Houston Lawyer Retracts Accusation

June 1, 2015

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Houston Lawyer Retracts Accusation

A Houston lawyer named Paul Looney (above) retracted a press release he issued yesterday that had alleged prisoners rounded up after the Twin Peaks massacre two weeks ago were being coerced into signing a statement that the police “had the right to arrest the inmate and that he/she will not file a lawsuit against McLennan County and/or the City of Waco.”

Looney’s initial release appears to have been a publicity stunt. In this afternoon’s release, issued about 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Looney congratulated himself for reaching a “a reasonable bond…with only minor conditions” for his clients, a married couple named William English and Morgan Allen English

In the last paragraph of this afternoon’s release, Looney states, “It has been determined the District Attorney’s office was not involved in yesterday’s attempt to get defendants to waive their rights of litigation in exchange for bonds.”


A check of the “automated inmates list” for Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco shows that 151 inmates remain confined on $1 million bond today on a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity. A handful of inmates remains confined on that charge on lesser bonds.

Scimitar Motorcycle Club member Matthew Alan Clendennen, who filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Waco, McLennan County, Texas, a Waco cop named Manuel Chavez and 20 additional, unnamed law enforcement officers remains incarcerated today on $1 million bond.


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  1. Kickstand Says:


    Office of Richard M Lester:

    110 offices throughout North America
    Free Legal Consultation
    We make (BIG ?) house calls
    Attorneys in every state who ride
    Free AIM motorcycle emergency app
    We are endorsed by … NCOM and more than 2500 motorcycle groups … and serve as legal counsel for the COC.

    Can’t hold my peace any longer. Where the fuck are the NCOM/AIM/COC Attorneys ? Am I missing something. They are suppose to be fighting for bikers rights ? The is the biggest issue that confronts them. I haven’t seen anything from Lester. If I missed it or they are working behind the scenes to secure 170 Brothers release then I apologize upfront. But it seems they should be holding a press conference/news release every day and have a PR firm working on TV and Radio spots.

    Get the fuck to Waco and get to work !

    Respect to those deserving.

    If they are sitting this one out I hope all COC’s are considering new legal council

  2. Road Whore Says:

    @ Asskiller: truth!

    Ride Free

  3. Demon.xxx Says:

    Tommy, wow, I was just guessing. Seems more and more like premeditated murder by way of an ambush. Back shooting fucking cowards!

  4. tommy Says:

    Hey Demon there is a post on one of these waco threads and the person stated a person was inside and fired a shot into the ground to start this mess. That person believes the person that first fired was an under cover cop.

    This whole situation stinks of bacon

  5. Demon.xxx Says:

    As far as the gunfire, an undercover could have fired a couple rounds into the ground as a ruse to let the cops start shooting. What Waco PD could not handle was a hundred and seventy five people on the nightly news the day of the shooting saying the cops shot everyone.

    These people were kidnapped by the police. The Waco PD has murdered, attempted to murder, destroyed evidence, kidnapped and intimidated witnesses. When are they gonna be brought to justice?

  6. Donna Sams Says:

    I hope whoever fired those first shots is made known.

  7. Demon.xxx Says:


    According to this FBI has been working with local police doing surveillance. Did the FBI film the entire Waco action from start to finish?

  8. recycledbiker Says:

    Someone popped a few caps from the patio and retreated inside, supposedly on video….

  9. EclecticAK Says:

    It looks like the local Waco media may FINALLY be figuring out something is rotten. In my opinion Mr. English (as a Marine) qualifies as an expert witness regarding firearms. He speaks of “2 or 3 rounds of small arms fire…..followed by assault rifle fire”. Sooooo, *someone* popped a few caps and the Whacko PD immediately responded by shooting nearly 30 people, a third of them fatally……

  10. Whitey Ford Says:

    Just a thought , could it have been the atf or other entity had undercover there . (I know theres video of guys walking around nonchalantly that people said were undercover ) ,but Ive been thinking that maybe at the start of the altercation one(undercover) may have panic or the police team they were with did and pulled the first gun or shots . I know its speculation but maybe thats why they scooped everyone up and handling the situation like they are . This situation that took place reminds me of the part in Rebels “OUT BAD” book of the ha/mongols casino fight that started up while atf/police waited outside and let shit kick off . like i said just a thought .

