Pagans Accused In Shooting

March 13, 2009

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March has been a cruel month for bikers in Pennsylvania. It got crueler last night when a civilian was killed at a roadhouse called the Longview Lounge on a road called Greensburg Pike a few miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Previously this month in biker Pennsylvania, members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and the Warlocks Motorcycle Club brawled at the Philly Tattoo Arts Convention in the Sheraton Hotel in center city Philadelphia on March 1st.

Four days later the Commonwealth’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigation and Drug Control served sealed search warrants on a reported “half a dozen” properties associated with the Wilkes Barre Chapter of the Outlaws. Allegedly, some members of that club enjoy the recreational use of methamphetamine.


Wilkes Barre is one six Outlaws chapters in Pennsylvania. Traditionally, Pennsylvania has been home to one major motorcycle club, the Pagans. For many years, the Warlocks Motorcycle Club has co-existed with the Pagans in greater Philadelphia and the Breed Motorcycle Club has also had chapters in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Recently, published reports have indicated that some members of the Warlocks and the Breed have been patching over to the Outlaws.

Everybody feel free to read between the lines.

Still More

That very evening, March 5th, members of the Road Runners Motorcycle Club reportedly got into a bloody brawl with members of the Tenth and Oregon Avenues Benevolent Association. And, there is a certain history between the Tenth and O and some bikers in Philadelphia which may lend some hypothetical, dramatic context to this isolated, March 5th event.

Nine and a half years ago, an alleged associate of the Tenth and O was reported to have shot Steven “Gorilla” Mondevergine, a Pagans chapter President nine times. Mondevergine, as his road name suggests, is a robust man and he survived. And, a wild story subsequently circulated that a couple of years later Mondevergine shot down a Tenth and O associate in broad daylight on a South Philly street corner.

Last Night

Then last night, a man named Albert Kolano seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong state in the wrong month. Kolano of Pittsburgh, 33 and the father of two, seems to have had nothing to do with motorcycle club politics.

Kolano reportedly went to the Longview Lounge with two friends to hear some music and have some drinks. According to multiple published reports he got into an altercation with “15 to 20” men wearing Pagans Motorcycle Club patches inside the bar.

Kolano called his brother and asked him to come to his aide. Someone at the bar also called the police. Reportedly, after his brother arrived, with no police in sight, “four to six Pagans” followed Kolano out of the bar when he tried to leave at about 1:30 am.

Former Cop

According to a report by Michael Hasch in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Kolano was confronted by 35-year-old Bryan Perun. Perun is alleged to be a member of the Pagans. He is also a former Pittsburgh police officer.

Perun was one of three Pittsburgh cops who killed a motorist in October 2001. The shooting was later ruled to be a justifiable homicide. Perun quit the police force in 2004.

Both Kolano and his brother made it out of the bar and got into their vehicles. According to the Tribune-Review, when Kolano’s brother tried to drive away Perun pulled a knife, stabbed a tire and said “You ain’t going nowhere.” Perun then pulled a gun and fired one shot into the ground and another shot at Kolano’s brother. Kolano’s brother was not hit.

As Kolano drove out of the parking lot he passed a Sport Utility Vehicle occupied by John Miller, 56; Nathaniel Robinson, 34, and Kevin Doolin, 43. All three are also reported to be members of the Pagans. Allegedly, Doolin fired two shots at Kolano.

Shot Dead

Kolano drove a short distance before drifting off the road and crashing into a tree. When police approached the vehicle they discovered that Kolano had been shot in the chest. He was taken to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and pronounced dead at 3:11 am.

Doolin, Miller, Robinson and Perun are all charged with conspiracy to commit homicide. Perun is also charged with aggravated assault.

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148 Responses to “Pagans Accused In Shooting”

  1. Philo Says:

    God Damn! LOL


  2. DocB Says:

    Dear sshadow
    I added up all the llittle nnumbers (85) and ffigured out your ccode. You’re really a mmember of the HE club aren’t you

  3. ruffrider Says:


    Get back on your meds


  4. RVN69 Says:

    “sshadow,laurel,MD. Says im not a pagan”

    Then why are you running your cocksucker about what that club should and will do??

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  5. Gringo Says:

    Whats that smell???? oh yeah its just the fuckin computer commandos!!

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear sshadow,

    All due respect, no offense intended, you aren’t actually Koz are you?


