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June 3, 2015

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Waco Hot Air

Rumors have begun to fill the noise gap left by the absence of any actual news about the Waco Massacre in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17.

Two days ago a Houston lawyer named Paul Looney alleged, then un-alleged, that defendants in the case were being coerced into signing agreements not to sue Waco before they could request bail reductions.

A Las Vegas lawyer named Stephen P. “Bowtie” Stubbs has also been commenting on the case via YouTube. Stubbs represented the Mongols Motorcycle Club in June 2012 after local police tried to keep the club from holding its National Run in Boulder City, Nevada. Stubbs has regularly solicited biker cases in Southern Nevada and has had run-ins with the local police as a result.

Bare Facts

The bare facts of the case were established within 24 hours of the shooting. Nine people were killed, 27 people were injured, 17 were hospitalized and about 177 were arrested following a brawl in the restaurant parking lot. Multiple sources told this page immediately after the massacre that all the dead were killed by police; that the 22 police on scene included a Swat team; that representatives of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were on scene when the shooting occurred and that the ATF became the lead agency in the investigation of the tragedy

At the time of the shooting, The Aging Rebel had also suspected for months that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was trying to build a RICO case against the Bandidos in central Texas but this page has been unable to substantiate those suspicions so far. It is certainly possible. The ATF is always investigating some motorcycle club. It is also obvious that the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, because it is actively seeking new members, is a likely candidate for police infiltration but this page has been unable to substantiate that easy presumption.

No News

There has simply been no news about the massacre for more than two weeks because the news narrative was immediately hijacked by Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton. Swanton has a honking voice, wears a bewildered expression and is by turns fatuous and dissembling. Not even an idiot would buy a used car from Swanton. Most of the news media in Texas seems to distrust Swanton’s version of events. But as long as local officials keep basic information secret, like the number and caliber of shell casings collected from the sealed crime scene, there is little actual news to advance this story. And, the ongoing human rights catastrophe unfolding in the local county jail just doesn’t have tha newz appeal of “Dozens Killed Injured In Texas Biker Shootout!”

Enter Bowtie Stubbs. In a 12 minute 43 second video uploaded to YouTube today, Stubbs alleges that two unnamed members of the Cossacks fired two shots at a group of Bandidos. The first shot wounded a Bandido in the arm and the second was fired from the restaurant patio.

“Immediately after the Cossack fired that shot from the patio area the entire group was being riddled with bullets,” Stubbs states” “The police fired hundreds of rounds on a crowd.” Stubbs also alleges that at least some “rounds (were) fired from a rifle with a silencer.”

Beyond that, Stubbs insinuates that the altercation was engineered by an uncover police officer and infiltrator known in the club as “Voodoo.” “Voodoo was the primary person pushing for the Cossacks and Scimitars to show up at that meeting,” Stubbs says.

Stubbs may even be right. At this point there is no way to know. The Waco police have gone into a shell and silence invites speculation.


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  1. Pocket rocket Says:

    When the truth comes out and it will the Waco 170 will be rich so hang in there know fact from x 1 per center

  2. VAGO 1%er Says:

    For fuck sake. It ain’t about YOU. Nobody wants to hear your human emotion and reaction. STFU already. Bear your cross somewhere else.

  3. Sieg Says:

    Key words in the story releaeed this afternoon…”Waco pd reports…”

  4. Spectator Says:

    So you’re saying that Rebel discounts you by not acknowledging you and it’s all because you don’t have a penis? I read your blog and appreciate ANY insight to this story but you just lost all of my respect by airing your pity party bullshit when we have crucial matters at hand. They say you’ll never see hate from someone who’s doing better than you. I guess that sums up your drooling about Rebel’s success. Maybe he’s a better writer and it has nothing to do with your vagina??? I’ll continue to gather news from all sources (including your site) but I’ll also continue to remember how childish you truly are. p.s. Nobody cares about your page news but yourself.

  5. Molasses Says:

    So where is Richard Lester and all the other C.O.C attorneys and what are they doing for the folks in Waco? And where is Abate, NCOM, and MRF ?

  6. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    The reality is we have a common enemy. Yes, I view our community employees / public SERVANTS as the problem no different from a disease that requires eradication. Question is how to most effectively accomplish it to where we can get the issues heard and win.

