The Numbers

June 2, 2015

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The Numbers

Justice in Waco is still delayed.

As of  9:45 a.m. Central Time, 146 of the approximately 177 people arrested at a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting at the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17 remain incarcerated in the McLennan County jail.

All of them are charged with “Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity” which is obviously not true. According to that law, “A person commits an offense if, with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of a combination or as a member of a criminal street gang, the person commits or conspires to commit one or more of “ some other act which is illegal in Texas.

They are all more broadly accused, according to police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton, with being “A bunch of criminal element biker members that came to Waco and tried to instill violence into our community and unfortunately did just that…. This is not a bunch of doctors and dentists and lawyers riding Harleys. These are criminals on Harley-Davidsons.”


One hundred thirty-four of the arrestees are still being held on bail of $1 million or more. The bail amounts are strikingly out of proportion to those set for other accused criminals in the same jail. A prisoner named Moses Aaron Arias, who is accused of two counts of sexual abuse of a child and indecency with a child has a bail of $335,000. Erryl Dennis Broadman, Jr. who is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child has his bail set at $25,000. Ronald Wayne Kennedy, who is accused of burglary with the intent to commit assault, attempted murder, possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of evading arrest has his bail set at $620,000,

Three of the original arrestees were found to have outstanding warrants – one for an assault in Tarrant County, Texas,  another for an aggravated assault, and a third for drunk driving. One of those defendants had his bail raised by $23,000.

Twelve defendants have had their bails reduced. Two of those who are not “doctors and dentists and lawyers riding Harleys” now have bail set at $250,000, which also seems to be the standard bail for human trafficking in Waco. Five defendants have had their bails reduced to $100,000 but still can’t raise the money to get out. One can’t afford his $40,000 bail and four can’t raise the $25,000 they need to go back home.


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  1. usedtobe Says:

    remember, age and treachery will win out over youth and energy.
    First time posting here but been reading for some time. I have to come here to find out what’s happening in Waco, and other news that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere but here. I’ve believed since day 1 that the whole thing was kicked off by a UC cop or a paid infiltrator. I believe it even more now.

  2. Wolfenlover Says:

    WOW, Kenny! Man did you just AGE me. Your statement about “the OLD brothers” (back in the 80z)
    made me fuckin’ get a chill down my spine! Fuckin’ “time keeps on slippin’,
    slippin’, slippin’, into the future” We “grey-beards” are gettin’ pushed
    to the side. Guess what. You might end up with at least bruises! If not
    broken bones! I may be an OLD FUCK, but you “youngin’s” need to remember,
    “If he’s too old to fight you, he might just kill you.” Just remember us
    OLD FUCKS from the 70’s, without disrespect!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the regulars

  3. Kenny Says:

    First i give respect to each and everyone involved. Dead and living. I used to hear the old brothers..(back in the 80z).They talked about the fear of rico and how the feds would do exacally what is happening.Couple this with the MongolM.C. case. You can see how the citizens are all being brain washed. Next a judge will issue a gag order. This is about all clubs. Be it m.c. associate hangaround ect. They and its a select group is doing what Germany did to Gypsys. I pray all club leaders lead. Thete was a time in the 90z.When we had a basic peace in all the 1%er world. Well at least in the USA. I say this being a True 1%er. I say it not from fear of anyman or prison.I say it out of love for our life style. And the life my club has given me.

  4. Scrap Dog Says:

    Unrelated, but THIS is what a million dollar bond is for…

  5. Zorro Says:

    If there is a gold fringed flag on display in the Waco courthouse (or anywhere else for that matter) it signifies that Admiralty law is in place. The constitution, law of the land and common law go out the porthole. If you take a good look around you will see this flag in public schools and most government offices (local , state, and federal).
    Admiralty law aka Maritime law basically gives the person next to the flag the authority to do whatever they want. Ever wonder why so much of what happens in DC is by executive order?

  6. Moonzoo Says:

    Hell, if I were a family member, I would take a list of the incarcerated and the probable cause affidavit to the federal courthouse TODAY and demand to see a judge.

    I would tell the judge my relative was being illegally held and demand that the judge immediately appoint an attorney to immediately draw up the correct paper work for a habeas petition.

    The judges know exactly what is going on. They read the papers. They know the players.

    The worst that can happen is you are told “no.”

    But you might get a judge who sees an ethical problem with rejecting you out of hand. Or a judge who actually cares about the illegal detentions.

  7. Moonzoo Says:

    I read the article about the one habeas corpus petition filed.

    1) If it has not been decided in state court by now (3 days later) I would go to federal court TODAY.

    2) The argument recited in the article was ok but not the best or the most relevant. The main argument should have been THERE IS NO PROBABLE CAUSE STATED IN THE ARREST WARRANT. The second most important argument is that the bail violates the 8th Amendment.

    3) ANYONE can file a petition on behalf of ANYONE incarcerated. Anyone on this site could do so, knowing what has been published on this site.

    4) Waco was exactly what habeas corpus was intended to address from hundreds of year sago.

    5) Because the same inadequate affidavit supports every arrest, every incarcerated person should be listed on the petition.

    What am I missing?

  8. Says:

    Where are all the aclu intercity progressive dickheads now? Seems they have no care to defend biker dudes because they, we, will never vote for or settle for their commie agenda bullshit. There is no fucking justice in Waco! Seems like its time for a bigger idea if anyone plans on riding free again. Some kind of new political power, otherwise we go the way of the Comanche.

