Waco Witnesses Call Cops Killers

June 6, 2015

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Waco Witnesses Call Cops Killers

Despite the continued, determined efforts of the Waco police, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to criminally cover up the worst episode of “biker violence” in American History, the truth keeps leaking out

Emily Schmall (photo above), a correspondent with The Associated Press, reported this morning that most of the shots fired during the Waco massacre were fired by police. Schmall is a seasoned and impeccably responsible journalist who has also written for the New York Times, Newsweek, The Huffington Post, the Miami Herald, Forbes, Bloomberg News, the Guardian and the BBC.


Schmall reports that “a few pistol shots” was immediately followed by “a barrage of rifle fire.” The AP’s account conforms to numerous accounts given to The Aging Rebel beginning about 11 a.m. Pacific Time on May 17. The next morning this page reported, “Multiple sources have told The Aging Rebel that all of the dead were killed by police.”

The AP version differs significantly from an account published in the Washington Post, which said that the first five men killed were Cossacks shot in cold blood by Bandidos. Since its publication, the Post has neither advanced its story nor retracted it.

The AP account also differs from the Waco police version. On May 19, Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton stated that only “three or four” of at least 22 police officers surrounding the restaurant fired shots. Swanton also stated that it was “too early” to know if any of those shots killed bikers and that the officers who discharged their weapons had remained on duty. Waco police are now stonewalling journalists. The AP version also conforms to most eyewitness accounts of the incident.

Assault Rifle

Schmall quotes three recent veterans who have the experience to hear the difference between gunshots from different caliber weapons. Marine veteran William English remembers two shots from a small caliber weapon followed by “a rapid succession of shots from what sounded to me like an assault rifle.”

Navy veteran Steve Cochran “heard one pistol shot. All the rest of the shots I heard were assault rifles.”

Schmall writes, “Ron Blackett, a Confederation of Clubs and Independents leader who is a former Army and Coast Guard officer, also reported hearing one or two pistol shots followed by a blast of assault rifle fire.”

Accounts of the exact number of pistol shots fired before the police fusillade vary. They vary  because witnesses are always surprised and alarmed and not only hear shots from different directions but also may or may not hear echoes. However the AP account is consistent with a recurring version in which one biker non-fatally shot another at close range and a second biker standing on the Twin Peaks patio brandished and possibly fired a second handgun. It is likely that police opened fire after seeing the biker on the patio pull his gun. The AP version would also explain how Vietnam veteran Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, who was not a member of any club and who had just gotten out his automobile was shot in the head and torso. And it explains how so many people were shot in such a brief time.


127 Responses to “Waco Witnesses Call Cops Killers”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear .lol,

    Once again you aree obviously, fucking drunk.


  2. .lol Says:

    Dear Roachclip you think awfully highly of yourself. I don’t miss either have several military and civilian awards to show that. As I said point a gun at a cop you die and that would be any country Rebel. Oh and glad to see you are still obsessed with the Iron Order. Department wouldn’t like anyone joining any club IOMC. LE clubs any.

  3. roachclip Says:

    FF and Wolfenlover,
    They have mistaken us for someone all together different.

    Respects, roach.

  4. roachclip Says:

    You are one stupid mother fucker. Let me tell you, I point a gun, I’m not the one that’s going to die. I’ve been shooting since childhood, my grandfathers didn’t miss, my father didn’t miss, my uncles didn’t miss, my brothers don’t miss, my sons don’t miss, and I damn sure don’t miss.


  5. Base Says:

    One more.

    Since when do you need to point a gun at a cop to get shot in this country?

    One of the first thing these gun happy psychopathic cops like to scream is:

    “I was in fear of my life!”

    Also must mention no evidence has been produced that anyone pointed a gun at the cops in Waco or Wack-A-Do what ever your preference.

    That’s because it was either a set up and the plan was to shoot from the get go. Or those in fear of they’re lives taxed payer employed thugs over reacted.

    At this point we don’t know because they are attempting to cover it up!

    Again, stay frosty

  6. Base Says:

    Some People are just sensitive!

