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June 3, 2015

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Waco Hot Air

Rumors have begun to fill the noise gap left by the absence of any actual news about the Waco Massacre in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17.

Two days ago a Houston lawyer named Paul Looney alleged, then un-alleged, that defendants in the case were being coerced into signing agreements not to sue Waco before they could request bail reductions.

A Las Vegas lawyer named Stephen P. “Bowtie” Stubbs has also been commenting on the case via YouTube. Stubbs represented the Mongols Motorcycle Club in June 2012 after local police tried to keep the club from holding its National Run in Boulder City, Nevada. Stubbs has regularly solicited biker cases in Southern Nevada and has had run-ins with the local police as a result.

Bare Facts

The bare facts of the case were established within 24 hours of the shooting. Nine people were killed, 27 people were injured, 17 were hospitalized and about 177 were arrested following a brawl in the restaurant parking lot. Multiple sources told this page immediately after the massacre that all the dead were killed by police; that the 22 police on scene included a Swat team; that representatives of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were on scene when the shooting occurred and that the ATF became the lead agency in the investigation of the tragedy

At the time of the shooting, The Aging Rebel had also suspected for months that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was trying to build a RICO case against the Bandidos in central Texas but this page has been unable to substantiate those suspicions so far. It is certainly possible. The ATF is always investigating some motorcycle club. It is also obvious that the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, because it is actively seeking new members, is a likely candidate for police infiltration but this page has been unable to substantiate that easy presumption.

No News

There has simply been no news about the massacre for more than two weeks because the news narrative was immediately hijacked by Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton. Swanton has a honking voice, wears a bewildered expression and is by turns fatuous and dissembling. Not even an idiot would buy a used car from Swanton. Most of the news media in Texas seems to distrust Swanton’s version of events. But as long as local officials keep basic information secret, like the number and caliber of shell casings collected from the sealed crime scene, there is little actual news to advance this story. And, the ongoing human rights catastrophe unfolding in the local county jail just doesn’t have tha newz appeal of “Dozens Killed Injured In Texas Biker Shootout!”

Enter Bowtie Stubbs. In a 12 minute 43 second video uploaded to YouTube today, Stubbs alleges that two unnamed members of the Cossacks fired two shots at a group of Bandidos. The first shot wounded a Bandido in the arm and the second was fired from the restaurant patio.

“Immediately after the Cossack fired that shot from the patio area the entire group was being riddled with bullets,” Stubbs states” “The police fired hundreds of rounds on a crowd.” Stubbs also alleges that at least some “rounds (were) fired from a rifle with a silencer.”

Beyond that, Stubbs insinuates that the altercation was engineered by an uncover police officer and infiltrator known in the club as “Voodoo.” “Voodoo was the primary person pushing for the Cossacks and Scimitars to show up at that meeting,” Stubbs says.

Stubbs may even be right. At this point there is no way to know. The Waco police have gone into a shell and silence invites speculation.


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    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  2. oldskewl Says:

    Wolfenlover Says:
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    Rebel, I’m sorry for pulling this off topic. Wolfenlover, thanks again,


  3. david Says:

    As per the witnesses known by attorney Stubbs, and conversant with him, more than one UNDERCOVER club-infiltrating pig pushed for the non-member COCI Cossacks and Scimitars to be present at the meeting.

    The tactical military ambush included a “trap” set by BATF / FBI / Waco SWAT, sprung by the UNDERCOVER BATF club members with the pistol shot(s) fired by them outside Twin Peaks. The bait to get the two non-COCI clubs to Twin Peaks, was also provided by UNDERCOVER BATF club members.

    Stephen Stubbs is probably correct, and Waco pigs are in their silent shell to avoid self-incrimination in their criminal cases, and the preponderance of evidence in their, and the City’s, civil and constitutional rights violation cases.

    Total war-zone ambush by fascist MILITARIZED ATF and Waco SWAT.

  4. XYZ Says:

    Well, at least one small blog has picked up the discussion about the franchisee countersuing the franchisor.


  5. XYZ Says:

    Somewhat off topic, but not really:


    “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

  6. Wolfenlover Says:

    OLDSKEWL! Go to http://www.hsi.com for some REAL INFO about kicking Cancer! Fuck that
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  7. FF Says:


    The national media doesnt see this as a problem because the national media IS the problem.


  8. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Recent news stories indicate that all of the political prisoners have had arraignments. With Phuquehed’s help, We are trying to verify that now. If this is in fact the case – that all of the kidnapped Americans have seen a judge for arraignment, the habeas corpus petitions I’ve started are very likely a waste of time.

