Waco So Far

June 4, 2015

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Waco So Far

It has been 19 days since the worst episode of “biker violence“ in the history of the United States.

There were no homicides at Hollister in 1947 or at two “motorcycle riots” in Riverside, California in the ensuing year. There were three homicides in Harrah’s Casino during the Laughlin Riot in 2002. There was one homicide in the Sparks Shootout in 2011. There were nine homicides in the Waco Massacre on May 17 and although the police might not have killed all nine or shot 17 more they have been acting like they did ever since.

Waco police immediately sealed the entire shopping center, the Central Texas Market Place, in which the homicides and other injuries occurred and kept it closed for 72 hours while all evidence and possible evidence – including an unknown number of private cars, trucks and motorcycles – was removed and hidden. Police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton immediately tried to panic the nation into blind acquiescence with a storyline that made Tom Laughlin’s The Born Losers look thoughtful and subtle.

One hundred seventy-six people were arrested with the probable cause that they were bikers so they probably caused the deaths and injuries. Effectively, small town officials in Waco were given carte blanche to ruin the lives of scores of completely innocent people.

Habeas Corpus

Waco is not a murder story. Waco is first and foremost an example of how easily Americans can be denied fundamental human rights. Secondly, it illustrates how uninterested most of America is in the fundamental human rights of their fellow citizens. There is no national outcry over the falsely imprisoned. The President has not heard of it. Neither has Hillary Clinton.

It is particularly ironic that all this is happening so close to the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta which established the basic right of all the English speaking peoples of habeas corpus – which can be broadly defined to mean that a free man cannot be imprisoned without a formal statement of specifically what he did and to whom. Waco has repealed habeas corpus.

Yesterday, Waco also repealed the Texas Public Information Act which is intended to provide the public with basic information about police and other governmental affairs: Like for example, the unredacted front page of all police reports. Yesterday, 18 days after the massacre that sent the nation and most of the Western World into a panic, the Waco police released 19 random pages, including one mostly blank page, after repeated requests by local and national news media. In a formal request for the Texas Attorney General’s permission to break the law, an assistant Waco city attorney wrote, “The need to withhold the information pertaining to an open and pending case in order to deal with the detection, investigation, and/or prosecution of a crime is a compelling reason for nondisclosure.”

Oh Look!

The world is fascinated by Waco. Jessica Chermayeff, a producer on the Lisa Ling television show This Is Life, has been chasing the human interest angle of Waco as sharks chase chum. “We were lucky enough to witness from afar Manny/Candyman’s funeral in Dallas and the incredible support shown for his family by hundreds and hundreds of bikers,” she confides. “I can honestly say that we were moved by this type of community. We met a Mongol and a Hells Angel that traveled all the way there and the experience energized us even further to try and pursue an in-depth perspective of life in a 1%er club today. We also learned just how badly they have been burned by the media, especially the news on CNN and others.” Ling, recently a regular on ABCs The View, wants to get “the Waco story right” by talking to motorcycle outlaws and their wives. It is, at least, a non-stereotypical take.

What the world is usually most fascinated by, what the world has always been fascinated by, is biker violence and biker freedom. “They inhabit a world in which violence is as common as spilled beer,” Hunter Thompson advised a half century ago.

Then there was Altamont. There was one homicide at Altamont and the world went nuts. It’s so interesting when people die.

People want to live through bikers because the world is ever less free, and social orthodoxy is ever more strict, and in the public imagination bikers get to do whatever they damn please. Simultaneously, millions of Walter Mittys want to pose on gleaming Harleys, break bottles over their boss’s heads, take women on pool tables and lock the Sons of Anarchy up and throw away the key.

Mad Max

“In 34 years of law enforcement, this is the worst crime scene, the most violent crime scene that I’ve ever been involved in,” Swanton said the day of the massacre. “Dead people are still there. There’s blood everywhere. We will probably approach the number of 100 weapons that we’ve recovered.”

The next week a thousand news outlets warned that bikers armed with “grenades and C4 explosives,” had ordered “hits” against “high-ranking law enforcement officials and their families.” Bikers were planning to detonate “car bombs” and “run over officers at traffic stops” The news outlets learned of the coming violence from the Texas Department of Public Safety which got its inside knowledge from a member of the “Black Widows motorcycle gang.”

