The Martinez Case Month Eight

June 3, 2015

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The Martinez Case Month Eight

Division 30 of the Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles is a northern suburb of Hell. Those who will be judged murmur and tremble as they wait to be called before an officious judge named Sergio Tapia. The prejudged stand alone, one at a time, in a kind of dog run made of bullet proof glass a car length or so from the judge’s left hand. Prejudged cop killer David Martinez has been standing there about once a month since last October 30.

Martinez is accused of killing a Swat cop named Shaun Diamond. At the time he was fatally shot, Diamond and a baker’s dozen other cops, dressed up for Halloween like ninja special forces operators, were breaking into Martinez’ home in the middle of a moonless night. Somehow, Diamond was shot in the back of the head and he died the next day. Martinez’ father was wounded in the arm either by a shotgun round fired by his son or by a flash bang grenade thrown by police. Martinez’ mother, sister, wife and children were not harmed, only bullied.

Cue Caitlyn Jenner

The assault on Martinez’ home was one of seven simultaneous raids on homes occupied by members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. Police said they were looking for a gun and that they intended to abort an incipient gang war between Mongols and Hells Angels. The raids were carried out by militarized police, police spokesmen explained, because Mongols are very, very dangerous. And the raid occurred at four in the morning because otherwise villains like the Mongols might be awake. And if they were awake they might flush the gun down a toilet. The news establishment in Los Angeles refused to question what the police said as if only communists, anarchists and Moslem fundamentalists dare to question the police. Also, if you are a reporter and you do not blindly accept what the police tell you then the police won’t talk to you at all. And, try explaining that to your metro editor.

So the official version of how David Martinez became a monthly regular in Division 30 is that a psychopathic gang member killed a police hero. Then everybody got furious at the gang member and felt sad for the hero. The end. Cue Caitlyn Jenner.

Meanwhile every criminal defense lawyer in El lay presumed Diamond had been killed by friendly fire and wondered how long the rest of Martinez’ life in prison might be.

Fourth Lawyer

Martinez is now on his fourth lawyer. His first advocate was a private attorney named Tom Medrano who was, as lawyers say, unable to reach a financial arrangement with the Martinez family. He was briefly replaced by public defender Mearl Lottman who then handed the case over to Brady Sullivan. Sullivan is at least in the discussion as the best criminal defense lawyer in the city. He also has some detractors who think he is rude.

Now Sullivan has been replaced by Edward Anthony Esqueda who says he wants a jury to hear his client’s version of how Shaun Diamond came to be dying on Martinez’ front porch. This morning, Esqueda said, “My client is adamant that he’s not guilty of the charge” of murder.

Both sides think they can win.

Trial Coming

A usually informed source with knowledge of the prosecution thinks there may be a forensic trail of breadcrumbs connecting Martinez’ hand, a shotgun and Diamond’s fatal wound. The prosecution may also have a video recording of Martinez telling another prisoner in Los Angeles’ Twin Towers Jail that he “killed a cop.”

A source The Aging Rebel believes is informed about undisclosed details of the case claims that “information discovered during Diamond’s autopsy proves Martinez is innocent.” The defense may also introduce video of the actual Swat raid. This page believes that such a video exists and that it was recorded by a neighbor, not by police

Most of the evidence the two sides hold is unlikely to be publically disclosed until a jury can hear it. “We’re going to trial,” Esqueda said. “We’re going to let a jury decide.”

There’s no trial date yet. There will be a “readiness hearing” on July 15 and another preliminary hearing on July 28. If Martinez and Esqueda think they’re ready, a trial might begin before fall.


13 Responses to “The Martinez Case Month Eight”

  1. Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne Says:

    The donation page for David Martinez is still up:

    “No Knock:” Know where it came from and why. It never was to protect us or you:


    i want to see the forensic report

  3. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Eight months. That’s a long time for a case that’s so (insert sarcastic tone here) cut-and-dried.

    Video recording? Really. Anyone else see the cases from the OC where “planted CIs” in jails were an issue?

    Blessings to Mr. Martinez, his family, and his brothers. I can only hope the wait will be worth it. I can only hope the truth becomes known.

  4. Nihilist Says:

    So many questions, so much coverup, so many lies…And after Waco, everybody’s grandmother/neighbor/cousin/co-worker (i.e. potential juror) is now an expert on the violent armed biker gang menace, thanks to that needledick Swanton and everyone’s addiction to TV. This is truly a case that make me wish I’d gone to law school.

    Pre-event bullshit notwithstanding, if one takes into account what has happened so far:
    Where are the lapel camera videos?
    Why didn’t they light they whole place up, as they are prone to do at the bark of a dog?
    Why no autopsy disclosure?
    Why no ballistic evidence?
    Why the carousel of lawyers?
    Did they find THE gun?
    These kinds of reports are often released; I don’t see how they can claim it might taint the whole process, unless they know they don’t have something to go on.
    Where is Shark, sorry I mean Bottom Feeder, on this? You’d think a personal injury lawyer from 1000s of miles away would need to weigh in on this, right? There’s the concern for the militarization of the police, the disregard for constitutional rights, lack of transparency, erosion of personal freedoms, draconian charges and barbaric treatment of prisoners…I guess there’s no opportunity for grandstanding about your own shit-stain colors, though.

    Seems like they really want to quietly make not just this case go away, but to quietly put Martinez away forever. Gosh, if only he’d had been black… Best of luck, David Martinez, and also to the Mongol Nation defending their case.

  5. martythe3 Says:

    I hear that Popeye.
    Every time someone tells me their uncle/friend’s Father/etc is a cop, I say, “I’m sorry.”

  6. martythe3 Says:

    “dressed up for Halloween like ninja special forces operators”


    We need some levity about now…

  7. popeye Says:

    Whenever I head someone say “not all cops are bad” I think about cases like this and waco. If all cops arent bad why cant 1 good honest cop step forward and save the life of an innocent man?

  8. cody Says:



  9. AZ MC Supporter Says:

    The posts above me say it all. Makes me sick


  10. FF Says:

    Where is the pig accountability? You are issued a weapon, you are issued ammo. YOU SIGN FOR IT. Then you return it….

    which pig was missing a round from the magazine?


  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    Just HOW do these fucks sleep at night?! “With a little help from their friends.” Phenobarbs & whatever they have in the “evidence locker”?
    Best of luck for Mr. Martinez & his lawyer Esqueda for real justice.
    They need to bring out the audio that was recorded by the pigs, with the
    one behind Diamond saying “Sorry, I’m so sorry.” What was he
    sorry about other than cappin’ Diamond in the back of the skull!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    What VAGO 1%er said, plus…

    Fuck the lying, pussy pigs who are gutless, spineless, honorless, integrity-less fucktards who are letting this happen to an innocent man instead of standing like a *REAL* man and admitting one of their own fucked up. Same goes for the fucktard faggot persecutor who knows this is a big fucking pig lie.

  13. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Hopefully Mr. Martinez will survive that shit hole gladiator school called Central Jail and Swat Goon Diamond’s REAL killer is exposed.

    As far as Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Kardashian. Who really gives a fuck what you do to yourself? After its all said and done and your 15 minutes of fame are over you’re just gonna be another ugly ass dickless freak.

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