Gerald Yager Murdered

June 9, 2015

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Gerald Yager Murdered

The body of a 68-year-old man named Gerald Yager was found in his burning home in Gary, Indiana about 4 a.m. last Saturday. Yager’s hands were handcuffed in front of him. His throat was cut and multiple gasoline cans were found in the home. Gerald Yager was last seen alive about 9:30 p.m. Friday.

Gerald Yager was the older brother of former American Outlaws Association regional boss and longtime federal fugitive Randy Mark “Mad” Yager. Randy Yager was indicted in an ambitious federal racketeering indictment in 1997 and was accused of conspiring to murder members of the Invaders and Hells Angels Motorcycle Clubs in 1994. He was re-indicted last month in Wisconsin and charged with an elaborated list of crimes that includes seven counts of conspiracy and two counts of murder.

David And Margie

Randy Yager and his girlfriend, a concert violinist named Margie Jelovcic, disappeared after he was indicted and started a new life in the resort town of Rosarito in Baja California. They called themselves David and Margie Dorian and they were, by dozens of accounts, admirable, kind, generous and hardworking. They joined a group of retired Americans called the Independent Footprinters Association United States/Mexico. Among their favorites charities were the local police.

They were eating steaks and drinking beer at a bar called La Maroma lst October 15 when Yager was apprehended by U.S. Marshals accompanied by Mexican police. Margie died of a gunshot wound to the head within minutes after crashing her 1999 Ford Explorer. The exact circumstances of her death are obscure. She was either executed by Mexican police as she lay trapped in her overturned car or she shot herself in the head.

Randy Yager was immediately extradited back to the United States. The Marshals have never said how they found him. At the time of his apprehension, a $25,000 reward was “offered for information leading directly to Yager’s arrest.”

Lake County Sheriff John Buncich told the Northwest Indiana Times that “investigators were looking into a statement from a relative of Gerald Yager’s that the slain man had received notes containing death threats he believed were from his brother.”

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22 Responses to “Gerald Yager Murdered”

  1. liveshere Says:

    There is no truth to Randy suspecting his brother in any way. They had zero contact with “old business” in the states. As far as anyone including family goes, they were off the map. This comes straight from the man himself, who I still have regular contact with.

  2. scary jerry ss Says:

    gerald wasnt a rat 4sure either was mad kinda messed up when people talk on these sites and didnt know them there both good people rico act is a bitch there gettig mad for the things that other people did the mexican police are the bitchs here they killed mads wife he got away changed his ways and had a good life there away from the club and its b.s

  3. FF Says:

    I apologize. I wasnt insuiting Gerald took the money with my comment. I know the man had a hard life4, he was white and living in gary indiana.

    Whoever ratted Randy out, im sure they told the pigs they just didnt wan1t to see anybody get hurt. And im sure the pigs reassured him/her “no that wont happen”. And when Margie died this person couldnt live with themselves and offered up a mea culpa.

  4. Jim666 Says:

    gotta agree w/ Hos=A here, nunya.

  5. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    ARGO NUNYA Indeed.Speculation leads to more speculation and most times it’s wrong.
    Hose-a 1%er P.F.F.P ….F.T.F.

  6. Sieg Says:

    Yeah, you missed it. Two different people.

    Anything else is speculating bout Club bidness.

    Condolences to those who mourn him.


  7. John Deaux Says:

    Big V has a point, not our place to speculate.
    RIP Mr Yager, condolences to his family and friends.

  8. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


  9. cwb_j0ker Says:

    I dont know,if its the layout of story or what ,but i still didnt see anything that explains why he was not been held after they picked him up.
    says they recharged him with there conspiracy bullshit, then goes on about the couples tragic event with beaners and marshals.

    Then again running off little sleep,could be missing it.

  10. Sieg Says:

    Read the story again.


  11. cwb_j0ker Says:

    My only question, if feds picked him up , how the fuck was he in a house in indiana?
    Maybe a reason for his unexpected ending.
    I remember reading this story, was very sad. Still is.
    True bonnie n clyde thing going.
    From looks of it, someone went out of there way to permanently end there good streak of luck.

    If someone decided to mutilate a body to that point , they obviously thought they need to send the message they couldnt get across whil he was on run.

    Very tragic,twisted story.
    Prayers out to victims family and loved ones.

  12. BigV Says:

    Anything being speculated about shouldn’t be being speculated about- club business is club business.

    As it is- an old man who’s biological brother was recently arrested is now dead.

    A very well respected club has a saying for a situation such as this: ARGO NUNYA.

    To those who are reminding others that 30 pieces of silver ain’t much- they’re right.

  13. WSG Says:

    This guy gets no trial? He’s just guilty?
    I thing many put our lifestyle on a pedestal.

    On a snowy day in the mid 70’s I stopped at a meeting place in Boston and was asked to pick up something. Immediately, without being told what it was, or where it was, I said I can’t. That I was in someone else’s car and I had to return it. That I would be back in a few hours and would go then.

    I got back and was told someone else went. The next day the guy who wanted me to go suggested I was a rat. The guy who went was busted by the feds picking up a load of machine guns and explosives. I think perhaps it him….
    In any case, I could have been killed for something I never did.

    Now it comes out that almost everyone was a rat. Bulger.Flemmi.
    How many people in my life have been killed because they “might talk” or just because they had the info to put someone away?
    Jimmy Burke killing everyone because he wanted the whole score.
    Be careful….It’s a treacherous life out there

  14. chad Says:

    They went by Steve and Margie not Dave. They were very good poeple, best friends with my dad. He was with them at la moroma that night and hes still affected by this tragedy. Margie was shot by mex state police. They were happy hard working and caring poeple. They were and still are family!

  15. oldskewl Says:

    After a little searching it looks like Gerald’s house was a “shack” and that’s putting it mildly. If he did snitch his brother off for the money he sure didn’t use it to buy a better house or he was keeping a low profile not give himself away.

    Also, from a few different articles it looks like Gerald was a member of AOA himself.



  16. Drew Says:

    HaHa!! SO True, they say, “but I was told I was going to the camp” NOT SO Buttercup!

  17. Sieg Says:

    That look on their face when it turns out they’re NOT going to be Campers.


  18. Drew Says:

    Ahh Yes, the world IS round! Sometimes it takes forever and a day, but crap comes back on people when they sell their souls for a few bucks. I saw that look of fear on the rats that took a rule 35,thinking they would never do a day of fed time,thinking they were SO valued by their “handlers”, only to find out they were going to be at FCI Sheridan with the rest of us! They found out in short order that sound sleep was a thing of the past once they walked through the doors.

  19. FF Says:


    They every man has a price….

    Damn thats pretty low.

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Drew,

    You can read between the lines.


  21. Drew Says:

    Any truth to Randy thinking that Gerald might have been involved in assisting Feds in locating him in Mexico? I see where other family members are afraid as they say Randy has been threatening them? Why would they be threatened unless they might have given info for some quick cash???

  22. Wookiee Says:

    Too many are leaving us these days. Thoughts and prayers to Mr. Yager friends and loved ones.

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