Of course. How could all of that not be true? It is just the way so many frightened people imagine the world as we know it will end. That’s why Waco has been forced to destroy the law in order to preserve order. It is Waco’s inevitable destiny. Without heroes like Swanton and the rest of the Waco PD, bands of savage bikers may soon be roaming the desert wastelands in search of virgins and tasty young pets and children and spare parts and gasoline.

The horror! The horror! Exterminate all the brutes!


37 Responses to “Waco So Far”

  1. Irish Says:

    It’s not Abate or NCOM’s responsibility to be heard, it’s ours, the patch holders! We need to speak up! Shout! Be Heard! The only way we will survive is to work together. We need to be our advocates, not rely on MRO’s to speak for us. Join the Defenders. Join the Motorcycle Profiling Project. Scream at your politicians!
    Sorry for the rant. This has been eating me up for weeks now.
    Rebel, thank you for your continued coverage.

  2. Rose Cornelius Says:

    Some people haven’t figured out how many people find their news on the internet and on blogs because traditional media just doesn’t cover what we want to know. It is much harder to cover things up today.
    My oldest son was one of those shot (thankfully, not killed) in Waco. I am not a biker, but every time someone’s rights are trampled on, it gets closer to me. And this time, it is way too close!

  3. ElleElle Says:

    Don’t you just love tyranny in all of its forms? We are still a young and dumb country, right?

    “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it. Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    Patrick Henry-1775.

    “I ask, gentlemen-sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose is not to force us to submission? Can gentleman assign any other possible motive for it?”…””Millions of people…armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country that we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us”-Patrick Henry-1775.

    “The Pioneers of a warless world are the young men who refuse military service”. Albert Einstein.

    Bubble headed bleach blondes telling the truthful stories about any of this? Weekend warriors are always top notch. They tend to wreck many of our homes.

    Rebel, thanks for perspective. It’s just as freeing as all the rest of this.

  4. jj solari Says:

    ah, yes, the writ of habeas corpus. the piece of paper you allegedly need to have in tow in order to make an arrest legal. because no one wants to live in a land where illegal arrests can be made. how dare they corral americans into a pen without the proper paperwork? you know, a lot of people died so that secretaries and paralegals could find jobs preparing writs of habeas corpuses to hand to judges to sign or give to the janitor to sign or give to a signing machine to sign them or give to mr rogers to sign so that mr rogers can go to an even higher place in heaven: the important thing is that they – the writs of labia porpoise – need to be present, in the room, on the table, in a briefcase under a table, on the drink-surface of a saloon, it doesnt really matter its location ladies and gentlemen all that matters is that it exist and that it is specific about which apprehension is underway and that it specifies which statue, law, tradition, color code, dress code, bar code, zip code, crackerjack code has been violated, ignored, disobeyed, skirted-around, sublimated to one’s own free will, scoffed at, laughed at, treated with disrespect and otherwise not suitably honored and adored. so, yes, where is, or are, the writs or writs or Ritz of Caveat Emptor in this case? I do not see any. I see lots of cops, lots of judges, lots of attorneys, but no Schlitz. No Schlitz of Garrulous Dorfus. And you know that the only reason we are fortunate enough to live in a land where Wrists of Corpus Delecti reign supreme unless ignored?….it is because of the Magna Carta. Yes, the Magnum P.I Jimmy Carter was signed aboard the HMS Assfuck in England in 14 Thousand BC so that people could not be arrested without duly authorized dooty being first excreted from the magisterial bum of the Sheriff of Nottingham. “Before you can arrest me you must tell me why you are arresting me Sir!” this was the haughty and lusty cry from the holy land of Mother England once the evil landowners and landlords saw the might and majesty of the Magma Crater staring them in the face, its ink not even yet dry. “How can we stand and fight against this?” a terrified King John gasped at his henchmen and gay guards of honor as the Magi Garters were waved in front of them. “We are undone” was the unified, whispered surrender of the lords and ladies to this new Power of the People! “We must tell them first why we are arresting them” an emotionally pummeled and spiritually exhausted King John whispered weakly as he crawled along the floor of the castle, seeking to find a drop of water oozing down the rocks of the walls that he might drink and regain his strength. And so thus it is today we have the Pile’oShit o’ Cumulo Nimbus Writus Magnus Opus Rope-a-Dopus to guide us onward into the future of justice for all: “No arrest shall be made without paperwork!” And of course from that has evolved by far the most advanced progress toward human liberty every yet devised – can we take off our hats? – the Miranda Rights! The right to remain silent while being arrested under a writ of Coati Mundi as handed down to us from the Magnorticus Carniverous, signed so very long ago aboard a ship bound for Catalina where the dolphins play and the goats gambol gaily: the Rights of Miranda, the sacred and sanctified honorable and Worshipful Masterful right to go quietly. “Yes, I will go to my prison cell and piss there in my shoe in lieu….”piss in my shoe and skip to my lou”……sorry….. I will go to my cell quietly as guaranteed to me by the Constitution and duly interpreted as a living document to give to me the right of silence! I shall not speak as you drag me away. I know my rights, sir. I know my rights. In silence I will go to prison and have my life forever ruined and I will laugh as you try and make me relinquish my silence. Proudly and defiantly I will pout and grit my teeth and make no sound. It is my right. The Magical Garter and the Writ of Attainder Domesticus Coatimundi and my Carmen Miranda Rights; these I clutch jealously to my bosom in my little cell of steel and cement and part of a toilet. The last laugh is mine, yes, the last laugh is mine and I will laugh my laugh in SILENCE, as is my right!