  11. Jim Fry Says:

    Curiouser and curiouser – The first interview with those released has very quick snips of video not previously provided by the media, including what appears to be footage from just after the incident. A discerning inquiry would be why await until this piece to use footage that would have been available much earlier.


  12. CH Says:

    @ —> aka rc



  13. Asskiller Says:

    @Road Whore – from the article… “”He grabs me and pins me up against the wall. He just had me completely shielded and protected,” said Ms. English.”

    That’s what a man does for his wife during sudden gunfire.

  14. Woodstock Says:

    aka rc You nailed it.

  15. Road Whore Says:

    More ignernt crap our government is perpetrating upon us:


    @ Asskiller: thanks for the encouraging words and the hope.

    Ride Free

  16. Demon.xxx Says:


    In todays episode of “No Donut” a Waco officer makes the brilliant observation “I done wrecked” then squeals for all the other cops to turn on lights and sirens to drive ape shit crazy to get to him.

    Improvised Missing Transcript, “breaker 1,,,,9,,,, good buddies got your ears on? I got a soccer mom pulled over for one mile over the speed limit and need assistance here, whoever wants to help tase her best get your donut lovin butts in gear,” ” Oh hell yea, i can see you there just past our towns single red light, hittin the gasssss, boom, crash, I Done Been Wrecked! Lord, haseus, god, don’t tzser that bitch, get over here and taze this one! She done interfared with a law forcment offizer by wreckand me! God dammmmmed ITT! Get the Waco TWAt Team over here and shoot this bitchhhhh!”

  17. Kat Says:

    What does this Looney fellow think that this an eposode of Loony Tunes ,a huge joke ?
    Lets hope that this joker isn’t charging his client for the time it took him to come up with this publicity stunt ,to issue it then to retract it .

  18. Anonymouse Says:

    I’m definitely still pro bone.

    But in seriousness, I ask just about everyone I know if they’re following Waco. The number of ignorant replies I get, from people I’d expect to be informed, is depressing.

  19. aka rc Says:


    “@aka rc I agree where is lester and others who we,ve entrusted to be our mouthpieces. You take our money but dont do shit. You cant walk both sides of the line. They should have been the first boots on the ground but instead chose to look away”

    The maddening thing for me is the Lester/Reichenbach/Bish/MRF/ABATE/ (insert name ) charade has been going on for years. It was a calculated to move to, in the guise of “Bikers Rights”, profit from an unaddressed market. The glaring tell was when nationwide ABATE organizations dropped the tag, “A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments” for “American Bikers Aimed towards Education” and instead of fighting legislators started sleeping with them.

    However this could not happen overnight. You do not just wake up one morning and find numerous supposedly independent state organizations decided to make the same move. The machinery was put in place long before the occurrence. A little research will validate that.

    The problem was/is, like it or not, we were negligent and allowed it to occur. We allowed ourselves to be sold a bill of goods and begged for more.

    Until we can cop to our own failings we will never be able to overcome our enemies. They will strike our at our every weakness. Now is the time to look around and see just who your friends are and just who has abandoned you.

    The chairman of the board of directors of NCOM is not going to say a fucking thing because “HIS” ABATE (as he has described it to legislators) has asked the state of Florida for $350,000.00 grand this year. Ostensibly for motorcycle safety!

    Remember what Benjamin Franklin said?

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    Yepper, ringing true right about now ain’t it!

  20. Asskiller Says:

    @RoadWhore – “Fuck! Fuck the so-called legal system. Fuck! And again I say, Fuck! ‘Cause that’s all my frustrated brain can come up with to adequately describe the injustices we experience in this country.”

    It’s a last gasp before the pivot spins.

    They made a pile of their trophies
    High as a tall man’s chin,
    Head upon head distorted,
    Set in a sightless grin,
    Anger and pain and terror
    Stamped on the smoke-scorched skin.


  21. popeye Says:

    @aka rc I agree where is lester and others who we,ve entrusted to be our mouthpieces. You take our money but dont do shit. You cant walk both sides of the line. They should have been the first boots on the ground but instead chose to look away

  22. aka rc Says:

    Umm, my bad. I hit submit before editing. Please excuse my dyslexia.

