Waco Day Twenty

June 5, 2015

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Waco Day Twenty

One hundred thirty defendants, rounded up in the mass arrests that followed the Waco Massacre, remain in custody in the McLennan County Jail today. They are all charged with “engaging in organized criminal activity” and during their initial hearings they were all assigned bonds of $1 million.

Forty-seven defendants have bailed out in the last three weeks. The bail amounts are wildly inconsistent for defendants who are all charged with the same crime – which is, except for the Texas style rhetoric, murder on behalf of a street gang.

Three defendants have posted bonds of $1 million; two had to post $250,000; one was released for a price of $200,000; fourteen defendants were forced to post $100,000; twenty-five defendants got out of jail after posting bonds of $25,000; and two had their bails reduced to $15,000. The bonds total $5.755 million and represent a windfall to bail bondsmen of $575,500.

Texas officials have not offered an explanation for the disparity in bond amounts. Interested observers are forced to guess.


Meanwhile, Austin attorney Keith S. Hampton has petitioned the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to intervene in the Waco mess. Hampton told Philip Jankowski of the Austin American-Statesman, “If the county gets deluged with arrests it has a duty to assign judges to handle the backlog and is supposed to do it without delay.”

Hampton does not represent any of the defendants in the Waco case. He is simply frustrated and puzzled by the course of justice in Waco.

His petition asks the appeals court to order Third Administrative Judicial Region Presiding Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield (photo above) to start appointing judges from outside McLennan County to hear the bond reduction requests. The Third Region comprises the courts in 26 Texas counties. Among Stubblefield’s primary duties is “to assign visiting judges to hold court when necessary to dispose of accumulated business in the region.”

Nice Jail

Finally, The Associated Press reports that “an inspector from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards showed up unannounced at the McLennan County Jail and adjacent Jack Harwell Detention Center after more than three dozen online complaints were received from suspects jailed after the May 17 shootout at a Waco Twin Peaks restaurant.”

According to the AP, “no issues related to minimum jail standards were discovered.


32 Responses to “Waco Day Twenty”

  1. Jake Says:

    What you supposed to do? Grass yourself up? Only in America.

  2. Va.Bob Says:

    [email protected]’m not a fan of Jesse Jackson, either.But I’m sure that he attended the University of Illinois, then transferred to North Carolina A &T.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Thanks Rebel for believing in us

  4. Andrew Says:

    I was there at the shootout, and I can tell you that it was not as the police said and my brothers and I had no idea that there was going to be any trouble. We didn’t even have a pocket knife in the car or on us. Yet we got a one million dollar bond and spent three weeks in jail. Since when is it a crime to be in a club. Since when are Americans guilty until proven innocent! I can see why people have no respect for police or elected officials. I lost a60 thousand a year job, and am behind on my bills and am finding it hard to get re hired because my name and photo all say I am a gang member involved in people getting murdered…. This should be a crime and the officers and DA should get a million dollar bond and seed how it feels. I’m really disappoint in the legal system and or rights that good men and women have given their lives to keep.

  5. The Kraut Says:

    Sieg, Freundlichen Worte Sir! Ich danke dir.

    (Your words are kind…thank you sir)


    The Kraut

  6. Sieg Says:

    Well shit…Kraut just wrote my post. danke sehr, Kamerad.


  7. FF Says:

    For blacks, it isnt about the constitution or civil rights or voting and never was; its always been about shaking whitey down for money and thats all it ever will be for them.

    MLK got everything he said he wanted, voting right act signed in 65 and civil right act in 68 but all riots happened after that and the violence continues in perpetuity.

    Jesse jackson smeared MLKs blood on himself and held a press conference declaring himself the new version leader. This is common knowledge. So is the fact that he never went to college. But say the truth in front 8f blacks about this despicable man and you will be threatened and called names.

    Can you imagine if some biker or motorcycle enthusiast pulled a stunt like that?

    He would be a pariah.

    WE ARE DIFFERENT. just leave it alone.

  8. The Kraut Says:

    @aka rc….Your reasoning is sound but your expectations will clash with the reality that water seeks its own level.

    Americas black people far outnumber those who for the lack of a clearer definition are best described as ‘niggers’.

    I once lived in a house in the LA harbor area (San Pedro)…My brother and I were bikers and couldnt help notice we were the sole white people on our block…while talking with neighbors, I brought it up that we were somewhat out of place.

    My then neighbors reply to me was: “Hell, you aint white…you’re bikers”

    Most of the worthless white rednecked trash I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure to meet are the white skinned equivalent of what is best defined as “nigger”.