    Thank you, @Dark Corner, for sharing that story. It’s possible that the legal eagles who are passionate about the Law of this Land are already on it. Nice to see someone doing it for free.

    Not saying I’m giving up on these petitions (and much gratitude and respect to Phuquehed), but so happy to see folks smarter than I am are on it.

  9. Dark Corner Says:

    Here’s a lawyer that knows what I’m talking about..


    And it is good to see this fight isn’t being fought completely in the dark..


  10. Sieg Says:

    Y’all say “prosecute” and “investigate” like there is rule of law in this country. Don’t you get it yet?


  11. CH Says:

    @ TexasBlues –

    Yeah, I’m kinda shocked the ACLU has not jumped on this one hard. It would seem this would be a classic case, right up their alley for them to deal with.

    Could it be they are so out of touch with reality they believe that bikers are all like some 70’s B movie and invaded Waco to rape, kill & pillage???

    Or maybe they are now only interested in defending the civil rights of blacks and limiting the power of organized religion in public venues?

    The ACLU needs to wake the fuck up and get on point.

    Also thousands phone calls to the white house and the various state & federal “texas public servants” ( YES..they need reminded they are IN FACT our SERVANTS)would likely bring pressure to bear.

    I’ve made my calls & emails………. everyone should and they need to get as many others they know to do it also.


  12. aka rc Says:

    Texas Blues. I agree with you. I believe the ACLU should be all over this. They have been all over the abuse of and in for profit prisons. Probably more so than others. I can hope the situation in the Waco jail may bring them into the picture. But thats just a hope. I ain’t gonna bet on it.

    We are all naive about many things. The admiral thing is the ability to admit it and the desire to learn. That is something I can respect for whatever it is worth.

  13. Dark Corner Says:

    I don’t want to run my mouth, but I need to clarify. I don’t expect anyone to speak for “bikers”, and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to suggest clubs damn sure don’t want anyone but their officers and\or lawyers saying anything on their behalf.

    What is needed here is law talkers and ABATE, NCOM, COC’s & etc. are not lawyers. What they do well is organize and collect cash money, and that is what they should be doing IMO.

    Forget the lid laws for now; start setting up defense funds and putting pressure on affiliated “legal eagles” to do some pro bono work on behalf of the brothers that are cooling their heels under a bail they couldn’t raise in a million years. They may not be licensed to practice in Texas, but they can offer up their time and offices to produce the reams of paper it’s gonna take to get this story set straight.

    Lawyers that have affiliated themselves with biker groups have reaped untold millions. For many if not most, those $50k Bourget sleds sporting their logos and the $150k motor home\trailer rigs they use to haul them out to events are business expenses, tools of their trade, not prized possessions. And hey, more power to ya, hoss…but how about you put a little back in?

    Listen; this isn’t a couple of guys getting searched without cause or warrant. This isn’t even just an assault on bikers as a group. This is the naked display of the contempt for the constitution and due process we all know feds, coppers and DA’s hold dear. Starbuck’s Joe & Jane don’t have a clue what is going on right under their noses, but we do.

    If the Waco guys & gals go to prison for shit they didn’t do, or if they are bankrupt fighting for their rights; if coppers get away with gunning down unarmed men (again), it’s not just bikers that lose, everyone is fucked.

    Thanks for the kind words AVAGOVFFV, and thanks for opportunity to rant, Rebel.

    Respect to all deserving

  14. TexasBlues Says:

    I guess that there are some things that I’m just naive about – I was griping about the lack of noise from the biker’s rights groups and my husband just rolled his eyes and said “they’re politicians, what do you expect?”.

    The ACLU thing surprises me though – it’s the American Civil Liberties Union and these are all Americans whose civil liberties are being violated. Also, they defended NAZIS for crying out loud, so why not bikers? NAZIS. SMDH.

  15. Rob Says:

    TexasBlues wrote: “… this isn’t really just biker business anymore – what’s happening to the people who have been incarcerated without cause should be everybody’s business. Everyone should care about this – whether or not they even ride a motorcycle.”

    Well put, and describes me and several friends perfectly. I have never ridden a motorcycle, yet I’ve been following this incident and the subsequent lockup of innocents very closely. I care deeply about it for all the obvious reasons, and so do many others who (like me) don’t ride. And as an outsider, I can tell you it looks REALLY FISHY that all motorcycling advocacy groups have not descended on Waco with an army of attorneys demanding for every jailed biker either;
    1). specific, individual charges that would appropriately keep him jailed with high bail, or
    2). immediate, expedited release.