  9. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Thanks for that, Scrap Dog. The article indicates that there is a complaint (charge) against that person. I hope that’s a mistake – I was hoping to get this done before any complaints were filed. Hopefully this person’s petition will be successful and others will follow suit – it will surely be faster for them than my process is proving to be.

    @Phuquehed : email sent. Thanks.

  10. FF Says:

    OK, I know I’m not supposed to ask questions but this one BEGS AN ANSWER—

    WHO ARE THE COSSACKS???? I mean, you look at this and IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE because the FIRST THING you think is this guys are/were Agent Provocateur’s and/or active agents for the pigs that surrounded the parking lot with snipers—-


    why are 8 of them dead?????

    This fucking shit is so bizarre I can’t make heads or tails.

    Frequent Flyer

  11. david Says:

    @Grumbler, @Asskiller, @popeye:
    All local pigs HAVE BEEN militarized for years. 1968, Los Angeles, CA, first SWAT,( Special “Military” WEAPONS and TACTICS ). In recent years, huge numbers of armored vehicles and military weapons supplied to local swine by the fascists in D.C.

    For years, only a few seconds needed to replace rubber rounds with lead.

    And jj solari, Remember, the REGULAR ARMY was used to murder 80 plus men, women, and children just outside of Waco. Wasn’t just BATF federal agents doing the killing.

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    My thanks also to: Aging Rebel, Wicked Bitch, Mr. Stubbs, Ol’ Lady Rider, and my apologies if I’ve missed others who have all been steadfast in trying to help those incarcerated illegally and getting the truth out.

    @Ol’ Lady Rider – If it’s not too much out of your way, would ya mind sending me an e-mail with what you’re doing that an account got locked out (or whatever it was happened)? I want to try and help some way and I figure I can probably do whatever it is you’re doing…right? (my e-mail address is at the very bottom of my website, click on my name to get there)

  13. Tom Says:

    I’ve never ridden a bike in my life but I am an American and I’m pissed that this is all being suppressed. This would not be the first time innocents have been gunned down in Waco Tx and the nation stood by drooling. As you folks know, most cage dwellers are asleep at the switch as standard practice. You have done excellent work here in bringing forth truth. God bless and keep swinging. RIP to those lost.

  14. M. I. Kiev Says:

    I’m sorry if this is redundant, I have not read every post everywhere on this site.

    Has a defense fund been set up?

    Wr, and hoping for a speedy release of those unlawfully detained…

  15. Wrangler Says:

    @asskiller – got that right brother.



  16. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Bowtie, Well done Sir great start keep pushing. Thanks for speaking for those that can’t be heard.

    Viva Los Vagos


  17. Grumbler Says:

    @jj solari @Asskiller & @Popeye – Would be inclined to think that folks enroute to Twin Peaks or nearby that day would’ve spotted the National Guard at that next exit, but haven’t seen anything else about it. Hopefully, it’ll be cleared up ASAP.

  18. jj solari Says:

    dear grumbler: yes i agree with popeye; interesting post. but ya know, cops are americans and they kill americans all the time, it’s not that big a reach that the military, especially under this administration, get ordered to kill americans too.

  19. Scrap Dog Says:

    Not sure if its been mentioned, but apparently there is a Habeas Corpus petition filed by at least one…get em guys.

    Ride Free

  20. popeye Says:

    Interesting post. I thought the national guard needed to be called in by the governor . This would imply a over reaching police force with military intentions. The national guard aren’t police reserves.

  21. Asskiller Says:

    @Grumbler – That lead deserves followup.

  22. recycledbiker Says:

    A couple of these guys have posted on facebook, were they in WACO?

  23. Grumbler Says:

    Copied/pasted from the interweb:

    “Here is what the Waco Police won’t tell anyone.

    The National Guard was on standby at the next exit waiting for stuff to happen.

    A well respected co-worker’s son is in the Guard. They thought their weekend duty was to be in Oklahoma to help tornado victims.

    They were redirected to Waco and told to wait. Instead of helping people, the Guard was waiting on the side of the road doing nothing.

    Guess the cops got a little cocky knowing the National Guard was staged a mile away.

    FUCK WACO PD & The County goverment.”

    This ought to be looked into and verified or rebutted. If it’s an actual fact that the National Guard was on standby on behalf of the Waco PD then that, without a doubt, signifies an even more ominious and nefarious change in tactics by the Amerika Gestapo.

  24. aka rc Says:

    From the morning star link posted by Caretaker:

    “Those who claim to speak for the marginalised victims of police brutality in the US industrial heartlands have missed an opportunity to make common cause with the bikers of Texas. Instead they let their prejudices get the better of them or claimed “white privilege” had somehow protected the pariahs of society.

    There was no tear-gassing of protesters in Waco simply because there were no protests in solidarity with the dead, injured and unjustly imprisoned. No-one outside the outlaw biker subculture seems to care. In the words of the Motorhead song, co-written by Hell’s Angel Guy “Tramp” Lawrence, “they were all born to lose.”

    Damn those are haunting words.

  25. Says:

    @popeye, thats what i figured, he should be banned from Sturgis! The draft dodging cop ass kissing son of a bitch! For that matter, maybe we can have his ass kicked out of Texas too.

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