  23. aka rc Says:

    While while we are fuck, fuck, fucking everybody else I have to ask myself about, previously mentioned, deafening silence of so the called MRO’s (Motorcycle Rights Organizations.. Most specifically, but not limited to, NCOM. Where are all the “Biker” attorneys and is “pro bone” a term of the past.

    A cursory scan of the self described major “Bikers Rights” players validates what i and some others have been stating for years, and that is that they are “full of shit.”

    The NCOM site suspiciously looks as if it is distancing itself from the situation. Of course that is speculation. But based previous personal explorations into the MRO agendas.

    Telling is the NCOM Board of Directors head James “Doc” Reichenbach is also the President/paid lobbyist of ABATE of Florida which like, many others across the country changed their names from “A Brotherhood against Totalitarian Enactments” to “American Bikers Aimed Towards Education”.

    The last condolences on the ABATE of Florida Website are as follows:
    “ABATE of Florida, Inc.

    ABATE of FLORIDA, Inc. wishes to personally convey our most heartfelt condolences to the victims of a very unfortunate traffic accident that occurred during the 2014 Brevard County ABATE Toy Run on December 7, 2014. Our prayers go out to Tammy Maskrey, Breanna Donna and Kadence Donna. Although ABATE took all of the proper precautions by having the Toy Run fully monitored and sanctioned by the Cocoa Beach Police Department, along with their traffic control methods, there is nothing that the sponsors of this event could have done that would have prevented what appears to be driver error on behalf of the motorcyclist who hit the victims. We look forward to working through this matter with the victims’ families and may God Bless them.
    James D. “Doc” Reichenbach II
    State President
    Abate of Florida, Inc.”

    As a Fl DOT person once told me, you know why ABATE changed it’s name? They knew they could not get state money for an organization name “A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments”.

    For years the relationship between NCOM and ABATE has been incestous and I will continue to stipulate you can not fight government and beg money from government at the same time.

    I checked the MRF website with the banner, “protecting Your Rights In Our Nation’s Capital!” Where BATE of Wisconsin is featured hosting the 31st Annual Meeting of the Minds.

    I did not do an exhaustive search of the AMA site because, why?

    Many years ago I stipulated if “Bikers” wanted “their” rights protected then they were going to have to stand for the rights of others. This had nothing to do with toy/doggie/charity runs as I continue to maintain why support somebody who will not invite you to dinner. To as proposed by ABATE, to improve the “Biker” image in the public eye? Hows that working out?

    IN a previous post here I saw numerous mentions to Martin Niemöller’s, “then they came for me………..”

    Well for to long “Bikers” have allowed charlatans and snake oil salesmen to speak for them. So while it is appropriate to point fingers at the numerous leo and legislative posers, re constitutional issues, at some point in time we are going to have to examine our own attitudes and actions because “we” as in “we the people” are as much to blame as anybody!

    Since my days on writing on such issues I feel as if I am living in a state of cognitive dissonance. Ground Hog Days all over again. We keep making the same mistakes.

    We diss the blacks, allow the media to frame it as a racial issue, we dissed occupy and cheered while their rights were violated and their heads were bashed in, and now it is our turn and predictably the media has condemned us and moved on while scores remain in a podunk
    Texas jail unconstitutionally.

    Until we disengage from those who would use and abuse us for profit we are nothing more than bait to allow for the further suppression of individual rights.

    And once again I will hate myself in the morning!

  24. Road Whore Says:

    Fuck! Fuck the so-called legal system. Fuck! And again I say, Fuck! ‘Cause that’s all my frustrated brain can come up with to adequately describe the injustices we experience in this country.

    Ride Free if you can

  25. Randy in Pensacola Says:

    More interesting reading on Abel Reyna, Brittany Lannen, and how things work within the McLennan County legal community.


  26. Randy in Pensacola Says:

    @ ‘GlennS” …. are you kidding me? Someone at the DA’s Office (probably the First Assistant) put her up to floating the idea to the accused so the DA Office could keep their hands clean if it (plausible deniability) if it blew up in their faces (which it now has.) Probably discussed over drinks at some local watering hole the legal beagles hang out at. She’s a crony of the DA’s office … used to work there.

  27. Randy in Pensacola Says:

    “Ms. Lannen began her legal career prosecuting misdemeanor offenses in Collin County. She tried over 30 jury trials in her two years as a misdemeanor prosecutor, along with hundreds of trials before the court and hearings. She later pursued a position in McLennan County in the Crimes Against Children division where she prosecuted felony offenses against the most vulnerable members of society.” http://lannenlaw.com/attorney-profile/

    No doubt the McLennan DA Office is now distancing themselves from their former prosecutor Brittany Lannen.