  7. sshadow,laurel,MD. Says:

    a new world order is coming in march, cohnan is getting out of prison and he’s going 2 clean house 4 a starter. all m.c.’s that have been fucked with by the hells angles need 2 join 2gether and attack the h.a.m.c. at one time destroy every clubhouse across the u.s.a. take them by surprise burn. blow up, steal them blind, gut them like fishes fuck the h.a. after it’s done then we divide the country up fairly. 2 many pagans got n without commiting a felonly. time 2 go back 2 the old ways and you have 2 commit 3 felons n front of a full patche pagan. even after you do 3 felons this should not get you a full patche. every member young and old get back n shape. cut back on drinking and drugs. keep your head clear and alert for the enemies waits n the dark for the pagans 2 mess up. im not a pagan but i would back them up n a heartbeat. too many pagans just want the colors and not fight. time 2 fight 4 your colors. all 4 1. when shit starts 2 break out stand and fight 4 your brothers. time 2 screen every member very close and kill all u snitches who rat out a pagan. 30 days from now cohan will return & take over and restore new world order. the pain is coming h.a.m.c. your time is near. blood n the air, fire n the sky. lets destroy these h.a.s once and 4 all. power 2 the pagans 4ever.

  8. trish Says:

    Red are you sucking a pagans dick or are you that stupid

  9. red Says:

    if hes dumb enough to start shit with 20 pagans he got what he deserved

  10. teddy Says:

    How old are the pagans,I thought they’d be in a rest home by now,lol,leave the pagans alone they have enough problems shitting in their diapers.I heard they drive mopeheads now,punk ass bitches

  11. sled tramp Says:

    Danny D.-
    Not all of us are “supporters” as you put it.Many of us-including myself-are members.You apparently have some issues which begs the question of why you would be here.For the record,I have family (my club) and kids,rarely show sympathy ,don’t believe in Jesus, and excuses aren’t acceptable.Regarding being heartless,my ex wife would probably agree with you.Have a nice day.

  12. Danny D Says:

    MC’s have no regard for human life. You can say some are good and they have families and kids and cover it up with sympathy , Jesus, and excuses, but when it comes down to it, they are heartless people who will kill on orders or whomever they feel like putting a knife into. True Outlaws or not. Im sure alot of you “Supporters” would be singing a different tune if it was you or your family that was harmed or killed by one of these guys. They dont care about you. Their criminal history is deep and the bodies they leave behind are many.

  13. big carmine Says:

    i like em all they do their thing and i do mine as long as you dont mess with em dont even ride a motorcycle either live and let live if you happen to be in a bar after work and they all come in leave its that simple was down in florida keys once in a bar and there were a couple of whoever playing pool so my friend goes up to them and says could we get next game ? waddaya think there gonna say ? they said no of course so i showed em a little respect and we played a game of pool together i bought the beers problem solved good people just dont put yourself in a situation you cant handle you know they drink and drug they will look for a fight if you start it thell finish it im 6ft 4in but dont have an ego never had a problem with them or the mob but if just if they happen to kill a totally innocent civilian who didnt even provoke them well now thats a totally different story god help anyone if that civilian is my family member there would be no quarter given, bikers, the mob, whomever the village idiot , whomever, whatever that said bless you all and live free

  14. at fuck all pigs Says:

    Shut the fuck up and grow the hell up! Not all police are bad! Suppose you have relatives who are cops. You goin’ to turn against them?

    Think about what I’m telling you.


    Omg oh my butt hurts ! Aw ! I went into another biker club. I don’t like Pagans . Plain & Simple. I knew some who shot up each other under drugs and not under drugs. They got arrested. They will kill each other for no reason.

  16. ROBERT HICK Says:

    Let me guess a pagan posted this to get attention. Oh look everyone they write online like most ppl would. Cowards ! Lmao.

  17. ROBERT HICK Says:

    Omg sorry my name didn’t come up on the 1st.

  18. ROBERT Says:

    Good for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you farted on their bike they would shoot you. I knew one who shot up another pagan in WV. They are idiots.

  19. Anarchy Says:

    someone rewrite that post for me. yo Shyster was that lawyer talk ? lmao

  20. ROBERT Says:

    I use to know this guy and now he runs up his mouth on topix like a pussy lol. He claimed to know the pagans and other biker clubs it was all bull shit lies he made up. He talked trash about them and towards people who knew them. I call people like that a joke and a wannabe. His little whore dog which both by the way are married . Her name is angie lowe still try to bring up more lies of riding with them and blah blah. It’s all bull shit . No one believes them. Brothers of the wheel use to say she rode anything and every biker . She screwed two at a time. I find it so funny that they pretended like they were friends with biker clubs and didn’t fucking have a thing to do with them but angie fucking em and jlo pretending to be a guy who respected them. He never was a friend or rode though as he claimed. I have respect for all bikers ! But I hate pussies and stupid druggie cunts who run their mouth. I am a former biker. [email protected] is my e-mail. LOL everyone found out while talking on a few sites on this topix that joshua aka jlo was just a wannabe. Him and his whore disrespected women who knew Pagans and other biker clubs. But they never rode etc. All talk . Most ppl are all talk now days. Run that mouth now. Here is a message he wrote a while back about them. I know he use to live in Logan WV . His whore is angie lowe. Her son’s name is brandon he likes children. Sick fu**. She defends it. I love eating up that shit some of you talk. You will eat those words one day . Talk all smack behind a computer lol. You wouldn’t say it to somebody’s face.