  5. David Baldwin Says:

    The Nation doesn’t know about the Waco Massacre because it’s not in the news. I haven’t seen a single news article about it since May 18th, except at The Aging Rebel. I have biker friends in California that hadn’t heard about it till I called them last week.

    I’ve contacted all the local News agencies where I live, to get them to report on it, without response.

  6. Cowboy Dan Says:

    “I believe the Waco Massacre will have the international coverage it deserves. Hopefully, legal discovery will force the release of that video.”

    I was talking to a couple of young men last night who are planning a trip to Ireland soon. I told them if they have any Irish in them at all, one of their first stops should be Kilmainham Gaol. It will boil their blood when they take the tour.

    April 24, 1916, a few thousand Irish patriots rose up against their British masters. They fought hard for almost a week, but eventually surrendered rather than be massacred. Public opinion was against them for the large part, but then something happened.

    The Brits convicted the leaders of the Rising of treason and other assorted charges. Not a big deal.

    The big deal was when they lined them up against the wall at Kilmainham and shot them. One, James Connolly, was badly wounded in the fighting. He was dragged from his cell and tied to a chair in the jailyard. They shot dead a man who couldn’t stand to face his executioners.

    It didn’t take long for the tide of public opinion to shift. British rule in the lower 26 counties was done within about five years, two years of relative calm followed by the Irish Revolution.

    At least those seven men had trials of a sort. The Waco nine had NO trials whatever. The more I learn about this massacre, the madder I get. I’m not a biker, but I used to hang with bikers. They’re more fun to drink with than a lot of folks. It’s about time to hit the streets. I’m a long way from Waco, but we still can make noise and let them know we strongly disapprove.

  7. david Says:

    Rebel, Hitlery Clinton WAS the U.S. president at the time of Waco No.1,sure wasn’t blue dress stain Billy.

  8. david Says:

    At the BATF/FBI/U.S.ARMY murder of 86 U.S. Citizens outside of Waco in 1993, the fascist murderers destroyed ALL crime scene evidence. TX Ranger statement after Waco 1, “Never in all my life have I seen such total destruction of a crime scene by ‘law-enforcement agencies'”.

    Has not occurred so far, BATF/FBI/WACOPD,SWAT, in all likelihood, will destroy the entire restaurant to cover the evidence contained in the walls and other parts of the structure. As one commenter has stated, someone, anyone, needs to take photos of the outside walls of Twin Peaks, while they’re still standing.

    Nazi fascists are known by their actions. “Nazi is as Nazi does”. So far, everything the State and Federal government agents HAVE done, has been in true tyrannical, totalitarian form.

  9. Demon.xxx Says:

    A couple notes, a cosssak killed “bear” patched over from a le club named southern dawgs. Can anyone get any details on that?

    A cossack killed, “boyett” who had a son, also a cossack, was killed in front of his son, the son now being a protected witness working with police.

  10. Jonathan Says:

    Hello there.

    Long time listener, first time caller. Just wanted you all to know that – and this is an interesting fact – the various US Police Departments are not required to provide a record of who they have killed.

    Essentially, nobody in authority is bothering to keep count of how many folks, innocent or guilty, are killed by those charged with Serving & Protecting the people.

    But, never fear, a British newspaper is doing it for you. Not only this, but they’re giving them names, and stories, and families:


    …473 so far this year, as of right now (not including those at Waco because, of course, they’re not releasing any info, ballistics tests etc.).