    Viva Los Vagos


  7. AVAGOVFFV Says:


  8. Tricky Tramp Says:

    What Whitey Ford said.
    Respect to you Rebel

  9. popeye Says:

    Amy dont let your 15 minutes go to your head. Thank you for helping to shed light on this massacre but dont be like the anonymous donor who gives a big donation to charity then changes his name to anonymous.

  10. James Crawford Says:

    Re Scrap Dog:

    You really make the point that the 1% motorcycle clubs need to ally themselves with all motorcyclists and the general public for common defense against the police who for the most part are becoming paranoid and trigger happy. I was writing about the connection between the gun control lobby’s propaganda and police violence twenty years ago after a City the Portland Oregon SWAT unit armed with full auto MP-5s pumped 28 rounds into an African American grandfather who was allegedly armed with a two shot derringer during a drug raid. The politically correct police chief warned that “the shooting was a sign of things to come as criminals become better armed and police try to match their firepower.”. This of course exploited the President Bill Clinton’s propaganda about “assault weapons.” The public refused to ask critical questions about why the man was shot 22 times in the back after he collapsed and why the evidence indicated that the police opened fire because the man flicked his BIC
    lighter at them rather than threatened them with a gun.

    The real problem is that the police went AWOL on violent crime half a century ago when they suddenly became to inept to solve violent crimes like murder, rape, robbery and assault, so the cops shifted their attention to narcotics and prostitution. The police declared open season on people. Pestering pushers and hassling hookers is much suffer then arresting real criminals which is why 2013 set a record low for cops murdered in the line of duty and the job related homicide rate for police is now barely half the
    homicide rate for citizens.

    I am not a motorcyclist much less a MC member or a 1%er, but I do recognize injustice when I see it. I suspect that the image of the 1% as being criminal gangs is grossly exaggerated. My impression is that 1% like to ride bikes, go to bars to drink beer, look at naked strippers or at least half naked waitresses, get laid, sometimes do drugs and get into fights that generally don’t escalate to lethal force.
    I see no credible evidence that bikers are involved in major narcotics trafficking or other serious criminal activity.

    The Waco massacre astonishes me because the police narrative of their officers bravely breaking up a biker brawl is not credible. The police report about killing about 300 people a year (the actual number is over 1,000 people per year. The false reporting is reason enough to question the justification of these killings by police. In the killings by police that are reported to the FBI, almost all are allegedly officers shooting to protect themselves or fellow officers, may be to apprehend a fleeing felon, but they employ deadly force to protect a mere citizen fewer than a dozen times a year. When cops responded to the massacre of little children at Newtown Conneticutt, rather than rush in to confront the gunman and save the children, they had a circle jerk in the parking lot while they waited for the shooting to stop, If cops are this cowardly and venile, their is no way in he’ll they would intervene in a biker brawl where it would be impossible to distinguish between aggressors and victims.

    The police account of the Waco massacre is also tactically ludicrous because it would not be practical to engage identified aggressors during that mellee. I write as someone who has bagged an Elk that
    was 950 meters away and running when I put a bullet through it’s spine. I would not attempt to shoot anyone in such a dynamic crowd unless there was an extremely obvious case of an innocent being held hostage. Even then I would be firing singular, precisely aimed shots, not full auto. From witness accounts, it would appear that the cops were scoring a hit rate of less than 10%. They had absolutely no business opening fire.

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    Gahdamn, Amy. You’re reading way too fucking much into something that just isn’t there! You at one time *HAD* 3 million readers, possibluy, but by your own admission you “just came out of retirement” for this whole Waco thing.

    You’ve bitched and bitched at and about Rebel before and all you were doing then it seems was just trying to stir shit to get more excitement going on your own blog with it, and here you are again, doing the same shit.

    You’ve got people thanking you for what you do or are doing, even I did just the other day, but then you turn around and pull this kind of shit (and that aka rc fucker not putting blame where it belongs and wanting everyone to hold fucking hands and sing kumbafuckingya isn’t helping!), isn’t helping anyone (the *ONLY* thing aka rc got right!). If anything it makes you seem like you’ve got one fuck of a split personality disorder and you’re off your fucking meds.