  28. Randy in Pensacola Says:

    “Susan Criss, a former state district judge from Galveston who represents three of the jailed bikers, said she also plans to file a bar grievance against Lannen for reportedly suggesting the bikers sign a waiver of litigation.”


  29. Glenn S. Says:

    It surely crossed the cops’ and prosecutors’ minds to put some shit like that waiver scam in the game. Looney might have preempted it by announcing that it was happening, forcing the prosecutor to take it off the table before it got there. If this was the case, the announcement was a good tactical move. Be hard for them to try to pull that shit now.

  30. jj solari Says:

    i dont know why everyone assumes that filing a lawsuit means winning a lawsuit. filing a lawsuit doesnt even guarantee it will ever get past the filing stage. it only guarantees that the court will get the filing fee.

  31. Enlightened One Says:

    @Scrap Dog. Thanks for bringing that into this thread. $25,000 bond for a deputy in Whacko, for soliciting sex from a victim under 18…. So, children’s lives are cheaper than a bigger publicity stunt??…. Interesting take WHACKO. Shame on you…. As I’m dusting my fore fingers at you…. Shame on you.

  32. Sarthurk Says:

    It’s getting curiouser and curiouser


  33. Anonymouse Says:

    I read the coercion alleged article and had a few thoughts but was unable to post at the time. My first reaction was “Well, good. The folks in the Waco legal machine have begun to realize they’ve stepped on their collective dicks here.”

    Next I thought it was chickenshit that a defense attorney was throwing down the public defender.

    While I realize the general consensus is that ” the public pretender” “dump truck” sucks, my experience doesn’t mirror that. The many I’ve encountered have been intelligent, caring, overworked, underpaid professionals. True, some suck harder than a black hole, (and when you’re the one drawing the shit end of the assignment stick and your freedom is in the balance, it matters a helluva lot) but most try.

    I say that because PDs are ethically bound to present all offers to their client. They seem to be the verbally shot messengers an awful lot. Anyway, the general public may not know this, but this unethical shyster does. Had he not been lying and the offers had been made, the message had to be relayed. Imagine Joe not being told of an offer to possibly get him out today ( no matter how outrageous) and then getting shanked in jail tomorrow? The accused has the absolute right to accept or reject any offers, but he has to know about them.

    Anyway, it’s moot anyway, as this liar’s pants have been determined to be a raging inferno. Nonetheless, he needs to stop his shit. Codefendants don’t need an asshole lawyer pitting them against each other.

    And if you’re unhappy in general with the way things go in your local PDs office, look at their budget and then look at the DA’s budget. It will be clear why the deck seems to be stacked. It is. But it’s usually not the fault of the guy (or woman) sitting in the cage trying to help.

    Sorry for the tangent, but idiot unethical lawyers get me going.

  34. Scrap Dog Says:

    Unrelated, but is a good example of Wacko’s outstanding police force…these guys here…God Bless Texas LMAO. http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/crime/article/Report-Central-Texas-officer-arrested-on-child-6110025.php

  35. Calvin, John Says:

    What Sieg said.


  36. Sieg Says:

    A little pressure-play by the shonskie.

    Hopefully, the lawsuit against the 21 piggers involved will be just the start.

    Keep digging, Rebel. At this point, I do believe everyone concerned is looking to you for the straight scoop…including the lamestream news.

    Free The Waco Zeks

  37. 10GAUGE Says:


    No…Scimitar Motorcycle Club member Matthew Alan Clendennen remains incarcerated, and he filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Waco, McLennan County, Texas, a Waco cop named Manuel Chavez and 20 additional, unnamed law enforcement officers.


  38. david Says:

    yeah well…., lawyer Looney’s statement does NOT include City of Waco pork officers, the jail supervisor, individual jailers, AND court appointed ATTORNEYS. He speaks in true half-truth legalese.

  39. Ol' Goat Says:

    “a Waco cop named Manuel Chavez and 20 additional, unnamed law enforcement officers remains incarcerated today on $1 million bond.”

    Am I reading this right? 21 cops are jailed too?

  40. Jane Says:


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