What Happened In Waco

June 11, 2015

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What Happened In Waco

What happened in Waco was much more sordid and cynical than the American public has yet been allowed to know and it represents a terrible, possibly fatal, cancer in the body of the American Republic. What happened in Waco will likely seem incredible to the mainstream public. It will seem at least plausible to anyone with knowledge of the motorcycle club world.

What happened in Waco was the tragic culmination of an ongoing, international war against motorcycle clubs that is a logical outgrowth of the Global War on Terror. This secret war is aimed at a fringe counterculture that easily fulfills the role of what totalitarian regimes call an “objective enemy:” which is to say an enemy that is prosecuted mostly for its potential criminality rather than its actual criminality. The war is a manifestation of a sadistic state – a state that can no longer accomplish the basic tasks of government but that projects its power mostly by its unique entitlement to punish its objective enemies and other citizens.

One facet of the war on motorcycle clubs is the exploitation by government officials of what might be called alternative motorcycle clubs. Throughout their area of operation, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club has had repeated conflicts over the last three years with two alternative motorcycle clubs.

Alternative Clubs

One is the Iron Order Motorcycle Club which, with about 4.000 members. is currently the largest motorcycle club in the United States. It is comprised largely of sworn peace officers, prison guards, government contractors, active duty and recently discharged military personnel, rejects from other motorcycle clubs and men who have casually joined the club to fulfill their personal fantasies. The Iron Order recently engaged in a gun fight with Bandidos and members of the Pistoleros Motorcycle Club in Meridian, Mississippi. The Iron Order has also been challenging the Bandidos in El Paso. The Iron Order has successfully branded itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club” and most members of the club can reasonably be labeled “dupes.” The Iron Order aggressively pursues ongoing relationships with local police forces and governments.

The Cossacks Motorcycle Club has also positioned itself as an alternative motorcycle club. It has aggressively confronted Bandidos and has publically portrayed its members as innocent victims of the preeminent club in Texas. Usually, motorcycle clubs are very difficult to join. Alternate motorcycle clubs, including a growing number of sport motorcycle clubs, are comparatively easy to join. Because they are easy to join they are easily infiltrated by undercover police officers and by contract infiltrators who are usually called Confidential Informants or CIs.

The public is usually told that UCs and CIs gather intelligence but their actual function is more sinister. The infiltrators often act as agents provocateurs and actually encourage the commission of crimes including assaults, drug deals and unofficial firearms sales. Some men make careers of being professional CIs. Recent examples include George Rowe and the man now widely known as Charles Falco. CIs are often recklessly criminal. One CI who was born Steve Veltus has been moved numerous times by the Untied States Marshals Service because in his personal life he constantly gets in trouble with local police. Veltus, who was known as Kaos during Operation Black Rain, is currently in the marijuana business in Puyallup, Washington.

Two UCs On Scene

The Cossacks was infiltrated by multiple uncover police officers and confidential informants. The confrontation with the Bandidos at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco was instigated by undercover police officers. Most Cossacks, Scimitars and members of a sport bike club called the Bogatyrs who were at the restaurant had no idea of what was about to happen. At least two undercover police officers and two confidential informants were among the Cossacks at the shootout and the presence of at least the undercover officers was known to uniformed police officers on scene. Immediately after the shooting, the two undercover officers removed their Cossacks insignia and put on police windbreakers and balaclavas. Two confidential informants were quietly let out of their jail cells that night. The Aging Rebel believes that the source for a Washington Post account of the Twin Peaks Massacre was a confidential informant. One Cossack who helped organize the Cossack pack is police officer known in the club as “Big O.”

At least one undercover police officer, who was on the patio of the Twin Peaks, saw other Cossacks chambering automatic handguns before the Bandidos arrived and notified his case officer of the pending confrontation. The case officer misunderstood the gravity of the situation and told the secret agent not to blow his cover over possible “misdemeanor gun charges.”

One of the instigators of the confrontation was a Cossack regional Sergeant at Arms named Charles “Dog” Russell who was killed in the ensuing melee.

Cossacks Attacked

The Bandidos who attended the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting on May 17 did not know that up to 100 Cossacks would be attending the meeting. As opposed to the Washington Post account and other accounts, a pack of a dozen or so Bandidos was attacked by Cossacks as they pulled into the parking lot. Most Bandidos never got off their motorcycles and were still wearing their helmets when the fight started.