    Everyone’s doing what they can, those that know there’s absolutely nothing, or nothing much, they *can* do, know that this place is the main or one of the main places to come to find the truth about whatever and to let loose with their frustrations and anger over it. Let ’em do it and let Rebel do what he does as you do what you do. You know damn well Rebel isn’t out to fuck anyone over, so quit trying to get yourself some kind of story to bitch about on your own blog from here! Don’t make me or others sorry for thanking you!

  12. Scrap Dog Says:

    Thanks for elaborating aka rc. I don’t say much, but I’ll eat anything. What people need to realize is that this police action could happen to ANYBODY, until that concept is realised, I don’t see much support outside of the biker community, or even within it. As Long as the non club members and recreational riders think it doesn’t or will not affect them, the uphill battle just gets steeper and longer…

  13. aka rc Says:

    Scrap dog, you hit the nail on the head. Invective does not further the cause. No group of people I am familiar with is full of people that like everyone else. Get ego out of the fucking picture. NCOM , ABATE, MRF and the such have enough of that for everybody and what are they doing for us now? Focus on the conversation/cause. Learned long ago that even people I do not like, have purpose and can be learned from. Often times motivating me to consider thoughts I had not previously considered. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Principles before personalities.

    Referring to persons as spit tails, and dismissing potential valuable talent because they are not a man is divisive and cripples us. The racist Overtones often seen in the Biker community also serves to alienate us from potential allies and paints us as hypocrites when we cry about individual rights and liberties for ourselves but yet are so quick to seek to oppress the rights and liberties of others. This validates the picture mainstream media tries to paint.

    Scrap Dog is again right when he writes, “Isn’t fighting amongst your/our selves part of what LEAs are trying to accomplish?” Doing so fall into their trap. We become reactive as opposed to active.

    DemonXXX nails it when he says: Who cares who gets credit for what as long as we get these guys, and couple ladies out of jail, get them back on motorcycles, and their asses back rolling down the fucking highway!

    We can fight amongst each other. But I come here because I see a common denominator of people who exhibit true concern. My hope would be this Waco situation will be the spark that lights a fire of reason and unity so that we can finally make progress against those among us who make things worse.

    Note I am not referring to “Clubs”. IN fact as soon as I finish this missive I am going out to ink a club member.

    Now for those who have an irresistible desire to cut their own throats and bleed to death because they can not abandon out of date attitudes, peace be to you.

  14. ak rack Says:

    Waco po-lice — the most violent organized crime organization in Texas.

  15. Sieg Says:

    Does this tell you that MAYBE Reb is otherwise occupied, or on the trail, or in the saddle???

    Sieg Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
    June 3, 2015 at 7:36 pm

  16. Oldskewl Says:

    roachclip Says:
    June 4, 2015 at 8:41 am
    Christ she’s been pounding her drum on here for over a week now. Now she’s about to break her arm patting herself on the back. Just tired of all the cops.

    Amy thinks she is Barbara Walters of Bikers except, there is no such thing.

  17. Whitey Ford Says:

    Amy your blog is informative and insightful the stories you’ve posted are well appreciated . I dont think anyone needs to come down on you as you don’t need to come down on anyone ,we’re all together in this .Please stop the pissing match it gets us no-where. we need to share info , get this shit out in the light as much as we can , put the egos aside and lets focus on the prize . getting the truth out !

  18. Scrap Dog Says:

    I dont necessarilly agree with the way Wickid B is coming across either, people have lives out in the real world ya know. Anyway, Isn’t fighting amongst your/our selves part of what LEAs are trying to accomplish? I don’t know or care about any personal beefs and don’t want to. Guess I’m saying that at this point it might be a good idea to pool resources and work together to get the truth out, and find a way to get the pigs to behave…

    Live Free

  19. Oldskewl Says:


    Just an FYI, before you posted your “info” someone else (a reader of AR) posted the VFW story in another thread and linked the story.

    For the better part of year you and JJ disappeared presumably rubbing Vaseline over each others pussies and now suddenly the Waco story has brought you back here to wag your finger and do what?

    You have 3 million viewers meaning readers of your blogs? BS…You may have 3 million clicks to your site of which I’m sure 2.9 million are from your own mouse reading your own stuff over and over because your ego is about that fucking big.

    If you have the story first and all those readers biting their fingernails waiting with baited breath for your next post then don’t come here for your next headline.