    Bikers are a true minority in this nation…and biker doesnt mean all who ride motorcycles…

    Respects to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    aka rc “But then some who are insecure in their own identity can never resist the opportunity to, in a delusionary manner, treat those different than themselves in a substandard manner. Many of them grow up to be cops.”

    Translation: Please, sing kumbafuckingya with me and all hold hands. You’re all hurting my feewings and I don’t wike it and think you should all stop your beliefs and ways. I say so, thus it makes it righter than the rest of you.

  10. FF Says:

    @aka rc

    The fact is if most of whitey wasnt so cowtowed by pc and wernt cop ballwashers, we wouldnt need blacks. As it stands now the few white people who see whats going on wont get any mileage siding with blacks….

    They will turn on you faster than a camel humper.

  11. CH Says:

    @ aka rc …………

    been there, done that & still there & doing that!

    @ roachclip………..


  12. roachclip Says:

    Amen. We took our licks and kept on keeping on. No whineing, no sniveling. That’s the life we chose and I’m to old to change now. Same beard, same ponytail, same bikes.

    Respects, roach.

  13. EclecticAK Says:

    @aka rc; I know just what yer talkin’ about…. back in the mid 1970’s had my civil rights gleefully trampled upon by the finest goon squads of Bakersfield CA, Reno NV and Corpus Christi TX……

  14. Brad Milch Says:

    @aka rc

    My parents were from Beaumont. A bigger Waco. One would never guess George Jones & Harry James came from that big oil gusher area, for sure (lol). It used to be a hub for a lot of French & Italian people mixed in with Andy Griffith & a lot of blacks in that area of Big T.

    I forgot to mention to bikers contemplating staying in Waco that the ‘regulars’ at motels (the ones that are always there, day to day, week to week, month to month) have keys to the rooms. It’ll usually be them or the maid that scopes out your belongings & rips you off. Weapons & drugs can be easily stashed in your room when you drive off to shop or eat. Don’t leave any cash or pawnable items in your rooms when you leave. The longer you stay at the motels & the ‘regulars’ scoping you out don’t figure you as the law, the more they will try to lure you into what their world is all about. They can have it & keep it all to themselves.

    People I encountered in Waco impressed me as quick to judge visitors. I tried to rent a U-Haul & the lady manager asked me to leave before I could get a word out. She thought I was a salesman. She had a lot full of trucks but seems I picked the day they all were down for maintenance.

    I can identify with bikers. I know the abuse they go through from selfish, mean & evil people who don’t like their looks that didn’t like mine.

    I’m grateful to Rebel for posting this so others can see what they’re riding into before they find themselves more Waco victims.

    Best of luck to you in your ridin’ journeys […salute…]

  15. WheresMyBoots Says:

    This is the worst treatment of U.S. citizens in…well, a while anyway. The radio traffic is weird, and three times someone is told to ‘go over to B’ or ‘go over to F’ – most likely other, scrambled frequencies (listening close with an earpiece you can hear bleedover from what is most likely those channels – not much can be derived, but it is clear that it is radio traffic at the scene of this grisly mess) – sometime someone is going to subpoena the tapes and that, coupled with the video, will paint what is probably an even worse picture than anyone already believes.
    After 19 minutes the dispatcher (who I can’t believe didn’t quit right there) is told it will be 30 minutes for SWAT to get to the hospital they are still getting ready. If that’s the case – who the fuck was at Twin Peaks?
    The pictures of the two guys next to the bikes who were either mounted or just got on or off should be plastered all over the media. The scenes in the photos are ugly, and that is putting it mildly.
    I wouldn’t go near Texas on a fucking Vespa, on a large sum bet.
    The mainstream media is smelling cop/judicial bullshit though – and they are starting to circle.
    Nice job Rebel.

  16. aka rc Says:

    @ Brad milch

    Not sure who your post is aimed at really, I suspect someone else. However I had to laugh recollecting a night spent in a motel in Beaumont, TX. You described it perfectly. Even had bullet proof window at the cashiers desk. We were exhausted and decided to make the best of it. The best of it was, I told my lady get some sleep while I sat at the window with a pistol keeping watch over our stuff.

    But then outside of Sweetwater, Texas, while on my way back from NM in my Tattoo van I was pulled over. Knew it was going to happen. He was passing me, I saw him look over, saw the tattoo’s and piercing sign on the window, dropped back and pulled me. Said I crossed the white line (breakdown lane) and that was against the law in Texas. Proceeded to tearing van apart. Throwing inks everywhere. Even tore photos out of my albums and threw them everywhere. After having his fun and destroying much he let me go. But then since I had done nothing, including not crossing the white freaking line…………..