    Come hang out with some of my friends, when you start popping off getting out of pocket, you might get a go fuck your self, maybe. Condescension towards another? Most likely you would have to prove your commitment and back that up by a more physical method. Just the way it is!

    People watch SOA & all those biker build off shows that pop up from time to time not understanding this is not pre-K a boys & girls club and the coach is not going to step in and protect you when things warm up. Most scooter folk are a rough and tumble bunch.

    Yes, you could act as some do, get in over your head and call LEO.
    “Come save me, I opened my mouth and can’t back it up, save meeeeeeeee”

    More common today than ever before!

    When you consider there has always been an influx of the PC, metrosexual, hen pecked, I make x amount a year and purchased all the jinga-lot-a’s, because the guy or gal at the stealer-ship said it would make me even look cooler, tougher crowd who have never really had to hold mud again another. Better known as RUBS, even back before that acronym was invented.

    Not saying that reasonable & rational people are not within the MC or Bike culture. I am pretty easy going and could care less where you come from or how much you make or paid for your bike or swag & always willing to engage in some back & forth. There are many along that vein! Many of the commenters here are of that sort, others are a little rougher around the edges and just as soon hand you your ass if you stink eye them or pop off.

    Such is the flavor of life.

    One thing about the Self-righteousness,sanctimoniousness, sententiousness, holier-than-thou I am smarter than you because I went to college crowd, they get “offended” when someone gives it to them raw.

    Yes, yes & yes we know, uneducated heathens blah blah blah.

    Yep, that’s exactly what all the pussies say!

    Head on a swivel y’all, now more than ever. Even you pussies, because when they are done with real men? Your next!

  7. oldskewl Says:

    I can’t believe we sit here on 6/9 and don’t have anymore information from the feds, waco pd or plethora of other fed terrorist involved in this shit.
    They have to talk at some point, their gonna have to answer to some of the lawsuits… It’s mind blowing.

  8. aka rc Says:

    11c_infantry Says: Caretaker Says: oldskewl Says

    “and then you get sand in your vagina because I tell you to go fuck yourself?”
    Are you saying you really think I care if you tell me to go fuck myself?

    If you are referring to the “Martin Niemöller quote (to be honest I’ve lost track among the fuck yous) what I wrote still stands. If it’s something else. Remind me. If it’s regarding the words I use, as I notice there are many references to such, I make no apologies for late in life making a decision to educate myself. But no college degree here so breathe easy.

    “I’ve seen people bitch slapped for continuously running their mouth too much and 30 mins later their right back at it…”

    No virgin here. Have had my ass kicked for standing for what I believe in. I have no shame in that. Though I don’t heal up as well or bounce as good, if standing up for what I believe in, or the right of another to express their belief, involves another ass whipping then so be it.

    As always, thanks for the fuck you’s.

  9. Centurion Says:

    Citizens may have to start arresting cops, prosecutors and judges for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear .lol,

    You fucking moron. Jefferson invented America. Not Hitler. Why don’t you move to Russia. Start the Iron Order chapter there.


  11. oldskewl Says:

    Wolfenlover Says:
    June 8, 2015 at 9:29 am

    @ 11c_infantry, on your post to “aka rc”. Right the fuck on! Comes here & posts his “erudition” in the hopes to impress.(There is a world of difference
    between “book learning” & common sensible knowledge) Does the opposite for me. fuckin’ boring bunch of “Listen to ME! I know’s what’s best fer ya’ll! Just look at how many big words & how many I use to waste Rebel’s band-width with!”

    You know, I knew this was coming and if it weren’t for the all the new posters and the magnitude of the Waco incident it would have happened a week ago.
    Everyone has met ‘that one guy” who get’s on every last nerve and within minutes of entering into a conversation your looking for an escape route to stop the madness.

    You can try and explain to them what the problem is but it doesn’t help. It’s like a sickness…. I’ve seen people bitch slapped for continuously running their mouth too much and 30 mins later their right back at it… Like I said, it’s a sickness.