    I’ve read your blog and your latest story which you are willing to lay down your life or go to jail to clear the name of the Bandits… Pathetic at best.


  20. roachclip Says:

    Maybe its my bubbling personality, or possibly my dry sense of humor, but I sometimes try to cloak my contempt or anger with a little sarcasm. I know she has a blog, Christ she’s been pounding her drum on here for over a week now. Now she’s about to break her arm patting herself on the back. Just tired of all the cops.

    Respects, roach.

  21. Liberty Says:

    About 47 have been released as of this morning. 130 still in jail awaiting hearings or enough money to bail out.

  22. Demon.xxx Says:

    Who cares who gets credit for what as long as we get these guys, and couple ladies out of jail, get them back on motorcycles, and their asses back rolling down the fucking highway!

  23. Tripwire Says:

    Slow your roll, girl, there’s enough news out there for more than just one reporter to cover. Thank you for your research and updates, but I don’t see how claiming you reported a story first really helps out here. Keep up your good work, let Rebel do the same, and contribute where you can.

  24. hoosiertoo Says:

    CoC in Indiana is hosting a bike night in Kokomo Friday night. All proceeds go to Waco victims.

    Our MM will represent. News crews will reportedly be on hand.

    Peace to you all.

  25. Nihilist Says:

    Actually she does have her own blog. But, she’s a woman and she rides a Softail, that about sums it up.


  26. blacksmith Says:

    Btw, I’ve read your blog too, but when you come to someone else’s site and start this “one up man ship” discussion, it screams desperation.

  27. roachclip Says:

    Wicked Bitch,
    If you have a problem with Rebels reporting or coverage of news, maybe you should start your own blog. It’s clear to me you are way ahead of anyone else on these matters by at least 18 minutes, depending on the time zone. And if you don’t mind, take all these fucking cops with you.

    Respects to the regular regulars, roach.
    Keep it up Rebel.

  28. blacksmith Says:

    I could be wrong, but when he said “no news”, i think he’s referencing main stream news media. My reading comprehension skills may not be up to par though…

  29. blacksmith Says:

    I agree with OS, why are you here trying to bash Rebel?
    Its a classless act.

  30. Irish Says:

    @RoadWhore. The purge began with the case against the Mongols. This is just another step. The police haven’t released any info so they can continue to vilify the patch holders. Hopefully Stubbs info is correct, and the general public will hear what really happened. Clubs need to stick together and ride this out.

  31. oldskewl Says:

    Amy, nobody and I mean “NOBODY” want’s to hear from some split tail about a man’s business, you know about as much as someone is willing to tell you and that’s it. Go make a fucking sandwich, we’ll call you when we need you.

  32. Sieg Says:

    Longer comments that typically are moderated are not appearing on the blog, so I’m guessing the AR is out and about, chasing some news of his own, and will print it when he gets it all qualified. Sometimes you just have to slow your roll.


  33. oldskewl Says:

    Since your so informed why don’t you click over to your blog and post it for all your readers over there? Oh that’s right… You don’t have any.

    Go the fuck away.

  34. aka rc Says:

    Just want to thumbs up Rebel Fan’s post re: Attorney/client privilege in a jail situation. Mail and and phone calls are the last methods of communication you want to utilize in a jail situation.

    Regardless of what so called procedures have been put in place to protect A/C confidentiality, we have seen all to often how those procedures are violated and eventually end up being used against the accused.

    Face to face in a secure room, if obtainable, is probably, if not ideal, the best option.

    All persons incarcerated need to be consistently reminded, DO NOT discuss your case with other inmates. Sad to say, the Biker community is rife with informants. I personally trust few who want to know the ends and outs of my case/actions as I have no idea who they are. These “in jail” confidants are often times informants or plants who are trained to suck you in to your own detriment.

    I would admonish Johnny D. and others to be discreet regarding the info they learn and the info they release for fear of inadvertently releasing info that police may not yet be aware of thereby providing LEO with information by which to adjust their own narrative.

    I have noticed over that past days that the Biker stories are becoming as contradicting as the police interpretation of events. Was their one small arms shot? two? Let the attorneys have that info so they can take the dialogue back from the likes of Swanton.

    Second and third hand recounts are damaging and in most cases not admissible in courts as they can be dismissed as hear say.