  11. Demon.xxx Says:

    CH, it might have worked, then they found out the plan was to kidnap a monkey, they got scared, threw their colors on the ground, sold their bikes, and promised to watch sports instead of larping in biker world

    Larping is where you dress up in a costume and play, like pirate festavals, medieval knights, that kinda crap,

  12. TXN Says:

    First time poster here. In the interest of full disclosure, I do not ride and am more of an establishment-type. However, I share your concern with the erosion of Constitutional rights and the militarization of local police departments. Continued military-style training and military equipment have created local domestic armies. I find the attack on the 8th amendment by requiring excessive bail for innocent bystanders particularly unsettling.

    Many on this board have commented on the lack of coverage of the Waco Massacre by national news organizations. In my professional opinion, it will take video to get the coverage this event deserves. We live in a time when most Americans get their news from 10 second soundbites and cellphone videos. Issues have been dumbed down so that Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashian clan dominate the news.

    It is extremely important that video is released, which is why the Waco PD is holding on to it so tightly and playing fast and loose with Texas Open Records requests.

    If a video is released that shows police firing automatic weapons into a crowd of unarmed civilians who posed no direct threat to the police, I believe the Waco Massacre will have the international coverage it deserves. Hopefully, legal discovery will force the release of that video.

    Bikers are not alone in this matter. It affects us all.

  13. CH Says:

    @ aka rc……….
    Well I’m one you have not made mad.
    As far as I’m concerned – yer preaching to the choir.

  14. aka rc Says:


    “I don’t know if they just don’t give a shit about dirty bikers or if they just don’t generally give a shit about much at all.”

    Was a time when the only runs I was aware of were when a brother went down, went to jail or suffered some other tragedy, folk gathered to help raise funds to HELP.

    Now every po dunk charity ever invented including but not limited, in my county, the local Dog Pound relies on and begs Bikers to have a poker run to raise money. Some even do it without the help of Bikers knowing, just throw it and they will come. And come by the hundreds they will (unless it rains, bikers don’t ride in the rain. Not on purpose anyway). Never mind that you will not be invited to dinner at the local fund raisers home. Never mind that you are probably not even wanted at their place of business. Never mind that such robs from the resources available for the downed biker or his/her family. We all go and pat each other on the back for doing a good deed while other brothers and sisters suffer.

    Was a time when the winner of the pot gave it “ALL” back to the cause. Because after all, the cause was what it was all about. ON at least two occasions I have seen 1000.00 pots pocketed with none returned. After all, more money for beer, 50/50 and door prize tickets. Because after all, it’s all about me.

    Was a time, despite the lack of “Look Twice for Motorcycle” Bumper stickers you did not worry about the dip shit texting coming anywhere near you. They saw you from a block away and made every effort to come no where near you. Now you not only get run off the road but get the finger for successfully avoiding the ass kissing from a cage bumper. Or a 4×4 pick em up running up your ass because, well, they can.

    Was a time you could go to Daytona and see tits. Businesses wanted you. In 2008 Daytona decided they would request DNA swabs from those pulled over and had dreams of becoming the next Orlando tourist destination. And of course tits, despite the fact, we all suckled at one on occasion, are outlawed. Yet thousands still go. Even to the cabbage patch where cops stand by the bucking bronco to make sure the bucking is within moral parameters. Yet thousands still go for the attraction of an $8.00 chicken leg and overpriced leather with Harley already emblazoned on the back. And oh yeah, the “I rode mine” patch. All the way from Ormond beach.

    Myrtle beach no longer wants us but yet we insist they allow us to come so we can give them our money.

    But then use to be you earned whatever patch you had on your vest. Now those that sell pre patched vests love us.

    Time was you met the nicest people on a Honda, now you meet not only the nicest but the most well healed on a Harley.

    But then remember the Harley marketing mantra “Screw it lets ride” where we were encouraged not to give a shit about politics? A company we support who knew about the twin cam, cam tensioner issue, yet charged 500 hundred and up for the fix before they decided to go ahead and fix them out of the goodness of their hearts /sarc. The American motorcycle with parts made in Mexico? Gee to bad Florida Lemon laws don’t apply to motorcycles??? ABATE??? NCOM???

    I remember the first time I saw, during a group ride I looked over and saw the rider next to me texting while riding his bike. IN A GROUP NO LESS. We had words when we reached our destination. Oh yeah, ABATE of Florida fought for that right. Send them a thank you note when your daughter is killed by some selfish driver that knows they ain’t going to jail if they run over your ass.