    BTW, that 2015 Indian Scout is such a gorgeous machine that it might convert me to your ranks.

  16. Wretched Man Says:

    “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Sir Winston Churchill

    For some reason I think Rebel knows this, and as a longstanding contributor to our community I reckon he’s got the right approach.

    To all those who feel they can do better, please go ahead, but don’t come into Rebel’s house and be disrespectful. Show some class.


  17. CH Says:

    @ Demon.xxx

    As for the eazy wider bitch..it ain’t about yer fame…get a grip.

    @ Texas blues…yer alright with me!:)

    @ rebel……….well..seems to me he is only posting “FACTS”…so I very much appreciate him being cautious in his blog and getting it RIGHT & REAL!

    Lastly……it’s all about the “REAL THING”….and that thing is about where it all began. Time to get past the politics, club vendettas,and get together on what the REAL DEAL is that started it all.
    Gotta UNITE against the man…gotta be way more careful on whom you trust and let in, gotta stop letting yourself be open to the man’s game and making it easy for the pigs to use & abuse us all.

    That’s my take……..the take of some old fart who has been in this life since his teens in the late 60’s.
    Way past time to stop fighting each other and unite to be FREE!
    Not a pipe dream if you do it!


    FREE THE WACO HOSTAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and finally —-> JUST SAY NO TO THE BULLSHIT!
    A brother ain’t a brother just cause he calls you brother….a brother is only a brother when he shows you he is a brother…..cut the bull and be a “BROTHER”

    Oh and PS— fuck the sons of anarchy bullshit and the horse they rode in on……:-P

  18. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Thank you, aka rc.

    I had hoped differently, but expected much of what you’ve related.

  19. Demon.xxx Says:

    Texas Blues, Factor, thats what citizens ain’t getting, Waco is American Business! We lose this fight, what are we gonna do, tell our great grand kids about how we used to have motorcycles? There is nothing that is more American than riding a motorcycle? Riding FREE!

    Thats what this is about, can Waco fuck America? They already fucked bikers.

  20. Factor Says:

    @TexasBlues and Demon.xxx
    I think both of you have the right perspective. What occurs WITHIN or BETWEEN clubs is club business. What occurs TO bikers should be everyone’s business, especially if it’s a result of government oppression. I have yet to see a good reason from anyone to remain silent about Waco, barring legal advice to those accused who can and should exercise their 5th Amendment rights.

    Don’t expect the ACLU to become involved. If it doesn’t fit their very limited political agenda, they have no interest. The silence from the motorcyclist rights organizations, on the other hand, is deafening.

  21. TexasBlues Says:

    aka rc – thank you for that rundown. Being fairly new to riding and all it entails, I was not aware of the history behind the biker’s rights groups. It sounds like I have some reading to do.

    Demon.xxx – thank you for the clarification. I would, of course, never presume to speak on club business, but it’s good to know that biker business is different. It seems to me that this particular business should be classified as “American business” because it should concern everyone who is would like to enjoy their civil rights now and in the future. It’s actually terrifying that no one in the media or political sphere is speaking up about the fact that 170+ people were jailed and kept in jail without a writ of habeas corpus and charged under RICO simply because of who they were associating with. Freedom from “guilt by association” is one of the fundamental principals that this country was founded upon.

    So, now I understand why the biker’s rights groups aren’t speaking up – where the hell is the ACLU?

  22. Demon.xxx Says:

    Texas Blues, biker business is everyones business, club business is club business, 2 seperate things. Every club wants supporters, friends, hang arounds, prospects. No club wants members murdered, shot in the back, in jail. Everyone in the biker world can find a place, in the end, its a small world, and getting smaller.

    Disclaimer, no suggestion any club members hold hands and sing kum bai ya bullshit. Club business is up to clubs.

  23. Demon.xxx Says:

    AVAGOVFFV, you got it right, money changers out of the temple kinda shit. Same, Same, anyone that does not like the biker world as it is, about bikes, can fuck off already!

    Nobody needs any politaclly correct bullshit here! Support a Diamond club and you are supporting USA, supporting FREEDOM! Go to college, take out loans, pay taxes, you are paying for some blue nazi scumbag to shoot you in the back! IMHO

  24. aka rc Says:

    I will reiterate some past comments and add a few more for your googling pleasure. For those aware of this info my apologies. It would appear some are not:

    Prior to many of the current state ABATE organizations changing there names to American Bikers Aimed Towards Education, they were known as ‘A brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments.”