    Weigh your words carefully. Numerous forums spouting invectives such as I hope Devil Spawn rides into Waco and waste it and cops does nothing to to draw possible support to our side.

    Present yourself as educated, rational and unemotional. There are many questions of fact that are ripe for discussion. Could be’s and might have beens have a place. But only the provable will get these people out of jail.

    This is not to disrespect anybody. I myself have let my emotions over ride intellect. We are a ll guilty as this is an emotional issue.

    Since the news is apparently not going to do it, members of the Biker community are going to have to serve as the investigative reporters. Who, what, when, where, why, and how.

    This is not a lecture. Please take this in the spirit it is intended. I was taught to frame thoughts with, “it could be be, or it may be, or it might seem, it is possible, it would appear” as a way to leave myself a way out when involved in court proceedings, i.e. my statement was not a point a of fact but a rational observation based on experience in the field.

    Unfortunately despite what the constitution says, you have a large percentage of the populace who has no idea what the constitution says and many that do not care.

    Education is key, as evidenced by the majority of the Media having no idea what the COC is.
    Unfortunately those that would would expect to speak for us appear to be hiding in the shadows.

    This involves marketing ourselves and extensive use of SEO to insure the information is widely distributed.

    Years ago when I engaged in a battle with certain MRO’s with a couple of others we admonished ourselves, check, recheck and then check again our facts. Because no matter how much truth you may write, you will be skewered by the one piece you get wrong.

    This is a war. Vigilance on our part is key. Not only re the enemy, but re our own actions.

    Respects to all who have had the courage to take a stand.

    I go t out of this gig when I realized, for the most part, Bikers were ignorant of the threats against them and how there own representatives were their biggest enemies. I have been cornered threatened and ultimately found my family and others I love had become vulnerable as a result of my actions to weed out the truth of the hypocrisy of those who claim to speak for us.

    Though I have no problem with threats against my self. So what else is new. I can not in good
    conscience endanger those who did not sign up for what can come from those whom they thought they were a part of.

    Both side have their ugliness. Do not presume that out narrative is the one of truth. Do extensive research on those who claim to be the ones who speak for us.

    Again, my apologies for being long winded. I spent many years fighting our own corruption. It left me broke, alone and with loved ones at risk. Once again, look to who stands by you-FEW! Then look to who abandons you-MANY


  35. panamaa Says:

    As always, with stories where multiple leo are involved,the only news updates we get are from you. No one else has the balls to cover it… As others have said, thank you for your diligent work and factual reporting on matters that should be of concern all of us that see our rights slipping away and big brother over our shoulders day after day….


  36. NCRider Says:

    Thanks Rebel for another good update and the real truth. I was Googling every key word I could think of. Now I just come here.

  37. Road Whore Says:

    Are Swanton, et al, related to Stalin? Is this the beginning of the Great Purge on bikers?

    My questions may actually not be that fatuous. And that’s a scary thing, Amerika!

    Ride Free while you still can.

  38. Brad Milch Says:

    It wonderful to see someone besides Rebel has the balls to seek & report the truth.

    Yahoo news is reporting the Waco folks running the circus want to withhold the release of information they are mandated by law to release:


    At least the Texas Attorney General is aware of the situation if Waco PD can be believed. They’re using the MSM & social media much like ISIS does.

    Links to Mr. Stubb’s Waco biker incarceration videos can be included in email Rebel’s readers may send to the Texas Attorney General & Texas Governor asking for remedy for the jailed bikers in the form of immediate release from jail & return of the possessions Waco PD confiscated from them along with an investigation of the shooting outside of the Waco LE & McLennan county clique; holding those responsible for the death of 9 Americans accountable for the mass murder they committed.

    I’ll be sending my emails to the appropriate websites later today when I cool off a bit. I always forget stuff I meant to say when I’m angry & disgusted.

    Great job you are doing, Rebel. If you ever decide to run for office, you’ve got my vote!