    Was a time when I gave someone money I kinda expected them to do with it what they told me they were going to do.

    Shall I go on? Kinda hard to expect others to give a shit about us while it would appear that we don’t much care about ourselves. We allow ourselves to be used and abused. And go figure, boo coo years of MRO’s have changed little. But yet we still say “they” speak for us???

    Even the clubs are in jeopardy with the proliferation of LEO clubs

    But then I would also agree that Americans in general might rant and rave about a particular issue but ain’t about to get into the streets. Despite the following,

    No significant “People” (not governmental) social change has occurred in this country until the
    affected/impacted “we the people” hit the streets and demanded it.

    For those old enough to remember, the first Vietnam war protestors were dirty hippies and “commies” then they were joined by plumbers and bakers and mothers and fathers gathering on the malls in Washington and guess what, we got out of Vietnam.

    Yeah, sometimes people get, gassed (yours truly), clubbed, shot (Kent, Ohio anybody) and jailed. You might even lose your valued “stuff”. Who got the guarantee that freedom and respect comes easy???

    I am not defending cops here. However I do find it amusing when with righteous indignation we demand they clean their house while we neglect our own all the while perpetuating the myth that we “Ride Free”.

    If I have made anyone here angry as I apparently have before. Fine! Sometimes it takes a little anger to get motivated and occasionally consider what may or may not be true.

    WACO has sickened me to death. And not just because it happened to motorcyclists, because it happens almost daily to one innocent American or another. Unfortunately as Bikers many of us seem to ignore that little inconvenience.

  15. CH Says:

    —>”Rumor this morning is iron order is being forced to patch over to black widows, something about bananas?” <—-

    It's just more pig disinformation……….. the Black Widows don't let cops & snitches into it's club. And even if they did them IO girlies ain't tough enough to be a Widow.

  16. Caretaker Says:

    Sherides- Thanks,I didn’t see it. Here’s the link.



  17. Matt Bracken Says:

    Anybody know the name of the Waco PD SWAT commander, or is that some kind of police-state secret now? How about the name of the on-scene ATF Special-Agent-in-Charge? Is that also Top Secret in the new USSA? You can bet they have an exact round count for each SWAT and ATF shooter on scene. Why is that number still a secret? Was the ATF engaged in an ongoing operation when they set up around the Twin Peaks? Were snipers pre-positioned? When (if ever) will we learn the truth?
    “First they came for the bikers, but I wasn’t a biker. I hated bikers! I was glad when I heard a bunch of them had been shot and arrested.”

  18. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Sieg, Exactly….. Enjoy the weekend Sir.

    Viva Los Vagos


  19. Sieg Says:

    So many things that can’t be said.

    So I’ll just leave it at


  20. Moonzoo Says:

    This country is so thoroughly propagandized and manipulated, most folks do not have a clue. The USSR was an amateur.

    Ring a bell and the citizens salivate. Ding!Ding!Ding! Biker gang! Drool…

    Freedom is so over.

    But maybe it is for the best. Freedom is slavery (right?).

    Better to have someone else do the thinking.

    If someone is sitting in jail, he must have done something wrong, right?

  21. Demon.xxx Says:

    In case i didn’t say it, thanks to all the commenters, well except for the iron on mail order and donut holes.

    Rumor this morning is iron order is being forced to patch over to black widows, something about bananas?

  22. Brad Milch Says:

    Rebel, as I follow your outstanding coverage of the newest Waco massacre on a daily basis I’m quietly taking notes on how the media spins the story, who in authority responds to it & who in authority quietly lurks in the shadows doing & saying absolutely nothing to aid wronged American citizens.

    Your informative website is a Godsend to those seeking truthful answers to troubling questions. It appears the wheels of help for the incarcerated & the dead Waco biker victims are turning ever so slowly. At least they are turning. Your efforts are what keep the wheels of justice for wronged Americans moving forward as opposed to becoming bogged down in the muck & mud & forgotten by the public not personally affected by what’s been done to citizens whose only crime was to gather in public at a breasturant in a city 90 miles south of where President Kennedy got his brains blown out of his head as he sat next to his pretty wife on their cruise through Dallas 51 years ago. There are a lot of similarities between how ‘the law’ treats its citizens & visitors in both locals.

    Just as bikers have their rights to ride, the dogs that chase after them on the road & their owners looking for an excuse to call the police to complain about the biker’s presence in their territory or their response to the dog assault are focused on their rights & their territory.