    The current NCOM President of the Board of Directors Is James “Doc” Reichenbach. He is also the current President and paid lobbyist of ABATE of Florida. Salary last checked approx. $55,000.00 a year, plus expenses as lobbyist. IF he is paid anything by NCOM this writer is not aware of it. Keep in mind that the term lobbyist is synonymous with with kissing the asses of politicians.

    Doc Reichenbach, was in office when ‘A Brotherhood Against totalitarian Enactments” transitioned to “American Bikers Aimed Towards Education” with a stated goal of improving the Biker image in the eye of the public. Whereas in the past ABATE (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments) engaged in various acts of civil disobedience and court cases to force change, the new incarnation adopted a policy of begging the state for funds to establish Safety programs.

    They engaged in a campaign to get many of their members certified as MSF instructors with the goal of receiving state certification and funds to operate rider training programs. Keep in mind that, last I checked, there were no independent, scientifically based research indicating the MSF program was/is a significant deterrent to MC accidents. In the past the Motorcycle Safety Foundation presented itself as not for profit organization. Further research at the time indicated it was a front group for the motorcycle industry. Last I looked ABATE of Florida still Had MSF logos on their website.

    The Late Wendy Moon under the blogsite “Moonrider” devoted much of her life debunking the claims made by the MSF and Harley Davidsons Riders Edge Program. Thee were those who vowed to keep it up as a legacy. See if you can find it and be amazed.

    At the time their was controversy over cell phones and distracted driving. At a meeting in the keys, the membership directed the President/lobbyist to advocate against cell phone use while driving. In a subsequent meeting, in Naples, the President asked that the issue be rethought because , “he needed to use a cell phone while driving”. The membership reiterated their directive he advocate for a total ban on cell phone use while driving. At a following State legislature meeting I and at least two others watched as he advocated for a hands free option in spite of the directive of his membership. The ones who paid his salary.. The current president of the Panhandle Chapter of ABATE at the time made the comment, “He threw us under the bus again.”

    In a conversation, I have mentioned on this site a Florida Department of Transportation Official asked me, do you know why ABATE changed it’s name? Answer, they new they could not get state money for an organization entitled A Brotherhood against totalitarian enactments.

    The florida department of highway safety and motor vehicles told me they had no use for ABATE of Florida but had to follow legislative direction. Doc Reichenbok has had a close relationship with two Senators and got into a dispute with Carlos Lopez Canterra over the infamous Wheely Bill. Doc denied working with Canterra on the wheely bill while Lopez Canterra insisted that he did.

    Doc failed to file lobbyist papers as per law, but did so after a loophole gave him an opportunity to do so. I believe he submitted them on the last day (if memory serves me) correctly.

    So the person you are relying on to speak out in support of the jailed persons has a significant financial incentive for a political outcome and you think he is going to speak out against “BIKER GANGS.” Florida is a conservative state. Many in the legislature have no clue. They believe the garbage they see on tv. Doc has been there long enough to know that and knows how to cover his ass.

    During a challenge to his presidency at a meeting Okahumpa, Fl Doc and his minions shut everybody down. On that day subsequent to the meeting I was cornered by two ABATE members advising me I needed to learn to do things the ABATE way. My response was ABATE needed to follow their own bylaws.

    I can go on with Doc’s visits to chapters in the panhandle with his minions in order to shut chapters down. Each chapter road to the other chapters meetings to stop him from doing so.

    So it is not unusual that NCOM, of which he is on the BOD is asking people to shut up. That has been his historical modus operandi.

    But what is significant here is Doc’s ongoing political connections in the capital for “MONEY”.

    Is there anyone who believes he is going to operate differently as head of the Board of directors for NCOM? Google NCOM and meet Doc, your mouth piece.

    NCOM has a history. Attorneys banning together to help Bikers. Which for attorneys, if your dealing with clubs, is a valuable source of income. To understand more about NCOMs history your going to have to do a little research on Richard “Quiq” Quigley, arguably the most successful bikers rights advocate in the state of California, if not the country. Enter NCOMS Bill Bish, the COC, a couple of BOLT members (Bikers of Lessor Tolerance, who also preferred law violations and court appearances as opposed to sleeping with politicians). Again if memory serves me correctly two members of BOLT were told to remove their BOLT buckles by COC with the ever present NCOM’s Bish never to far away from the coc. Richard Quigley stipulated before his death that for a period of time he was fearful for his life do to NCOM activities. At one time there was documentation of these facts. After quigly’s passing ABATE of California swore to keep these documents safe. Do they still exist? I do not know.