  39. Rebel Fan Says:

    Hate to break it to you JohnnyD but the cage kickers do open and “glance over” all incoming mail. When pressed that they violated your A/C privilidge- they say they were not reading the letter….Only checking for contraband, red flags like escape plans and other key words to protect the facility security. The only thing they can not do is use that material as evidence against you in a courthouse. They can fry your ass in the jail disciplinary board and then move to dis bar the lawyer afterwards, if they can prove the lawyer knowingly was an accessory to aid a prisoner in escape or capital offenses.
    What they tend to do is build up information from lawyer communications to find loopholes (assets to flip) that can be used to as “found during probable cause” or “a relible source” and the all too familiar “an inmate overheard him say…”.
    The only time you have full lawyer/client privilege is when you are sitting in front of him in the legal meeting room. Never assume you have rights when you are wearing the bracelets. The 170 had rights and they are still sitting in a jail cell.
    (You gotta wonder what kind of man volunteers to be a cop who looks at inmate’s brown eye on a daily basis.)

  40. Rebel Fan Says:

    Hate to break it to you JohnnyD but the cage kickers do open and “glance over” all incoming mail. When pressed that they violated your A/C privilidge- they say they were not reading the letter….Only checking for contraband, red flags like escape plans and other key words to protect the facility security. The only thing they can not do is use that material as evidence against you in a courthouse. They can fry your ass in the jail disciplinary board and then move to dis bar the lawyer afterwards, if they can prove the lawyer knowingly was an accessory to aid a prisoner in escape or capital offenses.
    What they tend to do is build up information from lawyer communications to find loopholes (assets to flip) that can be used as “found during probable cause” or “a relible source” and the all too familiar “an inmate overheard him say…”.
    The only time you have full lawyer/client privilege is when you are sitting in front of him in the facility’s legal meeting room. Never assume you have rights when you are wearing the bracelets. Pigs know how to flip illegally obtained evidence to make their side of the story seem beyond reproach. The 170 had rights and they are still sitting in a jail cell.
    (You gotta wonder what kind of man volunteers to be a cop who looks at inmate’s brown eye on a daily basis.)

  41. JohnnyD Says:

    I met Stubbs in Reno in 2013 at an NCOM meeting. Before that I had corresponded with him on issues he had in Nevada courts. He has been tying LE in Nevada in knots for years. He was arrested once because while at a biker event the Vegas Metro GTF was trying to arrest a club member. The biker invoked his right to an attorney during questioning. They called Stubbs and he went to help. The policewoman told him to leave or be arrested. He said that his client wanted an attorney present and he would not leave, so she pushed him over the hood of her car and cuffed him. His lawyer filed a lawsuit over that. He also helped me with our handlebar height bill recently in Arizona. He came to our COC meeting in 2013 to address the issue of the Sons Of Hell MC lawsuit against two of our LE agencies. The good thing about him is that he will accept collect calls from the jail and no one can eavesdrop because they are legal calls. Attorney client privilege. Letters sent to or received from an attorney cannot be opened or read.

  42. Mickey Says:

    It is also documented that infiltrators used Mongols cuts to gain Hells Angels approval nd full membership…it seems tht Atf nd FBI are willing to break more laws nd not be charged for them to entrap any club..1%rs are not saints but not all criminals…ALL WE WILL GET FROM THIS IS ANOTHER BRANCH DAVIDIAN COVER UP….LONG LIVE THE RED AND GOLD NATION…

  43. XYZ Says:

    Let the rumors fill the air. It is a joyous thing! Remember when less than three weeks ago it was declared that WACO would be “totally transparent” throughout?

    It is crystal clear why WACO has now gone radio silent. The original disinformational narrative was quickly exposed as complete BS. And now the lawsuits are piling up. Subpoenas, depositions, and discovery.

    Some of the lawsuits are filed by a well heeled investor group. Subpoenas, depositions, and discovery. Only a complete fool would keep yapping, and shooting from the hip – “ALL the bikers came there hell bent on destruction” – – “if ONLY the Twin Peaks franchisee cooperated, etc”.

    And then there is the damage done to the city and county. What business or investor group whould want to open shop in Waco or McLennan County? The Branch Davidian matter – you know, the whole incenerated children thingy. And now this? Somehow Ma & Pa Kettle – and Purple Heart vet – Harley riders, and, Twin Peaks are to blame?

    Do you think the WACO franchisee was told all the facts? That WACO and/or others had undercover agents not only imbedded inside the MCs, but also inside their very business, and would have 20+ heavily armed militarized LEOs waiting outside in the parking lot to waste a lot of people if things went south? And, that it would make international news for weeks, and months, and years.