    Respects to Rebel and the regulars,


  12. Caretaker Says:

    aka rc- Nobody cares. Please shut the fuck up now,ok? You’ve said your piece,now go away and let the real men talk.


  13. 11c_infantry Says:

    aka rc said: “But you start throwing the fuck yous around. Well it’s kinda like your inviting me to stick around.”

    You come on here and your first response to me is rude and condescending, and then you get sand in your vagina because I tell you to go fuck yourself? Then, after reading a dissertation’s worth of your bullshit, you finally admit what you are…a common troll. Well, I guess there’s only one way to deal with you. Ignore on.


    You should still feel free to go fuck yourself.


  14. aka rc Says:

    Amen and

    “There is no doubt in my mind pigs understand club politics and have some douche clowns on payroll that are teaching trainees on the mind game and how effective it is on targeted groups.”

    Hell, used car salesmen have been using many of these techniques for years and you walk a way with a car you thought you decided to buy. Marketing agencies use them. Probably with more success than the military. The news relies on them for ratings and profit. As does media in general. We are all susceptible to the programming. We really need to learn it so we can identify it. Or not.

  15. bcnasty Says:

    It is so easy today to agree with opinions if you like the person and disagree if you do not. Used to be you respected a mans opinion even when you did not agree. Not pointing to any one post in particular just my general observation.We have all had different experiences in life . Some easy , some kick in the balls hard. Some self inflicted and some luck of the draw. Every day of it made us whom we are today and entitled us to our own personal opinion. Shit like WACO makes people angry. When folks are angry the thinking stops and the fight comes to most. There is no doubt in my mind pigs understand club politics and have some douche clowns on payroll that are teaching trainees on the mind game and how effective it is on targeted groups. We all need to realize we are already a dyeing breed. I prefer to go out with the respect for others my sponsor taught me oh so many years ago. When I see situations like this and men die it saddens me. I do not have to like a man to feel for his brothers or loved ones when he dies. Unless he died trying to take my life then all bets are off. I say it is time for all greybeards to come together and figure some type of plan to assure our lifestyle remains free and respectful.I have no answers, just sick of seeing young men dropped into the dirt way to young.

  16. aka rc Says:


    And I understand that Sieg. Though their were one or two commenters that seemed to actually appreciate the info. There are/were some us that felt ABATE of Florida at least And by extension NCOM), was hurting us to the extent that some action needed to be taken. I myself disengaged after a particular goal was achieved. Being engaged cost me much. But I knew it would and that was my choice. So be it.

    When I heard abut WACO, and that it occurred at a COC meeting, every hair on the back of my neck stood up. However I do not have the facts to warrant speculation so I have not done that here re my fears.

    Again I do understand that many, washed their hands of ABATE long ago. That is their choice and I respect it. I also understand that their are many that have no clue re ABATE, NCOM, MRF, and the rest of the alphabet soup and the danger, in my opinion, they pose. This WACO situation stinks on so many levels as to make my stomach turn. And that is what has sucked me back in.

    Trust me, I wish I could just say fuck em and walk away and ignore em. My ol lady wishes it. Some friends wish it. Something in my DNA brings me back every time I see people getting fucked over by virtue of their own powerlessness or lack of knowledge. And though I have no love of the police I am not personally inclined to ignore my perceived culpability of the above mentioned alphabet soup.

    I have a read a number of your posts Sieg and respect your thoughts and input. Thanks

  17. Stevo Says:


    That doesn’t mean the cops in England aren’t cunts, they murdered BP from Windsor while he was in custody and covered it up, and they’ve done the same to many civilians too.


  18. britbiker Says:

    Since 1995 UK cops have shot and killed 33 people, in 2015 US cops have shot and killed 490 so far.Fuck your police really like shooting people don’t they
    and let’s face it they don’t discriminate, they will shoot anyone, sort of equal opportunity killers!

  19. Sieg Says:

    Short and sweet.

    aka rc, I know that I, personally, and most, if not all of the men that I’ve known and ridden with, and I THINK most of the posters here, realized many moons ago that ABATE and such-like other orgs were nothing but dollar-vacuums, and had no relation to the life of a rider, so we stopped supporting them. And I’m talking about in the late seventies, early eighties.