The fight began as a shoving match between a Cossack and a high ranking Bandido and quickly became something much worse. The gunplay began with two distinct shots. There are credible accounts that a Cossack shot a Bandido in the shoulder at point blank range. Most Bandidos at the meeting were not carrying firearms. After the first two shots multiple members of both clubs produced handguns and began firing wildly. The Aging Rebel believes that some Bandidos were wounded in that initial exchange. Usually, handguns are effective at conversational distances but notoriously inaccurate at longer ranges, particularly when the shooter is comparatively untrained and shooting under stress.

There were at least 22 uniformed police officers and ten, marked, police Sport Utility Vehicles on scene. Shortly after the gunfire began, police entered the fray. Multiple Texas Department of Public Safety members lay down suppressing fire using FN 90 machine guns. Other officers shouldered M-16s and waded into the fray calling to each other as they wounded or killed the combatants. “One down! Another down!”

The investigating federal agency on scene was shocked by the severity of the violence and immediately began tampering with the crime scene.

Virtually everyone there was carrying some sort of weapon. Weapons were thrown into piles instead of bagged. Weapons with blood on them were thrown on top of weapons that had been pulled from pockets or saddlebags. No one’s hands were bagged and checked for gunshot residue.

The press showed up within minutes and the cover up began.


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  1. Filburt Says:

    You are right Rebel.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Okie Trash,

    It is hardly a stretch. The Iron Order exists to start trouble. That is the whole point of the club. Not to ride, not to hang out, not to collaborate in business. The Iron Order exists to enhance its prestige and expand its territory by provoking confrontations with other clubs and then running to the police so the police can help the Iron Order enhance its prestige and expand its territory. The issue is particularly ripe with the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and in Texas, where the IOMC is very publically allied with the Traviesos of El Paso or El Chuco. I have no problem with the Traviesos. Whatever they have to work out with the Bandidos is between those two clubs. I have no problem with the Cossacks. If they don’t want me to write about them they should stay out of the headlines and their members should stop making public statements. If you weren’t a lying, Iron Order sack of shit you would understand my statement that both the Iron Order and the Cossacks are alternative clubs. You can’t have it both ways motherfucker. You can’t change who you are by changing your shirt.


  3. Okie trash Says:

    It cracks me up how far you had to reach to include the Iron Order MC in this bullshit. The red and gold vs. Cossacks has absolutely nothing to do with the IOMC. I am a former member of the IOMC, spent 4 years with the club. Founded 2 chapters and was an Officer in both. Met and had very civil conversations with a lot of members of the dominant clubs here in Oklahoma. Not one uncivilized interaction, weird huh? Probably because we met with mutual respect, and parted as respectful men. I get the hatred you have for the club, but damn, that was stretching.

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Well, of course it was a ‘hate crime’…it was a white-on-black. When was the last time it was called a ‘hate crime’ when it was a black-on-white? I can’t seem to remember.

    And VAGO 1%er is right…it’s a hate crime because the pigs and fedtards hate bikers.

  5. VAGO 1%er Says:

    “Presidential candidates have canceled their events in South Carolina after nine people were killed in a church Wednesday evening in what police have labeled a hate crime”

    Well, what the fuck do you call the massacre of 9 people in Waco?

  6. Straight Shooter Says:

    Ted Unlis Says:
    June 16, 2015 at 5:40 pm
    Rebel, the delusional claim that “Multiple Texas Department of Public Safety members lay down suppressing fire using FN 90 machine guns.” is so ridiculous that it is hilarious. No DPS Officer at Twin Peaks that day was in possession of a “FN 90 machine gun”. Too funny!” ~~Yeah, ‘Ted’ you have the YT troll down pat.

  7. XKG Says:

    Ted Unlis said: “No popo with big guns Rebel you’re delusional”

    Spectator: “Teddy, isn’t there a bootlicking forum where you can Oink at your pig pals?”

    Recon. Ya’ll stop back now Ted to linky your horsewhipped butt and bruised up nads.

  8. Jim crawford Says:

    The photo confirms that at least one police officer on the scene was armed with an FN-P-90 or a PS-90.

  9. Paladin Says:


    You are correct.

    Long May You Ride,


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