    The bottom line is that someone wanted to create a “teachable moment”. It got out of hand. Some innocent, and perhaps some guilty, people died. A business was utterly destroyed. WACO and MCLENNAN took one the chin PR wise.

    I don’t know why it hasn’t been reported in the MSM, but just as plain as day the local franchisee counter-sued Twin Peaks on the 27th. Which is just about when Swanton lost his voice. The franchisee has hired one of the top law firms in the Southwest. The franchisee’s investment is ruined. And Twin Peaks, (the franchisor’s) corp name is damaged. There has been public discussion about levelling the (relatively) new building. It now has no value, or so many of the real estate experts say. One minute there was a successful business. Now, nothing.

    Lawsuits, subpoenas, depositions, discovery. Big Money.

    And about the civil lawsuit waivers in the criminal cases… It wasn’t just the Looney guy who claimed something happened. A respected former State District Court Judge also has reported something similar, yesterday:


    “But Galveston attorney Susan Criss, who represents several of the bikers, told us in an email that an assistant McLennan County district attorney received texts about the waiver idea from Lannen, and that the ADA read the texts to Criss, her colleague, Looney, and two McLennan County District Court judges. Yikes.”

  44. Sieg Says:

    As most who read this blog, and bother with my comments, already know, I’m inclined toward a slightly paranoid worldview.

    Listened to the reports from Baaaaston about the alleged terr being shot, and it occurred to me that there are a large number of people who believe we never made a moon-landing, rather, that what we saw was an entertaining film, shot at an “undisclosed location”, designed to make us THINK we had landed on the moon.

    Now, I’m not one of those people, but really, in this technological age, when light planes are routinely orbiting our cities, hovering up all of our personal data, and busily taking pictures of Enemies of the State, is it that much of a stretch to disbelieve “dashcam” footage and the like?

    Personally, I’m thinking that no matter WHAT this alleged terr in Boston was doing, the fedbeast could AND WOULD provide video “proving” that he attacked several well-armed fed piggers with a six-inch “assault-knife”, clearly intending to behead them and rape their slack, dead anuses.

    I doubt we can expect any better in Waco II. Whatever video is released, if any, will undoubtedly show hordes of maniacal motorcyclists, throwing grenades, M118 Blasting Packs, and possibly even tampons, at the beleaguered but stalwart defenders of the realm, who just happened to be stopping across the street for gas for their MRAP’s when it all happened.

    But then I’m a pessimist.


  45. FF Says:

    Only conclusion I can draw from watching and listening to Bowtie is this:

    An Agent Provocateur/Pig (fed?State?Wacko?) lit the fuse. And he was able to do that because he was aided and abetted by the Cossacks.


    I don’t get how 8 of them wind up dead from being shot by pigs.
    The only thing I can come up with is the conspirators who set this massacre up didn’t coordinate or plan this very effectively or the pig snipers weren’t all on the same page.


    And God bless the Bandidos.

    Frequent Flyer

  46. Spectator Says:

    There was a recent police shooting in Oklahoma where the victim’s family said he was a gentle pastor and would never attack a police officer. The State Patrol almost immediately released the dash cam footage showing the officer being attacked, with hopes that this would clear them of any wrongdoing.

    Fast forward to Boston this week. Another police shooting where the terror suspect’s brother claimed his sibling was on his phone with his dad and was shot in the back. Police again quickly release footage of the incident which shows he was not shot in the back, in hopes to clear the officer(s) of wrongdoing.

    I can only surmise that releasing the footage in this incident WILL NOT clear Waco’s name. At the very least, Waco authorities should start by reviewing their footage and begin clearing the innocent victims from their jail. My guess is that the footage shows a gruesome scene of overzealous cops firing on innocent humans which will likely lead to charges on the aggressors and a sentence of bankruptcy for Waco. I just hope the footage doesn’t “disappear” during their suspicious local internal investigation.

  47. Sieg Says:

    Don’t know any more about Stubbs than what you’ve printed, Rebel, but I’m suspecting he’s pretty much on target with his take. Only thing I’m waiting to hear is that the suppressed fire came from atf gun-goons pre-positioned on rooftops.

    FTF / FTP

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