    Sept 3 2010

    Jlo F*** the Pagans and botw club and all bikers.

  21. fuck all pigs Says:

    x cops should never be allowed into outlaw motorcycle clubs

  22. kevirock Says:

    everyone knows the pagans give the best head in town,bitch ass punks,God I use to love beating their asses back in the day,one time the CO’S in nassua county jail wanted this pagan to get his ass kicked so they threw him in my cell,I made that pagan punk my bitch boy had the little faggot cleaning up the cell making my bed and I use to take his commisary,shit I trained my bitch boy good,he would probaly toss my salad if I was a fag,pagan are dead on long island,that is a fact

  23. shadow of laurel Says:

    the way i see it shit happens, i grew up around pagans out of laurel,md. and always showed respect toward their club and will saddle up beside any of them in the u.s.a. any time look me up. the president of the club is someone i admired as a kid he can jump over cars, even in his older days a sixth degree blackbelt. not a man to fuck with, so fuck all you punks and show some respect to the new president i got two family members who disresped the president and im in search of my president uncle hatchet, new nic name after n.laurel vs. the family of laurel 7 of us vs. about 40 of them i was only 16 at the time and i personaly slised 7 of them uncle hatchet chopped 1 guy before they swarmed him ;it hit front page of laurel leader newspaper 1982 0r 1981 july 1 well im new to computers and take allday typeing for our past history look for my president tim swinghammer out of w.v. now and let him known i need permission to put to of our family members in check for disrespecting the new president of pagans a man i look up to. your friend for life the shadow.

  24. unknown Says:

    zito you are not in any biker club if you were you wouldn’t post something like this on here. I think I busted a few people like you on here and other sites who ran their mouths about botw, pagans and other biker clubs on sites and making claims. You might wanna check out a troll who goes by multiple names logan wv topix omg, wow, angie , angie v, what do you think ! He goes around threating biker clubs on there and other sites. This troll does not have the ballz too go face2face w/ any of them he was asked too meet with them multiple times. He also went around bullying bikerclubs neither does half of them . He has bullied family members & friends of bikers on multiple sites for a year . If you real bikers are brave you wouldn’t come on a computer & fight. Real bikers trace ip’s & go meet em . I see people all the time oh i’m a biker and they fight w/ cowards on the internet. Please ! If you bikers are so brave as you say you are you’ll stop this non-sense but not kill ppl.


  25. unknown Says:

    I use too know the pagans . They have gone down hill.

  26. Jabba Says:

    > BigV – that mental image raised a laugh on a grey snowy morning. You’ve gotta let us know how that works out, maybe some pictures?


  27. BigV Says:

    Rebel, do you suppose you could find time to get the IP address and any other pertinent information on our troll claiming to be Chuck Zito ? Be kinda funny to let Mr. Zito know where the kid lives so he could the young man work through his identity issues.


  28. DevilHead from Vailsburg Says:

    I have known some Pagans I admired and was great friends with,and I knew one that was a piece of garbage.Unfortunatly if you don’t have a patch your opinion doesn’t count.They weeded this member out eventually themselves.Once he was no longer a 1%er I kissed him.I can write this because he is rotting in a hole in the ground in the Jersey Pine Barrens.The doughnut eaters are only as good as their informants.Of course this is all fiction.

  29. chuckzito Says:

    The hells angels rule.. The pagans are just a bunch of old fat hillbillies… I think whenever they have a rally people should all get together and throw big handfulls of dogpoop at them…

  30. Rashomon Says:

    This is, as we say, more than a koala can bear so how about something interesting – Rebel, how goes the book deal – what’s the latest? Is everything working out?



  31. piney Says:

    sounds to me like u should take ur own advise. ur dumb ass remarks are just wat im talking about. u said it best when u said ur to fuckin dumb to understand and u really hurt my feelings by TURNING THE PAGE, im gonna loose sleep over this one


    Get your oranges out of your apple basket and time for me to turn the page .


  33. piney Says:

    u say i dont have to respect you and yours. wouldnt you find the world a little nicer if i held the door for your mom or sister or helped them if they were broke down on the side of a road.good example people in hati havent earned my respect but dose that mean i shouldnt try to help them in their time of need

  34. piney Says:

    just because u dont understand dosent make u dumb.havent u ever kicked someones ass and the next day found that person being more then polite to u,well u took the persons respect and they now know that if they disrespect u again you will kick their ass and because of the ass kicking they now respect the fact that if they do it again they will get their ass kicked. its sad to me to hear u say that all respect is earned and not automatically given.i hope in some way or another that this sheds some light on your ideals that all respect is earned


    I can’t believe I find myself in this moronic conversation talking about if respect has to be earned or taken you don’t have to respect me or mine if I don’t earn it, you just don’t want to disrespect neither . this is the computer world and talking shit is easy so I will stop here . “ RESPECT “ earn it !!!!! I am just to fuking dumb to understand how you’re going to take it .