    Bottom line is: it ain’t easy being a biker. Bikers need Taylor Swift bank accounts to cover the costs of legal expenses surely to occur while endeavoring to enjoy cruising through Texas these troubled days. The incarcerated & murdered bikers & a concerned public searching for legal ways to help them all owe you a salute, Rebel.

    Hats off & a salute to you, good Sir.

  23. Demon.xxx Says:

    Rebel, what kind of numbers of new readers are you getting this week in stats? I used to read drudge report as my primary news source but now cannot be bothered with any of that dribble. You, your website, comments are my primary read of the day.

    I still search through news, research, you know, but your the only website I read when the coffee is still brewing, Thanks!

  24. Moonzoo Says:

    Our country is so thoroughly propagandized and manipulated most folks do not have a clue. The USSR was an amateur.

    Ring a bell and the citizens salivate. Ding! Ding! Ding! Biker gangs! Drool ….

    Or, it’s not in the news so it doesn’t exist. It’s only reality if it flickers.

    Freedom is so over. But hey, freedom is slavery (right?), so just as well.

    Better to have someone else do our thinking for us.

  25. Asskiller Says:

    @Spectator – “When NCOM, ABATE or any other useless acronym wont step up and be a louder voice for us, it’s difficult to be heard.”

    That is partially the point. I would not be surprised if they received nice visits from polite gentlemen positing unwelcome personal scenarios.

    “The absolute absense of positive light here is puzzling. It’s also sickening that the general public is ok with this. I don’t know if they just don’t give a shit about dirty bikers or if they just don’t generally give a shit about much at all.”

    Public’s far more interested in sex change operations.

  26. Austin Says:

    Right? How inconsiderate!

  27. Road Whore Says:

    @ jj solari: With this satire you have, unfortunately, hit the nail on the head.

    Ride Free, while we still can.

  28. jj solari Says:

    yeah, being imprisoned under a writ of habeas corpus is a lot more comfortable than being imprisoned without one. let’s imprison them correctly i say. this business of incorrect imprisonment is just not right. its just pure laziness. can i write one up? i cannot stand to see people imprisoned without the proper paper work. it’s a sign of decay. a lot of people suffered and died so that forms would have to be filled out before imprisoning someone you never met before. where is the justice? this is just wrong. let’s imprison these restaurant patrons the proper way i say otherwise who will be next to be imprisoned improperly: window shoppers? sightseers? ya know, use your head; if your going to sit down at a restaurant and order burgers and fries, bring a writ of habeas corpus with you. dont embarrass the police and the courts with having to arrest you with a proper secretarial procedure having taken place. cops just want to get home to their families. be courteous to them. have your shit in order. and keep it in a binder so there are no folds. be comfortable in prison knowing you have saluted the Magna Carta and all it stands for. thank you.

  29. Wino Enzed Says:

    So Who is Kurtz in this debacle ?
    Since 9/11 the “five Eyes”( Spy group who spy on each other to get around their own domestic laws) who are the English speaking countries of the world. Great Britain, Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand have introduced swaths of new laws that mimic Nazi Germany. They tell us it is for our own safety. “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear” , Joseph Gobbles .Yet with technology and the arming of police to protect us from the immanent attack from Terrorists. We are becoming less than the surfs that scurried after the supposed Nobles of a thousand years hence.
    The cold war is over and the war for humanity has begun.
    “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”.
    I know to many this will seem overly dramatic, but dark clouds are closing over the western peoples. Our civilisation reached it’s high water in the 60’s to 70’s and our Rome is now starting to smoulder.

  30. Spectator Says:

    When NCOM, ABATE or any other useless acronym wont step up and be a louder voice for us, it’s difficult to be heard. The absolute absense of positive light here is puzzling. It’s also sickening that the general public is ok with this. I don’t know if they just don’t give a shit about dirty bikers or if they just don’t generally give a shit about much at all.

  31. CH Says:

    @ REBEL
    what can i say………….but…….FUCKIN “A”

    Well put and totally 101% CORRECT!

    Thank you!

  32. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    It seems the powers-that-be in Whacko believe that if they release officer’s CAD comments during the fracas, people will forget there’s VIDEO.

  33. Paladin Says:


    Only the wizard knows for sure.


  34. sherides Says:


    Did you read the article below the one you linked? Its on removing the judges. I’d post the link, but my phone isn’t cooperating.

    Seems bond amount is being set based on what club you’re with…

    I get more and more disgusted as the days go by.

    Is this the USA or Oz?


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