    Stopped in a Texas desert about 30 miles from nowhere on the way to Cali to sling ink at a hellacious mexican party (I’m Irish, red hair and beard) legitimately as I was speeding. They quizzed my lady as to why she had prescription medicine (um because they were prescribed maybe), Why she has certain types of jewelry and why was it so nice (she has good taste maybe). Took my gun. Tried to keep clip when they gave it back. Spooky feeling in the middle of the desert when your being held by those sworn to uphold the law and your thinking you will be lucky to leave alive.

    Keep in mind these instances occurred years ago.

    But in these cases I consider Texas a Microcosm of the current state of affairs across the country. Was profiled and pulled so many times in Florida panhandle finally contacted an attorney. He was like yeah your right. But if you try to do anything about it, it will get worse.

    None of this stuff is new. It, and worse (I could share some of the worst, but no way Jose lol), has been going on for years. It is just that now, with 24/7 news coverage and cell phone cameras everywhere it comes to light more often.

    Thanks to the innocence project how many innocent people are we learning have been held in jail for years because they were guilty of nothing more than not being able to afford a decent attorney.

    After the Kent Ohio shooting many of the the so called activists went back to school got their MBA’s and settled for BMW’s. I see no reason for that to change now as evidenced by the lack of response from the so called Motorcycle rights activists.

    My suspicion, there are a number who frequent this site that have many of the same, if not worse, stories.

  17. aka rc Says:

    Old Goat:

    “What an apathetic white citizenry. Niggers riot en masse and police let it slide. I could only imagine what would happen if whites rioted in Waco and started burning and destroying everything in site.

    And of course this sort of verbiage will go a long ways toward uniting the various oppressed classes of people in Amerika who suffer from totalitarian power run rampant. To the extent that gestapo can, stop, detain, search, beat, shoot, kill innocent “individuals” for no other reason than, they can, and in some instances enjoy it (Google cop pepper spraying protestors during Occupy).

    Never mind that this is exactly what the moneyed and powerful (and no I am not talking about politicians as there is no difference between Republican and Democrat other than who they sell themselves to ) want, a divided people who will fight amongst themselves as opposed to focusing on the REAL ENEMY! United we stand, divided we fail, fall, lose and suffer the fate of serfdom.

    Slave masters of the past banned books for a reason. Ignorance breeds submission. Knowledge breeds rebellion.

    Of course this is Amerika and people are allowed to express their opinions. As it should be.

    And I will always support that right. Even if the expression makes me cringe knowing it will make the fight for freedom that much more difficult.

    But then some who are insecure in their own identity can never resist the opportunity to, in a delusionary manner, treat those different than themselves in a substandard manner. Many of them grow up to be cops.

  18. roachclip Says:

    That has always been one of my favorite rides, west of Trinidad, through Weston and Cuchara. There are a few roadside plaques about the strike as I recall. That’s the first time I’ve heard the haunting voice of Woody Guthrie sing that tune. Amazing.

    Respects, roach.

  19. Pastorius Says:

    Rebel, this story claims the Judge, who assigned the bail to the defendants, was not a Judge, but a Justice of the Peace.

    Is this true?

    I have not read this claim here, or anywhere else (though I do not have time to read every post thoroughly.


  20. fatboy02 Says:

    Stubblefeild is not biker friendly at all . He shut down a biker bar in liberty hill called Handelbars because a neighbor hood watch group that lived close to it complained. It was totally ridiculous This is an up hill battle with these good ole boys legal system. You wont get any sympathy from Wilco that is for sure

  21. Brad Milch Says:

    @aka rc

    FWIW, I can give you a personal insight of what Waco’s all about from having broken down on the road & being stranded there for a period of time a few years back.

    Everything there is territorial. Everything. If you ride the bus while without wheels, the blacks don’t like it because the bus belongs to them. If you walk to & from the grocery store the cops will pull up & ask to see ID & want to know who you are, where you live & why you are walking down THEIR sidewalks. People that live in the houses I passed while walking were the ones that called out the law on me. The law advised me to use the bus or taxi & drop the walking thru neighborhoods.

    If you stay in the more affordable motels on a weekly basis, that motel belongs to the hookers, pimps, crackhead users & suppliers that dwell there day to day, night to night. Drugs are dropped off by rednecks driving new pickups pretending to ‘look at the room before paying’ that drive off & the room is looked at again & again. If you’re in the room next to a drop off room the ‘lookers’ make so much noise you can’t sleep. They like to blast the TV volume because they think it blocks out electronic eavesdropping. You won’t be able to sleep. A lot of the clientele at Waco motels spend their days begging money from motorists exiting I-35 or at intersections with stoplights inside the city.