  36. piney Says:

    everyone deserves a basic type of respect and in this day and age that respect is not shown or given. example giving someone their personal space,holding open a door for someone that is coming in behind you, using your turn signal, letting someone with one item go before you. etc… these types of respect should automatically be given.i do agree that some types of respect do need to be earned and im not saying that taking respect by force is the best answer but i guarantee that i will not have to take that respect from that person ever again. its a hard lesson learned but ive seen disrespectful people respect me and others after someone has TAKEN that respect. people in general have lost this basic respect for themselves and other and i will not be passive and sit idle while others do this to me and the ones i love and care about

  37. piney Says:

    one way or the other, there are many types of respect that everyone deserves and sometimes I TAKE respect by force. u sound u like u get none


    I don’t care if your a biker a boy scout or a parking lot lizard how do you take respect ?

    Respect Steve

  39. piney Says:

    im talking about basic respect for people, pagans dont fuck with anyone who dont fuck with them


    Respect is earned never taken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you can’t earn it don’t expect it

    Respect Steve

  41. piney Says:

    pagans just want the respect and consideration that everyone deserves. the differance is , if they dont get that respect they will take it

  42. rocketeer Says:

    i used to know some pagans never had a bit a problem with them at all id trust anyone of them over a citizen of today.thats my bit

  43. albert kolano will get justice Says:

    funny isnt it! i thought they didnt get a brain! most dont think!

  44. kukubaby Says:

    WOW briker’s can read!

  45. calexpat Says:

    Another case of jingoistic B.S.! Here is a “man” who claims a singular honor and distinction as a gunny. Even I, who admittedly have no great love for the club in question was appalled.

    I had the dubious honor of being a favorite “little sister” to a marine strike team as their designated SAR. Do not claim what you have no right to,and DO NOT speak to your betters as if you do!

    Although not written in stone, here is the standard for being awarded
    Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) – 6 years TIS and 3 years TIG.

    phuq it! Veitnam vet you are a LIAR! No marine who as ever served with honor would denigrate another nor would he claim rank above his/her due! And had you actually served in country you would have recognized RVN69’s moniker. So climb back into your medal of honor fantasy and leave the conversation to the big people.

    respect RVN69

    calexpat (a “little sister”)

  46. Jabba Says:

    “… never even thought about joining myself…”

    With your attitude and obvious ability to lie in the most outrageously stupid manner, I couldn’t imagine a club that’d let you get past hangaround.

    You know anything about any MC anywhere, and you know that two things that piss anybody off more than almost anything else, are disrespect and dishonesty – in fact, the latter pretty much guarantees the former.

    You lie to someone, by definition you have little respect for them, or even yourself. Not to mention the kind of inferred lack of respect… or the specific…

    I suggest you explain your ideas on club brotherhood to the next Pagan, Mongol, Outlaw, Highwayman… you come to and see how far you get.

    Good luck with that.

    Write us from hospital.

    You come on here and post such total bollocks, you’re showing our host and his readership that same lack of respect.

    I get very tired of this kind of prick.

    Going to do my exercises now, the one-handed J. Daniels lift with the prescription morphine twist.

    Jabba – Respect is that which has to be given or earned in order to be received.

  47. DocB Says:

    veitnam vet lost me when he claimed GY SGT in 4 years. I guess anything’s possible but…………………

    The rest is probably fantasy toooooooooo

  48. shootfirst83 Says:

    Hey Big Dog,
    So let me get this straight. A guy comes on here and calls your club bullshit and you say you respect him? There’s no way you’re a Pagan. It’s funny that your handle has the same link in it as veitnam vet. I’m willing to bet that if rebel looked at your ip and veitnam vet’s ip it would be the same. I call bullshit.

    Respects to the Pagan nation.

  49. Big Dog PMC Says:

    Hey,Pat I just read your post We all know you are one crazy m—-f—r and respect your straightup tude bro.I failed a few spelling tests myself but it is ok here bro.Hey some of us made some mistakes we aint always right.You and rnv69 need to take your vietnam stuff out on the gov. for not doing enough for all.Hey see you on the run in NOV. TRY AND KEEP IT LOW BRO TO Rnv69 YOU NEED TO KNOW HIM TO KNOW HE TALKS KNOW BULLSHIT it is what it is.We can handle the opinions from one warrior to another. and give me some of the meds I could use a freebee Big dog

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