    But disappearing documents is not unusual in the world of ABATE. ABATE of Florida reportedly had their financial documents destroyed in a fire. Remember, this is the organization governed by the President of the Board of Directors of NCOM.

    I rushed back from the center of the state to make an ABATE state meeting during one of there annual Freedom rides at the capital. Usually held when representatives were on break with inflated attendance figures. I know. Because I counted the attendance. Even after the ABATE SGT of Arms tried to stop me and a female ABATE member from setting foot on the state capital grounds. This after I was met at the aforementioned meeting by two Sgt of Arms members and advised I would not be able to get off my Bike as I was not welcome.

    People who asked questions about where the money goes were routinely not welcomed and even threatened as was the Whitesands chapter president and her husband. I myself have been threatened by Doc on at lest three occasions. And received midnight phone calls advising me to watch my ass.

    Not to mention the Motorcycle Riders Foundation in Washington who can not decide if Lautenberg is a hero or not and invited Doc Reichenbach to Washington to talk with officials there. My first amendment opinion, Doc will not risk his political ego for jailed bikers though he will throw his koolaid drinking 1% wanna be’s under the bus in a heartbeat.

    Most recently One of the largest ABATE of Florida chapters, Independence chapter, closed it’s doors. In Florida ABATE represent less than 1% of the ridership (last checked).

    Please note this is a very condensed, very very condensed history and is only intended as primer for those who wish to research further about the voices who you THINK speak for you. I feel quite certain that once some sort of resolution is/if found to the waco tragedy, the above mouthpieces will come out of hiding to tell you how they have been working on this al along but just could not tell you. Why do I feel that way? Because I have personally seen it over and over again.

    Now I really didn’t mean to write this. Except I keep seeing why i sn’t NCOM or ABATE doing anything? Well because they will not. Not and jeopardize the state and federal money they are constantly in pursuit of. They do not serve you. They serve their own pocket books.

    Because it was not my intention to write such a long missive this is pretty much from memory. However the documentation is out there should one look. I have found it. Others have found it. And there are a heap smarter than I that if they give a damn could probably find a lot more.

    I stopped writing on these issues for three reasons:

    1. Bikers may say they are a brotherhood and stand together, but when the chips are down they will flip on you in a heart beat.

    2. At some point in time I had to take my families well being into consideration. I am not worried about clubs.I respect clubs. The people that scare me are the ones that say they protect us and their politician friends. I have no respect for them!

    3. Be honest, how many of your “Biker” friends have taken the time to read the constitution much less study the history of their own lifestyle?

    The first time I read Rebels blog (mine has long been shut down) it was like a breath of fresh air. I do not know Rebel but respect what he is doing. I pray for him and remind him ride. Every chance you get ride!

    With all due respect

  25. TexasBlues Says:

    Here’s my problem with all of these groups trotting out the tired, old AMA line of 99% of motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens bullshit – so the fuck what? Isn’t the implication there that some people have it coming to them?

    I’m part of the 99% – I’m not a club member, I don’t even wear my riding group patch, and I’ve never been arrested. However, even if every single last person at the CoC&I WAS a 1%er, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have civil rights. That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t care about their rights and what happens to them. It doesn’t make what is happening to them now okay. Even if the mother of all bar brawls was happening at Twin Peaks, it is NOT standard police procedure to spray down EVERYONE in the area with automatic weapons fire.

    I’ve gotten some flack from a few people for talking about biker business when I’m only a “motorcycle enthusiast”. My point is that this isn’t really just biker business anymore – what’s happening to the people who have been incarcerated without cause should be everybody’s business. Everyone should care about this – whether or not they even ride a motorcycle.

    I really don’t understand why the major biker’s rights organizations aren’t speaking up to challenge the police narrative, why very few mainstream journalists seem to be trying to figure out what’s going on, and why the ACLU hasn’t gotten involved. Thank goodness there are bloggers out there to dig for the truth and the Waco press seems to be pushing to find out what’s going on, but I don’t understand why the national media doesn’t see this as being more of a problem.

  26. Oldskewl Says:

    Paladin Says:
    June 4, 2015 at 5:06 pm
    Wicked Bitch,

    I see you’ve once again burst upon the scene, shoving your chemo badge in everyone’s face, while having yet another temper tantrum, shouting, “look at me, please look at me”. Tedious you are.