    That may be why no ne particularly cares about the internal politics of the orgs you have been a member of or been in a hassle with.



  20. aka rc Says:

    @phughead, @Wolfenlover

    I think I’ve finally figured out our failure to communicate,

    A. neither of you have read or thought about or understood what I have written or all of the afore mentioned.


    B. though I know how to, i just choose not to begin and end every paragraph with fuck off, fuck you or fuck something or other. But then I am getting older and try to save my fucking for those what deserve it.

    A friend calls me earlier this eve to ask if Im starting another “fuck you ” museum based on the collections I seem to be acquiring here. But bro I tells him, some are just so easy.

    But once again I do thank you for yer kind words. Feel free to practice expressing yourselves eloquently at my expense anytime.

  21. .lol Says:

    Point a gun at a cop you die. It isn’t hard to understand

  22. Wolfenlover Says:

    Phuquehed, don’t think it was YEARS, more like zen-months to me. hehehe This
    ain’t the same douche, but fits in the same closet, where IT should have stayed.
    Fuckers that just KNOW they’ve lived more of life, have a more vivid imagination
    which does not involve reality. Fuck, I been on morphine longer than I can
    recall, but I remember MEN more real than a lot of these GREAT ACADEMICS that show up here with a barge full of impressive college words that profess
    EXPERIENCE! And fuckin’ USE THEM to wastage. They keep trying to IMPRESS
    everybody with what they can type. Fuck A Bunch Of Dumb Shit. They don’t
    realize everybody/anybody can look up the same SHIT they are posting. BUT NO!
    It’s FROM ME! Don’t look, just take my word for it! Fuck you & your waste of
    Rebel’s bandwidth, you non-impressive douche-bags!
    Eh, fuck! Sorry Rebel. Did what I was pissin’ about. Except FTF FTG FTP FTUO
    &fuck you rc&Agent RIP hehehehe

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the REAL regulars

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    Wasn’t there another who showed up several years ago who just loved hearing himself talk? Someone exactly like aka rc? The fucker would ramble on and on and even after most people told him to cut it short since no one wanted (nor did) to read through the page-long diatribes, he still just didn’t ‘get it’ that he was nothing but boring and pompous. Hmmm…just like aka rc.

    Your three paragraphs to say ‘nuh uh!’ as a reply to someone telling you your shit is pompous and boring and wrong, aka rc, doesn’t mean a damned thing. You sit on the fence and say yea and nay but have no fucking backbone to pick a side and stick to it, except to climb your high-horse when someone says something that thrashes your precious politically correct point of view. At least those of us who speak our minds have no regrets, whereas all you seem to be able to do is whine about what we say, in an overly long and boring fashion. You sit there and say you’re all against what the pigs have done, then turn and tell others who say the same or similar that they’re fucked up for saying it because it had something in it that damaged your thin skin and made you cry. Yeah, you *need* people to tell you to fuck off, because no one apparently has in a long time because they can’t get a word in edgewise to do so!

  24. Wolfenlover Says:

    & roachclip, TRUE WORDS written by you,man @ 10:41am today. Enjoyed that
    immensely! “Wind separating the wheat from the chafe” so to speak.
    Will come a time…

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  25. FF Says:


    From your lips to the Gods ears


  26. Wolfenlover Says:

    11c_infantry, guess we’ll see, huh?! “Here’s a wish & a prayer…” IGNORE-ance

    Think that Outlaw MAD1%’s brother was murdered by FEDS, just to torture MAD1%?!
    I wouldn’t put anything past this fuckin’ government, especially since there’s a
    fuckin’ MUDSLIME in the WH! Cocksucker is arming ISIS! Need more people with
    deer-rifles of the 1000yd range. He’s a in-country terrorist, for GOD’S sake!
    And I have been remiss in thanking journalist Ms.? Schmall
    for her integrity. “YOU GO GIRL!” (Ain’t that cool, still?)

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the REAL regulars


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