any of you fools

  37. The Kraut Says:

    @Tom, Shoot out…not shoutout.

    Polices’ job is to kill citizens?

    You can guarantee someone will not get shot?

    You possibly define yourself as an upright law abiding citizen.

    I and others like me define you as ignorant,arrogant tool of the oligarchs.

    You are pathetic…enjoy your existence…may it be long and painful.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  38. CH Says:

    @ popeye….

    Thank you for the most interesting ACLU letter.
    Sure is looking like the ACLU is gonna pick up this ball and run with it.
    THIS IS GOOD and about time!

    Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the criminal, scum LEO’s & their superiors involved in this latest WACO MASSACRE.

    They all need dismissed from their positions, investigated, prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

    Hopefully federal charges also are made.

    From the mayor of Wacko on down, and not forgetting any and all state & federal agencies involved.

    Then mucho civil suits need to follow and bankrupt this shit hole for years to come.

    CAN WE HOPE!!!


  39. NCRider Says:

    Dear Tom: I do ride an HD, I am a female, and I am not in a club. No criminal record. With that being said, why don’t you just stay off this web site. I, as well as other people, come here because I appreciate and trust what Rebel writes. I read the comments because they are informative. But, no one including myself cares about your pathetic, arrogant remarks. Seriously. Go away. You are full of shit.

  40. Meh Says:

    I expect there will no serious projectile hunt by either prosecution or defense because humans are lazy.Too bad if that’s how it plays out.

    Fuck the casings, hunt the bullets. They didn’t all stay inside the humans they were shot at.


  41. Jim Crawford Says:

    While I remain extremely skeptical of the WPD claims of innocence and competence, I would consider the possibility that some unidentified third party armed with a rifle was firing at the bikers from behind the police position in the parking lot. The roof of the Don Carlos restaurant is one possibility but a position even further away is not incredible. The distance would create the perception of a silenced rifle. An ATF agent is one possibility but a rogue Cossack or even some redneck might be at fault. Virtually any bozo could score numerous, marginal fits firing rapid semi auto into a crowd from a range of 200-300 yards.

    The police need to do some serious bullet trajectory analysis to see if there were many rounds originating from a grassy knoll.

  42. jj solari Says:

    dear tom; i dont know what sex-change confusion you are going through but police have never cleaned up a mess in the whole history of cops. they wont even sweep the metal and glass off the street while writing-up a traffic incident. they’ll walk through it for an hour and then leave it right there for everyone else to drive through. because cops are useless, lazy, stupid, usually fat, sadistic….what would be the word, oh yeah, assholes. no wonder you like them.

  43. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    It’s more lies and Stroke-man the Chief fucktard of Wacko PD continues to lie after his PIO failed to convince the world that the Wacko PD didn’t murder anyone that day. First it was no suppressed fire and now they admit it was used but only 12 .223 rounds were fired in semiauto by their swat cowards. No full auto fire was used which they say is normal SOP, bullshit! I’m not buying it witnesses there that day have refuted that claim over and over.

    Lying assholes only thing missing is that ugly bitch Reno.


    Viva Los Vagos


  44. Spectator Says:

    Tom the Troll. Did a big bad mean biker make your little balls shrivel up when you pulled him over a few months ago? Pussy.

  45. XYZ Says:

    “…showing no regard or respect for the city of Waco and its residents.”

    Second photo on the page linked below, Tom:


    Any of those folks in the background your kin?

  46. Bone Head Says:

    Hello, Troll…er, Tom. Mommy going to bring a glass of milk down to the basement for you?

  47. Tom Says:

    This is old news for the majority of Americans. No one is surprised that criminal bikers got into a shoutout in public showing no regard or respect for the city of Waco and its residents. As I said before, biker gangs are criminal organizations, this is no secret and bikers enjoy the notorious status of it, but whine like children when the police do their job.
    Simple solution, next time don’t pull weapons in a parking lot, I can guarantee no one will get shot. But continue to whine about it. It makes me sick that bikers just roll into a town and fuck it up, and then complain like school girls when the police have to clean up the mess.

  48. The Kraut Says:

    Some more so called news from MSM…The Josef Goebbels School for Slanted Journalism is alive and printing.



    The Kraut

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