    I didn’t say anything to that but I did my chemo yesterday. And for what it’s worth as a person afflicted with cancer I can tell you that I’ve never heard of chemo running longer than 6 months.
    Just saying.


  27. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Dark Corner Says, “That done, let me say that if the people and groups that have enriched themselves for 30 years on their relationships with bikers do not step up and give back now, have a care next time you set your tables up at an event in my fucking town. It’s time to get some skin in the game or get the fuck out.”

    Now that Sir was fantastically put, well done. These people / corporations need to get involved now or as you so eloquently stated they need not come around the events throughout this Country, they will not be welcomed by many.

    To those that are obviously mentioned indirectly…. Grow a spine get up walk the walk. Stop talking about how damn tragic these events are and how you feel terrible for the hostages of Waco and the families of the deceased. Get out there and use your resources to bring real answers and justice then help those effected otherwise your just another tick leaching off the biker community.

    Again, Dark Corner well said Sir.

    Viva Los Vagos


  28. Factor Says:

    It’s understandable that organizations like NCOM or Texas CoCI want to control their own message. Anyone making public statements who is affiliated with those organizations, especially if that person also happens to be a patch holder, is going to be viewed as speaking for the organization or club as a whole. This is especially the case when speaking to the media, who never seem to be able to get it right no matter how careful you are. The problem here is that there doesn’t seem to be any message.

    Giving these organizations the benefit of the doubt, until I hear otherwise, I’ll remain faithful that there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes. In the public eye however, the motorcyclist rights organizations have failed horribly in providing any counterpoint to the national media in the aftermath of this tragedy. Is it a case of unpreparedness, club business or fear of compromising political connections? Only they know the answer to that. I just hope that somewhere they do have a strategy behind the silence.

    For the few groups that have made statements so far it is good to see that, for the most part, they haven’t been falling all over each other to distance themselves from 1%ers. Now isn’t the time to be throwing anyone under the bus. State oppression is the great equalizer here. Ready or not, silent or loud, we’re all in this one together.

  29. Scrap Dog Says:

    Comic relief…now a serious question. How reliable are gunshot residue tests, and have any of the released mentioned GSR samples being taken at the scene? That info would be more telling than any, should it ever be made available, or if they even checked for it…

    Ride free…those that can…

  30. Scrap Dog Says:

    You meet the nicest people on a Honda…

  31. Meh Says:

    Some ABATE chapters turn into a way to party with other peoples money, and others are effective. Some State ABATE chapters are effective and some less so. (You can measure effectiveness by results.)

    I’ve no personal familiarity with NCOM.

    I’ve seen enough “biker lawyer” adverts to smell two-wheeled ambulance chasing. It’s irrelevant if your lawyer “rides” but it’s VERY relevant if he wins so you get paid and he gets his contingency fee.

    When some considered the NRA too soft on Second Amendment issues they formed new organizations. If established groups are getting to comfortable to be fierce on the political front that opens a place for something more focused.

    BTW if “hundreds of rounds” were fired towards that structure take some high res pics before it gets depaneled. Projectiles don’t just vanish. Drive over with a good telephoto and take a few hundred shots, find the holes and stitch the images together. Even a decent amateur photographer could map the scene using new images and the media images and videos.

  32. roachclip Says:

    The really mean people generally come out after dark. I too am extremely sensitive and my feelings are easily fucking hurt.

    bless you, roach.

  33. Paladin Says:

    Wicked Bitch,

    I see you’ve once again burst upon the scene, shoving your chemo badge in everyone’s face, while having yet another temper tantrum, shouting, “look at me, please look at me”. Tedious you are.


  34. FF Says:

    Always using the image for a gimmick or self-aggrandizement.

  35. FF Says:

    I always knew these ABATE biker clones were no good… always something that made my spider sense tingle, like being approached by a cop or greasy car salesman. They always dressed just like a 1%er but you could intuitively tell they were frontin’.

  36. Wolfenlover Says:

    Lester & the rest are hiding/covering by being Aid to INJURED Motorcyclists.
    Seems that I’ve read that there are some with bullet fragments that haven’t been seen to. If that isn’t INJURED, then what the fuck is?! All this PC these days is just BS. FTG!
    And Amy. RE-READ the article AFTER you get back on yer fuckin’ MEDS! I was able to comprehend that Rebel meant Main Stream Media, & I’m on morphine, for fucks sake. Your piss&moan rant was in pretty shitty taste for someone who claims to have been a FRIEND of Rebel’s for years. Maybe you should rethink that coming out of retirement thing. The least you can do is a public apology on here. OR just stay on your own site. I USED to enjoy some of your writing, but…

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  37. Blasko Says:

    The main reason why biker rights have failed is because not all bikers get involved. I see bikers everywhere around here, clubs, riders- basically anyone on two wheels. However, 99.9999999% are not engaged.