    The Waco shelter belongs to blacks, Hispanics & redneck crackheads. If you can take it for a week you’re a better man than I was. Don’t go there if you have cigarettes or an appearance of having a steady income if you don’t want to be mooched off of or threatened for not buying crack or booze for the regulars.

    Hispanics were considered lower than the blacks when I was there. I looked enough like Hispanic to easily fool Wacoites & learned the hard way of that town’s prejudice. If you read the online Waco news on a regular basis, you’ll notice that the majority of the people busted in Waco are Hispanic, followed by blacks. How a Hispanic became D.A. of McLennan county is a shock in itself. It’s been quite obvious these last 3 weeks that the D.A. is not shy about serving up his chorizo to county residents & visitors.

    Although there are a lot of churches in Waco, the people I bumped into were far from choirboys. Bestiality is popular among the really sickos.

    The people I encountered are probably still in Waco. If I had been a biker in a MC club & it was suggested to meet for a legitimate purpose in Waco I would have shared what I’m sharing here & suggested meeting on someone’s private property (with their permission, of course) as far away from Waco as practical. I’d even suggest sharing ‘lookout’ duties just in case any of the scum followed us.

    Hope this helps give you an accurate portrait of Waco as based on what I saw when I briefly was stranded & stuck there.

  22. Spectator Says:

    Looks like the video footage was being discussed in the courtroom. Not that I can blindly believe the lying bastards but they said Cossacks were readying their weapons on the patio, lying in wait, then hurdled over the fence to ambush the arriving Bandidos. Either way, I can’t fuckin wait to see what the footage shows and I hope the innocent are released soon and compensated handsomely.


  23. Jj Says:

    So the Feds release videotape of the knife-wielding alleged Isil wannabe in Boston to his family and Muslim community leaders the day after he was shot and killed by cops (who claimed they just wanted to have a lil chat with him about his head-chopping plans) to prove to his family that the feds didn’t shoot him in the back while he was chatting on his cell yet after 20 days Waco & Feds release NADA.

    What’s wrong with this picture?!

  24. Ol' Goat Says:

    What an apathetic white citizenry. Niggers riot en masse and police let it slide. I could only imagine what would happen if whites rioted in Waco and started burning and destroying everything in site. Fuck Waco. It needs to burn, the whole fucking town needs to burn. ….O, and fuck you Mr alphabet soup fuck reading this. Come get me, and bring your blue bonneted friends with you.

  25. Paladin Says:

    When one strolls the midway of the pathetic carnival that has become Waco, one is struck by the glaring absence of an official statement or news conference from Waco’s Chief of Police Brent Stroman. Even in the jaded world that is El Lay, the execution of nine and the immediate, blanket incarceration of many would prompt El Lay’s Chief of Police or County Sheriff to get ahead of the curve by holding a press conference. For Waco’s Chief of Police to not at least give the appearance of being in charge and to continually allow the side show barker Swanton to run his mouth is political suicide.

    I’m of the belief that the prior statements, actions and the total lack of common sense displayed by Peterson, Reyna and the lackluster leadership of Stroman will find all three among the ranks of the unemployable.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  26. aka rc Says:


    “As for the DA whining about not getting any cooperation from the detained”

    And is it the assumption of the DA that those he is tasked with charging, indicting, assisting in prosecuting are supposed to fall all over themselves to make his job easier violating their own 5th amendment rights. Is that not why defendants obtain “defense attorneys.”

    Poor D.A. , suffering from the delusion that those charged should not rely on their own legal representative. But trust him instead. Do these Waco officials have any legal background and.or knowledge.

    Whoops, my bad. Asked and answered since day one.

    I guess we can be thankful that Texas officials have determined that the jail can at least pat itself on the back for being able to meet “minimum” standards. One deviation above substandard.

    Ifi were not so tragic it would be a broadway comedy.

  27. jmac Says:

    History repeating it,s self




  28. pissedintx Says:


    Interesting use of pictures to show leo positioning and firing.

  29. Wolfenlover Says:

    Maybe ISIS will swoop down on all these “GOD-LESS” bastards that have contrived
    this travesty of justice! SOMETHING needs to happen to these brain-damaged
    MO-FO’s in charge! HOW the fuck did they get there?! The people voting them in
    are MORE STUPID than those running?! OBVIOUSLY!
    I’m at such a loss to understand.

  30. EclecticAK Says:

    As for the DA whining about not getting any cooperation from the detained….. “Omerta”

  31. Wrangler Says:

    “Texas officials have not offered a explanation for the disparity in bond amounts”. What a fucking surprise that is. This hot mess is so fucked up. Respects to those still incarcerated in hell. I hope they will all be freed soon to get on with their lives.


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