    I am not solely an MRO guy. Not at all. However, I got involved because I’ve seen our rights taken time and time again by a bunch of fucking suits. I didn’t want someone else to speak for my rights, I wanted to speak for my own, and an organization that does specifically that made sense to join.

    You cannot solo this enemy. One of the comments I made that I’ve been forced to remove was this- “Its going to take ALL organizations, ALL clubs, ALL associations, ALL independents, ALL ministries” basically, if we all joined together under ONE banner, then the Fed could not easily ignore or dismiss us. It would be damn near impossible to get us under control in a civil manner- of course they could just open fire.

    I keep hearing about how Waco could never get away with just spraying bullets into a crowd… then I remind them that this is WACO! This is the same place where they brought NINE Bradleys and a fucking M728 CEV to shoot at people who were buying legal guns with all paper work in tact- and they did this simply because someone may have heard automatic gunfire coming from the compound. (whether I think they were crazy or not is irrelevant). Go look at the FBI website and see how many deaths they have listed there! They have already swept that crime under the rug and if we all remain silent, we will lose this battle as well. I am sick and fucking tired of having ground then giving it up. This is a strategic and tactical disorganized cluster fuck. SNAFU.

    I am only one person. I only know what I know. I only have the information that I have. I just really hope the attorneys have some hardcore aces- like the video feed from the adjacent mexican restaurant.

    What really happened here between clubs is not my business. I will have to side with the dom club on this because it was the CoC. Otherwise, my biggest issue is this- (other than feds in patches)- nearly 200 people were arrested. ALL were arrested for the same shit. You can NOT have a fucking affidavit out with rubber stamped names on it- oh wait, yes you can because of the fucking patriot act. No shit on that one. I’m sure the gov will get away with this if we are silent and all the slander and libel the media is engaged in along with the Waco PD rhetoric pimp, that will bring us ALL further back in what we all want, which is freedom of the fucking road. And fuck that, as a matter of fact. I want FREEDOM. PERIOD.

    No silence. No censorship. My thoughts are probably scattered but I am pissed off. As an “officer” of an “organization” that “defends freedom” that can only “speak for myself” at this point, I can say this. I am 100% against the actions taken here and I have already called every radio station and tv station here and there, AND every national station who has committed slander (on air) and libel (online print), and reminded them of their FCC mandate to correct the record or be held responsible for those issues in court. However, they would just keep you in a holding pattern in court and attorney fees would eventually dry up. Fuck the system. The system has failed.

    Just absolutely disenfranchised.

  38. Dark Corner Says:

    Full disclosure: I dropped my ABATE membership the first time I saw an ambulance chasing, scumbag lawyer at their table drumming up business at a bike show in the early 80’s. So neither one risks losing my support, whatever they do.

    That done, let me say that if the people and groups that have enriched themselves for 30 years on their relationships with bikers do not step up and give back now, have a care next time you set your tables up at an event in my fucking town.

    It’s time to get some skin in the game or get the fuck out.

  39. Sydney Says:

    I have to say that the video Stubbs posted about the phone call from a Cossacks mother was pretty freaking funny. I mean it’s definitely an interesting theory…


  40. jj solari Says:

    there’s no I in team. everyone needs to dump the swagger for a while and stay organized and focused. please dont call me names for this. i’m extremely sensitive. thank you. god bless.

  41. aka rc Says:

    Phuquehed: “(and that aka rc fucker not putting blame where it belongs and wanting everyone to hold fucking hands and sing kumbafuckingya isn’t helping!),”

    First off I want to thank you for the “Fucker” compliment. Mother fucker will work also as I have been called worse by the best, and the worst.

    However as an illustration to prove my point you may wish to point out where I have suggested everybody hold hands and sing Kumbyya. On this site alone I have pointed out where I think much of the blame lies re people who if they spoke out could add some clarification, i.e. NCOM and there president of the BOD James Doc Reichenbach (who I might add has threatened me on more than one occasion, to which one response was don’t send any women to do your work), who is also President ABATE of Florida but will not lift a finger to help yours/mine brothers and sisters in jail for fear he may jeopardize the 350,000.00 ABATE of Florida, of which he is president and paid lobbyist, has asked the state for. My contention being you can not serve the state and serve Bikers rights at the same time.

    But then you have no clue who I am, the numerous appearances before the state legislator to call ABATE of Florida on the table for claiming to represent bikers when it is all about the money, and the threats me and mine have had to put up with as a result. My record speaks for itself so I have no need to defend myself agains those who would engage in contempt prior to investigation .

    What I have attempted to do is share experiences and lessons learned from previous battles so the same mistakes are not made over and over again. Ncoms silence does not surprise me as I have done my homework and engaged in the past. I am surprised at the number who ask where is NCOM. It indicates to me they have not done their homework. Follow the money friend. They never were your friends

    The past 2o years of the bikers rights movement has pretty much been a failure as not just waco but numerous other arenas have demonstrated. My contention is, if you keep listening to those who fuck you over and engage in what has failed in the past, you will continue to get fucked over and fail in the future.

    But if it makes you feel better to call me names and blame people like me who have been in the trenches then feel free. Ignorance is always best served by the ignorant.

    You want to win, not the battle, but the war? Divorce your self from those who claim to speak for you and find your own voice. If Rebel be it, so be it. He appears to be a person of integrity unlike many amongst us.

    In the meantime I wish you safe rides and and the peace your ill informed anger brings you..

  42. Blasko Says:

    NCOM told everyone to keep it shut because the attorneys are on it. I am not the most knowledgeable person on the situation, but I don’t see how nearly 200 people can be arrested and all that shit – and we just stand by?? But NCOM and then the CoC&I said to not make any comments. So basically that is censorship to me. I’m sure they have a plan here, but I know that silence is what destroys nations. I my chapter’s page was pulled off the menu and I had to delete my entire page because I was being too vocal and forward about the whole issue. I was told to remain neutral- but if I have to play Politically Correct- I’d rather delete the entire thing. I am not a neutral person. I’m either all in, or all out. I don’t do a toned down version. If there was ever a time to display anger at the system, the time is NOW! I don’t know what to do. I was told that I can say what ever I want to say as just myself- as an individual, but I can not speak for the organization or my chapter or as an officer.

    The organizations heart is in it, but the organization has been asked to be silent by NCOM and after, the CoC. So … I don’t know how to proceed.

  43. Demon.xxx Says:

    Most of these lawyers, coc, think they can ride the shit wave with the cops to the shore without getting it on them.

    Bowtie seems to have his heart in the right place, is doing something.

    This is the time to be taking notes on who is worth spending money on. Will be having a ice cold beer soon, will try to buy some of the guys caught up in this shit one someday.

  44. jj solari Says:

    Dear Wicked Bitch; i think what Rebel meant when he said there was no news coming out of anywhere he meant from the paid journalist cabal that infests cnn, nbc, cbs, the abominable AP and the other established global news agencies that will be denied Washington Press Corps status if they actually do any investigative reporting. which they are not paid to do. they are paid to be stenographers.

  45. Whitey Ford Says:

    blasko , I dont get it, you are censored by who? If an organization who you and others believe in, pay dues to, are the heart and sole of doesn’t support its own members and address the issue at hand what good are they? Are they your true brothers in a time of need. can you count on them ? The only reason i see them distancing themselves from this is they dont wanna feel like they are choosing sides(clubs) or they dont wanna be looped in with this so called “criminal bikers” but these are members of they’re groups they should stand behind the bikers who support them,they have resources and contacts and could help get the word out media and otherwise.

  46. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Ha! They’ve released absolutely nothing but radio transcripts and CAD entries, and a couple arrest reports about folks outside the perimeter.

    Thank God they’ve decided to be transparent about the whole thing!! :::::eye roll::::: Shooting at kitchen workers?? REALLY??? This actually makes LESS sense than it did with no releases at all.

  47. Blasko Says:

    NCOM and the state CofC&I basically said to stand down. I was an insane pusher of this story and as a result, my chapters webpage was pulled from the state website and I had voicemails from NCOM numbers (as in, when I called back, I got a division of NCOM). I am beyond pissed. As far as everyone asking where NCOM, ABATE, and MRF is- well, NCOM pulled ABATE down. I got word last night to pull off the charge, and if I was going to continue, to do it as an individual. If there was EVER A TIME TO REALLY RALLY, THE TIME IS NOW! They are missing the mark. I am not happy about this bullshit. Anyone can contact me personally for the full version, but for right now, NCOM and ABATE have me censored. And I really hate that shit.

    EDIT: I am from Louisiana

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